Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 2 - Sliders - full transcript

The Sliders land on an Earth with a similar technology level to the one they just left. Dr Davis sets about trying to figure a way to separate the two Mallorys. She also has the unsettling experience of meeting herself in this new world. Beckett continues to struggle with the emotions of possibly losing her 'Mallory'.

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Who the hell are you?

Quinn Mallory.

He seems to have
absorbed some or...

Or maybe all
of the sub-atomic
structure of your Quinn.

I am having thoughts
and memories that
I just don't understand.

Are you two people?

MALLORY: Oberon Geiger,
he is collapsing universes
into one another.

He'll destroy all those worlds
and kill billions of people.

He has to be stopped.

Geiger is unstuck
in space-time.

I'm goin' with you.

It's the only
chance I got.

What about you?

I'll need a few things.

MALLORY: Heads up!

Nice hands, chief.

Good game, guys!
Catch you tomorrow.

Make some friends?

Oh, frat guys.

Yeah, it's good to be
up and around.

I never thought I'd be
running a post pattern.

You know, I'm glad
you all are enjoying
our stay here,

but your Quinn and mine
are still wrapped up
in this body

and I can't get them apart
with dead lithium cells.

Easy, sister.
We all know
why we're here.


Okay, we got 56 hours
left to go.

If this world's
as close to yours
as you say it is,

then the Chandler Hotel
should be that way.

Okay. Well,
that's a guarantee,

'cause there's only
minor fluctuations in
the quantum matrix, right?

Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

I'd call that
a major fluctuation.

Mommy, look what I did
at school today.

I, um...

It's, it's very nice
but I think you've made
a mistake, little girl.

I'm not your mom.

Aw, come on, Mom.

No, really.
I'm, I'm not
your mom.

But you are my mother!

You are my mother!
Some mother you are.

Okay, come on.
We'll find your mom.
It's okay.

It's okay, sweetie.
Let me see.

Don't get upset.
This is a beautiful picture.
DIANA 2: Nadine!

Did you do this all
by yourself? Wow.
DIANA 2: Nadine!

Listen, I think you oughta
make yourself scarce.
DIANA 2: Nadine!

DIANA 2: Nadine!

That's why.



What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything
else is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


MALLORY: I'm guessing
she belongs to you?
Thank you.

Honey, I told you never
to leave playcare
until I came for you.

But I saw you!

She normally listens
so well.

Must be her father's side
coming through.

Oh, she's no trouble
at all. She's adorable.

Oh, thank you. (LAUGHS)

Don't forget this.
Oh. Thank you.

Honey, did you
do this for me?

It's beautiful!

Come on. Let's go.
Let's leave these
people alone.

Come on.
Here we go.

NADINE: But that lady
looks just like you.



That was me.

That was your alternate
on this world.

Something you have to
get used to.

Does that mean there's
another one of you
on this world?

Yeah and you're not
her type either, Mallory.

What's with
the attitude, Beckett?

My name's Quinn.

Why don't you
get used to it?

I knew a Quinn once and
there's no resemblance.

To me you're a Mallory.


DIANA 2: We're gonna have
so much fun tonight.
Watch your step!

Oh, fun!

Here we go.

Ready? Okay.



MAN 1: You know,
I think we ought to
get something straight, too.

MAN 2: I think you
need to sit.

MAN 1: I don't know
what is going on.


More pesky
quantum fluctuations.

Remmy, this is just like
the world we were at,
with the thing.

Yeah, I know,
and the guy with
all the stuff.

And the monkey...
And the monkey!

You guys are gonna love
this place! Come on!

As long as they've got
110 volt power.


(DISTORTED) Quinn, come on.
You're going to miss it.

Miss what?

What did you call me?
I didn't call you anything.
Are you all right?

Yeah. Sure.
Let's play.

I don't know how he did it,
but Quinn always had a knack
for hitting lucky numbers.

(DISTORTED) Come on, Quinn!

Lucky seven, Q-Ball!

Hey, hey!

What is it?


What happened to him?

