S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Previously, on

I want to have
Previous la family with you.

We're-we're... we're having a girl.

- Mmm.
- Mmm.

Powell, with me!

- I got a shortcut.
- Powell!

Suspect's down.

You just take off like that.

Relax. We got the guy,
didn't we?

You get Powell squared away.
She's your responsibility now.

Hank St. John. I go by Saint.

- Daniel Jr. They call me...
- I know who you are, Hondo.

You may have them fooled,
but not me.

It's only gonna take
one mistake for the LAPD

to come knocking on your door.

I'll have
to be very careful then.

This is Detective Rios
with Gangs and Narcotics.

If you're right about this Saint
guy being behind all this...

- I am...
- We haven't found any evidence

to confirm it.

I just wanted to ask you

about your new business venture
with Hank St. John.

Starting my first business.

I'm calling it
Freshness on Wheels.

Consider it a fair warning.

Clean up your act,
or you're gonna see me

in ways that you don't want to.

Oh, Hondo, look how cute.

Oh, no.
Get out of town.

Our baby girl
ain't even born yet,

and she's already
swagging it out.

This stuff looks
practically new.

- Has it ever even been worn?
- Uh, most of it, probably not.

Yeah, Annie went a little
overboard dressing the girls.

How could she not?
It's all so precious.

Yeah. I'm actually surprised
she let this go.

But when she heard

that the two of you
were having a baby, and a girl,

here it is.

Well, Deacon, thank you.
It means a lot.

Now you tell Annie
that we promise

to give everything here
a good home.

You're doing usa favor.

Victoria's almost four.

You know, it's about time
we move on to the next phase.

- What do you mean?
- Well, we have this joke

that we have lived through

different phases over the years.

First, it was the
"Just the two of us" phase.

Then it was,
"We've got one kid.

I think that's all
we can handle" phase.

Our "Just the two of us" phase
was pretty great.

You ready to shake that up?

I am more than ready.

Oh, you better be,
because pretty soon,

it turns into the
"Now, we have four kids

"and we couldn't believe
that we thought

one was too much
to handle" phase.Yeah.

Hmm. You know what?
I think we'll leave that phase

to you and Annie
'cause I really don't see

- four little rug rats running around here.
- Uh-uh.

Victoria used to
love stuffies,

but by the time this one came
home, she was onto dolls.

Next, it'll be boys.

Ooh. Which phase is that?

That is
the "Lord, help me" phase.

Oh, sorry, guys.
Excuse me for a second.

Yo, Rios. What's up?

Yo, Hondo.

Yeah, I couldn't help it.
Had to call right away.

I think we got him.
We may have found

what we need
to put Saint away for good.

What? You serious?
What'd you find?

Picked up a laptop on a raid
of one of Saint's pill mills

last night.
Guys at Cyber Division

say it's encrypted
like nothing they've ever seen.

And if that thing has
that much security...

Got to be a gold mine, yeah.
Problem is,

we're locked out of it
until this raid.

- You found the key?
- Don't get your hopes up.

Still got to see
what's on the laptop first,

but my gut is telling me
it's what we've been searching for.

I'll keep you posted.

Hey, Rios, thanks, man.

You stepped up and walked this
path because I asked you to.

- I owe you.
- Yeah, let's save the mushy stuff

for when we have Saint
in cuffs, okay?

I'm so looking forward to that.

Thanks, brother.

All right, peace.

Good news?

Rios just hit up another one
of Saint's stash houses, and

he thinks that he finally has
enough evidence to put him away.

- Well, that's huge.
- We're not there yet.

We got to confirm it, but, yeah,
this feels really good.

Well, we should go.

Then I'll save
my congratulations for later.

Can't wait. Mmm.
See you tonight.


Deacon, please thank Annie
for all this.

I will.



Here you go.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

Charlie, what the hell is this?

Celery, kale,
spinach and apple.

Mom told you to watch
your caffeine intake,

so I got you
a healthy juice.

You're killing me, mijo, okay?

...you posted.

- You're kiKale.
- okay?

