S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

S.W.A.T.'s armored vehicle is stolen, the squad must team up with FBI Agent Vasquez, a former LAPD officer who was once denied a position on the S.W.A.T. team, to stop the vehicle from being used in a potential terrorist attack. H...


Nobody moves, nobody dies!

Lock 'em in the
conference room.

Take their phones.

Hey, phone in the bag now.

Should be over here

This wall.

Help me move these.

Just like you said.

Prep the exit,
then make the call.

Appreciate you lugging
all this stuff.

I'll be honest,
when I volunteered,

I didn't think your church
was gonna wrangle up

this many donations.

What's in here, bricks? Ah.

They got land line
telephones, laptops...

Nichelle's COPE program
needs the resources

and people are stepping up. I guess nobody
wanted to part with

iPads or anything lighter?

Look at it this way,
you get to skip the gym.

It's leg day.
I love leg day.

Hey, guys, thank you both
for bringing this by.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
No sweat.

So, Annie tells me

you have some news?

Oh, I knew you two couldn't wait
till the baby is born.

We wanted to, but we're
just too excited.

And I have online
shopping carts ready to go.

I need to know which one
to pull the trigger on.

So, the baby's gender
is in there?

And I haven't opened it.

Annie agreed to bake us a cake

for a little gender reveal
party this weekend,

so she is the only one
allowed to know.

Okay, well, normally
Annie and I don't keep secrets

from each other,

but in this case
I'll let it slide.

Do not let this out
of your sight.

You have my word.

We got to get to Pacoima.

Thanks. Be safe, guys.


All right. Listen
up. 911 call came from inside.

Caller said four gunmen

busted in,
rounded everybody up,

and then put a bullet in
a manager who resisted.

If he's still alive, we got to
get him medical attention ASAP,

so let's get in and get him out.

How many potential hostages?

Luckily, most of the employees
are working remote.

Only five clocked in
this morning, plus the manager.

Caller said they were
being corralled

before the call was dropped. Any sign of the shooters?

Patrol got here fast,
set up a wide perimeter.

Never saw the shooters exit,

so we have to assume
they're still inside.

Luca and I'll take
the three side.

Deacon, you grab
Tan and Street,

enter the two side.

Let's secure the hostages
and get that wounded man out.

Okay. Let's do this.


Set at the entry point,

on the two side.
Checking the IR now.

I got six bodies on IR,
huddled together.

That's got to be
the employees.

No visual on any gunmen.

Hondo, we've located
the employees.

No sign of the suspects.

Copy that, Deac.

We're good.

No sign of suspects
on our end either.

Prepare to make entry.

All right, we do this quick
and quiet in three, two, one.


Not exactly sophisticated.


No change.

Looks like we're good.

30-David. We are just
outside the conference room.

Still no sign
of any shooters.

Copy that, Deac.
We're clear here, too.

Make entry.

Get that wounded man out.


You're okay.
We're here to get you out.

Where's the wounded?
Who got shot?

What are you talking about?
Nobody was shot.

Is this everyone
working today?

Yes, just the six of us.

Which one of you called 911?

None of us.

I think I heard
one of them make the call.

Something's not right.

Hondo, we've secured
the employees.

No one's been shot.

And whoever called 911...
It wasn't one of them.

So, what
the hell's going on?

This is all a distraction. Yeah, but for what?


Luca, check it out.

This wasn't on the floor plan.

20-David, we got
a hidden door to an old hallway.

Our shooters might have ghosted.
We are pursuing.

Luca, flash bang.


Yo, Hondo, check
this out. Coveralls. Four sets.

They changed their clothes...

They're running.
Luca, let's go.

Where's Betty? - She's gone.

No, that's impossible.

Betty's tracker.

They must've
ripped it out of her.

20-David to Command.
The armored vehicle is gone.

I repeat, Betty is gone.
We lost her.

This was all just a setup
to get us inside

so they could take her. What the hell for?

Hell if I know.

But I got a bad feeling
we're about to find out.

I've got a call
with the brass in five minutes,

so does somebody want
to explain to me

how the hell we lost a ten-ton
ARV in broad daylight?

This is my fault, Commander.

Just a second,
Luca, hold on.

We're still working
on it, sir.

Patrol witnessed
the four suspects

emerge from the building
shortly after we entered,

but they were wearing
SWAT uniforms.

