S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 18 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

When an armoured truck heist ends in bloodshed, the team races to track down priceless jewels before more lives are lost; Hondo's mother, Charice, visits.

Previously on SWAT...

I was talking to Luiza Coles.
She's a matchmaker.

I haven't been
on a date in 30 years.


I'm so sorry.

How did you get through it
with Barb?

I'm here for anything
that you need.

Thank you for seeing more
in this man

than just a badge.

We did it.

Meet your granddaughter...

Vivienne Carmichael Harrelson.

Okay, we got dinner for tonight,

and boiling more water for tea.

Oh, no, no, no, no,
don't you get up.

That's why I'm here...
So you can rest and recover.

You're a godsend, Charice.
Well, how else

am I gonna earn my spot as
the number one grandparent?

I could hear our little
lady cackling from the bedroom.

Hey, Vivienne. Oh, I can't wait

till you start talking
for real, baby girl.

Oh, she already has
so much to say.

Just like her mama.

How you feeling?

Uh, exactly like
the doctor said I would feel

after getting my body cut open.

Do you think she's getting sick?

She's so fussy this morning.

Oh, no fever.

Say "I'm just new
to the world."

Yes, I am.

You ready to go back
to work, Hondo?

Mom, it's hard
to say I miss my team

when they show up
with food every day.

I thought we were gonna have

to kick Street and Chris
out last night.

I had no idea Street was
such a baby person.

Well, I can't start spoiling her
till you get out of here.

I already feel guilty leaving.

Oh, no, don't. We'll be fine.

I have done this before,
you know.

I mean, you and your sister...
Y'all turned out... okay.

See? See? My mama got jokes.

All right, I'm out of here.
Mwah. Mmm.

I love you both.
Love you.

So fine.

Look at that little lip.

You're quiet this morning.

How was the date last night?

Told you,

I got a cute niece
I could set you up with.

Thanks, but no thanks.

That'd be like dating
the boss's daughter.

I'm just saying,
you could do a lot worse.

Actually, I know for a fact,
you have done a whole lot worse.

Hold on!

These clowns are lucky I didn't

run 'em over.
You believe this?

Wait. Where'd he go?

Wait. What's happening?

I don't like this.

This is the jumper
for truck 6-3-8.

Truck has been disabled
by an explosive.

We are being held up near
San Pedro and 7th Street.

No, stay put.
Help is on the way.

I don't want to die in here.

Open the door, or we'll
blow you up. Choice is yours.

I can't breathe!
I got to get out!

Jeff, no! We are
safer in here.

No, wait.
I'll do whatever you want.

Please, don't kill me.
Please, don't kill me.

Open it. Now.

We've only got a few minutes.
You know what we're after!

It's not here.
This one, either.

It's not in any of these cases!

Police are here.

Here! I found it!

We've got it!
Let's go. Move!

Cover me!

Let's move! With me! This way!

6-Adam-27. Shots fired.
Officer down.

Covering now at 7th Street.

Suspects fleeing
into homeless encampment.

I appreciate
you taking the time, Bob.

I'm so embarrassed,
I almost couldn't

bring myself to come to you.

Oh, don't be ridiculous, Maggie.

I'd do anything for you.

Just tell me what's going on.

Well, you know how Martin always
handled all the home stuff.


Okay, well, I hired a roofer,

paid him a deposit, and now,
he's run off with the money.

Well, that's nothing
to be embarrassed about.

Did you have a contract?
I did not.

Uh, he was kind of a friend,

you know, doing it as a favor.

Oh, no.

I'm sorry, Maggie.
I'm a little confused.

If this is someone you know...

It isn't. It...

Not really.

I met him on a dating site.

Oh. The girls encouraged me to
get back out there, you know?

Time to dip my toes
back in the water, they said.

That's good for you.

No. Nah, that...
that-that's good.

We only went out a
few times, so... Mm.

He dropped me off
one night after dinner,

and fed me some line
about how my roof was sagging.

He said he could fix it,
just needed money for materials.

I paid him ten grand,
and he disappeared.



You were so good to me

last year
when Martin was killed.


I wouldn't have gotten
through it without you.

I hate to ask for more. I...

Oh, don't be silly, Maggie.

