S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 16 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

When classified information falls into the wrong hands, the team races to stop a dangerous plot targeting former members of the U.S. military; Luca is faced with a challenging choice when a family member suddenly falls ill.

Previously on
SWAT... Officer Luca?

Yeah. I'm your sister.

My mom had an affair years ago

with a guy named Carl Luca.

You want to go
somewhere and talk?

Yeah. You surf, also?

Where you go? Malibu.

What about you? Redondo.

Oof, we got a lot to talk about.

I want to have a
family with you.

We-we-we're having a girl?

Mm. I'll toast to that.

Here's to family.

have two OIG meetings.

Then I need to get over to the
community center to interview

a new program director. Baby.

Baby, come on now.

You've been going
so hard lately.

I know you're trying
to get everything done

before our little
baby girl gets here.

But we got time.

There's still just
so much to do.

It is all gonna shake out.

I think you could use a little
extra help slowing down.


Is that right? Mm-hmm.


What's all those
boxes in the backyard?

Ain't you got the best
timing in the world, Pop?

You texted me to come
over. Hey, darling.

Hey. Yeah, that was yesterday.

We could've used
some extra hands.

Well, I'm here now.
What do you need?

Nichelle and I have been
doing some spring cleaning,

getting ready for the baby,
so all the boxes in the back

are what's left over
after we donated.

But you didn't touch the
attic, though, right?

Mm, yesterday.
Cleared it all out.

You just up and donated

all that stuff? Where?

The big Goodwill
center on Western.

You didn't even
give me a heads-up?

Pop, what's going on with you?

We'll talk later, Hondo.
You just got here, Pop.


No. No, I'm good. Thanks.

Do you have what we asked for?

I assume that's my money?

Yes. We are men of our word.

Can I get you guys
started with anything?

Nothing, no. Go away.

You said you had
what we asked for.

This list isn't complete.

It's mostly all there.

You know what it took
to get just that?

We asked for all of it.

We're done here.

Hey. Where are you going?

I want my money!


Give me the money or I'll shoot!


Have your damn money.

6-Adam-18. We have
multiple gunshots

coming from Wyman Park Hotel,
corner of West 5th and Olive.

Repeat, shots fired.

Cops are here.

Take the list and go.

Finish the job.

Um, they're just
running some tests, Dom.

I'll probably be out
of here by tonight.

You had a heart attack, Dad.
Stop trying to play it down.

It was mild.

If I knew it took a heart attack

to get you to visit,
I'd have had one sooner.

Yeah, don't joke
like that. This is serious.

Oh. Excuse me for making light,

but I feel like we
hardly see you anymore.

I've just been really busy
with work and the food truck.

So you keep saying.

I mean, the streets
must be filled

with hungry
criminals these days.

I'm really sorry, all right?

Just got a lot going
on. It's complicated.

Cardio lab's ready
for you, Mr. Luca.

Yeah, see what I mean?
There's never enough tests.


Don't let him punk you, okay?
This guy's a terrible patient,

but he's a good guy.

All right.

God, I hate seeing
him like this.

He's right about you not
coming around, though.

So, what's her name?

What? Who?

The new lady in your life.

It's been a while,

but I know the
pattern. We stop

seeing you. You make excuses,
usually about work... No.

Mom, it's not like
that, I swear.

Well, something's going on.

Look, Dominique,

whatever it is, your
father needs family

more than ever right now.

And with Terry chasing his
girlfriend up to Oregon,

you and I are all he has.


I'll try to come
around more, I promise.

We're getting older.

And listen to me
when I say this:

You don't want to look up
and wish you had more time.

Okay, I got to go, Mom. Sorry.

Just think about what I said.


Luca, how's your pops?

He's doing okay. Still,
hate that he's getting old.

You sure you're up for
this? Hell yeah, man.

Beats thinking about
what-ifs. What do we got?

Gun battle popped off
inside. Conflicting reports,

but it sounds like we've
still got two shooters.

Witnesses say both
sides took hits.

Most of the diners got out,
but we still got a few inside.

Okay. What are we
waiting for? Let's go.

get on our six.

Eyes on that door.

Hold it.


It's one of our shooters.

He's dead.


We've got a blood trail.

Could be the other shooter.

Going into the kitchen. Ready?

Lights off.

LAPD! Drop the gun!

