Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 23 - Sliders - full transcript

The sliders return to the world where the survivors from Maggie's world settle, only to find the land terrorized by dinosaurs. Colonel Rickman feeds off the settlers' DNA.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
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It's not--
it's not holding. No.

Ah! That's better.

All better now.

Oh, look out!

All right. We got a reading
on Rickman?

Yeah. He's still here.

Oh! Must be over 90 degrees,
and it's dark.

We're probably
in the San Fernando Valley.

Yeah, we should have fixed
that timer to drop us

next to a pool
in weather like this.

Help me! They're dead!
They're dead! Help me!
Please help me!


It's Rickman.

But this woman's dead,
not comatose.

He went out there,
right just now!

We just missed him.

When does
our window open?

Six minutes and change.

Good. Then he won't have
much of a head start
when we land there.

Something's wrong here.

He's never killed before,
and never more
than one at a time.

The DNA mismatches must be
taking their toll.

Like a junkie
shooting bad dope,
the high doesn't last.

The guy needs brain fluid
to stay alive.
He's not gonna be too choosy.

Excuse me!
People are dead here.

Doesn't that mean anything?

Look, it happened, it's real.
You're acting like
it doesn't even matter.

All that's important
is her revenge?


I want him to pay
for killing my husband.

What about your friend,
you forgetting about that?

You can shed a tear
for a couple of friends,

but in the meantime,
he'll be stackin' up
dead bodies

like a cord of wood
until we stop him.

What are you gonna do
when we catch him?

Hold her coat for her
while she murders him?

He's got our world's
coordinates in his timer.

We get that, we get home,

The price is too damn high.

Rickman has to be stopped.

We all know that.

Yeah, I just wish
Maggie wasn't

looking forward to it
like she is.

We've been here before.

We've gone backwards
through the inner dimension.

Is Rickman here?


The New World.

We're transporting
Rickman's people

to save 'em from the pulsars.

Well, it makes sense.
The man needs victims
with the same DNA as his.

He hand-picked
this whole colony.

It's one big smorgasbord.

We're not far
from the settlement.
I recognize those peaks.


Look at that.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide
into a thousand
different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


Oh, I can't wait
to see Malcolm,

he's probably grown
at least an inch.

I know he'll be glad
to see us.

Promised him
you'd be back.

I bet he'll be
expecting us.

We just saw dinosaurs,
and you're rattling on

as if nothing happened.

Been there, done that,
and we got the T-shirt.

You shoulda been with us
the first time
we ran into dinos.

It's not a lot you don't see
if you slide long enough.

So who's this Malcolm?

A kid who owes his life
to Remmy.

He got him on Rickman's list
to slide into the New World.

Well, by the looks
of this place,

he didn't do the kid
any favors.

Well, the good news is
we've only seen

The worst they can do is
trample you.

Someone wasn't quick enough.

Imagine the force involved
to do that.

How would you stop
one of those things?

Is there anything
she doesn't think of killing?


If you're spoiling
for a fight, sweetheart,
she's gonna give you one,

if that's what you want.

What I want is for things
to be back the way
they were before.

Yeah. Me, too.

But you gotta play the hand
that you've been dealt,
that's all we can do.

It's not Maggie's fault
the Professor's gone.

I know that.

Let's just give it
a rest, okay?

You know, you can be one pain
in the butt sometimes.

You takin' her side?

No sides, we're all
in this together.

Just that you and Maggie
at each other all the time,

it could be hurtful
to all of us.

Yeah. I hear ya, okay?
Tell her that.

Yeah, whatever.

What the devil happened here?
Used to be home
for over 100 people.

Look at this.

There was only one of 'em.

One was
more than enough.

Now, on our world plant-eaters
are not aggressive.

But here,
that could be different.

Hey, Q-Ball,
take a look at this.

Malcolm had to draw it.

Doesn't look anything
like the one
we passed by back there.

Look at the teeth
on that sucker.

Yeah, that's a T. Rex.

Natural born killer.

These are all unmarked
like the ones back there.

These settlers
would leave crosses,
markers, or something.

These graves are
only a couple of months old.

It's like a plague
ran through this place.

So why no settlers
among the dead?

Good shot.

Forgotten me already?

Col. Rickman?

I--I didn't recognize you.

Your face.
You're different.

Oh, very different,
I'm afraid.

These tracks are only
a couple of hours old.

Two sets.

Yeah, three,
includin' the dino.