I'm always happy to help you.

You know that.

Ah. I'm so sorry.
This is...

This requires my attention.

I promise I'll look
into this roofer.

Just send me whatever
information you have,

and I'll get on it.
Thank you, Bob.

You really are
a great friend. Mmm.


You got eyes on any of
our four suspects? No.

We followed them in,
but they kept shooting at us.

Too many innocent homeless
in there, so we pulled back.

We've held the perimeter the
whole time, so they should still

be in there.
Four male suspects.

Probably Middle Eastern.

One of them is wearing
a green bomber jacket.

Any idea how many innocents
are in there with 'em? No.

We called out for them
to evacuate. A lot of 'em did,

You got to figure, for some,

last thing they're gonna do
is listen to cops.

Now you keep things locked up.
We'll take it from here.


Hondo, we're going in blind.

And they could be
hiding anywhere.

With any number of hostages.
All right, we do a split search.

Center out. Deac and Powell,
you're with me.

Tan, Street, you take the south.
Keep sending updates.

Hell of a first day back, boss.

Don't I know it.
All right, heads on a swivel.

Danger's in the unknown.
Let's move.

Hey, hey.

Get back inside.
Stay down low.

Back in the tent.
Get back in the tent.

Hondo, one o'clock.

Go. 20-David.
We got eyes

on a possible suspect
in a green bomber jacket.

LAPD! Show us your hands!

Don't move!

Roll over.

They made me do it.

He's not one of the suspects.

Where'd you get the jacket from?

Guy gave it to me. He told me

to put it on, I swear.

Keep moving.

Find some cover.
Don't go anywhere

until you hear the all-clear.
Got it?

Hey. Hey, buddy.
You with me?

I'm just gonna see what's
going on under here.

Hey, Street, man, we
can't get medics in here

till the camp's cleared.

What's your name?

Cooper, I'm gonna need you
to keep your eyes open, okay?

Focus on me. Cooper,
talk to me. Where you from?

Long Beach.
Oh, yeah?

Yeah, me, too.

Where'd you go to
school? Highland?

Yeah. Class of '02.

That's a few years ahead of me.

You a skater?


My whole life. You weren't
one of the Gravity Wave boys,

were you?

Cooper Murphy?

I remember you.

I-I used to watch you
down at the skate park.

I saw you all do the stairs

at Golden Shore once.
That was epic.

We're gonna get you
some help, okay?

Just hang in there. We're
gonna have you skating again

in no time. Hey, Cooper,
hey, hey, stay with me. Stay.

Hey, Cooper, stay with me.

Stay with me, buddy. Cooper.


We're at the back fence.
No sign of our suspects.

How did we miss 'em?

Hondo? Got an opening here.

Leads through to the
adjoining building.

They ghosted.

They must have left
before we even got here.

Patrol officer's gonna make it.

Same for the armored car guard,

but the driver
didn't stand a chance.

They killed one
of the residents, too.

Got caught in their crossfire.

Street tried,
but couldn't save him.

Street all right?

I don't know.

Deac, we got any idea yet

what these guys were after?

No. But whatever it is,

more than one witness
heard them say

they've still got four more to go.
Four more what?

Left a whole truck full
of valuables. Well,

whatever they're after,
they're willing to kill for it.

So as long as they're still

out there looking,
no one's safe.


Armored car company just
finished inventory on the truck.

They confirmed
there was just one item missing.

A necklace.

Diamond encrusted,
one huge, central ruby.

Well, it looks like something
you'd see on the red carpet.

Insured for two million.

Well, normally, I'd say
that's a pretty good haul.

Except they left
ten million more

of inventory back on the truck.

So this isn't
just about the money.

That necklace must mean
something to 'em.

Anything on the gunmen yet?

The only real
description we got is

they might've been
Middle Eastern.

May have something. Our friend
in the green jacket turned out

to have a surprise
up his sleeve.

There was a valet stub
in the inside pocket.

It's from a restaurant
in West Hollywood.

Well, at least that's a start.
Take Street and get over there

and see if you can
find out something

- before these guys strike again.
- Too late.

I just got off the phone
with Beverly Hills PD.

Same crew just hit a cafe

on Rodeo Drive,
robbed a woman having lunch.

