Smash (2012–2013): Season 1, Episode 1 - Smash - full transcript

With their latest show "Heaven on Earth" still running on Broadway, the song and book writing team of Julia Houston and Tom Levitt have decided to take a professional break, in part to give...

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Previously on Smash...

♪ Will come ♪

All right, everyone,

the incomparable
Rebecca Duvall.

She's beautiful and famous,
and I wish I had her life.

You're just in a good mood
because you have a date

- with your chorus crush.
- So what do you want to do?

When were you
going to tell me

that that weasel
got press secretary?

It's not exactly like we've
been on the same page lately.

He's flunking two classes.

This has kind of been
a tough time for me.

The scene's
just getting started when...

♪ I break into song ♪

Her agent, her manager...
Everyone said she could sing.

We hate her.

♪ Yeah ♪

I got your call.

Karen, hi.
Thanks for coming in early.

I usually
come in early anyway, so...

Yeah. I know.

Come with me.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, just wanted
to make sure you were

staying on top
of the material.

I know I haven't had
a chance

to work with you on it yet.
No, I know.

The stage manager
does that.


That's what Linda
told me,

that when we're through
with tech,

she takes over the rehearsals
and works with the understudies

so we're ready to go on
if we ever need to.

Which I'm sure I won't.

I think you'd make
a brilliant Marilyn.

I see it, you know?

In my head.



Okay, just,

stay on top
of the material.

My God.

She's coming
straight from the gym.

Randall, hey. Can I talk
to you for a second?

- No, actually.
- I'm not kidding.

She's going to be
at least 20 minutes late.

You should go tell one
of the stage management people.

Thank you.


I just heard something I think
your boss needs to know.

♪ See the girl
who's become a joke ♪

♪ See the man
whose heart she broke ♪

♪ Right here ♪

♪ On Lexington
and 52nd street ♪

Sounds great, Ted.

Anything else you want
to brush up, Derek?

How late is she
gonna be again?

What? No, I'm not late.
I'm here. Sorry.


We're gonna look
at Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Can we start
with something else?

No. It's on the schedule.


I've had this great idea
about Mr. & Mrs. Smith,

which I need to talk
to Julia about,

'cause it requires a little
rewrite, takes a little time.

could we focus on...

I've done a lot of work
on Wolf.

Give me a minute.

They are not going to cut
Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Yeah, well, I heard her.
That's what she told them.

She wants to cut it
and replace it with a scene.

- She's a nightmare.
- I like her.

You like everybody.

Excuse me,
I do not like everybody,

but I do like Rebecca.
She's very direct.

Okay, thanks, bye.


Rebecca, hey.

What are you doing tonight?

Want to go out?

Sure, yeah.

- Great. Call you.
- Okay.

What just happened?

I hate her.

Would you please
close the door?

You don't replace songs
with scenes.

I didn't say I would.

You didn't say you wouldn't.

There's a lot of ways
to build a musical, Tom.

Like bringing in
outside songwriters?

- Let's not go back to that.
- It was hardly out of line.

It happens all the time.

People cave in to actresses
all the time too.

- Meaning?
- You're the director.

Why don't you...
What is the word...


Julia, you have a message.
Leo called.

He said he's staying with your
husband an extra night.

Now I have to take messages

about my broken marriage
from him.

- You're home.
- Where should I be?

- No, it's just
it's not even 6:00.

You're never home
this early.

Wait. Did you get fired?

No. He's not going
to fire me.

It's too much fun to keep me
around and torture me.

- Maybe you should quit.
- Why should I?

If they want to pay me
to sit around and do nothing

apart from come home early
and take my girlfriend

out for dinner,
I'm gonna let them.

I have a date.

With a movie star.

I have a date with a movie star.

It's kinda cool, right?

I mean, it's kinda cool.

I have a date!


smile right here!

Rebecca, would you turn around?

Miss Duvall!
Looking good, miss Duvall.

- Who's playing tonight?
- Cooper's about to do a set.

- Great.
- Cooper?

They're fantastic.
I love them.

Yeah? You want to stand in?


You're supposed to be
Derek's muse.

I want to see what you got.

Who told you that?

People talk.
They say you're brilliant.

Come on.

It'll be fun.
Come on.

Phil. Hi.

- How's it going?
- Good, good.

This is my friend
Karen Cartwright.

Be kind.

All right.

Everyone, listen up.

Karen Cartwright.
Give it up.

What about...Run?

- Snow patrol.
- Yeah.

What are you up to?

I'm just checking out
the competition.

