Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 13 - Scarecrow and Mrs. King - full transcript

Dotty becomes an unwitting pawn when she gets involved with an elderly Russian man- who is on the run from the KGB.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Mr. Stetson?

Mr. Stetson? Is that you?

- Mr. Stetson?
- Yeah, I'm Stetson.

- What's the matter?
- They're watching.

I'll try to get
back to you later.


That's the only name
he gave me on the phone.

He said he wanted to do
something for his country...

and that his company
was cheating on contracts.

A whistle-blower.

You have any theory on
why he ran out on you?

No, I didn't see who
was driving the other car.

I didn't know what
happened when I got there.

And you have no idea how
Jerry got hold of whatever that is?

This is the full text of three
recent Soviet debriefings...

on their latest
weapons prototypes.

Everything we got from
Chernev and Valeska last year...

and Stanislov in January.


We're already catching
flack on our defector program.

That is the kind of intelligence that
any defense contractor can use...

to make a billion or two. - Mm.

- What about Andrei Zernov?
- Still got him at the Debriefing Center...

and we're finished
with the others.

But we're about to kiss him
goodbye and resettle him in D.C.

- Mm.
- Good.

Cover all the Russians we
have while we watch Zernov.

If anybody gets
to him, we'll know.

And if nobody does and
his transcripts show up...

The leak's in our
plumbing, then.

Right, so where do we put
Zernov? If the leak is inside...

we can't put him in
our open safe houses.

It's got to be an
average neighborhood.

He's got to believe
it's genuine. Any ideas?

- My neighborhood?
- Mm-hm.

- What if he's a double agent?
- No way, no way.

You see, that's why these
leaks are so mysterious.

Dr. Zernov is a scientist,
one of their top metallurgists.

He's spent 25 years at the
Voshy Research complex at Minsk.

If he's a genuine defector,
why worry about him?

The other three are defectors
too, but we still have the leak.

If we don't plug it...

the future of the defector
program is on the line.

Ah, so you want me to meet
him and make friends with him...

Yeah, right.

Now, he's starting
a new life here.

He's gonna need a
friend, someone to talk to.

You are a good listener. You help
him, you help us at the same time.

- Everybody wins.
- Okay.

Mom, do we have to take
that goofy picnic basket?

Sweetheart, this is
a nice picnic basket.

Mother, could you hand me
the marshmallows, please?


I'll get it.

Probably Linda, selling more
of those Blue Jay candies.

Sweetheart, we don't need
any more Blue Jay candy.

Boy. That must be some book.

Oh, it's wonderful.

It's about a Russian scientist
who escapes from the U.S.S.R...

with a secret formula.

Um, but then the KGB, that's
the Russian secret police...

they follow him. And
he goes to America...

and he meets this wonderful,
beautiful girl, a tightrope walker...

in the circus.

- And then...
- Mother, isn't that a little far-fetched?

- Amanda. You have no imagination.
- Huh? Oh.

That is not really your fault...

because around here
everything is so ordinary.

Don't you wish sometimes that
life was just a little bit exciting?

I told you that was Linda. That's
the fifth box he's bought from her.

- Oh, Philip.
- Why don't you just shut up?

Hey, don't tell your
brother to shut up.

And Jamie, it would help
if you didn't tease Philip.

Here, take this outside
and wait for Mr. Doyle.

Give me that. You're
already sweet enough...

you don't need any
more candy, go on.

Okay, Mother, I'm
gonna go to the market...

then I'll make a
"welcome neighbor" visit.

There's a Dr. Zernov, who's
just moved into one of the, uh...

furnished houses
for rent on Magnolia.

- Zernov?
- Uh-huh.

That's a Russian name.

- I guess so.
- Amanda.

I haven't made a
"welcome neighbor" call...

No, Mother, please listen.

He just moved to this
country, he's probably shy.

We don't wanna overwhelm him.

Besides that, somebody's gotta
wait with the boys for Mr. Doyle, okay?