Don't come any closer!

Come on, man. There's
nowhere to go.

And you look like you need
some help, so how about

you release her, and we get
you some medical attention?

No! You need to get out!

Hondo, we've got no angle here.

I'm on my way.

You need to back away,
or I'll kill her!

up, man. It's over.

Put down the weapon.

Get me out of here, or
she dies, you hear me?!

okay, you're okay.

Get her out of here!

Let's go. Let's get
you out of here.

20-David to Command.

Code 4.

Good job.

What do you got, Deac?

You ready for this? Our
shooter is an Indian national.

Soon as RHD ran his prints,

it triggered an
Interpol Red Notice.

The guy's wanted for more
than a dozen assassinations

across the Middle
East and North Africa.

And he's not working alone.

Waitress said for certain
he arrived with a partner.

Guy fled out the back
when the shooting started.

What about the
shooter we found dead?

His name is Mason Crowley.

He's a former military
intelligence officer.

According to the waitress,
they started arguing

over a folder with
what looked like

a list of names and addresses.

No sign of it now.

But we did find a
briefcase full of cash.

Had to be an exchange,
intel for money. We got

to figure that the partner
made off with that folder.

We got a dangerous hit man on
the loose in L.A. with a list.

What happened here was
just the beginning.

This gives a whole new meaning

to the phrase "dine and dash."

Where are we with
an ID on this guy?

Well, nothing yet,
but DHS flagged him

and five other
foreign nationals,

including the
shooter we took down.

Now, they entered
the U.S. yesterday.

All on the same flight,
all with fake passports.

And the guy we took down?
He's a known assassin.

So there's a good chance
that his travel buddies

are in the same
line of work. Great.

We got a half a dozen
killers on a mission in L.A.

What do we know about
this list they have?

The waitress only
caught a glimpse, but

I'm looking into the
guy who supplied it.

He's an American...
Mason Crowley,

former Naval
Intelligence officer.

He was discharged about a year
ago for conduct unbecoming.

Since then, he's been consulting

for various private
military companies.

Newcastle Group, Blackvine,
Ambercaz Corporation.

Which means he has access to a
lot of classified information.

Yeah, and according
to his financials,

he was hurting for money.

He had over $100,000 in debt

between casinos, online
gambling platforms,

which would explain the
briefcase full of cash.

Oh, he's selling secrets.

He could have handed
over anything,

from locations of
federal witnesses

to high-ranking
government officials.

We need to find these guys
fast before they strike again.

May be too late for that.

Patrol just called in a
murder in Highland Park.

Witnesses saw two men
fleeing the scene,

one matching the
description of our suspect.

The victim, Koss Matias,

was a retired Army Ranger.

His wife found him
zip-tied in the garage.

First responders think he was
tortured before he was killed.

All right,

let's try to bring the wife in.

Maybe she knows something
that can help us figure out

what the hell is going on.


I just heard. Some
of the old-timers

at the 27th were
talking. A heart attack?

Yeah. But, look, he's
gonna pull through, though.

I went and saw him this morning.

So he's alive? Yeah.

You know cops and the rumor
mill. I heard more than once

that he didn't make
it. Nah, he'll be fine.

He's just got to take better
care of himself, that's all.


'Cause I want to meet him.

Wait. What?

I thought you didn't want
anything to do with him.

That was before I thought I lost
my chance to get to know him.

Maybe we should just
hold off a beat.

Okay? There's a lot
of moving pieces.

I know it's a big ask, Luca.

But I keep thinking
about what Terry said

about my mom going to your
house three years ago.

She wanted me to know our dad.

I already lost her.

I just don't think it's
a good time right now.

I'm sorry.

I guess I didn't...

realize that your
idea of family...

had limits.

I can't imagine who
would want to hurt Koss,

and like this.

Well, that's why we've asked
you to come in, Mrs. Matias.

We're hoping you can
help us figure that out.

I can't imagine how.

Did your husband
have any enemies?


Koss was a gentle soul.

In fact, the last argument

we had was when I asked him

to retire from the
Army five years ago.

Yeah, that kind of rush
must be hard to give up.

For some vets.

I mean, you hear the
stories of guys who retire

and get into trouble 'cause
they can't let go of the high.

That wasn't Koss.

He was happy.

Spent most of his time

Do you know if
Koss knew of a man

by the name of Mason Crowley?


