S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 19 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The team races to uncover the identities of kidnappers holding a prison guard's family hostage; Tan is faced with a difficult personal decision.

Previously on SWAT...

How much do you actually
know about Powell?

Not a ton. She plays it pretty close.

You remember what it was like to
be the problem child on 20-Squad.

Look, I heard she had some problems,

but from what I've seen today,
she's doing great.

Bonnie and I are over.

- Over? What happened?
- She cheated on me.

- Who is he?
- I met him through work.

- Are you in love with him?
- I'm sorry.

Get out. Just get the hell out.

Luca, come on, man, move your ass.

We're gonna be late.

Yeah, if someone didn't spend five hours

in the bathroom every morning
fixing their hair.

Who's texting you this early?

Chris. She's sending me pictures
of an apartment for rent.

What, she's moving out
of the safe house?

Yeah, now that she's raised some funding

and got the volunteers helping out,

she figured it's time

to strike a little work/life balance.



Actually, she's signing the lease today.


And I'm gonna co-sign.

You're moving in with her?


I'm sorry, It's not that
I don't love living here, I...

You're the best roommate I've ever had.

Even though you drink
all my protein shakes.

But just think,

now you won't have to
line up for the bathroom.

Yeah and I won't have to wear earplugs.

Right. Why are you wearing earplugs?

The walls are paper thin, dude.

Look... It's totally cool.

I knew this day would come. In fact,

I already started thinking about

what I'm gonna use your room for.

You're not gonna rent it out?

Nah, I've been thinking about
turning it into a man cave.

Gonna have a poker table,
bar in the corner.

I saw this awesome Donkey
Kong arcade game on eBay...

Luca, take a look around.

Any more man cave,
the natural history museum's

gonna be calling asking for
their Neanderthal exhibit back.

Yeah, you might have a point.
You got any better ideas?

Lots of natural light, great location.

It's a seller's market
in L.A. right now.

Priced right, this place

- is gonna be snapped up.
- Great.

Are you looking to move
somewhere with better schools?

I see a lot of young couples trying to

get a head start by
moving out to Pasadena

or the Valley.

Not exactly.

We're getting a divorce.

Well, here's my card.

Call me, and we'll get the ball rolling.

I can have it listed within a day.


I guess we're really doing this.

Yeah, guess we are.

Remember when we moved in,

the bedroom walls
were painted bright red?

You said it was like sleeping
in the middle of a crime scene.

Of course I do. It took
five coats to paint over it.

And there was that hook in the ceiling.

We could never figure out what
the previous owners used it for.

Probably for the best.

We don't have to sell.

I can't afford to buy you out.

What if you didn't have to?

What are you saying?

Maybe we're rushing into things.

Selling this place,

talking about a divorce.

That's what you wanted.

I know.

What if we're making a mistake?

He broke up with you, didn't he?

He go back to his wife?

Sorry, that's got to suck,

throwing everything away
for a guy who then dumps you,

but if you think that means
you can come running back to me

and I'll greet you with open arms...

I don't expect you to forgive me.

But, I guess I'm wondering

if you'd be open to trying?

If he hadn't gone back to his wife,

would you still be asking?

Or would you be house hunting
with him in Pasadena right now?

What happened was the
biggest mistake of my life,

and I'm so sorry.

You broke my heart, Bonnie.

And I will do whatever
it takes to make it up to you.

I love you.

Just, please, think about it.


All right, listen up.

When the first units got here,
they spotted the suspect

drawing the curtains,
gun in clear sight.

He hasn't responded to any contact.

According to his vehicle registration,

his name is Jamie Wilson.

Looks like he's got a family.

Neighbor says he's
got a wife and two kids.

Wife's car is still in the driveway.

Apparently, that's not normal.

Usually she's left to take
the kids to school by now.

Look, if the family's still in there,

they still could be in danger, okay?

This guy's not in his
right state of mind.

26-David. We got eyes

on the back of the house.
Hondo, it's not pretty.

