S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

When violence erupts at a popular food truck festival, the team must contend with a deadly cartel determined to recover a large lost drug shipment at any cost.

Previously, on

I'm not blaming you.
I just... ever since

- our house got shot out...
- What we're supposed to do?

Our kids need
to talk through this.

And we need to be there
for them.

There's no point
doing all this work to get

...up for lying and
team can be the

part of it. This could be a team
to investment, and with the way

Xiamara cooks, man, there's
nothing like it out there.

I've been dreaming
of this my whole life.

Now I get to do that
and be SWAT.

Tia! The window's stuck again!

Need a hand?

Don't think I'm supposed to
fraternize with the competition.

Well, I won't tell if you won't.

Look, I got to take care
of a couple things,

but I'll be back soon,
Xiamara, okay?

You promised help,

then you don't show.

First last week, now today.

I'm sorry. Some stuff
came up with SWAT.

SWAT this, SWAT that.

No time for this business.

No time for us.

My niece, Leticia, is
helping me, but it's not enough.

Okay, I'm gonna get
more help soon.

A ver.

I can't keep on
doing this alone!

Looks like you're in a bit
of a pickle, bro, huh?

Yeah, I'm gonna,

uh, go back to my...

food stall.

That's it. Jab, jab.

One, two. One, two.

Good. Again.

And with that free hand,
protect your face.

Can't have raccoon eyes
for your school photo.

Your mom will kill me.


Yeah, High-Intensity
Interval Training.

It's great for a quick workout,
gets the heart rate up.

Yeah, we used
to call that "running."


What's up, Matthew?

Uncle Street, Uncle Bob,
how you guys been?

- How you doing?
- Whoa!

That's a heck of a shiner
you got there, kid.


Why don't you go hit
the heavy bag

until your mom comes
and gets you?

Good to see you guys.

You, too, Matty. See you, buddy.

He got that black eye in a fight
after school yesterday.

He's serving
his suspension today.

I never pegged Matty
as the fighting type.

Any idea what started it? Uh, no.

I'm not sure. None of
the teachers saw it happen.

He's not saying much.

You know, Matthew's always been
quiet, a little bit of a loner,

but... we think he might be
getting bullied at school.

Well, the last thing
you want to do

- in that situation is talk about it.
- Right.

So I just figured
show him a couple moves.

Maybe that'll help
open him up.

Buddy of mine's got a karate gym
over in Chatsworth,

if you want to give Matty
some more tools.

Let's, uh, see how these lessons
go before I get to that.

Just throwing it out there.
Think about it.

All right, good.
That's it.


Hey, you hear that?


Yeah, there's a...
a break-in at my work.

The Gye Nyame Community Center.

I'm barricaded in my office.

I-I locked myself in.

- But they're trying to get in.
- The hell you doing?!

She's got a purse.

Means she also got a phone.

Yo, we got to go.


There you go. Enjoy.

You better not be lying!

If I find out you are...

Hey, whoa, whoa, guys.

You mind dialing it down
a couple notches, huh?

- Get lost.
- Hey, you first.

Yeah. Yeah, I thought so.


I came as soon as
I heard. Are you okay?


Yeah, I think so.


Did you get a look at
either of them?

One of them.
I didn't recognize him.

It's gonna be okay.

I got patrols searching
the area as we speak.

We will find them.

I know.
It's just...

I used to think
of this place

as a kind of sanctuary,
you know?

But I was defenseless

as they were banging
on my office door.

I mean, if they'd
gotten in...?

It reminded me of
how Annie said she felt

when their place was attacked.

It's hard to
feel comfortable

- once your safe space has been violated.
- Yeah.

But Annie did
something about it.

And now I understand why.

She bought a gun,

had Deacon train her
how to use it.

Nichelle, I thought
you were pretty anti-gun?

Up until this morning,
so did I.

Baby, I'm sorry.

- I know. It's okay. We're all right.
- All right, I got a patrol unit

staying here
the rest of the day,

just in case. Now,
if you need anything,

you call me. All right? Okay.

I love you.

I love you.