No, the name doesn't
sound familiar.

But Koss had a lot of friends.

He kept in touch with
his old Army buddies.

They had this camping group

that would travel a
couple times a year.

He always uploaded the photos.

He was pretty proud
of his adventures.

Do you mind if I
text this to myself?

It might help us.

Mrs. Matias, uh,

your husband was
found in the garage.

But you told the police

that you think maybe the
killers had been in the house?

In his study?

Do you have any idea what they
might've been looking for?


but they took his
phone and his laptop.

All these
years, I was so worried

about him when he was overseas,

risking his life
for our country.

I finally convince
him to retire.

And he ends up getting killed

in our home.


Hey. Check out the
shield on Koss's cap.

I've seen that emblem before.

It belongs to Ambercaz.

It's one of the private
military companies

Mason Crowley consulted for.

So maybe Koss wasn't as retired
as his wife thinks he was.

Either way, Ambercaz...
That might be the link.


Yeah, I'm familiar
with Ambercaz.

They're a goodwill PMC.

They specialize in rescue,
peacekeeping missions

that our government can't
or won't touch. Yeah.

Apparently, they were behind the
evacuation of those journalists

in Ukraine a couple months ago.

All right, so we know

Mason Crowley did a
stint with Ambercaz.

You think Matias was
working with them, as well?

As a field operator, yeah.
That's the running theory.

But given their line of work,

it's gonna be hard to confirm
that without a contact.

I think I may know
someone who works there.

I haven't talked to
him in years, though.

There some... bad blood?

Well, his father and I were
partners back in my patrol days.

Yeah, we grew to
be like brothers.

That's until I found
out he stole money

from several drug
busts we worked,

and, you know, I asked him to
come clean, turn himself in.

He refused.

So you reported him
to Internal Affairs?

He ended up getting
kicked off the force

and spiraled from there.

He... he eventually
drank himself to death.

You think the son blames you?

Well, his mother did.

I mean, she told
me at the funeral

that I killed her husband.

The kid saw the whole thing.

I was close with him
back then, but that day,

the look in his eyes...

Everything changed.

Commander, maybe I should
talk to him instead.

No. I'm not hiding behind you.

We need intel, I'm
gonna reach out.

I'm not gonna let
my personal business

jeopardize the
people of this city.


I've been trying you.

I wanted to check in
about this morning.

You left the house in a hurry.

Yeah, well, I've been busy.

I've been at the donation
center all morning

trying to get back what you
threw away so carelessly.

Pop, come on now. That
junk up in the attic

hasn't been touched in 30 years.

What's so important now?

Junk, huh? Well, obviously,

somebody thought
it was valuable,

'cause it ain't here.

Somebody bought it
all for pennies.

After all
the time I spent...

Oh, come on, Pop.

What is this about?


You have a good day, son.

Pop. Pop?

Well, a visit

from the man himself.

Long time, Aaron.

Yeah. It's good to see you.

How's your mom doing these days?

Oh, yeah. She's okay.

Lives on her own, keeps
busy with the grandkids.

What's it been,

30 years since you and my
father ran the streets?


Figured you'd be retired by now.


I'm not quite finished
with the badge yet.

I still got a few
more years left in me.


Got the names you sent over.


I can confirm that both Crowley
and Matias worked for Ambercaz,

but that's about it. Mm-hmm.

There was, uh, no
overlap in their roles.

Crowley was in analytics,
Matias was a field guy. Ah.

They were both killed
by the same people.

One was tortured.

There's got to be more to it.

Well, that's all I'm
authorized to share.

The rest is classified.

Then get it declassified.
Lives are at risk.

Well, it's not up to me.

Look, Ambercaz is conducting
its own investigation.

If we come up with anything
pertinent to the LAPD,

we'll share it with
you. All due respect,

I need information
that I can act on now.

I'm just abiding
by the protocol.

Well, it feels more like
you're stonewalling me.

Come on, Bob.

It's not personal.

But I do find it ironic

that you're asking me to
color outside the lines,

given your track record.
Because, as I remember,

you're a stickler
for the rules. Hmm.

I have a meeting,
Commander. I can assure you

that Ambercaz will contact every
operative with a connection

to Koss Matias and
give 'em a heads up.

Hmm. If you don't mind...

Three tours, I lose
my arm in a car accident.