He must be hunting 'em.

Didn't do him any good.

Maybe that's why
there aren't any
settler graves there.

The dinos eat 'em whole.

You hear that?



Hang on, sick buddy.

I'll have you
right out of there.

He almost got me.

The dinos are gone.

No, Col. Rickman.
He's here.

He's gone crazy.
He attacked me.

Just take it easy,
we're safe now.

Nobody's safe.

Capt. Beckett... gotta stop the Colonel.

That's why I'm here.

Now, what happened?
Where is everybody?

Scattered, just trying to
survive the dino.

It hunts us.

My--my camp,
it's--it's up there.

I'm going after Rickman.

No, not alone.

Here, you guys find the camp.
I'll stay with Maggie.

Here, take this.

We'll double back
and see you in the morning.

We have plenty of time
before we slide.

And if you don't make it back?

You know the drill.
Think about yourselves.

I will see you
in the morning.

Need some help here!


I'm all right, Gretchen.

I think his ribs are broken.

Lie him down here.

I know you.

The Sliders.
Where are the others?

Rickman killed
the Professor.

Quinn went after him
with Capt. Beckett.

But you left this world.

It's a long story.
We need to wrap his chest
and bandage these cuts.

Do you have any
medical supplies?


Malcolm! Malcolm.

Remmy! You came back!

I promised you
that I would.

Let me look at you.

When we saw that settlement
had been torn up, I thought...

Bet you thought
the T. Rex got me, huh?

Not me, man. I'm too fast.

I should've known
no overgrown lizard
could catch my man Malcolm.

I can't tell you
how many times
Malcolm's talked about him,

dreamed about him coming back.

Same goes for Remmy.

It killed him
to leave him behind.

Have you been
lookin' after him?

My own son, Tracy,
wasn't chosen for the slide
to this world.

I tried to stay behind,
but they forced me
through the hole.

Col. Rickman said
we're needed here.

I'm sorry.

I'm Wade.

Gretchen Chambliss.

You feel that?

It's getting stronger.

Let's head for those cliffs.

Hustle. Hustle.


We'll be safe up here.

I guess those
little front legs
aren't made for climbing.

That's what I call
a terrific genetic flaw.

That terminator just might
get to Rickman before we do.

That make you happy,

Only if I'm not there
in time to watch.

Don't give me
that choirboy look.

You want him
just as badly as I do.

You were after him
with a gun in your hand
the last time we were here.

I was out of control.

Now all I want is the timer.
It's our only chance
of getting home.

And there's more nobility
in that than in revenge.

I'm not judging you.

The hell you're not.

We both know
what we have to do.

I just wonder
if we have the stomach for it
when the time comes.

You like it, Remmy?

Delicious flavor.

I don't think I've ever
tasted chicken this good. Hmm.

It's not chicken.
More like gopher or weasel.

I trap 'em.

I'm so happy
I'm a vegetarian.

The small burrowing animals
and birds are all that's left.

The T. Rex has wiped out
everything else.

Look, uh,
we saw hundreds of graves.

Those deaths are
on our heads, I'm afraid.

The native population
had no immunities

to the bacteria
that we brought with us.

Common flu virus
went through 'em
like wildfire.

And they were
too superstitious
to let us inoculate them.

We saw bones
at the settlement.

We lost nearly 12 people
when the T. Rex attacked.

We were warned,
but no one
took the tales seriously.

What tales?

The natives worshiped
the dinos.

They made animal sacrifices
to them to keep them happy.

When the game ran short,
they came to us,

asked for some
of our livestock

for the Allosaurus
and the T. Rex.

And our stock
was too valuable

to give in to superstition.
So we refused.

I mean, we'd never seen
the T. Rexes.

We thought they were
just a myth

until they got
hungry enough and attacked.

No more catered lunch
means they have to hunt.
How many are there?

Most of them
have died from starvation.

We've gotten really good
at hiding,

and our camps are scattered
all over the mountains.

But there's at least one,
the biggest
and most aggressive.

He's stayed alive
by cannibalizing
the remains of the others.

Want some coffee, Remmy?

Gretchen makes it
out of tree bark
and fungus and stuff.

Tastes like the real stuff.

No, no. I think I'll pass.

I don't want it to, uh,
keep me awake.


Remember doin' that
when you were a kid?

Never with worms.

You better have a couple,
you need your protein.

Billions of fish
can't be wrong.


