Sliders (1995–2000): Season 1, Episode 2 - Sliders - full transcript

The sliders race to find the cure for a deadly plague that is consuming the inhabitants of that dimension. Guest stars: YeeJee Tso, James Bell. With Jerry O'Connell and John Rhys-Davies

[Upbeat instrumental music]

MAN: Oil! We're all rich!

[People cheering and shouting]

[Noisemakers blasting]

[People whooping]

MAN 1: That's what I like.

WOMAN: We're rich!

[Professor moans]

[Woman moaning]

I like this world.

REMBRANDT: Me too, man.
I've had dreams about this.

[People continue cheering and shouting]

Quinn Mallory, can I touch you?
Will some of that rub off on me?


Haven't you heard, man?
You hit the mother lode.

Your house on James Street?
They just found a gusher in your back yard.

You're a millionaire, Quinn.

Don't celebrate so hard.
You might hurt yourself.

WADE: Did I just hear right?

There's oil everywhere
and everybody's rich?

- Yes!
- Yes!

[Wade and Rembrandt laughing]

REMBRANDT: How much time we got?
PROFESSOR: About a minute.

[Electronic beeping]

That sucks.

That just sucks.

Easy come, easy go.

[Gloomy instrumental music]

WADE: This looks like a good place.

QUINN: If I fixed the timer, we can get home.

REMBRANDT: Why do we have to leave
the party so quick?

Okay, here.

WADE: I can't believe how much is here.

Come on.


[All screaming]

REMBRANDT: Watch out, Professor!

[Wade screaming]

[Horn blares]

MAN: Look out!

[Man gasping]

Thank you.

How could you? I was trying to help you.

Well done.

REMBRANDT: What was that about?

Beats me.
I guess he just doesn't like to be kissed.

Well, gentlemen, we're in a world...

where they do not like to kiss pretty ladies
for a little over two days.

Great. We get 20 minutes in wealthyland,
we're stuck two days here in psychoville.

CHC MAN: Watch your step.

What's with this place?

I don't know.
But I think we should get off the streets.

You've got my vote.

Hey, Faye's.

There's a familiar place on this world.

- On me?
- Cool.

- I'm starving.
- So am I.

I think it's a natural consequence of sliding.

I think first the terror, and then afterwards,
the relief brings hunger.


- I want beef Wellington today.
- I want a milkshake.

Beef Wellington, asparagus,
a nice vichyssoise to start with.

[Entrance buzzing]

[Cheerless instrumental music]

[Man coughing]

What are you looking at?

REMBRANDT: Man, this place is cold.

A few days here is going to be
as tough as a weekend gig in Salt Lake City.

That was Easter 1989.
All them people clapping on the off beat.

My good woman,
we haven't even seen the menu yet.

There is no menu.

You got a problem with that,
take it up with the CHC.

Looks like airline food.

Yeah, only not as good.

[Man continues coughing]

WOMAN: Somebody do something.

CUSTOMER: That's the fourth cough.
Will you do something?

We hit 911. Any minute now, okay?

Don't I know you?

Have you been in here before?



You can take a man's body and beat it.
You can take his soul and try it.

But to do this to a hamburger,
it's just downright unkind.

Still, I'm starving.

Well, you're certainly ahead of the game.

Excuse me a minute.

REMBRANDT: Where are your facilities?


[Ominous instrumental music]

Oh, no.

QUINN: What if you could find
brand-new worlds right here on Earth...

where anything is possible?

Same planet, different dimension.

I found the gateway.

[Theme music]


WADE: I always wanted to do this.

[Suspenseful instrumental music]

PROFESSOR: That is him.

REMBRANDT: California Health Commission?
WADE: You're cute with long hair.

What is "Patient Zero"?

The first known carrier of a disease,
the origin of an epidemic.

No wonder the waitress was staring at me.

You always think women are staring at you.

We better get out of here
before she thinks that's me.

REMBRANDT: You don't have to say
that twice.