Family dog's lying by the back door.

Looks like it's been shot.

All right, copy that, Street.
All right, you two post up

in case the suspect makes a run for it.

I'm gonna try to make contact.

Jamie, this is Sergeant Harrelson, LAPD.

I need you to come to the front door.

I got no visual on the suspect.

Is he alive?

The man you ran over? Yeah.

He's in bad shape, but the
doctors say he's going to make it.

Can you tell me if your family

are inside the house with you, Jamie?

Are they okay?

- They're going to die now.
- No, no. Whoa, whoa.

Hold on. Nobody needs to die.

There's nothing you can do!

They're going to die!

Sounds like he means to kill them.

20-Squad, emergency entry, now.


Luca. Breaching front door.

Back door breach.

I need you to put that gun down slowly

and put your hands up.

Eyes on the suspect.
Keep clearing the house.

Copy that.

Where's your family?

Jamie, talk to me.

Not here. They took them.

Who took them?

A man and a woman.

They said I had 24 hours to kill him.

If I didn't do it,

they said they would kill my family.

Now they're gonna die,
and it's all my fault.

Rest of the house is clear.

No sign of the wife or kids.

Who took them? How long ago?

Last night.

Hey, hey, listen to me.

Then we still have time, Jamie.

Work with us. Who took them?
Do you know?

I told you, it's too late.

No, stop. Stop. Put that gun down.

Don't do this, Jamie.

Put that gun down.

Jamie. Put it down.


Shoots fired, suspect down.

He's still alive.

22-David. Code 4 for entry.

We need paramedics ASAP.

GSW to the chest.

Where's his family?

That's a good question.

I just heard from the hospital.

Jamie Wilson's in surgery.

Bullet missed his heart,
but it's touch and go.

What do we know so far?

Wilson's wife Julie
and his kids were kidnapped

around 10:00 p.m. last night.

Patrol found a witness that
corroborates Wilson's story.

Yeah, neighbor was walking his dog,

and he saw a van in Wilson's driveway

with two people getting out,
but it was dark,

so he didn't get a good look
at them or the van.

Wilson was told he's got
24 hours to carry out the hit,

so we've roughly got 12 hours left

to find his family.
What do we know about Wilson?

Works as a prison guard
at L.A. County Women's Prison.

The kidnappers ordered
him to kill this man,

Eric Hoffman.

41, single, and get this:

he's another prison guard.
He's Wilson's supervisor.

Wilson said one of the
kidnappers was a woman, right?

I wonder if it's an ex-con
with a beef against the pair.

I went undercover in
that prison four years ago.

A guard had been killed by an inmate.

They wanted me to find out who did it.

All I can say is some of
the women in that prison,

they could give Hannibal
Lecter a run for his money,

and I don't scare easy.

Why didn't the suspects
kill Hoffman themselves?

I mean, why kidnap
Wilson's wife and kids

and force him to do it?

Seems like they wanted Wilson
to pay for something, too.

Yeah, like maybe the two were up to

something shady inside that prison.

Hoffman's in a bad way
from the hit-and-run,

so it's unlikely he's
waking up any time soon,

and if he does, I'm sure
he's not gonna be

in a state to tell us.

RHD are canvassing the neighborhood

to see if anybody spotted
the kidnappers' vehicle.

And we got Wilson's phone,
so if the kidnappers

try to make contact,
we can try to run a trace.

All right, Luca, why don't
you start compiling a list

of recently released prisoners.

On it.

Yes, I found her.

My old cellmate

from when I was undercover.

She's still inside.

She was the unofficial
prison beautician,

had her nose in all the gossip.

I could go interview her.

If anyone knows who had it in

for those guards, it would be Nisi.

- She know you're a cop?
- Yeah.

My cover got blown as soon
as I ID'd the killer. Wasn't fun.

You think she'll talk to you?

I don't know.

Well, we got a family in danger,

and time's running out to save them,

so give it your best shot.