Come on,
it tastes like chicken.

You're really enjoying this.

What I'd really enjoy
is a fire. I'm freezing.

Well, we don't wanna
attract any dinos
that might be able to climb.

Yeah. Or put out
a welcome mat for Rickman.

You going to sleep?

No, just trying to stay warm.

Here, snuggle up.
We'll share our body heat.

What is that, Sliderese for
"what's your sign?"

Fine. Freeze.


Hello. Anybody home?

Move and we'll cut you
to pieces.

All right.
Easy does it, boys.

We mean you no harm.

I know you. You were
Rickman's right hand.

That's right,
but not anymore.

Things have changed
since we left the old world.

We're hunting the Colonel.

He's here
and you're all in danger.

The Colonel is a good man.
Once he left, we fell apart.

Why are you after him?


The Colonel's gone
totally over the edge.

He suffered
some kind of brain damage
in the Gulf War

and now he needs
live brain tissue
in order to stay alive.

He hand-picked
all the settlers
for the New World

because their DNA
matched his.

My God.

Nobody is safe
until we find him.

You're too late.

He killed
our sentry last night.

Had a puncture wound
right back here.

We're gonna need weapons,
and some help.

Listen, you didn't learn
to fish and trap

on that military base,
did you?

No, Bantu showed me.
We'd have starved by now
if it wasn't for him.

If it wasn't for you,
the way I see it.

Was Bantu
one of the native kids?

I taught him to draw,
he taught me this.

Grab that end.

What the devil is that?

Somebody help me!
- T. Rex.

He's close.

T. Rex is loose!

Did you know him?

He wasn't from our camp.

It was stupid to be
down in the flats alone.

Malcolm. Malcolm, hold up.


don't you think
that's a little cold?

That's the way it is.

On this world
you can't afford mistakes.

We're close.
I can feel his eyes
on us.

He knows
we're following him?

You can bet on it.

We should split up
so we can flank him.

Careful, Quinn.
You're starting
to think like me.

No, I want him alive.

Well, that's your choice.

But I'm not playing
by your rules.

You never have.

All right,
I'll stay on his track.

You two flank me.


Over here.
Capt. Beckett's down.

How did you know
it was him?

I tripped over
Andrews' body back there.

Rickman held the morph
long enough to sucker you.

So close, Maggie.
Another inch to the right

and you'd have won
our little game.

Well, at least
you kept Mallory
in the contest.

Let's end this
right now, Rickman.

Soon, my friends.

You should wait here.

Your friends are probably
on their way back.

They should have
been here by now.

How will you find 'em?
It's wild country out there.

Quinn and Maggie are
trackin' the Colonel.
We can track them.

She knows
what she's doing.

You don't, but I do.
I'll guide you.

Malcolm, I can't
let you do that.

you don't have a chance
of finding 'em without me.

I can take care
of myself.

All right, partner.

We'll bring him back.

This way.

I promise.

There's a cave up here.
I'll go in alone.

The hell you will.

It could be a trap.

Have we got
another choice?

As traps go,
it's a good one.




Damn! He just vortexed out.

We've gotta go
up there.

Just be prepared
for what you might see.

You hear that?

Somebody's tryin'
to dig us out.

Hey! Hey, we're in here!

Get back.

he's after something.

Q-Ball's tracks
lead right down there.

It's a feeding cave.
Bantu showed it to me once.

It's where they left animals
for the T. Rexes.

Quinn and Maggie are trapped
in the dino drive-up window.

I think they still
might be alive.

We're gonna have to get
old Rex away from there
if we wanna get 'em out.

If we make enough noise,
he'll chase us.

There's this escape pass
back down the trail.

They dug it to get away
after they made the feedings.

How far?

Once he starts after us,
we won't have much time.

Just stay with me,
I'll lead you to it.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Look, you go back there
and wait at the entrance.

We'll meet you there.

I don't want you
getting hurt.

Now, you do like I tell you.
All right?

All right.

Now, go ahead.

You ready?

Can't wait.

Let's go.

There's no way out.
The tunnel dead ends.

I'd love to empty my gun
in him, but it would
just tick him off.

You know, I'm one up on you
for saving your life
back there.

Now would be a good time
for you to even the score.

Believe you me,
I'd love to pay you back.

Q-Ball! Hey, it's me.

It's Wade and Remmy. Wade!

Wade? Remmy?


You're ugly!


Hey, your mama!


