Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 18 - Sliders - full transcript

A deadly virus turns a world's population into man-eating zombies, and when Quinn is bitten, the other Sliders frantically search for an antidote.

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[generator sputtering]

[generator sputtering slows]

The generator.
No, don't quit on me. Not now!

[all hollering]

Oh, no. Come on.


[glass breaking]


[all growling]

No! Ah!

[man screaming]



[Maggie screaming]


Quinn? Hey.

You all right?

I don't even want
to talk about it. Ever.

From now on, I really
don't care where we land.

Just as long as no one
actually sees us

coming out of the wormhole.

I thought you didn't
want to talk about it.

Look at this guy.




Hey, hey!
Get off of me!

That guy bit me.

Talk about your
bad neighborhoods.

Oh, my God!

It's too bad it's not
Rickman's remains.

Looks like some kind
of animal attack.

Wild dogs, maybe?

Wild dogs with
gold-filled human teeth?

Oh, my God!

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


Wade, the thing's
not gonna get up

and come after us.
It's dead.

You saw
those eyes.

Dead might not be
dead on this world.

He was feeding. He was gonna
eat me raw he was so hungry.

Great. Cannibals.

You know, if you didn't ditch
my gun on that last world,

you wouldn't be
so scared now.

Look, I told you,
I didn't touch your gun.

I'm still glad
you lost it.

I didn't lose it.
Someone took it.

Maggie, back off.

Either that tooth back there
came from an old man,

or that guy lived
one hell of a hard life.

My guy had all his teeth.

I got his dental records
in my calf.

You must be
in a lot of pain.

Looks worse than it is.

I guess this means
he's not feeding alone.

Let's get moving.

Yeah, good idea.

I feel like I'm trapped
in a bad Roger Corman movie.

Are there
any other kind?

This leg
is killing me.

That has to be
looked after.

It may need stitches.

I don't think it's
gonna happen here.

We slide in 28 hours.

I'll take care of it
on the next world.

There are creatures
hanging back in the shadows.

I can feel them watching us.

That must be what
the security lights are for,

to scare him off.

It looks like they're
sensitive to light.

Survivors wouldn't waste any
power they didn't have to use.

Maybe it's not on.

Quinn, don't.

Hold it, man.

I've got to. This bite
is startin' to throb.

I need something
for it.



[continues screaming]

That stunt is so old.

Didn't he used to
be a little bit more mature?


Someone's up there.

Come on.

Look out!

Look out, man.


Quinn! Quinn!

Get him in the light.
Get him in the light!

It hurts him!
He doesn't like it!

[generator sputtering]





Anybody home?

Looks like Bennish's
room back in college.

Maybe drugs are
what turned everybody

into monsters here.

I don't see

I'm tellin' you,
I saw someone.

Yeah, well, maybe you saw
somebody in your head.

Let's go this way.

Who made you boss?

You know what's
goin' on with her.

She lost someone.

So hold it till downtime,
and then deal with it.

There is no downtime
for us.

treated on the fly.

Wade's mastered.

All I see is weakness.
I see her whining.

Maybe that's how it seems now,
but when you start dealing

with the loss
of your husband,

you'll see how much strength
it really takes.

No, don't compare us,

She's all broken up

over some old guy
she wasn't even related to.

Don't you ever
talk about him.

You didn't
even know him.

Wade, come on,
pull it together.

If this is part of
her on-the-fly therapy,

it's a dead end.

Next time,
you get hurt.

Not much of a threat.

Guys, look, let's put
this out on the table,

or else we're not gonna
survive here, all right?

All I'm about
is survival.

And if I can keep
focused, so can she.

For how long?

We've been doin'
this for three years.

She's makin' my point.

Your system sucks.

you were in the Navy.

Why don't you
help me out here?

It takes more than
a military mindset
to survive sliding.

Rembrandt's right. You face
some weird parallel world

all shut off like you are,
and you are gonna snap.

[generator sputtering]

Someone's up there.

Maybe it's all
in your head.

Ask me,
you're just goin' soft.

You guys hang back.

Don't be afraid.

What makes
you think

it's--it's not just
another one of those freaks?

Move, and I'll blow
your head off.

Get that damn light
out of my eyes!

Those creatures
forced us in here.

Easy does it. No one
needs to get hurt here.

I counted four of you.

The others
are downstairs.

Come closer. Slow!

You, too.

Let me see
your eyes.

You're not infected.

Would you mind

getting that gun barrel
out of my face?

Look, we have no idea
what's happening here.

[generator faltering]

My generator's
going down!

What time is it?

Quarter to six.

It's almost daybreak.
We're all right.

Thank God.

It's been weeks since
I saw anyone normal.

I'm worried about my friend.
He was bitten.

