Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 30 - Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love the sinner...

...for whether you bind
or slay, you do it for others.

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.

Sabu and Ichi,
of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

It's coming down, huh?

When will it let up?

We're in a hurry!

We’re terribly sorry about the delay.

The rain should be letting up soon,
so we just need a little more patience.

What? We're not leaving yet.7

We've been waiting
here for eight hours!

- How long are you
going to keep us here?
- We're in a hurry! Isn't
there anything you can do?

Let's get started.

What's this?

What's he doing?

Is he drawing his dagger?

Now, hand over all your
money if you value your lives!

Make it quick!

Make a scene, and you're dead!

All right, who's first?

Come on! Fork it all over!

C'mon! You too!

I said do it!

Please, anything but...

You, too!

A blind man...

...and a starving Ronin?

Neither of them look very rich.

Still, turn them out!

Well, this is quite
the warm welcome.

Come again?

How dare you kill
my friends, you !

Don't you dare move!

Resist, and I'll put
a hole right through you!

Throw down that sword!

Not bad, Masseur.

In those days, due to successive famines
and a lack of effective government...

...marauding bandits
raved across the nation.

Many incidents
such as this occurred...

...especially on the highways,
where the Shogunate's arms could not reach.

Where are you headed, Masseur?

Just to the Kanagawa way station.

The Kanagawa way station? What for?

I'm just on an errand.

One of my clients in Edo asked me... deliver something to his mother.

Hmm! A likely story.

You’re quite the
shrewd masseur, aren't you?


Hmm, these aren't
like the usual victims.

Pardon me!

And who might you be?

Huh? Never seen you before.

I'm Sabu, a thief-taker
from Ryusen Temple in Asakusa.

Huh? And what're you doing
all the way down here in Rokugo?

I was just sent for insurance.

Pardon me, but would you
mind letting me see the bodies?

Very well, then.

This wasn't done by a samurai.
But this is one deep cut!

Yes, they say he was
slain by a masseur and a Ronin.

What? A masseur?

It must've been Ichi.

And who are you going after?

A band of five Ronin has-been
fencers, led by a man named...

...I believe it was Ikkaku Kito.

C-Come again?

Do you know him?

Do I know him? He just
passed by the other day!


Those five are more
trouble than you'd think.

Catching them
won't be an easy task.

So which way did they go?

I believe he was talking about a rendezvous
with his friends at the Kanagawa way station.

The Kanagawa
way station? Thank you.

Oh, I'm sorry!

Are you all right,
young lady? Are you hurt?

It's okay, I'm fine.

Sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry.

With white sails
growing between the waves...

...the scent of salt
stings at one's eyes.

The first stop on the journey
west from the Bridge of Japan... the Kanagawa
way station of the Tokai Highway. the Kanagawa
way station of the Tokai Highway.

Rock, paper, scissors!

One more time!

I won! I won!

Listen up, you worthless bureaucrats.

Thanks to your
pointless proclamations...

...fools keep coming after us,
seeking the bounty on our heads.


Tell the governor that he'd best
renounce it, or his head shall roll.

"Wanted: Ikkaku Kito
and his four henchmen.”

"These men are wanted for robbery, arson, and
murder committed in all eight provinces of Kanto."

"Whoever reports a sighting
shall be paid 20 ryo in gold..."

"...while whoever captures or kills them
shall be paid a bounty of 200 ryo in gold."

"Signed: Ose Heikuro,
of the Kanto Regulatory Patrol."


Yes, go! Get him!

What a lovely sound.

This brings me back to my childhood.

sir, what do
you mean, "lovely sound?"

I guess it doesn't
make much of a sound.

Pardon me, would this
happen to be Toku's shop?

Yes, Toku's my name.
But who are you?

Who, me?

Ghokichi in Edo asked me to...

Did you say Ghokichi?
Has something happened to him?

No, he's doing quite
well for himself in Edo.

And he asked me to come here
to give you some of his earnings.

Here you go.

Oh, Chokichi...he shouldn't have...

Thank you so much.
I don't know how to repay you.

Don’t mention it.
You have a fine son, though.

Yes. He promised he'd bring me to
Edo once he became a full-fledged cook.

And I can hardly
wait for that day to come.

Well, Chokichi's quite well-trusted at
the restaurant, so that day won't be far off.

Thank you so, so much.

Is there anything I can
take back to Chokichi for you?

No. Just tell him to take care of himself,
and keep his nose to the grindstone.

Very well. I'll tell him
that. Well, I must be off.

Won't you stay for a cup of tea?

No, I think I’ll pass.

Please, I insist!

"Well, I've done a good deed."

"There's nothing as heart-warming
as a mother's love for her son."

"If only I had a mother, I could look
after her in her old age," thought Ichi.

So that's the old hag, huh?

Thank you.

Thank you, Chokichi.

Your mother will
treasure this money.

And one day,
we'll live together again...

You must be the old hag who reported
seeing us in the temple by the way station?

That was very kind.
Allow us to repay you.

W-Wait just a moment!

I was questioned by an official,
so I just told him what I saw.

I'm truly sorry.

Please accept my sincere apologies!

Please, I beg you, have mercy!

Shut up!

What's this, old hag?

Please, no! Not that!

Is this money?

My son working in
Edo just sent that to me.

He's my only son...

...and he saved up all
that money just for me!

Please, take anything but that!

What a touching story.
We'll let you off for this.

Let's move out.

I'll have a bottle of wine, father.

Coming up!

Can I get you
anything to eat with that?

Let's see...can you roast me
up some sun-dried mackerel?

