Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 4 - Sliders - full transcript

The Sliders land on an island inhabited by monks. With Maggie suffering from a fever or infection the team seeks help from the islanders. There seems to be more going on than the monks are admitting too, and the sliders run the risk of missing their jump.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hang in there, Maggie.
We're gonna get you some help
as quick as we can.

So cold, Remmy.

We're here for 80 hours.
Plenty of time
to freeze to death.

How can we slide out of
a jungle and into an icebox

if we're basically
in the same place?

Well, I have this theory
about geothermal space-time
displacement. If...

Look, maybe later,
all right?

She's burning up
with fever.

We've gotta get her
to a doctor.

Some place dry and warm.

Dry and warm.
Looks like this place
is fresh out of all that.

That'll have to do.
Come on up.


There's four of them.
And one of them looks hurt.

They're not our concern.

We have to
let them in.

We can't
take the chance.

Anybody here?

Well, that bell
didn't ring itself.
Someone's in there.


We have
a sick woman here!

As a doctor,
it's my duty
to help them.

And as master of this place,
it's my duty to
preserve and protect it.

Even if it means
they'll die?

Open up!

I said we've got
a sick woman here!

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?



Let's look
for another way in.


Welcome, friends.

Please, bring your friend.
Come inside the Sanctuary.

He's brought them in.

If you didn't
encourage the boy,
he wouldn't be so rebellious.

This is Keeper James,
our doctor,

and Keeper Abraham,
the master of the Sanctuary,

and my father.

Who are you?
And how did you come
to the island?

The island?

We were washed ashore.

There was a storm.
Our boat went down.

What boat?
Where were you going?

Excuse me.
We can discuss this later.

Right now, this woman
needs my care.

Seth, help me
get her to the infirmary.

Whoa, whoa.

Where she goes,
I go.

Fine, then come.
Let's waste no more time.

Thank you for your help.
We're very grateful.

You may spend the night.
The refectory is this way.

Fever. Severe dehydration.
It could be
some type of infection.

What happened to her?

She got tied up
in some very close
and hot quarters.

All right, well,
I'll keep a close eye
on her.

Why don't you go
have some dinner
with your friends?

Look, what's important
for her right now is sleep,
and for you, food.

You can check in
on her again later.

We are on the edge
of the northern sea.

The island of Saint Cataline.

This place is called
the Sanctuary.

We are known
as the Keepers.

Keepers of what?

Of peace.
Of harmony.

We live simple lives here.

Well, you squeeze
a damn fine grape.

What about
the rest of the world
off the island?

I would think you'd know
more about that than I.

I've never been
off this island.

What's it like
on the mainland?

Well, for one thing,
it's a lot less water.
A lot more land.

On the mainland,
where did you live?

Los Angeles.

Los Angeles.
"The Angels."

Sounds wonderful.

Sara, why are you
disturbing our visitor?

Let her eat in peace,
and keep your own counsel.

But how is it
that you escaped
the troubles?

We move around a lot.

One day we're in one place,
next day we're someplace else,


You must be very lucky.
Or very blessed.

A little of both, I guess.

We have a time now
for solitary contemplation.

Let me show you
to your quarters.

May whatever power
has watched over you thus far
watch over you tonight.

Listen, I was told
I could look in
on Maggie.

That will have to
wait till tomorrow.

I don't think so.
Wait a minute.



Man, what kind
of place is this?

Commune or prison?

Maybe it's for
our own protection.

They seem very nice.

You're suffering
from a disease
named optimism.

About a year ago,
we ran across some people

who seemed
very spiritual
and religious.

Next thing you know,
the head preacher,

he's fryin' his congregation
and stealin' their money.

A preacher did that?

Yeah, yeah,
a preacher did that.

Guess I got
a lot to learn.

Let me see the timer.

Yeah, at least we have
plenty enough time
to figure something out.

Maggie's in the infirmary.

They probably have Diana
locked up someplace too.