I'll get ahold of the warden,
and get you permission.

All right, Powell,
you take Street with you.

You talk to the guards on duty,
find out whatever you can

- about Hoffman and Wilson.
- Okay.

Powell wasn't wrong about this prison.
Over 2,000 inmates.

Lot of them in for violent crimes.

Hundreds released each month.
Gonna be here for a while.

Hey, end of an era?
Street moving out?

Yeah, trying to look on the bright side.

Gonna have a spare room, you know?

I'm toying with ideas
what to use it for.

Bonnie turned our guest room

into a yoga and meditation space.

Dude, I tried meditating.

I couldn't manage for five seconds.

My mind can't sit still that long.

Surfing's the only meditation I need.

Yeah, I hear you. My vote was
for a TV room, but Bonnie won.

And, you know, I
actually kind of got into it.

Sunday mornings,
we'd do a little Ashtanga,

then a little meditation.

Then go out for avocado toast

and oat milk vanilla lattes

and tick those L.A. cliches

off your to-do list as well?

Ha. There's nothing wrong
with avocado toast.

Sunday mornings are what I miss most.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Bonnie actually kind of
surprised me this morning.

She wants to get back together.

For real? What did you say?

Nothing. I mean, I wasn't expecting it.

And not sure what
to think, but I miss her.

Seeing her again made me wonder.

You're joking, right?

You'd be an idiot if you took her back.

I'm... sorry, Tan,

just speaking from experience.

Took my husband back after
I caught him cheating.

He swore it was a one-off.

Turns out, he's a liar

who couldn't keep it in his pants.

Don't you have some place,
like a prison, to be?

Nope. Still waiting on Hicks
to hear back from the warden.

Hey, Commander.

Any more news on Wilson?

He gonna pull through?

Seems like it.
I thought you'd be relieved.

I am. I'm just angry

that I got put in that
position to begin with.

I get it.

I was on the end of a suicide
by cop attempt myself once.

Really? What happened?

Well, this guy's family had been
killed in a car accident,

and he didn't want to
go on without them,

but he couldn't pull the trigger.

Was a good Catholic boy,
he didn't want to go to hell.

So he turned the gun
on me, and I shot him.

Did he die?

It was my first time
pulling the trigger with intent.

I didn't have the wherewithal
to fire wide, like you.

But I know you wouldn't
have missed at that range,

not without meaning to.

I wasn't gonna help him kill
himself, if I could help it.

But what I don't get is how
he could give up like that.

If that was me,
there's nothing I wouldn't do

to try to save Nichelle and my baby.

Don't be so quick to judge.

His fight or flight response

kicked in and he panicked.

Most people are not born heroes, Hondo.

Sometimes it takes training.

Sir, I'm not sure I feel
like cutting him a break.

We might not know why he was targeted,

but I'm guessing it wasn't
because he and Hoffman

were handing out free candy
in the prison commissary.

Hey, Powell,

I couldn't get ahold of the warden.

He's at his son's wedding in Italy.

But I did manage to speak

to a friend at
Department of Corrections.

It's all squared away for you
to interview your old cellmate,

- so hop to it.
- I'll grab Street, and head over there.

Any progress on our suspects?

640 prisoners have been released

over the last six months.

Trying to narrow it down,
but there's not a lot to go on.

And we're not even sure our
kidnapper is even a former prisoner.

It's RHD.

Delivery driver in Wilson's
neighborhood last night

caught the white Sprinter
van on their dash cam.

It was dark, so all he could make out

is that the license plate
began with the letter "N."

There are thousands of those vans.

It might not even be
registered in California.

Looks like Street and Powell
are our only hope

of catching a break in this damn case.

What was your cellmate in for?

She killed her boyfriend.

Stabbed him in the neck
with nail scissors.

Geez. What he do to deserve that?

He beat her one too many times.

Check it out. Luca texted

that the kidnappers used a white van.

