S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 20 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

So, this is the
most recent photo of Grace?

Yeah, that, uh...

It's from her
birthday. February.

It's unlike her to
not return my calls.

We're not as close
as we used to be.

Once she moved down here,
we didn't talk as much,

but-but even at her busiest,
she always gets back to me.

You say it's been a week
since you last heard from her?

Yeah. She mentioned
something about an audition,

and then radio silence.

Hey, babe.

Did we wake you?

Uh, no. Uh, Vivie's
fussing. It's feeding time.

Nichelle, this is Danny Wright.

My old Marine squad leader.

Ah, I'm sorry for
dropping in like this. No.

Hondo told me your
daughter is missing?

I can't imagine how
you're feeling right now.

Yeah, it's, uh, it's been tough.

We're just game-planning
for tomorrow.

Well, I won't keep you.

I just wanted to say
hello and I wish you luck

on finding her. Thank you.

She's a sweetheart.

You're a lucky man. I
don't know how lucky I am

with your ugly mug standing
in front of me.

My face is ten times
better than that thing

you have to look at in
the mirror every morning.

Light chocolate
versus dark chocolate.

I mean it, though.

You've got Nichelle and...

your little girl here, safe,

in your beautiful home...

Please, appreciate that.

If I'd known I was gonna
lose my wife Cassie...

and now Grace... Hey, hey.

Hold on, don't start talking
about Grace like she's gone.

I've already checked with the
LAPD Missing Persons Unit.

First thing tomorrow,
we're gonna set an alert

on Grace's cell phone
and bank accounts.

And that's just the beginning.

We're gonna find her, Danny.

I need you to believe that, too.

And once we get
things squared away,

we'll check with Grace's friends

and coworkers, see what
they tell us. Okay. Yeah.


Oh, uh...

She was also, she
was seeing somebody.

Uh, like-like a boyfriend.

You got a name? No, no.

I'm guessing that
he wasn't the type

that you, you bring home.

She would get embarrassed
every time I brought him up.

But you think she's
been seeing him a while?

Couple months?

All right, then we go
to Grace's apartment.

See what we can dig up on him.

In the meantime, we
need some sleep, man.

Fresh blankets on the couch.

You let me know if you need
anything else. Mm. Mm-hmm.


I really appreciate everything
you're doing for me.

Everything we've been through,

least I can do.

I'll see you at 0600.

Oh, that's all right, Tammi.

You can't control the
traffic on the 405.

I'll keep the muffins
warm until you get here.

Take us to your safe. Now.

I-I don't know what
you're talking about.


We'll do it the hard way.


Hello? Aunt Patty?

Found it! In here.

Open it.

Open it now or we go
after your grandkids.

How would you even...

We found your house, didn't we?

And it's either you, or
you and your grandkiddies.

Take your pick.


See? This could've been easy.

Oh, well. BEN: Come on, Ty.

Do we have to... Shut up!

This is how we work.

No witnesses.

- And since you just had to tell
her my name... - Wait.

I-I won't tell anyone.

Ms. Clark?

Orsan Security.

We got an alert from your
home emergency bracelet.


Love you, too, babe.

Yeah, best latte
on the Westside.

Thanks, Street. Don't worry.

I got your boring
black coffee, too.

Why mess with a classic?

All units, shots fired at

at 300 block at Tabor Avenue.
That's less than three blocks away.

- I knew I should've chugged a Red
Bull. - 22-David to Command.

I'm with 25,
26-David, in the area.

Show us responding.


one male down near
the front entry.


Got a female down.

Ma'am, can you hear me?

Rest of the
house is clear.

No sign of the shooters.

She's unconscious,
but breathing.

Needs a hospital real bad.

22-David, suspects in the wind.

Requesting an R/A for
the second victim.

GSW to the chest. Have
them respond Code 3.

The safe's open.

There's no way to tell
if anything was taken.

So, someone broke in

just to shoot a
grandmother in cold blood?

Excuse me.

I'm looking for my
aunt. This is her house.

Please. You're related
to Patricia Clark?

I'm her niece, Tammi.

I was on the phone with her
when I heard a huge crash,

then shouting. What
happened? Someone broke in.

She was shot and unconscious
when we found her.

