S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 17 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The team works with the FBI to hunt one of its most-wanted fugitives; Hondo and Nichelle are faced with an unexpected development in her pregnancy.

Previously on SWAT...

- How long has it been going on?
- Six months.

I can see why she left you.

Here's hoping she found someone better.

- A bar fight?
- I went out, had too much to drink,

- I made a stupid choice.
- You've been suspended

for two weeks.

I'm just saying, this is a big city

with a lot of different neighborhoods.

- If something better is out there...
- Excuse me.

Is this really about the neighborhood?

Or is it more about who she's
with, the company she keeps?

Doesn't sound like you're trying
too hard to win me over.

All due respect, why do we have to?

Hey, babe, how's it coming along?

Oh, I'm racing to the finish line.
I'm moving, trust me.

Especially when our
baby's still in the womb

and ain't gonna be crawling
for how long... six months?

Baby-proofing is recommended
before the due date.

Once our daughter gets here,

we won't have time to brush our teeth,

- let alone baby-proof the house.
- Well, then,

I suggest we take full advantage
of those three weeks.


Mmm. Speaking of... Mm.

You pick a name yet?

I narrowed it down to four a month ago.

- Ball's been in your court.
- Okay, I admit

I've been dragging my feet
a little bit, but Nichelle,

I just don't know if I see our daughter

in any of those names, no offense.

But when people hear
our little girl's name,

I want them to be intrigued,
and maybe a little intimidated.

You know what I mean?

Mm. Three weeks.

Oh, shoot. I completely forgot.

I'm meeting my mom
to pick out a rocking chair.

This pregnancy brain is too real.

- Mmm. I got to run.
- All right.

Missed one.

I know, woman. I'm on it.

My water just broke.

Three weeks early is... It's too soon.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Okay, nope. No, we're all good.

Just means we're on our
baby girl's time right now.

I'll get the bags that we pre-packed.

- They're in the...
- Baby room, top left shelf. I remember.

I'm-I'm gonna... I'm gonna go change.

Yeah, go, go. Hurry up!
We got to get to the hospital.

We're about to have a baby!

Today's the day!

That breakfast
burrito sounds like carb heaven.

Let's do it.

Got Tapat o?

Oh, you know we do.


So, first day back from suspension.

- Yeah.
- You doing all right?

Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I be?

Come on.

The whole thing with Bonnie,

and then the department
coming down on you...

- That's a lot.
- Yeah, is that why you invited me

to breakfast? Think I need a little

extra hand-holding today?

I'm just saying, no one would
blame you if it took some time

to get your bearings again.

Look, I admit all that sucked.

But I did some talking
with Luca and Hondo

over the last couple weeks.

Decided I need to let it go,
got to let it be the past.

I'm all about looking forward now.

I got T.L.I. coming up in a few weeks.

So that's four days in San Diego,

honing up my leadership skills,
and if that goes well,

I might think about taking
the sergeants' exam after that.

- So, a clean slate.
- Mm-hmm.

That easy. What about
the situation with Bonnie?

She came by the other day to
pick up the last of her stuff.

Didn't say much. I said nothing.

Are you trying to submarine me here?

No. And-and look,
I'm not knocking your optimism.

It just feels
a little bit like denial, maybe?

- Are they okay?
- Call for help!

Gun! LAPD!

- Natalie.
- Your name's Natalie? Okay.

Listen to me, Natalie.
I need you to take your hand

off that gun, you hear me?

You need to help...

We're trying to help you, but first,

you got to put the gun on the floor.

Look at me, Natalie.


You need to help her.

- Wait. What's your name?
- Jane.

My sister's name is Natalie.

A man took us and held us prisoner.

I got away, but my sister...

You need to help her.

You call your folks yet?

They're at LaGuardia now.

They land tonight,
headed straight over here.

Your folks are on the way,
should be here soon.

Hondo, this is really happening.

Yes, it is.

Medics just finished checking
out our driver, Jane Cruz.

Luckily, she has no serious
injuries or concussion.

- Under the influence?
- BAC was negative.