♪ Who is it that'll give me
the answer to ♪

♪ They can't touch
like MC Hammer moves ♪

♪ I can tell you ain't never
been in a bar fight ♪

♪ I be calling my shots
like I'm playing pool ♪

♪ You're looking for the formula
and some meal ♪

♪ Poor baby, you're gonna
surely miss a meal ♪

♪ While I'm at it,
also, you put the money ♪

♪ In an envelope,
you know who to hand it to ♪

♪ Double check the price, huh

Over earbuds...
♪ Don't need your advice, huh

♪ If you're gonna talk to me

♪ Then just talk
to me nice, huh... ♪

- How you doing?
- Fine.

You know, I spent a lot
of time in this room

when I first got to SWAT.

It's almost a rite of passage.

Is that why you suggested
to Hondo I get armory duty?


You got armory duty 'cause
you were reckless in the field.

Now, I know you trust your gut,

but you can't keep
going off on your own.

There's a reason
we move in twos.

Your partner's not just
watching your back.

You're watching theirs.

I get it.
You could've just said that.

You didn't have to get Hondo
to sideline me.

You want me to lay off?

Stop reverting back
to the lone wolf stuff.

I didn't ask you
to be my mentor,

or whatever it is
you think you're doing.

Can I get back to it?

These HKs aren't gonna
clean themselves.

I mean, you look
at his production from last season,

his numbers are obviously down.
Does that worry you at all?

I mean, not particularly.

Look, let me rephrase it.

Is Bailey seeing a lot more
double team this year? Yeah.

Move! Move!

This is Detective Alex Rios.

I'm at the corner
of West 60th and South Hoover.

Code 30. Officer
in need of assistance!

Hey, you notice anything funny
about the commander today?

Funny? Hicks is a lot of things,
I don't know about funny.

No, I mean, like, weird.

He was on the bike
in the gym this morning.

And? Hicks hates
the stationary bike.

He says
it's the perfect metaphor

for going nowhere in life.

I'm telling you, man,
something's off.

Hey. Morning, Commander.

Tan. Luca.

Hey, sir.

At ease, boys.

Was that a kombucha? I told you. Weird.

Kale salad?

I don't think I've ever seen
Hicks eat a vegetable.

Not unless it was surrounded

by meat and smashed
on a hoagie roll.

Maybe he's on some sort
of health kick.

That's a good thing, right? I don't know.

My dad went on a health kick
when he was Hicks's age

on the doctor's orders after
he had a mild heart attack.


Hondo called. Detective Rios
radioed a Code 30.

He was attacked in his car.
Now he's gone.

Hondo and Deacon
are on their way there.

Said we should do
what we can from here.

Okay, let's get some leads
for them for when they get back.

All right. Thank you.

Detectives canvassed
the block.

These guys weren't discrete.

Witnesses saw two masked men
armed with assault rifles

yank Rios from his car,
threw him in the back of a Jeep.

He was blindsided.
Rios didn't stand a chance.

He was targeted. Yeah, looks like it.

I sent him
down this road, Deacon.

Hey, Hondo,
this isn't on you.

I talked Rios
into going after Saint.

It's no coincidence
that Rios was real close

to putting Saint away.

Now he gets ambushed? All right, let's...

let's not jump
to conclusions.

There's only one
possible conclusion.

Saint kidnapped Rios.

And you best believe
I'm gonna get him back.

This mean I'm out
of the doghouse?

For now. This is
an all-hands situation.

One of our own is abducted
in broad daylight.

Somebody must
have seen something.

Well, the traffic cam
gave us plates from the Jeep

that sideswiped Rios,
but it was a dead end.

It was reported stolen from
a parking lot this morning.

No cameras at the lots,
so no help there.

- Any progress on our perps?
- No, sir.

They were masked and moved too
fast to get a good description.

Average height, average build,
nothing concrete.

Why take Rios now?

Well, Rios has been hitting
Saint's pill mills

and stash houses
pretty hard recently.

One last night
and one this morning.

Unlikely it's just revenge,
or we would have found a body

instead of just
a banged-up car.

Well, the big get from
last night's raid was a laptop.