[Man coughing]

I got to pay good money for this food.
What a world.

[Entrance buzzing]

CHC MAN 1: Everyone stay where you are.
This facility is under stage one quarantine.

Which one?

It's not the Q, damn it.
Look at my skin, look at my eyes.

CHC MAN 2: Get him!
CHC MAN 1: Stop right there!

CHC MAN 2: Cut him off!
CHC MAN 1: Go the other way!

CHC MAN 3: Stop!
CHC MAN 4: Got him!

CHC MAN 1: He ain't going nowhere!
You're making it worse!

CHC MAN 1: Be realistic, pal.
MAN: You can't do this to me!

It was just a cough!

Rembrandt, come on.

[CHC people and man arguing]

It's him!

[Ominous instrumental music]

WADE: Quinn, this is serious.
REMBRANDT: I don't think I like this world.

QUINN: Wonder what this Q does to you?
Come on, let's go.

[Wade panting]

You all right?

My head's really pounding. I just feel dizzy.

Mr. Brown, why don't you use
some of your new-gotten wealth...

and check us into that motel over there?

- You're tired, that's all.
- Yeah.

We need to sack out.
I'll get you some aspirin.

WADE: Okay.
PROFESSOR: I'll come with you.

Get us some Alka-Seltzer,
just in case we eat out again.

[Entrance buzzing]

PROFESSOR: What is this place,
some kind of medieval apothecary?

QUINN: "Witch hazel. Soapwort. Wormwood. "

This must be
some kind of alternative pharmacy.

- You know, like the one in Berkeley.
- Oh, yes.

Where any big-business medicine...

was described
as a fascist tool of immuno-oppression.

[Telephone ringing]

Feel-Rite Pharmacy. Hygienically approved.

[Entrance buzzing]

[Bell rings]

- Do you need directions or something?
- No, we need two rooms.



- You got any vacancies?
- A few.

We can just squeeze you in.

WOMAN: Gomez, what is it?
What's going on?

GOMEZ: Mommy, we have customers!

MAN: So take care of it.

We are a very clean establishment.

Nothing lives here, no bugs, no germs.
And everything is hygiene wrapped.

[Wade sighs]

You know, of course,
we can't allow any sick people in this motel.


Some of the fairer sex
just can't hold their liquor.

You know how it is,
being a man of the world and all.

That's right.

GOMEZ: There's hot water in every room...

and complimentary Ovaltine
served daily until 10:00 a. m.

[Wade gasps]


Told you to stay off them beers.



[Soft instrumental music]

It is you.
You're a hero to a lot of folks, man.

You're like Charlie Manson
and the Night Stalker combined.

You took a whole society down, Quinn,
and all you had to do was breathe, man.

You're nuts.



Yes. Do you have any aspirin?

As in for headaches.

Who's got a headache? You?

No, sir, I do not have a headache.
A friend of mine has a headache.

You wait here.
I'll see what I have in the back.

Blistering idiot.

- I've been recognized.
- Let's get out of here.

They're coming for you.
I just placed the call.

ASSISTANT: They'll be here soon.
PROFESSOR: Back door.

But don't them take you alive, Quinn.

When they blow you away,
you will become a martyr, man.

Come on, lad!

Chaos lives! Quinn must die!

CHC MAN 1: Back there!

CHC MAN 1: Hold it, pal!

[Glass shattering]


CHC MAN 1: Put your hands on your head!
QUINN: Get off me!

CHC MAN 1: Go on.

[Quinn grunts]

CHC MAN 2: That's it. He's tranqed, guys.

CHC MAN 1: Come on, let's go.


REMBRANDT: Shot? You saw him get hit?

[Siren wailing]

They ambushed him.
There was nothing I could do.

- Did they kill him?
- No, I think they used a tranquilliser dart.

They've probably taken him
to a protection area.


- A quarantine area for people with the Q.
- Q?

Look, the Quinn of this world
was a failing medical student...

who deliberately infected
the general population with the plague.