She's headed to
the hospital right now.

I know this seems sudden,
but is there any reason

someone might target
your aunt? Target?


She's the sweetest
woman in the world.

She's basically my second mom.

I was on my way here.

I just called to tell
her I was running late.

If I'd gotten here sooner,
maybe I could've helped...

No, you being here wouldn't
have stopped those jerks

that did this. Yeah,
blaming yourself is

the last thing your aunt
would want you to do.

If she's gonna
pull through this,

she'll need you by her
side. Trust me on this one.

Come on. We'll get Patrol to
escort you to the hospital.

Yeah, I got it.

What a mess. So the homeowner,

Patricia Clark, she
was in rough shape

when the EMTs arrived.

She's on her way
to the hospital.

Just got word,
the security guard

who responded to the
call, he didn't make it.

Patrol is canvassing
for witnesses.

All right, I just talked to
Detective Burrows at RHD.

This is the third
violent home invasion

targeting elderly Angelenos

in the last 48 hours.

Now, it looks like
a robbery crew,

but RHD's having trouble
determining what,

if anything, was taken.

Nobody's reporting anything
missing? Well, the victims are dead.

There's no one left alive
to do the reporting.

I mean, counting
the security guard,

they've murdered
three people already.

Four, if Patricia Clark
doesn't make it out of surgery.

Is there any connection between
the victims? Nothing concrete,

other than the victims' ages.

All were over 65.

So, we've got a robbery
crew targeting grandparents.

Yeah. That's vile.

Yeah, with no clear connection
between the victims,

there's no reason to
believe these guys are done.

LAPD doesn't have the resources
to protect every single

elderly Angeleno
in the city. No.

And that's why I'm putting
SWAT on high alert.

If and when these
guys strike again,

I want us ready to pounce.

Sir. Nothing close to an ID

on our suspects yet,

but witnesses saw a black pickup

with a broken taillight fleeing
Patricia Clark's street.

Already got a BOLO
out. All right, good.

If it pings, SWAT rolls on it.

Any luck uncovering a connection
between our three victims?

There's got to be something.

Same pool cleaner, same
handyman, gardener...

So far, just that they were all

beloved parents
and grandparents.

Patricia Clark, James
Day, Jerry Haverford.

15 kids and grandkids
between them.

Well, families got
to be devastated.

I mean, there's
got to be a reason

these folks were
attacked in their homes.

Most likely explanation is
they were easy targets...

Less likely to fight back,

easier to beat if they did.

We checked in with
the victims' families.

None were especially wealthy.

All were comfortable,
but not rich.

We can't rule out money
as a motive, though.

Jerry Haverford

was skeptical of
the stock market,

and made more than a few

social media posts
about banks being

a poor hedge against inflation.

Patricia Clark and James Day
were both described as being

extremely protective
of their money.

Well, how protective
are we talking?

I mean, I had an uncle

who used to stuff
cash in his mattress

because he was paranoid
about his savings.

Early indications say
our victims might've had

similar attitudes. All right.

So it could be these
three were storing up

whatever they had
in their homes.

All right, look into
their financials

and see what you find.

I want answers before more
grandparents are killed.

This is where Grace was living?

Yeah, I guess so.

This way.


You'd never know a
place like this has

a building manager on site.

Grace must've been struggling
more than she let on.

Yeah. Yeah.

2C, yeah, this is her.

Grace? You here?

Looks like she hasn't
been home in a while.


Danny. Yeah.

What do you got?

This the boyfriend?

I don't know.

She never sent me photos of him.

What are those? You don't
want to see 'em, man.

Sorry, I was
looking for Grace...

Hey, uh, so are we.

I'm Sergeant Harrelson, LAPD.

This is Grace's father.

You're a friend of hers, Ms...

Uh, yeah, Taylor.
I'm her neighbor.

I just heard her door open.

I wanted to bring these by.

They were delivered
the other day.

When was the last time
you saw or spoke to Grace?


Like about a week ago?

Did something happened to her?

We're not sure.

How was she the last
time you saw her?

No, I didn't see her, I...

I heard her. Through the wall.

She was arguing with
her boyfriend again.

Again? They fought a lot?

Did those arguments
ever get violent?

Anything you can
tell us is helpful, please.

