Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here we go, Ichi.


the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are the men who slash through the
darkness. Sabu and Ichi, the lawmen for hire.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Those who fight fires are the pride of Edo.

The flames arose where the
samurai district met with the commoners'.

Located where it was, there
was quite an uproar at the scene of the fire.

Hurry it up now!

Make way!

Make way! Don't hinder us!

Make way!

Stand aside!

There's the fire!

Hey, hold it right there!

This here's the
territory of the Kites of Kaga!

This isn't a place for you sewer rats!

What are you talking about?

This is a fire in the commoner's district!

We're not letting no
Daimyo's firemen put out our fires!

Just back out of this and leave it to us!

What? Are you interfering with our work?

The Kites of Kaga were here first!

Get them, boys!


Out of our way!

Hold it! Hold it right there!


This fight must be put on
hold! Calm down, all of you!

Yield to each other, you fools!

You must put out the fire first!

Both sides must work to put out the fire!

That's right! All of you, get to work!

The Kites of Kaga are first to the scene!

Team Ha is first to the scene!

I feel bad for the people
whose homes were burned...

...but it's a good thing
it didn't get any worse.

Must've been
a scuffle last night, eh, Sabu?

Yes, the town's firemen, the Ha Team, clashed with
the Daimyo's firemen, the Kites of Kaga...

...and they were this
close to spilling blood!

What a bunch of short-tempered fools.

I just hope they don't harbour a grudge...

Fortunately, the fire was
put out before it turned worse.

This matter shall be forgiven and forgotten.

I urge you all to continue your
efforts to put out fires. Am I understood?

Yes, sir!

For now, let us celebrate!


Team Ha, you all understand?
You must not harbour a grudge over this!

Then let us clap hands and call it done.


We're the Daimyo's own men!

Serves you right!

Masseur for hire...

Must be a drunk.

Hello, sir? It isn't good
for you to sleep out here.

It's Blood!

Constable! I think Team Ha's flag-bearer
Kokichi killed Genji from the Kites of Kaga!


Constable Tanabe, they'd been competing
over a geisha named Koina of Fukagawa...

...and always kept their
distance from each other.

Alright! We'd better go
arrest Kokichi! Come with me!

Kokichi! Open up!
We have business with you!

Kokichi? That's me...

Don't resist!

Kokichi of Team Ha! We're here to arrest
you under suspicion of murdering Genji!

I don't know what you're talking about!


Sabu, check under the kitchen floorboards.

Yes, sir!

Huh...Constable! It's a dagger sheath!

It fits the one that was used to stab Genji!

No! That isn't mine!
I've never seen it before!

Kokichi! As a fireman of Edo,
you ought to give up like a man!

Sabu's chief, Saheiji, the
thief-taker of Ryusen Temple in Asakusa...

...was bedridden from a chronic illness...

...and Sabu's truncheon was
the only thing he could trust.

Here you go.

You made a big arrest, didn't
you? This calls for a celebration.


Man, I'm embarrassed...

Yes, sir!

Gonstable Tanabe knew the dagger sheath
would be under the kitchen floorboards?

Well you see, Chief, someone threw a
letter into the Constable's window last night.

- "Search under the floorboards in Kokichi's house"

- "Search under the floorboards in Kokichi's house"
This is the letter.

Whoever wrote this...


They've had a lot of handwriting practice.

It might just be a samurai...

But I can't guess who...

Who's there?

Don't just stand out there!

Come on in!

Yes, sir.

And who might you be?

She's a beauty!

I have something I wish
to discuss with your chief.

Well, come on in!

And what is it you wish to discuss?


Kokichi of Team Ha is innocent!

What? But I found his...

Why do you claim he's innocent?

Kokichi snuck out of his
assembly early last night...

And, uh...he was with me until dawn...

So there was no way
he could've killed Genji!

Is that true? You're not lying, are you?

Yes, it's true.

If you doubt me, ask the
landlady of the inn we stayed at.

Look out!

he got away!

A shuriken...must've been a samurai.

Chief! I’ll go and report
this to Constable Tanabe!

I'm counting on you.

Sorry, Ichi, but do you
mind looking after the woman?

Seems like there's someone after her.


Although a blind escort
sounds rather ironic to me...

Oh, I'm fine. I'll go alone.

Never mind! He may be a masseur...

...but with Ichi there, you'll
have nothing to fear! Go with him!

Then I shall...

Oh, look out!

That was a close one.

Are you hurt?

Well, thank you kindly.

I can't even tell who's escorting who here.

It's more like we're eloping.

Wh-What's the matter?

Oh, I see. I think I understand.

I wonder how he is right now...

I don't think the moonlight
can shine in his jail cell...


Such was the spirit of this Geisha.

The tears of Koina of
Fukagawa are filled with pity.

Ichi's heart is suddenly swayed.

Don't be afraid.
Just keep your eyes closed!

Stand back, masseur,
unless you want to get hurt!

What are you insinuating, Sir Samurai?

Silence! Stand back
or we’ll run you through!

I suppose that leaving this woman alive
would be rather inconvenient for you.

Don't waste our time! Cut them both open!

Hmm! Not bad, masseur.

Oh, that was no more than entertainment.