Oh, let me guess. Stole her jewelry?

Yeah. No details yet, but
as soon as they get the report,

BHPD is gonna send it over. All
right, good. In the meantime,

Powell, keep looking
into that necklace,

see if you can figure out
what's so special

that these guys had to have it.

Valet stand's busy.

All right, appreciate it.
Thanks for trying.

What's going on?
Everything good?

I can't find any next-of-kin
for our homeless victim, Cooper.

I mean, he grew up in foster
care, like me, but still,

there has to be someone
who cares that he's dead.

You knew him in
high school, right?

You try any of his old buddies?

Check it out.

Trying to dig up their contacts.

He was part of a skate group
called The Gravity Wave.

Nate and I used to go
every day after school

and watch them.
They were our heroes.

Wow, what are the odds?
Shame to see

where his life ended up.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Cooper was next-level.
Got sponsored at, like, 14.

Went pro at 18.

And he still always
managed to make time

to help out us newbies.
He taught me how to Ollie.

I mean, how does a guy like
that, friends all around,

world at his feet,

how does he end up
on the streets?

No one to even claim his body?

Hey, I'm sure someone
out there cares about him.

You'll find them.
Yeah. Hope you're right.

Hi. Help you with something?

Yeah. We're LAPD.
Can you confirm this ticket

came from your stand?
Yeah, that's one of ours.

Any chance you can tell us
who it might've belonged to?

Get us a license plate or something?
Afraid not.

Most I can give you
is the time the car

was picked up.

Uh, looks like
Wednesday afternoon,

around 3:00 p.m. Anything
stick out to you from then?

Come on, man.

We park 100 cars a day.
I wouldn't be able to remember

one even if I wanted to.

That camera work?

Yeah, I'd assume so.

Tell us something good, Powell.

Tan and Street just sent this
over from the valet stand.

That's a familiar jacket.

It's got to be our crew.

Well, two of the four, anyway.

Let's run this image through
facial recognition.

And put a BOLO out
on that car ASAP.

It's from Beverly Hills PD.

They just uploaded
some of the info

on the robbery on Rodeo Drive.

This time, the crew targeted
a yellow sapphire ring.

Thankfully, the owner
had some photos taken

for insurance purposes.
Yep. Got 'em here.

The victim said
they told her, "It's not

stolen if it never
belonged to you."

So we were right.
This isn't about the money.

No. These guys are
only interested in

these particular pieces.

But why?

Well, we got to figure out
what they have in common.

We know this crew has
two pieces,

but there's still
three more out there,

which means
more potential victims.

Hang on. Powell, zoom
in a sec, would you?

See that? First, I thought
it was part of the design,

but look at that insignia.

No, that's a jeweler's mark.

It's the same on both pieces,
which means it was

made by the same
person. Run it down.

Hey, babe, everything okay?

I'm not sure. I got up
from a nap a while ago

and your mom's not here.

Neither is Vivienne. All right,
well, I haven't heard from her.

She was probably just letting you sleep.
Well, that's fine.

But now I'm awake and it's time
for Vivienne to nurse.

All right,
I'll try giving her a call.

Don't bother. She left

her phone here.
I thought they went for a walk.

But the stroller is here, too.
Should I be worried?

Hey. Hey. I'm sure she's gonna
be back any minute. Look.

Moms just isn't that good
about her phone.

You're-you're probably right.

I-I'll call you
when they get back.


Everything's gonna be fine.

Love you.

And I love you.

Commander, Powell's
running down a lead

on the jeweler's mark. She
hopes to have something soon.

All right, update me when you know.

Is this a new suspect?

Not in our case.

My friend, Maggie,
she got ripped off

by this jerk from a dating site.

Maggie. Is that
Judge Walker's widow?

Yeah, she's already
been through enough

without this happening, too.

I've heard of these Romeo scams.

Romance someone,
gain their trust,

take them for all they're worth.

I can help if you want.

Uh, thanks, but...

I want to take
this guy down solo.

Anyone who takes advantage
of a woman like Maggie, uh...

they deserve
some real punishment.


Maggie's dating?



Nothing, just...

I've heard you say
more than once

that you guys have a connection.

You were working with
that matchmaker...