It's not that one, but
all visitors and staff

probably have to sign in

and include their vehicle details.

We could take a look
at the visitors log.

It's a long shot, but you never know.

Work here long, Officer Fisk?

It's Janice.

And no, just a month.

How you liking it?

It's challenging,

but that's what I signed up for.

I want to join LAPD,

but it's pretty competitive.

Figured this would give me an edge.

Hey, you mind if we take a look
through this visitor log?

I'm sorry, it's against the rules.

A little peek, that's all.

I'm sorry. I'm-I'm new,

and I don't want to get in any trouble.


you happen to know a guy named Hoffman?

Guard here. He's an old buddy of mine.


I mean, I know of him,

but I work a different pod. This way.

How you been, Nisi?

Four years late with that question.

I'm sorry.

You listen to me, Sandra...

I forgot, that ain't your name.

I vouched for you.

I told everyone you were cool,
then I find out

you ain't no drug dealer. You a cop.

You know what that made me

look like, being your bunkie?

A snitch.

Everyone thought it was
me who ratted out Angie

- for killing that guard.
- It was you.

Didn't know you
were a cop though, did I?

I thought I was just letting
my friend in on the gossip.

I'm sorry.

Added money to your prepay account.

I know how much you
like to call your kids.

How they doing? How's Lily?

She graduate high school yet?

Yeah, she's at community college.

How's your kid?

Do you even have a kid?

Anything you told me true?

What are you even doing here?

We need your help.

There are two guards working here,
Hoffman and Wilson.

We think an ex-prisoner
might have beef with them.

What happened, they finally
get what was coming to them?

What do you mean by that?

Listen, if you know something,
you got to tell us.

Considering how that
worked out for me last time,

I don't think so.

Please, Nisi. I know I'm asking a lot,

but there are kids' lives at stake.

We really need your help.


Let's go.

Don't come back, Sandra.

That was a waste of time.

And Goody Two-shoes Janice
wouldn't even help us out.

No, she's just playing by the rules.

You telling me you weren't like that

when you started on the job?

No. You telling me you were?

Hey, is it true, what Nisi said,

about you having a kid?

What? No.

That was part of my cover.

I needed to find a way
to get her to trust me,

so I invented a kid.

Is that a traffic camera?

Yeah, why?

Maybe we don't need that visitor log

that Janice is keeping
under lock and key.

Hey, it was a good call
from Street and Powell.

I think I might have found
something on that traffic cam.

Every Monday, around visiting time,

a Sprinter van drives by,
headed towards the prison.

License plate starts with an "N."

Know who it's registered to?

Yeah, a Donald Mason.

He tagged a woman called Candy Schumer

on his social media.

She robbed a pharmacy a few years back.

We were actually
the ones who arrested her.

Think I remember that.

She served four years.
Got released last week.

Hoffman was the guard on her pod.

Well, what're you
doing still standing here?

- Get the othersand go.
- You got it.


I have two possible
kids in the front room.

No record of the suspect having kids.

High probability they're
Eddie and Evie Wilson.

26-David. Got two possible

adult heat signatures
in the back bedroom.

Both stationary.

Copy that. Tan, Powell,
handle the two kids.

Stevens, cover the perimeter.

Covert entry. Let's go.


LAPD. Get up.

Get up.


Who are you?

The repo guy send you?

I already told him,
the van is in the shop.

Kitchen clear.

Wrong kids.

Hondo, they aren't Wilson's kids.

Wilson, what?

She's not our suspect.

Jonesing to get out of here?

If you help us out,

maybe we can get you
home in time for dinner.

You just got out of L.A.
County Women's Prison.

What can you tell us about
two guards working there,

Hoffman and...

That lowlife piece of crap.

Okay. What'd he do to
earn such high praise?

Yeah, it's a hard hole to climb out of.

Every time I manage,
I seem to fall right back in.

Except this time, I didn't fall.

He pushed me.

Hoffman supplied you with drugs?

Drugs, hair dye,
extra phone credit, Milk Duds.