He's public enemy number one.

If they've got him somewhere,
they're going to announce it on the news.

Then we've got to get him out.
We've only got 28 hours before we slide.

You may have to go on by yourself.


We can't possibly take this plague
to another world.

What do you mean "we"?
She's the one who's...

PROFESSOR: I'm not feeling too well myself.

REMBRANDT: You, too?

Let's see what we can do for her,
while we still can.


She must have been infected
by the man she kissed on the street.

She's burning up.

I'll get some ice.

PROFESSOR: It's all right.

It's all right.

[Wade panting]

[Door creaking]

[Eerie instrumental music]

[Woman whimpering]

[Eerie instrumental music continues]

REMBRANDT: You're going to be all right.
Just hold on.

PROFESSOR: The fever must be
producing hallucinations.

Wade, just try to relax.


[Echoing] Wade?

It's all right.

REMBRANDT: This will cool you off.
That will help.

[Eerie instrumental music continues]

[Screaming and gasping]

REMBRANDT: Wade, listen.
We're trying to help you.

It's all right.

PROFESSOR: I've never seen anything
quite like this.

Stop it! What are you doing?

WOMAN: Please do not resist.


WOMAN: Just relax.



I know you think
I'm the guy on the wanted posters.

I know I look like him,
but I'm not the one you're looking for.

WOMAN: You can cut your hair
and shave your beard...

but you can't change your fingerprints.

[Quinn grunts]

[Electricity buzzing]


I know this is a little hard to swallow...

but I'm not from your world.
I come from another Earth.

COMPUTER: Initial decontamination
complete. Q infection not present.


That's impossible.

Run it again.

QUINN: Please. Listen to me.

[Electricity buzzing]

COMPUTER: Q infection not present.

Damn it. You're doing something wrong.

[Electricity buzzing]

COMPUTER: Q infection not present.

Must be something wrong
with the equipment.

I don't think so.

Let me examine him.

He escaped on your watch, Dr. Stanley.
You know you're prohibited.

He's my patient, Dr. Morton.
I want to see him.

If you see him, I have to be present.

WOMAN: [On TV] And so remember,
it is your civic responsibility...

to report all infected individuals
to the California Health Commission.

This message brought to you
by the California Health Commission.

MAN: [On TV] And now,
back to Amazing Bargains.

Charlie, for the big question,
come on over here. How much?

Mike, we all like to entertain,
but in this day and age...

how can you trust the folks
that enter your home?

They might well be carriers.

- Can you afford to take that chance?
- Absolutely not, Charlie.

That's why on Amazing Bargains,
we're offering...

the entire self-protection
biological purification kit at a low price.

Great. How much? This looks great.

CHARLIE: You get 5 pairs of surgical gloves.
MIKE: Five pairs?

CHARLIE: And 36 bars of Medidine soap.
It kills germs on contact.

MIKE: 36? That's great.

And Mike, this beautiful autoclave.
It's got a stainless steel pullout drawer.

Wow, what is that for?

It sterilizes every utensil in your home.

MIKE: Great. How much for all this
on Amazing Bargains?

CHARLIE: If you bought all of this retail...

REMBRANDT: I can't take any more of this.

But on Amazing Bargains,
everything is just $49.95.

$49.95, what do you think?


I'll tell you what I'll do, Mike.

It's the self-activating front door
home protection unit.

MIKE: What does that do?

This actually sprays and sterilizes
every guest that enters your home.

- Automatically?
- Complete protection.

She's getting worse, man.

She's the colour of a wax candle
I got back at home.

You don't look so hot yourself.

It's the Q.

White nodules on the back of the throat.
Looks like strep.

You got it, she's got it.

- We're all going to die here.
- Pull yourself together, man.

Pull yourself together.

Let's go and see what we can do for her.

Wade? Wade!

Come on.

MIKE: Wow, what is that for?

[Eerie instrumental music]

[Distorted voices]

[Eerie instrumental music continues]

[Wade panting]


[Wade gasping]


WADE: Stop!