Why don't you ask me?

Okay. What happened
down there?

Some kind of
a killer déjà vu.

One minute I was standing
there next to you guys
and then I was...

Standing there next
to you guys.

It was the same hotel.

I was playing roulette
with Remmy and Maggie.

But I don't play roulette,
it's a sucker's game.

It was like having this

incredibly vivid memory
of something that
never happened.

Take off your shirt.



What the devil?

That couldn't have
happened when
he fell down.

That looks like a burn.

Someone shot me.


I was at the roulette table
and this guy...

Big, ugly, I...

He thought I had
cheated him at cards.

So he pulls out a gun
and shoots me.

What is it?

That happened to Quinn.

Our Quinn.

All right, I understand
how Mallory might
remember something

that happened
to Quinn, but...

That scar...
How is that

The fluctuations in
Mallory's quantum matrix,
they're increasing.

Again with the fluctuations.

After Mallory and your Quinn
were merged in the Combine,

there were wild spikes in
the boson emissions from
the phased matrices.


Quinn and Mallory
were fighting

for control over
a single dimensional

One body.

And Mallory won.
Well, sort of.

His pattern clearly
became the dominant one

and Quinn's became dormant.

There's something
waking him up.
That scar.

Quinn's body is
remembering who he is.

He's trying to come back.

That's what you want,
isn't it?

To get your Quinn back.

That's the only reason
you brought me along, right?

If there's a chance
that we can separate you
from Quinn, we can...

And what if there's not?

What if you only get
one Quinn per customer?

Which one do you want?

That's what I thought.


PROFESSOR: The Feynman
high energy particle reactor,
ladies and gentlemen,

is the most advanced fusion
generator on the planet.

We're trying to
generate energies equivalent
to the big bang, people.

So, please, please,

read the instructions,
before you use it.


What's the maximum
Planck energy
this reactor can sustain?

10 to the 19th giga
electron volts.

At that level,
however, we can...

Have you tried
modulating the size

of the 11th dimension
to reduce the Planck length?

Excuse me, miss,
are you in this class?



You mind if I...

How do you feel?


It's hard to sleep when
I can't tell which dreams
are mine and which are his.

Well, it's this place.

Quinn remembers it
or someplace like it.

That your theory
or Diana's?

It just makes sense.

Uh, so...

Where is the good doctor?

She went to the university
to see if she could use
their equipment to...

Um, restabilize you.

Do you want me
restabilized, Maggie?


I don't know.
I just miss Quinn.

Come on. I want to
show you something.

Come on.

I don't like surprises.

Well, now I know
that's not Quinn talking.
He lived for them.


REMBRANDT: Hey, welcome to
the Chandler Travel Agency.

The world in one room.

One of the quantum
fluctuations Diana
discovered about

this world is that its
technology is a bit more
advanced than yours.

So, we're gonna
take a little trip.

Now, I want you to put
your hands on this gizmo.

It's a surprise.

Nice place.

A little Wonder Bread
for my tastes.
No, this is...

This isn't real,
this isn't real.
I'm at the hotel.

I'm at the hotel. I'm...
Hey, hey, hey!
Take it easy, fella.

You're right,
you're at the hotel.

This is a hologram.

It scans your thoughts
and shows you
where you want to go.

This is my street.

That's our house.
I lived here.

Those are my parents.

Before they...

They look so young.

Why are we here?

You were having some trouble
adjusting to the sliding.

We thought familiar
surroundings might help.

I'm not sure what to say.

Thanks, I guess.

We're going to fix
this problem, Mallory.

DIANA 2: You can't... What?
No! Don't you get it?

Doug, we've been
through this.

No, you cannot have
Nadine this weekend.

Because the judge said so.

Look, don't threaten me, okay?
You can't make my life any
worse than you already have.

Doug, Doug, you cannot
withhold that check!

That is blackmail!

Doug, I'm gonna...
Doug? Dou...


you just made it worse.

We were thinking without
the hotel to jar his memory,

Mallory might stop
having the visions.


