Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 21 - Sliders - full transcript

The Sliders encounter an old friend while sheltered on a world covered with a suffocating fog.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

[people shouting]

[people chanting]


[people continue chanting]


No! Please, no.



[Rembrandt exclaiming]

You know what else
I miss about Professor?

Soft landings.

Whenever he was around,
I always had
a cush spot to aim for.

So you were aiming?


What does this gizmo tell us?

Rickman landed about here
and he hasn't slid out yet.

We don't have much
time to find him.

Less than two days on the

[all coughing]


What's wrong with you guys?

I think it's the fog.

I can't breathe.

We have to get you guys
out of the fog.

Rembrandt, grab Wade.
Come on!

[Wade coughing]

[all coughing]

I told you
they'd be coming for me.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?

♪ ♪


I guess now we know
how Maggie must've felt

when she landed on our world
and couldn't breathe.

There's a path over there
and I think it leads
to a town just below.

Where'd Maggie go?

She went back in?

I told her not to. She's gonna
get herself killed.

She can breathe in there,

She should be okay.

And when she can't?

I'm going after her.

No way.

Look, you're not
risking your life.

Look, I know
it sounds cold, okay,

but where do we
draw the line, huh?

We've already lost one of us.

I don't want that
to happen again.

Does that "us"
include Maggie?

So that's how it is.
It's us, then her?

Relax, guys.

I wouldn't want you
to risk your precious lives.

Nice to know
where you stand, though.

Any sign of Rickman?


Let's head into town,
see if he made a visit there.

I'm going back in,
higher up this time.

I'll catch up
with you guys in town.

we've been through this.

We don't split up
unless we have to.

We stick together.
We work as a team.

Team? I got the impression

I wasn't officially
on the team.

You've just been drafted.

That's okay, guys.

I was never
a very good team player.


You go back into that fog,

you lose your bus ticket
through the inter-dimension.

When Rickman slides,
you're stuck here.

No way to track him,

no way to avenge
your husband's death.

Now, like it or not,
you're one of us.

Nice to know
where you stand, though.

(man #1)
You better watch
those over there!

[dog barking]

(man #2)
Y'all don't try
nothing strange.

Y'all just, uh,
passing through town, right?

Actually, you know,

we're thinking of buying
property in the area.

Maybe you could point us
towards the realtor's office?

Your woman needs to be taught
some manners.

And I bet you're just
the person to do that, huh?

Billy T,
you leave those folks alone.



Don't mind Billy T,

he ain't never been
to Miss Porter's.

Hanged man.

Good card.

Wisdom, self-sacrifice,
sometimes death.

Hard to tell
from just one turn.

Sit down. I'll do your read.

Oh, please.

I'm with you on this.

She's blind.

In tarot legends, a blind seer
is the most powerful of all.

Guys, a clinic.

Nice place to check out
blood types.


He needs fresh brain cells
to stay alive.


You are not what I expected.

Your face is different.

Sorry to disappoint you.

It ain't about me.

Y'all must leave these hills.

Death is waiting on you.

It's your choice.

You're not responsible
for him.

Oh, yeah. She's normal.

She's scared.


Look, she might be
for real, Quinn.

I--I think we should
hear her out.

I'm gonna ask her
what she saw.

Oh, come on!
We don't have time for this!

Let her go.

Let's see what
the clinic can tell us.

He's here to save himself.

That's all.
You tell him that.

And he's not to go
into the fog.

How do you know Quinn?

[chair creaking]

Quinn, that his name?


That boy's in trouble.
I've seen him at night.

He can't sleep for his fears.

It's been really hard
on him lately.

We lost somebody that
he cared about very much.

Is that why he beckons death?

Why he waits
for the ax to strike?


Quinn's not like that.

He's looking for death.

He'll find it in the fog.

Adra, we're here
looking for a man
who brings death with him.

Maybe that's what
you see in the fog.

Quinn's death will be
by his own hand.

There ain't
no other involved.

Beware the Foggins.

They live above the fog line.

They'll steal your life away
while you ain't looking.

Don't tempt them.

We won't.

The man you seek
wears a uniform.

He's one of them now.

He exists up there,
but he's not strong.

He only gets half a life.

That's right.

He leaves
his victims in comas.

Look, Adra, please,
if you can help us.

We need to stop him.


Well, either Rickman's
been here already,

or they are not
very big on filing.

