Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 1 - Sliders - full transcript

In a world where all sports are banned except for televised war games, the Sliders must confront android dogs and soldiers in order to get to the only sanctuary at the finish line.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

(Wade) We're on a jet.

Yes! First-class lounge of a 747,
to be exact.

The timer has never
landed us in the air before.

Always on the ground.

Let's see...

Judging from what stars I can
see and the coastline down there,

we could still be in California.

Hey, man, check out the food.

I mean, good food.

enjoy ourselves while we're here.

(Rembrandt) This sure
beats frozen fish sticks.

You all right?

I've got this
thing about flying.

Sliding between parallel
worlds doesn't bother you,

but flying does?

You have no idea how much.

Excuse me!

[people chattering]

[clearing throat]

Just what I'm looking for.

Thank you.

You guys together?

Uh, yeah,
we're traveling together.

Hmm. I'm going to the beach.

Where are you guys going?

Beach sounds nice.

Sun, surf, margaritas!

You're a little out of shape for the Games,
are you, Pops?

Well, it depends what sort of games
you had in mind, doesn't it, madam?


I don't know about you guys,

but after a month
on Igloo World,

I could use a vacation.

Hear, hear.

You want some more ginger ale?

Where did the stewardess go?


[woman screaming]

[woman sobbing]

Good heavens! There's
no one flying the plane!

(Professor) Take the left seat,
Mr. Mallory,

and remember,
dead foot, dead engine!

I'll try and
extinguish the fire!

Don't back away from the stick,
Mr. Mallory!

[woman screaming]

It's not coming up!

You're the pilot.
It's been engaged.

Try again.



(Quinn) What if you found a
portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year
and you're the same person

but everything
else is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?

[theme music]

(voice on speaker)
Welcome to Level 1.

While you're
grabbing some gear,

just remember

under the new rules of the Game

adopted by the National League

only one team or
surviving player

will be declared a winner.

Come on.

We'll be starting the Game
in approximately 19 seconds.

What the devil is going on here?

(Quinn) It's some
kind of simulation.

I've been simulated enough.

I'm getting out before
this thing starts up.

We've got a full field
of players for the Game.

25 teams in all

representing the
best competitors

west of the Mississippi.

There will be five
levels to this tournament.

Follow the signs
to find your way

through the city
to the finish line.

We believe that our
diabolical digitheads

have created a very bitchin'
course for this holiday bloodfest.

To win the event,
a player must place

his medallion in the
obelisk on Level 5.

We have a great
assortment of booby traps

heat-seeking androids,
and mind-blowing mayhem,

guaranteed to kill a few of you

in a very entertaining fashion.

And remember,
anything you find or capture

will admit you to a safe
haven for a rest period.

Just look for the big arch and
sign that will lead you there.

So let me conclude by saying

that I, and 228 million fans out there,
want to say

we hope to see
you at the beach!

How do we get to the beach?

Didn't they tell you?

perhaps we missed something.

You make it to the finish line,

and you'll have enough
money to go anywhere you want.

The beach,
the mountains. Name it.

You better grab some gear.


How many hours till we slide,
Mr. Mallory?


I say we just stay in the simulator.

There's enough food and
drink in there to keep us happy.

(Egghead) Looks like
we're in for a heat wave.

Highs for today: 680 degrees.

Who turned on the sauna?

Everybody grab something.

(Rembrandt) What?

Anything you can! Quick!

Run for the door!

(Quinn) The floor
is heating up! Hurry!

I don't think I want
to play this game.

It doesn't look like
we have a choice.

(Wade) Ow! Ow!

[explosion rumbling]

What was that?

That was a bomb.

This ranks very high
on the weird meter.

What kind of game is this?

I suspect a very serious one.

Look, got a paper here,

"It's a good day to die."

That's wonderful.

What the hell?

Get down!

[gun firing]

Has anybody got a pen?

What? You want
to write a letter?

The pen is a mighty instrument.


[machine zipping]

[gun firing]

Well done, my boy.

Nice neighborhood.

I'd hate to see the
welcoming committee.

Let's get out of
here before it arrives.

(Quinn) We're being watched.


There' s been some kind of mistake,
we want to quit.

Where's the exit?

I suspect our only
way out is to find

the finish line and
complete the Game.

[car approaching]

(all) Hey!

You guys, stop! Gu...

Look, I suggest the only way

we're going to find out

what kind of world
we've landed in

is by keeping up
with those people.

(Wade) What is going on here?

(Professor) That is a car bomb.

This game is being
played for very high stakes.

Mr. Brown?

Whoa--whoa, guys,
what're you doing?

Well, if it's a bomb,
we're gonna have to disarm it.

What do you know about bombs?

Girl, in the Navy,

you learn a lot
about everything.

Hey, Professor,
what are the wires comin' out of this coil?

