Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 25 - Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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"Even the ice-bait reared in the rice
paddies make merry in the Sumida River."

Such is the excitement when spring comes
to Edo, and the cherry blossoms bloom.

And every time this season comes
around, and the people make merry...

Ichi's spirits grow low.

I'll bet the mountain
is covered in blossoms...

Huh? What's the matter, Ichi?

Cherry blossoms don't
have that strong of a scent...

...but the air's filled
with the essence of flowers.


I should've invited Midori.

I guess you prefer
live flowers, don't you?

What? No! That's
not what I meant!

You don't need to hide it.

Every man who comes of age desires
the company of a young maiden or two.

Especially when the
cherry trees blossom.

Every man...

Episode 25: The cherry blossom blizzard of tears
First aired: 20th March 1969

Come, gather round, all of
you who aren't in a hurry!

Come one, come all!

I have in my hand a master-crafted sword,
tempered in Kanehira, in the province of Bizen!

And I shall draw this sword...

...with my hands tied!

Now, is there someone here
who would tie my hands for me?

Go do it, Sabu.

No, that’s too embarrassing.

You, young man! Come forward!

Go ahead. Just do it.

I notice you wield a truncheon.

So I'm sure you can tie my hands
tight enough to keep me from cheating.


Now, keep your eyes
peeled as I draw this sword!

That woman's scent...cou1d it be...?

Now, I have pulled out a single
piece of paper! And this piece...

...becomes two! Two
becomes four! Four becomes eight!

And just to save time,
let me make the eight pieces...

...into a blizzard
of spring blossoms!

He's skilled, all right. There are some
truly terrifying people in this world.

Okay, let's go, Ichi.

Right, let's go.


Ichi had been spending his
days crawled up inside a bottle.

Sabu, let's go for
another round of drinks.

But you're already
pretty drunk, Ichi!

What do you say we
make a stop at Yoshiwara?

Don't even joke about that!

Too scared of Midori, eh?

Come on! Just one more stop!

Naturally, Sabu did
not know the reason why.

I don't get it. You don't
usually drink this much.

Is something wrong?

It's the flowers.

All the flowers...

It's the whistle!

I must go, Ichi!

Oh, come on! Can't
you take even one day off?

You'd better not
drink too much more.

Watch your back, all right?

What happened?

It's a burglary.
Nagasakiya's been robbed!


Sorry I'm late!

I'm Sabu from Ryusen
Temple. May I go inside?

What? Aren't you a
little late showing up?

I'm sorry.

Is that alcohol I smell on you?

I can't believe you!

Sorry. May I go in?

Out of the question!

Is the job of a lawman
some kind of game to you?

Please, don't be that way...

I beg you!

Hold it!

Oh, it's you, Sabu. You're late.

Come on in.

Yes, sir. Sorry about that.

You'd better watch yourself.

This is awful, Sir Tanabe...


Nagasakiya, his wife,
his son and daughter...

...and eight of his
employees were murdered.

Murdered...? Did anyone
have a grudge against him?

No. Look at that.

The perpetrator is Gennai the Will-o-the-Wisp.

Gennai the Will-o-the-Wisp?

Gennai the Will-o-the-Wisp was the chief of the
gang of thieves that vexed Edo a few years back.

His band was made
up of no more than ten...

...all dressed in black,
who attacked like a sudden squall.

And every place they robbed...

...they killed everyone from the
head of the household to the servants...

...before vanishing like smoke.

But when they left, they always left
behind a special candle as a calling card.

I see. 50 that's why they called
him Gennai the Will-o-the-Wisp.

Every time he targets a house...

He sends one of
his men in undercover.

They let the rest of
them in to rob the place.

That's so dreadful, Sabu!

And now, he's back
after years of silence...

Be careful, okay?

I can't afford to let this one
go. I have to restore my honour!

What? Did something happen?

It was all because of the booze.

Thank you kindly! Come again soon!

I guess I had a little
too much to drink...

Who put a gutter here?

Ahh, my head hurts...

Now this is why I don't like
cheap wine. I ended up oversleeping.


I just moved in next door
yesterday. The name's Danbei Todoroki.

Pleased to meet you.

Oh, is that so? I'm Ichi the
masseur. And the pleasure's all mine.

Pardon me for asking...

...but what line
of work are you in?

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I
mostly do quick-draws in the street.


So you were at
Mount Ueno yesterday!