Type "A,"
"A negative," "B," "O."

"Theodore Lloyd." The address
has been ripped out.

"Lucy LaCroix."
Her info sheet's been
ripped out, too.

It's like he's making
a list of donors

for his booster shots.

He needs more info
than just blood types
for an injection.

Otherwise he'd just be
shooting in the dark.

Well, take a look
at this place.

Not exactly the hub
of modern medicine.

All right. Let's make a list
of the files he took.

We'd better find
those people before...

What is it?

A burned-out microchip.

His timer fried.

Wade, we've got Rickman.

His timer burned
a chip on entry.

He's here somewhere
looking for his next victim.

He got her. Last night.

He attacked a girl
named Lucy LaCroix.

She's on the list.

He's gonna keep doing this
until we stop him.

Look, we've got 17 names
of people left on that list

that he may go after.

Now, will she help us
with addresses?

First you see Lucy.

Adra wants us
to take a look at Lucy.

See if we can do
anything for her.

It's better we warn the others

before the Colonel
strikes again.

If you want my help,
you gotta help Lucy.

I still think
it were the Foggins.


I'll explain on the way.

If he didn't get his injection
on the last world,

he might be getting
a little desperate.

Yeah, I would be, too,
if I had a fungus
attacking my brain.

We're here.

[birds chirping]

[door closes]

How's she doing?

No change.

They got her.
They got her good.

Who are they?

They say they can help her.


If we could see her,
we could tell you more.

This has nothing to do
with your fog men.

The man we're after
did this to your daughter.

I got a shot at him
before he disappeared
into the fog.

Did you hit him?

You bet.

Left a trail
of blood out there.

I'm not sure there's much
we can do for her.

I'm sorry.

Not your fault,
but I appreciate it.

Definitely Rickman.

Not a very neat job, either.

I don't think he got
his full injection.

Well, that's good.
That ups the odds
she can come out of this.

How do you figure that?

Back at the base,
they were experimenting

with neural stimulation
on the coma victims.

It was working.

If they would have lived,
they would have made it.

You know what techniques
they were using?

Yeah, I--I think so.

Good. You stay here
and work with Lucy.

We're gonna go back
to the fog line.

Bunt shot at Rickman,
says he got a piece of him.

Which means maybe
he didn't get that far.

That's what I'm thinking.

Come along. Let's go.

[door closes]

[birds cawing]

Here's where I got him.

Well, something was hit.

Let's hope it was short,
with an English accent.

Let's hope
he's up there suffering.

this is just a recon job.

We don't know
how it'll affect you

after more than
a few minutes.

I was okay the last time.

You weren't in that long.

You start coughing,
10 minutes or not,
you get right back here.

Won't do much good,
but it might
give you a minute.

If she don't make it back,

you'll need it
to bring her out.

Fog's poison.

Kills you
if you breathe too much.

[Maggie coughs]

[watch beeping]

Maggie, is that you?

Maggie, you're looking for me,
aren't you?

Colonel? Col. Rickman!

Oh, yes, it's me!

I'm sorry about Steven.

But he wasn't really
man enough for you, was he?

Maybe I did you a favor.

You bastard!




Oh, yes, it's me.

The face has a way of changing
with these injections.

We're different, Maggie.

Our lungs are stronger.

It hurts to breathe now.

But in a couple of days,
you'll get used to it.

You'll even
start to enjoy it.


It's not time yet, but soon.

Tell Mallory that.


Maggie! Maggie!



Come on, it's me! It's me!

Here. Come on.
I've got you. Let's go.


He told me to tell you: soon.

I--I have no idea
what that means.

Are you sure it was him?

It was the Colonel.
I know it.

I don't care
if you believe me or not.

It doesn't make sense.

It was him,
but it didn't look like him?

I know. But you heard her.

Probably just the fog
playing tricks.

Has a way of
making you see things.

How is that? What's in it?

It's got a power of its own.
Don't know why.

It's sulfur.
You can smell it.

Must be a volcano under here.

The fog forms
when hot vapors hit the air.

It also explains
why it chokes people.

The oxygen is binding
with the sulfur.

Your lungs can't break it up
when they need to.

You've been hanging out
with me way too long.

Don't I know it.

Wade, let the girl rest.

She's too far in the fog.

Your methods can't reach her.

I was sure this would work.

We've given
your ways a chance.

Now, let's try mine.

In order to beat the haints,

you gotta go
into their world.

