Sliders (1995–2000): Season 4, Episode 11 - Sliders - full transcript

The Sliders arrive on a world where World War II never took place and fascists rule California and are making headway into the rest of the United States. Rembrandt is abducted.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Look at the mess you made.

Were you born in a barn?



Isn't that just like
you migrants?

Always stinking up our country.

Here. Take it. Please.

I've got a family.

Really? Well,
that changes things.


We'll have to visit them next.

You bastard!


Somebody, help me!

What's wrong with you people?

Everybody okay?

How long do we have here?

36 hours.

That's a piece of cake.

Place seems friendly enough.

I could sure use a good meal.

How are we fixed for cash,

A little light.

Yeah, well,
we've been there before.

Let's check out the
local music scene.

Maybe I can pick up a quick gig.

Not a single R&B club listed.

Well, we've been to a lot of worlds
where people had no taste in music.

MAN: Hey, migrant!

Hey! Migrant! You're
coming with us.


Hey, Rembrandt!

Somebody call the cops!



Hey, what the...

Get in! You can't drive.

Just like my steam-powered
buggy back home.

COLIN: Hold on! QUINN: Go.

MAGGIE: That way!


What are you doing?

All right, guys,

I think you got the wrong man,
so why don't you just pull over?

We'll call this an
honest mistake.

We got the right man, all right.



COLIN: Get out of the way. Yo!

you better move your truck!

Hey, sanitation! Get a move on!

QUINN: What if you found a
portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything
else is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


This is weird.

Don't touch it!

It's warm.

Is it human? I don't know.

Hey, man, can you understand me?

Maybe some kind of
genetically-engineered worker.

I don't know.

Well, whatever it is,
we have to think about it later.


They're long gone by now.

we have to get back to the Chandler,

because if he gets loose,
he'll expect us to be there.

We've got to keep searching.

We're not gonna get very
far in a stolen delivery truck.

We can't just leave him.

All right.

We are not gonna be
much help to Remmy

if we get busted
for grand theft auto.

Right. Don't worry.

We're not going
anywhere without Remmy.

Let's get out of here.

Nice talking to you.

You boys have had a busy week.

Welcome to the condos.

Who the devil are you people?

Shut up!

Easy, Ralph.

If you bruise him,
you don't get your bounty.

All right. You know the drill.

Fill in the yellow areas,
and they pay you at the gate.

Now, you look,

I haven't done anything!

Well, that's part of the problem,
isn't it?

Don't you worry, migrant.

We're gonna make
you very productive.

Make our guest comfortable.


HAROLD: Welcome to the condos,

I'm getting tired
of hearing that.

And I don't like
being called boy.

No insult intended, son.

Anybody south of 50
seems like a kid to me.

I'm Harold.

I'm Rembrandt.

What is this place?

Where the hell you been?

Don't ask.


I'm too beat to
think of something.

And you would
never believe the truth.

You're part of Governor Schick's

economic recovery plan.

Economic recovery?

I was dragged off the
street by a bunch of thugs.

Economic recovery facilitators.

That's what we
like to call them.

They just call
themselves Stompers.


Yeah. That's what I'd call them.

Ever since Prop 286 passed,

they've been kicking
ass and taking names.

Prop 286?

You are out of it.

Racial repatriation act.

We just call it the round-up.

Schick's preserving American
jobs for American workers.

You mean white workers?

I'm not here because
of my great tan.

This Schick sounds
like a regular Hitler.

Who? Adolph Hitler.

World War Two?

I didn't see the film.

Real life's sci-fi
enough for me.

So what do they do with us now?

Deported, if we're lucky.

I'm an American citizen.


I was born in Pasadena.


Freaking great.


We'll check the Chandler. We'll
leave a message for Remmy.

And we'll plan our moves from there,

We should go to the police.

Not a good idea.

What kind of place is this?

I mean,
why would they take Rembrandt and not us?

You were lucky, Colin.

You were raised on a world
where race didn't make a difference.

that's the exception, not the rule.

America for Americans.

America for Americans.

Vote Schick for president.

America for Americans.

Vote Schick for president.

We're not from this
district. That's okay.

I can give you your purity
test and register you right here.

Just take a sec.

