Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are the men who slash through the
darkness. Sabu and Ichi, the lawmen for hire!

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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When the introductory performances
begin, the drum sounds before the cock...

...and the Sanbaso dancers
shake their bells in celebration... the curtain rises on
the introductory performances.

It is the eleventh month in Edo...

...well into winter already.

...well into winter already.

Well, if it isn't Ichi!

Oh, Sabu! Come to
see the plays, have you?

I don't have that kind of money.

That's right.

With the rising cost of living,
you'd have to win the lottery for the
money to see a play.

Oh, speaking of the lottery...

Everyone seems to be talking about
the Thousand-Ryo Fortune.

I still can't believe the lottery industry
permitted a jackpot of a thousand ryo.

Rumour has it that someone
with a stable source of funds...

...has been making
bribes along those lines.

To restore Minatogawa Shrine
in Settsu Province, no doubt.

Look at that! Those one-bu
tickets are selling like hotcakes!

Only one bu per ticket! Come and get it!

Let's go, Sabu.


One bu per ticket, huh...sure, there's a big
prize, but that's an unreasonable ticket price!

These days, ten ryo is
enough to make heads roll.

But if you're lucky, your pocket
change could win you a thousand ryo... I can understand why
the people would rave about it.

Hey, Sabu...

Would you go on ahead without me?

What? Stopping somewhere?

I kind of want to buy a lottery ticket now.

Don't bother!

You wouldn't win!

You'll just waste a bu!

Oh, I'm not after the prize.

I just want to donate my mite
to Sir Kusunoki's shrine.
[Kusynoki Masashige (1294-1336) - samurai, fought for the Emperor to wrestle power from the
Kamakura Shogunate. He is enshrined at Minatogawa.]

See you around.

Give his mite to Sir Kusunoki's shrine?

Hmmm, I think Ichi's
missed the point...

May I have one, too?

I have the “Ta-Eight of Cranes"
and the "He-Six of Tortoises" left.

Which one will it be?

Let's see...Ta-Eight or He-Six...

Don't know about the He. I'll take the Ta.

Here you go, sir.

Only got one left! Any
takers? Step up!

You got any left, father?

Yes. Only one, though.

Oh, one's enough.

My friend and I are buying it together.

I've two shu.

I've two shu also.

Together we have one bu.

I see. So you're splitting the ticket, then.

Yes! Nothing wrong with that, is there?

So, what's the number?

"He-Six of Tortoises."


Who could have a fight at this hour?

But when most of the houses seemed
asleep, with a cold breeze blowing outside...

What was that?!

No, you have it wrong, Chika!

You good-for-nothing lout!

Stop it, please!

What is wrong with you?

And here I thought you'd gone out to
work...but you squandered all that money?

Kanta's Seven-Three-Five
Festival is coming up!

And New Year's is soon after!
How will you pay for it?

I'm saying, even if we win a
minor prize, we could split it and...

You'll never win anything with a "He-6!"

You idiot! Blast it all!

Similar fights must have
been happening all over Edo.

But these fights would lead up... the climax of the lottery
industry, the Day of Wealth...

...the day lots are drawn.

Not too long now...

Please, gods...

Please, Buddhas...


Please, Lady Kannon. . .

The first ticket, with a
prize of one thousand ryo...

It's the He-Six of Tortoises!

We won!

Here are the numbers for
the Thousand-Ryo Fortune!

All the winning numbers from a
thousand ryo to one ryo are listed here!

- Come and get it!
- I'll have one

Should I go there? No, wait...

If I do that, then you'll
go there...I see now...

Then how about this?

Your turn.


Now don't get too worked up about it...

Hey, stop it! You're
getting your fleas all over it!

Hey, Ichi!

Oh, Sabu!

I bought the winning numbers
for the Thousand Ryo Fortune!

Which one was yours again?

Oh...I'm pretty sure mine
was the "Ta-Eight of Cranes..."

Hmm, Ta-Eight of Cranes...

Nope. Didn't win a thing.

There's no sign of that number anywhere.

It's alright. They say nothing
good comes out of winning the lottery.

Well, aren't you a sore loser.

I suppose so.

Ichi may have said this
out of being a sore loser...

...but looking back, he was
prophesied a tragic case.

No doubt about it. That is
definitely the winning ticket.

The thousand-ryo prize
belongs to the two of you.