The fog outside
is the darkness.

All of us have it inside.

You gotta move past the haze,
y'all come to the truth.

This fog, this darkness,

it's our creature.

We make it. We control it.

It'll do our bidding.

A strand of your hair.

If we're to cast off
the evil for Lucy,

it couldn't hurt to throw in
a little spell for you, too.

I'm sure I could use one.

I am, too.

It ain't a game, Wade.

You're in danger, all of you.

If you can't defeat the evil,
the evil defeats you.

You gotta be strong
if you're ever gonna
complete this journey.

No ifs.

I'm getting home
or I'm gonna die trying.

Oh, my God.


What's happening?

She passed out again.

Sweet Jay! She's up.

She's burning up.

I don't remember
the other victims

going through
anything like this.

It's the Foggins,
struggling to keep her.

Be strong, Luce.
You can beat them.

How's she doing?

Well, all they keep saying
is, "It's them. Them."

There is no "them."
The girl is sick.

If she doesn't get
any medical attention,

she's going to die.

There's got to be a hospital
here somewhere.

I'll go check it out.
I'll go with you.

No hospitals. She'll be fine.

Look, no offense, Mr. LaCroix,
but you don't know that.

Now, what you know for sure

is that Lucy is getting worse,
not better.

It's like Adra says,

sometimes it's like that
before you come out
of the fog.

It has nothing to do
with Adra or the fog, sir.

She's fighting
some type of an infection.

She needs antibiotics.

Don't you see that
you're letting her die

by holding onto
your superstitions?

Look. Give her a chance.

Let us take her
to a hospital.

She's my daughter.
I ain't gonna let her die.

Adra's spell casting
worked once.

It'll work again.

He's making a big mistake.

Adra, maybe you can say
something to him?

It ain't no use.

Bunt lost his wife
in a hospital.

He's not about to lose
a child, too.

Besides, local hospitals
don't much understand

the hold the Foggins have.

Oh, you fools.


they're risking her life.

In my book,
that makes them fools.

Maybe you think we're fools.

Maybe we are.

But the craft is our faith.

In my book, faith is all
that really matters.

Beware the fog.
You mustn't go in.

If you do,
you'll never come out.

I'll be fine.

Just because you don't
understand something,

doesn't mean it's not real.

I would've thought that you,
of all people, would get that.

Yeah, well, I don't.

Not in this case.

Is it just me, or is Remmy
acting a little touchy today?

A little. We all are.

It might be aftereffects
from the fog.

I think he's fine.

He's just not buying into
all of Adra's phony powers.

Maggie, you haven't been
to the places I've been.

You haven't seen
the things I've seen.

So don't judge me
or my beliefs.

Found a still, huh?

All these jars are labeled
"Witches' Butter."

Maybe that's their moonshine.

I guess.

Remmy, please.

Look, I--I--I don't know why
this whole thing with Adra

has you feeling
the way that you do.

Yeah. You're right.
You don't.

So tell me.

Remmy, all I meant
was that you,

out of all of us,
have a faith that guides you,

just like Adra and Bunt do.

Wade, there is a difference
between faith
and superstition.

So don't compare me to them!

I'm sorry you're upset.

I'm also sorry

that you can't put
your anger aside
to listen to my apology.

[crickets chirping]

There were 17 possible targets
on Rickman's hit list.

Six are pretty close.
The rest are spread for miles.

I know the Colonel.

He's going to hone in
on the six

that are easiest to hit.

All right.
Choose three and grab Remmy.

Wade and I'll
take the others.

[crickets chirping]

You want to talk about it?

What happened to you
out there today?

I told you. I saw Rickman.

You told me what you saw.

What you didn't tell me
is how you felt.

Must've been pretty scary.

Passing out, almost dying?

You don't expect me
to get all weepy now, do you?

What was I thinking?

I have no idea.

Hey, Wade just come in here?

We thought she was with you.



He'll take her into the fog.




[Rickman laughing]

[gun firing]

You crazy?
You could hit her!


I'm okay.
He didn't get me.

There he is.

Quinn, wait!

This doesn't feel right.

[gun cocking]

He's out there.

I'll head him off.

[Quinn coughing]

Having trouble breathing,

Weird in here, isn't it?
The fog makes you see things,

or does it?

Just a little more, Mallory.

Breathe it in.


Watch out. He's in there.

We gotta get you
out of here.