Go figure.

You're doing a great
job, Kevin.

I can get that.

No. Let me.

Pack up. We're done for today.

Kevin, what's going on?

911. What's
your emergency?

My name is Kevin Grayson.

There's two guys here with guns.

I think they want to kill me.

My address is 137
Liberty Street. Hurry!

Change of plans, Patty.
Safer if you hole up here.

What's going on?

What do we got?

Two shooters on
the second floor.

Asian or Southeast
Asian descent.

We got 'em pinned in an alcove,
but we're seriously outgunned.

They got automatic weapons

sporting high-capacity
drum mags.

Nothing we could
do but hold 'em.

All right, you did your job.

We got it from here.

Sounds like our
guys. Coincidence?

No such thing.
Deacon, with me.

The rest, you know what to do.

Officers, get up out of here.

We got this. Thanks, boys.

This is LAPD SWAT! You
got no way out of here!

Throw down your weapons
and come out, hands raised.


Street, can you give me eyes?

Two suspects, ducked

in a dead-end alcove.

- Both heavily armed.
- Copy that.

Street, ready flashbangs.
Luca, corner shot.

22-David in position.

Corner shot is ready, boss.

This is your last chance!

Drop your guns and come out!

Deacon, move.

Drop it!

Suspects one and two down.

Hey. This is the 911 caller.

I'm on it.

This is Sergeant Kay, LAPD.
Open the door, please.

We need help in here!

It's Kevin. He's shot!

22-David. We need
an R/A up here now.

Zip ties.

Maybe they wanted

to take Grayson alive,

torture him like they did Koss
Matias? And check this out.

This must be the
list they paid for.

Names and addresses.

Matias, Grayson
and three others.

There's a sixth name on here,

but the info's blacked out,
redacted. That's probably

why they tortured
Matias, and why

they planned to torture
the victim here.

To get the sixth
name. All right.

We'll get the three names
we can read into protection.

But there are still three
assassins out there.

We got to find out
who this sixth name is

before the hit men, or
they're as good as dead.

Came as soon as I heard.

I'm Aaron Skinner.
I'm with Ambercaz.

Sergeant Harrelson.

We owe you a huge
thanks, Sergeant...

You, too, Commander... for saving
Kevin Grayson's life today.

An apartment building full
of citizens were terrorized,

young officer was shot.

All of which
could've been avoided

if you came clean with me

- in your office earlier.
- We checked out

the five names from a list
found on one of the hit men.

They're all former soldiers.

And I'm willing to bet
they all work for Ambercaz.

Now we need to know

what connects these
five with the assassins

running around my city.

And don't tell me
it's classified.

Well, it is

But I talked to my
bosses, convinced them

to share one of our
mission files with you.

I'm sending it now.

The five men on the
list were all part

of an Ambercaz mission
led by Koss Matias

to the India-Pakistan
border six months ago.

They were tasked with
taking out Dinesh Reddy,

the leader of a Southeast
Asian crime organization

called "The Brotherhood-Defense
Movement," B.D.M. for short.

Yeah, I heard about them.

They were behind a dirty bomb

at a U.S. base in
Qatar last year.

And a shelling of a
boarding school in Myanmar.

Yeah, they operate
primarily in the shadows,

planning and funding

global acts of terror.
Matias and his men

took out the entire
B.D.M. compound.

Dinesh, his generals and his
acolytes, including his wife

and adult sons.

That woman.

We've seen her.

Arjet Reddy? That's
Dinesh's wife,

second in command. She
was killed in the raid.


Facts say otherwise.
Arjet entered

the U.S. yesterday, along
with the other hit men.

She survived.

Well, she's got to be the one

orchestrating these
attacks, wanting revenge

for the death of her
husband and sons.

There's a sixth name on
that list that's redacted.

And the killers seem hell-bent
on finding that identity.

Wasn't one of our operatives,
but I'll see what I can do.

That's not good enough.

We need that name, Aaron.

Can you get it or not?

I just said I will look into it.

That's the best
I can do for now.

Deacon told me about
your shared past,

the stuff that went down
with his father and IA?


I was like an uncle to
Aaron when he was a kid,

before it all went bad.

I spent
every weekend one summer

building him a treehouse.

Maybe he is being genuine
and doing all he can.

What are you saying?

