Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 17 - Sliders - full transcript

The team find themselves sliding into a small area surrounded by a strange barrier. They encounter Professor Geiger who explains he's created the barrier and guided the sliders to this current world.

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Previously on Sliders.

Another rough one!

Who the hell are you?

Quinn Mallory.

He seems to have
absorbed some, or...

Or maybe all
of the sub-atomic
structure of your Quinn.

But the other is still with us
in a way. He's inside you.

Oberon Geiger.

He's collapsing universes
into one another.

He'll destroy all
those worlds and kill
billions of people.

He has to be stopped.

Geiger is unstuck
in spacetime.

Who are you
to question my work?

You came to me
in a wheelchair!

You walk now
because of what
I did for you!

What about the lies
that you told me?

That we were using
the Combine to
composite a better world.

We were.
A better world for you

and to hell
with everyone else.

That's what
you want, isn't it?

To get your Quinn back.

There's a chance
that we can separate
you from Quinn,

we can...
And what if there's not?

What if you only get
one Quinn per customer?

Which one do you want?

That's what I thought.

Quinn is gone,

for good.

You believe that?

Yeah. I feel it.

I don't.

And I won't.

Oh, Cajero,

mighty and powerful
spirits of the heavens,

hear my plea.

Stop that, already.

Would you chill?
I'm appeasin' the gods.

Looks to me like
you pissing 'em off.

I'm telling you,
you cannot
affect the weather

by smearing yourself
with bear scat

and prancing
around a campfire
in your underpants.

It was a good
look for him, though.

By the power of Cajero,

I command the
elemental spirits to stop!

That's right.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Oh, crap.


Cajero, why have
you forsaken me?

Take that mess
off your head!

Next time
I decide to convert to
pagan idol worship

somebody please
slap me silly...

I guess I deserved that.

You want this?

Two more minutes.

Anyone giving odds
on what the next
world will be like?

Safe or deadly?

I'll give you
three to five on deadly.

Well, sorry I can't
be more specific,

but ever since I used
the living gems to
recalibrate the timer,

all the old coordinates
have been erased.

We are sliding
blind, people.

Well, what
else is new?

Just cross your
fingers and jump,

hope the next slide
will take you
where you want to go.

If you even know
where that is.

You okay, Remmy?

Yeah, Maggie.
I'm just tired.
Want to go home.

God, I hope the
sun is shining on
the next world.

All right, let's
get it over with.


I hope they
have a chiropractor
on this world.

Can you do
anything about
this, weather god?

Find me a chicken
to sacrifice,

I'll see what I can do.

Looks deserted.

Maybe everyone took cover.

Well, that's a plan.

Over there.
Is that somebody?


Wait a minute.
We want to talk to you.


Please, have mercy.

Have mercy.
Good God!

Flight reflex ready
to kick in.

Have mercy.

Have mercy.

Have mercy.

It's all right.

Look, we just
want to talk to you.

It's Doctor Geiger.

What's he doing here?

Have mercy.

Have mercy.
Doctor Geiger.

Doctor Geiger,
what is that?



How did you get here?

I sinned.

Is there another way out?

There's no way
across the river.

Not once
you've crossed over.

Did you bring us here?

Only death can
bring you here.

But death can't get you out.

What a surprise.

Deadly wins again.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


Doesn't look like anyone's
been in here for a while.

Yeah, well, somebody
barricaded that door.


What happened to him?
I mean, he didn't
even recognize us.

Maybe he became unstuck
in more ways than one.


The sooner we're away
from here the happier I'll be.

Well, it seems to be
counting down normally.

Eighteen hours.

Well, let's
get some rest,

maybe try to find
some food, huh?

The kitchen's closed.

I wouldn't expect
clean sheets or a mint
on my pillow, either.

What happened here?

Staff disappeared.


the whole world disappeared.

Yeah, one day I'm humpin'
luggage like always,
and the next day

my entire universe shrinks
down to three square blocks
of Wilshire Boulevard.

What's the
barrier out there?

Why don't you tell me?

See, for the past six
months nothing's come
into this place.

No people,
no food, no water.

That is until
you showed up.

You found a way in.

That must mean you
know the way out.

We don't know
anymore about this
place than you do.

Hey, don't
feed me that line.

Nothing gets through
that thing out there.
We tried.

What is that?


All right.

Cheap shot, babe.

I'd like to see you
try that again.

It's your face, babe!

Okay, time out.

We got sucked in here.
We don't know how.

We're stuck here
like you are.

Now this woman
is a scientist.

I can't make you
any promises.

But we're gonna do our
best to get everybody out
of here, all right?