And I was able to dig up
a Missing Persons Report.

She and her sister
disappeared from their house

in Whittier six months ago,
so that much checks out.

Jane is 17, Natalie is 15.

Jane could only give us
the abductor's first name... Jax.

- We should get ahold of the parents.
- Mom's not around.

They live with their dad.
Left him a message.

All right, then let's talk to Jane,

see if we can get more intel
on this Jax character.

Because, right now, he is
the key to finding Natalie.


You're the cop from the crash.

- They said nobody was hurt?
- That's right.

Jane, we need you
to answer some questions for us.

And I need you to find my sister.

And that's exactly what we aim to do,

but right now, you're the
only person that can help us.

We need to understand
what happened to you

and Natalie six months ago.

You said the man who
abducted you is named Jax.

- How did you meet him?
- Me and Natalie

were at a liquor store
on Whittier Boulevard.

I was trying to get us booze for
some house party. It was stupid.

Jax was there, offered to buy it for us.

And Jax said
he left his wallet in his car.

We went outside with him.

Next thing I know,
we're waking up in his house

with all of these other girls.

- Wait. Other girls? How many?
- Seven.

Okay, how-how did all that
get us to what happened today,

with the... the gun, the crash?

One of Jax's guys,
this creeper with a ponytail,

drove me to a motel this morning for...

well, you know.

Anyway, I knew he kept a gun
in the glove box.

When he wasn't looking, I grabbed it

and shot him.

Then I stole his car.

I almost didn't do it,
since Natalie wasn't with me,

but I knew it was the only
chance I had to save her.

So, please.

You have to help her.

Is this the man you call Jax?

He's older now, but... yeah.

Commander, what's going on?

Ballistics pulled prints from the gun

Ms. Cruz had in her car. Three pairs...

hers, the perp she shot

and this guy.

His real name's Eli Wyatt.
He's been a Most Wanted

fugitive for the last ten years.

Ten years ago, the FBI
was building a case

against Wyatt for the sex trafficking.

One night, the Feds
showed up at his place

in Ohio to serve a warrant.

Wyatt unloaded on them
through the front door,

instantly killing one agent,
and wounding another.

Son of a bitch went MIA after that.

Not a trace, not a lead, nothing.

Wyatt's managed to stay
under the radar for ten years.

He knows how to lay low.

Jane said that whenever
they're taken to meet a john,

the drive is never more than 40 minutes,

so the house they're in has
got to be close to L.A.

She was able to tell us enough about
the local landmarks,

we think it's in Tujunga.

Triggered a handful of results.

Got one property in the Tujunga area.

It's up off Ponderosa Canyon Road.

Dude who owns it is Jax Evans.

Could be our chance to nail
Wyatt for good, and save those girls.

Given the size and the terrain,
and the security...

that, and Wyatt's guys...

we're gonna need
to get eyes on that place.

Stealth approach is best.

Well, we all know Hondo's at the
hospital. Deacon, you run point.

Let's get to that house.

Visual on one suspect, male, armed,

walking to the main house.

No sign of Wyatt or the girls.

There. I got eyes on Wyatt.


You two seeing this?

Deac, we got company.

Yeah. Looks like the Feds.

Special Agent Alan Ritter.

This op is now under
federal jurisdiction.

So you just come blasting in here,

completely ruining
the element of surprise

and sabotaging our entire operation.

This is no longer
a SWAT operation, Sergeant.

You're no longer calling the shots.

If you want to stay,
you'll take orders from the FBI.

What now?

We're not leaving, are we?

Hell no. We're not going anywhere.

Roger that.

What'd Commander Hicks say?

Take a wild guess.

We're taking orders from the Feds.

They roll up here and sandbag us,

and now we got to play by their rules?

That hardly seems right.

That's federal preemption,
Powell. They don't owe

local law enforcement anything,

not even a shred of common courtesy,

Do we have a deal, Sergeant?

Until those girls are located and safe,
SWAT is not leaving.

I'll take that as a "yes."

But your squad staying means

your squad follows my lead
to a T. We clear?

Yeah, I got it. You're the boss, Ritter.