Now. Come on!
- Go, go, go, go!

Run, hurry.


Come on! Come on,
he's almost on you!

Jeez, that smells!

Remmy, do something.

Ooh, I thought dog breath
was bad.

Man, I'm glad
you guys made it.

Yeah, well, once Rex
loses interest and goes back
to the cave

we'll hook up
with Quinn and Maggie.
All right?

Follow me.

Let's go.

It just makes no sense to me.

Why would Rickman vortex out

when he needs
the DNA from the settlers
to stay alive?

Yeah, especially when you guys
were as good as dead.
You weren't a threat to him.

He plays by the same rules
we do.

He ran out of time
and he had to slide,

or else he would
have been stuck here
for 29 years.

Aren't enough people left here
to keep him goin' that long.

But he can come
back to this world,
just like we did.

He said he was
gonna harvest.

He's just waiting
for that window
to open again.

We got 22 hours
left before we slide.

If he comes back,
we'll deal with him.

In the meantime,
there's a T. Rex out there

that is a clear
and present danger
to these people.

Can't kill him.

Not with the weapons
we've got.

We've wasted
thousands of rounds
of ammunition.

What about explosives?

There's nothin' left.

We used all the dynamite
we brought with us
on the slide

to clear land to plant.

Maybe there's something
in the settlement
we can salvage

that'll get the job done.

I can't imagine what.

Yeah, but he can.

Come on.

We might be able to
rig this to make a trap,

like the snares
that Malcolm makes.

So we trap him. Then what?

Problem solved.
We weld his mouth shut.

Maggie can hold him still.

One's empty,
this one's almost full.

You hit it with a rifle,
it goes off like a bomb.

But we'll have to
get him really close
in order to do some damage.

Up close and personal.

With that cocky attitude,
you know he's got a plan.

Yep, and it's killer.

What'd I tell you
about that guy, huh?

Hey, where did you
get there, partner?

A couple of
gophers and weasels.

We won't have to hunt
for T. Rex.

Saw him less than
a mile down the canyon.

Once he gets a whiff
of these babies, look out!

Good job.
We're almost set here.

All right. Wade, Maggie,
I want you guys
to get started.

Malcolm, I want you
to head back to the camp.

But I wanna help.

Look, you've already
done your part,

trappin' us bait
to bring old T. Rex up here.

Gretchen needs you
at the camp.

You just don't
want me to get hurt.

Yeah, yeah, that too.

Go ahead. All right?

You sure
this is gonna work?


You guys deliver the T. Rex,
we will deliver the package.

All right.
Raise it up a couple inches.

Right here.

He's a great kid.

I wouldn't be surprised
if Remmy decides
to stay here with him.

He wants to get home,
just like Quinn and I do.

Well, home is where
someone loves you.

Has he got someone
more important to him
on your world?

His life, that's all.

Yeah, well,
news flash for you.
This is your life.

The only thing
that's left back
on your world is your past.

Come on, Rex!

Hey, come on! Over here!

He's got the scent.
Let's go!

We meet again,

You killed my father.

And I'll kill her.
And you.

Unless you do
exactly what I tell you.

Where are the Sliders?

He's coming!

All right,
once I shoot the bottle,
you guys start firing.


Don't take this
the wrong way, Mallory,
but your plan sucks.

And I'm still one up on you.
You've gotta save my life
to even the score.

I'd hate to go out
owing you one.

Well, then,
let's do something about it.

You get the bottle
close to him
and I'll take it from there.

He's gonna break through
any second.

The opening's
going to collapse!

Let's feed Rex
before we're on the menu.

All right, we only
get one chance at this.

On three.

Do not wait for us.

You guys start firing
once you get an open shot.

Fire lots of 'em.

1, 2...

Roar, sucker.
Open up!



Well, that makes us even.

Nice shooting.

Same here.

I think they're bonding.

Hey, we did it, Malcolm.
T. Rex is toast!

What is it, what happened?

Gretchen. Bit by a snake.
We gotta help her.

All right, all right,
calm down.
It's gonna be all right.

Show us the way.

This way.

This is pretty remote country.

What was she doing
way out here?

She was hunting.

she was hunting birds.

It's quite a hike
from camp.

We saw plenty of birds
flyin' there.

She likes it out here.

She likes bein' here
by herself.

You're lucky
you found her.

I thought you were headed
towards camp.

You think I'm lyin'?

She got bit by a snake.
We gotta help.