Patrol mistook them for us.

It wasn't until
me and Hondo came out

that they realized
something was up.

By then,
Black Betty was gone.

What about her tracker?

They ripped it out
of her freaking dash.

Look, it's not hard
to find if you know

what you're looking for.
It would take seconds.

Don't tell me you left
the keys in it. No, sir.

Betty was buttoned up.
I still got the key right here.

They must've
had their own key.

It's easy enough to clone

if you can get close
to the original.

So, just how and when could
they have done that?

We don't know that, sir.

Tan and Street are gonna
pore through the archives

of Betty's dashcam footage.

If someone ripped our key,

maybe they got
caught in the act.

So there's a team of
SWAT imposters out there

with Black Betty,

with her entire arsenal
at their disposal.

So whatever they're planning
to do with her,

it's gonna be damn near
impossible to stop 'em.

And if there's a single
loss of life as a result...

I'm the driver.
Betty's my girl.

If anyone gets hurt,
that's on me.

No, it's on all of
us to find Betty

and to stop this crew before
anything like that can happen.

Luca's really taking this hard.

You surprised?

When he was in Germany
and I was driving Betty,

he called every day to check in.

At first I thought
he was making sure

I was doing all right,
but then eventually I realized

he was more worried about Betty.

Losing her has got to be
killing him.

Well, Luca didn't lose
Black Betty.

She was taken from all of us.

Yeah, try telling him that.


Hold on.

I think I might have

Remember like two weeks ago

we had that false alarm call
in Los Feliz?

Yeah. Caller said
all the right words

to get the SWAT response, but
when we got there, nothing.

Just like the call
this morning.

There's Luca.
We're Code 4.

Yeah, look behind them.
Dude in the hoodie.

What's he holding?

Some sort of capture device.

He's cloning the key
right behind Luca's back.

Man, this is gonna
tip Luca over.

Not if we find Black Betty.

This guy was smart enough

to keep his face turned
away from the dashcam.

But that means he's facing
all those houses right there.

If even one of them
has a security camera,

they might've caught his face.

I'll get Patrol out there
to start canvassing.

All right.



Potential Hail Mary.

You okay?

I left the envelope
in Black Betty.

Nichelle's envelope? Yeah.

I didn't want to take it
with me on a call.

I just... I figured there'd be
nowhere safer. Oh, damn.

Should we say something? I'd rather not.

I promised Nichelle
it would be safe with us.

Can you call
the doctor's office,

explain the situation,
maybe someone there can help?

They're not gonna tell me. They might.

Nichelle had them seal the
baby's gender in an envelope.

They have to know it's for
a gender reveal of some kind.

Okay, maybe.
But then I'd know.

So what?

All that matters

is that Hondo and Nichelle
are surprised.

So this is where
you've been hiding.

You got a second?

Yeah, I got
nowhere else to be.

Look, if I'm honest,

with Betty gone,
I'm not sure what to do.

I know this is eating at you.

And real talk, there's
nobody I'd rather have

driving Black Betty than you.

But, Luca, your value
to this team

goes far beyond one skill.

I should've been prepared
for something like this. Hey!

We train for every
possible scenario,

and sometimes these guys
get one step ahead of us.

So we just need to get
back out in front.

That's it.

I need to know
you're focused, Luca.

Because when we find
these guys, and we will,

we're gonna be going up
against our own weaponry.

That is what I'm
focused on, okay?

But I keep thinking,

what if these guys
crash Betty into a car?

Or a freaking farmers market?

Somebody's gonna lose
their badge.

There's no way I'm letting
you guys take the hit. I really appreciate

that you're willing
to fall on the sword,

but I ain't accepting that,
you understand?

I am squad leader.
The buck stops here.

Now, if you have to,
take a minute.

Then you get your head right.

I need you sharp
when we find

whoever thinks that
they can steal from 20-Squad

and not pay a price.


We got this.Okay.

What's this about
a Hail Mary paying off?

I had Patrol go door-to-door

in the neighborhood where
Luca's key got cloned.

Got lucky on a hit
from a Ring camera.

Gave us this guy.

Bryce McCabe, 32 years old.

Army washout with
a dishonorable discharge.

Same guy we caught

on Betty's dashcam
cloning Luca's key.

Well, he's no Boy Scout,

but he's not exactly
a criminal mastermind.