Uh, sometimes I, I
saw her with bruises

on her arms and on her neck.

She'd brush it off
when I would ask.

She never told me where
they came from, but...

You think the bruises
came from the boyfriend.

Is this him? Mm-hmm.

know his name?

Peter... something.

I think Grace
might've been tagged

in a couple photos on Insta.

Ah. Her profile is private.

She blocked me a
couple of years ago,

said that she didn't
want me spying on her.

Well, let me go grab my phone.

I can probably
find them for you.

- We'd appreciate
that. - Yeah.

I'm gonna be straight
with you, Danny.

I don't like the way
this is trending.

In my experience,

situations like this...

they don't end well.

Things were
so much easier

when they were younger.

I don't know.

I knew how to be there for her,

how to keep her safe.

But then, they get older.

It's hard to sleep at
night when you know

your daughter is out in
the big world without you.

Yeah, I'd heard that
a few times before.

I never understood it
until I had my own baby.

When Cassie died,

Gracie started to pull away.

I thought that moving
somewhere remote like Montana

would reconnect us,
but it just got worse.

I tried to do all the
right things, but, uh...

I still ended up
pushing her away.

So, according to Insta,
his name is Peter Foster.

May I? TAYLOR: Yeah.

Hey. Yo, Street,

I need you to run a
search on Peter Foster.

Okay, thanks.

News about Patricia Clark?

Yeah, she's still in surgery.
Going on four hours now.

You seemed a little
shell-shocked earlier

when we found
her. Are you good?

Patricia reminds me a
lot of my Aunt Noreen.

She was the coolest
aunt you could ask for.

Always slipping me candy or cash

when I was younger.

Came to all my basketball games,

even gave me my
first taste of liquor

- when I was a teenager... Johnnie
Walker Blue. - Whoa.

- That's the good stuff.
- Tasted like

licking a fireplace,
at the time.

Well, point is, she
was an awesome woman,

and I can't help but think

how terrified she'd have been
in Patricia's shoes today.

Makes me really want to put cuffs on
whoever's responsible.

Hey, wait. I think
I found something.

All the victims had safes
inside their home, right?

Different models and
sizes, but they all had

the same sticker on
the inside of the door.

Looks like a vendor sticker.

Safes & Locksmithing.

A home security
shop in the Valley.

Owner is an Adam Sanderson.

He's got a B&E charge
from 12 years ago.

You think he got back into
the burglary business?

Let's bring him in and find out.

Hey, Danny.

It's Nichelle.

All right. I'll be in the car.

Hey, baby.
Everything all right?

Yeah, I just wish there was
more I can do for you and Danny.

the search going?

We just found out that Grace's
boyfriend has a misdemeanor

for domestic
battery in his past.

You pair that with
a neighbor who says

she saw Grace with
bruises on her body,

it's not looking
very good right now.

Hmm. How's
Danny handling it?

He's holding up.

I just worry for him.

Best case scenario, Grace
and her boyfriend left town

for a couple of days and just
didn't tell anybody, but...

But you're expecting the worst.

Baby, I just want to
find him some answers.

I can't help but put
myself in his shoes.

If it was Vivienne
who was missing,

I would never stop looking.

You've got to keep
the faith for Danny.

If anybody can find Grace,

it's you, Hondo.


Baby, I got to go. I love you.

Kiss Vivienne for me,
okay? - I will.

Love you, too.

Hey, listen.

When we get to Peter
Foster's, I need you to let me

handle it, all
right? Wait, what?

No, just... Give me five
minutes alone with him. Hey.

I know you're pissed
at him. So am I.

But we don't have proof
that he hurt Grace yet.

Not enough proof? Those
photos weren't enough?

Or the neighbor's story?

He beat her, man.

What more do you
need? Promise me

you'll wait in the car.


Let's find this bastard.

I don't know anything
about any home robberies.

Sanderson Safes & Locksmithing
is on the up-and-up.

Okay, then
why is your company

the only connection
between the victims of

three home invasions?

Two of whom were
executed in their homes.



Whoa, you got the
wrong idea about me.

Do we?

Your record says
that you aren't shy

about breaking and entering.

Also says you broke into a safe

at Racine Bank in 2011.

Robbed it.