♪ I'll sing it
one last time for you ♪

♪ Then we really
have to go ♪

♪ You've been the only thing
that's right ♪

♪ In all I've done ♪

♪ Light up, light up ♪

♪ As if you have
a choice ♪

♪ Even if you cannot hear
my voice ♪

♪ I'll be right
beside you, dear ♪

♪ To think I might not see
those eyes ♪

♪ Makes it so hard
not to cry ♪

♪ And as we say
our long good-byes ♪

♪ I nearly do ♪

♪ Light up, light up ♪

♪ As if you have
a choice ♪

♪ Even if you cannot hear
my voice ♪

♪ I'll be right
beside you, dear ♪

♪ Light up, light up ♪

♪ As if you have a choice ♪

♪ Even if you cannot hear
my voice ♪

♪ I'll be right
beside you, dear ♪

Thanks. Thank you.
That was so awesome.

Thank you.

You are not an understudy.
You are a star.

S01 Ep12 - Publicity

- Hello. What's that?
- Nothing.

Yeah. Really.

Seriously, it's...
It's not anything.

Unless you want
to talk about it.

What are we gonna do
when she can't sing it?

Because I am not cutting it.

We haven't even
heard it yet.

I'm telling you,
she cannot sing it.

And you have lost control
of the rehearsal room!

The only person who has clearly
lost control, Tom, is you!

Tom, Derek.
The company is waiting.

Right outside the door.

Well, let them in.
We have work to do.


What should we start with?

Actually, Tom and Julia
have written a new number.

It's a ballad
entitled Secondhand...

white baby grand.


It's about Marilyn
and her mother,

how she felt unwanted
as a child.

Is it any good, Tom?

It's not actually
for you, darling... sorry.

We're going to give it
to Marilyn's shadow selves...

You know,
the voices in her head.

Thought they could take on
some of the more internal songs.

Shadow selves.

Derek, maybe you and Rebecca
and I could have a sidebar.

I don't need
a sidebar, Randall.

I think that's
a really interesting idea.

But you know
who should sing it?


She's got
a real rock star voice.

Thank you, Rebecca.

She does indeed.

Thank you.

What is all this?

I did a campaign
for Molly m last month.

I thought maybe you
could use some of it.


This is a $2,000 jacket.

I know.

They gave me so much stuff,

I don't know
what to do with it.

Seriously, you'd be doing me
a favor; Take it.

You can't live your life
in yoga gear.

I'd never get away
with it.

but you're you.

Don't you want to be me.

Who's that?

- That's my boyfriend, Dev.
- Boyfriend?

You live together.


Well, take it from me.

Boyfriends can be a problem
on the way up.

Dev's not a problem.

He might be.

♪ And I ♪

♪ I walk dead on line ♪

♪ And I ♪

♪ I walk dead on line ♪

You're up.

I texted you.

Rebecca wanted to go to
this new restaurant, Dev,

and we had
such a great time.

Leonardo diCaprio was there,

and then David Bowie
showed up.

He's totally nice.

Did he join you
for tequila shots

in the meatpacking district?

24hour news cycle.

You and your new girlfriend
are everywhere.

- They follow her around.
- Yeah, and you too, apparently.

Wait, are you mad?

No, I'm just confused.

Why? It's fantastic.
It's exciting.

Okay, but did you buy
all this stuff?

I mean, it must have cost
a bloody fortune.

Rebecca gave it to me.

They give her clothes
for free.

- Yeah.
- I mean, they...

They do this for movie stars.

You know this.

No, I didn't, actually.

But, uh, I do now.
I'm learning.

As are you, apparently.

You'll like her.
She's so much fun.

This is cool, Dev.

This is cool.

"It is who you are
in your deepest soul

that will make you
a great actress."

Lights up
on shadow self 1.

"Mama bought the piano."

Shadow self 2.

"Then mama went away."

"Remember your childhood."

Shadow self 3.

♪ My mother
bought it secondhand ♪

♪ From a silent movie star ♪

♪ It was out of tune ♪

♪ But still I learned
to play ♪

Karen's going to sound
so great on this.

- Leo?
- No. It's me.


- I was just going.
- No, no.

You're working.
I don't want to interrupt.

I'm just here
to pick up Leo.

You can't pick Leo up.
Leo's with you.

He already left?

What do you mean,
he already left?

He never came home.

He's been with you
for the last two days.

No, he hasn't.

What do you mean,
no he hasn't?

Yesterday I got a message

Julia, I got a message
the day before.

He texted me
he was staying with you.