Look, Malcolm.

There's something
wrong here, partner.

Now, you can
tell me the truth.

What's goin' on?

It's just like I told it.

It's okay, I know
you wouldn't lie to me.

Col. Rickman.
He was there when I got back.

He's got Gretchen,
he said he'd kill her.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, Malcolm,
you did what you had to do.
We all understand that.

She'll be fine.
Believe it, all right?

Where is he now, Malcolm?

About half a mile
up there.

It's a box canyon.
There's no way out.

I'll split off.
I'll work my way around
and fall in behind him.

No. He trained you,
he'd be expecting that.

So what're we
supposed to do?

Just walk in there
like lambs
to the slaughter?

Malcolm, you told him
that we were

goin' in the cave
to kill the dino,

but you didn't know
that we got out alive

until you met us
on the trail.

So the Colonel can't be sure
that we didn't
all die back there.

Yeah, and I'd say
the odds were definitely
in T. Rex's favor.

It's a miracle
we got out alive.

Let's hope he believes
in miracles.

you're gonna have to do
a very scary thing.

You're gonna have to
go up there alone

and tell Rickman
that the dino got us.

No! He'll kill Gretchen.
He'll know I'm lying.

He could be watchin' us
right now.

If he were,
we'd all be dead right now.

It's the only way, Malcolm.
It's the only chance
that she has.

Now you can do it.
I know you can.

And if he believes me,
he might just kill us both
right there.

No, he'll wanna see
for himself.

He'll take you and Gretchen
with him back to the cave.

Malcolm, you're gonna have to
go up there,

look him in the eye,
tell him that we're all dead.

Can you do that?

I've got to, but I'm scared.

I feel like a coward.


Courage doesn't mean
that you're not afraid.

It just means that you act
even though you are, man.

That's bravery,
that's what heroes
are made of.

And you know
I'm proud of you,
right? Hmm?

All right. All right.
Let's go, then.

Where are the Sliders?

Dead. They never got out
of the cave.

The Rex got 'em.

You wouldn't lie to me,
would you, boy?

You see, if you lie to me,
I'll have to cut her.

They're dead,
they're all dead!
Let her alone! Let her alone!

Man, I'll kill you!

You're a brave little boy.

I could use a man
like you.

Now, let's just go
have a look in that cave,
shall we?

Hey. Hey, boy. Here.

Don't sulk,
have some water.

Go on,
you must want some.

What're you doing?

Sloppy, Maggie.
Very sloppy!

When you covered
your tracks,

you brushed out
all the other tracks here
as well, even the boy's!

Or--or did he fly here, eh?

And just touched down
over there
where the tracks begin?

I won't miss at this range!

Neither will I.

Well, that makes three of us.

You see, if I'm hit,
even with a clean head shot,

my trigger finger
will jerk,

and I'm afraid this--
this poor boy here,

this poor boy here
will have an exit wound
in his body

that you could
pitch a cat through.

Let the boy go.


I'm in charge here.

Now, I want you all
out in the open now!

Throw your rifle down,

I won't ask again!


Maggie won't give up her gun
because she's too good
a soldier.

But right now she's figuring
acceptable casualties.

You got a clear shot, Maggie?

Whenever you're ready.

The boy will die, Mallory.


But if I don't take you down,
he'll probably die anyway.

It's just a matter of time.

So I'm gonna call him
an acceptable casualty.

There is another way.

Give me the timer
and I'll go.

And then you can live here
happily in peace,

and I'll know
you won't be chasing me.

Now, that sounds
like a pretty good plan to me.

Don't do it, Quinn.

Your time's up.
I'm tired of this game.

Give me the bloody timer,
or I'll kill this boy!

Quinn, no!

All right. Easy now.


Excuse me.


I haven't seen Malcolm
this morning.

He left early this morning
to go check his trap lines.

I think he's afraid
to say goodbye to you again.

I know the feeling.


Hey, partner,
catch anything?

I never miss.

When are you leaving?


I can't go with you.

And you can't stay here.

How do you know
that's what I was thinking?

Because I've been thinkin'
about it.

I wish there was a way
we could stay together,

but I can't see it.


Yeah, you're too important
to Gretchen.

She needs you,
all of these people do.

And your friends
need you.

I'm not gonna ask you
to promise you'll come back.

I'll just hope for it.

Me, too.

So you won't forget me.

I will never forget you,

Not in a million years.

♪ ♪