Rios seems to think
that this is the holy grail,

some kind of digital locker

where Saint keeps
all his dirty laundry.

I tracked the laptop
to Cyber Division.

Anything in it
we can use?

Cyber's been trying
to crack it all night.

It's highly encrypted.

Sounds like maybe Rios is right
about what's on it.

All right, both of you
head down to Cyber

and see what you can glean
from the techs.

Hey, Commander,
the R-100 detail is bringing

Rios' wife, Maria,
into HQ for protection.

Their son, Charlie,
is on patrol.

We radioed him
and he should be back soon.

My God,
the wife must be a wreck.

Yeah. Oh, I-I got to take this.

Hey, Doc.


Oh, wow. I didn't expect it

to get scheduled that soon.

All right, I guess it gives me
less time to get nervous.

Okay. Well, all right.

- Thank you.
- You hear that?

Hicks has something
scheduled with a doctor.

Should we say something to him,
let him know we're here for him?

I don't know.
Hicks is a pretty private guy.

If he wanted us to know,
he would have told us.

Yeah, but whatever it is,
there's no reason

for him to be
going through it alone

when so many people care.

If the commander needs us,
he'll let us know.

I say we give him
his space for now.

I hope you're right.

You see, Ellis,

the trick is to play
the opening like a book

the middle game
You see like a magician,

and the end game
like a machine.


You think very highly
of yourself, don't you, Hank? An,

But I...


Sergeant Harrelson.
Here for a game?

You know exactly why I'm here.

That's probably why
you stepped up your security.

This is my executive assistant,

Lucius. I'm surprised
you two haven't met yet.

A police officer
was abducted this morning.

I'm truly sorry to hear that.

What can I do to help?

- If you give me a name, I...
- You know his name,

and that he was real close
to shutting down your operation.

My operation?
I run a successful business

that gives back

to the community
at every turn.

- Who would want to shut that down?
- That's just a cover.

Rios found proof,
so you kidnapped him.

Now, where is he?!

I've been here

with Councilman Wright
playing chess all morning.

I appreciate that
you have a job to do,

but you're barking up
the wrong tree.

Cut the act, Saint!

Where is Detective Rios?

Hondo, let's go.

Come on. This isn't
accomplishing anything.

- Anything useful?
- Maybe.

I've been going through the
evidence logs from last night

and this morning's raids,
and I just found this.

This thumb drive
was photographed

and logged in
at the stash house this morning,

but it never made it
to the evidence locker.

Okay, Forensics didn't find it
in the debris at the crash site

or in Rios' car.

I don't know how it fits,

but it could be
another piece of the puzzle.

All right, I'll send a team
to double check the car.

Street and Powell are
headed over to Cyber now.

Give them the heads up
to ask about this drive.

Yes, sir. Uh, Commander, wait.

If there's ever anything
that you need to talk about,

I just want you
to know I'm here.

All right, well,
that's good to know, Luca.

I'll-I'll keep that in mind. I mean it, sir.

Anything. All right.

I-I'm sorry, Luca.
Excuse me.

Hey, Hondo, hold up.

I just got a call
from the deputy mayor's office.

Did you threaten
Hank St. John in the park?

No, sir. I was
chasing a lead.

Well, it didn't look that way
to City Councilman Ellis Wright,

and he's got strong ties both

with the deputy mayor
and the I.G.

Sir, you're gonna slap my wrist?

Now? With Rios out there?

I'm on your side here.
We all want Rios

to be brought home safely,
all right?

I'm just reminding you
to be smart about this.

You keep going after Saint
without any proof, then...

Then what?
He'll kill Rios?

Sir, he's gonna
do that anyway

as soon as he gets
what he wants.Uh...

Mrs. Rios.


I'm Commander Hicks.

I'm so sorry.

If you come
with me, I'll...

I'll explain to you
what's going on.

Okay? Come on.
Come with me.

We called earlier. GND brought
in a laptop last night.

It was seized in
a drug raid. Yeah.

You must be from 20-Squad.

I was the one who processed it
when it came in.

Pretty heavy security mods.

No wireless connection.

Could only see metadata,
but it's huge.