Yeah, tomorrow morning,

gonna get some things straight
with good old Keeper Abraham.




What were those bells
that I heard?

They call us all
to contemplation.

Am I keeping you
from your...
Your contemplation?

No. Good works
come first here.

Besides, I'd much rather
be taking care of you.

Now, you look as though
you've been through
some serious trouble.

Your friend said
your boat
was lost in a storm?


No boat washed up
on the island.

It must have sunk.

We haven't had a storm
for weeks.

It was a sudden squall,
out of nowhere.

I can... I can barely
keep my eyes open.

All right. Don't try.

I'll look in on you again
in the morning.

Thank you.

One of them
is still awake.

Until we're certain
that these are not
Volsang spies,

I want you to keep
a close watch on them.

And what if
they are spies?

The penalty is well known.


Did you sleep well?

Like I'd been
hit over the head
with a hammer.

Good morning.

Sara, do you know
where my friends are?

I'm sure they'll be here.
No one ever leaves the island.

I was born here.
So was he.

Could you excuse me
for a second?


Are you all right?

Yeah, I think so.
Look, have you seen Maggie?

They locked me in.

Same with us.

I gonna have a talk
with the head man.

Keeper Abraham.

I trust
you're well rested.

Why were we locked in
last night?

Everyone is locked in
for their own safety.

There are dangerous people
at large in the night.

Well, we appreciate
that concern.

But as soon as Maggie's
well enough today,
we're gonna be on our way.

I'm afraid
that won't be possible.

Keeper James tells me that
your friend is still quite ill
and can't be moved.

Besides, there's nowhere else
to go on this island.

They we'll go
off the island.

That is not an option.

I'd suggest you eat quickly.
You have a long day
ahead of you.

We do?

We earn our bread here
by the sweat of our brow.

My son will tell you
what to do.


Sorry we got you
into trouble with your dad.

I'm always in trouble
with him.

Good morning.

I brought you
something to eat.

Thank you.

I think
we've broken the fever.

A few more days of bed rest
and you'll be right as rain.

I'm sure you're right.
A few more days
would be great.

But right now, I...
I've got to get up and out.

No, no, no.
Doctor's orders.

But you see,
my friends and I,
we have an appointment,

and I need to
see them.

You shouldn't try
to get up yet
if you're not ready.

Whoa, whoa.

All right, all right,
what did I tell you?
Come on.

Maybe I can't go see them yet,
but could you bring
one of them to me?


Yes, I can do that.

So, this Remmy,
is he someone special
to you?

They're all special to me.

I've always said

if your job requires you
to wear a paper hat

and somebody
hands you a hoe,

you've made
a really bad
career choice.

What's this place
made of, anyway?


Rocks, seaweed.


Explains the cuisine.

Clam chowder, clam dip,
clam sandwiches,
clam a la mode,

clam surprise.

What's clam surprise?

Anything that
ain't clam.

Man, you're an easy audience.

Wish I had crowds like you
when I was doing my shows.

What shows?
What did you do?

Oh, I was a singer.

Rhythm and blues,
if that means
anything to you.

I've heard of rhythm.
But blues?

Yeah. You wear long robes,
work like this,
and eat nothing but clams,

you got a right
to have the blues.

And you?
What'd you do?

A little of this,
a little of that.
Here and there.

That sounds good to me.

I've never been anywhere
but this island.

Ah, looks like quartz.

If I'm remembering
my high school geology right.

You're right.

My father says it represents
the purity of knowledge.

The biggest and
most perfect examples

are displayed
in the refectory.

when I told your father

that we were gonna
leave the island,

he said that
that wasn't an option.

Once here
no one ever leaves.

It's not safe.

What happened?
I mean,
was your world overrun?

Yeah. Most of it.

At least that's what
I've been told.

After the collapse of
the Hemispheric Alliance,

the Volsangs
were pretty much
in charge.

Why did you say
"your world"?

I knew it.

