Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 24 - Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Who is it?! Who goes there?!

No one's there!

Sir! What is the matter?

It's nothing.

Oh, that's...

Sir, this letter was
tied to that arrow!

Why would anyone send this to me?

I don't have a clue!

It's me: The Red Cat!

I have the right to
half of your wealth.

I demand 3,000 ryo.
Should you refuse...

Episode 24: The Curse of the Red Cat
First aired: 13th March 1969


I guess that's another win for me.

Can't I take that move back, Ichi?

Hey, I wasn't the one
who said "no take-backs."

All right, let's just
have another game, then.

It's not going to be any different.

Oh yeah? Just wait and see.

Sabu, I smell a
case coming our way.

A case?

Sabu! We have a visitor!

A visitor?

Midori, this visitor wouldn't
happen to be a pretty girl, would it?

As a matter of fact, it is.
How could you tell, Ichi?

I have a very good nose, you see.

Looks like you got
lucky this time, Sabu.

I was cleaning up my
father's room this morning...

...and I found a letter.

This is the letter.

You really surprised me, Sono!

I saw you standing at our
doorstep, as white as a sheet!

Hey, don't interrupt her!

Why don't you go
put on some tea?

You're so mean, Father!

By the way, Sono, did your father say
anything about this threatening letter?

No, nothing.


Yes. He's been in bed ever since.

And I was so worried, I told him
I'd report this to the guardhouse...

Then he yelled at you and
said: "Mind your own business?"


Chief, I think there's more
to this than meets the eye.

How about this?

I'll go to Nishijinya's, massage his
shoulders, and try to find a lead...

Yes, that's a great idea, Ichi!

You have nothing to
worry about now, Sono.

I'm sure everything
will turn out right.

Thank you...

I'm home!

What a fine mansion you have.

I'm home, Father.

Koshuya! I didn't
expect to see you here...

It's nothing! I'm done with my
business for today, so I'll be off.

I'm terribly sorry
to interrupt you.

Please go ahead.

Yes ma'am.

And what are you doing
here? Did Sono ask for you?

Yes, sir.

Well, I guess you may
as well give me a massage.

Wow, you're quite stiff!

I'm sure that managing a store as
big as this puts a lot of strain on a man.

But I'm guessing you're
having more than just work troubles.

Wh-What did you say?

Oh, nothing.

Now, why don't you lie
down for a second, sir?

Like this?

Yes, sir.

I take it you have
something big on your mind.

What are you talking about, masseur? If you
keep talking nonsense, you'll make me mad!

Now, there's nothing to hide. I'm sure
the authorities can help you if you need it.

There's nothing of the sort.

I don’t have anything to hide!

Oh, is that so?

Who's there?

I wanted to know if
you needed anything.

No, nothing. Take
care of the store for me.

Yes, sir!

Chief clerk...


Tell Sono to bring me some tea.

The young lady
just left a moment ago.

Where to?

She left with one
of Chief Saheiji's men...

Do you mean Sabu?

No, an older man.


Wait...does that
mean the young lady's...


Sir! Sir! Stay with us!

Young lady!

Young lady!

Hey, what was that for?

Young lady!

He is making a racket.

Young lady!

Young lady...where have you gone?

Ichi's worry turned
to fear and irritation.

Sono must have been kidnapped!

Young lady!

My cane...


Wh-Who did that?

Found it!

Now that it's come
to this, Nishijinya...

Why don't you come
clean and tell us everything?

Don't you care for your daughter?

I'm sorry.

There's a reason
I can't tell you about this.

But I guess I'll tell you, anyway.

Just please, save Sono...

I get it already!

We'll get your daughter back,
even if it costs us our lives!

So go on, Nishijinya.

Okay. I'll talk.

Twenty years ago...

I was...

...a smuggler in Nagasaki,
who traded with Barbarian ships!


A smuggler?


The man now known as Koshuya, and another
man we called Red Cat, were my partners.

Smuggling in contraband
brought us plenty of money at first.

