Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 16 - Sliders - full transcript

The Sliders arrive in the middle of an archaeological dig. They discover they are in their old home town, however everything seems to have happened hundreds of years before. Then they find a fossilized timer.

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MAGGIE: I know
it's not fair,

but I personally
blame Mallory for this.

MALLORY: What did I do now?

MAGGIE: Ever since you
joined us, we've vortexed
into toxic world,

and Kromagg world,

and a couple of
war worlds,

and a world
of corporate giants.


Those guys were big.

MAGGIE: And now this.

(SIGHS) You know,
the ecosystem
of Southern California

is actually a desert.

It accounts for the
temperature extremes
between night and day.

You know, I once read

that every tree
in the San Fernando
valley is imported.

And now, for our final game
of double jeopardy where the
questions are even tougher...

Oh, man!

Well, if it had
to be a desert,

why not a desert resort?
Golf course, swimming pool,

drinks inside of coconuts,
hot and cold running maids.


I get the feeling
somebody's watching us.

From what?
A satellite?

I thought I saw somebody
up on the top of
that hillside there.

That ridge,
a few moments ago.

How much longer
have we got here?
Three days.


Well if we don't
find water soon,

we won't
make it one day.


Hey, there's a camp
down there. Look.


Hey, can you help us?


Thank you. Thank you.
You saved our lives.

What are you people doing
out here without water?

It's this bozo's fault.

I told you we needed
more water when
we left the hotel.

Well, who said this was
just a short hike
and we didn't need a map?

We were out exploring,
and then suddenly
we were lost.

This is a very
dangerous place
to be taking a hike.

Well, uh, we don't
have a caravan

moving out of the zone
for at least another week.

You're welcome to
stay here if you're
prepared to work.

What kind of work?
I'm Jack Bigelow.

Forensic paleontologist.
I'm from the university
of Yukon.

This is my dig.

And we can always use
a few more volunteers.

Well, I'm Rembrandt Brown,
this is Maggie,
Mallory and Diana.

I'm afraid we
don't know much
about paleontology.

You know how
to use a shovel?

Well, I've dug
my share of ditches.

Well I haven't.
Uh, I'm a physicist
by trade.

Doctor Diana Davis.

Ah, well, then I'm sure you're
going to be very interested
in our research, Doctor.

We've uncovered
what we think
is an ancient

but, apparently,
a very advanced

You care to
have a look?

Why not?
Huh? All right,
this way.

This is Gwen Palmer.

One of my best students,
sort of a head wrangler
on this dig.

I don't think
the natives are
all that friendly.

Who are they mad at?
Us or the diggers?

Funding on a project
like this is always tough,

the locals cost a fortune,

and you can't get
volunteers to work
in the badlands.

Ah. I like it already.
Must be 20 degrees
cooler in here.

We think this was
some kind of communal
gathering place,

perhaps even some kind
of religious shrine,
a meeting place.

Is this what
I think it is?

Yeah, I think so.

The Chandler Hotel.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


Think we should
tell the professor
the only religion

practiced around here
involved a lot
of scotch and soda?

I don't know
if he's ready
for that.

I guess something really
radical must have happened
to the climate on this world.

Yeah, like the poles
swapping places.

North went south,
so to speak.

Can they do that?
Well, they've done it.
Several times.

And that can cause
oceans and deserts to
be in different places?

More like some kind
of axial shifting.

That was my thinking.

So, Doctor Bigelow
is certain

that this is not just part
of an isolated building.

He thinks we may be
on the periphery
of a vast city

that was here
before the cataclysm.

Interesting theory.
Careful, don't break it.

What is it?


I think it's some kind
of ceremonial goblet.

Probably used in rituals
conducted in this very room.

Probably late renaissance.

Good work.
Bag it, make an entry.

Late renaissance.
You mean 16th century?

Be my guess. They weren't
making those glass handles

until after 1590 when the big
glass plants went into
production in West Virginia.

Somehow the technology
on this world is
a lot like our own.

But it happened
400 years ago.

Okay, guys, why don't you
come with me and we'll
find you some equipment

and uh, show
you where to dig.

Great. Dig.

Guys, can I ask
you something?