Make sure you wipe up
the excess water.

We don't want
anyone slipping
or falling down.

We don't wash the walls
again until next week.

Okay, Sara,

I want you to tell me
a couple of things.

Of course.
Anything you want.

Why are these floors warm?



They're made of
some kind of stone,
but they're warm to the touch.

What's that noise?

It sounds like
there's something down there.

I don't hear anything.
But if you keep talking,
you're going to get into...

I'm gonna get into trouble?

What are they
gonna make me do,
scrub the floors?

Diana, no!

When are you gonna be
leaving here
to go back to your world?


In fact, that's why
we told you the truth
about us.

We need your help.

We all need to be together.
Diana and Maggie, too,
when we go.

So can you help us?


But you have to promise
to do a favor in return
when I ask.

If we can, we will.

Where did you go?

There it is again.

Diana, what are you doing
in here?

Sara, this noise
is even louder
from in here.

Now, what is it?

It sounds
like it's electromechanical,
but that can't be.

Can it?

I can't talk about it, Diana.
But you gotta get out of here.

Quickly, before
something happens!

Remmy, is that you?

Hope you're not


Please, come on in.

I spoke to your friend

and he said
that he would be by
later tonight.

Did he say when?

After dinner,
I'm sure.

Something urgent
that you needed
to speak to him about?


Well, yes.

How long
have I been asleep?

Did Remmy say anything
about leaving the island?

No. Why should he?
Everybody is happy here.

But you should
worry less about that and
more about getting better.

You've been very kind.

But you still want to leave.

It's not that.
It's just that
we have things to do.

I know
what the outside world
has to offer.

I know the trouble
and destruction that it holds.

I fear for your safety there.

I'll be fine.

My friends and I,
we keep an eye out
for each other.

We always have.

You could stay here,
you know.

It's a simple life.
Peaceful, quiet.

Our days go
with the natural rhythms,

with the changing
of the seasons.

It does sound
like a beautiful place,

But it's unknown
and foreign.

And you're afraid.

So was I
when I first came.

I felt like
I was turning my back
on the world,

or at least
what was left of it.

But now I can't imagine
living anywhere else
or any other way.

I can see why.
Really, I can.

And I can't imagine
why anybody

would want to go back
to that war-ravaged world.

Think about it.

You'd become a Keeper.

Here, with me.

Seth tells me
you did good work today.

Oh, yeah. I dug up
at least a dozen clams.

They fought hard,
but I boated 'em.

Whatever providence offers us,
we gladly accept.

Tell me something.

Why, with so many
Keepers living here,

were we the only ones
on the beach?

I mean,
where were all the others?

The Sanctuary requires
many kinds of labor.

Everyone, I assure you,
in their own way.

Over time,
you'll come to know
our ways.

Over time?

Sleep well.

I'm telling you, we're
running out of time,
and if Seth doesn't help...


Look, we really
appreciate this, Seth.

You promised me
a favor, remember?

We remember.

First of all,
can you take us to Diana?

Then we're going to
pick up Maggie. Okay?

Okay. Come on.

No, don't close the door!

What the hell!



What just
happened here, Seth?

When those doors open,
where are we gonna be?

How dare you!

Is this how you repay us
for our hospitality?

And you...

It was you
who brought them here.

No one brought us here.

Wherever here is.

What are you doing?
What is all of this?

It's called the Great Work.

Seth, hold your tongue.

These people
don't need to know
what we're doing here.

No, Father,
I won't hold my tongue.

The Great Work is pointless
if it's not shared.

They're my friends.
They have come here
from another world.

Another world?
My Lord...

Yes. Maybe they can
help us in this one.

Maybe they know
something about the Volsangs
that we don't know.

Something that can help us
defeat them.

Whoa, whoa.
Volsangs, Great Work?

Look, if we're gonna
help you at all,

and I'm not sayin'
that we can,

you're gonna have to
take us through this
one step at a time.