So what's the plan, now that
quiet, careful and steady

is off the table?

Brute force is all
Eli Wyatt understands.

We breach ASAP.

Uh, Wyatt's not the only one
holed up in there.

Our victim ID'd eight other girls.

Getting them out
and getting them safe...

that-that should be the priority.

No, the priority is
apprehending Eli Wyatt.

And the longer we wait to do
that, the more likely it is

those girls in there end up dead.

You've got to be kidding me.
The FBI bigfooting in here

has already put those girls
in more danger.

Powell, that's enough.

All right, we can agree
that Wyatt's inside.

So there's no rush to breach.

At least let my team

sweep the perimeter,
see if we can locate the girls.


but no one makes a move
without informing me.

In the meantime,

I'll engage Wyatt, get him talking.

What's going on, Deac?

Ritter seems like a real piece of work.

Well, be that as it may, he's agreed
to let us do a perimeter check.

See if we can find those girls.

According to Jane,
they were usually kept

in one of the back buildings.

Yeah, but given our
less-than-subtle arrival,

he could've moved them by now.

This is so not how we planned our op.

Well, this is not our op anymore.

It's not ideal,
but the mission goes unchanged.

We find those girls, and we get
them safe. Is that understood?


- Roger.
- All right.

Street, you and Tan with me
on the three side.

Cabrera, you and Powell...

you take the two. Let's go.

So, you all decided to order
the early bird special today.

Mm. Hey, Doc.

Dr. Price, we did not expect
to see you this soon.

No cause for concern.

But I read that babies born
early have a higher risk

of breathing problems,

jaundice, issues with brain development.

And the percentages for any
of that are extremely small.

You're well out of the premature zone.

You've had a healthy pregnancy.

I intend to deliver
a healthy baby today.

So we are having a baby today?

Unless you both have
somewhere else you need to be.

Hi, sweetheart!

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.

I'm going to give you some family time.

Contractions are irregular right now,

every ten to 15 minutes.

Nothing exciting for labor
quite yet, but we'll get there.

- Okay.
- Hmm.

How are you doing, honey?

I was so nervous that
the baby would already be here

- before we arrived.
- Yeah, took us a while

to find our way. You know,
we don't get to this part

of town very often.

Well, you're here now,

and it sounds like
it's going to be a while.

Oh, good. That means
there's plenty of time

to get you transferred over
to UCLA. My college roommate

is head of obstetrics there.

Mr. Carmichael,
we didn't draw the short straw

on this hospital. We chose it.

We did our research, and it has
among the best maternity care

in L.A. for Black women.

That sales pitch don't work on me.

The truth remains,

the bigger the provider,
the better the care.

And you can't do any better
than Henry, hmm?


Fun fact... my Aunt Vivienne

was the first Black nurse
hired here, put in 33 years

delivering babies. Most
consider her a trailblazer.

So thank you, but no thank you.

Me and Nichelle got this.

All this land, tucked back in here...

it's the perfect house of horrors.

Wyatt's got to be a real sicko.

Worries me how the Feds
are coming in full force,

- particularly Ritter.
- I've met a few Ritters in my day.

throwing their weight around.

He seems especially eager
to collar Wyatt.

Think Ritter's in hot water
with the suits back in D.C.?

Could be.

It's just... nailing Wyatt
seems personal to him.

I don't know.

You good there, Tan?

Two weeks gone, he's
a cadet all over again.

Should we get him some training wheels?

Yeah, two weeks gone.

Want to guess what I didn't miss?

30-David. We've approached a shed

at the back of the house.
We're gonna check it out.

Found a bunkhouse on the two side.

Moving to clear it now.

Oh, there's nothing here,
but look at all this stuff.

This must be where Wyatt
was keeping the girls.

It's just what we were afraid of.

He must have moved them
to the main house.

You got no way out this time, Wyatt.

Make this easier on yourself.

Show your face, let's have a chat.

Agent Ritter. You know,
you of all people should know

I'm not much for talking.

And you know how I deal

with FBI agents showing up
at my front door.