Ah, we vote absentee.


Pardon me.

It's okay. It's just an Eddie.

He doesn't feel anything.

Thank you.

Come hear Governor
Schick for yourself.

There's a big rally
tomorrow at city square.

America for Americans.

Welcome to the Chandler Hotel.

Hi. We're supposed to
meet a friend of ours here.

Could you tell us
if he checked in?

Certainly, sir. What's his name?


Rembrandt Brown.

Hmm. No one under that name.

Did he leave a message?

Maybe you've seen him.
He's about six feet tall.

Dark hair. Brown shirt.

He's a black man.

You're not from around here,
are you?

We're just passing through.

Then you better
just keep moving.

I'm sorry. It's just that...

Things have gotten worse around here
since Schick decided to run for President.

I hope you find your friend.

But when you do,
you better just get out of the state.

We plan to.

Thanks for the advice.

how are your Eddies working out?

Zero cost labor.

Without the Eddie program,
this hotel couldn't stay open.

It's great. The government
drops them off in the morning

and then picks them
up in the afternoon.

I don't have to
worry about a thing.

What about the people
whose jobs they've taken?

You think I like
letting my staff go?

But we're all trying to dig
out of the recession here.

Now, do you want a room or not?



What? Where have you been?

The linens on the second
floor need to be changed.

Well, have the Eddies do it.

That's what they're for.

Kirk, what's gotten into you?


You're just not
used to seeing it.

Hey, mama's boy.

Are you with us?

Or you doing migrant's work?

I don't want you
hanging out with them.

We're celebrating.

Ralph just made another
delivery to the condos today.

He wants me on
the next round-up!

You promised me you would
have nothing to do with that place.

Wake up, Mom!

We're already a part of it.

He's just in that
rebellious stage.

Yeah. Kids.


HAROLD: It's almost suppertime.

If they remember today.

gotta get out of here.

And go where?

Even if you could
get past the guards,

the Stompers'd pick you up again

as soon as you hit the streets.

I've got some friends on
the outside who can help us.

You just don't get it, do you?

You're not outside.

So what are you gonna do, huh?

Just gonna let them deport you?

Look. You're an American,
too, man.

No. This isn't my America.

Not anymore.

I'll just go where they send me

and try to start over.

Leave this country to
Schick and the rest of them.

They deserve it.


On your feet, migrants.

Numbers 1201 to 1220, let's go.

It's time to move
out. Deport time.

Come on!

No. They didn't
call your number.

Sit around here if you want to.

I'm busting a move.

You'll never make it.

Move it!


Leaving us so soon?


Now, I'm hurt, migrant.

But if you don't want to be here and
you're not happy, you don't have to stay.

Process him.



He don't look like
he's in any shape

to be shipped out, Mr. Beck.

Get back inside, Harold,

unless you want to join him.

No. I'm just saying that

I'm a man short
on my work detail.

We could use another hand.

You wouldn't want
to come up short

on this week's collection,
would you?

Hold up.

Take him.

Let's get these
migrants processed.

Move it!


Now, why didn't I think of that?

Take on a whole bunch
of guys with machine guns

with a piece of angle iron.

At least I didn't just
stand there and watch.

Who do you think you are, boy?

I've been in here a few
more years than you have.

Now, I didn't get this far
by acting like a damn fool.

just by burying your head in the sand.

You don't know anything.

Now, I marched at Selma.

I sat at the lunch counters,

I had the dogs turned on me,
the fire hoses, the tear gas.

Now, don't tell me about
sticking my head in the sand.

Well, excuse me, sir!

I didn't know that. Yeah, well,
there's a lot you don't know.

I'm all for standing up
for what you believe in,

but I'm not ready
to become a martyr.

I tried to do something once,

and I got the scars
to back me up.

See? Look at all
the good it did us.

So you just give up?

Look. Times change.

Politics change.

Now, we keep our heads down...

This'll all blow
over eventually.

You really believe that?

Can't you see
where this is headed?

They start out by deporting you,

then what?

You've seen how beat-up these
people are when they come in here.

What about the ones who
don't even make it this far?

The ones that are
left in dumpsters?

Left over in bean fields

with their heads cracked open?



Nothing blows over.