Is that it? LKA is an apartment
in North Hollywood.

I talked to the landlord.

Said McCabe hasn't
been around for days.

He's more than happy
to leave the keys for us.

Warrant? Already in the works.

All right,
you two get out a BOLO.

Deacon, grab Hondo
and see what you can find

at McCabe's apartment. I'm on it.

Hey, we rolling out?

Uh, just me and Hondo.

Might have a lead
on the crew from this morning.

All right, let me go, too,
if it has to do with Betty.

No, Hondo and Deacon
can handle it.

I still need an itemized list
from everything that was

in that AV's cargo
this morning.

And if any of it's used
in a crime...

...it's gonna be evidence.


I understand.

Bryce McCabe.

LAPD with a warrant.
Open up.

Hey, McCabe.
It's your last chance.

We're coming in.

Closet only. Clear.

Give me two.

Right side clear.

Bathroom clear.


There's three bedrolls.
Looks like McCabe was hosting.

That's McCabe plus three.

There's our crew
from this morning.

Yeah, speaking of...
some blueprints

from the office building
and some others.

I don't know what they are.

I'll send these to Tan,

see if he can make
something of it.


Hey! This is Sergeant...
Flash bang!

Cover, cover!

Federal agents!

Just say "Federal agents"?

I don't know,
I couldn't make it out.

This is LAPD SWAT!
Drop your weapons!

Nice try, McCabe!

Drop your weapons and come out
with your hands up!

- Yo, hold up. Identify yourselves!
- FBI!

Come out now! What are the Feds doing here?

This is Sergeant
Daniel Harrelson, LAPD SWAT!

Hondo? Is that you?

- I know you?
- Don't you recognize my voice?

It's kind of hard
with my ears ringing.

It's your
favorite Internet model.



Deacon, we're good. Code 4.

Long time no see, Hondo.

And you ain't lying.

Deacon, you remember
Jackie Vasquez, don't you?

We worked patrol together
almost a million years ago.

Of course, it's nice
to see you again.

Good to see you. But, wait, hold on.
Internet model?

LAPD put her diverse,
female face on their website

to drive recruiting.

Wasn't enough to keep me
around, though.

Thanks, Ignacio.

You got it.Thanks.

Sorry about the
rough entry, boys.

No harm done.

So, what gives?

What's the Bureau's
interest in McCabe?

You first.

Well, McCabe
and his crew created

a hostage situation
this morning

in order to steal our ARV.

I'm sorry, he-he stole
the SWAT armored vehicle? - Yeah.

And everything in it.

Any idea what he'd
want to use it for?

Can't say, really.

Can't say, or won't say?

All right, come on, guys,
let's not play this game.

You know I can't just read LAPD
into a federal investigation.

Come on, Vasquez.
So don't read us. Use us.

Nobody's better suited
to recover that vehicle

than my team.

Look, why don't you come back
to HQ with us?

Put our heads together,
share intel.

Come back to HQ? Yeah.

Commander Hicks
still run the place?

Yeah, he just wants
McCabe in custody

and our vehicle recovered.
Same as you.

Look, I'll admit, it's
impressive that you beat us here

without knowing what I know...

And I did always want
to ride with 20-Squad.

Looks like today's
your lucky day.

Jim Street, Victor Tan,

meet Special Agent
Jackie Vasquez of the FBI.

Nice to meet you. Former LAPD.

In fact, she
and Hondo rode together

in Hollywood Division
back in the day. We're gonna want

to hear some patrol days
stories about Hondo later.

"Later" is right.

For now, let's focus
on McCabe.

Turns out he's been
on the FBI's radar

since long before
he stole Black Betty.

as in

"I will deny it
if it comes out,"

McCabe is the key to
a RICO investigation

I've been building over the last
two years on the Morelia cartel.

My team raided
a stash house

and confiscated over
$10 million of product

that McCabe was
supposed to be guarding.

McCabe wasn't there.
We haven't seen him since.

Probably hiding from
you and the cartel

if he lost ten mil
of their product.

They're gonna
want payback.

And stealing Black Betty's
got to be part of his plan

to get back
some of his losses.

And with a fully-stocked
armored vehicle,

he's got a lot of options.

Yeah, you've already got

the, uh, plans and blueprints

from McCabe's apartment.

You able to make anything
of them?

We confirmed that one set

is of the office building
from this morning.