I knew it.

Of course,
you know what that means.

He's gonna
need a doctor?

What's wrong
with you people?

The hospitals were
overrun weeks ago.

We'll have to
treat it here, then.

You can't.
He's one of them.

No, I'm
a stranger here.

I don't have anything
to do with this.

The rest of us
can survive.

If we fix my generator...

It's too late for him.
It's over.

Stop saying that,

Tell us where
the hospital is.

We'll take him
when it's light.

Look, you take me
to the hospital.

I'll come back
and fix your generator.

All right.

But I want your word
that you'll be back.

This place looks more like
a war zone than a hospital.

Put some on.

We're gonna be knee-deep
in death in there.

You better let me
hang onto that 12-gauge.

Fat chance.

I'm a trained soldier.

We'll all be
much better off

if that weapon
were in my hands.

I don't care.
You're not gettin' my gun.

Come on, let's go.

I'll watch your backs.

I told you,
there's nobody left.

Yeah, we've looked

I know it sounds cruel,

but this is the stage where
my boyfriend hung himself.

It was the right thing.

Will you shut up?

Look, you haven't
seen what I've seen.

People devoured
by their own families.

I'm gonna fight this.

Look at his eyes.

only part of it.

My boyfriend
did this to me,

and I lived.

I'm immune or something,
but your friend here

is gonna lose control, and
that's a threat to all of us.

I can beat this, Maggie.



Stay down!



You want this back?

No, uh,
you hold onto it.

Whatever we do,
we're in this together.

Rembrandt, you gotta get
that generator working.

Your lives depend on it.

We're not
leaving you alone.

Beckett's staying with me.

I need someone
to watch my back

while I find a cure
for this thing.

Don't make this
any harder.

It's better this way.

Not if you let us down.

He saved my life.

I want this payback
to be over and done with.

You're costing me time!

Get away from me now!

Go on!

Can't you see he's
trying to protect you?

If he's gone, too, there's
nothing left to protect.

Oh, save
the self-pity.

Come on, let's go!

They're gone.
You okay to work?

Give me two hours to find
something to go on.

No more.

Then I'm gone.

Not before you kill me.

That's why you're here.

Last resort.
I got it.

Stay here.

where are you going?

[Quinn screaming]




[ignition sputtering]

Okay, gas it now.

[engine revving]

You're risking all
of our lives for nothing.

Look, you don't know
for sure how far
all of this has spread.

No, but it's obvious,
isn't it?

There's no phone service,
no radio.

That should tell you
somethin', doesn't it?

That there might be a doctor
out there somewhere.

Now, we're going
to the next hospital,
with or without you.

It's too dangerous.

You want that generator
fixed in time?

You give us directions,

I'll tell you
how to get there.

It's about five miles west.

Stay on the main road,
then turn left on PCH.

You'll see it.


Stay there! Just listen.

Open the door!

I'm a doctor.

Then open the door.
A man in here needs help.

You're the one
that matters.

Look, you must cooperate
with me.

It's crucial.

What did you
inject into him?

It's just a sedative.

I'll provide you with
more so he stays out.

you don't have to be afraid.

I'm not infected.

I'm not afraid
of you.

I'm afraid for you.


You one of them?

Not quite.



are you there?

(Dr. Tassler)
Fill it with your blood.

What for?

Your blood has a natural
immunity to the bacteria.

I can isolate
the antibody.

You don't understand--

just do as I say!

Listen to me!

I was never exposed.

You can't be sure of that.

Trust me.
I can explain.

I wasn't here.



Doctor, you've warned me.
Now, open this door!


Look out!

[banging on door]

The bacteria was
engineered to attack fat.

Along with the antidote,

it was marketed and sold
as a weight-loss product.

The bacteria was
actually sold to people?

Over the counter.

It was called Lipron.

These patients ate
their own tongues.

(Dr. Tassler)
Yeah, well,
the swelling makes you feel

like you have no choice.

Your friend might
already be at that stage.

I'm fresh out of croissants.

Anyway, when the antidote
didn't work on me,

I called the Lipron company,

And they were
already into

this whole insurance
song and dance,

and I sensed
the trouble coming.

That's when I had
that door installed.

And I strengthened
the antidotal compounds myself

and began taking

But meanwhile...


out there...


I called it the Lipron
food-chain reaction.


No military intervention?


I acted immediately,
and still it almost got me.

My fat cravings are only now
reaching normal levels.

But you're
still not cured.


No, no.

it'll work on Quinn.

You do mean
the antidote?


it won't cure him.

And to get
any results at all,

he's gonna need
much bigger doses.

[Dr. Tassler coughing]

[engine silenced]

Let's do it, huh?

My flashlight's dead.

Look, there's
no one here, either.