Sorry, um...
That's a good idea.

The stimulus is
probably exacerbating
the fragmentation effect.

So any luck
at the university?

Maybe, they have a
fusion reaction chamber

that's beyond
state of the art.

But I had to audit
the class to use it.

So it's back to school
for you, huh?

Let's see how
the young man is doing.

Oh, my God!


Out of the way!


Yeah, but what is it?

REMBRANDT: It's a Kromagg.

Why in the devil
would you conjure up
a Kromagg?

You think I did it?
I've never even seen one
of those things before!

Then how?

How do you think?

I was using
the travel agency

and these visions
started again.

I saw some place.

My home being overrun
by these things.

My mother was taken away.

They were torturing you.

And this thing
made it real.


I saw a man, a friend,
shot dead in front of me.


I don't know who he was.

But he meant so much
to me I can't stop hurting.

I feel like
I'm losing my mind.

Both of 'em.

Don't worry.
I'll head back to the
university right away.

What are you looking at?

Oh, excuse me!

Oh, my Lord!

Oh my...

Who are you?

Can you believe this?

I mean, I've never...

We could be sisters.

What's your name?
Are you a student here?

Wait... Sorry.

I'm Diana Davis.

My friends call me Didi.


How do you do it?

What do you mean?

The things I've seen.

I mean, the things
Quinn's seen.

These Kromaggs
invading worlds.

People you care about dying.

Not having a home to go to.

Well, it's not just a job,
it's an adventure.

When I first started sliding,

I thought I knew everything
that was important in life.

You know?

My father always taught me

it's more important making
political contacts,

than it is making friends.

Well, Rembrandt, Colin,


They're friends I thought
I'd never have.

And, uh...

I... I don't think
I would change that.

Even if I could.

Come here.

Take my hand.

Close your eyes.

Trust me.

Don't be afraid.

Open your eyes.

What's this?

Well, you said that
you've only seen bad things
through Quinn's eyes.

I thought maybe
I'd show you
something good.

And a ruffled shirt
is supposed to
make me feel better?

This is where we went
the night of our prom.

Your prom?

It's hard to explain, but...

Well, Quinn and I
were trapped in this
bubble universe and...

We spent a whole
lifetime there.

Well, you don't
look that old.


I lost my home

and this slide gave me
a chance to

have a home again,
at least for a while.

You know,
I lost my virginity
the night of my prom.

Whoa! Sorry, stud.

But you don't get drunk
off of holographic hooch.

Damn. And I got
holographic condoms.



Well, I know
I'm not adopted.

My mother always whined
about how much pain
I caused her coming out.

Big head.

Um, I better get
back to the lab.

You know, it's funny.
They say everybody in
the world has a double,

but the odds
against meeting them
are astronomical.

I guess we just lucked out.

I suppose so.

So, are you
a student here?

Hmm, I wish!

When Nadine was born,
I had to drop out.

I work in the
student activities office.

What about your husband,
doesn't he...

I don't have a husband.

I just have
bad taste in men.

Doug, well, he loves
everything about being
a father except paying for it.

What about your parents?

Rich. But I don't take
money from them.

They didn't want me
to keep Nadine, so...

We don't speak.

Hey, I was a
physics major too.

Before I dropped out.

Whoa, it got pretty intense.
Professor Dillon's class
nearly killed me.

Yeah! Me, too!

"You people are trying
to grasp infinite concepts

BOTH: "with finite minds."

So, I switched
to American literature.

And then I met
Doug, the poet.

But, uh, you toughed
it out with Dillon.

Well, barely. Yeah, I was
thinking about switching
majors too, and, uh...

Then I met someone
who changed my mind.

A man?

No, a mentor,
I guess you could say.

Dr. Geiger,
he took me under
his wing and

he inspired me.

I wish I'd met
someone like that.

I had better get going.

See you around?
Oh, hey, um...

What's your name?

Um... I...



Do you remember it?


Do you remember being here?

Do you remember what
the next song is
on the radio?

Oh, that's what this is.