We're just friends, Deacon.
That's it.


We should all be lucky enough
to have a friend like you.

I found the jeweler
who made both pieces.

No answer, but he's got
an address downtown.

All right, good work.
You two grab Hondo

and see what you can find out.

Seems a little odd to be closed

in the middle of a weekday.

Place has been trashed.

No wonder
no one answered the phone.

20-David to Command.

Making entry at the storefront.

Signs of a possible burglary.

Left side clear.
Right side clear.

Case has been broken.

They left the jewelry.

That seems to be their
trademark at this point.

Hey, Deacon, look.

It's the designs
for the necklace and the ring.

And those must be the other
three pieces they're after.

Well, at least we know
what to look for now.

Let's check the back.

Got a body.

He's dead.

Looks like somebody
worked him over pretty good.

They were probably
looking for info.

Hey, you hear that?

It's coming from the vault.


Is somebody in there?

We need you

to come on out, hands up.


Don't shoot!

Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
They're gone.

They're gone, come on.
Come on.

I ran in here
when they attacked.

They couldn't get in.

Mr. Harris.

Is he okay?
I could hear them hurting him.

I'm sorry. He didn't make it.

Who are you?
What's your name?



Juliet Am a to.
I'm Mr. Harris's apprentice.

Juliet, did you hear what those
men wanted from Mr. Harris?

They were demanding
that he turn over some jewels.

He kept saying he didn't

have them,
but they didn't believe him.

All I could do was listen.
It was horrible.

We found the designs
of these two pieces up front,

along with three others.

Did Mr. Harris make these?

Yeah, those are
the pieces they wanted.

They're part
of the Senses Collection.

You know, like the five senses?

Juliet, the men who were here,

they already have
these two pieces.

We have to find the other three.

Do you know where they are?
They were bought

by Saturn Jewelry in Pasadena.
I handled the pickup.

Deacon, alert Pasadena PD.

We gotta get extra protection
on that jewelry store ASAP.

They could be on
their way there now.

We're gonna do the best we can

to track down who did this.

Hondo, Powell?

We got eyes on us
from across the street.

That's one of the suspects

from the valet stand.

Is there another exit?

All right, give me 30 seconds,

then make your move.

Push him south.

Stay out of sight.

Hey! LAPD!

LAPD! Don't move! Stop!

LAPD! Stop!


Don't even think about it!
On your stomach!

Hands behind your back.

Adnan Ali.
No stranger to Interpol.

Syrian national.

Slipped into the country
a week ago.

Three murders and counting.

That's quite a vacation
you're having.

We know what you're after.
Unfortunately for you,

the remaining pieces are
being heavily guarded now.

So you and your
little band of thieves

won't be able to get
your hands on them.

No, we are not thieves.

Your actions today
say different.

Those jewels
were stolen from us.

By greedy Americans.

Stolen by Americans?
What are you talking about?

The gems in those pieces were
looted by American soldiers.

America said
they were going to help.

Instead, they pillage our homes,

steal our history, one...

one of our holiest books.

You're saying
they stole a Koran.

An ancient Koran,
passed down for centuries.

Then they have
the audacity to deface it,

ripping the jewels
from its cover.

An ancient relic like that,

it's got to be worth millions.

This isn't about money.

This is about the disregard
of our people,

the violation of our culture.

All right, help me out here.
I thought the Koran

teaches love and altruism?

Yet you and your friends
killed three people today.

You sound like
a hypocrite to me.

Don't talk to me
about hypocrisy.

It's disgusting to see

Americans wearing
our religious relics

as status symbols,
showing off their jewels

with zero understanding
about any of the pain

that they have caused us.

They deserve to die.

All right.

Where's the Koran now?

He doesn't know, or they'd
have gone after it already.

Doesn't matter
what you do to me.

My brothers will not rest

until they restore the Koran

and return it to our homeland
where it belongs.

The remaining three pieces
may be locked up tight,

but if the Koran
is still out there...

We need to find it
before they do.

Oh, come on, not again.

Everything okay?

I'm not sure. Nichelle's
stressed about the baby.

My mom took Vivienne out, but
she doesn't know where she went.

It has been a while now.
Go. We're good here.