14 terabytes,
all highly encrypted.

You still haven't been able
to figure out what's on it?

If coffee and will power
were enough,

I would have cracked it
hours ago.

But we could throw every

decryption algorithm
the LAPD has at it,

and still probably not get in.

It requires a specific key.

Probably stored
on a flash drive.

Something... like this?

Wish I'd known you had it.

Might've actually gotten
some sleep last night.

Must be what Rios
called Hondo about this morning.

Wait. Detective Rios?

He called a couple hours ago,

said he was on his way over.
Never showed.

Rios must have been bringing

the flash drive here

only he got ambushed on the way.

Oh, my God.

That flash drive
is only half the equation.

The laptop is here.

We need to move the laptop to
SWAT HQ for safekeeping now.

As long as you sign it out
to maintain chain of custody.

Just let me...

Wait. This can't be right.

It was checked out
a minute ago.

Which way?

Evidence room is down there.

Hey, someone just
checked out a laptop?

Uh, yeah.

He's right there. Hey!

Stop right there!

Do not move!

- Hands where we can see 'em!
- Hands up!

- You don't understand. I'll cover.
- Right now!

I got to get this
laptop out of here.

Hands behind your back.
Up against the vehicle.

Now! They're gonna kill him.

There's no time.
They're going to kill my dad

if you don't let me go!

Charlie Rios?

What the hell's going on?

Your pig father took a computer

that doesn't belong to him.

You're going to get it back.

Your daddy's life depends on it.

We found
this on Charlie's phone.

They sent that
to Rios' son, Charlie?

Poor kid was just trying
to save his dad.

A laptop
for his father's life.

Charlie could barely hold it
together. I feel for him.

Oh, geez.

Tell me we got
something to go on.

We tried to track the phone
used to contact Charlie Rios,

but it's a burner.
Signal's gone dead.

Charlie had no idea
where the flash drive might be.

Last time he saw it
was at the raid this morning.

- So we're back to square one?
- Maybe not.

Play it again
just from the end.

Freeze. Zoom in on that box.

Now sharpen it.

So what am I looking at?

I know that logo.

That's Raymont Harris' company.

Does this mean
I'm officially

out of the armory now?

- Sorry. You got to do the full assignment.
- Come on.

Rios and the laptop would
be long gone if not for me.

You want a pat on the back?
Fine. Nice work.

You're still on armory duty.

What's in this for you?

What do you mean?

All the check-ins,
the hovering,

the getting me armory duty.
Why are you doing this?

Because I almost blew my shot
with SWAT once, and I would like

to see you stick around.

- You're a good cop.
- Exactly.

I am a good cop, which is why

I don't need a mentor.

I don't need you
to hold my hand.

I can make it on my own.

Yeah, but
that's the point, Powell.

You don't have
to do this on your own.

I appreciate the sentiment,

but you got to give me space.



Why aren't you picking up
your phone?

My bad.
Been running around.

Company's growing.

Check out the new van.

We need to talk.

Why? What's going on?
It's about Saint.

We've been through this, Hondo.

Everything he's done

for Freshness on Wheels
has been above board.

Everything you know of, Raymont.

I believe he's using
one of your warehouses

to hide a detective that he kidnapped.

Saint? Kidnap a cop?

Look, I know
how that sounds to you.

His investment got my business
off the ground. Now I'm soaring.

So, yeah, it sounds crazy to me.

My girl Nichelle
helped you incorporate

that symbol
into your branding, right?

The Sankofa.
It represents the idea

that no one is left behind.

Okay, look at that.

This is from a ransom video.

That's your symbol right there.

And that? That's Detective
Rios right now.

This is real, kid.
He's been helping me

take down Saint's
criminal empire.

Rios is a good cop,
and if I'm right,

he doesn't have
a lot of time left.

We just bought a new warehouse.

It's being renovated, but

this morning, Saint's guy called
and gave the crew the day off.

I need you to give me
that location.

Luca, Tan, you're with me
on the one side.

Street and Powell,
you take the three.

Hondo says this is
the warehouse from the video.

Be on the lookout
for two gunmen, maybe more.