Witnesses say
an attempted robbery

of the Manila Meltdown food
truck resulted into a firefight

between four armed suspects
and private security.

One suspect took
a bullet in the leg,

then barricaded himself
inside the truck.

The other three fled. Any hostages?

None that we can tell.

We don't have eyes inside?

A guy keeps popping off shots

every time we try to approach.

He's fired at least
ten rounds by now.

We can't risk him firing off
too many more.

Let's move.
Tan, grab the shield.

Officer, move, move.

This is Sergeant Harrelson

Step out of the vehicle
with your hands up.


Street, Luca, prep tear gas.

Move in and deploy when able.

I'll keep his attention.

You've got a choice
in how this ends, man.

Be smart about it.

You surrender peacefully,

nobody gets hurt here.


Move in.

Tan, non-lethal.

- Clear!
- 26-David.

Truck is clear.

No pulse.

20-David to Command.

One suspect down.
We're Code 4.

Initial tally is four
critically wounded civilians,

one dead security guard.

And another
food truck robbed.

- This wasn't a one-off?
- Third truck

in the last two hours,
according to RHD,

and three of the suspects
are still in the wind.

Well, I got Street and Cabrera
checking with festival security

to see if anyone can ID
the other shooters. I hope someone did.

I mean, this crew is getting
more brazen and violent

each time they hit. Do you think this is
some kind of vendetta?

I don't know, it's too soon
to tell, but I'm putting SWAT

on high alert until we get
to the bottom of this.

There are over 400 food trucks
on the streets of L.A.

Any one of them could be
the next target.

And more innocent civilians
will get caught in the crossfire

if we don't step up
and stop it.

Season 06 Episode 8

Episode Title: "Guacaine"
Aired on: December 09, 2022.

- Leticia, thank God. Is Xiamara...
- We're both okay.

We hid inside the truck
when the shooting started.

Is Adam okay?


He's a friend.
You met him this morning.

- He got shot while trying to help.
- Yeah.

The wounded were rushed
to San Gabriel Hospital.

My brother,
Jacob, works over there.

I'll ask him to check in
and report back.

Adam's in good hands.Promise.

Xiamara, look...

Speaking Spanish...

I think she's upset with you.

Yeah, I kind of picked up
on that, thanks.

I tried talking
to her, like you asked.

La tíaonly agreed
to this job

you were about our food.

She says somewhere

along the way,
that excitement disappeared.

And so did you.

If you're not invested anymore,
I think it's time tíamoves on.

Just give me a liittle time
to get out of this. Okay?

And we'll let you know
I think when we hear about Adam.



Just got off the phone
with Detective Burrows.

The suspects didn't touch
the cash registers

at any of the food trucks
they hit,

so we're at square one
for potential motive.

All right, you might have
something there.

Look, the food truck scene
in L.A. is a lot more

cutthroat than you'd think.

There's all these rivalries
and disputes over territories.

- And those turn violent?
- Slashed tires, bricks through windows,

an occasional 4:00 a.m.
kitchen fire?

The owner of Manila Meltdown
mentioned he had

a longstanding beef
with Ernie Delgado.

- Huh. Ernie Delgado.
- You know him?

Yeah, he calls himself

"The Food Truck Don
of Los Angeles."

Guy's got a big ego,
and an even bigger temper.

These attacks
could be Delgado

retaliating against other
trucks for encroaching

on his territory.

Let's bring him in,
see what he coughs up.


We've got a BOLO out
on the suspects' SUV,

and Luca's running down
a new lead.

As soon as we find
something, we roll out.

Hey, heard about the break-in
at the community center.

Nichelle doing okay?

Yeah, yeah. It spooked her
pretty good though.

But, Deacon, she's talking about
getting a gun for protection.

She said something about Annie
doing the same thing?

Yeah, she did.

When our house got shot up.
But she loves it now.

She's at the range
twice a month.

Does it make her
feel better? Safer? I think so.

What scares me is the thought of
her actually having to use it.

See? You just nailed
what's been bugging me.

Look, I ain't got no issues
with guns, obviously,

but ever since
Nichelle brought it up,

all I can think about is

all the different ways
things could go sideways.