I made the wrong call
applying pressure?

No, sir. I'm just reminding you
we don't have all the context.

Hey. Kevin Grayson's wounds are
patched up, he's headed to HQ.

Hicks wants us to talk to
him as soon as he gets here.

Cool. Yeah.

Let me know when he arrives.


All right.

What's going on, man?

Nothing, all right?
Never better, man.

Dude, we share a house together.

I know your snore pattern.

Come on, cough it up.

Eva wants to meet my father.

She heard that he
had a heart attack,

freaked her out a little bit.

Now she wants me to
make an introduction.

Okay. And that's bad?
Hell yeah, it's bad.

It could blow everything
up. I mean, what if...?

How's my mom gonna react

when she finds out that
my dad had an affair?

Okay? She's gonna be crushed.

I can't just destroy their
marriage just like that,

especially not now.

So what are you gonna do?

I mean, you had to know this was
coming sooner or later, right?

I don't know. I can't just
keep avoiding my folks,

but I can barely look 'em in
the eyes knowing what I know.

It's like lose-lose,
no matter what, bro.

Yeah. Look,

I know what it is
to lose your parents

and to not have any answers.

And if I was your dad,
I think I'd want to know

if I had a kid out there.

The way I see it,
you're robbing 'em both

of an opportunity 'cause you're
afraid of what might happen.


Kevin Grayson's here.

Okay. Let's not
keep him waiting.

I can't believe they got Matias.

I bet that son of a bitch
put up a hell of a fight.

Look, these guys are
still on the loose.

We could really use your help.

I thought you took
care of 'em pretty well

at my apartment. Yeah.

That was only two. There's still
three more of them out there.

We think this is about revenge

for the Ambercaz mission
that took down B.D.M.

The hit men at your
apartment... they had a list

with the names and addresses
of the five men in your unit.

The problem
is, there was

a sixth name on the list,
but it was redacted.

Do you have any idea
who that may be?

I might. I mean,
Matias had a contact

inside the B.D.M. compound,
someone serving us intel.

We wouldn't have
breached without it.

If this is about
revenge, it'd be them.

Do you have a name? No.
Matias kept that to himself.

But I do remember a
woman and her daughter.

They hitched a ride with us on
our flight back to the States.

Kid was pretty sick,

needed oxygen.

Matias actually held
her the whole way home.

You think Matias
kept in contact?

I wouldn't doubt it.

He wasn't the type
to let a woman

and a sick child get swallowed
up in a city like L.A.

I'm sure he kept tabs on them.

All right.


babe. You got a minute?

Actually, I do.

You might be onto something
with this slowing-down business.

See, I got me some good ideas
here and there.

Look, I want to ask you
something about my father.

Have you talked to him yet?

I'm still confused by that
whole thing this morning.

Yeah, I talked to him, but I
didn't get any kind of answer.

But then, something
Commander Hicks said

about trying to build a
treehouse jogged my memory.

What do you mean? Baby,
do you remember seeing

an old wooden dollhouse
among the things

that we packed for donation?

I remember a wooden castle

kind of thing.

Baby, it started
life as a dollhouse.

My Pops built it
for my sister Winnie

when she was just a kid,
and it took him months.

And then, when she outgrew it,

he repurposed it
into a castle for me,

even let me pick the paint.

I called it "King Castle."

So now, with the
baby on the way...

He was probably planning to
repurpose it again for her.

That's why
it was so important,

sitting in the attic
all these years,

and I just threw it away.

I'm sure if you talk to him,

he'll understand you
didn't mean any harm.

Niche, I don't know.
I was pretty rough on him.

He was just trying to do
something special for our girl.

I got to make this right.

I love you, baby.

I love you, too.

You got something for me?

We checked back with
Heidi Matias and asked

if her husband ever
came in contact

with anyone who
matches the description

of the woman on the
plane with a sick child.

Turns out Matias
volunteered for Cupid's Bow,

a charity for children
with serious heart defects.

Heidi said he got involved
after meeting a woman

named Mariam and her
ill daughter, Gia,

shortly after one of
his camping trips.

And we got this photo
from Mrs. Matias.

The woman in the Green Raven
Cafe uniform... that's Mariam.

Now we think she's the
redacted name on the list.

There was no one named Mariam
in the official mission data.

But I'm combing through the new
intel we just got from Ambercaz.