Whatever your jonesing for,

he gets it for you.

Then he takes payment.

What kind of payment?

What kind do you think?

I only got one way to pay,

and it don't involve
the exchange of cash money.

So he was forcing you to
have sex in exchange for drugs.

Not just me.

How many other women?

Let's just say the prison was
his own personal pick and mix bar.

And no one ever made a complaint?

I tried.

Hoffman claimed I was lying,
then tossed my cell.

Said he found dope.

Three more months added to my sentence,

so never complained again.
Neither did anyone else.

And Wilson.

Was he a part of this?

Wilson, nah.

We used to call him Jesus.

You want to know why?

'Cause he'd turn the other cheek.

Yeah, he'd stand guard
outside the chapel

where Hoffman would
hold his "communion,"

as he liked to call it.

He wouldn't do nothing

to stop it.

Can you give us the names
of the other women

that Hoffman assaulted?

I could.

But I'm not going to.

Someone abducted
Wilson's wife and his kids.

Their lives are at risk.

That's sad.

Jitters have already set in.

How long until you're feeling like

you could chop off
your own hand for a fix?

Hey, look at me.

Come on, we can help you out.

We can get you into rehab.

You do not need to do this the hard way.

You see this?

This is me

doing as Jesus taught,
turning the other cheek.

See how Wilson likes it.

We knew Hoffman and
Wilson were up to something.

They were handing out candy,

just wasn't free candy.

Well, now we know
the kidnappers' motive,

and according to the
woman I just interrogated,

a lot of people shared it,

so we're no closer to
narrowing down a suspect.

You think the warden
knows what's going on,

and is covering it up?

No, my contact at DOC told
me the warden's a good guy.

The prison's a big place,
a lot going on,

and with a guard like Hoffman
controlling the information,

more than likely, he was just unaware.


Turn that up.

yet to release any
information about the victim

or a possible motive,

but according to a local resident,

the hit-and-run appears
to have been intentional...

Aw, damn it.

We got to find Wilson's family

before the media gets
ahold of Hoffman's name

and starts blasting it
across the airwaves.

These kidnappers find out
that Wilson screwed up

and didn't kill Hoffman,

they might decide they got
no more use for his family.

Wilson just got out of surgery.

I'm gonna head to the hospital,
and interview him now.

I'm gonna hit him with what
we just found out from Candy

and force him to give us some names.

Well, don't push him too hard.
We need him

to work with us,
not try to off himself again.

Look, finding the kidnappers' van

is like trying to find a needle in a

the size of Dodger Stadium.

I'm checking traffic cams
in Wilson's neighborhood,

see if any caught a better
angle on the license plate.

You thought any more about

what you're gonna do about Bonnie?

I think Powell's right.

Not sure I'd ever be able
to trust her again.

Look, you would've asked me a year ago,

I'd have been on Powell's
side of the fence,

but knowing what I do now,
I don't think an affair

has to be the end of a marriage.

I mean, my dad told my mom

about his affair right
after it happened, right?

She kicked him out.
And he worked really hard to show her

how sorry he was, and
eventually, she took him back.

It's been almost 40 years,

and they're happier than ever, you know?

Kind of made them stronger.

You think I should
give Bonnie another chance?

No, I'm not saying that. I just
think it's worth considering.

Look, whatever you decide,
I'm here for you, man.


Figure out what you're
gonna do with the spare room,

once you air out
the smell of Street's socks?

Stevens suggested a music room.

Back in the day,

Terry and I had a band called
the Supernova Firebirds.

We were gonna be the next Motley Crue.

Wait, so what are you doing on SWAT

when you could be snorting lines of ants

and setting fire to hotel beds?

Dude, it was the '80s.

Video games were invented.

There went our ambition, you know?

Hey, it's Wilson's phone.
It's the kidnappers.

- Start tracing the number.
- Yeah.

They're asking Wilson
if he's killed Hoffman yet.