Yes, sir!

Now, come back tomorrow
at the Hour of the Serpent...

...with your ticket, to claim your prize.

Yes, sir!

My work as ticket inspector is complete.

So there's no need for you to be so formal.

This man is named Komada Shuzen,
a retainer of Lord Mito's clan.

He's done much for us during this lottery...

Now, now, Chief Priest.

Enough formalities.


Yes, sir!

Well, I'm happy for you two.

No, I'd better not...

Oh, don't be that way!

Oh, don't be that fly!

What can I say? I'm proud a
ticket I sold won you the jackpot.

Indeed! You're our
god of luck! Isn't that right?

Oh, I'm a god of luck?

Oh, right! What'll we do
with the ticket until tomorrow?

I'll hold on to it!

But you can't just...

I said I’ll hold on to it!

Hey, why don't we ask our
god of luck to hold on to it?

That's it-! It'll be safe with him!

Well, I don't know...

Please do!

Those clouds don't look so good.

Well, I'd better be off.
The ticket's in my hands.

See you tomorrow then!

Don't be late!

Same to you!

Who's there?

Nikichi, is it?

W-W-W-What do you w-w-w-want with me?

We've been waiting for you.

Did you find it?

Then Rokusuke must have it.

Right then; let's go!

Yes, it's true! Tomorrow, I'll be

Thank you, thank you so much, dear!

I know! Why don't you come
with us to pick it up tomorrow?

It is five hundred ryo, after all.

What can I say? I knew
that "He" was a rare ticket!

So I thought you'd win something!

What're you talking about?

Mummy, you're really happy
with Daddy tonight, aren't you?

You're right! Your daddy's a great man!

Thanks to him, you'll be called
"young master" as of tomorrow!

Why don't I get you a drink, dear?

Yes, you're a young master now.

Hey! Do you have my drink yet?!

Coming up!


Somebody help!

What's the matter, Sabu?

Sorry. I've a feeling I can't shake.

Just look at the colour of that moon...

Ah yes, of course, you can't...

I can tell.
It's blood-red, isn't it?

Yes. Nasty cases always
seem to happen on nights like this.

That same night in mid-November...

Two different murders happened
in different places in Saga and Asakusa.

The southern magistrate's office,
who were on duty that month, were excited
and mobilised two investigation squads.

Say, Constable, I think the
same perpetrator is behind both
Saga and Rokusuke's murders!

Hmm, that's what I thought at first.

But the victims were total strangers.

They had no connection.

Poor thing. He's an orphan
and doesn't even know it.

This is awful! How could
they kill such a pleasant man?

Did he have any enemies?

How could he?

He was a good man.
His wife was good, too.

What were his pastimes?

He must have gambled?

Perish the thought! Not at all!

His only pastime would've been the lottery.

That's right. Come to think
of it, he spent some money on
a lottery ticket two or three days ago.

Would that happen to be
the Thousand-Ryo Fortune?

Yes. The one they drew just yesterday.

So how'd it turn out?

I'll bet you anything he lost.

He's never even gotten the lowest prize.

Rokusuke of Asakusa...

Don't see him here.

Is that so?

Of course, we've only handled the
prizes that were ten ryo or less.

The hundred-ryo and thousand-ryo prizes
were awarded by the Chief Priest himself.

But there's no way...

Well, sorry to disturb you.

Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Well, that does the trick!

How about you, Sabu? You want to try one?

Forget it.

What're you sighing for?

That isn't like you at all.



I would've thought anyone would be
happy to win the thousand-ryo prize...

But I guess there's all
types of people in this world.

Sabu...what did you just say?

Eh? I just said there's all
types of people in this world.

No, the He-something.

"He-Six of Tortoises."
That's the ticket that won the jackpot.

I see now! So it was that other one...

That other one?

When I bought that "Ta-Eight" ticket
from the tobacconist, the remaining one...

...was the "He-Six."

Eh?! Where was it, Ichi?
Which tobacconist in Asakusa was it?

It was called Kokubuya.
If you're going, Sabu, take me with...


Ah... he's gone.

What a hasty man.

Pardon me.


Uh, is Chief Sabu here?

If you want Sabu, he just
left. Did anything happen?

Well, as a matter of fact, the boy woke up!

Oh, he's awake? That's good news.

But he keeps saying the strangest
things! I wonder if he injured his head...