You take me for a
little romantic drive
down memory lane

and your Quinn wakes up.

No, I just...

You get your Quinn back
and I go away like
I never existed, right?

That's not it!
I just need to know
if he's there!

What if I don't
want him to be there?

I can't live like this.

I can't be two people.




I'm not this Quinn.


The fragmentation effect
is getting worse.

Something is causing
them to move even
further out of phase.

It's my fault.

I thought I had a chance
to get my Quinn back.
I pushed him...

It's okay.

All right. How about it?

Any chance you can
get our guys apart?

Well, I got into
the physics lab today

and I may be
able to use their
fusion reactor to

generate a stable
dimensional bubble.

Like the one
Geiger lived in?

And if you can't?

Well, eventually
the phase differential
will grow so large,

he won't be able
to exist as either
Quinn or Mallory.

He, or actually they,
could become
unstuck like Geiger.

In any case, he can't
live as two people.

That's what he told me.

We may have to choose
which one to save.


Okay, get on with it.
You got 21 hours.

Hey, Diana.

Is there something else?
Gosh, I don't know.

Isn't keeping Mallory
from ripping himself apart
at a subatomic level enough?

Come on.
You know what I mean.

Look, did something
happen today?

Would it have
anything to do with you
seeing your alternate?

I ran into her at campus.

And what happened?

She thinks I'm groovy.

She figures it's some kind
of cool cosmic coincidence

that she met someone
who looks just like her.

She says we're destined
to be friends.

Well, now, that's a relief.

Well, isn't it?
She's not me.

She's not supposed to be.

She dropped out of school
because some deadbeat
poetry major knocked her up.

She's got a minimum wage job
and a car that runs
about 30% of the time.


I've been to a
lot of different worlds
since I started this game,

and I've seen different
versions of myself, too,
and it's freaky.

I mean, seeing
how your life
could have gone.

But you can't judge
this other Diana

by the standards
that you set for yourself.

Why do you assume that she
would want your life any more
than you would want hers?

I just...

She just has
such a hard life.

What if Dr. Geiger
was right?

What if I had a chance to make
this universe a better place
and I passed it up?

Okay, come on!

125% percent, it's not
too much to ask.



Stay stable.

Come on, stay stable.


Come on, stabilize!

Damn it!

GEIGER: Diana?

GEIGER: Diana!

Oh, my God.

Dr. Geiger?

DIANA: Dr. Geiger?

Can you hear me?
GEIGER: No need to shout.

I'm right here.

Could you try reducing
the electromagnetic

of the particle stream?



(EXHALES) Much better.

It's good to
see you again, Diana.

I've had quite an adventure
since we saw each other last.

Since you betrayed my trust.

But never mind that.

All is forgiven.


Very clever, creating this
dimensional bubble.

You must have realized that

I would be naturally drawn
to the most stable region
of the multiverse.

But this isn't my lab.

You brought me here
by accident.

After your
containment field
broke down, I...

After you destroyed it!

I went through
the dimensional wormhole
with Mallory and the others.

I slid with them.


I don't know, uh,
time was running out.

I hadn't been able
to decompile the
two Quinns we combined.

I couldn't just let him
go like that.

I promised that we were...
You promised!

What about your
promise to me?

I offered you
the mysteries of creation.

You obviously weren't feeling
very loyal to me,

when you decided
to unanchor me.

Years of my work ruined.

My quantum essence
sent spinning off like
a leaf caught in the wind.


Look what you've done to me.

What about the lies
that you told me?

That we were using
the Combine to
composite a better world.

We were.

A better world for you
and to hell with
everyone else!

No. There was
a place for you there.

What makes you think
I would have wanted
a place in your world?

And why not?

What would you be
leaving behind, hmm?

Estranged from your family.
No relationship.

All you had was your work.
All you had was me.


DIANA 2: Good morning!

Stan at the security desk
told me you'd
been here all night.

He thought I was you.

We could pull some
serious mischief with this.

Brought you some coffee.

Were you talking
to someone?

No, uh...

I... I guess I'm just
getting a little punchy.