I mean, I don't know.

I mean, I guess the mental
calculus changes

when it's somebody
you love, right?

Wait until
your kid is born.

The phrase "worst
case scenario"

takes on a whole
new meaning.

Hey, speaking of which, I heard
Matthew got in a little scuffle.

- Got suspended. Is he all right?
- Yeah, yeah. He's fine.

Some bully just, you know,
beat on him a little bit.

I showed him a couple

In case it happens again,
he'll be able to at least

defend himself. Attaboy.

Oh, boy.

- What's up?
- It's Annie.

Apparently, one of the mothers
from Matthew's classroom,

she came by and she's accusing
Matthew of starting the fight.

Okay, wait a minute,
are you sure about that?

I mean, no offense,

but Matthew's more of a
bean pole than a boxer.


That's the other kid? Yeah.

Looks pretty definitive.

Maybe you should ease up
on those boxing lessons.

Just talked to
my brother.

He said it looks like
Leticia's friend, Adam,

will pull through. Oh, awesome.

All right.
I'll let her know.

Hey, hold up.

Things looked a little tense
with you and Xiamara earlier.

Everything all right
with the food truck?

Yeah, course.

Well, the team and I
do own a stake in it.

But I'm asking
as a friend.

Truth is, Leticia's
kind of right.

I'm not as excited about

- Guate-Mama's anymore.
- What happened?

- I thought business was booming.
- It is.

It's been than ever,

It's just...
we do need more help.

I just haven't made the time.

Look, I bought the food truck

because I thought it would
bring the team together,

you know,
keep us all connected.

But now that
Chris is gone,

and, I don't know,
everyone seems

preoccupied with their own
lives and relationships...

it feels like I failed.

And that truck is just
a reminder of that failure.

Hey, Guate-Mama's
isn't a failure.

But I do think you put some
unrealistic expectations on it.

- What do you mean?
- My man, you see the world

through SWAT-colored glasses.

We all want SWAT to last
forever, but we know it can't.

Maybe it's time
you start thinking about

what'll really make you
happy in the long term.

I thought the food truck
would help with that,

- you know?
- Yeah.

You remember
how excited you were

the first time we all
tried Xiamara's cooking?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I know you get that same
excited look on your face

every time a new customer
comes up to the truck.

I've seen it.

Maybe don't give up
on the dream just yet.

All right.

Food Truck Don
just landed.

Let's go.

Ernie Delgado?

This about
the food trucks

- that got attacked today?
- Good guess.

What do you know about them?

Just that the people
who got attacked

crossed the wrong dude.

- Wrong dude being you?
- Is this your way of

getting the competition
to back off your turf?


That is not
how I do business.

You don't get the nickname

"Food Truck Don of L.A."
by playing nice.

Look, I'll admit to using
some intimidation tactics

to keep my trucks
on the best corners.

But I draw the line
at hurting people.

So whoever's behind
these attacks...

they go by a different
set of rules.

And besides, I would never go
after my own flesh and blood.

Oh, so you're saying
someone from your family

got hit by this crew?

Yeah, my cousin Mikey's
spot in Hollywood.

- What's the name of his food truck?
- It's not a truck.

He owns a restaurant
called Don Viva's.

And the mole is...
it's amazing.

Ernie, focus.

The crew
at the restaurant.

Mikey said that the gunmen only
took a couple of boxes of food.

Didn't touch
the cash register,

didn't even go
after the office safe.

So it's not just
food trucks.

These guys must be after
something specific.

Black SUV matching the
suspects' getaway vehicle

just spotted
near Glassell Park.



- Open up the back.
- It's unlocked.

Take anything you want,
just don't shoot. Please.

Hey, you guys follow the rabbit.

We've got the SUV!

On it!

- It's too tight.
- Got to hoof it.

30-David. In foot pursuit,
southbound in an alley.

Just off San Fernando.

- Give me your hands behind your back!
- 30-David.

One suspect in custody.

- Tan, what's your status?
- 25-David.

Suspect's heading east
on Avenue 35.

We're in pursuit.

Okay, I'm
gonna try a pit maneuver.