Let's get you cleaned up.

For spacious skies

For amber waves of grain

For purple
mountains' majesties

Above the fruited plain!

America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good
with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!

Yeah! Governor Schick!

Governor Schick!

America for Americans!


America for Americans!

Kirk here tells me that you guys
made another delivery today.

Very good work.

Little man's got a big mouth.

come on. You can't blame him.

He's proud of the work
you're doing. We all are.

Ralph's sent more migrants
to the condos than anyone else.

He even got a letter
from Governor Schick.

We don't want to bore this
man with our stories, Kirk.

I don't think
it's boring at all.

I hear they're running quite
an operation over at the condos.

I'd love to check
it out sometime.

So you're a real Schick supporter,

All the way to the White House.

Hey, you got your party card?

I wish.

I keep calling the
campaign office

and they tell me
it's in the mail.

Which office?

Uh-oh. Get ready.

Get ready for what?

Hey, Kirk, do you know this guy?

No. He's been hanging
around here all afternoon.

What are you? A.C.L.U.? No.

Huh? You a damn
reporter? No. I'm not.

What are you,
damn east coast liberal media?


Take it outside!

Come on. Hold him down!


Stop it! Stop!


Let's go!

Mom. I'm sorry. Mom.

easy. She's probably got a concussion.

Get away! This is your fault!

We have to get her to a doctor.

No. No doctors.

Would you leave her alone?

Look, man,
she has to go to the hospital.

He's right. Come on.


It's a fairly serious

We'll have to
monitor her closely.

But she's gonna be okay?

Yes. I think so.

Her M.R.I. looks good.

We're just waiting
on some blood work.

Oh, God.


Mom. Mom,
it's okay. You're in the hospital.

You took my blood?


it's all right! You didn't have any right.

Nobody's gonna hurt you.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.

You don't understand.

Oh, Kirk.

I am sorry.

I should have told you.

Told me what?

Mom? Mom?

this explains her agitation.

Call the R.P.s.

What's going on?

This is your
mother's blood work.

Standard DNA test revealed
some racial impurities.

Well, that's impossible.

We're required to
notify the racial police.

I'm going to have to
ask you to wait here.

There's been a mistake.

Run the test again.

There is no mistake.

She is not a migrant,
and neither am I!

Is your mother all right? Kirk.

Stay away from
me! What's going on?

They ran some kind of DNA
test on his mother's blood.

They say she's
not racially pure.

It's a lie!

Kirk. Kirk. We've gotta get out of here.

Then go.

You know, I'm not afraid.

I know who I am. I don't
care what their tests say.

How many people have you
rounded up who said the same thing?

"It's a lie. I'm not a migrant."

Did you listen to them then?

Will they listen to you now?

MAGGIE: Uh, Quinn?

Let's go.

Stop! Police! Halt!


Move over! I'm driving!

Maggie, go! Go!

What is this?

This is where we work.

R.P.s like busy hands.

You empty the pockets and put them into
the bin and dump the clothes over there.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Whose stuff is this?

You don't think they gonna
process you out of here with a C note

and a new suit of clothes,
do you?

They take these to
defray our "cost to society."


How could you do this?

It's the law. They took a vote.

Did you get to vote?


How could you do this?

You fought it before.

You just gonna stand by and
let Schick stir up a bunch of

angry punks with
this racist bull?

So what choice do I have?

What choice did you have when they
turned the fire hoses on you in Selma?

You chose to stand
there and take it!


There are some
things that are so,

so evil,
you can't believe that a human being

is capable of doing them.

you just pretend that it isn't happening.


It is happening, Harold.

And it will continue to happen

until you open your eyes
and you do something about it.

This makes me sick.

BECK: Barracks.



Get her to processing
before she dies on us.

Barracks. Move it.

Barracks. Processing.

Processing. Barracks.

Back off!

BECK: Processing.
Barracks. Processing.

MAGGIE: Kirk. We need your help.

My help?

Thanks to you, the R.P.s are trying
to hunt me down like a mongrel.

So, gee, if there's anything
I can do for you, just ask.

What about your mother, huh?

You just gonna write
her off? Walk away?

She'll get what she deserves.

What she deserves?

What she deserves?