No problem.

Well, uh,
don't work too hard.


An alternate version
of yourself.

You're actually getting
quite chummy, too.

She's, uh...


Oh, I'm sure she is.

Hardworking, a good mother,

a real trouper.

What are you
talking about?

I do a lot of traveling,
Diana, remember?

I've seen other versions
of you. Many, many.


Well, let's see if
I can guess what this
Diana Davis is like. Hmm.

Dropped out of school
because she couldn't handle
the pressure. Hmm?

Menial, low-paying
job and, oh!

Does this one have twins
or just the one?


How do I know?

Because she's you, Diana.

They're all you.

The person you
would have been
if you hadn't met me.

If I didn't give you
a reason to exist,

you would be living
the same meaningless life

as a billion other Dianas.

Now, don't you feel special?



DIANA 2: Doug,
you cannot do this!


Talk to your lawyer.

Doug, wait...
I'll drop her off, Monday.

Damn you!

Not in front of the kid.


Out, get out.

Out, out, move it.

Come on. Out.

Come on, hey.
Yeah, yeah.


Okay, come on.

Come on.


That was unpleasant.

I downloaded nearly
all of your data before
I slid off of our world.

With the facilities
in this lab, we could
pick up our research

right where we left off.

Yes, but?

But this time,
we stick with the
original experiment.

The experiment you told me

was to create a better world
so people like Mallory
could walk again.

And so this world's
Diana Davis can have
the advantages that you had.

That's the deal.

Plus, you have to
help me undo
what we did to Quinn.

To Mallory.

Put them back
the way we found them.

And if I refuse?


When do we get started?

Yeah. I miss him too.

I never really
thought about how much
responsibility Q-Ball took.

We were always
looking to him
for the answers,

assuming he would
figure something out.

He usually did.

A lot for a young man
to deal with.

Looking after us
and his brother, Colin.

Crazy farm boy.


I know, I just
keep expecting to
look over at that bar

and see 'em both
sitting there.


Hey, man, you feeling okay?

Better. The hallucinations
are gone.

For the moment anyway.

Mallory, I'm sorry,
I was being selfish.

Forget it.

It's just...

The time that Quinn and I
spent in that universe,

that life that we had.

Well, it was like
being home again.

And if I give up
on trying to
get Quinn back,

I'll be giving up on
a chance at that life

and I'll never go home.

Hey, it's cool.

I never went in for that
school dance crap anyway.

But if I had gone
to your prom with you,

oh, I think I could
have gotten all the way
to second base.


Increase the boson emissions
by 0.0061 percent.

Are you sure?
I double checked...

Stop trusting the data!

I am in the eye
of the storm.

I can feel
the particle stream.

You don't have enough
power to extend the bubble
beyond five dimensions.

Yes! Yes!





Something's wrong.
The field strength
is off the scale.

The field strength
was just right, Diana.

How did you...

The increase in
the boson emissions

was just what
the doctor ordered.

It expanded the
stable dimensional bubble
beyond the reaction chamber.

I'm now free
to move about
the cabin.

At least for a while.

You tricked me.
Thank you for
your help, Diana.

I can take it from here.

What did we do
to this world?

What did you want to do?

My God.


Who the hell are you?

Arrest her.

Wait. Didi, it's me.

That is not my name.

How did you get in here?
It's okay, uh...

I'm a student here.

Don't you remember me?

Students aren't
allowed in this area.

This is a high-security
area contracted for
military use only.

Now I will ask you again,
who are you?

I'm, uh... Maggie.

It's me, Maggie, remember?

Why are you impersonating me?
Who do you work for?

I don't work for anybody.
Think, you know me.

I know your daughter, Nadine.

I don't have a daughter.


Take her.

Use the other door.
Go get her!

I don't understand you.

I mean, what in the devil...
What were you thinking?

I had him contained in
the reaction chamber.

I thought I could
control him.

Well, you thought wrong.

He changed my equations!
He expanded the bubble.

Look, I know
you're new to this

and you're gonna
make mistakes.

