Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 4 - Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo - full transcript

The gang attempts to thwart the Neon Phantom that is terrorizing a roller disco.

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SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?

Hi. I'm Scrappy-Doo.




Let me at him. Let me at him!

Let me at him. Let me at him!



Puppy power!


Uncle Scooby?




DAPHNE: Isn't this
exciting? Hollywood at last.

Like, it'll be more exciting when
we find the Chinese Theater.

I don't wanna miss the premiere
of Hair Grease Fever tonight.

- Me neither. SCRAPPY:
Don't worry, Shaggy.

I know exactly where
we are on this map.

Take a left right here.

FRED: All right,
Scrappy, left it is.

VELMA: This isn't the Chinese
Theater. It's the Hollywood Bowl.

Okay, so I made a
mistake. I'm a puppy.

You want directions,
get a pointer.

But look who's playing
tonight. Nightmare.



Like, no, thanks. I
have enough of my own.

Hey, we've got time
before the movie.

Let's catch part of the show.



Boogie down.

Hang loose.

Get hot.

Yeah, yeah.

You two can look now.

Nightmare is only a rock group.

- Rock group?
- Rock group?

SCRAPPY: They're
the hottest group around.

Come on, Uncle
Scooby. Get with the beat.



Hey, what's happening
with the music?

DAPHNE: It's shorting out.

Zoinks, look up there!

SCOOBY: Where?
- There.

VELMA: Jinkies, I see it too.

On top of the band shell.


I feed on your electricity
and nothing can stop me.

You hear?


DAPHNE: He... He's gone.

Wow-wow-wow! Did you
see that, Uncle Scooby?

VELMA: They saw it, all right.

I really don't think the Neon Phantom
hid under there, Uncle Scooby.

But it sure was brave of
you to look for him like that.

SHAGGY: Like, please tell me
we're going to the movie premiere now.

FRED: Sorry, Shaggy.

We're headed for 731
Sundown Boulevard.

According to this guidebook,
that's where we'll find Sparkles.

Sparkles? Oh, no.

That's the roller disco they
said the Neon Phantom haunts.

Yippee! We're gonna catch us a Neon
Phantom and... And put out his lights.



DAPHNE: There it is.
Sparkles Roller Disco.

VELMA: Look, the Neon Phantom.


Puppy power!

Scooby, come back.

SCOOBY: I can't.

I'm coming to save you,
Scoob, old pal, old buddy.

Shaggy, what are
you waiting for?

I'm waiting for somebody
to talk me out of it.

Oh, no.

Hello? Scooby? Scrappy?


Like, is anybody here?


The coast is clear,
Uncle Scooby.

- Shh.
- Uncle Scooby?

It's the Neon Phantom.

Let's get him. Come on.


Okay, Neon Phantom,
listen and listen tight.

I'm gonna get you and make
you go splat. It'll be awful.

SHAGGY: No! Yipes, leave
me alone! I surrender, I surrender!


Thought you could get
away from me, did you?

SCOOBY: Scrappy, look.

So you're the phantom.

Shame on you, Shaggy.

Oh, boy.

Well, the roller disco is locked
up tight. There's no way in.

But the Neon Phantom
found a way. Look.

He's inside.

Come on. Maybe Shaggy
found a way in through the alley.

you he went in here.

SHAGGY: It looks
locked, Scrappy.

Like, maybe we
better leave it alone.

Hey, we could see the
whole alley from up here.




They've set off a burglar alarm.

What's going on here?
What's all this noise?

SCOOBY: Yikes!

FRED: Well, you see, sir...

- Hey!
- Whoops.



We heard an alarm bell.

I'm Bill Walker. Uh, that
was my security alarm.

And these dogs were
trying to break into my home.

Oh, no, sir.

They were actually trying
to break into this building.

BILL: What? FRED: To
capture the Neon Phantom.

He ran into this alley.

And we saw him inside through the
window, but all the doors are locked.

Yeah, they closed
up for the night.

Sparkles is my landlord...

and I'm keeping an eye
on the building for them.

What's this?

Take my advice and steer
clear of that Neon Phantom.

He's bad news.

- What do you got there, Scoob?
- I don't know.

It's stuck to your hand.

Hey! Help!

Get it off me!


VELMA: It's some
kind of advertising flyer.

"Avoid the lines, come early
to Sparkles' Roller Disco."

What lines? The place is closed.

anymore. Come on in.


He's done it again.

Oh, boy, we're gonna get that
Neon Phantom and splat him good...

aren't we, Uncle Scooby?

Aren't we, Uncle Scoob?

Yeah, we are.

We're gonna splat him good.

Don't look at me, Scoob.

Like, he's your nephew.

It'll be quickest if we split
up to search the disco.

I had a hunch you were
gonna say that, Fred.

- Why?
- Like, somebody always does.

SCRAPPY: "Main disco room."

I bet you that's
where he's hiding.

Yeah. Heh. That's
usually our luck. Oh, boy.

- Well, I don't see anything. You, Scoob?
- Nope. Nothing.

- Okay, let's head back.
- Wow!

I don't like the sound
of that "wow," Scoob.