Not this time, Wyatt.
This is the end for you,

one way or another.

Yeah, you're feeling pretty sure
of yourself, aren't you?

Well, look what all that confidence did

for that poor agent ten years ago.

It's really sad.

I got fertilizer and diesel fuel.

Could just be legit farming supplies.

Or it could be the perfect cocktail

for an ammonium nitrate bomb.

This is Ritter.

We got a visual on Wyatt
in the main structure.

We're moving on the one to make entry.

Negative, Ritter. Hold your position!

I'm done waiting. We're moving in.

Ritter, we found explosives.

This whole place could be wired!

Anderson, pull back!

- Fall back! Fall back!
- Fall back!

Street, Tan, get that agent off the car.

Powell, Cabrera, you maintain
cover on that house!

Suppressive fire.

Go, Street.

30-David. Shots fired.

Multiple agents down.

I need several R/As at my location.

Multiple shooters!

Deac, pulse is fading!

There's nothing we can do for him here.

Go, go.

- Get back!
- Cover!

Hey, Ritter! Look out, third floor!

Tan, give me cover. Go, go!

Get your ass down.

I need to get Wyatt.

No, you need to stay down and stay here.

This is my op.
I'm the one giving the orders.

Not anymore.
There's been a change of plans.

Game over, Ritter.

30-David. To the four side.

We need to make entry. Agents!

Give us some cover.


Move, move!

LAPD! Drop your weapon!

25-David. One suspect down.

Bathroom clear.

Hey, I'm low on ammo. Toss me a mag.


Get on your stomach.

Stop moving.

You stay there.


One suspect down, one in custody.


It's okay. It's okay. We're police.

Visual confirmation on the victims.

They're safe.
I'm only counting seven girls.

- Where's Natalie?
- I don't know.

House is clear. No sign of Wyatt.

And no sign of Natalie, either.

How can that be? They were here.

One of our SUVs is missing.

He must've taken the girl
and vanished in the chaos.

That means they could
be anywhere by now.

Where's Natalie?

Did you find her?


Wyatt got away.

He took Natalie with him,
but I promise you

we're doing everything we can
to get her back.

This is my fault.

I shouldn't have run away.

- If I'd stayed, we'd still be together.
- No.

None of this is your fault,
do you hear me?

What about all the other girls?

They're safe.

They're at the hospital,
getting checked out.

And Jane, I finally heard
back from your father.

- He's up in Reno.
- Let me guess.

He's not in any hurry
to come back, is he?

He said he'd come as soon as he could,

and to keep him informed.

That's why I need Natalie.

She's all I have.

Judging by that look, I take it

we got nothing new on Eli Wyatt?

Well, he disabled the tracker
in the SUV he stole.

We've got a BOLO out, and all of LAPD's

on high alert, but still, no hits.

Disguising himself as an agent
and Natalie as a wounded girl.

You got to hand it to him.
I mean, it was pretty clever.

Bureau's already working damage control.

Deputy Director called to apologize.

Day late and a dollar short
as far as I'm concerned.

Commander, Wyatt's on the run.

He's better off on his own.
Why take Natalie with him?

Who knows? Pretending

he had a wounded victim helped
with the deception,

or... I don't know... maybe he wanted

to keep a hostage for collateral.

Reason doesn't matter. Fact is,
he still has her.

Commander, Sergeant.

Agent Ritter, you got a lot
of nerve showing your face here.

If you weren't in that sling,
I'd probably put you in one.

I understand.

I owe you both an apology,
and Deacon, I owe you thanks.

You probably saved my life.

What's the status of your team?

One agent's in the ICU,
touch and go right now.

The others sustained injuries,
but they'll live.

More than an apology and thanks,
I owe you an explanation.

Ten years ago,

the night Eli Wyatt shot
and killed one of our own,

I was there.

The agent who died was my partner.

I let my emotions

get the best of me today,
and I take the blame for that.

Well, had you given SWAT
a chance before this mess,

you would've learned
that we're your allies.

We're every bit as interested
in getting justice

for your partner's death.