Uh, you said
you left the hotel
to go for a hike.

MAGGIE: That's right.

Well, the nearest hotel
is in Seattle and that's
about four days away.

Maggie, I guess you ought
to tell her the truth.

Well, um...
We're on
a secret mission.

A government project.
Very classified.

We weren't sure if we
could trust you when
we first got here.

But now we think
you're okay.

Yeah we're from,
um, Mexico.

You eat well,
I'll give you that.

Doctor Bigelow
insists on that.

These digs are hard
enough as it is.

Especially out here
in the badlands.

What is with that guy?
He's staring at me
off and on all day.

Maybe he's a fan.


The packers are natives
from the fringe area
of the badlands.

It's about the only
part of the zone
that's habitable.

Doctor Bigelow doesn't
really trust them, he says
they just want money.

They seem okay
to me, though.

Oh, look,
they're back.

And I think they've
found something.
Excuse me.


I thought you
said you were
a ditch digger.

I didn't
use a spoon.

Well, an archeological dig
is a very fragile place.
You can't use a shovel.

Well, (SIGHS)

from what I was able
to gather in bits
and pieces over the day,

it's just like
you said,

the temperate
zones on this world

are up in Canada
and down in South America.

Pretty much everything
that's south of Montana
is a desert like this one.

Apparently something
they call the cataclysm

caused some kind of
ecological disaster.

The technology on this world
developed several hundred
years before ours.

in fact.

And how exactly the
Chandler Hotel got
caught in this time warp,

I haven't
figured out yet.

Yeah, Gwen told me
that they weren't just
looking for artifacts.

They think they're gonna
learn something about
the technology of the culture

that was here before
the cataclysm.

So this is low-tech world.
It is now.

Well, that explains
the mules.

Mr. Brown, Doctor.
Here, come have
a look at this.

We've been having a little
discussion about what this
might have been.

I believe it's made of iron,
and the base appears to
be concrete.

Which leads me to
believe that it's
meant to be upright.

And it has a slot under the
window. Now, Gwen believes
it's for coins of some kind.

But did they go in
or do they come out
of the slot?

Well, it says right here
"limit two hours."

DR. BIGELOW: Curious.
Now would "limit"
be a noun or a verb?

And... And why only two hours?
I mean, what would happen
once that time ran out?

Uh, I'm only guessing here,
but I think when you
insert a coin

you buy a certain
amount of time.

Uh, that's what
the other numbers
in the window indicate.

Buy time?
To what end?

Oh, maybe it's some kind
of a bond that you have
to post to do something.

Like shop?

Okay. What are
we gonna call it?

How about "Meter"?

No, I...
It's too inexact.

I mean, that could
really mean anything.

Until I can take it apart
and examine the mechanism,

let's call it the
"Coin Operated
Time Dispenser."

And again, I would say
it is late renaissance.

Or late Rodeo Drive.

She's a real kidder.

GWEN: All they would tell me

was that they were from
some secret government
program in Mexico.

The authorities there
are well aware of what
I'm doing out here.

I have all the
necessary permits.

I think these people
are from somewhere else.

But what do they
want with us?

And how did they
get all the way
out here on foot?

No mule train.

I don't know.

But as long as they
don't cause any trouble,

they're just four
extra sets of hands
for my dig.

And if we get through
the north wall of the temple
tomorrow we'll need them.

You know, I saw the
tall one talking to one
of the packers tonight.

What on Earth about?
I couldn't hear.

But, I think it
might have been
some kind of joke.

He told a joke to a packer?

That's very strange.

Stay close to them tomorrow.
If you overhear anything,
let me know.

This is starting
not to be fun anymore.

As opposed to when it was?

MALLORY: It's silly
to do all this work.

We already know
where we are and
what this stuff is.

Why don't we
just tell them?

Ah, look, they're
already suspicious of us.

You don't think they
bought the government
project story, do you?

We just keep our heads down
for one more day and
we can slide out of here.

MAGGIE: Hey, guys,
look at this.

What is it?

Looks like a timer.
Not a timer.
Our timer.

What does that mean?

That we were here before.

Or somebody a lot like us.

it sure looks like our timer.