When was the last time
you saw him?

So, who was the last who seen him?

He was in school
on Monday.

His last class
gets out at 3:30.

It's, uh, advanced placement
American history.

- Smart kid?
- Yes.

And he works hard.

He's never screwing around.
He's always doing his homework.

Sort of a serious kid.

Very tender-hearted.

He's younger than he looks.

He was arrested a few months
ago for smoking pot

in Central Park.

So he's got a record.

No, it was dismissed.

I'm not gonna lie
to you.

Running away is
about the most dangerous thing

a kid can do in New York.

Trouble at home?

They're building sets
in Boston.

And you have
movie star problems.

Tom and Sam
were talking about it.

But everybody's
talking about it.

People start whispering
about who's in charge

because nobody knows.

This is what happens
when a show starts to go down.

What did they say?

They can issue
a missing persons report.

They'll canvass the train
station and the airport.

We have to go to his school,
talk to his friends.

It's been two days.
He could be anywhere.

What do you need?

Just don't tell anyone.

I need to not have
Eileen and Derek flipping out

while I deal with this.

How is Frank?

We're both exhausted.

Where's Marilyn?

Where's stage management?

They ran out
to the hall.

Rebecca was teaching her how
to make one of her smoothies.


This is a piece of junk,
but what are you gonna do?

So the kale goes in...

With the coconut milk.

Don't you have
an assistant for this?

I have an assistant
and a manager,

but they're both working
their asses off right now,

trying to find me a decent place
to live in Boston

for eight weeks.

Yeah, well,
Linda has production duties.

We're almost done.

Actually, it's best
to grind the flaxseed

and then throw it in,

but we don't seem to have
a spice mill,

so what are you gonna do?

It'll just take three minutes.

Give me that.


I start teching
in a week.

I don't have three minutes.

Well, uh,
if you could just do it all,

and then bring it in,

that would be great.


I will not have
my stage manager hijacked

to make smoothies.

Especially if we have to rewrite
half the show

just so she can do it.

- What do you want me to say?
- I want you to say,

"Derek, you are in charge,"

"and I will speak to our star
and tell her how to behave."

- I did that last week.
- Do it again.

How's the new song?

Karen's learning it.
We'll start staging it tomorrow.

Which is exactly when
I want to hear from you

about what you're going to do
to alleviate this situation.

This one.

Don't leave this till
we're teching next week.

I called Bam
and added your plus-one.

Thank you.

Yeah, they were a little bit

because apparently
Jerry's going to be there too.

Just thought you'd like
a heads-up.

Ellis, there's something
I need you to do.

Ellis, what's all this?

A vitamix, a grain mill,
and a spice mill

for grinding flaxseed.

They put you
in charge of smoothies.

Yes, they did...

Show biz.

♪ My mother bought it
secondhand ♪

♪ From a silent movie star ♪

♪ It was out of tune ♪

♪ But still I learned
to play ♪

♪ And with each note ♪

♪ We both would smile ♪

She sounds pretty good.

Yes, she does.

But you should have
that song.

I'm well aware.

Tom, the song is gorgeous.

And this one sounds
sensational on it.

- Thanks.
- Were you waiting for me?

Yeah. Sam said you guys
were meeting up for a drink.

I wanted to come along.

Let me get my stuff.

- Do you want to come?
- I can't.

I'm having dinner
with Rebecca and Dev.

I wanted her to meet him...

That's bold, since you're dating
both of them.

Kidding, kidding.

Funny. It's so weird
that they write that stuff.

I mean, in Iowa,
people think that's real.

My parents called three times
to find out if I was a lesbian.

They better get used to it.
You're on your way.

And so am I.

- See ya.
- Good work.


We actualy don't hang on any more.

If you don't hang out
with him any more,

who does?

I don't know.
He's into, like, wrestling now.

Yes, we're aware.

Have you talked
to the wrestling coach?

Yes, actually,
we did talk to him,

as well as some kids
on the team

who said that we should talk
to you, Mason,

because you're his best friend.

I don't know.

Maybe the police could help.

It is so hard,
what you're going through.

I can't even imagine.

- Well, if you hear anything...
- Absolutely.

So this is how
the other half lives.

Once in a while.

Here she is, babe.
Here she is.


You didn't have a hard time
finding it, did you?

No, not at all.

The address is the name.

Hi. Rebecca.

I know who you are.
Dev. Dev Sundaram.

Nice to meet you finally.

Is this tap?

I actually need something
bottled... flat, not sparkling.