With my team down, the Bureau
doesn't have the resources

for a citywide manhunt.

It's in SWAT's hands now.

Only thing I ask...

go get this bastard.

Babe, last two contractions
were eight minutes apart.

We're getting there.


Is the SWAT watch necessary?

Old habits. My bad.

Can I get you anything?

How about another popsicle?

Oh, definitely.

- Okay.
- But before you go,

please shut off that crashing
wave music before I scream.

Roger that.

Hey, hey, babe. Hey, hey, hey.

Okay, I got you. I got you.

Okay, maybe that's enough walking.

Let's get back to the bed.

All right, you good?

You should probably get

two popsicles.

You know, in case you want one, too.

Two popsicles coming right up.



That was my old roommate,
Henry. He agreed

to stop by, take a look at Nichelle,

make sure she's got what she needs.

Were we not speaking English

when we said "No"?

From an old parent to a new one,
I implore you, heed my words:

sometimes what your children
think they need

isn't what they need.

Mr. Carmichael,
every decision we've made

during Nichelle's pregnancy has been

in the best interest of our daughter.

Now, you may not like
every little decision,

but you don't have to.

You may be having a child with Nichelle,

but she is still my daughter.

And she deserves far better

than this hospital.

Better than this hospital,
or better than me?

Your doctor friend isn't welcome here.

And if he shows, I'll see to it
that he gets eighty-sixed.


- Hey. Everything okay?
- Sure.

Just looks like I won't be
going to TLI after all.

That was the program director. I'm DQ'd.

They just booted me.

In light of my suspension,
they no longer see me

as a viable candidate
for the leadership program.

I'm sorry, Tan. I know
you were looking forward to it.

It's Deacon. Got to go.

We're gonna take a run
at one of the guys

we took down at the compound.

Yo. Just got a hit on the BOLO.

Glendale PD discovered the FBI
SUV abandoned in a parking lot,

but no sign of Wyatt or Jane's sister.

You run a search for carjackings
or stolen vehicles in the area?

None reported, but
there's a Metrolink station

just a block
from where the SUV was found.

Okay. You think maybe
Wyatt grabbed Natalie,

hopped on a train?

I mean, lots of routes, lots of people.

It's a perfect way
to hide in plain sight.

Or get out of Dodge, which is
gonna make it that much harder

to find him and the girl.

Yeah. I'll grab Powell, head down there

see what intel we can pull.

- Hey, you good?
- Yeah.


Wyatt must have
promised you a hell of a lot

to get you to traffic young girls.

Whatever he promised you, that's over.

Look around. He left you high and dry.

So why are you protecting
that son of a bitch?

I'm not.

I have no idea where he went.

Until you just told me, I had no idea

that he and Natalie
had even disappeared.

Natalie's 15 years old, Cal.

Jury's already gonna hate you,

seeing as you've been selling her

and all those other girls out for sex.

But you help us find her,

at least you'll have some
little piece of goodwill

working in your favor.

Look, I swear to God,
I have no idea where they went.

Did Wyatt have a routine?

Apart from you and the others,

is there someplace he went,

someone he brought around,
someone he talked to

on a regular basis? Something?

I-I don't know, man. A routine?

I mean, the only thing that he would do

regularly was call his mother,

like, every Sunday.

How's it coming along in here?

We're still waiting to hear
back from Powell and Street.

Hey, get this.

According to Cal Davidson, Eli Wyatt

- called his mother every week.
- That's not possible.

His mother died
when he was still a teenager.

I know. I read the file, too,
but if he's not talking

to his mother, who-who is he talking to?

- He have any other family?
- Well, distant relatives

he's never met, but the Bureau's
been monitoring all of them

for the last ten years. If Wyatt called,
they'd have known about it.

Wait. What about Wyatt's
alias... Jax Evans?

Everyone in Wyatt's current
life knows him as "Jax."

And the compound we raided,

the name on the title is "Jax Evans."

Requires a lot of work to create
a new identity to that degree.

- A lot easier to just steal one.
- Yeah.

Hey, check the name "Jax Evans,"
see what we get.