Okay, I broke into the safe,

but I didn't steal anything.

The company that
manufactured the safe

said it couldn't be cracked.

So, you broke into a federal
bank to prove a point?

Pretty much.

I had a knack for
those kind of things.

My brother taught me

how to pick locks
when I was five,

and I had some
rebellious teenage years

where I took the word "don't"
as a personal challenge.

I have a lot of stuff I regret,

but I never hurt anyone.

That's your story...
but right now,

you're the only one connecting
all three of our victims.

Jerry Haverford, James Day...

And Patricia Clark.

I know all of them. They-they
bought safes from me.

Patricia made me the most
amazing blueberry muffins

when I did the install.

Real sweetheart.

Wait a second.

All these clients
were referrals.

Referrals from who?

A guy named...

Chauncey Telluride.

He's a precious metals
dealer over in Van Nuys.

He's referred over a
dozen clients to me

in the past year or so.

Okay, we need to talk
to this Telluride guy.

And we need a copy of
that referral list.

If the first three
victims were all on it...

Anyone else on the
list could be a target.

These are the
people referred to

Sanderson Safes by
Chauncey Telluride.

16 total. Drops to 13

if you exclude Patricia, James
Day, and Jerry Haverford,

who were already targeted.

How many of the
remaining are over 60?

Four. One in
Encino, two in Bel Air,

one in Kagel Canyon.

All right, let's get Patrol
to post units on their homes.

In the meantime,
I want to talk to

this Chauncey Telluride.

Ping on the BOLO.

Red light camera spotted
the suspects' pickup truck

near the 210 and Osborne Street.

That's only a mile from Kagel
Canyon. They're going after

another one of
Telluride's clients.

Get moving.

Deacon, shots fired.

We got
an armed suspect.

He's making a run for
it out the two side.

Street, Powell,
Stevens, hunt that rabbit.

Tan, Luca, you're with
me on the one side.

LAPD. Drop your weapon.

I'm not the bad guy.

Put it down, now. Now!

Are you the
homeowner? - Yeah.

Three guys broke
in and robbed me.

I got the drop on one of
them, and shot him in the leg.

Clear! What
about the other two?

They took off.
Check the perimeter.

suspects unaccounted for.

No other exits.

He's got to be in there.

This is the LAPD.

Come out with your hands up!


On your stomach!

behind your back.

What the hell was that?

Those little rubber
pellets hurt, huh?

- Try complying next
time. - 28-David.

One suspect in custody.

No sign
of the other two suspects

or the vehicle.

They must've fled
before we got here.

30-David. Two armed
suspects in the wind.

They got away with
everything I had.

Maybe not.

Found this on the
suspect we nabbed.

Gold coins?

Well, they sure as
hell ain't chocolate.

Well, at least we know
which precious metal

Chauncey Telluride is dealing.

The suspect we captured
is Benjamin Hayes.

Record for aggravated
assault, fraud,

possession... You
name it, he's done it.

Let me guess... not
talking? - Bingo.

We're looking through his known
associates to see if we can ID

the two missing suspects, but
we haven't gotten a hit yet.

We found that when
we arrested Hayes.

The other suspects got away
with three more pouches

just like it, each packed
with 20-gram gold coins.

Judging by the weight...
If my math is right...

There's almost 40 grand
in this pouch alone.

All told, they stole
over $100,000 in gold

from the victim, Todd Haley.

Got something.

Haley purchased his gold from
Southland Gold Depository,

the precious metals company
owned by Chauncey Telluride.

Turns out all four
robbery victims purchased

sizable quantities of gold from
Telluride within the last year.

Think we found that
connection we're looking for.

Telluride's being brought to
interrogation as we speak.

It's time to find out
why his customers have

bull's-eyes on their backs.

I'm a gold broker...

- I am not a killer.
- Okay, then,

how do you explain why
four of your clients were

shot and robbed in
the last 48 hours?

I don't know.

I run a legit precious
metal business.

Well, your "legit business"
markets almost exclusively

to senior citizens...

The same people who have
been hit in these robberies.

So seems like you've
got a vested interest

- in targeting the elderly.
- Only because

they're more likely to buy gold,

not because I want to kill them!

Okay, you and your gold are
the only thing connecting

multiple homicides and
these armed robberies.