It doesn't have to be
mineral water,

just something in a bottle.

- Fiji okay?
- Yes, thank you.




345. I never expected
that to be

an Indian restaurant.

- I'm sorry.
- No.

Do you not eat Indian food?

I have a peanut allergy.

- Then you're fine.
- No.

It's a real allergy,
not a pretend allergy.

No, you're still fine.

There are no peanuts
in Indian cooking.

Not even in curry?

Well, that's Thai.

There's no
such thing as an Indian curry?

There is such a thing
as an... an Indian curry,

but there are no peanuts
in it.

Some northern Indian dishes

But this is South Indian.

We can go to another
restaurant if you want.

No, no. No.

I like it.
It's charming. It's cute.

I love Bollywood.

Do you have something
without peanuts in it?

The stillness they achieve,
it seems like

nothing's happening at all,

and yet it's
completely mesmerizing.

You guys really like it.

You didn't?

I guess maybe I don't
understand art.

Actually, you don't have
to understand it.

You just respond to it.

How does it make you feel?

It made me feel
pretty bored.

This is a merry crew.





I don't think we've met.

This is Jerry.

Jerry, this is Nick.

- And you are?
- Lindsey.

Hi. Hello, Mrs. Rand.

I mean, hello.

We were just talking
about the show.

- I don't like it much.
- Really?

He's one of the most important
directors in the world.

I wouldn't know
about that.

Just think that art maybe should
be a little more entertaining.

You're a populist.

Is that a bad thing,

Not if you're one
of the masses.

Are you okay?

- Yeah. Fine.
- Come on, Tom.

You've been someplace else
all night.

You hardly said three words
to poor Ivy.

Leo's missing.


Julia's son.
He's... missing.

No one can know.

She's... they're looking
for him.

How long has he been gone?

Three days.

Very interesting,
your friend.

do we have to do this?

I'm just surprised.

It's a little late to start
dating the pool boy, isn't it?

You know what?

I'm bored too.
Let's go.

A woman
after my own heart.

He's cute.

It's media.
You use them. It's a game.

In my experience, the press
don't actually like to be used.

What do you do?

Dev works in the press office
for the mayor.

That's right.
That's right. You told me.

And you are,
How high up are you?

How high up am I?

Well, you know
what I'm saying, then.

It's when you're
in front of them,

and they're coming
after you...

That's the moment
you have to try to control it.

I mean, I like the press,

So you want them
to think

that Karen is your lover.

Do you want
some saag paneer?

They said
there's no nuts in it.

No. I just want her picture
in the newspaper.

- I want her to be a star.
- Why?

that's what she wants.

Maybe she should decide
what she wants.

Maybe I should.

Maybe you guys should stop talking
about me as if I weren't here.

I told you
this would be a problem.

- I'm sorry, what?
- Okay.

Just hang on,
both of you guys.

Your ego gets in the way,

and, I mean,
you're losing control of her,

and it's scary
and frustrating.

I mean, I know.

With respect,
I just met you 20 minutes ago.

You're in no position to define my
relationship with my girlfriend.

I'm just describing
what I see

and what I know.

So this is what
she's telling you while

- you're running around New York?
- No.

No, no, don't go
getting offended.

And you're the expert.

'Cause I hear
your boyfriend Colin

had to be escorted from the room
using mace.

I'm just trying to help.

I think maybe
we should leave.

I'm sure
you're a great guy.

- I love her.
- You sound pretty defensive.

"I love her"
is defensive?

If you love her, you should
want what's best for her.