That truck's twice
the size of this Charger.

You got a better idea?

Luca, swerve!

22-David. We lost sight
of the suspects.

Last seen heading
south on Central.

Was that a freaking grenade? Sure as hell
wasn't a speed bump.

Something tells me these
aren't your everyday crooks.

Deac, truck driver says
they cut him off,

then grabbed boxes
from the back.

We know they're not after money,

but all this carnage
for some produce?

Looks like they were
after avocados.

Wait a second.

There's more going on here.

Now we know why.

These avocados are packed
with cocaine.

I've heard of drugs being
transported in gas tanks,

children's toys, even
live animals and people.

But this one
takes the cake.

I mean, how the hell did they
even get the drugs inside there

and still
make it look seamless?

I don't know,
whatever magic they used,

there's no clear difference
between one of these

and your average avocado
at the local grocery store.

Except the eight ball
that falls out

- as you're prepping dinner.
- Yeah.

I mean, packaging drugs like
this makes it near impossible

to intercept them
during transport.

Something this sophisticated
and methodical,

it's got to be a cartel.

Consider that confirmed.

Just got a positive ID
on our food truck shooter

from this morning.
Ramon Garza.

He's a suspected hit man
for the Baja Renegados Cartel.

The suspect
we just arrested

is Manny Leyva,
another cartel hit man.

- Along with...
- Peter Medina and Felix Soto.

Together, better known as
the Four Horsemen.

Yeah, they're
a cartel hit squad

suspected in over
a dozen murders

Southern California.

Along with countless others
across the border.

I mean, this crew is vicious.

One of them is notorious
for using hand grenades

to carry out his hits.

Yeah, I caught his
matinee show earlier with Tan.

Definitely plan on
skipping the encore.

If the Four Horsemen are
chasing down these drugs,

we might've interrupted
a cartel turf war.

Well, we won't know for sure
until we figure out

where these avocados
came from.

I had no idea there were
drugs in them.

I was just making my
usual deliveries.

Deliveries for who?

My job. Kedzie Produce.

- That some kind of cartel front?
- Cartel?

No way.

Kedzie's a legit
produce company.

We supply to customers
all over the city.


grocery stores,
food trucks,

you name it. Does that include a food truck
called Manila Meltdown?

Or Don Viva restaurant,
in Hollywood?

Delivered to both of them
this morning.

I bet Kedzie Produce supplies
to all the businesses

the Four Horsemen hit.

If Kedzie's the source
of the avocados...

They could be a target, too.

It's right down here.

Patrol really caught the guys
who broke in this morning?

I sure as hell hope so.

You're the only one
who can tell us for sure.

You said you got a good look
at one of them, right?

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.

Suspects are
being brought in as we speak.

I've been mulling it
over all day,

and I think I do
want to get a gun.

- Are you sure?
- All I could think about this morning

was the need to protect
myself and our baby.

Maybe a gun will make me
feel safer, more in control.

In the right hands,

with the right training,
guns do save lives.

But it comes with
a lot of risk, Nichelle,

in homes with kids.

Children in homes with guns

are three times more likely to
die from accidental shooting.

And even more likely to be
seriously injured, I know.

That's why I never wanted one
at the community center.

But at the same time,
I don't want to feel scared

in my own workplace.

Here they come.

I know him.

On the right.

Are these the kids
that broke in?

Yeah, that's them.

Take them to booking.

How do you know this kid?

Damiere used to come around
the center once in a while.

One of those kids that
never got a fair shot

at living
up to his potential.Hey.

I really hope you're not
blaming yourself for this.

- That kid made a choice.
- Yeah.

You're right.

We just got off with
Agent Simons

over at the DEA.

Now, their working theory

is that these avocados
are tied to a DEA raid

on a Baja Renegados
shipping depot in Mexico.

Now, the raid
went down last week,

but the DEA came up
mostly empty. Let me guess.

Cartel got tipped off and had to
move their drugs in a hurry?

Exactly. But in the chaos,

this batch of avocados
somehow fell

outside the cartel's
normal smuggling route.

DEA thinks there's over
five million bucks

worth of cocaine avocados
in that missing shipment.