All right, I better get going.
I'll see you later. Bye-bye.


Of course I will buy
from you delightful ladies.

Thank you.

Oh, well, thank you.

America. They bring candy
to your door. Heh, heh.

- How could I refuse?
- Oh, you'll get used to it.

But I'm real glad you
find it so agreeable.

- Yeah. Would you like some tea?
- Oh, no, thank you.

Oh, I regret I don't
have anything stronger.

I know it's early but this
is a day of celebration.

Not for me. No,
I have to leave...

but please call
anytime, day or night.

Day or night. Okay.


Don't give me
that official face.

I know, I'm government,
but I do want to help.

I'm sorry, but it is
government I'm leaving behind.

I know a lot of émigrés.

I know how lonely you get.

How strange the U.S.
can be, how cruel...

otherwise good people can seemingly
be when they hear the word "Russian."

You are a very friendly guy.

So don't take it too personally if
people aren't quite so friendly in return.

At least at first. And don't
buy every box of candy...

somebody tries
to sell you. Ha, ha.

- Call me.
- Okay.

Your worst enemy is loneliness.

Oh, there's a place, here in
town, that you should know about...

and I wrote down the address.

The Muscovy Tea Room.

Oh, excuse me.

- Oh, you've come to the right house.
- Oh, look at these charming ladies.

- Don't forget the tea room.
- All right.

And go easy on this
man. Okay? Ha-ha-ha.

- Welcome, we want you to stay.
- All right.

What do you have here for me?

- Blue Jay mints.
- Oh, some mint wafers.

Jake Lawrence better tip
Zernov on sales resistance...

before the Avon
lady hears about him.

So are we going to
brief Lawrence or what?

No, Lawrence was State Department's
babysitter for Chernev, Valeska...

and Stanislov too,
once they get settled.

No, we just watch.

- Hello, how's it going?
- Good timing, the babysitter just left.

- Oh.
- You look like Little Red Riding Hood.

Lee and I will protect
you from the Big Bad Wolf.

Thanks, Francine. LEE: Ahem.

I thought I'd see...

if there were instructions
and bring you these.

- Oh, good.
- Oh.

Isn't that sweet, but
when we're on stakeout...

we usually send out for meals.

I thought you might
get tired of pizzas.

- Hmm.
- Pizza?

No, no, that's not
what we had in mind.

Uh, Lee, do you know that the Blue
Fox actually caters to parties of two?

I stopped and got their take-out
menu on the way over here.

Francine, you can't have the Blue
Fox deliver here three times a day.

The neighborhood will notice.

I brought you groceries, you
can just whip something up.

Whip something...

Hello, I'm Dotty West.
I live a few blocks over.

Hello, how are you?

- My mother.
- Fine, thank you.

- I hope I'm not intruding.
- Intrusion?

Oh, my dear, Mrs. West, a
visit from a beautiful lady...

is never an intrusion.

May I get you a cup of
tea? It would be an honor.

Oh, that would be lovely, and
you... You can call me Dotty.

And you may call me Andrei.

Dotty, oh, it is such a humble
name for such a gracious lady.

Oh, well, it's
short for Dorothea.

Then I shall call you Dorothea.

Oh, excuse me a moment.

Hello, Dr. Zernov,
I'm Amanda King.

I'm here to say, "Welcome, neighbor,"
and to welcome you to the neighborhood.

Oh, that's charming.
Come in, come in.

Thank you, sir.

- Well, I see you've already met my mother.
- Oh, thank you.

- This is your mother?
- Yes.

- Please, come and sit down.
- Thank you.

You are every bit as lovely as she.
- Oh.

Now we shall have tea for three.

- Mother.
- Oh, I was wrong about Mr. Doyle.

He was, uh... He was early.

Then I remembered
that wonderful nut bread...

- that I made yesterday.
- But Mother.

It's all right, don't worry about
me. Now, Andrei is not shy at all.