Fridge make you mad
or something?

Sorry, sorry.

I, um...

I managed to track down one
of the old Gravity Wave skaters.

He was not exactly heartbroken
when I told him

Cooper was dead.
In fact, he was more upset

he wasn't gonna get back
the money Cooper still owed him.

That sucks.

You find out how Cooper
went from a pro skater

to living on the street?

Yeah, he busted his knee,
couldn't skate for a while.

Lost his sponsorship deal.

All downhill from there.
He must've started

borrowing money from friends.

Last resort,
he took to stealing.

Did a few stints in County.
What a waste of talent.

Yeah, the guy I spoke to,

he said he doesn't know
how to get a hold

of any of the other skaters
in the group.

So no closer to finding
someone to handle the funeral?

Which means he'll end up
in county mass grave.

Not even a marker with his name.

His death's hitting you hard.

Is there, uh, something else
going on with you?

Cooper and I were
about the same age.

We both grew up
without a family.

But I always envied him

because the Gravity Wave...

that seemed like a family.

All it took
was one injury and...

and that just all went away?

He died alone.

And what, think the same
could happen to you?

Don't worry, Street, you're
not gonna die all alone.

I will be at your funeral.
I'm gonna read the eulogy,

I'll play a little
Nirvana to send you

on your way.
Okay, thanks.

I don't know, I-I figure I...

I'll keep trying.
Worst case,

I'll organize a memorial myself,

even if it's just me there.

this is Dr. Dena Rahimi.

She's a professor of
Islamic Studies at UCLA.

Also an antiquities expert.

It's good to meet
you, Dr. Rahimi.

Is this the Koran that's
at the center of all this?

Yes, it's one of
the oldest in existence.

Was on display
in the Syrian National Museum,

but went missing four years ago.

A real blow
to the Muslim community to lose

something of such religious
and cultural significance.

You can understand
the outrage if it were pillaged

by American troops.

Well, the outrage, yes.
But the method and violence

used to recover it, no.
I agree.

Loosely translated,
the Koran says,

"If anyone kills
an innocent person,

it is like killing
all of humanity."

If you get this Koran back,

my team will make sure
it's returned to its home.

Well, let's hope that's
a "when" and not an "if."

We'll be in touch. Thank you.

In shall ah, Commander.
Thank you. Mm-hmm.

You still trying to track down
that jerk who scammed Maggie?

Well, so far, there's nothing
in his profile that's legit.

I mean,
the thing I don't get is,

even if you buy
his line of crap,

what the hell
did Maggie see in this guy?

Look, um, I may have
overstepped earlier. Well...

So why not go all in,
and overstep again?

This seems like more
than just a friendly favor.

What's holding you back
from asking her out?

Or are you not interested?


I won't say
I haven't thought about it.

But Maggie's called me
a friend many times.

It seems clear that
that's all I am to her.

Okay, let me, let me
tell you something.

When I realized that
I had feelings for Annie,

I thought that I'd show her
that I'd do anything for her.

I'd switch shifts

to pick her up from
the airport, anything.

I thought that
she'd figure it out.

But when I finally got up
the guts to ask her out,

she was surprised.

She said that...

she thought I only
saw her as a friend

that whole time.

And even though
she had feelings, too,

she didn't act on them.

Because she'd rather
have me as a friend

than nothing at all.


She and Martin, they were
there for me when Barb died.

I mean,
what if it's weird to her?

I don't think that's
a line I should cross.

No risk, no reward.

I could've missed out
on my whole life with Annie.

Have you ever
seen this book before?

I recognize the jewels.

They're the focal pieces for
the Five Senses collection.

But the book...

no. What is it?

It's a Syrian Koran,
rare and extremely valuable.

It was stolen
from a museum in Syria.

This is
what these men are after.

Oh, my God.

They killed Mr. Harris for this?

And two other innocent people.

He was the kindest man.

Let me sleep at the shop

when I first moved to L.A.
after a breakup.

We need to find this book.

Do you have any idea
where it might be?


How would I?

Your boss had the five jewels.

Can you think of how
he might've gotten

his hands on them?

Well, he had relationships
with all sorts

of diamond and gem dealers.

I don't know where
to begin. Uh, maybe

there are purchase
records at the shop?