Tan give me eyes inside.

Be on the lookout for Rios.

Don't want him getting caught
in the crossfire.

I'm not getting
any heat signatures.

This place stores food, right?

Industrial AC might be throwing
off the thermal imaging.

Nothing on the thermal image.

We're gonna breach the one side,
go shallow to deep.

Roger, 30-David.

We'll watch the three side
for rabbits.

Reinforced steal door.
Heavy duty.

Breach in three, two, one.


Hallway clear.

I got middle.

Tan go left, Luca take right.

Head on a swivel.

Warehouse is empty.

Street, Powell,


Nothing back here, either.
Making entry.

This doesn't make any sense.

There's nobody here.

I got something over here.

This is where Rios was
hanging in the video.

Fresh blood.

Still hasn't dried.

Looks like he was water boarded.

Still wet. Couldn't have
been sitting here long.

We must've just missed them.

- Saint knew we were coming.
- No way.

How could he have known?

Someone tipped him off.

You're not doing yourself any
favors by not talking to me.

You're the only one
who could've warned Saint.

If we don't find Detective Rios
in time to save him,

you can be charged
as an accessory.

I know what you think of cops,

but Hondo's a good one.
Saved my life.

You can trust him.

Phoebe, tell me what you know.


My brother Marcus
is Saint's driver.

When I heard you talking
about raiding the warehouse,

I got scared that
he might get hurt.

So you called Marcus and
warned him that we were coming?

Is he involved
with Saint's criminal activity?


All he does is take him
to meetings and wait in the car.

Your brother might be in real danger,

We both want the same thing...
To get our people home safely.

Help me.

Hey, Deac,
can I talk to you a minute?

Yeah. I'm just running some gear
out to Betty. What's up?

Hondo put me in charge
of getting Powell in line.

How's that going?

Not great.

I'm just having trouble
getting through to her.

Well, what have you tried?

self-deprecation, tough love.

Everything you and Hondo used
on me in the beginning.

Well, that's your problem
right there. She's not you.

What do you mean?

- I was just like her when I got here.
- Look,

I've got four kids. Each one
of them has a different father.

Okay. You lost me.

Wh-What I mean is, each one
of my kids is an individual.

They respond to
parenting differently,

so I-I have to take a different
approach with each one of 'em.

The tough love that
I use on Matthew

would never work on Lila.

Hmm. She's too smart for that.

How did you figure out
what works best for each kid?

Simple. I-I just listened,
I got to know 'em.

How much do you actually
know about Powell?

Not a ton. I mean,
she plays it pretty close,

but she did tell me the reason

that-that she doesn't trust
protocol is

it got an old partner hurt.

Okay, well, that's a start.

How much does
she know about you?

Not much, I guess.Okay.

You want Powell to open up,
let her guard down,

you got to let
yours down first.

Make sense? Yeah. Yeah, it does.



I'm here.

Where are you?


Thanks, Marcus.

Wait in the car.


Marcus, you okay?

Yeah, what's up?

Where are you?

I'm at the soup kitchen.


Marcus, this is
Sergeant Harrelson, LAPD SWAT.

Phoebe is safe,
but you might be in danger.

Are you with Saint right now?

I mean, yeah, he's in a meeting.
He told me

to wait in the car.
What-What's going on?

Does anything look out of the
ordinary from where you are?


Phoebe, come on.
You know the cops

are always messing with Saint.
I mean, think about

what he does for the community.
He gave me a job to help pay

for Pop's medical bills.

No, they're not messing with him
this time.

Saint kidnapped a cop.

No, you're wrong.
He wouldn't do that.

Now, I'll prove it.

No. Marcus, Marcus,

do not get out of that car!


It didn't have to come to this,

but you've squeezed
my storage houses,

chipped away
at my packaging facilities,

so now we find ourselves here.

I need my flash drive back.

Where is it?

Do you really have it in you
to kill a cop, Saint?

Because you're gonna have to.

I'll never tell you
where that drive is.

You will.

After all,
your family can only hide

from me for so long. You leave my family alone!

You understand me?

Ph-Phoebe? Phoebe.