In fact, I offered to show him the sights
and we're going to go this afternoon.

- Here we are ladies.
Ah. AMANDA: But M...

Amanda, your mother has offered
to show me your beautiful capital.

Who could feel so welcome as I?

Oh, that's...

That's very nice of you, Mother.

Don't worry. There's
nothing I can't handle.

A leak.

Why didn't you tell me
about this before now?

- We better shut down.
- Shut down when I say so.

- The leak is our concern.
- I won't take your money...

Zernov is the most important,
don't think about quitting.

- Don't you have enough...?
- No more arguing.

Too much at stake here.

The data we can get from Zernov on
the new alloys is vital to our analysis...

of the latest Russian
designs. You stay on that.

Yes, sir.

Gertz, I want you to concentrate on
some very important unfinished business.

You missed Jerry
Dunlap the last time.

If we don't silence him before he
makes contact with the agency again...

the three of us are going to have a lot
more to worry about than we do now.

I'm sorry. LEE: No, it's okay.


My mother's gonna spend
the rest of the day with him.

We are also going to
spend the afternoon with him.

We'll give you a listening device,
slip it into your mother's purse.

Wait a minute.

I'm not gonna put a listening device
in my mother's purse. That's a bug.

Now, you've asked me to
do some pretty crazy things.

- This isn't so different, Amanda.
- This is my mother.

This is the only way we can stop them
short of yanking Zernov off the street.

I will be right behind
them the whole time.

It's for their own good. Believe
me. You can go along if you want.

Okay. Where's the bug? - Heh.

They're after me, Mr. North.

I've been so scared.

I didn't wanna tell
you this at the office...

but I should've come
to you before now.

Jerry, it's okay. You did
the right thing, believe me.

Now, just tell me
what's happened so far.

- Who have you talked to?
- I called the agency.

No names, and arranged a
meeting with Mr. Stetson...

except someone else was there.

I think he had a gun.

But you haven't really
made contact with him yet?

Not really, I just threw him the
papers. I didn't have time to explain.

And they don't know where
the papers came from?

Well, I'm very
concerned about all this.

We have to cooperate
fully, of course...

but if somebody in our
company has national secrets...

that he shouldn't have,
I want it stopped now.

Okay, here's what you
do, call your contact...

and arrange an appointment,
just be circumspect on the phone.

After you talk to him, come back
to me and we'll take it from there.

Yes, sir.

No, no, it must be immediately.

This afternoon at 2.

Yes, Rock Creek Park.

I'll look for you.

It's a match, it's Stanislov.

Zernov's desperate
to meet him today.

- I think you better check it out.
- Yeah.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Aw, gee, the boys
forgot their lunch.

Yes, but they left the
basket, thank goodness...

because Andrei and I
are going on a picnic.

- I thought this was gonna be a tour.
- Dorothea.

- Dorothea?
- Dorothea.

That what's Andrei calls me.

Your father used to call
me that when we were close.

- Now, where's my purse?
- Oh, here it is.

- Oh, good.
- Uh...

Is there something wrong?
You seem very nervous.

Uh, well, I am a
little nervous, Mother.

I'm a little worried that you
might be cold, you know...

the ground is damp and I think
you probably ought to get a blanket.

Oh, yes. It's a good idea.
There's one in the laundry.

Good. Good.

Can you find it? DOTTY: Yeah.

Oh, good.

- Here we go.
- Oh, good, Mother.

Okay. There's your
basket, here's your purse.

And Mother, have
a wonderful time...

and just...

don't say anything that
you wouldn't wanna see...

- on the front page of the newspaper.
- No, ha, ha. Of course not.

Okay. ZERNOV: Huh?

Heh, this is what I hate about
driving, when you have to parallel park.

- Uh-huh.
- How do you do this in Russia?

I don't know, I don't drive.

Oh, dear, you're
gonna have to learn.

Do yourself a favor...

get yourself a little car.

Okay. Hang on, here we go.