DIANA: Well,
I won't be able to tell
until I can take it apart

and I can't do that here.

So, are you suggesting
that our duplicates on
this world are sliders?

Were sliders.

And if I'm right about
the parallel development

of this world being
temporally off-set,

then our duplicates
were here...

Four hundred years ago.

I just had a warm
and fuzzy thought.

It would take something
pretty cataclysmic

for us to just
leave our timer
lying in the dust.

What if our duplicates
died here?

Well, it's
certainly possible.

Or more to the point,
what's gonna happen
this go-round?

DR. BIGELOW: We're through!

I think it's the tomb.

I think you
should go first.

There were legends
that the Tolucans
who lived here

had a great hoard
of gold treasure

and the Spanish
were after it,

but they never found it.

My theory is they
were buried with it.


My theory is we
should close this up
and go far away.

We have encountered
some of these
booby traps before.

Very primitive.

Professor, what is it?


DIANA: Looks like some kind
of suspended animation.

Maybe frozen.

Are you familiar
with this technology?

I've read about it
but I've never seen
anything like this before.

This is a technology that was
lost in the cataclysm.

There are hints in the
Saga of the Tolucans
about a frozen deity,

but it was always
considered mythical.

This is no myth.

MALLORY: That guy's
over 400 years old?

And someone very special
to have been
so carefully preserved.

I think, we may be
in the presence of royalty.


MAGGIE: Now, aren't you
jumping to conclusions?

This is probably just
some rich guy who

wanted to be thawed out
after they found a cure
to whatever killed him.

You and your friends
stumble out of the badlands

with some flimsy story
about getting lost.

You push a wheelbarrow
around for an afternoon

and now you're an
authority on archeology.

She doesn't mean
to crowd you.

It's just that you might
be over-reacting
to some of this stuff.

Like the parking meter.

Parking meter?

So have you
seen one before?

my friends and I were

discussing the artifact
last night,

and I remembered
reading an article about

a time in Canada when real
estate, even small pieces,

used for horses or wagons,
were taxed by the state.

And the taxes
were enforced by
uniformed thugs

who would cite you if you
stayed even a minute longer
than the contracted time.


Whoever he was,
this is the most important
find of the dig so far.

I need to make a thorough
examination of the body.

You mean an autopsy?

First, the body has to be
brought out of suspension.

We can perform a topical
examination at the time,

followed by a dissection.

You're qualified
to do that?

Well he's a forensic

Look you just can't
start carving on somebody.

I mean, don't you
need permission?

From whom?
The government,

his family, somebody.
Doesn't he
have any rights?

He has been dead
for a very long time.

Did the people who found
the mummies in Egypt need
permission to open them up?

Look, I don't know,
Professor, but I'm sure
they removed the body

into a fully equipped lab
supervised by the government.

Don't you want to keep
him preserved until
you can do the same?

The nearest lab
is 600 miles away

and even if we had
something large enough
to transport it,

how would we
keep the system going?

Wait a minute.

You don't know
what kind of technology
was involved here.

What if he isn't dead?
Dissecting him
could be murder.

Let me remind you,

you are here
at my pleasure.

This is my dig

I make the decisions here.

Pardon me, sir.

Forgive me
for disturbing
your eminence.

My name is Escobar.

I'm Rembrandt.

And I'm not
"your eminence."
I'm just a guy like you.

The elders said that
you would say that.

Fine. So what's
on your mind?

These lands are the
domain of the spirits

of those caught
in a great storm
a long time ago.

We call it the cataclysm.

So I've heard.

Professor Bigelow
and his people,

they're making these
spirits very angry.

Yeah, well,
he's not making me
very happy either.

There have been others
who came seeking treasure.

No one ever found anything.

And many didn't live
to return home.

Bigelow mentioned
something about
a lost tribe

that lives here somewhere.

Now could these be the
descendants of the people
who built all of this?

The people who once
lived here before
the cataclysm?

If Professor Bigelow
destroys the guardian,

he will be destroyed.

You are the only one
who can stop him.

By morning it should
be thawed enough
to begin my examination.

take your people
to the surface.

I don't want anyone
down here while this
body is being examined.