We need their phone to stay switched on

as long as possible so we can
pinpoint its exact location.

All right, I'll try to stall them.

Tell them to send proof that

Wilson's wife and kids are still alive.

You haven't found them.

I wish you'd just killed me.

Yeah, well, unlucky for you, I didn't.

We know what Hoffman was
up to, assaulting prisoners.

And you just stood by and let it happen.

Hoffman said that he'd
get me fired if I said anything.

My wife has cancer.

I can't risk losing my
job and our health care.

Well, if we had known at
the start what this was about,

we would've known where to look.

Instead, we've been chasing our tails.

Jamie, you must have some
idea who took your family.

I don't. I swear.

The only way to save them

was to kill Hoffman.

And I screwed up.

It's too late. I can't...

You're panicking, and that
is not gonna help your family.

Look at me.

When people feel threatened,

their fight, flight,
freeze response kicks in.

But you can train yourself
to overcome it.

Jamie, take a deep breath.

Okay, now you let it out slowly.

Focus on an image, a positive one.

Your children.

Remember the first time

you held them in your arms.

There you go.

Now you see that?

Your heart rate's dropping.

Now you can think more clearly.

Jamie, your kids need you right now.

Your wife needs you real bad right now.

There's still time to save them.


Now, walk me through what
the kidnappers said to you.

They said
I had to kill Huevo.

That's what the
Latina prisoners call Hoffman.

"Egg," because he's bald.

Does-does that help?

It might.

I know that you think that I'm a coward.

I'm so ashamed of myself.

But I wouldn't have shot you.

No one's born brave, Jamie.

That's something you learn by doing,

and admitting what you
just did, that took courage.

Seems like a first step to me.

Cell phone towers
put the kidnappers' phone

somewhere within Hillside Hospital.

That's where they took
Hoffman after the hit-and-run.

It's also where they took Wilson.
Hondo's there right now.

Yeah, what's up, Luca?

Hey, kidnappers' phone

just dinged. It's at the hospital,
within a hundred feet of ER.

Headed there now.

Out of my way. Out of my way.

Whoa, whoa. Watch it.

Tell me where he's at!

LAPD! Stop right there!

Move, move. Out of the way.

Watch it!

Suspect's wearing a mask.

There's no way to use
facial recognition.

Hondo spoke to the
hospital receptionist.

She confirmed that it was a woman.

Claimed to be Hoffman's wife.

She was asking if he was brought in.

Thankfully, Hondo arrived

and she ran off before
anybody could tell her anything.

But how much longer can we
keep them from finding out

that Wilson failed and
Hoffman's still alive?

Not long. The kidnappers texted

a proof of life video
of Wilson's wife and kids.

Said he has two hours left

to kill Hoffman, or the next video's

gonna be their bodies
hanging from meat hooks.

Well, Hondo got one clue from Wilson.

He thinks the kidnapper might be Latina.

Okay, of the 640 prisoners
who were recently released,

212 of them are listed as Latina

- in the prison intake.
- Well, we know

the suspect's rough height and weight.

That'll help narrow it down further.

That's still a long shot though.

What if you try
speaking to your old cellmate again?

There's no point. She hates me.

I almost got her killed, remember?

I feel like she was more
annoyed you pretended to be

her friend than with
the fact she got stabbed.

I wasn't pretending.

Tell her that.

It's amazing what
a little bit of honesty

will do to earn someone's trust.

If you can do that, she might cooperate.

Well, we got to try every avenue.

Get back over there now.

They told me somebody named Zoe

was here to see me. Nice trick.

- I want to get out of here.
- No, wait.

Zoe's my real name.

Take a seat.

Zoe. Sandra. Whatever.

What do y'all want? I told you,

I'm not risking my life to help you.

Make a friend and
it makes your time go easy.

That's what you told me
on my first day in here.

You were a real friend to me.

No, friends don't lie to each other.

They don't use you and abandon you.

I didn't abandon you.