Me neither.


SHAGGY: Zoinks!
- Let me at him.


Puppy power!


I got him. I got him.

Uh, didn't I get
him, Uncle Scooby?

Yeah, yeah, I did it.

FRED: Scooby. Shaggy.

- What is it?
- A monster, Fred.

VELMA: Relax,
Shaggy. It's only a movie.

- A movie?
- A movie?


DAPHNE: Hey, who
turned out the lights?

VOICE: Who are you?

I see him. It's the phantom.

Get ready to be splatted,
you phantom, you.

FRED: He's in the DJ's booth.

not gonna like this.

I got him, Uncle Scooby.

I really did get him.

What...? What's going on?

- Who's down there?
- Put him down, Scrappy.

He's not the Neon Phantom.

JOEY: I'm Joey Cassette,
one of the owners of Sparkles.

Are you sure you're
not the Neon Phantom?

We closed early tonight, but I
came back to design a new light show.

That monster
film was part of it.

We're sorry. We thought
you were the Neon Phantom.

But I guess it was just
your lighting effects.

Like, wow, look
at all these skates.

- Yeah. SCRAPPY: Give
them a try, Uncle Scooby.

Here, I'll give you a push.


Oh, no! Like,
Scooby can't skate.

Oh, come on.

My Uncle Scooby
could do anything.


Except skate.

SHAGGY: Scooby!
- Yikes!


DAPHNE: Scooby, watch out!

I'm trying.

STEVE: What's
going on here, Joey?

Who are these kids?


They're trying to track
down the Neon Phantom.

Kids, this is Steve Shimmer,
my partner in Sparkles.

So you're looking for
the Neon Phantom, huh?

Well, he sure
ruined our business.

People blame Sparkles for the
phantom, so they're staying away in droves.

JOEY: And just when we
were planning to expand.

Hold on, Uncle
Scooby. I'm coming.

Uncle Scooby?

SCOOBY: Up here.

Terrific, Uncle Scooby.

Will you teach me to
do that trick sometime?


I wanna close this
disco permanently.

Never. I'll buy out your share
first, just give me a fair price.

Nice guy, that Steve Shimmer.

Ah, forget about him.

Hey, the Sparkles Rock Group
is recording a new album tonight.

How'd you like to attend
an all-night session?


- Terrific.
- Yeah, that would be great.

Uh, like, I think Scoob
and I would rather

catch the movie premiere
at the Chinese Theater.


Me too. Can I come too?

Okay, Shaggy.

We'll catch up with you later and get
back on the trail of that Neon Phantom.

Like, I can hardly wait.

Gee, that was
super. Really great.

Chuck, we need more tapes.

I'll get them.

One more time, kids.


Gosh, I had no idea it took
so long to record a song.

I hope Shaggy's enjoying
the movie premiere.

another limousine and it's...

Yes, the producer of Hair
Grease Fever, Bob Melnick.


What are they cheering
about? I can't see a thing.

Me neither.

ANNOUNCER: Ah, here come some
of the world's most famous rock stars.

Welcome, welcome.

Hey, I can see their legs.


Huh? Whose legs?

Boy, oh, boy. There
goes Jagger's legs.

And there goes Travolta's legs.

And there's Streisand's ankle.

Poor Fred, Daphne and Velma.

They're missing
all the excitement.

VELMA: Jinkies, could it be?

DAPHNE: It could be, and it is.

The Neon Phantom.

PHANTOM: So you're
the Sparkles, eh?

Well, you'll sparkle no more.


DAPHNE: He's done it again.

The Neon Phantom's drained
all the energy from the building.

And got away with it.

VELMA: Jinkies.

You fools! You'll
never catch me.


He's right, you know.

We can't catch
what we can't see.

The question is, where
will he strike next?

Well, it'd be someplace
with lots of electric lights...

a big crowd of people,
lots of reporters...

ALL: The movie premiere!

And now for the
highlight of the evening.

Arriving at this moment is none other
than the star of Hair Grease Fever.

The star?

Oh, boy.

SHAGGY: Yeah, Scrappy.

Like, we're counting on you
to tell us what his legs look like.

- Uh-oh.
- Oh, no.

Don't tell me it's the
Neon Phantom again.

Your next movie premiere
will be done by candlelight.

I'll bet he's gonna get away
at the back of the theater.

Come on, Uncle Scooby.
I'm right behind you.


Boy, oh, boy, Uncle Scooby,
here's where we get him now.

Any minute now, he's gonna drop
a rope down the back of the theater.

SHAGGY: Yeah? And then what?

SCRAPPY: And then we
splat him, with a capital "splat."

SHAGGY: Scooby,
is that you crackling?

SCOOBY: Nope. Not me.

SHAGGY: Like, gangway!


SCRAPPY: That's my Uncle Scooby,
always wanting to get the villain first.

PHANTOM: I've got you now.

Oh, yeah? We'll just
see about that, we will.

Because my Uncle Scooby
is fearless and ferocious...

and so am I.

SCOOBY: Scrappy!

Hey, I almost had
him, Uncle Scooby.