Oh. DOTTY: Unh. Good, I did it.

- Okay. ZERNOV:
Really. Ha-ha-ha.

Wasn't that good?

You have a great future in my
country driving a Russian tank.

- That's perfect.
- Yeah, huh?

Rock Creek Park. ZERNOV: Ah.

Oh, it's a lovely park.

But then we have wonderful
parks in Washington.

Yeah, in Moscow too. Many parks.

ZERNOV: Here they are.

What are they gonna say that could
possibly be interesting to the agency?

This afternoon,
before he left...

Zernov had a phone conversation
with another ex-patriot...

about a meeting here
in Rock Creek Park.

Now, if it makes you
feel uncomfortable...

both of us don't have
to listen to it, do we?

And your daughter, Amanda,
she remains unmarried also?

Yes, I don't understand it.

- Hmm.
- What?

- I thought you didn't wanna know.
- Oh, come on.

It was nothing.

All right, your mother just said
that Zernov was very handsome.

- Well, he's...
- They're talking about marriage.

They're talking...

Oh, come on.

Heaven knows she's
had enough chances.

She was engaged to a wonderful
man about two years ago.

He wasn't wonderful, but
he did have a good job...

and he was wild about Amanda.

But she was not
so wild about him?

No, she was fond of him.

But then she got this job at this
production company called IFF...

or something like that...

I don't know, she just
lost interest in Dean.

I think there's somebody at
work, but she hasn't said anything.

Excuse me.

Well, we better
go. Losing range.

Where's Dr. Zernov?

I don't know. Look,
I'm gonna go find out.

- Wait here.
- Right.


Amanda, are you following me?

Now, don't give me
any mumbo jumbo.

I think it's sweet and
I am very touched.

But, darling, I am just fine.

There is no reason to follow me.

Now, I want you to go
home. Thank you, darling.

- You'd better follow them, huh?
- Right.

Look, you take the car.

- You think you can handle it?
- Yeah, Mother only makes right turns.

I'm gonna go back to the
agency, get another car.

I just called Francine.

Seems my informant, Jerry,
wants to see me again immediately.

- Now, be careful.
- I will.

- Mr. Stetson.
- Jerry.

Listen, I'm sorry I'm so late.

I think somebody's following me.

All right, look around.
See if he's still there.

I think he's gone.

It's defectors they're after.
They dress up as cops...

and then they go pick them
up in this Russian restaurant.

International Federal Film.

Francine, it's me. Is Lee there?

Uh, he hasn't checked in yet.

Look, when he gets there...

tell him we're at the
Muscovy Tea Room, all right?

- The Muscovy Tea Room.
- Right.

"The land is like my mother...

I am a child in her strong arms.

I sleep in the loving embrace...

of my Mother Russia."

Dorothea, I cannot begin to tell
you what this day has meant to me.

Well, shall we take
a look at the menu?


- Oh. Thank you.
- You're welcome.

To you, Dorothea...
and to the future.


You worry about the vodka, huh?

I am a Russian, Dorothea.

A Russian waters the flowers
of his memory with vodka.

Uh... Too much, perhaps...

but memories and vodka
often need each other.

Maybe we shouldn't
have come here.

It brings back too
many memories.

I cannot forget here, there.

You know, 60 percent
of defectors go back.

Andrei, are you all right?

Uh, Dorothea, would you
excuse me a moment, huh?

I'm feeling strange.

What are you doing? No...


What's happening?
Where are you taking...?

- You know this gentleman?
- Yes, we're together.

I'm sorry, there's been a little
altercation. We have to take him in.

Oh. Well, I know him
very well. We're together.

- And I'm going with you.
- Wait a minute, you can't go.

Bring her along. We gotta move.

- Mother, no, stop her. DOTTY:
Amanda. I'm fine, darling.

I can deal with this. You call the
lawyer and meet me at the precinct.

Amanda, I thought we
agreed you'd stop following me.

- Bye.
- Oh.

- Amanda?
- The police have my mother.