♪ Darling, the hands of time ♪

♪ Must always point ahead ♪

♪ Yesterday's past ♪

♪ Today has come and gone ♪

♪ The secret of tomorrow's
coming fast ♪

♪ Which bedtime story
shall I sing to you ♪

♪ When we turn out
the lights ♪

♪ One of eternity ♪

♪ Or one of just a thousand
and one nights ♪

♪ Is there a mystic ♪

♪ With the answers
from above ♪

♪ Is there a goddess ♪

♪ With the hourglass
of love ♪

♪ So many questions ♪

♪ Swirling all around
my heart ♪

♪ Is this the end ♪

♪ Or just the start ♪

♪ Will I shower you
with riches ♪

♪ Every year
the night we met ♪

♪ Will you take my heart
or melt it ♪

♪ Like it's gold ♪

♪ Will our love
go on forever ♪

♪ Or is this
all that we get ♪

♪ Is tonight the last ♪

♪ Or does the future hold ♪

♪ A lifetime of delights ♪

♪ Or just a thousand
and one nights ♪

♪ Darling, you seem to think ♪

♪ That I'm the only one
who has to choose ♪

♪ That you are in control ♪

♪ And get to set the rules
of win or lose ♪

♪ The bedtime story
that I'll sing to you ♪

♪ When we turn out
the lights ♪

♪ Might bring eternity ♪

♪ Or maybe just a thousand
and one nights ♪

♪ There is no mystic
with the answers from above ♪

♪ You know the secrets ♪

♪ For the way
to keep my love ♪

♪ There are a thousand
and more ways ♪

♪ To win my heart ♪

♪ The list is long
but for a start ♪

♪ You can shower me
with riches ♪

♪ Every year
the night we met ♪

♪ I may take your heart
and melt it ♪

♪ Like it's gold ♪

♪ Stray in someone's
perfumed garden ♪

♪ And this night's
the last you'll get ♪

♪ Play your cards right
and the future just might hold ♪

♪ A lifetime of delights ♪

♪ Or just a thousand
and one nights ♪

♪ Just a thousand
and one nights ♪

♪ The man who never chooses ♪

♪ Finds himself
without a choice ♪

♪ The lucky ones
appear to have it all ♪

♪ The tiger's just a kitten ♪

♪ When his tamer
finds her voice ♪

♪ I surely will obey you
when you call ♪

♪ Then will you
shower me with riches ♪

♪ Every year
the night we met ♪

♪ Will you take my heart
and melt it like it's gold ♪

♪ Will our love
go on forever ♪

♪ Or is this
all that we get ♪

♪ Is tonight the last
or does the future hold ♪

♪ A lifetime of delights ♪

♪ A lifetime of delights ♪

♪ Or just a thousand
and one nights ♪

♪ Just a thousand
and one nights ♪


Smartest animal
on the planet.

Smarter than us, certainly.

Keith Richards...

I always wanted to be
Keith Richards.

That makes the whales
a whole lot smarter than you.

Maybe, maybe not.

You look pretty
with your hair like that.


It's just...

You're so different
from Jerry.

There, I've said it.

But you're just so different
from Jerry.

Yeah. What was that
all about?

Well, he's angry
that I finally left him,

and he doesn't mind
letting me know.

No, I mean,
why did you love him?

That mean streak,
that's not a new thing, is it?

Well, I guess
when you're young,

you think that's strong,

and you think that strength
will protect you.

You don't think
it'll turn against you.

Well, you're trading up.

You better talk to me
right now, you little creep,

or I'm gonna make your life
a living hell.

- Look, I don't know anything.
- I'm famous.

I've had plays on Broadway.

That sort of thing
means something

to people in private schools
in New York City.

If I tell your principal
that you got Leo hooked on drugs

and helped him run away,

you're gonna have
a lot to answer for.

Okay. Sure.
You can make all that happen.

You're all hooked up.
So what?

You screwed up your life
so bad,

you have to run around,

threatening loser teenagers.

Where is he?

Sleeping on the floor
of my room.

He just needed some space,

'cause his parents
were driving him so nuts.

Is he all right?

If he was all right,

do you think
he would've done this?

You know what,
let me tell you something

before you freak out again.

This isn't his fault.

It's not my fault either.

No, it's not.

Look, I'll tell him
to call you.

I don't know if he will.

We're starting
with act two, please.

No Julia. Again.

She's under the weather.

Flu or something.

I'm gonna kill him.
Leo, not Mason.

I'm gonna kill 'em both,
and I'm gonna kill

- that know-nothing mother.
- Frank, Frank, honey.

It's okay. It's okay.
You don't need to...

Don't tell me
what to do.

Okay. Okay, Frank.

But you know what?

You are always
so good in a crisis,

and you hold everything in
so that I can lose it.

And then, after everything
is better, you lose it.

But that's the thing.
You don't have to.

He's okay.

You don't think
I should go get him?

He just needs
a little room.

I was so scared.

I know.

Ellis, would you make
another smoothie?

You want one?
They're awesome.

- Sure.
- I'll be right back.

I'm gonna go get some chips.

It's a really short break.
You want me to go?

No, I'll do it.
I gotta get the right ones.

No peanut oil.

It's like some
demented fairy tale.

You drink a magic potion,
you kiss a movie star,

and presto,
you're one too.

Are they really that awesome?

They are all
she drinks and eats.

And potato chips.

And potato chips.


Would you do something
for me?

For you, anything.

Don't you want to know
what it is first?

Hit me.
I'll do it.

Can I borrow your phone?