PROFESSOR: If we don't calm her down...
REMBRANDT: What do we do?


[Wade sobbing]

PROFESSOR: Come on now.

- Who are you?
- We're old friends from back home.

Come now, Miss Wells.

There's a nice cosy bed
waiting for you at the Motel 12.

I'm not going anywhere with you.
I don't even know you.

[Ominous instrumental music]

My friends have arrived.

[People coughing]

MAN: I was told you asked for entry.
Why are you here? Who sent you?

No one. We were chasing after our friend.
Your people took her.

MAN: She has the Q. She belongs here.

Is this a protection zone?


MALLORY: You don't know where you are?

But we do know who you are.

Of course you do. Everyone does.
They make sure of that.

Quinn, I knew you would come back for me.

She's about to go red-eye.

PROFESSOR: Red-eye? What's that mean?

- Final stage. Terminal.
- Terminal?

How long does she have?

Each case is different.
She seems to be on the fast track.

I think I'm dying, Quinn.

There are things I should have told you
a long time ago.

Take her to 17.

She acts like she knows me.

She doesn't seem to be hallucinating,
but I know we never met.

If you have an open mind,
I will tell you how.

QUINN: Want to know what I've been doing
that cured me?

QUINN: Fine, I'll tell you.

I've been sliding through
an inter-dimensional wormhole...

seeing how many different ways
people like you can screw up civilization!

DR. MORTON: A remembered hallucination.

I'm not your Quinn Mallory.

Wait a minute.

I tore up my knee playing football.
Did your Quinn do that?

You know you did.


Bad knees follow me everywhere.

Just hold on, honey.
This man is a doctor. He's here to help us.

[People coughing]

[Requiem music]

Good heavens.

I have seen slaughterhouses
that look more hygienic.

That man, what qualification does he have
as a medical practitioner?

PROFESSOR: What can he do for her?

MALLORY: He can only help alleviate
her suffering.

He's taking a huge chance just being here.

He could be jailed
if the Board of Health found out.

On this world,
his kind of dedication is very rare.

On this world.

Frankly, your acceptance of our situation
surprises us.

We're accustomed
to a little more scepticism.

MALLORY: I don't have time to be sceptical.

If you're lying, you'll wear that
around your neck when judgment comes.

So until I learn otherwise,
I'll accept who you say you are.

How long have you been doing this?

MALLORY: Since my escape.

At least here, people are allowed
to live out their final days with dignity.

The protection camps
are worse than a living death.

PROFESSOR: You've been there?
MALLORY: Briefly.

I was a medical student.

I volunteered to be a lab subject
to help out this doctor, Darren Morton...

one of our foremost researchers.

He gave me the Q, swore I was all right,
and released me into the population.

Wait a minute.
The government infected you?

I became Patient Zero...

dodging from one quarantine zone
to another.

The ones who are really accountable
are the ones who make the policy...

the quarantines, protection zones.

The rich live in sanitary conditions
while the poor get sick and die.

I don't believe this. I mean, not in America.

Maybe not in your America.

But here, it's the cold, hard truth.
You don't believe me? Well, ask them!

This plague,
why is it resistant to antibiotics?

- Antibiotics?
- Penicillin.

What's that?

DR. MORTON: Did you develop
some kind of drug?

I'm not your Quinn.

DR. MORTON: We'll find traces of it in you.

I'm not your Quinn!

DR. MORTON: We're running
a blood test now. Help us.

DR. MORTON: Tell us what to look for.

Or we'll do an autopsy
and find out for ourselves.

If you kill me and cut me open,
I can tell you what you'll find.


I'm not your Quinn.

[People coughing]

Oh, man.

REMBRANDT: I know you're hungry,
but where's your dignity?

We have no time for dignity.

I know the food on this world is bad,
but come on.

Get this man something to eat.

- I don't want to raise false hopes.
- False hopes about what?

There, you see? Mould.