That explains why they sent
their best hired guns

- to track it down.
- And also explains

how the drugs ended up
at a reputable business

like Kedzie Produce.

The place hasn't had so much
as a health violation in years.

If the Four Horsemen knew
to target Bechir's truck,

then they had to know
about the produce supplier.

They knew, all right.

Rocker's team just cleared
the Kedzie Produce warehouse.

It was a bloodbath.

Did they leave
any survivors?

Only one.

An administrator named
Sabrina Furley.

She's conscious
and at the hospital now.

On my way.

Sabrina Furley?

I'm Sergeant Kay, LAPD SWAT.
This is Officer Cabrera.

We hate to do this.

We-we were hoping you
could answer a few questions.

We're looking for the people
who did this to you.

It was four men, right?

When they first came, yes.

They came to Kedzie Produce
more than once?

The first time they came,

they demanded that we give them
all the avocados we had.

They threatened us,

so we gave them
what they wanted.

Then later,
they came back...

They started killing
the moment they got inside.

Shooting everyone
multiple times.

Saying that we'd
double-crossed them,

and we had to pay.

When I tried to run,

they shot me in the back.

They would've killed me

if Eddie hadn't
lured them away.

- Eddie?
- Our warehouse manager.

He saved me.

He tried to talk
the gunmen down,

but they tied him up,

put a grenade
in his pocket...


Do you know why they came back?

What they meant when they said
you double-crossed them?

Only that they said

that ten crates of their
avocados were still missing.

Wait, that truck
hijacking earlier...

The delivery log said

that there were
five crates of avocados

which means that there's
five crates unaccounted for.

If those aren't
at Kedzie Produce

and the cartel hasn't
found them yet...

where are they? Benny must've taken them.

He was still out
on his route.

Tell me we found something
on this Benny character.

Yeah, that Benny
is Benny Rizzo.

Delivery driver
for Kedzie Produce.

I ran through
the company records.

Seems Benny runs
a little side hustle,

skimming produce
from the Kedzie warehouse.

He writes items off
as damaged or rotten,

then sells the stolen
goods on the side.

Given the amount of produce

that moves through Kedzie,
it's no surprise

Benny's grift
has gone unnoticed.

If Benny unknowingly
took those five crates

- of coke-filled avocados...
- He's got to be next up

- on the cartel's hit list.
- Exactly.

Find him ASAP.

Take whatever you want!
Just-just don't hurt me.

We're not gonna hurt you.

You're gonna show us where
you took our avocados,

and then we're
gonna kill you.

Patrol found signs of forced
entry at Benny Rizzo's place,

- and he's nowhere to be seen.
- Cartel beat us there.

They would've executed
Benny on the spot

if they got
their drugs back.

Benny must've already
offloaded the avocados

as part of his
side hustle.

those avocados are,

that's where the cartel
will be next.

Think we might know a way to
figure out where they're headed.

Tan? This is Benny Rizzo's delivery
route for Kedzie Produce.

He makes the same
eight stops every day.

But none of these eight places
received any avocados today.

So I looked into Benny's
cell phone records.

Based off his
location data,

Benny makes
regular deviations

from his scheduled
delivery route

and always to the
same three places.

Three off-the-books customers
he sells his stolen produce to.

By the looks of it,

an Indian restaurant,
barbecue place,

grocery store.

The barbecue shop is closed
for two weeks for renovations,

so they definitely
didn't take a delivery.

I can't say I've ever had
avocado with my curry and naan,

so... I'll alert Patrol.

Get over to Fields
Market in Van Nuys.

I need the money, Mom.

You sure you don't want
me to come in with you?

It's just orange juice
and eggs.

I got it.


Remember, cage-free eggs...

And no pulp in the OJ.
I know.

Where are they?

They're probably on the shelves
by now.

L-Let me go
and talk to my guy

- and we...
- This isn't a discussion.

LAPD! Drop your weapons!

Go, go, go, go, go.



Where are you, Dax?!


where are you?!

Don't move.

This is 20-David.

Reports of shots fired

at the rear
of the market.