No wonder your
voice sounded familiar!

Well, I guess you saw me
at an embarrassing moment.

What're you talking about?
I'm blind! I can’t see anything!

But you are skilled.

Your yell was enough
to make me tremble.

That's nothing but
a cheap parlor trick.

I have an errand to
run, so I must be off.

My wife will be coming
around to say hello later.

Come back soon!


There was a time long ago,
when the cherry blossoms were in bloom...

...and Ichi was in love.

The woman wanted nothing
more than to be wed to Ichi.

But our standings are too far apart.

You are the daughter of a samurai...

...while I'm just a
humble blind masseur.

Then I'll leave my samurai family!

So, please...!

You mustn't!

Please...just say
that you love me...

I wish you happiness.

Ichi! Take me with you!

The cherry blossoms were
falling when they parted.

Pardon me!

I just moved in yesterday.

Is anyone home?

Pardon me!

Yes, I'm here.


I knew it. It's you.

It's been far too long.

Oh, please come in!

This room doesn’t have much in
the way of furnishings, but it's sunny!

Go ahead.

The cherry blossoms...

Yes. I asked my friend
Sabu to plant it for me.

Do cherry blossoms
bring you good memories?

Your husband seems nice.

I hate cherry blossoms.

He's good with the quick-draw.

I couldn't hold a candle to him.

When the cherry
blossoms were in bloom...

The man I love left me.

With such a fine
man as your husband...

I'm sure you must be happy.

Even to this day...

I haven't forgotten that man.

Shall I put on some tea?

No, allow me...

You must've had it hard...


How I missed you...

We mustn't, ma'am...


Ichi! It's me!

Oh, do you have a visitor?

What is it?

There was a really
big case last night!

Now, if you'll excuse
me, I have to go to work.


We can't live off
of quick-draws alone.

So I'm making a living in service.

Oh? Where at?

Yaozen in Nihonbashi.

Ah. Well, take care.

By your leave...

Getting entranced by her, are you?

I was not getting entranced!

But she is pretty!

Sabu, can you come back later?

I guess he just wants
to be alone right now.

That's pretty rare, for Ichi.

No, not that rare, actually.

He always gets this way
at around this time of year.

I'm sure he has his reasons.

I wouldn't have been humiliated that day if
Ichi hadn't dragged me along with his drinking.

I've never heard you
speak ill of Ichi like this before.

Why don't you go and
make up with him tonight?

Not tonight.
I'll do it later.

Oh, Sabu...

Sabu was pouting over
Ichi's change of mood.

It wasn't until one night a few
days later that Sabu visited Ichi again.

While the two of them would
usually play a casual game of shogi...

Today things seemed awkward.

They spent a long
time sitting in silence.

We mustn't! The
neighbours will hear us!

That's the couple
that moved in next door...

We'll pull
it off tomorrow night.

Yes. At the Hour of the Rat.

I’ll spread the word
to my men tomorrow.

Dear, I'm begging you,
please make this the last one!

You deceived me,
a samurai's daughter...

...made me your own,
and on top of that...


I can't stand it anymore!


Once the job tomorrow's done...

...we'll be saying farewell to Edo.

So don't screw this up!

It's them!

Sabu, don't be hasty!

I'm sure of it! He's
Gennai the Will-o-the-Wisp!


Maki's one of them...

And Sabu's going to arrest them...

What am I supposed to do?

I looked at the cuts on the
bodies from the last case...

...and that ronin would've
been capable of doing that.

And it'd be easy enough to send a
woman ahead of him if they were married.

So you have a suspect
that moved in next door...

Should I arrest him, Chief?

We don't have any evidence yet. And
you won't be able to get his accomplices.

What do we do?

It'd be best if we could
catch him red-handed, but how?

i know where he's going to strike!

Tomorrow, at the Hour of
the Rat, and the location is...


I think it's going to be
Yaozen in Nihonbashi.

The woman said she was
working in service there.

Isn't that right, Ichi?


Sabu, get to Tanabe immediately!

Yes, Chief!

I'll be off, Ichi.

All right. Take care.

Oh? Aren't you
going to stop me, Ichi?

What's the matter, Sabu?

Something's not right!

Ichi knew who they were
ever since they moved in!

No, Sabu, I didn't...

Isn't that the reason you
were talking with the wife?

Sabu, don't joke around with me.