But there's one thing
you have to understand

and that's we are
a team, okay?

Now, why didn't
you call us?

I just...

I saw the way
my double was living
and I couldn't take it.

I mean, he ruined
her academic career.

He made her life miserable.

And so you thought
you could fix it.

On our world,
Geiger and I...

We made Mallory
walk again by combining
healthy genetic fragments

from dimensional alternates
into his quantum matrix.

I thought I could apply
the same principle
to Nadine's father.

Gene splicing Mr. Right.
Yeah, but it didn't
work out that way.

I should have run
a probability profile on
all the possible outcomes.

You know, by making him
more responsible

maybe she would have
never gotten pregnant
in the first place.

Well, without her
daughter in her life

maybe there was
nothing to distract her
from her career.

It's more than that.
She's different,
she's hard, suspicious.

She's not
the woman I met.

Her child is gone.

Oh, I had no right.

I can't control my own life.

What makes me
think I can control
someone else's?

You can't try to make someone
into something they're not.

What about Mallory?

I'm not sure.

When Geiger increased
the field strength,

it sent quantum ripples
through this entire universe.

It may have upset the
phase balance within
his recombinant matrix.

It messed him up.

Okay, look, we've got
32 minutes to undo this mess.

Geiger expanded
the bubble to include
a large part of the lab.

If we can get
Mallory over there,

we may be able
to restabilize him.

How are we
supposed to get in?

Thanks to you,
that lab is now

a high-security
military research center.

I should have the same
fingerprints and retina scan
as my double, right?

Let's go.

You got three minutes,
do your stuff.

The bubble's still stable.

So is he.

How do you feel?

Okay. A little nausea,

but that's probably
the Monte Cristo
I had for lunch.


He's fine.

For how long?

Well, the quantum ripples
that destabilized him were
limited to this dimension.

Once we slide,
he'll be no worse
than he was before.

Sounds good to me.

Let's roll.

Okay, I've got
to straighten a
few things out here.

If I can realign
the quantum matrix
to the initial settings,

we're out of here.

Get away from that console.

What are you doing?

Please, in just a minute,
you won't remember
this ever happened.

I'm calling security.

Hold it.

Just give us two minutes
and then we'll be
out of your hair.

Oh, no.

"Oh, no," what?

I'm locked out.
I can't change
the settings.

And why would you want
to change the settings?

We expecting anyone else?

This is the world
you created, Diana.

Isn't this what you wanted?

I was wrong.
You are wrong.

We have got
to put this place
back the way it was.

I've rather grown
to like it here.

It seems like a good place
to continue my work.

You unlock that computer.

Or what?

I could make this place
rather unpleasant
for Mr. Mallory.




The stable field's collapsing.


What did you do?

I have the security code.

I overrode the lockout.

The reactor chamber's
breaking down!

Diana, let me stay here.

Let me back into the system.

What happened to him?

I'm calling security.

DIANA: Don't!

Look, I know this is crazy,

but you have
got to trust me.

The work that
I've been doing,
this equipment,

it can alter your reality.

I tried to use it to make
this world a better place
and I screwed up.

I changed who you are.


You have a daughter.
Her name is Nadine
and she is beautiful.

You pick her up
from playcare
every day at 2:00.

I've taken a piece
of your life away.

And I want to give it back.

You're insane.

What do you think
just happened to Geiger?

Look at me.

I'm not some
spy Diana Davis
in disguise! I'm you.

10 seconds.


It's time!


Come on!


You have no idea
what you've done!

Diana, we have to go now.

I can't leave
this world like this.

You have no choice!

Come on.





Well, you must feel like
you screwed up pretty big.

Maybe you did.

I mean, you're human,
it happens.

When you make
a mistake in the lab,

people don't vanish off
the face of the earth.

This isn't a lab.


I don't know if I can go on.

You can.
Your work isn't finished.

And we need you.

I need you.

I mean, don't forget,
we're a team.

I won't forget.

Not ever.

Go ahead and drink up.
We slide in an hour.