You gonna pull back
before the mission's finished?

You always were slow
on the draw, Beckett.

[gun firing]

Damn it, Mallory!
I almost had him!



Excellent. Let's get them
up the mountain.



[Rembrandt coughing]

No sign of them.

Damn it!

They should've
just let Rickman go.

Quinn thought
he had a stab at it.

In there?

It's like nothing's real
in the fog.

I'll tell you what's real.

Quinn's gone and we've got
12 hours before the slide.

You know,
when I was in the fog,

something kept
flashing in my mind.

That Witches' Butter.

The shed smelled
a lot like the fog.


Figured you'd seen the still.

What's the deal, Bunt?

I know it's connected
to the fog.

Without the Witches' Butter,
you can't make the tea.

Without the tea,
you can't go into the fog.

Look, Bunt,
we've gotta go back in there.

If your tea
makes that possible...

It's a fresh batch.
Needs time to mellow.

We don't have time.

Even when it's aged,
most folks can't keep it down.

Yeah, well, we can stomach it.

Look, we may need a guide.

Oh, hell, no!

Risky enough
just going in there

trying to get quick grabs.

Any more than that,

Foggins'll kill you for sure.

All right.

Look, how much of it
do we have to drink?


You'll know when to stop.
It kind of decides for you.

Then wait 20 minutes
before starting out.

Canteen's in there, too.


Look, you keep Lucy
doing those exercises.
She'll be just fine.

Wouldn't suggest it normally,
but Adra took to you.

In your shoes,
I'd ask her about the village.

Rickman! Show your face!

I know you're behind this!


Where are you taking her?

Fight them, Maggie!

Rickman! Let me out of here!

Open up this damn cage.

It's not my decision.

I told him he was
wasting his time.

You're not like us.

But he wants to help you.


I told him
you wouldn't understand.

They've drugged you, Rickman.

Oh, no. They don't have to.

It's the fog.

All that sulfur
builds up on the brain.

He understands, man.

I mean, he really understands
why I had to do

what I did.

You're a butcher. That's all.

I wouldn't get too cozy

in all that righteousness
if I was you, Mallory.


Without you,
I wouldn't be sliding.

I'm gonna get you, Rickman.

Nothing's gonna keep me
from it.

Still worked up
about your dead professor?

You bastard!


You know what
the funny thing is?

They were going to kill me.

Then I told him about you.

How you were
following after me.

Then everything changed.

You're my savior, man.

I warned you
not to let him go.

He's been taken.

We need to get
to the village.

Bunt said you could take us.

[Rembrandt snorts]

This is so damn typical.

You sit there smoking,
acting like you know

When people come to you
with a concrete problem,

something you can help them
with, all of a sudden,
you know nothing.

I was wrong about you.

Thought you really
didn't want to know.

Thought that
Haiti was in your way.

I just want to know
where Quinn's been taken.

That's all.

If you have any idea,
the least you could do
is tell us.

A village
up the mountain way.

Where I was born.

You're one of them?

True. Born and raised.

But even by their gauge,
I was wild.

I fell in love
with one from here.

I gave him the power
of the butter witch

so he could come
visit me in the fog.

They killed him,

and blinded me
for crossing the line.

I'm so sorry, Adra.

My people see no betweens.

The blind on me is what
the eyes of them won't bear.

All they fear, I see now.

Can we use their fear
against them
to get Quinn back?

You won't get Quinn back.

If you make it to the village,
burn this.

They'll respect its power.

For your journey
up the mountain.

We work better in the dark.

Come on.

All right.

Let me go, damn it!

Whatever you're planning,
you can forget it.

Oh, no.

Not again.



Please, water.

[villagers chattering]

I bet he'd be happy
if he knew I was thirsty?

Let me out of this cage,
or I kill you.


Say something.

(Quinn 2)
You're not a killer. Not yet.

You're almost there.

You shouldn't have stopped,

To die in the hands of a god,

that's what they want.

That's what we all want.

The tea is working.

I can breathe, but my mind's
acting a little wild.

Mine, too.



[Rembrandt exclaims]


You don't look so good.

Oh, it's the tea.

Look, I'm sorry about the way
I've been treating you.

I guess, uh,

this slide has just
gotten to me a little, huh.

It seemed like
Adra knew why.

Yeah, well...


Something did happen
back there in Haiti.

I was stationed there
for a while, and, uh,

I made a good friend
with one of the locals.