She saw the writing on the
wall and tried to protect you.

What does she deserve for that?

She lied to me.


She did.

But you've still got the same
blood you had in you this morning,

pure or not.

You're still the same person.


Come on. Let's get out of here.

Look. I used to ask
her about our family.

My father, my grandparents.

She said she never
kept any pictures of them.

Now I know why.


If you help us,

we can save your
mother and our friend.

QUINN: Where'd they take her,

To the condos?

Yeah. Probably.

Can you take us there?


What do you want?
Stay where you are.

You Beck?

Yeah. Who the hell are you?

Ralph sent me.

We picked up a
couple of A.C.L.U. spies.

They wanted to get
a look at the condos.

Ralph said Beck'd be
happy to give them a tour.


Where's Ralph? Why
didn't he come himself?

Busy night, you know.

A lot of migrants
on the streets.


Why don't you read
the Bill of Rights?

You can't get away with this.

Shut up in there!

He's got a mouth on him.

We'll be glad to
show them around.

Now, let's get these
card-carrying liberals to processing.

Come on!

America for Americans.

No. Please. Don't do this!

Please! It was all a mistake.

Come on. Get up! Don't
give them the satisfaction!

But I'm not a spy.
I'll do anything!

MAGGIE: Please!
I don't belong here.

It was a big mistake!

I'm not a spy! Really,
I'll do anything!


Hey, come on.

Sounds like our
ride just showed up.

What? My friends are here.

Let's move. Are you crazy?

They'll shoot us.

sooner or later I am leaving here.

Now, are you with me?

I don't! Please! No, I don't.


Hey, hey, hey,
bro. Hey. Hey. Hey, bro.

Stop! Enough! Come
on. You got him!

Come on!


Over here!

Only you guys make that
much noise during a rescue.

Rembrandt! You okay?

Yeah. I am now.

unlock the door. Down that way.

And keep it down.

I hope you have a plan
to get him out of there.

Oh, you know me.

Well, that's what I'm afraid of.


Maybe I should have sent out a
memo that you guys were coming.

Come on. Let's go.

We're here to find my mother.

She would have come in today.

She was injured. Her
head was bandaged.

Yeah. Yeah, I saw her.

Well, where is she?

I'll show you.

REMBRANDT: I know they
brought her here somewhere.

What is this place?

Processing center.

Supposed to be where they ship
the people off to another country.

This is a lab.

Come on,
people. Let's snap it up.

There she is!


Oh, my God!

They're not deporting
the migrants.

They're turning them into these.

Turning them into what?

MAGGIE: Eddies.

Synthetic workers.

Or at least we thought
they were synthetic.

Zero cost labor.

Hey, Vanessa.

Can you hear me?

Oh. I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Come on. We've gotta go.

Let's grab her.

MAGGIE: Come on.
Move it! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Come on! Come on!

QUINN: Open the gate.


Damn it. Stand back!

Come on!

I'll drive.

I'm out!

(GUN FIRING) Yeah! Me, too!


Ralph needs to pick his
friends more carefully.

Do people know what
you're doing out here?

When unemployment
drops to five percent,

will they even care?

HAROLD: Get out of here!

Go, boy!

Come on, Remmy!

Down here!




Hang on!

She was so beautiful.

Look what they did to my mother.

Well, whatever they did,
they didn't finish.

Maybe there's a way we
can reverse the process.

Our lives are over.

It's like she's been
branded by them now.

Kirk. We can take you to a
place where no one will know that.

You people just don't get it.

Schick is going to be president.

There's going to
be a big rally tonight.

He's going to take
over the country.

Maybe not.

Now, a good man died
getting her out of that camp.

I'm willing to bet there's a
lot of others out there like him

that are willing
to fight Schick.

You think those migrants
are gonna be able to stop him?

They're the reason why he's
so popular in the first place.

Look. There is only
one way to stop him.


Kirk, open up!

We just wanna talk to you.


There he goes. Kirk!

He's got a gun.


This guy's gonna
end up killing millions.

we should let Kirk assassinate him?

They always say if you could
go back in time and kill Hitler,

would you?

Well, would you?

This isn't an ethics exam.

We're talking
about the kid's life.

Schick will have a
professional security force.