From Aaron Skinner? Could be.

It came from an anonymous email.

Well, I'm sure that
doesn't fall in line

with Ambercaz's protocol.

This file lists a woman
named "Tamia Ghosh."

She was a maid inside the B.D.M.
compound, had a sick child.

That sounds like the
woman on the plane to me.

She helps out Matias,

trades inside information
for a new life.

Wait. The hit men stole
Matias's phone and laptop.

If they have access
to Matias's photos...

Then it's only a matter of
time before they figure out

who and where Mariam is,
if they haven't already.

I got a home address.

Send patrol units there
and her place of work, now.

Where is Tamia?

I don't know anyone named Tamia!

Tell us where she is now!

Let's not waste any more time.

You know this woman.
She works here.

If you don't want to die,
tell us where to find her.

Sir, just got word from Patrol.

No sign of Mariam
at her apartment

or the cafe where she works,

but an employee there got beaten

within an inch of his
life taking out the trash.

Couple of the other workers
found him unconscious.

Well, that has to be the work

of Arjet and the
other two hit men.

If the poor bastard survived,
he must've said something.

Do we have any idea what? No.

But one of the
other employees said

that Mariam's daughter
is currently a patient

at the Children's Hospital.

Have to think, if
Mariam's not at home,

and she's not at work...

She's at the hospital
with the kid, which means

that's where Arjet's
gonna be headed next.

All right, I'll call over there

and alert the hospital
while the team rolls.


The hospital is initiating
emergency protocols.

All visitors and non-essential
staff are instructed

to exit immediately.

All right, listen up.
Hospital has seven floors.

Mariam's daughter is
on the third, room 318.

Now, when we land,
Deacon, Cabrera,

you ascend the east stairwell.

Luca, Street, you're
with me up the west.

Now, the plan is to
trap and pinch. Got it?

Copy that, boss. Have
us there in three.

Great. Thank you. Hospital
security's already begun

an evacuation of nonessentials.

We should still be on the
lookout for stragglers.

Yeah, Street's right. One of
my kids is in the hospital,

last thing I'm doing
is leaving them behind.

Heads on a swivel.
Don't forget...

These guys are trained
killers. Let's fill the gaps.

Stay liquid!

Hey, Mom.

Why are the lights flashing?
Did you get my treat?

Come on, baby. We're going
to play a little game.

Hide-and-seek. Why?
What's happening?

No questions right
now. We need to find

a good hiding place. Come on.

hospital is initiating

emergency protocols.

All visitors and
non-essential staff

are instructed to
exit immediately.

Bed's still warm.

Find them.


you're scaring me.

No, sweetie.

It'll be okay.

Just want you to stay here.

Make yourself small...

and stay here,

no matter what.

Wait. You're leaving?
Mom! Trust me.

We've been through so much.

And we'll get through this, too.

Just be brave, like always.





Suspect deep, going from

room on the right to
the room on the left.

Hands behind your back!

20-David. One
suspect in custody.

Any eyes on Mariam
or the kid? Negative.

Still looking.

Shots fired. Nurses' station.


Second suspect down.

Are you hurt? We heard a
shot. No. My little girl, Gia.

I've got to get to my

Oh, my God! Hey,
hey, hey, hey.

I need you to get
back and stay down.

I know what everything
in your head wants

to do right now, but
let us handle it.

For Gia's sake.


LAPD! Let the girl go!

Hondo, Arjet has the girl.

They're in the elevator.

It's going up.

26-David, taking the stairs.

We'll head 'em off.

Cabrera, tell us where

the elevator stops.

They're headed to the roof.

Street. 11 o'clock.

Street, post up left.
I'm going right.

Give it up, Arjet!

The whole building's surrounded.
You're not gonna get away.

What makes you think
I'm trying to get away?

Tamia betrayed me.

She helped those
soldiers kill my family.

I'm not going anywhere until
I've done what I came to do.

So bring Tamia here
or the child dies!

You don't have to do
this. Let the girl go.

She's got nothing to do with
what happened to your family.

You're wrong.

This sick little bug is no
doubt why Tamia betrayed us.

She's a mother.

She did what she had to
do to save her child.

At the
expense of my family?

She's as responsible
for their deaths

as the devils who killed them.

We're in position
on a neighboring rooftop.

Your 11 o'clock.