Hold up. Look at this one.

It's got to be.

He's been in and out of prison,

including a stint up in Solano.

Where his cellmate was Eli Wyatt.

Where's the real Jax Evans now?

Disappeared. His mother, Eloise,

reported him missing ten years ago,

right around the time Wyatt
made the Most Wanted list.

Okay, all right, let's say that
Wyatt killed the real Jax Evans

and assumed his identity.

Why bother to chum up
to the guy's mother?

What does that get him?

The house in Tujunga, for one.

The previous owner, Eloise Evans,

left it to Jax before she moved

- to a senior home in Palos Verdes.
- Palos Verdes.

That could mean she's got money.

Powell and Street pulled
the security footage

from the Metrolink station in Glendale.

Wyatt and Natalie were there.

They hopped a train
headed to the South Bay.

Well, they got to be headed
to Palos Verdes.

All right, let's get over there.
I'll fill in Street and Powell

and have 'em meet you. Go.

Your last two contractions
clocked seven minutes apart.


Baby, this is all so crazy.

You and me here, having our first child.

You know, when I was younger,

it was all about the hustle.

After high school,
straight to the Marines,

and then right back home
to start my life with LAPD.

I was always on time for my career.

I just never realized
that I was late for my life.

Thank you for seeing more
in this man than just a badge.

Well, you are pretty fine, too.


What... Nichelle,
Nichelle, what's wrong?

What's happening?
Talk to me. Talk to me.

I don't know. I feel really weird.

Nurse?! Nurse,
we need help in here, please!

All right, Dad,
we need you to step aside.

Doc, what's wrong with her?

We need to get Nichelle to surgery

- immediately.
- What?! Why?!

Because your baby's life depends on it.

Nichelle, you have a uterine
rupture, which is cutting off

oxygen to the baby and causing
the heart rate to slow.

But you said everything looked good.

- Doc, how did this happen?
- The "how" isn't important right now.

We need to get Nichelle to the
OR for an emergency Cesarean.

- Is she going to be okay? And the baby?
- I promise you,

Nichelle is in excellent hands
in my care.

All right, let's get her prepped.

Nichelle, baby, I'm right here with you.

I'm right here.
I'm scared, Hondo. What if...

No, no, no, we're not
doing that. You know why?

Because you and I are gonna
bring our daughter home

to a baby-proofed nursery today.

You didn't miss an outlet?

- Promise?
- I would never lie to you.

We have to go!

You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay, baby.

Any sign of Wyatt and Natalie?

They were here, but they took
off before the local PD arrived.

Wyatt entered through a back entrance,
trying to keep a low profile,

but one of the staff
recognized him from the news.

Situation quickly escalated,

but luckily, everyone's safe.

What about Eloise Evans?

Yeah, she's in her room.
EMT's wrapping up.

Hi, Eloise.

I'm Sergeant Kay,
this is Officer Cabrera.

Do you mind if we ask
you a few questions?


Mr. Wyatt... when he was here today,

did he tell you what he was looking for?

I just knew him as Eli.
I didn't know his last name.

I suppose that
makes me foolish, doesn't it?

Not at all.

Mr. Wyatt is a con artist
and a criminal.

This is not your fault.

- Did he say what he wanted?
- No.

Normally, when he visits,
we just sit and talk,

but he was... he was different today.

He was like another person.

He told me to shut my mouth,
and he went to my closet

and rummaged through my things.

I tried to stop him, but he shoved me,

and I hit my head on my dresser.

I thought he was my friend.

Deacon? Closet has a hidden compartment.

He had something stashed in there,

most likely a go bag.

The young girl that was with him...

did she seem all right to you?

Oh, so young.
You know, as soon as I saw her,

I just knew something wasn't right.

- How do you mean? Was she hurt?
- No.

It was the way she looked at him.

Completely taken.

Poor girl had stars in her eyes.

What do you mean?

Well, she was obviously
in love with him.

Jane, we need you to tell
us everything you know

about Natalie's relationship with Wyatt.


What relationship?

Uh-uh. You tell us.