Shall we have dinner
and discuss the day's
great find?

"By morning it should
be thawed enough."

He's talking like
it's nothing but a
Thanksgiving turkey.

Well, this is a pretty
big find for him.

Whatever. It just
doesn't seem right.

You know,
one of those packers
mentioned that

there's going to be some
serious trouble if Bigelow
cuts this body open.

I don't know about
you but,

I wouldn't want my

dug up and shown
as a museum exhibit.

Well would you have
rather have left the
mummies in the tomb?

What if we're next?

What if our duplicates
are somewhere frozen
in another chamber?

You want to watch
Bigelow carve them up too?

Look, we don't know
what happened to
our duplicates, okay?

And maybe we never will.

Well, if something
were to happen,

I would only hope
that a courageous group

of sliders would come
along and save us.

Look, these people
took us in, they
gave us food and water.

Where would we
be right now
if they hadn't?

I think we ought
to let them
mind their business

and we mind our own.

We lay low and slide out
when the time comes.

This isn't our world.

Well, that packer
also said that
the professor was

disturbing the
spirits that live
here in the chamber.

Do you believe that?

Doesn't matter if I do.

Only matters
that they do.
Come on.

Mr. Brown
and friends,
I, uh...

I want to apologize for my
behavior earlier today.

In the excitement
of the discovery,

I'm afraid, I was
a very poor host.

So, you'll
the autopsy?

Oh, no, no, no, no.

I have respect for your
concerns for propriety,

but I'm afraid,
in this instance,
the, uh,

circumstances, that, uh,

the scientific interest
must, uh, prevail.

But I assure you that
all formal diagnostic, uh,
protocols will be observed.

Well, I'm sure
the family will
appreciate that.

So, you've, uh, seen
our work up close for the
last couple of days.

What about your work?

What do you mean?

Well, you told me that

you were part of a
secret government project.

The professor and I
would just like to know

a little bit more
about that.

Well, uh,
like we said,
it's secret.

that really won't do,
Mr. Mallory.

Uh, four strangers come
out of the desert,

hundreds of miles
from any speck of
civilization, saying that

they've been lost on a hike.

And then claiming to be part

of some secret
government project.

From Mexico, yet.

Who are you really?
What are you doing here?

Well, I suppose
we owe you that.

Be careful.

We are part of an
advanced experiment

in trans-dimensional
quantum travel.

Beg your pardon?

Our movements
are enabled by a
particle accelerator

that allows us to
travel from one
dimension to another

via wormholes.

We are in this dimension
for a short time
and then we move on.

You're telling me that you
came out of nowhere?

Well, from your point of view,
I'm sure it seems like that.

But we did come from
somewhere, another world
in the multiverse.

And soon we'll be moving
on to the next one.

Well, I find this, uh,
explanation even less
credible than your first one.

Well, you asked for it.

It would have been
better if we just
left it a secret.

Well, tomorrow is going
to be a very busy day and

I don't have time
for your fantasies now

any more than I have
time for the fantasies
of the workers

who think that I have
somehow interfered with
the spirits here.


Well, you're a busy man.

So you can stay the night,
but tomorrow you're leaving.

And whether you go
to another world,
or back into the desert,

I frankly don't care.

I will be spending
the night in the chamber
guarding the body.

From what?
From anyone who doesn't
agree with my agenda.

Uh, I think I'll, uh...
I'll join him. Excuse me.


Excuse us.

Why'd you have to go
and tell him that?

Well he wasn't gonna believe
anything we said anyway.

It's easier to tell the truth
than make up some big lie.

we're leaving tomorrow,

let him wonder about it
for the rest of his life.

Well, I was hoping to
check out a few more
of those burial chambers.

MALLORY: Rembrandt,
you're obsessing.

I have it on the
highest authority

you'll meet your demise
at the hands of a hundred

out of control
Crying Man fans.

It's a horrible
way to go

but we all gotta
go sometime.

Right on. Right on.


(STAMMERING) You know,
the packer said, um,

uh, something about
spirits around here.



You think?






MAN: The packers are gone.

Hey! Hey!

What's going on?

All the packers
have left and they've
taken the mules.


What's that?