I guess greed knows no bounds.

I lost myself in the trade.

But as our operation grew bigger...

Some of our underlings got arrested...

...and soon enough, we found
ourselves in danger of the law.

So we decided to wash
our hands of smuggling.

But the night we
decided to split our profits...

Red Cat suddenly dropped his
drink and started screaming in pain...

Then he glared at us with an
intense expression on his face, and said...

"One of you poisoned my drink!"

No, perish the thought!
I didn't poison anything!

After that, I split the profits with
Koshuya, and set up a business here in Edo.

But now you've received a threatening letter
from the Red Cat, who you thought to be dead?

Yes. I'm reaping what I sowed.

But Sono is innocent of all of this...

You have to save her!

You were speaking to Koshuya
a moment ago, weren't you?

Yes. I wanted his advice
about the threatening letter.

Nishijinya, who else knows
about your past business?

Nobody knows about it but Koshuya...

That means nobody
knows about Red Cat...

...but Koshuya.

But Koshuya's...


Koshuya's been assaulted!

Someone delivered
me a letter by arrow!

And when I came to tell you, I was...

Stay with us, Koshuya!

Chief clerk! Call a doctor!

Yes, sir!

We said we'd save Sono, even if it
cost our lives, but the question is, how?

I had an inkling about this.

Oh? You mean
you have a lead, Ichi?

Now, no need to be hasty, Sabu.

Koshuya was our only suspect.
If he's innocent, then I don't have a clue.

There could be someone who learned of their
smuggling past, and used it to threaten them.

But who is this guy
claiming to be the Red Cat?

Be careful, Sabu.

Someone's here.

I'm all right. You
watch yourself too, Ichi.

Careful with them!

Sabu, that guy has a Nagasaki
accent. We should take him alive.

Fall back!

He's our man, Sabu.

All right, talk! You're the one
claiming to be the Red Cat, aren't you?

Where did you take Sono?

I don't know...l was
just put up to this...

Come again? Don't play
innocent with me, murderer!

W-Wait! I'll talk!
Just give me a second!

All right! Talk!

Ah. Looks like our
man doesn't want to be found.

It's all right. His Nagasaki
accent is enough to go on.

You said you'd save her, didn't you?

Oh, Sono...poor Sono...

You wouldn't happen to know any
Ronin with Nagasaki accents, do you?

That's not important now!
You have to save Sono!

It's all over now...

Come on, sir. Tell me.

This could be the
lead that takes us to her.

A Ronin with a Nagasaki accent!

Nagasaki accent?


This Ronin wouldn't happen to have
a large mole next to his nose, would he?

Th-That's him! Who is he?

He was our bodyguard, back when we
were smugglers in Nagasaki! What about him?

Something might
happen to you, Nishijinya.

So you'd better watch your back.

Ichi! To the magistrate's office!

Ready, Sabu!

It's another letter, sir.

It says where the young lady is!

What? I can see Sono again?

Then I'll go anywhere that I must!

I'd give up my
entire fortune for Sono!

What are you waiting for?

Go on! Call a palanquin at once!

Yes, sir! Right away!

I found it, Sabu!

On December 13th of last year,
the ship sank due to stormy weather
in Suruga Bay, en route to Nagasaki.

The ship's owner was Koshuya Mohei.

Then I guess Koshuya would
have been in need of money...


Let's go, Ichi!

All right!

Thanks for the help, sir.

Hup, two...

Where is Sono?

Welcome, Nishijinya.

Ah, Koshuya! Sono! Where is Sono?

Please, you have to save Sono!

Wait...what happened to your wound?

I was never wounded.
That was just a little trick.

So you were the one claiming
to be the Red Cat all along!

Don't go yelling about it, Nishijin.

I lost my ship in a storm last year,
and I really needed the money.

And since you're so well off,
I decided to blackmail you for it.

But why get Sono involved?

Because you refused
to lend me the money.

I don’t care about my wealth
anymore! Just give Sono back to me!