If there were, they're gone now.

Then I'm, I'm sorry.

I wish I could help, but I don't
know what else to tell you.


Hey. Is everything okay?

I'm worried.
What if she fell?

What if Vivienne got sick and
she took her to the hospital?

Okay, listen. I'm gonna go
look for them right now.

Momma's car is still here, so
she couldn't have gone too far.

Will you just try to stay calm?

Hondo, what you doing home?

Oh, thank God!
Momma, where have you been?

Momma, where you been?

She's sleeping.

It's time for her to nurse.

What is going on here?

Do you know how
worried you had us?

What? We weren't gone that long.

Nichelle was terrified something
happened to you, to Vivienne.

You left your phone here.
No note, nothing.

I know I didn't raise you
to talk to me like that.

You better take that bass
out of your voice.

You said you came here
to help us.

But all you did was
cause us grief,

disappearing like that.

It is my job
to keep Vivienne safe.

That's what I was doing,
keeping her safe.

Well, you can't tell
by how you acted today.

It was my first day
back at work.

Momma, just go home.

Go home.

Commander, we got a problem.

One of the three remaining
jewels isn't where

it's supposed to be.
What are you talking about?

I thought they were all locked
up tight in a jewelry store

in Pasadena.
They were, until the store's

assistant manager loaned
one of them out to a rapper

for a music video.
Oh, you got to be kidding me!

Where is it now?

Yo, how sick is this bling
they got me wearing today?

Saturn Jewelry hooked it up!

This is Slim K-O, baby.
We out here shooting my video.

Damn it. He's showing the
whole world his location.

And he geo-tagged
the jewelry store.

If our suspects see this...

Yeah, I'll try to get
a hold of the music label.

You get over there now.

Lot of civilians if
this went sideways.

We need to get eyes
on Slim K-O and that necklace.

I'll evacuate people
to the other side

of the street, just in case.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whatever the issue is,
we have permits.

Where's Slim K-O?

He's taking a break.
He's in his trailer.

I'm his manager.
What's going on?

Well, your client
could be a target.

Which trailer?
Oh. Um...

Hey, man.

Yeah, I'm not doing
autographs today, all right?

LAPD! Drop the weapon!

He took my chain, man.

LAPD! Drop your weapon!

Hey, get down!

Suspect's headed back
into the set.

Out of the way!

Stay down! You're done.
Give me your hands.

It's nice work, right?

Think they can use that
in the music video?

Wasn't as pretty as you think.

Hey, laugh it up for now,

but the Koran's still out there.

And as long as they're still
hunting it, so are we.

The gunman we apprehended
used some colorful language

to tell us we could go to hell.

There is no way he's telling us
where his buddies are,

but you can bet they aren't
giving up without the Koran.

I'm going through jewelry
invoices from the workshop,

trying to figure out
where Harris got the jewels.

So far, nothing.

The Koran has to be somewhere.

Just got ballistics back
from the gun

Adnan was carrying
in the jewelry store.

Same weapon was used in a murder
three days ago in Phoenix.

Phoenix? So L.A. wasn't this
crew's first stop in the U.S.?

No, apparently not.
The victim's

this guy... Calvin Davis.

Military, Army Reserves.
He served in Syria in 2019.

Adnan said that the Koran
was looted by U.S. soldiers.

Maybe they found their culprit?

Well, that's exactly
what I was thinking.

Calvin Davis here does a tour
in Syria, he comes back

with a souvenir Koran
worth millions.

He probably thought,
after four years,

he was safe to unload it.
But he doesn't realize

four years isn't
near long enough

that the Syrians would forget.

They've probably been monitoring
every black-market auction site,

waiting for it to show up.

So if they're still hunting,
then Calvin got rid of it

before they got him.
Somehow, it ended up in L.A.

Wait. Hold up a sec.

Got Calvin's social media here.

Guess who he celebrated
an anniversary with last year?

Juliet Am a to.

She swore to me and Tan
she'd never seen the Koran.

But she did say she went through

a breakup before moving here.
This guy Calvin

must've been her ex.

So Juliet steals
the book from him,

then pulls the jewels
off the cover,

thinking that she can
impress her boss,

and no one will be the wiser.
She probably

doesn't realize
how valuable the book is,

but we just told her.