Are we back?

Rebecca's not here.

- Where is she?
- She went out.

Went out why?

Potato chips.
I think she needs special ones.

Special potato chips.


We should get
to your song today.

No, we're not.

Julia has the flu.
I'm done for the day.

See you later. Bye.

Ms. Duvall,
can I have your autograph?


I'm sorry.

You are 15 minutes late
from a 10-minute break.

- Derek, calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm do...

You get that bloody thing
out of my face.

I could have you arrested
for that!

Yeah, good luck with that.
Let's go.

- I want them gone.
- I don't tell them...

Just call your publicist
and get rid of them.

And get your ass
to my rehearsals on time,

and stop messing about
with your understudy.

In fact, stop messing about
with me.

This show
is going to Broadway,

where it's going to be
a blinding hit.

I am not about to let
some stupid little movie star

with childish power issues
stop it... or me.




Right. Having lost 20 minutes
to miss Duvall's need

for her oh-so-special
potato chips,

we are now finally
in a position to start

white baby grand,

marking the transition
into dig deep.

Karen Cartwright.

Where is Karen Cartwright?!

- She went home.
- Terrific.

- She got a text...
- Be quiet!

Ivy. Do you know it?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Great, it's yours.

You okay with that, Tom?

- Yes, I am.
- Fine.

you're center stage.

Ivy, you're in the shadowbox
upstage center right.


I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have done that.

I couldn't stand...

I know you kept saying
it wasn't my fault,

but I felt like I was
losing everything,

and I didn't know why.

You're not losing...

Dad, come on.

I am.
We are.

I don't know
what anything is any more.

Dinner will make us all
feel better.

Will it?

Yes, it will.

Go set the table.

You okay?

Tom, you okay?

He's back.
He came back.

That is really
wonderful news.

He's back.
He's fine. He's back.

Yeah, he's back!


The idea is, uh,
I lie here

and listen to her sing.

She's a voice in your head.


Okay, go ahead.

Remember. Remember.

Is that all I have to do?

That's all you have to do,
my dear Marilyn.

Look within.

It's who you are
in your deepest soul

that will make you
a great actress.

A great actress.

A great actress.

Remember your youth.

Mama bought the piano.

Remember your childhood.

Then mama went away.

♪ My mother bought it
secondhand ♪

♪ From a silent movie star ♪

♪ It was out of tune ♪

♪ But still I learned
to play ♪

♪ And with each note ♪

♪ We both would smile ♪

♪ Forgetting who we are ♪

♪ And all the pain
would simply ♪

♪ Fly away ♪

♪ Something secondhand ♪

♪ And broken ♪

♪ Still can make
a pretty sound ♪

♪ Even if it doesn't have ♪

♪ A place to live ♪

♪ Oh, the words
were left unspoken ♪

♪ When my mama came around ♪

♪ But that secondhand
white baby grand ♪

♪ Still had
something beautiful ♪

♪ To give ♪

♪ Through missing keys
and broken strings ♪

♪ The music was our own ♪

♪ Until the day we said
our last good-byes ♪

♪ The baby grand ♪

♪ Was sent away ♪

♪ A child all alone ♪

♪ To pray
somebody else ♪

♪ Would realize ♪

♪ That something secondhand
and broken ♪

♪ Still can make
a pretty sound ♪

♪ Even if it doesn't have ♪

♪ A place to live ♪

♪ Oh, the words
are still unspoken ♪

♪ Now that mama's
not around ♪

♪ But that secondhand
white baby grand ♪

♪ Still has something
beautiful ♪

♪ To give ♪

♪ For many years ♪

♪ The music
had to roam ♪

♪ Until we found a way ♪

♪ To find a home ♪

♪ So now I wake up
every day ♪

♪ And see her
standing there ♪

♪ Just waiting
for a partner ♪

♪ To compose ♪

♪ And I wish my mother
still could hear ♪

♪ That sound beyond compare ♪

♪ I'll play her song
till everybody knows ♪

♪ That something
secondhand and broken ♪

♪ Still can make
a pretty sound ♪

♪ Don't we all deserve
a family room ♪

♪ To live ♪

♪ Oh, the words
can't stay unspoken ♪

♪ Until everyone has found ♪

♪ That secondhand
white baby grand ♪

♪ That still has something
beautiful ♪

♪ To give ♪

♪ I still have ♪

♪ Something beautiful ♪

♪ To give ♪

Thank you, miss Lynn.
That was glorious.


A suggestion.

I think Marilyn
should sing that song.