So either you're lying to us,

or someone else has access
to your company data.


Come again? CHAUNCEY:
My cousin, Jarvis.

He got out of prison
a few months ago,

he was having a
pretty rough go at it,

so I gave him a part-time job.

Basic office scut work.

He hated it, he
stopped showing up

after a couple of weeks. But
get to the point, Chauncey.

I didn't realize till later
that he stole one of my laptops.

Does that laptop have customer
data on it? - Yes, names,

addresses... It had
investment totals.

Look, I figured he was just
gonna pawn it for quick cash,

and so I didn't report it.

I never thought that he would

go after my customers.

If these guys are
picking their targets

from the customer data

on the laptop, any one
of Chauncey's clients

could be next. Okay, we're gonna
need a copy of your company data,

like, now. TAN: Along
with everything else

you can tell us about
your cousin Jarvis.

Peter Foster?


And you are?

Sergeant Harrelson, LAPD.
I'm a friend of Grace Wright.

Heard you two were
seeing each other.

We broke up. Sorry.

When was the last
time you saw her?

Don't remember. Really?

Word on the street is you were
the last person to see her

- before she disappeared.
- Doubt it.

Look, I've got things to do,

so how about you move your foot?

Tell you what, Peter.

I'm gonna need you to very
slowly lift up your shirt.

Why? What for?

To show me that 9mm you got
shoved in your waistband.

So what?

Ain't no law against it.
If you got a permit for it,

which would be
really hard to get

with a record like yours.

Turn around,

and walk back towards me.


You know, taking a day
off usually implies

- not coming in to
work. - Hmm.

When was the last time
either one of us had

a real day off, or a vacation?


Any luck finding your friend's
daughter? Just picked up her boyfriend.

About to interrogate him now.

Kid's got a history
of domestic abuse.

Not that you need my
help leaning into him,

but as a dad with two
girls, I'd be happy to.

Hmm. I got it, thanks.

Besides, I hear you
got your hands full

chasing down suspects who
are killing old folks?

Yeah, it's a vile crew.

They're executing the elderly
and stealing their gold.

So much for looking
forward to retirement.

You making headway?

Maybe, but not soon enough.

You need any help from me
at all, you let me know.

Likewise. All right.

I don't know
what happened to Grace.

One minute I was
watching Planet Earth,

next minute you're dragging
me down here in handcuffs.

Don't forget the bit
where you grabbed

an unregistered firearm
before you answered the door.

When was the last time
you saw or spoke to Grace?

Not sure.

Well, an eyewitness
says she heard you

in a heated argument with Grace
in her apartment last week.

Couples fight sometimes.

Oh, so you're a couple now?

I thought you'd broken up.

It was an on-again,
off-again thing.

We weren't really that serious.

Well, that same eyewitness
said they saw Grace

with bruises on her
body after you visited,

multiple times. Not my
fault she liked it rough.

You pair those bruises with your
history of assault and battery,

a clear story
starts to emerge...

You want to know what
I think happened?

I think Grace said
something you didn't like,

something that enraged
you, so you hit her.

But this time, it was
more than once or twice.

This time it went way
beyond the bruises.

So what'd you do
with her, Peter?

Where is Grace now?

I'm allowed a lawyer.


Wait, wait. What happened?

You j... You just
stopped talking.

He lawyered up, Danny. I
had no choice, I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry you had
to hear all of that.

Yeah, well, let-let me go
in there and speak to him.

All right? Just-just
man to man.

Please. Even if I thought
that was a good idea,

you know I can't do that.

All right.


I'm gonna need some

Chauncey Telluride's
sticky-fingered cousin

is Jarvis Beckham.

Has a rap sheet for aggravated
assault and robbery.

Got released from
Chino three months ago.

records show that

he shared a cell there
with Benjamin Hayes,

the suspect we arrested earlier,

as well as this guy...

Ty Olson, who
shares their passion

for armed robbery and assault.

Olson's definitely
the ringleader.

As a teen, he nearly
beat his own grandfather

to death with a hammer. I'll
have 50-Squad clear their LKAs.

Where are we on the
potential targets?

Based on Telluride's
client data,

there are six more
investors in L.A.

who fit the profile.