We've got to find
another hospital.


I'm thinkin' that
Debra was right.

There are
no doctors left.

[zombie growling]


[zombie groaning]

Let go of me!

All right. It's all right!



It's okay.


Come on, come on.

Come on, now.

It's all right.

[sobbing continues]

Come on, now.

You gotta get
yourself together, okay?

All right?

Even if you're
feelin' lonely, okay?

Everything's just
so different, you know.

I just don't know
if I can handle it.

I feel like I'm losing
everything to her.

You and Quinn.



Hey, now, you know
better than that. Come on.

Maybe she's right.

You know, maybe I should
be doing it her way,

if it would help
you guys.

What, survive?


Hey, I want to do
more than survive.

I mean, this is--
this is our life.

You know,
not some military mission.

Come on.

You know, part of you
wants to lose us.

Lose us so that, uh,

we won't be taken away from
you like the Professor was.

That doesn't make
any sense.

Well, that way,
you don't feel any more pain.

It's kind of like
givin' us up for adoption,

but it's killin' you
that Maggie gets us.

You're even crazier
than I am, Rembrandt.


It's not us, sweetheart.
It's the lifestyle.

Come on.

Here, hold this.
I'm gonna check the bag.


You really think
we need all that stuff?

Maybe we should
go through it

and figure out what we should
bring back to Quinn, huh?

There you go.


We need this.

It's research
on the infection.

What do you think?

Take it.

You're right.

It is the lifestyle.

[zombie growling]


[zombie growling]

Run! Run!

At least you won't bite
nobody else, sucker.

I just thought of something.

(Dr. Tassler)

One of the women
that was here earlier,

her name is Debra,
she thinks she's immune.

Why didn't you say
something earlier?

I'm no doctor.

I just put
the whole thing together.

Using someone's antibodies

isn't generally one of
my main concerns, you know.

(Dr. Tassler)
you have to take me to her

first thing in the morning.

Don't worry, he'll
still be unconscious.

That sedative lasts
at least 10 hours.

I've underestimated
him before.

He's incredibly

Some sedative.


[engine popping]

[engine falters]

[ignition clicking]

Can you fix it?


Wh-what's so funny?

[Rembrandt laughing]



You know what?

I just don't see

people swallowing bacteria
on purpose.

It's no crazier
than liposuction.



Oh, well, girl,
we're walking.

It's almost dark.


It's gonna be like
a free lunch out here.

Well, I don't know what
you're worried about.

it's almost night.

Have you seen
yourself lately?

As skinny as you are,
they're gonna think
you're one of them.


What is so funny?

Wade, I gotta laugh
to keep from cryin'.

Come on, now.
Look, I thought you had
a handle on this.

Quinn's all we need
to be worried about
right now, okay?

Well, I'm worried
about Quinn.

I'm worried
about myself, too.

But we don't make it
without you, all right?

Just what I need.
More pressure.

That's how people get
past things like that.

The feeling that we gotta
depend on each other
for everything.

You learn that
in the Navy?

Oh, great.

I'm--I'm sorry.

You gotta know that
that was about Maggie.

All right.

Look, you're right, okay?
About everything.

I see what you mean
about what I was thinkin' about

wantin' to lose you
somehow, but I really don't.

Especially not to Maggie.

Definitely not to her.

Well, you don't have anything
to worry about, okay?


[zombie growling]

Except for those
two creatures at 2 o'clock.

Just don't use
military terms, okay?

All right.
Just keep movin'.

[generator faltering]

[zombies growling]

[zombies growling continues]

Deal with this,
you freaks!

No, leave it alone!

[generator sputtering]

You fixed it.

look out behind you!

[zombie growling]



It's us. Relax, guys, it's us.

Good God, Quinn.

you're not giving up.

Need your blood.

If you've got a natural
immunity to the bacteria,

he needs your blood
for an antidote.

Well, your friend got in here
and took the keys.

And he's gonna
get worse,

and he's gonna
come back for us.

Sure, he even planned
the whole thing.

He took my keys
so he could undo
my deadbolts.

As long as he doesn't
lead them all back here,

we'll be all right.

You sure you can bring
yourself to shoot him?

I've shot people I liked
a whole lot more than him.

He is your friend,

He can't talk
because of his tongue.

The research says
it swells.

Here. This always
makes me feel better.

I don't think so.

It's Quinn's decision.

What is it?

Caffeine tabs.

That's it?

Yeah. I mixed some cayenne
into this batch.

My customers love pepper.

Caffeine is illegal here?

Of course it's illegal.

The big drug manufacturers
brainwash you.

Truth is, they knew
caffeine was safer than Lipron
all along,

but anything that's
natural and affordable,
they outlawed.