You're not protecting your
little sister by hiding the truth.

We're all on the same team here.

We all want to find her. So, please,

tell us what you know.

Jax, or...

Wyatt or whatever...

he liked Natalie,

like, immediately.

I barely saw her after that.

A couple days ago,

I told her I was gonna
figure out a way to escape.

She told me she didn't want to leave,

that Jax loved her.

I begged her, but she just
wouldn't listen to me.

Why didn't you tell us this before?

Like, I thought

if I told you the truth,
that she loves him...

you wouldn't care about saving her.

She's not in real love with him, Jane.

She's been brainwashed.

So you're still gonna look for her?

You listen to me. Finding
Natalie was a priority then.

It is a priority now, okay?

Those poor girls,

they're a mess.

And I'm guessing that was true
even before they were abducted.

Yeah. Mom's long gone.

From talking to the dad, my guess is

he was pretty much absent, too.

All right, well, since
he's not coming, call DCFS,

arrange for an emergency placement.

She's got nothing.

Cool if I take her by their house first,

let her grab some of her things?

Yeah. Okay. Just have Patrol take you,

- just to be safe.
- You got it.

Paging Dr. Bender.

Paging Dr. Bender, please.

May I sit?

You can sit wherever you want.

I got nothing to say to you.

Mind if I do, then?

Say something, that is.

I called my friend Henry
and told him not to come,

because those were your wishes,

and today is
about your wishes, not mine.

Those are my wife's words.

She's good at that.

Tethering me back down to the ground

when I get above myself.

We call Nichelle

our miracle baby.

Loretta and I had three
miscarriages before her.

They were incidents that
probably could've been avoided

had my wife received proper care.

Care that women like her

simply couldn't demand back then.

The day Nichelle was born,

I vowed to never put my baby
in a position

where she didn't have
access to the best.

But along the way,
I forgot to ask my baby

what she thinks is best for herself.

She sees the best in you, Hondo.

And I'm beginning to see it, too.

Mr. Harrelson, we're ready.

Been looking all over for you.

You've, uh...

you've been a little off all day.

I was just messing with you earlier

with that crap about being a cadet.

Yeah, I know, it's fine.

Guess I'm just, uh,

not in as good a place
as I thought I was.

Last two weeks,
I was just focused on today,

this whole notion of a fresh start.

Yeah, I mean, it makes sense.

Put the last few weeks behind you.

There's no putting it behind me.

None of this is over.

You know, personal or professional.

Probably heard I got bumped from TLI.


You have been through
a hell of a lot lately.

And I just hope you know that we do not

see you any differently
or respect you any less.

You're still a part of this team.

I know. I just...

I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Suddenly, not a lot makes sense.

Look, I'm not gonna say that
I've been in your shoes exactly,

but for me,

when things were a mess with Chris

or when everything
was crazy with my mom,

it was this job that got me through.

Working with all of you,
being out there saving lives...

that is what made sense for me.

I'm just not so sure that's enough now.

Tell me got some traction on Wyatt.

Nothing. Feel like
we're back to square one.

Now this guy's got his go bag,
he's probably looking

to skip town, if he hasn't already.

So then, he's out
of our reach, goes back

to being a fugitive
on the Most Wanted list.

Jane said that Natalie
is in love with Wyatt.

It's classic Stockholm syndrome.

- Yeah.
- This creep has probably

promised her the world, and in return,

she'd be willing to do
anything and everything.


Anybody heard from Cabrera?

Yeah, I sent her to Natalie's house

with a patrol unit. Why?

Well, the patrol unit that took
her there isn't responding.

Now she's not picking up.

Cavalry's on the way, Wyatt.

Knowing that,
I'd choose my next steps wisely.

Yeah, well, see, that ain't inspiring

much of any fear in me,

seeing that I already
met the cavalry today.

And look how that turned out.

Gun on the table.

And then I want you to sit
your pretty little cop ass

down on that couch.

You stay put.

I really don't like repeating myself.

I move, the girl moves with me.

Yeah? Or I just shoot you both.

Huh? You're so fond of each other,

you can just die together. Sit down!