Turns out the
others are vault designs

commissioned by
Pacific Access Bank.

Pacific Access has branches
all across Los Angeles.

There's no way to monitor

all of 'em. I've already
got a call in

to the bank's corporate
security office.

Hopefully they can
narrow down the location

of this
specific vault.

Agent Vasquez,

can I get a word in private?

What was that look?

Nah, there's just
a little bit of history

between Hicks and Vasquez.

All right.

Like Hondo,
Vasquez was a top patrol cop.

Number one
at everything.

When Hondo applied for SWAT,
so did Vasquez,

only her application
was denied by the panel.

Didn't even get a look.

What'd she do wrong? Nothing.
But this was

back before there were
any female officers on SWAT.

Before Chris helped break
through that glass ceiling,

a lot of good officers
got turned away.

But what's this got
to do with Hicks?

Hicks was on the panel
that denied her.

Hondo was just getting
me up to speed,

and I know you're
SWAT-rated with the Bureau.

And as long as you're willing
to follow Hondo's lead,

I see no reason to decline your
request to ride along today.

My request, Commander? Mm.

It was actually Hondo
who suggested it.

Regardless, it only benefits
McCabe if the LAPD

and FBI get bogged down
in a jurisdictional sword fight.

Yeah, I agree. A joint task
force serves both our interests.

Okay, then. We're... good.

No, we're not.

Not yet.

I need to clear the air
on something first.

You know I was on the panel that
denied your application to SWAT.

The vote was
two-to-one against you,

and I'm sorry to say
I was in the majority.

Least it wasn't a clean sweep.

Yeah. Well, given enough
time to reflect on it,

I made the wrong call.

A lot's changed
around here since then.

And, more than that,
I-I hope I have, too.

If I had a chance
to do it again,

I'd like to believe
I'd do it differently.

Thank you for saying that, sir.

Yeah. If nothing else,

got me to move on to bigger
and better things, right?

Careful. You're
still in my house.

- Hello?
- Hello, Sergeant Kay?

Yeah, this is Sergeant Kay.


Yeah, hi.
Thank you for calling me back.

I'm-I'm not sure if my message
was-was clear earlier.

Nichelle Carmichael gave me
an envelope earlier today

after she had an appointment
with you guys.

The gender, yes.
I arranged that.Oh.

Oh, good. So you're the one
that gave her the envelope.

That's right.Perfect.

So you know
what I'm talking about.

Um, the problem is...

the envelope disappeared. Oh, no.

Yeah. Um, and-and my wife

is in charge
of the gender reveal party.

And without knowing
what is inside the envelope,

she doesn't know
what color cake to bake.

I see. If you promise not to
mention my name, I can tell you.

Yeah. Yes, yes.

Y-Your secret is completely safe
with me.

A-And my wife.Okay...


I-I lost you for a second.

Okay. It's a girl.

Really? Yeah.

Oh, that's amazing.

Thank you. All right.

Did she just
say "girl"?

I just... I thought
I heard her say

they're having a girl. Hey, you were not supposed
to hear that.

Hey, Stevens, you didn't
hear anything either,

you understand?

I didn't hear nothing
about a girl.

Great. Thanks, Street.

I'm sorry, man, I-I
didn't mean to eavesdrop.

What's the big deal anyway?

Oh, come on, it's this place.
It's the hive mind.

One cop knows something,
then they all know it.

How long do you think it takes
before someone goes up to Hondo

and just says something?
News like this

is not gonna wait
until the weekend.

Okay. So how fast
can Annie bake a cake?

She's back
in law school.

She's in class all day.

So what are we gonna do?

Hey, Commander.

I just heard back from
the corporate security office

for Pacific
Access Bank.

The vault plans we found...
That particular vault

is unique
to just three branches.

Two in San Diego
and one here in L.A.

In Silver Lake.

That's got to be
McCabe's target.

50-Squad's handling a barricade
out in Westchester.

20-Squad's up.

You tell Hondo and get
your asses over there.

Yes, sir.

This is LAPD SWAT!

There's been a bomb threat
called into this location!

We need everyone to file out
in an orderly fashion!

You the manager? Yeah.

You really think
this is real?

Hopefully not, but we need to
clear the building to find out.

Is there a key to the back? Yeah.

Thank you.
Go keep your people calm

and wait till we give you
the all clear.Okay.