All are over age 60
and bought significant

quantities of gold from
Telluride's company.

We've got Patrol headed to
all six homes as we speak.

Good. I had Telluride
advise his clients

to move their gold into
safety deposit boxes

as a precaution.

When Beckham and
Olson resurface,

they're in for a rude awakening.

Did you get anywhere
with Peter Foster?

No, but all signs
point to him being

the last person to
see Grace alive.

He knows more than
he's letting on,

I'm sure of it. Well, be that
as it may, he lawyered up,

and all we've got is a
misdemeanor violation

for the weapon.

City Attorney won't bite.

They will once I can prove
Foster's guilty of more.

That's a big if right now.

And let's say you
did get the proof.

You don't want your
arrest tainted.

I got to cut him loose.

I'm starting to feel
like we're scratching

the bottom of the
well on this one.

Well, I'd say keep hope alive,

but it rarely survives when
you're this far down the well.

Neither does anything
or anyone else.

Hey, kid,

you seen my buddy
Danny anywhere?

No, but I got some
news you'll want to hear.

The tracking alert you put on
Grace's bank cards paid off.

One of them was
used this morning.

Where? A Walmart.

I'm waiting on the
credit card company

to get back to me with
store location and details.

You let me know the minute
you hear something. Yeah.

I confirmed that Patrol
has all six potential victims

in protective custody.

Still no sign of
Olson or Beckham.

All right. 50-Squad came
up empty when they searched

Olson and Beckham's homes.

You think they cut
and run? No leads.

What if they're
after a bigger score?

I've been going through the data
on Chauncey Telluride's laptop.

It wasn't just client
information that was stolen.

There's supplier data, too.

- Suppliers? As in...
- Gold wholesalers.

Telluride's just a
broker, a middleman.

He finds investors,

but somebody's got to supply
him with the actual gold.

And a wholesaler's gonna have

a much larger gold inventory
than any of the investors.

Likely millions
of dollars' worth.

And this crew knows who
supplied Telluride's gold?

Looks like it came from a local
wholesaler named Mike McGill.

He's an L.A. native with a
house in Pacific Palisades.

That guy's worth over
200 million, wow.

If I were Olson and Beckham,
and I knew SWAT was on my tail,

I'd go for one last, big score.

Short of robbing a mint,
McGill's the next best thing.

Get to McGill's home ASAP.

Cara, did you move
the shipping boxes?


Hey, Cara? Babe?

Mr. McGill.

Who the hell are you?

All you need to know is
that we will be taking

all the gold you own.


the suspects' truck.

They're already here.

30-David. I need Patrol
to set up a perimeter.

SWAT's preparing to make entry.

No sign of the suspects.

Must already be inside.

No sign of forced entry.

I could hop over
it, open the gate,

- but if they're watching...
- We'd be sitting ducks.

Stevens, grab the ladder.

We'll move north along the
wall, we'll go up and over

and approach the house
from the northeast side.

This property's huge and our
suspects are trigger-happy.

Let's not give them a
chance to take another life.

Let's move.

Powell, you're up.

I'll take this. You
finish the last case.


There's still more bars to grab.

Second floor.

Contact. Got a
suspect on the stairs.

We're in pursuit to
the second floor.


28-David. One suspect down.



All right?

Can you get up?

He took my husband
to the garage.

30-David, be advised.

The suspect is headed to
the garage with a hostage.

Open it!

Come on!

That's where we
keep our gun safes.

Gun safes, plural?


Entering the garage now.


Do not enter the garage.

Suspect has access to multiple
firearms in the garage.

Do not enter.

- I
- repeat, do not enter.

Just let me take my gold and go!

That ain't your gold!

Possession's eleven-tenths
of the law where I come from.

Don't think math
works like that.

This works how
I say it works.

You come any closer
and I kill everybody.

25-David. Olson's in the
center of the garage.

McGill's on the
ground. Not moving.

You should have a clear shot

if we open the
middle garage door.

Sounds like
our best option.

Stevens, Powell, let's
get eyes on that garage.

Come on, Ty,
don't make this harder

than it needs to be.
I already told you.

Let me go,

and everybody gets to live.

How about you surrender

and everyone lives anyway?

30-David, moving into position.