- I hope it is the police.
- What?

That bug in your mother's purse
will act as a homing device. We...

She left it inside.

We'll just have to go down to the
police station and bail my mother out.

I hope they really are the
police. Something's happened.

My informant, Jerry, he's dead.

Oh, it's no use, they
could've turned off anywhere.

Oh, yeah? Look up ahead.

Hold on, I'm
cutting this guy off.

All right. Hold it right
there. Grab some sky! Now!

Hands on the roof, feet back.

These aren't the same policemen.
The car that picked Mother up was 1017.

Who are we, Bonnie and Clyde?

We should've taken him to the
hospital. You can see how sick he is.

He'll be just fine, ma'am.

This doesn't look like
a police station to me.

Come on.

I should've never let
your mother get involved...

- no matter how safe it looked.
- I can't believe I let her get in.


The police have
an APB on them...

as well as Mikhail Stanislov.

Couldn't you have at least
checked the police out...

- before you ran them off the road?
- I didn't wanna tip them.

What was that you
said about Stanislov?

We had agents on his house. He never
returned from his meeting with Zernov.

- Sir, my mother?
- We'll find her and Zernov.

The police have an APB on them.

Well, you were right
about one thing...

the Metro Police do not
have a car number 1017.

Whatever we've run into is
quite an elaborate operation, huh?

What have you got
on the dead man?

His full name is Jerry Dunlap.

He worked with the Aero-North
Industries in the Defense Weapons Division.

Their CEO is Sanderson North...

perhaps you've heard the
name, friends in high places.

That's about it.

Oh, and we found traces
of BZ in Zernov's vodka.

- What's BZ? LEE: It's
knockout drops, plus...

causes disorientation,
slurred speech, so on.

You mean somebody
slipped him a Huck Finn?

- I think that's Mickey Finn.
- I know that.

Okay. Thanks.

Are you in charge here?

If you are, I wanna
tell you something...

you are making a mockery
out of American justice.

- Mrs. West, isn't it?
- Dorothea West...

and I want you to know
that at this very moment...

- my daughter is calling the...
- I understand. I understand.

I know how confusing this
must seem to you, Mrs. West.

Please rest assured,
Dr. Zernov is in good hands.

You're right, this is not
an ordinary police station...

but then Dr. Zernov is
not an ordinary person.

As I'm sure someone with
your sensitivity can understand...

why this incident must be
handled with utmost care.

Why don't you have a seat?

Make sure she does not leave.

They'd show up
every once in a while...

point some guy out to
us and slip us a few bills.

We never got names.

- I figured they were from Immigration.
- Yeah. Sure you did.


Dr. Stanislov.

- Dr. Stanislov.
- I will not come with you.

I have done nothing wrong.

Now, please, sir, listen, we're
looking for your friend Dr. Zernov.

- Andrei?
- Yes.

You look for him also?

It is my fault.

Andrei suspected something...

but I urged him not to
jeopardize our stay in America.

- I thought only of myself.
- No, you were frightened.

When I got drunk, like Andrei, they
took me back to the Debriefing Center.

Mr. Lawrence kept assuring
me no one would have to know...

if I could review everything
I told them before.

- What's the point in that?
- I don't know.

When we find Jake
Lawrence, we'll ask him.

About the MiG-29, could
you elaborate on the airfoils?

The titanium alloy
airfoils on the MiG-29...

are 30 percent lighter
and they're twice as strong.

Uh, could you explain that in
a little more detail, Dr. Zernov?

Why? I went through this
already when I was here before.

They said I was finished.

Sir, you are a
guest in our country.

When there's trouble, we
have to review everything.

I'm afraid you could
still be asked to leave.

I'm doing the best I
can to prevent that.

Uh, excuse me a moment please.

You take me to
Andrei right now...

or I'm going to start
looking for him myself.

Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Lawrence,
I have been very patient.

It has been two hours and I do not
know what is happening to Andrei.