Yes, sir!

Here you are!

Why, thank you.

We meet again, Masseur.

Are you that Ronin?

I guess I was right on the money.

About what?

You're after the
bounty, too, aren't you?


Don't play dumb with me! I'm talking about
the gang of five that's wanted all over Kanto!

Don't tell me you
haven't heard of them.

I know full well that
you're no ordinary masseur.

What else would such a great swordsman
be doing all the way out in Kanagawa?

Oh, I see.

So you're telling me
this gang of five is nearby?

Didn't you say that
you're not a bounty hunter?

I did.

Let me see your sword-cane.'s quite well-crafted.

Oh, it's really nothing special.

I'm not letting a blind man take the
bounty from me. I'll be going on ahead!

That's no ordinary Ronin.

Pardon me!

Oh, Ichi! Fancy meeting you here.

That voice!
Is that you, Sabu?

I thought I might run into you.
I left Edo soon after you did.

Oh? On a case?


It's the gang of five. I heard
rumours that they stopped by here.

Good grief. Is everybody
obsessed by this gang of five?

Sounds like more
trouble than it's worth.

This is no trifling matter.

Dozens of innocents have
already died at this gang's hands.

In fact, just now,
at this very station...

An old woman named Toku...

Wh-What did you say?!

Hey, don't shout, you startled me.

What did you just say?
Did something happen to Toku?!

The gang of five attacked her
and made off with her money.

You don't mean Toku
from the candy store, do you?

How do you know her?


It hasn't even been
an hour since I left her!

It hasn’t even been
an hour since I left her!

It hasn’t even been
an hour since I left her!

It hasn’t even been
an hour since I left her!

I shouldn't have left...

If I had just stayed for tea,
this never would have happened!

Ichi wanted to avoid getting involved
in a needless conflict for the bounty...

...but this was more
than he could bear.

Do you know where
this gang of five is, Sabu?!

Yes, I know.

They're taking advantage of the fact
that the governor won't touch them...

...and they're not
even bothering to hide.

Word is, they've taken up lodging in an
old temple just outside the way station.


What's wrong?

My sword-cane's not here!


That bounty hunter
played a dirty trick on me!

Did he make off with it?

He wants the bounty all for himself.

He may be skilled,
but he's rotten at heart.

Without my sword—cane,
I'm just a blind old man!

There's nothing I can do!


Get out here, monk!
Put that wooden fish on your head!

Buddha have mercy...

Here comes another
lamb for the slaughter.

I just hope this one
puts up a bit of a fight.

Not bad, stray.

Seems we'll have
a decent fight for a change.

Let's all offer him our hospitality.

It's over!


He killed one of our own.
We can't give him a quick and easy death.

All right, you stray bounty hunter!

It's time we taught you a lesson!

He still hasn't come back.
I guess they took him down.

He reaped what he sowed.

That's what you get for
trying to earn money from killing.

Look out!

Are you blind, young lady?


I saw you back at the ferry. Aren't
you a little young to be travelling alone?

Well, I'm searching for someone...

Hmm, searching for someone?

Yes, he should be around here.

And who is he to you?

He's my father.

Your father?

Yes. We lived together in Edo...

...and my father was always talking
about how he'd make sure I could see again.

One time, a doctor who studied
in Nagasaki examined my eyes...

...and said they could
be healed with surgery!


But it would be very expensive.

So my father left, telling me he'd go earn
that money, and that I should stay put.

He hasn't been back since. So I...

So you left in
search of your father?

Yes. Someone told me that he was
travelling down the Tokai Highway.


I know.

I know, all too well.

Ichi understood the sorrow of
blindness better than anyone.

While he had already resigned himself to it,
if someone else had a chance of being healed...

He wanted to save them from the darkness.
All the more so since it was a young girl.

Let's go, Sabu.

But Ichi...

It's all right. I don't need my
sword-cane, as long as I have you.

We'll savour this moment...

...waiting for you to
be skewered, head first.

Do it.


Why don't we finish this?

Who's there?

I'm Sabu, a thief-taker
from Ryusen Temple in Asakusa!

I've followed you
here from Edo. Give it up!

What? A thief-taker? You've been drawn
here like a moth to a flame. Take him down!

Ichi! Let's do it!


It's you!

Yes, it's me, the cunning masseur.

I'm here to help
you earn that bounty.

Don't let them leave alive!

Here I go!

Not bad, for a blind man.

You're not so bad, yourself.




Suzu, what are you doing here?

I was so lonely without you...

So foolish! A blind girl
shouldn't be travelling alone!

What if something
had happened to you?

I'm sorry...

This is between
father and daughter.

We may not understand,
but it's best we let them be.

Well, Sabu, it's too bad you
had the credit stolen from you.

Same to you, Ichi. You did a
two hundred ryo job for free.

That's okay.

As long as the money
helps restore that girl’s sight.


Once we cross this
river, we'll be back in Edo.

I hope we'll get to enjoy
some decent wine for a change.

”If only that girl could
see this clear, blue sky."

That was all that
Sabu and Ichi could wish for.

The water of the Tama River flowed as
it always did, as if nothing had happened.

A girl vanishes tragically,
with the red sunset behind her back.

Feeling sorry for the parents
of the girl driven to madness...

...another girl dresses as a
street musician to act as bait.

If only this darkness
would last, just for tonight.

Come the dawn, the beautiful maiden shall
say farewell to this world, and wilt overseas.

To keep the petals from falling,
Ichi's sword-cane shines!

Sabu clutches his truncheon,
desperate to save Midori!

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602