MAN: Look what they left?

They left us a little
food and water.

Very little.

We've gotta tell
the professor.


(GROANS) What happened?

you want me to start?

The workers left
and they took
the transportation.

MALLORY: There's more.

Your big experiment
is gone.

You did this.

You took it,
didn't you?

Wait a minute.
Take it easy,

I didn't take it.

I don't disagree
with whoever did,

but it wasn't me.

we have a lot more to
worry about right now.

They left us
with very little
food and water.

We've got to
go after them.
Your workers did not take him.

Yeah, they were afraid
of him last night.

Well, they got
unafraid. Who else
would have done this?

Well, maybe the
spirits of the Tolucans
came and got him.

Don't be ridiculous.

DIANA: Hey, I found him!

He's in the container.

Thank god, thank god.
But who?

Why ask? Just be happy.

I think it'd be a good idea

if you forget about
your plans for him,
and just leave him there.

Just let the poor guy
freeze in peace.

Are you insane?
I almost lost
the opportunity,

but now I've got it back.

Well, have you given
any thought to how
he might have gotten here?

It's like finding a turtle
on top of a fence post.

You know he had help
getting up there.

How do we know he isn't alive
and he didn't get
back in there all by himself?

Well, there were talk about
spirits and those howls.

Look, I don't care
how it happened.

I've got him back.
You should care about it.

Somebody, maybe the packers,
obviously wants him
back in there.

Yeah, bad enough to
put a lump on your head.

Yeah. Why not just leave
well enough alone before
somebody gets hurt,

or even worse?

Maybe they're right,

You too?

Look, whatever happened
last night was not what
I bargained for on this trip.

Frightens me.
Go up and get the
rest of the students.

If I have to continue
alone I will.

What if we don't let you?

I think you should.

Well, this is crazy.
You're willing to shoot
people over an experiment?

This is the greatest
discovery of the century.

I am not going to just
walk away from this.

Believe him. Look,
this has happened before.
People have died.

Remember Egypt?
And remember
what my mentor,

Doctor Geiger,
was prepared to do.

Gwen, go bring
the rest of them.

I am going to go ahead
with this project.

And to make sure
that you don't
interfere with us,

I think all four of you
should remain in here
while we continue our work.

Hold on.

You're just gonna leave us
here without food or water?

You will be no worse off than
you were before you found us.

Go. Bring them.

GWEN: Hey, everyone!


(GRUNTS) It's useless.

Bigelow must have put
something really heavy
over the entrance.

Well, this thing
is useless now,
of course,

but I'm convinced
it is our timer.

I just want to keep
from being shot by
that guy until we slide.

How much time?

Fourteen hours.
Man, I hope this thing
doesn't cave in.

MAGGIE: Guys, I found
something over here.

Hope it's not another
parking meter. Forget it.

This isn't part of our hotel.

Must be one of the
buildings next door.

Well, they had some pretty
advanced technology.

On my world
this didn't work.

You couldn't re-animate
tissue once it was dead.

Hey, is there
a number on that tube?

MALLORY: Uh, yeah.

It's HAF-99435
MAGGIE: 99435...

Here it is.
Let's see...

Well, our member of royalty
turns out to be a
Luther Bates McCorkin.

Aged 54,
congestive heart failure.

And there's a lot
of other charts
and notes and...

Well, that would
be a guide
to the doctors

once they
found a cure
for heart disease.

So what did he do?

Let's see.

He was an aluminum
siding salesman.
And a Shriner.

Well, that's sort of royalty.

It really makes me wonder
about all those things

that the scientists find
in the ground on my world,

and he jumped to these
wild conclusions about
what the people were like.

Yeah. Like the, uh,
parking meter.

Yeah, or the
ceremonial goblet.


You know, Remmy,
there's one thing
I love about you.

Here we are, trapped
with no food, no water,
there's a mad scientist

with a gun out there,
and you still find
something to laugh about.

Gotta hang in there
until we slide, right?

Without water?

I don't know,
I think fog boy's right.

I think there might be
another way outta here.



Ah! Hey, guys,
help me with this.

Might be a way out.

Or a way into
something worse.

It's not like
we have many choices.