- I can't make a call...
- I'm terribly sorry, Mrs. West.

It's just taking longer than we'd expected,
but, um, Dr. Zernov is feeling better.

And he's so glad
you've decided to stay.

Of course, if you wish,
we could take you home.

Oh, no, I don't mind staying.

It's just that I... Well, I
would like to call my daughter.

We'll take care of that.
Security phones and all.

But, you know, it may
take a while longer.

So why don't I find you a room
where you could lie down for a bit?


Um, here, right over here.

I just can't believe that.

He was here this morning...

with some crazy story about
Russian defectors being kidnapped.

I'm afraid it may
not be so crazy.

Did he tell you who he
thought was responsible?

No, he wasn't sure.

And to tell you the truth, I didn't take it
very seriously because Jerry Dunlap is...

Well, he's somewhat
of an alarmist.

As a matter of fact...

his future with Aero-North
was not all that certain.

Mr. North, do you know a Jake
Lawrence at the State Department?


It's no secret until about a year ago,
Aero-North was having financial problems.

Suddenly things turned around
with some fat government contracts.

Hard work and good timing.

Maybe a little too good, huh?

I mean, overnight, Aero-North seems
to have gained a competitive edge...

on the rest of
the industry here.

Research and development,
your bids all very tailor-made.

- You're suggesting some impropriety?
- No, no, I'm just speculating. That's all.

If a company like Aero-North were to
get ahold of the latest Russian designs...


Well, you'd know just what
the Pentagon wanted to buy.

Mr. Stetson.

Unless you have proof, I'd keep
those kind of allegations to yourself.

I'm gonna stake out Jake
Lawrence's place. He's the key to this.

If he worked for the Defense Department
instead of State, it'd make more sense.

- You mean, it'd be legitimate.
- Yeah, it'd be like a sting or something.

It's not a sting, exactly,
we call it a store...

- but you've got the right idea.
- Heh.

See, men like Zernov are
vulnerable to threats by police...

real or otherwise. They're
alone in a new country...

Jake Lawrence is the
only friend they've got.


Except Zernov has my mother.

I don't know how to
tell you how sorry I am.

It's okay. I'm as much
to blame as you are.

- We're gonna find her.
- I know we are. I know.

Look, I'll take you home.
You can cover that base.

- Yeah.
- It's getting pretty late.

I do not believe
what time it is.

I have got to find a telephone.

They're getting close.

A couple of agents were
over questioning North.

We never should've gone ahead
with Zernov in the first place.

We can have everything
out of here by 10:00.

Nobody can possibly find this
place or trace the operation to us.

What about Zernov and the woman?

Well, of course,
we have no choice...

we'll have to get rid of them.

Hello. DOTTY: Amanda.

Mother, where are
you? Are you all night?

I don't know where we are...

but I do know that there
are some men here...

who are trying to kill us.

All right, Mother. Tell
me where you are.

Um, there are a
lot of warehouses.

And the sign over this one
says, um, "Debriefing Center."

Oh, and I saw the
marshmallow man.

Mother? Mother...

"Marshmallow man"?


International Federal Film.

Mr. Marshmallow?

Yes, ma'am.

Lee Stetson?

I've got it.

That's gotta be a crank.

Mrs. King? You're alone, I see.

Your mother's expecting you.

- Amanda.
- Oh, Mother, are you all right?

- How did you find us?
- The Mr. Marshmallow sign's next door.

- You called the police?
- Not exactly.

- What do you mean?
- I did call the authorities...

but look, I didn't even know
where I was going until I...

What's that?

Oh, they're taking down
the walls of this place.

It is not at all what it seems.

The whole thing is a hoax.

The police car, the
"Debriefing Center"...

All because of me.

They want the information
I gave to your government.



I think she's overwhelmed.

We have to get out of here.

They'll be finished in
about an hour or so.

We can't risk being seen leaving
here with Zernov and the woman.

Luckily, Aero-North leads
the defense industry...

in the application
of exotic toxins.