Oh, she's a scientist, huh?

Well, gee, why
didn't you say so?

You know, while she's at it
maybe she can build a lie
detector out of coconuts, huh?

You know, we're better
off puttin' our faith
in the man upstairs.

Now that's a fairly
cranky bunch.

Can't really blame them.

This place is a nightmare.

Well, no water, no food.

If they're stuck here much
longer they're gonna start

to look at each other
mighty strange.

Well, thanks for
telling them I was
gonna save them.

That's cause
you're our go-to-girl.

Oh, who asked you, anyway?

You know, the only
other time I've gotten
readings like this

was in the stasis field
around Doctor Geiger's lab.

Is this ever gonna stop?

So, you think
Geiger made this place?

He was here.

Yeah, right.
But we did slide in.
We can slide out, correct?

Well, I hope so.

As long as this energy
barrier doesn't interfere
with the wormhole.

Off course, we won't know
until we try.

What's going on up there?

You want me to call
the front desk and complain?

another thing, Remmy.

There's no way we can
take all these people
with us in the wormhole.

I can't keep the vortex
open that long.

Well, we might have
a riot on our hands
when we slide out of here.

Yeah, well, we got
a bigger problem.

I mean, if Geiger
did make this place,

how do we feel about
walking away and leaving
these people here?

This kind of weather always
makes my hair frizz out.

Yeah, well, my hair's standing
on end but it's not
because of the weather.


Remember what Geiger said
before he checked out?

I don't know.
He was babbling something
about mercy, right?

Yeah, when we asked him
how did he get here

he said, "I have sinned."

And then he said
even death won't be able
to get you out of this place.

Yeah, but he was crazy.


What if this place
weren't just hellish?

What if it were,

you know, the bad place?

You think we
slid into hell?

Fire and brimstone,

guys in red suits poking us
with pitchforks hell?

No, not literally.

We've seen
worse places before.

But what if hell as we
know it were a real place?

Another dimension.

I mean, imagine spending
forever in this rat hole.

No room service.
No mini bar. That is hell.

Maybe it's like
the bellhop said,

we should talk to
the man upstairs.

Damn it.

I'm going upstairs
to talk to that guy.

We know
you're in there.


Anybody here?

Who's there?

Doctor Geiger?


I'm glad to see
you made it safely.

No way.
We just saw you die.

I thought you'd
never get here.

Can I offer you something?

Who are you?

I realize I don't quite
look myself these days,

but you can't have
forgotten me already, Diana.

But we saw you jump
into the energy barrier.

He killed himself?

Oh, no.

I never thought it
would come to that.

Who was he?

He was me.
My doppelganger.

My alternate in this world.

Uh, you said that
wasn't possible.

You told me that
the experiment
that unstuck you

destroyed all your
alternate selves.

So I thought.

Until I met Oberon.

He really threw a monkey
wrench into my calculations,
I have to say.

Although apparently,

he dealt with the shock
our chance encounter

somewhat less effectively
than I did.

Please, sit.

You said you were
expecting us.

You bring us here?

Yes, but let me explain.

You are still playing
with people's lives.

You're using these
people here like lab rats.

You're using us again.
How dare you.

Please, Diana,
it's not what you think.

How embarrassing.

Doctor Geiger,
what happened to you?

Being unstuck happened to me.

It's like being trapped
in the surf,

pounded by wave
after wave of spacetime.

As soon as you
manage to pull yourself
to the shore,

the tide sucks you
back under again.

What, so we're supposed
to feel sorry for you?

Let you just collapse
an infinite number of
parallel universes into one

so you'll feel better?

You don't have to
worry about that.

Why? Because you
turned over a new leaf?


Because it won't work.

I tried to change the
fundamental structure
of the universe

to suit my needs.

How arrogant.

Have a good look, Diana.

My life's work.

A joke.

Have a good laugh
at my expense.

Your recombination theorems.


A tiny error compounded,

multiplied millions of times.

Our experiment

never would have worked.

Your experiment.

So what do you
want from us?

I just want it all to stop.

I've focused
my energies
on this haven.

This little safe harbor

in the ocean
of space and time.

So I could live out
my life in peace.

What about the people
trapped here?

Another mistake
in my calculations.

They weren't supposed
to be drawn here.

That's why I directed
your wormhole here.

I need your help, Diana.

To set things right.

I don't believe you.

Use my equipment.
See for yourself.

This field
I'm generating

to stabilize this
area of spacetime,

is collapsing.

In a few days,
weeks at most,

this world and
everyone on it

will be crushed

into a quantum singularity.

This is your mess.