Please, Koshuya! Where is Sono?

I'm glad we have an
understanding. I'll take you to her.

She's in here!

Go on inside. Sono's in here.

Get in there, Nishijin!

Go on!

What's the meaning of this?

There's no reason for
you to be so frightened.

Surely you recognise
a couple of these men.


Don't you remember us?

You're still working with them?

Unlike you, I never
washed my hands of this.

I'm not foolish enough to cast
aside such a profitable job, Nishijin.

Now I have a pipeline from Barbarian
ships in Nagasaki right to Koshuya in Edo.

I was the one who poisoned
the Red Cat's drink back then.

And now it's finally your turn!

You callous murderer!

Where's my daughter?
Where did you take her?!

You'd better not
have laid a finger on her!

That's quite the
bluff. Very well, then.

Look! I haven't
laid a finger on her.



Oh, you poor girl,
locked up down here...

How could he do this to you?


I beg you, Koshuya!

Please let Sono go!

I'll give you anything you
want! Just please, spare Sono!

Please, Koshuya! I'm begging you!

No, Father! Don't
listen to anything he says!

But you're...

He was in league
with our chief clerk...


Don't take this
personally, now.

I just wanted to be
with the young lady!

So all of you were against me!

Nishijinya, I'm going to
take your entire fortune now.

I'll have you and your daughter
pass on to the next life together!

Kill them!

Yes, sir.

Wait! Please!

Th-This wasn't our deal!

You promised that the
young lady would be mine!

Shut up. Take this!

Young lady...

This is all my fault.

Please forgive me, Sono!


Koshuya Mohei!

We're here on official
business! Open up! Now!

You're under arrest!

You're under arrest! Give it up!

Sabu, it looks like...

Ah, he got away!

It's empty!

Sabu, I smell smoke.

Ichi! There's a fire!

There's got to be an escape
route, Sabu. Look for it!

That's it, Ichi!

Take care of the fire!


Ah, no one's here, either.

Sabu, I can hear a faint wind.

There's got to be a hidden
door somewhere around here.

I found it, Sabu!

The wind's coming from up there...

We’re at the bottom of a dry well!

Can you climb it, Sabu?

Yes. No problem!

I'm going on ahead, Ichi.

Okay. Be careful.

Sabu, sorry about the wait!


You're under arrest! Give it up!

Not so fast!

Ichi! They're using ninja arts!

I got this, Sabu.

These are hardly ninja arts.

Take this!

Help me! Help me!

Help me!

Oh! Don't move a muscle!

Or I'll blow a hole in her!

Ichi! You handle the others!




Thank goodness...I'm so
glad you're safe, Sono...

It's spring already, Ichi.

Yes. The scents of
spring are tickling my nose.

By the way, what do you think
will happen to Nishijinya, Sabu?

He turned his entire
fortune over to the authorities.

But he had truly reformed. The
authorities are heartless, aren't they?

But Ichi, now that gentle Sono...

...has learned the truth
about her father. Sad, isn't it?

Yes, but Sabu...

Everyone's got to
grow up sometime.

And there's nothing a
thief-taker like me can do to help.

Sabu, this is Sono we're talking about.

I don't think she'll be crushed.

Sono will continue
to live in innocence.

This was Sabu's wish.

But when he thought about Sono,
he could not help but pity her.

Perhaps the children 's songs were
evoking sentimentality in Sabu.

The skies over Edo were clear,
as though nothing had happened.

I have always been a
single cherry blossom.

I have no intent of blooming in double.

In March, as the people of
Edo go out to see the flowers...

The blue blade of the will-o-the-wisp
dyes the cherry blossoms red with blood.

He must slay the woman
he once loved long ago.

As Ichi hides his sword in his cane,
the wind kicks up a flurry of cherry blossoms.

The truncheon cannot stand for even a moment
of lawlessness, not even from one you trust.

As he casts his rope in tears,
the transient cherry blossoms fall.

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602