Patrol, get all civilians
to a safe distance.

Suspects are heavily armed, and
they may have hostages inside.

All right, Street, you're
with me on the three side.

The rest of you,
start clearing on the one.

Let's move.

- All right, once inside, we will clear aisle by aisle.
- Let go of me!

- Stay alert.
- Ma'am, get back!

- Officers, get her out of here!
- My son Dax is still inside!

- How old's your son?
- Ten. He went in a minute or two

- before the shooting started.
- 25-David, be advised...

There may be a child inside the market.
Ten years old.

- You need to get him out of there!
- Ma'am, we're gonna

- need you to move back to a safe distance.
- No, please!

- Please, it's my son!
- Ma'am!

We will do
everything we can.

Let's move.

How bad is it?

I'm okay.

Two shooters and a hostage.

They went through the door
on the left.

Okay, stay put. As soon as it's clear,
we'll send help to you.


Street, move in.


making entry on the three side.


what's your status?

Making entry now.


confirmed visual
on one suspect and Benny Rizzo.

Rear of the store,
at the back of Aisle 8.

got eyes on the second suspect.

- Back of the store.
- Any sign of the child?


All other aisles are clear.

All right,

on you, Deac.
You got eyes.

Luca, Cabrera,

flash bangs on my count.



Move in.

Don't move! Don't move!

Hey! Stay on the ground!

Over! Over!
On your stomach!

Give me your hands!

Stay down!

- Down on the ground!
- Stay on the ground!

Going hands on.

Tan, Street,

clear the rest of the store.

Get your ass up.


Felix Soto,
we know you're in there!

Put the weapon down!
Come out with your hands

- in the air!
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

You don't want us
to do that!

Show 'em why.


Hold your fire.
We have a live grenade.

Go ahead, get him out.

Hey, Felix, why don't
you let the kid go?

And why would I do that?

Nobody's got
to die today.

A little late for
that, don't you think?

Let's just take a second
and talk about this.

My bosses want
these avocados back ASAP.


rain check
on that talk.


Come on.

20-David to Command,
hold your fire.

Clear a path
at the entrance.

Be advised, suspect
has a hostage with a live grenade.

Looks like an M67.

Hey. M67's got a
five-second fuse, right?

I got an idea.

Hey, Dax?

You hang in there, buddy.

We're gonna
get you out of this.

Hey, Dax,
you a baseball fan?

All right,
I'm gonna need you

to keep a nice tight grip
on that ball,

just like pitchers do
on the mound.

- You know what I'm saying?
- Quit stalling

- and move!
- 22-David,

we got a place
to put that grenade.

Side door. Dumpster. 12 o'clock.

26-David, as soon as Felix
reaches the end of the aisle,

we'll engage.

Give us a signal
if it's a no-go.

Nice toss, boss.

You guys could've put that
thing a couple feet closer.

Wanted to make sure
you still had that fastball.

I ain't dead yet, man.

Hey, Xiamara. Xiamara.

Hey. I heard you gals
might be here.

How's Adam?

Okay. Recovering.

I'm sorry

I haven't been around
to help out.

That I haven't seemed as excited
or invested in Guate-Mama's.

I-I don't

have a good excuse
why. But...

I promise you, it's gonna
be different from now on.

How different?

for starters...

Everything okay?

For starters,

Leticia's getting a promotion.

- Come again?
- General manager

of Guate-Mama's.

If-if-if Tia's okay with that.

And we're gonna hire another
staff member to work the truck,

to give you some rest.

I'm gonna be around
to help more,

starting right now.

I booked us an event tonight.

Food Truck Fridays. Studio City.

- I'm very tired...
- I know, I know, I know.

That's why I brought some help.
Yo, Tan.

Tan's gonna be our new staff
member, help us out tonight.

I'll take orders, serve food,
chat up customers,

take out the trash...
Whatever makes your life easier.

Leticia, you can stay here
with Adam. We just need you

to boss us around,
tell us what to do.

But, more importantly, whatever
we make in sales this week,

we're gonna put
towards Adam's hospital bill.

Tan reminded me why I fell
in love with Guate-Mama's

in the first place.