Very well then. I'll go.

I have it-!

Nikichi and Rokusuke
bought a lottery ticket together.

And Rihei here sold it to them.

Nikichi...Rokusuke...and now Rihei...

The thing connecting
these three murders is probably...

Hmm? What's this?

Judging by the feel of the paper
and the size of the unburnt portions...

This is a lottery ticket!


It says "He..."

That's it! It's the "He-Six!"

- How do you feel, boy? Does it still hurt?
- I'm not a boy! I'm a young master!

Hmm? Oh, yes...of course.

You're a young master, alright.

What happened to
Mummy and Daddy, Sir?

Well...your mummy and daddy are...

They went to pick up the
five hundred ryo, didn't they?

Five hundred ryo?

He's been saying this all day.

I think I've figured this out.

Five hundred ryo...
One thousand altogether...

Okay, boy. I'm going out now.

Where are you going?

I know! You're going to
pick up Mummy and Daddy!

Yes...I'll pick them up...

And let's see...the third prize of ten ryo
had ten recipients, so that's a hundred ryo.

And the fourth prize was one ryo
with fifty recipients, so that's fifty ryo.

Two hundred and fifty ryo altogether.

With that gone, we have three
thousand five hundred ryo remaining.

Now about the three
thousand five hundred ryo...

...for whatever reason, no one's come
to claim the thousand-ryo grand prize.

So we'll dedicate fifteen
hundred ryo to Minatogawa Shrine...

...and we'll divide the remaining
thousand ryo as we agreed.

Five hundred to Lord Mito, and we
shall take the remaining five hundred...

Then I shall let you be
the first to have one of these.

No, I shall wait until it is all over...

But it is all over.

Now I must go send for three palanquins.

Yes. One palanquin for
each thousand-rye box.

Sir Komada, you don't mean...

Indeed! I lied when
I claimed to serve Lord Mito!

Help me!

No point in calling for help. My men
have already surrounded this place!


Spare me, please!

I shall entrust this man to you.

Now calm down!

Your pardon, good sir...

Who's there?

I am "He-Six." I have come to
inquire about the thousand-ryo prize.

Stay in this room for now!

Keep quiet until he leaves.

What? A blind man?

Yes, sir.

Have you come to make
an unfounded accusation?!

Perish the thought! I only wanted
the thousand-ryo prize promised...

Silence, you long-winded fool!

I know not what angers you...

But I was asked by this boy's father to...

And who is that child's father?

His name is Rokusuke.

Mr. Kokubuya and
Mr. Nikichi asked me as well...

You say those three asked you?

Yes. That is so.

How could they ask you? Hmm?!

How could three dead men ask you?

Three dead men?


I am surprised you know that!

What are you insinuating?!

There were only two
murders discovered this morning.

The other one, probably
Kokubuya, is not public knowledge...

Not even the Shogun
knows about his death.

And yet, somehow, you do.

Explain yourself!

Curse you!

Ready, boy?

Hold on tight!


You blind man!

Come out! Come out! Come out!

That smells like a fuse...

Now put down your sword-cane!

I said throw it down! Otherwise, not
only shall you die, but the child as well!

Well, now you've complied,
I suppose I must keep my promise.

I shall spare the child as I have promised.

But as for you...

You shall die!


Hey, Ichi! Don't you

The Magistrate of
Temples gave us a warrant!

Alright, got it! You handle the others!

I'm on it!

You're under arrest!

Constable Tanabe!

Seize them!

Seize them, seize them!

Curse it all!

Now, boy, don't take your
eyes off your father's killer!

Got it!

Here I go!



Thank you.

I didn't close my eyes at all, sir!

Oh, really? I guess you're stronger than me!

Hey, Ichi!

Oh, Sabu!

Let's go home, Ichi.

No. The boy's going
to show me the way.

Which way should we go, boy?

That way!

See what I mean?

For now, this child laughs
and gives Ichi directions.

But what path shall
he take from now on?

Sabu understood this, as a fellow orphan.

On a certain November day...

...the wind was so cold,
it chilled to the bone.

While the gallant Sabu is on an
escort mission along the Tokai Highway...

A dry wind blows
mixed with a rain of blood,
and a blizzard breaks out on the pass!

Sabu and Ichi's lives are on the line!

Next week on Sabu and
Ichi's Arrest Warrant...

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602