Need you to move outside!

Clear the building!
Let's go!


Move away from the vehicle!

- Don't do it, McCabe!
- Cover!


Vasquez, move! Move! Moving!

Get suppressing fire
on that hatch!

Tan, Street,

get those people out of here!

- Let's go! Move!
- Let's move! Let's move!

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go! Move, move, move, move!

Come on!
Go! Go!

26-David, civilians are secure!

These rounds aren't gonna cut it
against Betty's armor!

Okay, just keep him busy!
I'll try to flank him,

get a better angle!

More suspects heading out!

Deacon, cover fire!

Vasquez, on me!

Forget him.
We're out of here. Let's go!

20-David to Command.
One gunman down.

Street, Tan, move in!

They're gonna break
for it.

Luca, be ready to pursue!

Don't move!
Hands behind your back!


Betty's on
the move.


Get out of the way!


What are you doing?!
Clear out! Move!

I'm sorry, Hondo.

Come on! They're getting away!

What the hell, Vasquez?

I had no choice.

You don't understand
what's going on.

You let them escape?

And to think I apologized
to you for making a mistake

by dumping
your SWAT application.

The only mistake I made
was thinking you were fit

to ride with 20-Squad today.

I don't know what passes
for police work at the FBI,

but that doesn't fly here.

And whatever chaos

McCabe stirs up going forward,

that's on you.

All of it.

Don't look at me
for support.

You put my entire team
at risk.

You played me,

She played all
of us, it seems.

I just got off the phone
with my counterpart at the FBI.

He told me there's no RICO case

being built against
the Morelia cartel.

Just what the hell
are you and McCabe up to?

Come on, Hondo, man.

It's not like that. I need
you to trust me on this.

Trust just went out the window!

No more classified excuses!

No more stalling!

You need to come clean,
Vasquez, and now.

You know the name Gustaf Varner?

You should.

He masterminded
the Villatoma bombing in Spain

three years ago. He's also
a suspect in bombings

in Greece and Estonia.

Hold up. Islamic State was
behind the Villatoma bombing.

No. ISIS took credit,

and Interpol
didn't contradict the claim

because they royally messed
up with Gustaf Varner.

They had a tip that
he was gonna detonate

the bomb, and
they didn't act.

What does any of that
have to do with today?

Gustaf Varner has been
targeting NATO countries,

and my belief is that
he is here, in L.A.,

planning something,

something disastrous,

maybe worse
than Villatoma.

Your belief?

As in the FBI doesn't
agree with you?

I am not running
a rogue operation, Commander.

But my supervisors

have competing theories,
and none

will pass my threat
assessment up to the SAC.

I guess the LAPD isn't the only
agency to undervalue its women.

But I am right.
And McCabe is the key.

You don't know the details of
McCabe's dishonorable discharge.

I do.

Army booted him
for losing munitions

from a base in Germany.

Some of those lost munitions

were used
in the Villatoma bombing.

So you're saying
McCabe worked with Varner? Still does.

My team ran down
a list of customers

of the bank McCabe just hit.

A safe-deposit box there
belongs to one

of Varner's

another bomb builder that ICE
busted trying to enter the U.S.

six weeks ago.

All right,
let's say you're right

and Varner is here in L.A.

We could've grabbed McCabe,
flipped him,

Varner is way too cautious.

He's-he's paranoid, even.

If we brought McCabe in, Varner
would know and he would vanish.

There'd be no sign
of him until some...

packed stadium
or office building

is leveled. So you let him go.

Allowing him to deliver

whatever it is Varner
wanted from the bank.

Which means that we need
to stop BS'ing here

and find out where
they're meeting.

And how do you propose
we do that?

We got one of McCabe's
men in custody.

no "we."

I've got one of McCabe's men
in custody.

- Let me talk to him.
- Oh.

Not a chance.


What's done is done.

And I am not happy

about it either.But...

we don't have her intel.

So maybe we should let this
play out

if we want to take down
Varner and McCabe

and get our ride back.

I'm Commander Hicks.

This is Special
Agent Vasquez, FBI.

What's the FBI want with me?

Thanks to your pal McCabe,

you just landed on
our Most Wanted list.

The hell for?

We hit one box. Nothing we took
was FDIC-insured,

so there's no federal beef.

Look at you,

another Internet legal genius.

Judge is gonna love you.