Where the hell is she?

She got a ride-share
30 minutes ago, said

she was going home to rest,
but if she knows she can

make money off the Koran,
she-she's probably on her way

to sell it right now. That's
a bet I'm willing to take.

Let's get the route of that car.
We need to track her down now.

Welcome to Haddaway's.
Can I help you find something?

Actually, I found this book

cleaning out my mom's
attic and was wondering

if it's worth anything.

You guys buy books, right?

We sure do.
Let's take a peek.

Oh, my goodness.

This is interesting.

I don't think I've ever seen
anything quite like it.

Do-do you happen to know
where your mother got this?

Uh... no.

She goes to a lot of thrift
stores and garage sales.

Is it valuable? Based on its
antiquity, I should think so.

But I'd have to do some research

before I could
give you a number.

Would you be willing
to leave this with me?

I was really hoping
to sell it quickly.

For my mom.
She could use the cash.

I'd even take a rough estimate.
Oh, I wouldn't recommend that.

No, no. Something this special,

you're gonna want
to get proper authentication.

Is it okay
if I take a closer look?


I'm sort of in a rush, so
if you could be quick about it.

I keep trying Juliet's cell,

but it's going
straight to voice mail.

She's a little busy right now.

Her ride-share just dropped her
at Haddaway's Bookshop

in North Hollywood, after
stopping at her apartment,

probably to pick up the Koran.

Haddaway's has
a rare book section.

It looks like
she's trying to sell the Koran

before they track her down.

BOLO just came back
on the suspects' car

from the valet security footage.

The vehicle was spotted
on a traffic camera

just off Vineland.

That's only a few miles
from the bookstore.

They got to be onto her.
Let's just hope

they haven't found her yet.
All right, tac up.

20-Squad's rolling out now.

And there you go.

How can I help you?

Help! They're after me!

Come on! Move!

- There's two men. They have guns.
- LAPD. Get outside

where you're safe.
Street, Tan, let's move it.

It's okay. Shh.
Go, go, go.

Let's go.
Go, go, go.

He ran that way. Get out of here.
Go! Get out of here.

20-David to Command.

I got eyes on one suspect,
deep northwest side

of the store.
Deacon, Powell search

the front for the other gunman.

Kid, come to me.
What the hell is going on?

Get down! Cover!

We lost sight of the suspect.
We're in pursuit.

Going right.

Hey, it's okay.

We're here to help.
I was en route to the stock room

when I heard gunfire.
Listen to me.

You're gonna head that way.
Stay low, stay very quiet.

There's officers outside.
You'll be safe. Go.

Go. Go.

Hold it.


Move in!

Hondo, next aisle on your left.


Drop the weapon,
hands over your head.

Get down!
On your stomach.

One suspect in custody.

Give me the Koran,

and I might not kill you.

Tan, you're Code 4?

Yeah, go.
Street, move.

LAPD! Let her go.

20-David. Got eyes
on the remaining suspect.

Drop that weapon!

Deacon. Saleh's got
the Koran, headed your way.

20-David to Command.

We're Code 4.

If you'd told us

about the Koran, we could
have helped protect you.

I swear
I didn't know what it was

when I first took it from my ex.

Just thought
he'd be mad it went missing.

I didn't think
this would happen.

Your ex is dead,
your boss is dead.

Your choices matter.
Remember that.

Let's go. Move.

It's ironic, huh?

How do you mean?

Well, in the end, these guys got
exactly what they wanted.

We'll deliver this
to Dr. Rahimi.

She'll see it restored
and returned back home.

That's where it belongs.

That's the one thing
they got right.

We can understand a suspect's
motives, but we can still hate

the evil things they're willing
to do because of it.

All we can do
is fight to help people,

keep 'em safe.

Hey, yo.

Hey, I've been looking for you.

You headed somewhere?

Yeah, I'm gonna hit the
skate park down in Long Beach.

See if I can still land some
of the tricks Cooper taught me.

Yeah? Maybe find a kid
I can give his board to.


You know, it's...

it's not much of a memorial,
but it's something.

You didn't manage to get a hold
of anyone from the skate group?