Wait for my signal
to open that door.

Set. Set.



On my count.
Three, two, one...


Luca, Tan, go!


25-David to Command.
Last suspect down.

We're Code 4.

20-Squad, show

units 240, 754
responding, Code 4.

All right, we got you.

Danny, no! No!

Hondo, what are you...

Hondo, look, get off of me.

Think about what you're
doing. He deserves this.

He broke in and assaulted
me. I want his ass arrested.

Wait, what are you...
Take these cuffs off me.

I hope you rot in jail.

Danny, no!

No! Sit down!
Okay, okay, okay.

Shut up, both of you.

Listen to me, kid.

The way I see it,

you got two options:

option one...

go ahead, press charges,

but then we'll get
Grace on the record

with exactly how she got
every bruise on her body

that you gave her.
Thought she was missing.

She isn't anymore.

I promise you there
ain't no judge

who's gonna go easy on

a repeat domestic violence
offender like you.

So that brings us to option two.

You consider yourself lucky

that I just ran up in here.

And this ends right
here, right now.

And we all move
on with our lives.

Hey, man, how do you
expect me to explain this?

You fell down some stairs,
you ran into a door.

You make up an excuse, just
like you did with Grace.

your call, kid.

Which way you want to go?

Just get out of my apartment.

Danny, get up.

If I ever

hear about you laying another
finger on an innocent woman,

I promise you, on
everything I'm made of,

you'll learn what
"rough" really means.

Glad I caught you guys.

I was just on my way back to
the hospital with some things

for my aunt.

She's gonna pull
through? Looks like it.

the doctors, too, I bet.

The doctors said the blood
loss would've killed her

if you hadn't
arrived when you did.

So... thank you.

Your aunt's gonna be
getting a full refund

on her investment from Chauncey

the gold broker
she invested with.

All $100K, not a penny less.

I know she'll appreciate

Personally, I am just happy

I get to spend
more time with her.

You can't put a price on that.

No, you really
can't. Thank you.

Thank you.

It's been a long day.

How about we go raise a
glass of Johnnie Walker Blue

to your Aunt Noreen? My treat.

Why'd you lie to me, Danny?

Grace used her debit card at

a Walmart in Billings
this morning.

She is perfectly
fine in Montana.

She is not fine, Hondo!

She's not fine.

That bastard assaulted her.

He beat the hell
out of my baby girl.

She showed up on my doorstep

two days ago, all bruised up.

I could still see the
handprints on her neck.

Nuh-uh. I needed to know

- who did that, and he needed
to pay. - Danny!

If you had just told me this,

we could've arrested
Foster the right way.

I didn't know who
he was until today.

Gracie wouldn't
tell me anything.

She wouldn't talk to me.

My baby was ashamed,

and too scared to
even talk to me.

The one time she
needed me the most...

and I wasn't there.

I was a hundred miles away,

clueless to how bad
she was getting hurt.

I failed her.

I ain't gonna lie.

A part of me definitely
wanted to let you

beat the crap out of
Peter Foster tonight.

I mean, if he had
hurt my little girl,

I'd've wanted to do
exactly what you did,

bust down his door,
and whup his ass. But!

Our daughters need us, Danny.

If I had let you
go through with it,

you'd be spending the next five
years of your life behind bars.

Maybe more!

How are you supposed to
help Grace from there?

Huh? Danny, your daughter
needs you in her life,

not locked up in a jail cell.

I was just trying to
be there for her...

and I messed up.

What am I supposed to do
if that happens again?


Yeah, you apologize
and you try again.

And then you keep
on trying and trying

and trying and you try until
you fix it, man.

Or you collapse from
the sheer effort.

That's what being a father is.

Listen, if we hurry...

we can get you home

on the last flight
out of LAX tonight.

Get you back to your daughter.

All right, thank you.

Hey, babe. Mm.

I didn't mean to
wake you up. Mm.

I was trying to wait up for you,

but I must've conked out.

You had a rough

You good?

Baby, I will be...
Once we get Vivie

some self-defense classes.

Krav Maga, jiujitsu,

maybe all of the above. Mm.

I'm with you.

But I think she's gonna need
to learn how to walk first.



You sleep.

I got this.

There's my baby girl.

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