That's if he ever sees
a judge. More likely,

I just Patriot Act his ass to a
prison no one even knows exists.

I-I'm guessing

McCabe never bothered to mention

that you were working
for a terrorist?


What are you talking about?

Gustaf Varner.

He paid your
crew to hit

that safe-deposit
box today.

Stealing contraband and
delivering it to a bomb maker...

Hello, federal pen.

I run scores. That's it.


I would never work
for a terrorist.

Financials say

McCabe has been
getting wire transfers

from Varner for
the past six months,

of which you've
been getting a cut.

That's right, Jones.

I got a paper trail
from Varner to McCabe to you.

Cue it up.

This is Varner's

This is what
he's capable of.

It's what
he's planning to do.

Most likely right
here, in our city.

I read your file,

I've seen your
social media,

and you got some pretty
hard-core views, but...

nothing that doesn't fall
under the banner of patriotism.

Look at me.

Look at me.

But this?

Come on.

You can't be
okay with this.

Even if I wanted to help,

I've only ever dealt
with McCabe.

I don't know anything
about Varner.

What was in the
box you stole?

McCabe never said. Where were you gonna

deliver it after
you left the bank?

I don't know the location.

Only that we were supposed
to deliver the box

and the armored vehicle
somewhere later today.

The box and our vehicle.

So, McCabe didn't ditch it?

I mean, that vehicle
isn't subtle.

How did you manage to duck
our BOLO all day?


We moved it around in the back
of an 18-wheeler.

So, where exactly do we find
this 18-wheeler of yours?


Can't believe
Vasquez is still here,

that Hicks
didn't toss her out.

Betty'd be parked

in the motor pool right now
if she hadn't got in my way.

I wish I could say I had better
news for you, but I don't.

We think the guy
McCabe's working for...

he's planning to use Black Betty
in some kind of bombing attack.

Look, you all can tell me
a hundred times

that Betty being taken
wasn't my fault.

But if something
like that happens,

no way I'll ever forgive myself.

You know, when I started
evaluating SWAT recruits,

I got everyone's scores
on file,

including my dad
and my grandfather's.

I needed to know
how I measured up.

There was exactly one metric
where I outscored both of them.

Let me guess...
Driving proficiency.

Which is why I need
to be behind the wheel.

It's the only way that I know
I'm doing right

by the Luca name.

It's where I belong.

I guess it's just my thing,
you know? I... Dude.

You have taught me so much

about how to do this job
the right way.

And literally none of it
has been about driving.

Not just how we do this job

but why.

You're the heart
of this team, Luca,

not its wheel man.

Not just its wheel man.

Hey. Air 17's tracking
a semitrailer

we think is
carrying Betty,

which means McCabe's
on his way to the meet.

We're rolling
in five. Let's go get her back.

Way ahead of you.

Look at that.

You were not exaggerating.

She'll carry
the payload you described.

I'd recommend
you stay off the roads

for a while.

Yeah, I don't plan on
taking it for a joyride.

The police can collect

what's left.

You have the box?

I assume the cargo
is undisturbed.

Is that what I think it is?

You had me moving yellow cake
uranium, and you didn't tell me?

It's quite harmless
at this stage.

It's only half
the cosmic radiation you get

from a commercial flight.

Once I complete
the milling process

and rig it to my explosives...

different story.

The devastation
will be substantial.

Just remember, you said
you'd give me warning,

so me and my guys are not
in the area.

I'll tell you when we're ready,

but I would avoid downtown

let's load it up.

Kill them.

LAPD! Drop your weapons
on the ground now!

That's him!
That's Varner!

20-David to Command.
Gustaf Varner is on-site.


Drop the gun!
You're not gonna make it!

Go around.

Get back!

We need to go.

Cover us!

Move up, move up!

Varner's going for Betty!

Can't let him start that engine.

Don't move!
Hands off the weapon.

On your stomach.

Get us out of here.

Don't move!

Hands behind your head.

Give me your hands.

second suspect in custody.

20-Squad, get to cover.

Betty is on the move.

20-David to Command.
Varner is

inside Black Betty.

We're about to lose control
of the perimeter.

We need backup
to create roadblocks!

We can't let Varner get away!

Betty will rip
right through 'em.

Luca, we got to move!

Get to cover!

I'm ending this.

- The armor's too thick, man.
- Not for armor-piercing bullets.