That isn't a coil, Mr. Brown.

This is a diesel engine.
They don't have coils.

How much time did you
spend on that course?

Well, I took a couple of classes

before I left on a U.S.O. tour.

there are no suspicious connections

to the battery,

there's nothing to the ignition.

Nothin' in here.

Clean under here.

Ah, right.


I can't be sure,
but I think it's okay.

So, guys,
why don't you just step back, okay?


[engine starting]

(Rembrandt) Let's fly!

Let's go.

After them, Mr. Brown!

And don't let them get away!

(Wade) It looks like a war zone.

(Quinn) But who're we fighting?


That is very close by.

(Rembrandt) What did this?

Looks like somebody
didn't make it.

Oh, my God.

Hit the brakes.


Back up! Back up! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

[tires screeching]

Run for it!

[gun fire]


Professor, come on.

Take it!

Come on!

Take it!


Professor, you all right?

I can't see anything.

I can't see anything,
Mr. Mallory.

[helicopter engine whirring]

I'm blind.

(Egghead) Congratulations,

You are now on Level 2.

18 teams remain in the game.


[metallic clinking]

I need a change of guide dog.

Well, if you'd stay behind
me you wouldn't trip so much.

Miss Wells, you'd appreciate

that having stumbled
a dozen times

my flesh, as well as my
faith in your navigational skills,

are damaged!

Look, why don't I take over for now,

That would be very good,
Mr. Brown.

Lead on.

You think it's permanent?

I don't know.


Maybe it's like a
flash on a camera.

It goes away.

Wade, it's been over three
hours and he still can't see.

(Quinn) I wonder who
invented this game?

(Wade) Some pretty sick puppies.

Yeah. Well, maybe they got
bored with the Super Bowl. Huh?

Psychiatrists say that the,
uh, games

we watch and play

are a reflection

of the collective
national psyche.

So what? You
don't think they have

little baseball
players on this world?

If they do, I can assume

the little sluggers use
the bats on each other.

[Professor grunts]


(Quinn) What is it?

Professor! Come on!
Professor! Come on!

Professor, it's gone.

It's the biggest monster
junkyard dog I've ever seen.

Let's get out of here
before it comes back.

You all right?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Watch it. Watch it.

Here. Come on,
Frankie. Easy does it. Easy does it.

I'm gonna give you
something for the pain. Okay?

Okay, Frankie?

You hear me, Frankie?

Don't you think about going anywhere,
all right?

You gotta stay with us.

Wait. Who's gonna teach
me how to bodysurf? Huh?

Oscar's afraid of the water.

That just leaves you.

Frankie, Frankie,
we can carry you to the finish line.

We can do it.

Remember the regionals?

Remember they counted us out.

But we did anyway!



[guns firing]





What am I gonna tell your...

[explosion rumbling]

I'll make sure your
family gets the money.

You have my word.


Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

I'm surprised you
made it this far.

Is he dead?


If this were the last level,
I'd shoot you.

But it's not,
and I play by the rules.

Please. We've got
no fight with you.

I'm gonna lower my gun,
all right?

Where are you going? Wait.

Please, let us come with you.

Can't do it.

Well, at least tell us how
to get out of here, then.

Stay alive.

You find a haven.
That key will get you in.

See you at the beach.


It means good luck.

[engine starting]

Is that a dog?


(Rembrandt) It's okay,

It's dead.

And it's not a dog.
It's an android.

Yeah. Well,
it could've fooled me.

It's got some kind
of control collar.

You know what they say,
"let sleeping droids lie."

(Wade) Try the key she gave us.

It worked.

(Egghead) Hello,
players. Welcome to a haven.

You'll find food, water,
and ammunition.

You're one of 16
teams left in the Game.

And congratulations
to all our players.

This is one of the
highest-rated Games in history.

The fans love you!
See you at the beach!

(Wade) Well, at least we eat.

They think of everything,
don't they?

How long till we slide?

22 hours, 15 minutes.


I know it's not up to your
gourmet standards, but...

I don't want anything.

Professor, you have to eat--

I know what I want!

I want to lie down.

Will somebody please,
please, please...

There's a place right over here,

I've had it with Candid Camera.

I mean,
what kind of world gets off

on seeing people hurt, huh?

Be glad we're only visiting.

Right over here. Back. Back.

If you need anything--

That'll be fine. Thank you.

Mr. Mallory,

every teacher goes through life

hoping just once

he'll have a student like you.

I just wanted you to know that.

Now go away.

[watch alarm beeping]

The Professor's gone. Get
up! The Professor's gone.

Look inside.

Professor! Professor!

(Professor) No need to shout.

I thought you were...

What the hell are
you doin' out here?

If you want to know,

I was answering
a call of nature.

Why--why didn't you
ask one of us for help?

You could've
gotten yourself killed!