Yeah, you-you were right.

There are men here.
One of 'em's all bloody.

Marcus, listen to me.
You got to get out of there.

Get out of there now.
You get back to that car.

Do you understand?


Thought I heard
something. Come here.

Marcus? Marcus. No, Marcus.

Raymont, you and Phoebe,
you stay right here.

We're gonna get
your brother back.

Come on, man. I won't
tell nobody, all right? Please!

I told you to stay
in the car.

But it's okay, Marcus.

Maybe this is for the best.

Hey, you leave him alone.

You may not value your own life,

but certainly, you won't
let me kill this innocent boy.

Mr. St. John, Saint,
please, please.

Where is it?

- Time's up.
- No! No, no, no.

Please! Wait! Wait! Wait!
It's in my car.

It's hidden in my car.

That's where I stashed it.


Was that so hard?

Saint, Saint, come on, please.

Please. I'm sorry.


You with us?

Thinking about Rios.

- We'll get him back.
- And what if we don't?

I've been chasing that
son of a bitch for over a year.

Every day looking
forward to the moment

we finally slap cuffs on him.
There ain't no victory

in busting him
for Rios' murder.

Look, I saw how Saint got to you
at the park earlier.

You're gonna be able
to keep your head

if we are too late to save Rios?

If we are too late for Rios,

I am not letting his
sacrifice be for nothing.

We take Saint down clean.

Command to 20-David.

Marcus' phone has left
the soup kitchen.

Looks like Saint's on the move.

He's heading north on Alvarado.

Uh, check that.
Now west on Chavez.

What should we do, Hondo? Stay
the course to the soup kitchen

or call an audible
and follow the phone?

Just 'cause Saint's in motion
doesn't mean Rios is with him.

He's right.
There's no way

to know
if they're still together.

If Saint got what he wanted,

he may be going
after that flash drive.

I-I hate to say it,

but if-if Rios
gave up the drive,

there's a good chance
that Saint is fleeing a murder.

What's your call, boss?

Follow the phone, Luca.
Stay on Saint.


You sure?

No, but I better be right.

Hang on!

Excuse me, sir.
I need an alternator

for a '73 Cadillac Brougham.

Is there anyone here
who can help me?

I'm afraid you're gonna have
to come back on Monday.

- I'm the only one here.
- Unfortunate for you, I guess.

Destroy the security tapes.

I want this clean.Okay.

Come on.

You didn't need
to bring the kid.

The kid is my insurance
to keep you honest.

His car's over there.


Now where's my flash drive?

It's hidden
in the passenger seat headrest.

A hole underneath. It's there.

It better be.

Got it.

This little device could have
destroyed everything I've built.

Dump the bodies.
Nothing traces back to me.


Okay, we've got two
armed suspects... -00 and 2:00.

Both suspects have hostages.

Is one of them Rios?

Yes, at your two.

Hey, Saint's moving deeper
into the yard.

Now, Street, Powell,
you get Rios and Marcus.

Tan, you stay
with Luca.

Deacon, give me two.
We're going after Saint.

Luca, we need cover. Got it!

20-Squad, move. Move!

Tan, watch out for one
of the suspects at your seven!

25-David. First suspect down.

LAPD! Drop the weapon!

Drop it right now!
Up against the vehicle!

Marcus, this way, quick!
Behind that vehicle.

Go, Marcus!

Up against the vehicle now!
Hands behind your back!

Going hands on. Come here!

26-David. Second
suspect in custody. Marcus is safe.

Luca, talk to me. We need eyes.

At your twelve. Grey sedan.

Drop it!



Hands behind your back.

Hands behind your back!

We've got you, Detective.

Third suspect in custody.

Rios is safe.

20-David to
D-Team. I've got eyes on Saint.

Stop right there, Saint!

Drop the weapon!

Don't move.

Looks like my back
is against the wall.

There's nowhere to go.

It's over.

Appears to be.

You put that weapon down,
you can still walk out of here.

And what?

Spend the rest of my life
in prison?

You don't need
to die today, Saint.

We all punch the clock
someday, Hondo.

Better on my own terms, while
I have the people's hearts.