I asked to be added
to your visitor list,

but you denied my request.

Who do you think's sending you

those hair and beauty
magazines I know you love?

I was honest with you.

As far as I could be. Not my name.

But the friendship,

it wasn't a lie.

I owe you for having my back in here.

Remember how you braided
my hair my first day on the pod?

So tight, made your scalp bleed.

You told me it was the only way

to keep the lice away.

You were wrong about that.

We know Hoffman was abusing prisoners.

It looks like one of them
is now gunning for revenge.

They've taken Wilson's
wife and kids hostage.

We think the suspect's Latina.

Do you know anything
at all that could help us?

What makes you think
I have any information?

'Cause you know everything
that goes on in here.

It's not who you know inside,
it's what you know.

First piece of advice you ever gave me.

Nah, first piece of advice I gave you

was to use hemorrhoid cream
from the commissary

as an anti-wrinkle moisturizer.

Hoffman signs them out for Bible study,

then he takes women
to the chapel for sex.

Check the log.

Thank you.

Add me to your visitor list.

I'll be back.

I need to look at the inmate log,
for Hoffman's pod,

I need to see who he
signed out for Bible study.

I can't do that.

You'd have to speak to the warden.

Yeah, except he's in Italy,
so that's gonna be difficult,

- and time is pressing.
- I'm sorry.

There are protocols I'm meant to follow.

We know Hoffman's
offering prisoners contraband,

and getting them hooked
on drugs in exchange for sex.

Did you know?

That why you clammed up earlier
when we mentioned his name?

No, I had no idea.

I know he's a total creep.

He's made some
inappropriate comments to me,

but I didn't know
he was abusing prisoners.

Well, he is. So, will you help?

All right, what are we looking at?

Powell sent over a list of the inmates

that Hoffman signed out for Bible study.

We cross-referenced it against the list

of recently released Latina prisoners.

There were over a dozen,
but this one stands out.

Marissa Lopez.

She murdered her stepfather
when she was 16.

Claimed self-defense.

He'd been raping her since she was five.

Her mother knew and didn't stop him.

Well, that explains why
she's taking revenge

against Hoffman and
Wilson to the extreme.

She served 17 years, was
released a few weeks ago.

There's an alert on her file.

She went missing from her halfway house

two nights ago after going
to visit her brother, Herman.

Misdemeanors for
assault and unlicensed weapons.

MMA fighter, by the looks of it.

And check this: a white van.

Seems like he works for a meat company.

Maybe a delivery driver.

Surkin's Wholesale Meats.
It's in Chatsworth.

Place was closed down by
the FDA a few weeks ago.

That's got to be where they're
holding the Wilson family.

Already rolling.

Please don't hurt my children.

They're innocent.

So was I.

That didn't stop my stepfather.

That didn't stop Hoffman.

You ever notice how men who do

bad things to women never get punished?

Well, maybe you,

all pretty and white.

Yeah, you know what?
Maybe you get justice,

but there ain't none for people like me.

You don't have to do this.

When I was 15, I told
my stepdad that if he touched me

or my little brother
again, I was gonna kill him.

He laughed at me.

A couple nights later,

he came into my bedroom,
and I was ready for him.

I'm sorry, sorry
for what happened to you,

but it-it's not our fault.

I told your husband
that if he didn't kill Hoffman,

I was gonna kill his whole family.

I wasn't bluffing.

I gave him a chance
to make things right.

He couldn't do it.

He couldn't even do it
to save his own family.

- Mommy!
- No!

- Mommy!
- Come here!

Get off me! No!

Run! Run!

No! No! Go! Run!

Stop them! Don't let them go!


Put the kid down.

In pursuit of male suspect,

heading west toward the rear exit.

Copy. Heading that way now.

26-David. One child secure.

Lost eyes on the male suspect.

Sweep every inch. We got to find them.

20-David. Movement front side.

On your stomach, hands behind your back.

Nice work. You okay?

I'm good.