I mean, your food
brings people happiness,


I want to spread that happiness
as far and wide as we can.

What do you say?

That's the Luca I know.

Then let's do this! Yes!

Let's do this then.

Come on. Let's grab your things.
We'll say hi to Adam.

I hear you call dibs
on trash duty? Yeah.

We need to talk.

Oh, if it's about Geoff,

Mom already talked to me. Yeah,

well, it's my turn.

Did you instigate the fight
with Geoff today?

You know,

to say that I am disappointed,

that would be
an understatement.

What you did to Geoff today,

I have put handcuffs
on people for less.

Do you understand me?
That is assault, Matty.

We raised you to solve your
problems with words, not fists.

- What on earth possessed you to do that?
- He called you a killer.

Geoff said all cops are killers
and that, since you're SWAT,

you're the worst kind of killer.

I asked him to stop.

I-I told him to shut
up, but he wouldn't.

He just...

He just kept saying that
you were a killer and that...

we deserved to have
our house shot up.

Next thingl knew,

I was on top of him,
throwing punches.

I didn't mean to...

hurt him that badly,
I guess. I just...

I just...
wanted him to stop.

Why didn't you
tell me the truth?

Or your mother?

You lied to us.

You let us believe that you were
the victim in all this.

I'm sorry, Dad.

What Geoff said...

that wasn't right.


I appreciate you...

standing up for me.

I do.


Just because somebody
said something

that you
don't agree with,

it doesn't give you
the right to hurt them.

I know.

I spent the day chasing
four very cruel, violent men.

They caused a lot
of suffering.

Now, did part of me want them
to suffer in return?

A little bit.


...the Gospel of Matthew.

Jesus reminds us...

we got to love everybody.

Even our enemies.

And I know that that's gonna
be hard sometimes, but...

...there's always gonna be
someone that says or does

something stupid or hateful.

But a good person...

...they don't respond
with violence.

You can't let
other people's words

your own actions, Matty.

I'm-I'm sorry I let
you and Mom down.


even more sorry for
what I did to Geoff.

So, uh...

what should happen next?

I need to apologize to Geoff.

And his family.

All right.

Get your coat.

I'll be in the car.


Hey. Thought we'd be
heading home by now.

What's... all this?

Baby, if you really want
to get a gun for protection,

you know I will support it.

I just want to make sure
that you are really comfortable

using one first.


I can go a week
without shooting this thing.

But then there's days
like today,

where it's glued to my hand
and I have a split second

to decide if I'm gonna pull
that trigger or not.

This is what
this job is for me.

It's instinctual
by now.

But it wouldn't be for me.


And that's what concerns me.

Are you sure
you want to do this?


All right, step up here.

I want you to get
a nice wide stance

with your feet.

- Strong platform, okay?
- Okay.

Okay. Now, again,

you always keep the gun
aimed forward.

Take it from me.
Get a nice strong grip.

There you go.
Finger off the trigger.

- There you go. That's perfect. 'Kay?
- Mm.

I'm gonna take the safety off.

The gun is live

and the range is hot.

Take a breath.

Baby, when
you're ready,

find your target

and pull the trigger
one time.


Baby, what's the matter?

If I had a gun this morning,

I would've shot Damiere.

A 14-year-old kid
I used to tutor in math.

I can't do this.
This isn't for me.Okay. O-Okay.

Stay there.
I got it.

Put it on safety.

Okay, give me the gun.
It's okay. I got it.


Are you sure?

I think I was attracted
to the idea of a gun,

because it seemed empowering.

But I don't think I
could knowingly take

someone else's
life that way.

No, the power I lost
that I need to regain,

that's not gonna come from
anywhere but inside here.


Baby, I so wish more people
were as honest with themselves

as you are about this stuff.

Yeah, well,
when you spend

a whole day second-guessing
your every decision,

imagining all the...

Terrible ways things could've
played out...

What happened this morning
scared the hell out of me.

I know.

Me, too.

But what went down today

was just one
really bad moment.

Baby, we got a lifetime of
better ones to look forward to.


Come here.


I love you so much.

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