This may come as a surprise to you,
Mr. Mallory,

but I am not yet comfortable with
making my private hygiene a public event.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Save me further embarrassment
by locating my right shoe.

[gun firing]

Come on. You got it?

Uh-oh, we got company.

(Rembrandt) I don't know
where this door goes, but--

Try it!

Let's go!

Oh, no!

[knocking on door]

(Rembrandt) Hey, it's locked!


(Quinn) Rembrandt!
Rembrandt! Wait!

(Rembrandt) What do we do?

All right! Find your way out.

Follow the signs
to the finish line.

Signal us by firing three shots.

We'll meet you later!

[guns firing]

Why don't we rest
here for a while?

Hey, look! Must be left
over from a long time ago.

I used to be
pretty good at this.

I was undefeated
until the second grade,

when I lost to Rosemary Caraway.

Would you know it,
the only boy I had a crush on

quit playing dodge
ball and came to watch.

Norm Roberts.

Oh, he was so cute.


Truth is, I messed up.

I got so worried
about impressing him

that I stepped on a line.

Strictly an amateur move.

(Quinn) Stay where you are!

Do not move!

You might set it off.

Set what off?

Look over your shoulder.


All right.

If it hasn't gone off yet,

it's got to be triggered
by your weight.

You must not move.

How much do you weigh?


I need to put enough
weight on the trigger pad

it thinks that you're still standing on it.

How much do you weigh?

100 pounds.

OK, maybe 104.

I had a lot of pizza last week.


So, uh, what happened to Norm?

I think he became an attorney.



You'd tell me if you thought I looked big,


No, I mean it. I mean,
I-I'd tell you

if you had spinach in
your teeth or bad breath.

Friends do that,
right? If I was--

I think you need to be quiet now.



When I tell you to, step off.

Then what?

Then we run like a
couple of bats out of hell.

Okay. Okay.

And... jump!


[both panting]

So, how's my breath?


[paper rustling]

I got some crackers here.

Least they look like
crackers. You want one?

What I want is for you to--

Yeah. Yeah. I
know what you want.

You can keep asking.

Don't be an idiot, Mr. Brown.

Save yourself, man.

Then, if there's time,
come back for me.

Look, it's not gonna happen.

I'm not leaving you.

Mr. Brown,
you and I have both served

in our country's armed forces.

We know there're times on certain
missions where you have to be prepared

to leave a wounded man behind!

Keep your voice down.

What is the point of traveling

to new worlds when
you can't see them?

All right, it's simple.

We'll be your radio.


Wade, Quinn and me,
we'll tell you what we see.

Mr. Brown,
I don't need a talking guide dog.

I need a friend who
will carry out my wishes.

You don't know you're blind.

You might see again.

And even if you don't,

it doesn't mean
that your life is over.

You know,

one of my buddies in the Navy,

Guy Yaniger,

he always wanted to
study painting in Paris.

He saved all his life.

When he retired,
he had a lot of money.

But he went blind from diabetes.

What is the point of
this maudlin little story?

He went to Paris, anyway,
and became a sculptor.

You know somethin'?

For somebody with
so much education,

there are moments when
you aren't very smart at all.

Spare me your insights, sir!

No, I figure that

this is the first
time in your life

that you may have to
depend on somebody else.

And I can't believe that you
would rather die than do that.

don't you know that we need your help, too?

Very well. Since you will not leave me,

I will leave you.

I wouldn't do that, Professor.

[Professor grunts]




You're right, Mr. Brown.

I do not want to do this.

Don't just stand there, man.

Come and help me.


(Wade) Rembrandt!


Why don't you signal again?


What are we gonna do if--

We'll find them.

We will.

Let's just rest
here for a while.


How long before we slide?

18 hours.


What are we gonna do if we
don't hook up with them in time?

We're not leaving without them.

All right?

All right.

Maybe we can rest in here.

You're certain
that door's secure?

don't worry. Nobody's gettin' in.

What's that humming noise?

I don't hear anything.

I'm sorry.

It's up there, Mr. Brown.

Okay, you wait right here.

[gun clicking]

That way. Up there. Up there.


What? What happened?
What's happening?

I'm stuck on something.

Take out the flashlight
out of your bag.

Shine it over here.

Not in my eyes.

Shine it up so I can
see what's got me.


[Rembrandt grunts]

Up a little.



(Rembrandt) It's not good.

Okay, you got your gun handy?


Okay. You're gonna
have to take your gun

and shoot the three big spiders

that are coming
to electrocute me.


No, really.

You're gonna have
to kill these suckers.

Mr. Brown, what if I shoot you?

I may ask you to do that

if you miss too many times,

All right.

Just take the flashlight
with the barrel of the gun.

Shine it up.


There. That's it! Shoot!

You got him.

We can do this. We can do this.