Sorry about this, Betty.

Vasquez, move, move! Move in!

On the ground!

Federal agent.
You are under arrest.

You're done, McCabe.


suspect's in custody,
we are Code 4.

Betty is secure.

Commander Hicks, I'm headed out.

It was quite a day.

It had its ups and its downs,
that's for sure.


I just got off a call
with the chief.

It seems that the, uh, Bureau

is crediting
Gustaf Varner's arrest

to the LAPD

and will "not
confirm or deny"

any FBI involvement. Hmm.

What do you know?

I guess, for once,
they bothered to read my report.


You know,
Varner's a big collar.

That's a career-making bust.

You sure you want to pass
on that credit?

It's not about the credit
for me, Commander.

Never has been.


In the Bureau

or back in my LAPD days,

I just wanted
to make a difference.

The problem is, as much as
we'd like to think otherwise,

our line of work
is still a boys' club,

which makes my job

just a little bit harder.

I'm sorry
I didn't come straight

with you and Hondo sooner
in this whole thing,

but given our history... No, no. I get you.

I'm not gonna presume to know
your struggles, Vasquez.

But to whatever extent I
contributed to them, I'm sorry.

But you're a hell of an agent,

a credit to the Bureau.

You be careful
you don't throw that away.

See you at the match,
dude. Yeah. Yeah.

How bad's the damage?

Cracked the engine block
in half,

punctured the tranny,
and the whole drive train's

a complete scrap job.

then why are you smiling?

'Cause I just got off the phone
with my boys

at the police garage.

They got a line
on a replacement engine,

60 more horses than
the engine I just destroyed.

They're gonna mate it with
a new nine-speed transmission.

Betty's gonna be back
running faster

and smoother than ever.

That's awesome, Luca.Yeah.

Just promise me

you didn't know that

when you took those shots
and put her down.

What? N-No way, dude.

I loved the old Black Betty.

Just gonna love this version
a little bit more.

So, uh...

before they haul her away,

you think she's got

one more mission in her?

Hey, Hondo.

I didn't want to leave
without saying goodbye.

You calling it quits
for the day?

Hardly. My bosses want
a full debriefing tonight.


Look, I already
apologized to Hicks.

I want to do the same to you.

I am sorry

that I didn't trust you enough
not to lie to you.

You remember when
we graduated from the academy?

Only a handful of women
and people of color.

We all used to say

that we were never gonna let
how anyone else saw us

affect the way we saw ourselves


Yeah. That's a lot easier
said than done.

Don't we both know it.

I really envy
what you've built here,

the team you put together.

And if I'm being honest,
it makes me a little sad

that I was kept
from being a part of it.

Yeah, I know.

I hated how that went down.

But, Jackie,

you would've been
a great SWAT officer.

You area great SWAT officer,

you're just wearing
a different uniform.

You know, it's probably lucky
for me, too, anyway

'cause if you were here at SWAT,

I got a feeling you might be
coming after my job.


No, no, Hondo, man.
There's no replacing you.

But thank you for letting
me ride with you today,

'cause I can finally cross it
off my bucket list, so...

Come on. I'll walk you out.

All right.


if you ever want to come back
and ride with us,

door's open.

Be great, Jackie.


what are you doing here?

What do you mean?
I got your message.

Baby, I know it's been
a long day,

but I would know
if I'd left you a message.

No, no!

You got to be kidding me, man!

Luca, what's going on?

I thought this saga
had a happy ending

with a new engine and all.

Look, the engine's not
the problem now.

Look at what those bastards did

to the inside of
this thing, man.

What are you talking about?

it's a baby girl, baby!

Wait, a-a girl?
Are you kidding me?

Nichelle, is this real? I didn't know anything about it.

I mean, not this.

Yeah, I know, I-I got
to come clean about something.

Um, Nichelle,
earlier this morning

you put me in charge
of some very precious cargo

and it got misplaced.

So we had to call

an audible.


w-we're having a girl.


You're gonna have
a little baby daughter.

How does that make you feel?

I don't know.
Uh... overwhelmed.

I mean, I know that
I love you so much. Mmm.

Hell yeah, Hondo.

#Girl Dad!

Let's go!

So happy for you, man.

We're having a girl! Yeah, baby!

We're having a girl! Wow!


Oh, this is crazy.
This is so crazy.

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