You clean it up.

Now you, you've been talking
to that man upstairs,
haven't you? Yeah.

He says he's gonna
get us out of here,
but you know what?

I don't trust him.

Hey, neither do I.

Oh, I heard you and
your friends talking.

You were planning on leaving
without us, weren't you?


You know what?

I don't blame you.

Personally, honey,
I don't care about the others,

but I'm gonna make sure
I'm out of here
before I disappear, too.


Who's disappearing?

Is this how you got
through the barrier?

Look, my friends
and I wanna help you

but you've gotta try...
Shut up!

We started out,
we had almost 50.

Now we have
less than 20.

Where'd they go?
Oh! Where did they go?

I don't know
where they went!

They got taken,
that's where they went.

Yeah, I'm gonna get out
of here before they get to me.

And you, you're gonna
help me. Let's move.

Oh, man, you all right?

You told me to take
another shot. You wanna make
it three out of five?

Yeah, you laugh it up.

I won't be crying
when they get you, too.

What's he talking about?
Who's gonna get us?

I don't know.

Okay, Remmy and I
are gonna go outside
and do a little recon.

We're gonna check out
that energy barrier.

Maybe try to find some food.

Mallory will stay here
and keep you company.

Fine, um, I've some data
to analyze before we slide.

All right.

You gonna be okay?

Sure. You guys be
careful out there.

The bellhop was right.

There's no way
through this thing.

Look at that!

We gotta get the
devil out of here.

Geiger wasn't lying, either.

This place is imploding.
In there.

Oh, that was close.

Yeah, I'm thinking
that Doctor Geiger's estimate

of how long we've got
was a tad generous.


Ooh, smell that.

I don't wanna smell that.



Before we slid you
said something about
wanting to go home.

Yeah, what about you?

Where am I gonna go, huh?

I'm not ready to
settle down yet, anyway.

Getting pretty used
to the sliding lifestyle.

Either way, though,

it's good to have
a little traveling money.

Why Miss Beckett,
I am shocked.

Don't move!

You're slippin', Doc.

What is it?

Well, Geiger's calculations
are a little off.

My best guess,

this little slice of heaven
he's created won't last
more than 16 hours.

That's bad.

The good news is,

I don't think the
field Geiger's creating

will interfere
with the wormhole.

We should still
be able to slide.

Well, what about
your pal, the bellhop?

And the others?

I'm still working on it.

And Geiger?

What about him?

Are we just gonna leave
him here to wait for
the big crunch?

Maybe that's what he wants.


Look, we don't
owe him anything.

Especially after what
he did to both of us.

He got me out of a wheelchair.

You think he did that out of
the goodness of his heart?

He used you as a guinea pig.

So the guy's no
Mother Theresa.

All I know is I'm
walking around now.

And you'll probably win
a Nobel Prize because of
him when we get home.

If we ever get back home.

And that'll never happen
unless I can get back to work.

Keep those hands
where I can see them.

This isn't what it looks like.

Actually, it's exactly
what it looks like.

We're sorry,
we didn't know
anyone would care.

You're not taking
any more of us.

Look, we'll,
we'll put it back.

You're looters?

Gotta be kidding me.

Yeah, go ahead.

Take it all.
It's federally insured.

Hey, wait.

You thought we were
taking someone. Taking who?

Forget it.

The bellhop told Diana
something about
someone taking us.

Coming to get us or...

Who's comin' to get us?

Look, we may have a way
out of here, but we need
to know what's going on.

This way.

My name is Sharon Fletcher.

I'm Rembrandt Brown.
This is Maggie Beckett.

So, do you have any idea
what's going on, Mr. Brown?


Some kind of scientific
experiment gone nuts.

That's a relief.

Thought I'd died
and gone to hell.

You said people
are disappearing.


They disappear.

Then they come back

like this.

A couple of weeks ago
I moved them all down here.

At least try to make it harder
for them to find us, right?

It doesn't seem
to matter, though.

One minute you're
talking to somebody,

you turn your back
for a second and they're gone.

How? Who takes them?

Are you listening?

We don't know.

A couple of days
later we find them.

Wandering the streets,

huddled in a closet.

Some of them are already dead.

Others wish they were.

You said you could
get us out of here.

Now would be as
good a time as any.

Mallory, we're never gonna
get out of here if you
don't stop interrupting.

Sorry to disturb you.

What are you doing here?


I understand your
reluctance to help me.

Well, there's that
genius IQ at work.

I hurt you.

I'm sorry.
You're sorry?

Do you even know
what that means?

Or did you just run a causal
analysis of our relationship?