I've got him.

Let's go.


20-David. Got a possible suspect

hiding out in a freezer. Move.

Open it.

Hey, kid, you're okay. We're the police.

Powell, get this kid out of here.

I got you. You're okay.

22-David to Command. Both kids are safe.

Suspect still has Wilson's wife.

Luca, keep her busy.

Tan, with me.

One more step and this
floor's gonna get real messy.

Look, drop the weapon and let's talk.

I'm not a fan of talk therapy.

I'd rather have a car
to get me out of here.

Where you gonna go?

You're not gonna get a mile
from here and every cop

in California's gonna be on your tail.

I'm not going back to prison.

I'm not the one who deserves
to be there.

LAPD! Drop it.

Don't move! On the ground!


Hey, you okay?

20-David to Command.

Wilson family is accounted for.

We're Code 4 for
paramedics to make entry.

Are my kids okay?
I need to see my children.


My babies.

This should feel like
a good outcome, but it doesn't.

Yeah, I feel you.

I'm gonna head to the hospital

and let Wilson know his family's okay.

My friend at the
Department of Corrections,

he's ordered an immediate
inquiry into Hoffman

and the women he abused, so...

hopefully they'll get some form

of support and compensation.

And Hoffman?

If he recovers, he'll stand trial.

Doctors say that's a big "if."

Wish I could feel bad for him.


My friend also pulled some strings.

They're gonna bring Nisi's
parole hearing forward,

so she could be out
in a couple of months.

- That's awesome.
- Yeah.


Any chance I could put in a word,
for a new recruit at LAPD?

Her name's Janice Fisk.

I think she'd make a great cop.

A lot of integrity.

Well, with a reference
like that, how could I say no?

Send me her application.

Hey, Hondo? How'd it go with Wilson?

I'm sure he's happy to
hear his family are safe.

Never seen a man so relieved.

Well, that'll last
until he gets to lockup.

He freaking out about going to jail?

Actually, he surprised me, sir.

Apparently, some wise man taught him

that bravery isn't
something you're born with,

but something you got to choose to be.

I wonder which wise man
originally said that.

What you said earlier, about
needing to be honest with Nisi

if I wanted her to open up...

made me realize that
I'm not being honest

with you either.
Or the rest of the team.

The thing is,

I don't trust people too easy,

which makes it hard to open up.

But being part of SWAT,
it's taught me that

maybe there are people I can trust.

There are. Don't doubt it.

Thomas. That's his name.

I mean,
I don't know if that's his name now.

His adoptive parents
probably changed it.

I was 15. A kid having a kid.

My parents weren't happy,

but they told me they would
help, so I had the baby.

He was beautiful.

Then my parents came into the room

and told me they found

a couple who wanted to adopt him.

They told me if I kept him,
they wouldn't support me.

I'd have to leave home.


I signed the papers.

I've never forgiven myself.

Or them.

I'm so sorry.

Have you ever seen him?


I hoped when he turned 18,
he'd reach out but...

Don't give up hope.

Hey, you guys coming for a beer?

First round's on Tan.

I can't tonight.

I'm gonna go see Nisi,
give her some good news.

But next time, for sure. Yeah?

Yeah, sorry, bro,
Chris is waiting for me.

We got that lease to sign, remember?

Looks like it's just you and me.

Maybe we can talk more about Bonnie.

Nah, it's okay.

Made my decision.

You guys getting back together?


Hearing Street just now,

and seeing Hondo every day,

excited to get home to
Nichelle and the baby,

it made me realize,
I want what they have.

Someone I want to race home to,

have a family with. That's not Bonnie.

Guess I should start looking
for a new place to live.

Funny you should mention that.

I might know of a room freeing up.

What, for real?

I thought you had big plans
to turn it into a music room.

You were gonna be the next
Tommy Lee, remember?

The only good use for a spare room

is having friends come stay.

How'd you feel about sharing your room

with a Donkey Kong arcade game, though?

Why not?