- What the...? Gertz!
- Don't stick yourself. Soman.

It leaves no trace.

We'll dump the bodies in Maryland,
let the cops scratch their heads.

I spent half the night staked
out at North's place, nothing.

So I went to pick up
Amanda, she was gone.

So I figured she came here.

You don't suppose she went
out to look for them on her own?

No, she knows better than that.

I hope she didn't. With her
luck, she'd probably find them.

Come in.

Officer Harmon.

Go ahead, tell them.

A message came in for Mr. Stetson
early this morning, from Amanda.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- I am.

It wasn't priority.

Amanda is a clearance
code all its own.

Any more calls like this, you
handle priority one, understood?

Yes, sir.

"Mr. Marshmallow."

I don't know about that, but in
reference to the warehouse...

Aero-North has a
warehouse in Alexandria.

They store old equipment there.

And if I'm not mistaken, the
Northeastern Candy Company...

makes Mr. Marshmallow
in Alexandria. Let's go.

All right, now, when Dr. Zernov blows
the whistle, the guard will come in...

I'll kick the gun out of his hand
and, Mother, you pick it up. Okay?

You think this is gonna work?
I mean this is not the movies.

Mother, we have
to try something.

Dorothea, we are
fighting for our lives.

I know that, but one
of us could get hurt.

I mean, Amanda, none of
us have ever done this before.

The secret here is teamwork.

- Right?
- Okay.

Okay, let's give it a try.

- Oh, good work, Mother.
- Oh, dear, I think I really hurt him.

- All right, come on.
- Oh.

Come on.

Mrs. King. You
won't be needing that.

Would you mind giving
Mr. North the gun?

All right. I'll tell you
what you want to know.

But you must not
treat these ladies...

- Oh.
- I should've wrapped this up an hour ago.

There's our marshmallow
man. We'll cover the back.

Three unmarked cars
just pulled up outside.

Get them out of sight.

Come on. Come on.


It's locked. I have
to blow it open.

Oh, Mr. Stetson, for heaven's
sake, I was just going to call you.

I've found something
very unusual.

Come in.

Ah, I failed. I should
have attacked him.

Andrei, you did
the best you could.

- Amanda.
- Shh.

I am so sorry I got you into this, but
you have been very cool under fire.

And then, just as I
turned the corner, um...

I saw this van come
tearing out of the parking lot.

And when I came
inside I found all this.

Did you get a license
plate number on the vehicle?

Well, almost.

- Well, we'll need a description of it.
- Well, of course.

- In here!
- Help!

Wait a second.

In here!

Freeze! Drop your weapons.

Put your hands on top of
your head, slowly! Slowly!

Up. Up! Up!

Up! Slowly.

All right, would you
come this way, please?

Dr. Zernov? Unh!


Look out!

And then your
daughter... Amanda.

Yes, she appeared.

- That's right.
- How's it going in there?

Oh, it's going fine.

Except he told her that it's top secret
and she won't be able to tell anybody.

It's gonna drive her crazy, heh.

- Amanda, I wanna talk to you...
- I know. I know.

I should never have
tried to follow her alone.

An agent never makes a move...

- without a backup.
- Without a backup.

How'd you find the place anyway?

Mother and I took Jamie's class on a
tour of the Northeastern Candy Company...

last spring. I remembered
the "Mr. Marshmallow" sign.

You scared me half to
death. You know that?

- I'm sorry.
- But what's new? Huh?

Uh-oh, what's happening?

- Thank you. Goodbye, Mr. Melrose.
- Good to talk to you.

And I'm afraid soon I
will also have to leave.

I have been offered a
job in nuclear medicine.

Dorothea, for years now I have dreamed
of using my knowledge to save lives...

not to destroy.

And unfortunately...

I must live in California.

Well, then you have to go.

But I never forget you, Dorothea.
You are a special woman.

Oh. Ha, ha.

And she has a very
special daughter too.