I'm dead serious.

Sabu, how could you
talk that way to Ichi?

I don't need any of
your help on this job.

Well, I'd better take my leave.

Ichi, what happened?


I'm so sorry, Ichi.
Sabu was very cruel to you.

It's all right. I'm the one
who is in the wrong here.

But he took it too far!

You like Sabu, don't you, Midori?

Then don't speak ill of
him. Treat him with care.

What am I supposed to do?

Ichi...take me with you...

Much to Ichi's unease, a day passed.

And the lights were [it at Yaozen, to
signal: "Tonight at the Hour of the Rat..."

Chief! I'm off!

I take it you've made
all the arrangements?

Yes, Chief.

I'm ready for anything.

Sabu, don't get yourself hurt!

I'll be fine. Bye!


This is his trade.
Don't go sobbing over him.

Will he help Sabu,
or will he save Maki?

Ichi was forced to make a choice.

The bell will be ringing
the Hour of the Rat soon.

Sabu, looks like you
get the credit this time.

This should help me
redeem myself for the other day.

Chief! We're all here!

Let’s go!

They're here!

That's the signal!

They're here!



It's me!


Ah, she's not
opening the door.


It's the lawmen.

Give it up!

That Maki set me up!

All right, men! Break
through their encirclement!

Yes, sir!

Don't let any of them get away!

Seize them!

After them!

You're under arrest!

What are you doing here, Ichi?

I'm here to stop you.


Don't say another
word. Turn yourself in.


I came here because I didn't
want you to add to your crimes.

It's too late.

No, it's not!
You can start over!

Ichi! Why...

Why are you so
concerned about me all of a sudden?

Because I didn't want to
see you again, not like this.


Do you still love me?

Are you turning yourself in
or not? Make up your mind!


They’re rounding the
rest of them up outside.

come in any second now!

You're under arrest!

Turn back!

Chief! We’re
completely surrounded!

There's nowhere to run!

Their encirclement's
thinnest over there! Charge!

You're under arrest!

Don't let the others get away!

What will you do, Maki?

Take me and run.

What are you saying?

I'll turn myself in,
but you have to listen to me first.

Gennai took me
for his own by force...

...and made me into
a tool for his thievery.

I tried to escape, but he
pursued me like a demon!

Please believe me, Ichi! I've
never stopped loving you, all this time!

Ichi, you think I'm lying just
to get out of this, don't you?

Get off!

I'd rather die than
have you doubt me!

I want to be with you,
even for just half a day!

You promise you'll
turn yourself in after that?

I shall!

You're under arrest!

Give it up, Gennai.
There's no escape now!

You're under arrest!

Did you forget what I
did at Mount Ueno?

Mount Ueno?

Oh! Your escape trick!

Hey! Ah...

He dove into the river!

Those fools. I only
threw a stone in the river.

Hurry! Now's our chance!

I figured something was up.


You stay out of this!

Maki, come to me.


Let my woman go, blind man!

Didn't you hear me?
I said let her go!

Stand back, Maki.

Oh, Ichi!

Prepare to die, blind man!


Maki! What happened to you?

Gennai got me...

I'm so sorry, Maki!

Ichi, I couldn't ask for
more than to die in your arms...

Maki! Pull yourself together!

Ichi...will you tell me...

...that you love me?

You used to
love me, didn't you?

I hate the rain...just
like the cherry blossoms...


I'm so sorry,
Ichi. I had no idea.

No, I'm sorry, too.

Ichi, did you love her all this time?

Please, no more, Sabu.

Sabu! You're safe!


I was so worried about
you, I didn’t sleep a wink‘!

Hey, I didn't ask you to do that!

You meanie...

Oh, I was just joking. Sorry.

Is Ichi okay?

We should leave him alone.

This year, the aching memories
of the cherry blossom season...

...will give rise to an
even deeper sorrow.

A love has come to a close.

But just as with the
flowers that scatter in the wind... love is sure
to bud next spring.

Blood calls for blood, and blades dance.

Hey, you samurai that side with evil!

Behold our truncheon and sword cane!

They'll be the last
thing you see in this life!

One or two at a
time is too boring!

Game at us all at once!

The shining truncheon
cuts it's way to tomorrow.

The sword-cane
howls in the evening.

As the highway is stained with
blood, will the most spirited prevail?

Sabu and Ichi rise to face evil!

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602