With luck, I may be able to create
an elementary antibiotic.

Perhaps even a simple streptomycin.

- Penicillin!
- How you going to make penicillin?

We got no tablets, no needles, and no time.

You concentrate on finding a way
of getting Quinn out of jail.

Professor, let's trust that they'll have
real penicillin on the next world.

And if there isn't?

We take a plague there.
We become Patient Zero.

[Rembrandt sighs]

I hope you know what you're doing.

So do I.

[Sirens blaring]

[Wade gasping]


It's all right, sweetheart. You rest now.

[Wade coughs]

They found your friend.
He's being held at the CHC on Polk Street.

[Rembrandt sighs]


Thanks, anyway. I'm a straight arrow.

No, you don't understand.

I have a very good friend at the CHC.
Her name is Dr. Eileen Stanley.

You take this to her.
She'll know it could only come from me.

REMBRANDT: Why do I have to go?

Because you're the only one here
who's still healthy.

Believe me, we can trust her.

She risked her life for me once.

I couldn't say anything before
with Dr. Morton standing there.

- What are you doing?
- Be quiet. This room is monitored.

Put this on.

I really appreciate this.
I know you're taking a big chance.

Let's just find a cure together,
that's all that matters.

Come on, let's go.

DR. STANLEY: Don't stop.
PA: Code red.

DR. STANLEY: They know we've gone.
PA: Security.


PA: All systems respond.

DR. STANLEY: This way!

GUARD: Stop, or I'll shoot!

DR. STANLEY: Almost there!
QUINN: Right behind you.

GUARD: I repeat, stop or I'll shoot!

DR. STANLEY: Down the stairs!
QUINN: He has a gun!

REMBRANDT: What's all the commotion?

That's it over there.

You really do love driving cabs, don't you?

Yes, it's my destiny.

You don't know the half.

There's $100.

There's two more where that came from
if you're here when I come back.

I'll wait.


REMBRANDT: What was that?

[Alarm blaring]

DR. STANLEY: This way.
QUINN: Got to get out of the light!

[Bullets ricocheting]

DR. STANLEY: Come on, move it!


[CHC man shouting orders]


CHC MAN: Do not attempt
to move the wounded.

QUINN: Come on!

[Helicopter hovering]

[Dr. Stanley gasping]

[Sombre instrumental music]


Quinn, come on!

[CHC men shouting]

Go on. You can't let them catch you.

I'm not leaving you here.

I should've come with you the first time.

I thought I could find a cure.

Come on, Quinn!

Please, Quinn, forgive me.

I do. Of course I do.

[CHC men shouting]

[Helicopter hovering]

- You're not going to die.
- Yes, I am.

Don't die with me.

Come on, man, we have no time! Let's go!

[Tense instrumental music]

Quinn, leave her! Come on, man, move it!

[All shouting]


[Bullets ricocheting]

PROFESSOR: We must first create
a growth culture.

The antibacterial substance is released
into the fluid that the mould grows in.

Antibacterial agents from moulds.
We never tried that.

Moulds are considered dirty,
sources of potential infection, not cures.

Yes, but they can be quite miraculous.

PROFESSOR: And it will take a miracle
for them to do it for me.

- How is Wade?
- She doesn't have much time.

I've never seen a Q progress so rapidly.

That is because we are from
different Earths. Different immunities.


I feel so weak, Quinn.

I'm responsible, bringing you here,
causing you so much suffering.

WADE: Don't blame yourself.
QUINN: Who else?

Because of me, the woman I love
more than life itself is going to die.

- You do?
- Of course I do, angel. I always have.

I don't want to die, Quinn.

[Wade sobbing]

[Suspenseful instrumental music]

It's me.

But I'm healthy.

- Quinn?
- I'm here.


It's so strange.

Just hang on. We're gonna make it.

Did you find Dr. Stanley?

She didn't make it, man.

[Sombre instrumental music]

PROFESSOR: Optimally...

you want to introduce the antibiotic
directly into the bloodstream...

either through a syringe or IV.