Let's see,

Doctor Geiger's betrayal
interferes with
Diana Davis's trust

to create bitterness
and anger.

An adequate mass of apology
should return the system
to equilibrium

and everything
should be just peachy.


Get out.

All right.

There's one more
thing, before I go.

There's one lie I told
you that you haven't
discovered yet.

After our first experiment
with the Combine,

when our Quinn Mallory
and his alternate were
fused into one person,

I told you that it was
impossible to separate them.

It isn't.

I could've separated
them back then.

And I can separate them now.

How do we know
he's not lying now?

We don't.

He'd say anything to
get us to help him.

Or maybe he's
telling the truth.

How many times are we gonna
let this man burn us?

Don't you mean burn you?

You're so angry at this man

that you wouldn't even
believe him if he told
you the Earth was round.

And what if he can
really, really do this
and we just walk away?

I'm more qualified than
anyone here to know

if he can separate
Mallory from Quinn.

Okay, then
you tell us.

Can he do it?

In theory, maybe.

But it would take months,
maybe years, of rechecking
his calculations to be sure.


Anything you can do
in eight hours?

A real chance here

of getting Quinn back safely

and tracking Colin down, too.

If Geiger's telling the truth.

Look, we know
that there's something
here that's hurting people.

How do we know we're not
gonna disappear before
we slide out of here?

Well, how do we know
Geiger's not behind that, too?

I say we do it.

I'm the patient, right?

It's my choice.


That's why we came, isn't it?

Why we keep sliding?

You promised Remmy and Maggie
you would do what you could
to set things right.

Well, now's your chance.

You do this

and it's over.

And we go home.

I'll help.


Thank you.

I am not doing this for you.

I'm doing it for my friends.

I will never forgive
you for the damage
you have done to me,

to the people here, and
God knows how many others
that I don't even know about.

I don't care if you
stay unstuck forever.

I understand.

Then let's get started.


Let me show you what
I've been thinking.

To start...

Well, there are a lot of ifs.

We're gonna do our best
to get everyone out of here.

It's not much, but...

It's more than
we had yesterday.

At least I think
it was yesterday.

And they're all like that?

Well, sometimes
it's not so bad.

Missing arm, extra nose.

Sometimes it looks
like they've been
through a meat grinder.

Can't even tell they're human.

I, uh...

I had to shoot one of them.

Mr. Morris.

He would have died anyway,
but not fast enough.

What would cause this?

Diana's not sure.

Radiation maybe.

Some kind of spontaneous
merging with people
from other dimensions.

What's the matter?

He's gone.

It's like I said,
we're gonna do our best.


It's just that,
before all this happened,
this was my beat.

I knew all these people.

I saw them every day.

Helped them with
their problems.

Finding their lost dogs,

breaking up their fights.

Eight years on the force
and I never drew my weapon.

Until I put that bullet
into Mr. Morris's head.

I feel like I'm
betraying a trust here.

I'm supposed to take
care of these people.

I understand how you feel.

What the hell was that?

The rate of collapse
is increasing.

By what factor?

We got about an hour
here, maybe less.

Then we better shake a leg.


As I'll ever be.

Okay. Just, uh, sit back

and enjoy the ride.

I'm having
an intense feeling
of déjà vu here.

Well, we have come a long
way together since then.

I trust you now
more than ever.

Great, no pressure there.

We'll generate a
hyper-quantum vibration
in the membrane

that maintains this spacetime.

Once the rate of vibration
precisely matches
that of the frequency

that bonds our two
Mr. Mallorys together,

they should split.

Like a singer shattering
a wine glass with a high note.

Okay, bad analogy.


I need you on the
mode synchronizer, now.

Generating the
hyper-quantum vibration.

And go.

Remmy, we've gotta get these
people out of here now.

That energy barrier,
or whatever it is,
is on the move.

How long?
Well, if it doesn't speed up,

I'd say it's gonna eat this
building in about 20 minutes.

We can't get all these people
out of here in 20 minutes.

I'm gonna go
get us some help.

Come on.


Have you received any
psychiatric care, honey? Hmm?

You know I'll bet I could
rustle you up some Prozac.

Why don't you rustle
up all the people in
this hotel, right now?

Excuse me.

You see this jacket?

Wearing it imbues me
with a certain authority.

Part of which is not having
to take orders from you.

Look, we have people
we have to move

and we wanna set them up here.

Whoa, whoa.
We're full up here, baby.

Gee, maybe I forgot
to turn on that
'no vacancy' sign, huh?

All right. All right.
Enough with the hitting.
Enough with the hitting.

Thank you.

You know, it wouldn't
hurt to show your softer
side once in a while.