We must fall back!

You're fine, Miss. They're gone now.


But I think Fukagawa's going to
be a bit dangerous for you...

If you don't mind, I think you'd
be better off hiding in my Ionghouse.

Yes...but wouldn't I be imposing on you?

They dropped this...

Oh? Does this have
clams in it? How delicious!

I'm sorry-I-couldn't
get you something better.

Before I met you I thought
geishas were good for nothing but
playing the shamisen [a stringed instrument]
and pouring wine.

You're a good woman, aren't you?

Oh, my...

My house is all clean, thanks to you...

And you patched up my mattresses for me.

I am imposing on you.
Would this not be natural?

You have the skills to match that disposition.

Now I may be blind, but
I feel like I can see you!


Oh, I've figured it out!
That was a gate pass from Kaga Fief!

Kaga Fief?

And the victim Genji was a Kite of Kaga...

This is smelling fishy to me...

Kokichi was arrested because
Sabu jumped to conclusions.

He wanted to arrest the true
perpetrator, come hell or high water.

Otherwise, Sabu would not
be able to consider himself a man.

Come on, tell me!

Is there a samurai in this mansion
whose arm was injured three nights ago?

I'll be disciplined for telling you
about what goes on in the mansion...

It could be an expert swordsman
by the name of Iwamura Yajuro.

An expert swordsman?

Yes. He's the caretaker's favourite.

This caretaker, Sawashima
Geki, seems suspicious to me.

Seems Genji of the Kites of Kaga
would stop by often to repair his roof tiles.

But this is the villa of the one-million
koku fief of Kaga we're talking about.

We townsfolk can't lay a finger on them.

Chief!'re here too, Sabu?


The flag-bearer's wife was killed next.

And next, an ordinary officer.

There've been five Kites of
Kaga killed in the past three days.

It's like somebody's going
through them like clockwork!


If only it wasn't the Daimyo's villa...

It wasn't me!

It wasn't me!

I’m home.


Don't you worry. I'm blind, remember?

Can't see you, no matter
how much I wish I could.

I'm sorry.

I was so melancholy, I thought I would
wash my hair to try and lift my spirits.

I'll clean up right away.


Oh, Ichi! I've been asking around
about the Kites of Kaga murders...

And I found out that all the
victims were paid daily by Genji!

Daily? You mean the kind that
accumulates interest if unpaid?

Miss, did Genji use money frequently?

Yes. He spent money quite often.

He would say, "I have the treasury of the
one-million-koku fief of Kaga supporting me".

Sabu! We better go to Genji's house!

I agree!

They must've not been able to
find what they were looking for.

Otherwise, no one would've ended up dead.


But we searched the whole
house, from the ceiling to the floor!

This is it! They're promissory notes!

What do they say?

Well, Genji's the guarantor, but
the addressee is Sawashima Geki!

We've finally got our hands...

...on undeniable proof!

I am the caretaker, Sawashima Geki.

Are you the one who wishes to see me?


And what does a mere
masseur desire from me?

I would like to purchase these...

What are those?

Proof that you embezzled your fief's funds and used Genji
of the Kites of Kaga to issue illegal loans!


Genji, in love with Koina, blackmailed
you to give him money for pleasure.

So you waited for your chance to have your
confidant Yajuro not only murder Genji...

...but hide his dagger sheath in Kokichi's
house and kindly inform the authorities of it... frame Kokichi for murder!

I guess I'm right.

You are exactly right.

But it's a good thing for me that you came in here
beyond your proper place, blind man!

Come out!

So, you resort to violence after all...

But this darkness is a
handicap for the seeing.

Stand back, samurai!

Cut him down! Do not let him live!

Kill him! Kill him now!

That blind man!

Sir Iwamura Yajuro,
you are the perpetrator!

Your life is the only one I shall take!

Say that again, blind man!

Now, what's the matter, caretaker?

You, blind man...

Sabu! You're up!

Got it!

Hold it!


Hooray! Hooray! They caught the bad guy!

This man had the
responsible position of caretaker...

...yet he embezzled his fief's treasury
to issue loans to citizens at high interest.

Moreover, he used his subordinates
to commit countless murders.

Neither Heaven nor
man shall give him pardon.

Thus, he has been left out
here to serve as an example.

--The Citizens of Edo

Hooray! They caught the bad guy!

Sawashima Geki has been beheaded,
and his subordinates have all been disciplined.

More importantly, wasn't
today’s bride pretty?

Yes. Very much so.
I almost wish you could've seen her.

The small, faintly burning firefly-like flames...

...suddenly vanished from within Ichi's heart.

But there was no one who knew of this.

On an certain Edo city
street, with a bustling fair...

...a certain incident
would pain Sabu's heart.

The pickpocketing woman,
Okyo, was Sabu's childhood friend.

Sabu makes Okyo swear repentance...

...but then an intruder comes in!

The pickpocket bosses Rokuzo and Ginji
assign their lackeys to take Sabu and
Okyo’s lives by whatever means necessary!

What shall become of Sabu
and Okyo's young lives?

As you know, Sabu runs all over
the city of Edo, solving crimes...

And the blind masseur
Ichi aids him in his cases!

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602