PROFESSOR: Unfortunately,
those resources are beyond us.

Now what are you doing?

When I was a boy, my mother
used to give me penicillin in a cherry syrup.

Essentially water, sugar and flavouring.

REMBRANDT: Do you really think
it's gonna work?

Frankly, Mr. Brown, I have no idea.


Why you?

There are hundreds of people here
every bit as sick, sicker.

Mr. Mallory, I am touched
by your belief in my abilities.

However, I should point out...

that there are three possible outcomes
to my drinking this.

One, it may do nothing. Two, it may cure.

Three, it may kill.

Bottoms up.

If you don't mind, I think I want to lie down.

He's burning up. Get him to a bed.

[CHC men shouting]

DR. MORTON: Where's the cab driver?
CHC MAN: Over here, sir.

Show us. Now, or I'll see to it you get the Q.

[Ominous instrumental music]

DR. MORTON: Let's go.

REMBRANDT: You all right?

You said you and the doctor lady,
you were friends?

We were in med school together.

We were lovers then.

We would've been lovers again
if not for the Q.


MALLORY: You, too?

Yeah, me, too. It was just a matter of time.

And your friends?

There's no change.

And if we don't slide out of here
in 12 minutes, we never will.

The doctor, he's made up
a bottle of the Professor's mould juice.

It's ready to go, just in case.

[Rembrandt coughs]

[Ominous instrumental music]

[Professor grunts]

The fever's broken.

Oh, boy. Bring me that bottle.

You're okay.

Rather confirms one's opinion...

that biology is what you do
if you haven't got the maths for real science.

[Ominous instrumental music]

[Fast-paced instrumental music]

[Brakes screeching]

DR. MORTON: Let's move it!

[CHC men yelling]

PROFESSOR: Until you learn to calibrate
your own doses...

I'd suggest a large quantity initially...

followed by smaller doses
every six hours for three days.

Go to seven days if you absolutely have to,
but no longer than that.

[Door crashes]

CHC MAN: CHC, nobody move!
Right there, stay right there!

DR. MORTON: Tear this place apart.
I want him alive.

[All shouting and screaming]


[Tense instrumental music]

This way!

CHC MAN: All of you, against the wall!

PROFESSOR: Get her up.


This way. Right up those stairs. Come on.

[Fast-paced instrumental music]

REMBRANDT: How long?
PROFESSOR: Under a minute.

Work, damn you.

DR. MORTON: It's Quinn, get him.

[Electronic beeping]

Wrong Quinn, Dr. Morton.

[Sombre instrumental music]

DR. MORTON: He was telling the truth.
There's no cure.

There is now.

It's called penicillin,
and I'll be damned if I let you have it.

Don't be stupid, Quinn.

You're a wanted man.
I could kill you right now and take it.

CHC MAN: Hold your fire.

But you can't control it,
can't keep it just for the rich.

We know how to make it.
We've told other red-eyes in other zones.

It's over for you, the surgeon general,
and everything you stand for.

PROFESSOR: Three, two, one.


MAN: Get back.

QUINN: Come on, get ready!

You did what you could for this world,
now slide!

Give them hell!

[Rhythmic drumbeats]


I had the strangest dream.

It wasn't a dream.

Am I going to be okay?

You're going to be fine.

You look so happy.

I am happy.

Everyone's getting healthy again.
We really made an impact now.

We brought the people on the last world
a cure.

QUINN: No matter what happens
from here on in...

sliding made a difference.

Get some rest.

[Birds chirping]

How is she?

A lot better. She just went back to sleep.

Did you tell her about the cannibals?

No. Why stress her out?
She went through enough on the last world.

[Rhythmic drumbeats stop]

Who do you suppose
they're going to eat first?

I suppose the young are more tender.

Age before beauty. That's a universal tenet.

Don't look at me.

I'm just a Chicken McNugget.
You're the Quarter Pounder.

[Theme music]