Deac, she's too
close to the edge.

You take the shot,
she could fall

and take the kid with her.

Well, then we need to
separate them somehow.

The only thing
that kept me alive

as I bled on the floor next
to my sons was revenge.

So save your talk
for someone else.

I want Tamia!

You see that?

Her arm is shaking.

She could barely
hold that gun up.

The raid on her compound.

She must be injured.

Deacon, I need you
ready to take that shot.

I'm fine with killing
this child if I have to.

Seems fitting, actually.

Bring Tamia here.

Tamia's not coming.

Back off, or I'll kill you...

then the bug.

Not with your gun
shaking like that.

Deacon, now.

Come here. You're
all right. You're okay.

It's okay.

20-David. Suspect
down. Child is safe.


Heard what you guys did.

Saving a mother
and her sick child.

I just wanted to
congratulate you.

Well, it wouldn't
have been possible

without crucial intel
that we received from

an anonymous email.

Hmm. You wouldn't know
anything about that, would you?

I'm afraid I cannot
confirm or deny.



I'm grateful to whoever did.

And for what it's
worth, I'm sorry for

holding your feet to the fire

when you were doing
all you could.

I should have taken
you at your word.

Well, didn't make it
real easy on you, either.

It's not hard to see how you'd
think I was holding a grudge.

I, uh, took my jabs.

I guess it's just
always been easier

to blame you for my
father's death than him.


What is this?

It's, um, a little context.

It's a transcript of my
father's IA tribunal.


You spoke on his behalf.


It wasn't greed that
drove your dad to steal.

He was in deep with
some bad people.

He was trying to
save your house,

and I didn't know that
when I turned him in.

Wish I had.

I didn't realize that. Mm.

My... mother never
really talked about it.

Your father was a
good man, Aaron.

He just made a couple
of bad decisions.

But he'd be proud of
the man you are today.

He always talked about
how smart you were,

destined for great things.

Looks like your
old man was right.


Uh, well, uh, I gotta go.

Can't miss another
family dinner. No.

Hey, how about we get a cup
of coffee sometime soon? Huh?

You know, when you're
not saving L.A.

You know what?

I think I'd like that.


I told you I'd be
out of here tonight.

Assuming the damn doctor
comes to sign me out.

He said he just
wanted to give you

one more look before we go.

I'll go see if I can find him.


You know you're gonna have to
take it easy for a while, right?

So Hondo's kid must be
coming pretty soon, yeah?


He must be thrilled.


But a girl?

Oh, thank God for you boys.

I don't know what I'd
have done with a daughter.

Dad, there's something
I have to tell you,

but I don't want it to
change things between us.

Of course not.

Nothing you say could
change us. Trust that.

A patrol cop reached out
to me a couple months ago.

Right? She's,
like, really great.

She loves the beat,
loves to surf.

I think you'd really like her.

Her? Yeah.

You finally settling down,
Dom? Oh, God, no, no.

It's not like that.

Her name is Eva Durant.

Her mom was a detective.

You worked with her in
Hollenbeck some time ago.


I remember her.

You're saying she
had a daughter?

About 40 years ago.

Do you want to hear the rest?

Yeah. Yeah.

I think I do.


In here, Pop.

All right, what's so
important that you had me

rush over here?

What'd you give away
now? What's all this?

Look, I tried everything
I could to find

my old King Castle, but
just like you, no luck.

That thing's long gone.

So, what? This your
way of apologizing?

You think it's gonna
be that easy, son?

No, hell no. There ain't
nothing easy about you.

Look, I'm sorry for
taking something

with so many
memories for granted.

That wasn't my intention.

I know, son.

Maybe I put too much
weight on that thing.

I just wanted to be able
to pass something on

to my granddaughter.

Bring something from the
past into the future.

Well, she's lucky
she's got you here.

Look, no dollhouse
is gonna compare to

the love and wisdom that
you're gonna give my baby girl.

Trust me.

I know from experience.

You know what? I'm
glad you feel that way.

'Cause building these
things, that's hard work.

I think I'm gonna
sit this one out.

I'll hop on the next
one. No, come on now.

I was thinking we could
build it together.

You gonna leave me
hanging with all this? No.

I plan on watching
you and make sure

you don't mess this thing
up for my grandbaby.

Oh, you're gonna
do me like that?

Just like that.

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