He was a lot like Adra.

He had more heart
than anybody I've known.


And God, did he have a voice.

What he didn't know
was that I had hooked him up

with my record label.

And so the day
that I told him,

he, he just thanked me
and said that
he was going to die.

You see, he had had
his cards read that day.

No wonder you reacted
like you did.

I mean, it wasn't that
he just gave up on life, Wade.

It was how
he made it a crusade.

You know,
wanting to prove to me

that it would happen
the way the cards said.


I tell you,
that superstitious swill,

it took him down,
right before my eyes.

He believed himself to death.

I'm sorry, Remmy.

Yeah, yeah.
What a freaking waste.


Come on.

[villagers chattering]

You let these people
worship you?

Now I know I'm right.

You're exploiting them.

They see you vortex in,

of course they're gonna think
you're a god.

You can't use it like this.

Being worshipped
means nothing to me.

This has to do
with our salvation.

Our salvation?

Hard to believe,

you've been sliding
almost as long as I have.

What do you know about me?

Three years ago,
on your home world,

I gave you the final part
of the equation.

Without me,
you would never be here.

That can't be you.

No one could
change that much.

Strip your friends away.

Slide alone like I have,
you'd be just like me.

Here I am.

The undeniably horrible.

The unimaginably
disgusting proof,

that I'm you
without your friends.


What are you
going to do with her?

It's a simple equation.

Much more simple than the one
I solved for you.

You kill me,

the villagers
will let you live.

You do nothing, she dies.

You're insane.

And you are weak.

But I'm gonna
help you with that.

Clean him up.
Take him to the cave.

You don't have to live
like this.

We slide out of here soon.
Slide with us!

I'll never slide again.

If we don't find
that village soon,

we'll be drinking tea here
for the next 29 years.

We've got to be close.

We've been out of the fog
over an hour.

If we are close,
I can't tell here.

See what you can
make out of it.

[people chanting]

Do you hear that?

You can't fix his timer.

You can't let him
keep sliding.

A deal's a deal.

Get it now, Mallory?
I bring you to him,

he fixes my timer
and I'm on my merry way.

He's a killer.

Wouldn't be the first time
I helped one.

[electronic beeping]

No. Think about
what you're doing.

It's done.


Man, what happened to you?

The Kromags happened to me.

Don't feel sorry for me.

I'm responsible
for the Kromags.


(Quinn 2)
Responsible for
all the worlds they pillaged.

The populations
they enslaved.

They couldn't have done it
without me.

You gave them the equation?

I gave them the formula
and they destroyed my home.

Hate me,

like they hate.

The Kromags act
with a crystal-like
willful intelligence.

The brilliance of that.

You have to see it.

You don't believe that.

You can't believe that.


Tick-tock, tick-tock.
Your friends,

they're coming for you,
aren't they?


Must be nice.

Must be nice?
They're probably gonna die

in that fog
trying to get here!

Don't worry.
The fog changes everything
inside of you.

Shut up!

I'm trying to open your mind.

You see what I really am.

I want you to hate me.

You have to.
You have to kill me.

I need to know
I've done something

to turn things around.

Killing you
won't change anything.

It will change you.

It will make you strong
like them.

Strong enough to get home,
to protect it,

to protect the ones you love.

Like I couldn't.

This is how it all started.
Just an equation on a wall.

God only knows
where it will lead us.

What horrors.

I need you, Quinn.

I need you to stop me.

I can't stop myself.

This is the end.

[people chanting]

Either me or her?

Your choice.


[Quinn 2 grunts]


[people chanting]

[people continue chanting]

We're gonna need
Adra's power.

You got the bag?


So who's gonna run out there
and test it out?

[people continue chanting]

You always do paper.

Yeah, and you always do rock.
Look, never mind, I'll do it.

No. It's okay.
I'll distract them.

You just make sure
you get her out alive.

You realize
you're asking me

to risk my life
for her, right?

We drafted her.

I will not become like you.

[both grunting]

Finish me. Kill me.
Save her and yourself.

I won't kill you,
but they might,

when they find out
you're not a god
but just a man.

[people chanting]

[people exclaiming]

You'll be free in a sec.

Where's Q-Ball?

In one of the caves.

[Rembrandt grunting]

[Maggie exclaims]

[people exclaiming]

[Quinn screaming]

Wade! Come on, girl!


You okay?




♪ ♪