How can you claim
to be ignorant
of the Volsang raiders

when they've
virtually conquered
the entire Earth by now?

Because your son
is telling you the truth.

We're here
from another Earth.

The story about our boat
and the storm,
it was just a story.

Yes. That was apparent.

Yet now
I'm supposed to
believe this story.

How do I know
you're not Volsang spies

sent here
to steal our secrets?

You don't, Father.

You just have to believe
someone for once.

You have to trust them.

And me.
I believe them.

If I hadn't concealed
this place
as well as I have,

there might not be
a Sanctuary at all.

Vortak and his raiders
might have stolen the secrets
of the Great Work,

reducing us to rubble
long ago.

But they're here now, Father.
They've seen it.

There's nothing
to hide.

Your job
is to input data?

You know about computers?

A little.

What are you doing?

Going out.

No, it's too soon for that.
You' need to
regain your strength.

No offense,
but I can't do it
lying down.

No one is allowed to walk
around the Sanctuary at night
without permission.

So who do I go to
for my hall pass?


This is very interesting.

After the fall
of the Alliance,

the Volsang raiders
came together

under the leadership
of a barbarian named Vortak.

They swept down
from the north,

from Alaska,
from the Yukon wastes,
like a plague of locusts.

What, no one
could stop them?

There was no
central authority left.

No government
with an army strong enough
to withstand them.

But you survived.

Only through subterfuge.

By pretending to be
a penniless,
contemplative order.

But it's only a matter of time
before the Volsangs
come here too.

Yeah, but why?
What would they want here?

For whomever
they can enslave.

For whatever
they can steal.

For the Great Work.

The record of all
that our civilization
ever achieved.

The sum total
of our knowledge.

We must protect it from
the barbarian darkness that
swallows this world whole.

There's much here
that the Volsangs could use
against their enemies.

We must stop them.

In case of
a Volsang siege,

this was built to provide us
with a means of escape
from the Sanctuary.

James, I appreciate the tour,
but I want to
see my friends now.

You will, Maggie.

This way.

Mmm. It feels so good
to breathe some fresh air.

I don't know why
these Volsangs would want to
bother you here.

What could this little island
possibly have to interest
a bunch of savages?

Well, the Volsangs
are nothing
if not thorough.

They would have come
no matter what.

And all we can do,
when and if the time comes,
is try to appease them.

Where I come from,
that never works.

It's better to fight
than to give in.

Well, maybe
you're just braver
than I am.

I don't want you
to leave, Maggie.

This is your home,
James, not mine.

You'll be running
from place to place,
always looking behind you,

never knowing
where you'll find yourself
the next day.

It's my choice.

Things are going to
change here
very soon, Maggie.

But I will always be
in a position to offer you
a place of safety.

There's a kind
of serenity here
you've never known.

I'm sure of it.
We've all found it.
So can you.

Reclaim your own life,

I have my own life.

And I choose
not to give it up.

What are those lights
out there?

We must get back
to the Sanctuary.

Come on.

Each of those disks
contain hundreds of volumes
of information.

What are they made of?

Dissolved silicates
that we reprocess
in the lab.

Makes a lot of sense,
with all the crystal
that we saw on the beach.

I've worked with
silicate derivatives before.
It's very fragile stuff.

Yes, that's true.

But we have nothing
more durable,

and no other way to pack
so much information into
such a concentrated form.

There is a way.

I worked in a lab
with a great scientist,

and we developed a form of
crystal-silicate encryption.

All of this data
can be stored
on much less space.

Volsang raiders!
They're comin' from the west!

Calm down!

They won't dare
a night landing
on the rocks.

We have till dawn
to prepare.

It's too late for your idea,
isn't it?

Not necessarily.

If I can jerry-rig
the laser,

I might be able to encrypt
all of this data on
a single quartz crystal.

Like the one
in the refectory.

It could work.

Could you go
get it for me?


We're coming
with you.

All right, everybody,
listen up.