Oh, come on. I'm
not afraid of him.

That's okay, Scrappy. That's okay.
We're scared enough for all three of us.



Shag. Scooby.

Where's the Neon Phantom?

I think Scrappy scared him off
after the Neon Phantom scared us off.

Oh, we got here too late.

Maybe not, Daphne.

If we can just check out the
theater's electrical control panel.

FRED: Hmm. This is a dimmer with
a timer hooked to the master circuit.

But why would a Neon
Phantom need an electrical timer?

Hmm. The Roller Disco
uses equipment like this.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, I think I've found something
here on Steve Shimmer's desk.

It's a circular from an
electrical supply house.

Hmm. "Neon tubing,
strobe lights and rheostats."

Those are dimmers.

DAPHNE: Look at
this. On the back side.

FRED: "Umopuns eel"?

Well, I know what an eel is.

But what does "umopuns" mean?

I've got it.

What we have to do now is set
a trap for our slippery electric eel.

Okay, let's do what Velma
says and hang the banner.

"Grand reopening."

Wait. The words are upside down.

No, they're not.

"Grand reopening."

SCRAPPY: That's because you're
looking down from above it, Uncle Scooby.

Shaggy, let's turn
it right-side up.

Like, it's right-side up, but
now it's facing the wrong way.

Yeah. You and I
have to switch places.

- Hey!
- No good, Scrappy. Let's go back.

We're wasting time.

I'll do it by myself.

How's that? Great, huh?

Boy, oh, boy, this ought to lure
the Neon Phantom into our trap.


DAPHNE: Do you really think
the Neon Phantom will show up?

VELMA: Trust me, Daphne.

I'm sure he'll want to black out
the grand reopening of Sparkles.

SCRAPPY: Wow, Uncle
Scooby is skating like an expert.

SHAGGY: I, uh, taught
him everything he knows.


I see what you mean.

VELMA: It wasn't his fault.

His skate wheel
got stuck in this tar.


Grand reopening, eh?

I welcome you now
to the grand reclosing.

DAPHNE: Oh, no!
He's getting away again.

Well, he won't get away
from Scrappy-Dappy-Doo.


Puppy power!

SCOOBY: Scrappy, come back!

SHAGGY: Hey, like, wait for me.

SCOOBY: Scrappy!

SHAGGY: Scooby!

Hurry, Uncle Scooby.


DAPHNE: He's heading for the
Hollywood sign. VELMA: Follow him, Fred.

Look, Uncle Scooby.

Better watch out, Neon Phantom.

We're coming after you.

Your kilowatts are numbered.

There's the sign, but there's
no sign of the Neon Phantom.

VELMA: Maybe he
turned off his lights.

Here's a footpath. Follow me.

That's him, Uncle
Scooby. On the H.

- Let's go.
- I'll stay here.

Go home. You'll never
catch the Neon Phantom.

Boy, oh, boy, we
got you cornered now.

Prepare to be splatted.

Ooh. I can't do
it. It's too slippery.

Wait. Look. That'll do it.

You see, Uncle Scooby,
it's like a springboard.

I'll stand on the low end...

and you climb the tree and
jump down on the high end...

and it'll catapult me right up
to the Neon Phantom, okay?

Uh, well, uh...


- Ready?
- Yeah, Uncle Scooby.





Hey, he did it.

That's my Uncle Scooby.

He's fearless.

Where's the Neon Phantom?

Up there.

Me and Uncle Scooby
got him good this time.

VELMA: You sure did, Scrappy.


This black box contains
batteries and a dimmer.

That's how he was able to
increase or decrease his glow.

But this electrical
supply circular we found

on Steve Shimmer's
desk was the big clue.

It advertises this
black box, the dimmer,

and the timer he used
at the Chinese Theater.

Like, Scoob and I knew all the
time it was Steve Shimmer, huh?

SHAGGY: Ha-ha-ha.
SCOOBY: Yeah. Sure.

STEVE: You caught him.

That's terrific.

- Huh?
- Then who's the phantom?

This was delivered to
Steve by mistake. Look at it.

"Umopuns eel"?

VELMA: Look at it this way.

"733 Sundown"?

That's where it was supposed to be
delivered, right next door to Sparkles.

Which is 731 Sundown.

FRED: That's right.

- It's Mr. Walker.
SHAGGY: I get it.

And the tar on the dance
floor came from his shoe.

Right, Scrappy. He got it from the disco
roof, which is how he cleverly got inside.

That explains the tar-stained
ad Scooby found on his shoe.

Uh, yeah. I did.

VELMA: Mr. Walker told us
that Sparkles was his landlord.

And when you mentioned expanding,
Joey, things started to add up.

Oh. So the whole Neon Phantom
scare was to drive us out of business.

So he wouldn't have to lose
his house to the roller disco.

VELMA: Only now he'll
have to move anyway.

SHAGGY: Right. Like, to a
place with bars on the windows.

STEVE: Hey, he's sensational.

He sure catches on fast.

JOEY: Maybe we should
enter him in the Olympic tryouts.

The Olympics?


That's my Uncle Scooby. Wee!



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