Natalie, I know you think he loves you.

So ask him why he didn't
tell you who he really is.

His name's not even Jax.

Pay them no mind,
Natalie. We already talked

- about this, remember?
- Why didn't you tell her, Eli?

Isn't that what people do when
they're in love? Tell the truth?

He didn't because he doesn't love you.

He's a liar, just like Dad.

Is that really your name?


You sit the hell back down!

Girls, get down!

Let's go.


- Hallway.
- Roger.


Come out with your hands up.


Come on out.

Come on.

Put the gun on the ground.

Just put it down.

Natalie, put... We got a rabbit!

25-David. We got eyes on Natalie.

She's armed with Cabrera's gun.

Roger. Entering the basement.

Natalie? Need you to come out of there.

Natalie just ran into a closet.

I got an open basement window.

Checks negative for Wyatt so far.


Drop your weapon, get on
your knees. It's over, Wyatt.

All right, this is how it's
gonna play out, all right?

You're gonna clear me a path,

and then I'm leaving
with my new girlfriend.

I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.

As long as Jane and Natalie are safe.

No, not a chance, Cabrera.

I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Then I guess you're gonna watch her die.

Hey. Here you go.

- You good?
- Yeah.

30-David. Eli Wyatt's in custody.

Natalie? We got him.

So I need you to put down
the gun and come out, okay?

I don't know.

Jax won't like that.

Whatever he told you,

whatever he promised, he lied.

But you know who kept
their promise? Jane.

Jane's mad at me. I messed things up.

I messed so many things up.

There's no going back now.

That's not true, okay?

I know things seem bad.

But that's why you got
to trust the people around you,

the people who really care for you.

Like Jane. She loves you.

- I don't know.
- Then trust me.

I know what I'm talking about.

As bad as things seem,
you need to keep moving forward.

And the first step is
you put that gun down

and come on out.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

It's over, it's over.


All right, good.

All right, thanks for the update.

That was the commander from East L.A.

That patrol officer
you sent to accompany Cabrera,

he's gonna be fine, nothing too serious.

Just a concussion from being
knocked out from Wyatt.

Yeah, well, I'm just glad that
bastard's finally in custody.

Well, you're not alone.

Agent Ritter owes you a gift bottle

of something very expensive
as a thank you.

Oh, you can bet I'll tell him
that when I call him

with the good news.

- Yeah.
- Just handed Jane and Natalie

off to the caseworker for DCFS.

I made her promise
the girls would stay together.

What about the father?

He said he's happy to hear they're okay,

and with the good news,

he doesn't see a need
to hurry back to L.A.

Well, it's gonna be
a long time before those two

are even close to being okay.

I'm afraid that's probably true
for most of the girls

Wyatt preyed on.

You know, I-I'd like to think
that at least some of them

are going home
to happy reunions tonight.

Well, at least none of them
have to worry

about Eli Wyatt anymore,

so I-I'm gonna focus on that
and take the W.


Don't what?

I know what you're gonna say.

You think that stuff I told
Natalie to get her to come out,

you're thinking I had some
kind of big breakthrough.

Well, you did sound pretty convincing.

I figured maybe
you believed what you said.

It's not that simple.

Let's just say I'm not gonna give up.

Good work today.

But not one I want
to repeat any time soon.

Yeah, I second that.

Heard you had some inspirational
words to talk Natalie down.


Yeah, don't.

We already did that.


Look, my life's complicated right now.

I'm not sure exactly where it's headed.

But one thing I know is,

I'm lucky to be a part of this team,

to have you guys as friends.

Much as it pains me to say it,

you were both right today.


Then how about this?

Since I paid for breakfast,
you pay for dinner.

Yeah. That's the least you owe us

for fixing your life.


Big news.
Hondo and Nichelle had the baby.

We're all heading to the hospital now.

- Hi, there.
- Hey, baby girl.

We did it, baby.

Yeah. We did it.

- I love you.
- I love you.

So much.

Can we come in?



Meet your granddaughter...

Vivienne Carmichael Harrelson.

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