Assuming you have one.

I'm not showing
any dissolution.

Increase the Q-frequency
by 0.001 percent.

Something's happening to him.

Increase the frequency!

I know what I'm doing.

You'd better.

It's working.

Is that everyone?

There's one more.

But I need your help.

Where are you going?

I couldn't keep him
with the others.
He was far too gone.

He got violent and
started scaring people.

Where is he?

We're running
out of time here.

In here.

Mr. Saunders?

It's Officer Fletcher.

It's Sharon.


My God.

It... It's Geiger.

Isn't it?

No, I don't think so.
Not yet, anyway.

Who's Geiger?

He's not bringing these
people here by accident.

He needed more lab rats.

That man that
went into the barrier,

that was not
Geiger's alternate.

No, he's trying to merge
himself with these people.

The same way he combined
Quinn and Mallory.

And these people are
all his failed experiments.

Who's Geiger?

He's the resident devil in
this little corner of hell.

And we made a deal with him.

I'm getting two distinct
quantum frequencies.

It's working.

Something's happening.

I'm getting a third
quantum signal.

It's overriding the other two.

Doctor Geiger?

What the hell is
going on out here?

Out of the way.
Now look,
I'm a professional. Okay?

But I have taken all I'm
gonna take from you people.

You know the way out of
here and we want to
know what it is. Now!

Sorry you feel that way, Stu.

I know your moves now, baby.

Everybody be cool.

Doctor Geiger!

What's going on?

I'm shutting down.

No! It's working.

Diana, shut it down. Now!

He's not trying to
separate Mallory,

he's trying to merge with him.


So close.

Why did you do this?

It was the only way.

I couldn't remake
the world for myself,

so I decided to remake
myself for the world.

What happened?

It almost got even more
crowded in that head
of yours, fog boy.

I felt it.

Someone else's thoughts.

It was you.

I had to find someone whose
quantum frequency wouldn't
reject the second pattern.

None of the
others worked.

So we saw.

Mallory was the only one.

That's why I hired
him at the lab

in the first place.

So I was always just
an experiment to you?

You were more than
an experiment.

You were my last hope.

I can only hold this region
of spacetime stable
for a short period.

The power expenditure
is too great.

Then what?

You go floating off
to another dimension,

leaving these people here
to be crushed into nothing
along with their world?

No, not this time.

I'm too tired.

When this world ends,

I end with it.

How long until then?

Not long. At this rate,
10 minutes tops.

Oh, it's gonna be real close.

You said you could separate
Quinn from Mallory.

Now was that just another lie?

No. It can be done.

What about Colin?

I'm sorry.

What do you mean
you're sorry?

He's beyond my reach.

He may have been
destroyed in the
initial encounter.

I don't know.

He may be out there somewhere,

on some other world.

You may find him someday.

But I can't help you.

You son of a bitch.

We're running out of time.

If you can really
do this, let's do it.

You keep a real close
eye on him.

If you try and merge
with me again I'll
make your life miserable.

You got me?

You okay?

I'm not exactly having
a cavity filled here.

What do you think?

Three minutes.

Hey, whose side are you
on anyway, lady, huh?

You know they could be
leaving without us.

Don't worry. Nobody's gonna
check out of here without
you knowing about it.

Adjusting vibrational


I'm getting two
distinct frequencies.

Come on, Q-Ball.

I can't get phase lock.

No, they've been
merged too long.

Their patterns have
bonded together.

You can't separate them?

They're like conjoined
twins sharing a heart.

I can bring your Quinn back,

but it'll take too much
away from Mallory.

He won't survive it.

Q-Ball wouldn't want that.

Shut it down.

Hey, look, they've been
up there long enough.

What the hell do you know?
You're a bellhop.

Did it work?

Do you see anybody else here?

How much time?
One minute.

Wait a minute. We're not just
gonna leave those people
downstairs to die, are we?

Go. They won't die.

Why is that?

I didn't just create
this place out of nothing.

I stole it.

Carved it out of
another universe.

And the people along with it.

I can just send them back.

Open up, damn it!

Trust me.

I can't.

I'll make it easy on you then.

You don't have any choice.

Good luck, Diana.

Goodbye, Doctor Geiger.

You're not leaving without us!


Doctor Geiger!

I am sorry.

I believe you.

What's this?


How do I send
these people home?

Where is she?

She was right behind us.

Everything okay?

Yeah. Everybody's back
where they belong.

And Geiger?

He's gone.

For good this time.

Can I have the P.D.L.?

What's that?

I don't know.

Oh, my God!

What is it?

The way home.