They'll take Kirk down before
he gets within 50 feet of him.

50 feet is close enough.

I know.

I hate to sacrifice that kid.

I just hate to see
this world like this.

Look, the problem with madmen
is that there's always somebody

waiting in the wings
to take their place.

They never had their
Hitler on this world.

What if the only way they
can learn is by experience?

That's a pretty harsh lesson.

Maybe we can expose
the guy for who he really is.

Let the country
decide for themselves.

In one hour?

I said "maybe."

Here. Hold this.

Come on.

ANNOUNCER: Attention
Schick supporters!

The Governor would
like to thank you all

for attending this America
for Americans rally!


So, everybody,
just please be patient,

and I know he'll
be here any minute!

Hey, Ralph. Kirk.

We didn't think you
were gonna make it.

Well, wouldn't miss a chance
to see Governor Schick up close.

Yeah. Well, uh...

How's your mom doing?

Oh, she's fine.

It's just a bump on the head.

No problem.


Welcome back.

REMBRANDT: Excuse me, sir.

Could you get me up
front to see the Governor?

I'm dying to see him up close.

Colin and I'll go look for Kirk.

You watch yourself.

It's not a friendly
crowd out there.

MAN: Okay,
all you Schick supporters!

The Governor would like
to thank you for attending

his America for
Americans rally today.

I'm told he's on his way.
If you'll just be patient,

he'll be here any minute.


Two minutes to air.

What the hell is this? Take it easy,

There's been a little
change in program.


COLIN: Quinn! Quinn!


He's over there!

Kirk. Listen to me.

You're not gonna stop me!

Schick deserves to die.

But we can't act like him.

Shooting him will only make us
part of the disease he spreads.

Think about your mother.

How is it going to
help her if you do this?

Okay, Kirk?

Give me the gun.


Hey. I thought we got rid of you,

Schick! Schick! Schick!

America for Americans!

Schick! Schick! Schick!

Remmy. Five minutes!


Good afternoon,

my fellow Americans.

Schick! Schick! Schick!

Do it. Now.

I know that I'm not the man
that you expected to see tonight.

A migrant.

Who the hell?

Someone who you don't
consider to be a real American,

even though I was born
in this country just like you.

There's a woman that I
want all of America to see.

Another migrant.

MAN: What's going on?


Her name is Vanessa.

She was taken to one of
Governor Schick's relocation camps.

The camps that you
approved under Prop 286.

WOMAN: What?


In a few hours,
processing would've been complete.

Vanessa would have been part
of Schick's unpaid labor force.

Part of his plan for
economic recovery.

Cut him off! Now!

The Eddies are not synthetic.

They're human beings
like Vanessa was once.

People who have been
mutilated by Schick's butchers.

Schick must be stopped.

SCHICK: It's a lie.

A migrant lie!

That's what they're up to!
They're trying to fool you!

These people will
stop at nothing!

Don't let them do this!

Take it! Take it! Don't let
these people take it from you!

It's ours!

(BOOING) Ours!

How did I do? Very nice.

Now let's get out of here.

Cops are coming.

We now return to our
regularly scheduled program.


SCHICK: Don't pay any
attention to what they're saying!

Glad you could join
us. How much time?

30 seconds. Look,
we gotta take them with us!

Take us where? We don't
know where we'll end up.

anywhere's better than here.

It's time.



All right. I guess you
guys are coming with us.

That electrical disturbance
just shorted out Mr. Gross's bed.

Could you call maintenance for me
and find out what's going on, please?


Where are we?

A parallel Earth.

And we have less
than two minutes here.

Who are you people? And
what are you doing in this room?

We have a serious problem.

My God.

We need to know
if you can treat her,

and we kinda need to know now.


This is my mother.

You've gotta help her.

I don't know.

I've never seen
anything like this before.

But we do have the best plastic
surgery team in the country here.

I'm gonna need some information.

We don't have time to explain.

Look, you got a good life here?

What? You're a
professional. A doctor.

Do people treat you
right? Respect you?


This is a whole new world, Kirk.

A better place for you and
your mother to start over again.

You just have to
be brave. All right?

I'll try.

Let's go!


This may end up making
you a media sensation.

Use that forum wisely.