Well, guess that makes me
a better detective than you.

You said Cooper had been
arrested a couple times,

so I checked the court docs.

Turns out, both times, his bail
was posted by an ex-girlfriend.

And his lawyer, um,
was an old buddy of his

that he met on the skate
circuit, handled it pro bono.

When I told them both
what happened,

they were pretty upset.

Offered to take care of
all the arrangements.

For real?

Dude, that's awesome.
Thank you.

You've been there for me
through everything, lately.

Bonnie, the suspension.

I wanted to be there
for my SWAT brother,

'cause that's what we are.

We're brothers.
We're real family, Street.

What you said earlier...
about ending up like Cooper.

You don't have to worry,
all right?

'Cause if
you ever found yourself

in a dark hole like that,

somebody on this team
would throw you a lifeline,

and you'd take it.

And if you didn't,

one of us would drop down
and tie it around

your damn waist, and the rest
of us would haul your ass out.

Trust that.

Thanks, man. That means a lot.

Yeah. Cool if I roll with you
to the skate park?

Sure, yeah, if you want to.
Yeah. You kidding?

Get to see some of these,
uh, skate tricks, too.

Yeah. Yeah. That is, if
you still got the moves.

Oh, I got 'em.

I got 'em.
All right.


All right,
thanks for the update.

Got your call. Any news?

Found your roofer.

Bad news is,
there isn't much legal recourse

for someone like this.

Without a contract, it's easy

for him to claim
that the money was a gift.

But the good news is,
we had a little chat.

And there's this.


You got my money back.

Thank you.
I just feel so stupid, Bob.

Uh... I'm sorry you had to
deal with this, with me.

Maggie, don't do that.

This could have happened
to anybody.

You're a good, kind person
and I'm here for you,

anything you need.

Thank you.

I guess I'm really bad at this
dating thing, huh?

Dating's awful.
I mean, it's so awkward.

So much small talk.

I-I never thought
I'd be doing that part again.

You know, Martin and I talked

about sailing the world together
when he retired,

even though neither one
of us really know how.

I guess I miss feeling that safe
with someone.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

And, um, you know,

for what it's worth,

you always have me.

I know. You are a great friend.

Uh, well, um...


Maggie, if, um...

if you're open to it, I'd like
to take you to dinner...

as more than friends.

I have to say, I'm-I'm...
I'm surprised... Mm.


I didn't think
you saw me that way.

Uh, you-you know,
if you're uncomfortable...

Yes, I'd love to.

An actual date, except

without all the awful
getting-to-know-you bits.

Exactly. All right,
well, perfect.

I just have to say up front...

no sailing. I never was one
for the open water.

Oh, I remember
the Catalina trip.

Oh, geez.

It-it... it's seared
into my memory.

Walk me to my car?

Yeah, I'd love to.


Momma. You're here?

Yes, I... I came back.

Hondo, your mom and I talked,

and I think
you should hear her out.

Okay, Mom, listen.
Me first, Hondo, please. Please.

I owe you both an apology.

I heard what you said,

and though I know I taught you
better than to use that tone...

there was some truth in it.
I've been thinking

all day about what I said, and
you did not deserve any of that.

No, I didn't.

But I'm so sorry
that I scared you.

I remember how worried
I was as a new mom,

holding that tiny human
in my arms who I loved so much,

it hurt. I was
completely overwhelmed.

Momma, I really am sorry
about how I acted.

It's just...
this love... it-it...

It's intense, and I just
want to be a good father.

I don't want to mess that up.

I would do anything for her.

You know, we both want
to be the best for her.

But we're gonna make mistakes,

as hard as it might be

for us to accept.

And we are lucky that Charice is
here to help show us the ropes.

Yes, we are.

Mom, I know that.

I am so happy that she gets
to grow up with you, too.

Thank you for being here.

I love you, baby.

I love you, too.

Do you know, Charice figured out
how to calm Vivienne down?

Well, I just tried a swaddle,

something I used
on you as a baby.

Like Daddy, like daughter.

Nah, nah, nah,
that's Grandma's special touch.

Oh, casserole is ready.

Now you all go get started,
and I will get her.

Thank you.

Yes, you're my baby.

Hello, little baby.

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