Once they know what you've done,
that all goes away.

My legacy will speak louder than
your accusations, I assure you.

Shoot me,

and I'll remain a hero, and you

will be known
as the man who killed a saint.

20-David to Command.
Saint is down.

We need an R/A to location.

You ain't no saint.

I told you it was just
gonna take one mistake.

You are not dying a martyr.

Hey, Powell.

I thought I was
clear before.

We don't have to do
the whole check-in thing.

You were right.
You don't need me hovering.

I just wanted to help, you know,

and I see a lot
of myself in you.

I'm not like you.

And as a woman,

I don't want people thinking
that I need extra help

to keep up, you understand?

Yeah, I do.

I just... I...

I had a lot of trouble
fitting in

when I first got here,
too, and I think

I was trying to be the person
that I needed back then,

not the person
that you need now.

What does that mean?

What kind of person
do I need now?

I don't know.

But I'd like to find out.

Look, um,

there's few of us, we're hanging
at my place tonight.

You should come.

Get to know the team
a little better.

Sure. Sounds fun.


Woman speaks indistinctly
over P.A...

Speaking Spanish...


- There he is.
- Hey.


I am so sorry.

You brought him back to me.

Thank you.

I'll give you two
some space.

How you holding up?

Better and better.

I spoke to Cyber.
The flash drive key worked.

Man, that was
quick thinking,

you sticking that thing
in the headrest.

Ah, heat of the moment, man.

I saw the hole and reacted.
Glad it worked out.

When Cyber unlocked the
encrypted laptop, they found

smuggling routes,
illegal transaction records,

everything we need
to put Saint away for life.


And we're doing everything
we can for your son Charlie.

Hicks thinks, at worst, he's
looking at admin probation.

Music to my ears.

Seriously, Rios.

I'm sorry how
things went down.

I should have never pushed you
into going after Saint.

I almost got you killed.

I didn't take up the shield
just to collect a pension.

We did good.

But, yeah,
next time you need a favor,

call somebody else, huh?

That's fair.


Ah, come on.

You're kidding me.

- Commander? Can I come in?
- Yeah.

What's up?

Look, you can come clean,

You shouldn't be going through
this without some support.

Going through what?

Look, Tan and I heard you
on the phone with your doctor

this morning. We know
something's going on.

If there's anything
we can do...


Oh, Luca, I'm not sick.

I was talking
to Luiza Coles


She's a matchmaker.

But you called her "Doc."

Well, he's got a PhD
in sociology.

- Everybody calls her "Doc."
- Okay.

- So, the exercise bike and the diet change?
- Luca, I haven't

been on a date in 30 years,
so I just want to, you know,

- put my best foot forward.
- So you're not sick?

No, no, no, far from it.

If I felt any better,
I'd be two people. Oh.

Hey, oh.

Luca, Luca, that's
enough, that's enough.

- Wow.
- You... That was...

I'm fine, all right?

I still think
you might need my help, though.

Dating's changed
a little bit in 30 years.

Unbutton the top button... this
is a date, not a job interview.

You remember
I'm still your boss, right?

All right. This is not
a job interview, sir.

How much time
do we have?

I'm meeting her
for drinks in an hour.

Oh, my God, okay.
Well, it's not a lot of time,

but it's enough
to run you through the basics.

This what you're gonna wear?

- It's casual.
- Do you have anything else?

- You wear the same thing every day, man.
- Yeah, well...

Just roll the sleeves up.

- That should be good.
- Oh, all right.



- Hey, beautiful.
- Mwaw.

I figured I'd try one
of your mom's recipes

to celebrate your big win.

I have been saving
this congratulations all day.

You've finally put Saint
where he belongs.

Baby, people are already
calling his arrest...

a political hit job.

Oh, they'll come around,
but first they need to mourn.

You have to remember

the man ran charities
and a soup kitchen.

Saint meant something good to
just as many people as he hurt.


you just need a little reminder.

Oh, yeah?

Of what?

That no matter what people say,

what you did today,
what you do every day

makes the world safer
for everyone in it.

And everyone to come.

You're right.

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