I want all of
your data streams put on
the same binary line now.


See to the upper parapets.

Open the armaments room,

and I'll activate
the self-destruct
on the vault.

A self-destruct system
is now activated.

There's nowhere
to run, Maggie.

I don't run.

You'll be safe
with me.

And why is that?

You know something about
these Volsang raiders
that no one else does?

Even if there were a chance
that I would
stay here with you,

do you really think I would
after you betray
your own people?

don't leave me, Maggie.

I'm the only one
that can save you.


I'm the only one.

Go ahead!
See what the Volsang raiders
do with you!

Remmy, Mallory,
get down!


They're aimin'
a little high!

I'm trying not to
take this personally.

What's goin' on,
you guys?

The Keepers have
a library underground.

Diana's trying
to get them to save it.

Yeah, well I'd rather
save my own life.

Let's go! Go!

The Volsangs
are inside the reef.

We have weapons here.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I think so.
How much more time
do you need?

Almost done.

What can we do to help?

We help give her the time.
We slide in 20 minutes.

Come with me.

That's practically
all of them.

If they break through,

hit the detonator.

They must not
get the Work.

I hope these people know
what they're in for.

Had you not
come so unexpectedly.

I've not had time
to lay the groundwork.

There will probably
be some resistance.

You hear that?
There might be fighting!

What a shock!

And the Great Work,
which I promised you,
it's not yet done.

Had you just waited.

I've waited long enough.
It's time
you earned your keep.

Now, let's see the inside
of the Sanctuary.

You promised me

Am I going to be


Keeper James,
why did you betray us?

So not to betray
the Great Work.

It was the only way
to save it.

Now, if you surrender now,
they'll spare your life.

I have their promise.

Is that what you told
the inhabitants
on the Isle of Anacapa?

I don't remember
talking to them at all.

You can leave now in peace.

Or what?


You'll be okay, Father
It's gonna be all right now.

Save yourself, Son.
Save yourself.

And you,
I can save you, too.

It was...
It was always
hard for me...

It was always hard for me
to say the things
I should have said.

I heard them anyway, Father.

Guard the Great Work
from the barbarians.

Come on.
There's nothing more
you can do here.

We can't hold them here, Seth.

Yes, we can.
I can fight them.

Down below.
We've got to go down below.

Come on.

Okay, we're done.

Now we've got to find a way
to get it out of here.

And off the island.

There's a tunnel
to the outside.

James took me through it
from the infirmary,

and he's hidden a boat
out there
under some seaweed.

Could you get there, Seth?

Yes, I could
take someone there.

But I'm not leaving
the island.

There's no time
to argue now, Seth.
You have to go.

The only way
you can defeat them now is by
protecting the Great Work.

By doing
what your father died
trying to do.

He's right, Seth.

If you want to beat 'em,
you have to get that crystal
out of here.

You've got to
help him.

You can't stay here either.

But what about you?

Don't worry about me.
I've got plans of my own.

You two get going
before it's too late.
Through the tunnel.

Kill 'em if they move.

More slaves to sell.

And that,
is that the Great Work?


That was the Great Work.


Put him
with the rest of 'em.

No, you can't do this!
I can fix it!

I can put it back
together again! No!

You must be new in town.

Fourteen seconds.

Well, I have no idea
what price
these newcomers will fetch.

Maybe I oughta
keep them myself.

I'm sure we'll find
some use for 'em.

For two of 'em, anyway.

Well, we would love to
stay and help out.

But we really must be going.

And we were just getting
to know each other.

Before you leave,
make sure
you clean up this mess!

Sara, don't be afraid.
Come on.

Have you sailed
a boat before?

No. But I transcribed
the nautical section
of the Great Work.

Which way
should we go?

Let's try to find
the City of Angels.

Where are we?

Looks like
somebody's office.

Somebody big.

Let's get in a drawer
or something.

I don't want to be around
when that somebody big
answers that.