Now, turn it to your-- to your left,

Easy. Left. That's it.


No! No! No! He's going
down. Bring it down! Shoot!

You just poked him! Shoot!


One more.

Bring it over to
your right. That's it.

Go a little further.
Hold it right there.

Right there.

Let that little sucker
come right to you. Yeah.

Right there. That's it. Easy.


[Rembrandt groans]


Mr. Brown?


You all right?

you got them. You got them all.

(Egghead) Well done, players.

You're free to move to Level 4.

It only gets worse from here.

There are 12 teams
left in the Game.

Can I ask you something?

I have a feeling no
matter what I say,

you're still gonna ask.

What were you thinking
when we all thought

that that plane was gonna crash?

I was thinking I was gonna die.

I was thinking

just when I was
beginning to enjoy this ride,

it was gonna be
over and I was sad

because I knew
I'd miss everybody.

And then, I turned and saw you.

And Arturo, and Remmy,
and I was suddenly okay

because at that
moment I realized that

everything we've done,
all the stuff we've seen,

it doesn't just disappear.

It goes somewhere.


This way.


I thought you...


We were on the verge of
a civil war 10 years ago.

The government had
banned all sporting events

but the people wanted
to be entertained.

You know? So they
started up the Games.

They used to have the
Game at the old coliseum

but it outgrew in
a couple of years.

After the riots,
the government banned all sports,

except for the Game.

In '92,

the owners built this wall
around part of the city.

After that,

anybody with enough
money could sponsor a team.

How many times
have you done this?

This is the first
Game I've gone major.

This is our first time, too.

Man, talk about...

What--what did you call it?


Talk about sliding

into the wrong place
at the wrong time.

How did you get together?

Well, Wade,
Arturo and I were conducting an experiment

and Rembrandt just happened
to be driving by outside

and accidentally got
sucked into the vortex.

I didn't think you guys
looked like players.

Especially the big guy.

Is he dead?

We don't know.

I lost the last of
my team yesterday.

I'm sorry.

But as long as one of us
makes it to the finish line,

all our families get to
share the prize money.

How much do you win?

$5 million.

You take the first watch?


(Rembrandt) Damn!



We're trapped!

How many?

Two too many. Get over here!

[dog barking]

Put this in front
of you. Right there.

[barking continues]

Come on!


(Professor) Where is it?


It's all right!

It's okay, Professor.

Let's get out of here.

Let's get our guns. Huh?

I came to relieve you.


It's gonna be dawn soon.

Would you change my bandage?


How much time is left?

About two hours.

Will you and your girlfriend
leave without the other two?

We're just friends.

That's all.

How long will you wait for them?

If we don't slide out of here
before the timer runs out,

we're stuck here for 29 years.

Today will be the worst.

The last level.

No rules.

Anything goes.

I was wondering--

Maybe we should team up.

That way we can all
make it to the finish line.

I'd like that.

If I don't make it
to the finish line,

will you place my
medallion in the recorder?

You have my word.

(Egghead) Congratulations,

You've made it to Level 5.

You're in the home stretch.

This looks to be
an exciting finish!

Three teams are within
one-half mile of the finish line.

[gun firing]


(Egghead) Correction.
Make that two teams.

[gun firing]

Did you hear that?

Must be Quinn. Signal him back.

[gun firing three times]

It's them.

Remmy! Over here!

Come on, let's go.


Back. Back.

Thank you, Remmy!

Mr. Brown, what can I do?

Left, shoot left.

[gun firing]

(Professor) Mr. Brown,
I believe my sight is returning.

Stop talking and keep shooting!

Shoot! Over there!


Thank you.

We did good! We
did good! Come on.

Oh, am I glad to see you!


How's Quinn?

He's fine.


Looks like I
don't get to finish.

Isn't that the girl that...

Take this for me.

No. No. No.

We're gonna get you to a doctor.

See you at the beach.

No! No! No!

(Egghead) Congratulations,

You're within 100
yards of winning.

Be careful.

All right,
we have got two minutes left.

There's something I've
gotta do before we slide.

No, you can't risk it.

Wade, I promised her.

Hey, let me help you.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Mr. Brown,
is this a CO2 extinguisher?

Does it still have
anything in it?

I believe the androids locate us

with a heat sensor.

You could use the cold
CO2 to create a cloud

that would render
you invisible to them.


I'm with you, man. Let's do it.


Ready. Let's go.

(Rembrandt) Hurry up,
Q-Ball. This thing's running low!

Hey, you can't do that.

Watch me.

(Egghead) The
Game is officially over.

A winner has been declared.

Congratulations to Nicky
Kent and her victorious team!

Let's get out of here.

The vortex. I can
see the vortex!

I think my eyesight's returning.

All right.

After you, Professor.

Glad we all could make it.



[theme music]