But caffeine's not
a weight-loss product.

Yeah, not anymore.

There's a doctor
back at the hospital.

Okay, look,
I'm going with you.

You can't go alone.

You go with him,
you'll only draw
more attention.

He can move better
and faster without you.

I'll turn off
the front lights.

Look, we--we'll
meet you in the morning

for the slide,

He's gonna make it.
I know it.

I wanna believe that.

[generator running]

[gun clicks]

It's good as new.

I gave Wade
some chamomile tea.

She's resting.

Losing your friend must
have been hard on all of you.

The Professor?

Yeah, well, time heals.

It's just gonna
take a long time.

Look, that's a big hike
back to the hospital, right?

Yeah, it shouldn't take
more than a couple of hours

if he doesn't run
into trouble.

That's a big "if."


[gun cocking]

It's time, Quinn.


Hold it.
Don't shoot.

That's the woman
you were telling me about.

You went
to get her blood?

Get the antidote!

(Dr. Tassler)
No, don't shoot him!
Get him off me!

Get him off me!


Get the antidote!

Hurry, Doctor.

Getting very close here.

Could I please
have some water?

Thank you.

Let me see
your eyes.

They're clear.
How you feelin'?

I'm all right.


Because I made you a promise,
and I always keep my word.

All right,
take it easy.

I was able to
use the centrifuge

to isolate Debra's
antibody compound.

Did you already
inject me with it?

No. I'm just finishing.

You're probably
feeling the effects

of the manufacturer's
antidote we gave you.

But this is the cure.

All right.

Give me some
caffeine capsules,

and take some
for yourself.

It really helped me
last night.

Hey, just relax.

I can't.

We gotta be leaving soon.

We have
a little over an hour.

Wade and Remmy have to be
on their way here by now.



Not as much fun
as shooting you.

You might need
the chair.

You all right,

It--it just hit me.

After my husband's accident,

he told me over and over

that he--he wanted to die.

He--he asked me
if I'd help him.

I'm sorry.

It's a horrible thing
to ask of someone.

You had to.
He didn't.

I always thought
Steve was strong.

Everybody has
their weak moments,

whether they
show them or not.

I hate that feeling.

We really have
to get out there.

[zombie growling]

At first, I thought
they deserved what they got,

for being so ignorant.

But then I saw
innocent children.

Surviving is its
own kind of horror.

You two go ahead.
I'll make sure it's clear.

Hey, I'm sure the Professor
wouldn't want you

to feel
that way about it.

No, but he'd understand.

Hey, Q-Ball!




I hear them.

They're coming.

Hey, Q-Ball!

Hey, Q-Ball!


You're cured?


you really came through.

I was gonna shoot him.

Last resort, but my finger
was on the trigger.

You couldn't have done it.

In a heartbeat.


I'm beginning to see
what you mean about sliding.

Things get real thick
in your head real fast.

You just let it
air out once in a while,

and you're gonna be fine.

Not easy on the fly.

Where's this woman Debra
you were tellin' me about?

Where'd she go?
She was right with us.

No! No, please,
somebody help me!

Wade! Maggie!

We've gotta
go after her.

I'm down here! Please!
- Jacket.

Give me the gun.

[Debra yelling]

No! Somebody!

[zombies growling]

Help me!

Oh, my God, help! Please!


Please somebody help me!

We've gotta
go after her.

Recognize and concede.

One is
an acceptable loss here.

[gun cocking]
Not to me.

Well, then give me
the timer.

No way.

That way.

[gun cocking]

[Debra grunting]

[zombie growling]

[zombie groaning]

Clear shot!


[zombie screaming]

[zombie groaning]

Getting soft?

Come on. I'd rather be eaten
than stay down here.

How much time
is left?

We got less than 10 minutes.

God, it stinks in here.

[Quinn coughing]

[Rembrandt coughing]

Your eyes,
they're--they're normal.

You're gonna need shots.
Lots of them.

Quinn, maybe
we shouldn't slide.

We can't carry this thing
to another world.

Quinn already
spoke to the doctor.

He's sure
this is the answer.

You showed me something
down there, Wade.

You really did.

Is he coming with us?

Is she?

But we didn't tell her
anything about it.

You really can go
to parallel worlds?

Just like
we told you.

We have to leave.

this is Dr. Tassler.

He developed a cure
using your blood.


You could come with us.
But then...

It would be
the end of mankind here.

Well, you're asking if I wanna
leave this world with you?

That's right.
You can come with us.

I never trusted doctors.

You can trust me,

We're the only hope
this world has.

it'll take time,

but we can start
to inoculate people.

We can create
a groundswell of recovery.

That's what
it's all about, isn't it?

A lot of things just
come down to loyalty.

Don't they?


♪ ♪