Hey, I think we made it.


Now, we just have to
get back to the camp
and find that water supply.

Uh... Guys...


We mean you no harm.

Maybe they don't
speak English.

He is The Voice.

ALL: He is The Voice.

We're with him.

When I first saw
you in the camp,
I couldn't believe my eyes.

Your story has come down
through generations.

Some believed you
were coming back.
Some didn't.

Then, when the
professor broke through
into the burial chamber

and desecrated the tomb of the
guardian it became clear that
you had been sent back to us

to help us restore it
and preserve the sanctity
of the shrine.

Look, there's been
some kind of

I told you before,
I'm just a guy like you.

You are The Voice
the one who sang
of the old time,

the harbinger of the
new times, the return
of the land to health.

Pretty good billing.
If I were you,
I'd go for it.

My friends
and I are lost.

The professor and his
people, they took us in

and in return we helped
them with their work,

until we found out
what that work really was.

When we tried to stop him,

he locked us in this,
what you call
this burial chamber.

The violation of the tomb
of the guardian is only the
beginning for the professor.

I know he intends
to go on to the
chamber of the shrine.

This must not be
allowed to happen.

You will lead us.

Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute now.

I don't have intend to
lead anybody anywhere.

You've got the wrong guy.

Do I?

Feed them,
give them water...

Then The Voice will
lead us into the chamber

to defeat
the desecrators.

Well, obviously your
alternate was once
a big man in this town.

Four hundred years ago?

How can that be?

Well, on the Earth
that I know,

it has sustained
some form of life for
maybe 4 billion years.

Humans have been there
for maybe the last 50,000.

Over the course of time,
any variation in
the rotation of the Earth

would account for hundreds
of years of slippage in time,
one way or the other.

So, even though we don't
travel through time

this Earth may have?

Yeah. And over eons,
400 years is barely a hiccup,

and it could account
for the different
technological development.

I been thinking
about that timer.

Maybe we were
all here before.
I mean, our alternates.

Well, it's possible,
we may have been,
but obviously Remmy

was the star of the show.

Yeah. They didn't care
too much about us.

How much time
before the slide?

Uh, still more
than three hours.


Okay, well, look,

I don't want
to be The Voice
for these people.

I don't want to lead some
kind of attack on Bigelow
and those students.

But I gotta tell you,
I don't know how
to get out of it.

I think you should do it.

These people actually
worship you.

They'll listen to
anything you say.

So, you take them
down to the hotel

and you tell Bigelow

that you'll turn them
loose on him unless
he stops the dig.

He's got a gun.

We've obviously been
in situations
like this before,

Remmy, I don't think you
have any other choice.

It's just
as I thought.

The professor has
found the chamber
of the guardians.

We must hurry.

These people have asked
me to be their voice.

Now I'm here to warn you
not to enter the chamber

and to return the
guardian back to his tomb.

The guardian?

What have these people
been telling you?

REMBRANDT: This place
is holy to them.

They tell me that
they are normally
a peaceable people,

but if you continue
with this dig,

your life, and the
life of your people,
are in danger.

These people
are superstitious

Doctor Davis,

where would we be
if we let people like this
stop the course of science?

If I were you
I'd think about this.

Right now, Remmy
can have these people
do anything he wants

and at the moment
he doesn't want
to hurt you,

but that could change.



Is it permitted?

Anything is permitted
to The Voice.

You guys want to
see what all this
trouble was for?

There wouldn't be
any, uh...

It's safe.

Onslaught Records.

That sounds right.


This is like the
Hard Rock Cafe, literally.


Was this
your ride?

His alternate's ride.

Come on, guys,

let's let the man
have a few moments
alone with an old friend.

You know I'll be back.
Next time with
a bigger expedition.

You can't
stop science.

Well, something
on this world did once.

These people
will still be here.

And we will too.

Or people
just like us.

All right,
let's go.


Could use a tune-up,
and a good detail job,

but otherwise...

I guess you really
have to run it more often
than once every 400 years.

It's time to go,

We really gonna
do it here?
In front of them?

Why not?

It might make their faith
in The Voice even stronger.

Well, everybody needs
something to believe in.