S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The team races to stop a violent rampage with ties to a painful chapter from Hicks' past.

Previously on SWAT...

Pablo Fuentes.

and Ricardo Fuentes,

father and son, been in a
messy eminent domain battle.

The city's
been forcibly

buying up all the
properties in the area.

They want to build
a concert venue.

He's not waking up.

Let me come in.

I'll take his place

and you let me get
him to a hospital.

Your next priority is
to get that baby out.

Once we do that, you make entry
and put an end to this thing.

What's the safe word?


You said nobody would get hurt!

Miguel, don't, I thought we
were doing the right thing.

Look what it cost us.

If they had just
let go of the house,

they could've kept
on as a family.

Sometimes when the past
grabs ahold of you...

it just doesn't let go.

Now, it
took a few years

and a lot of red tape, but...

L.A.'s newest concert venue,

the Crescenta Amphitheatre,
is finally under construction.

Thank you so much.

There'll be no
construction today!

You're all trespassing
on stolen land!

Get on the ground!

Don't move!

See what happens
if you try to run?

Nobody's going anywhere.

On your knees, now!
Throw me your phones!

Come on. Throw them.

You. Pick up your camera.
I've got something to say.

There are consequences
for building on land

that was taken from its
owners against their will.

No. No, no.

Nothing was taken.

All the landowners were
fairly compensated.

Fairly compensated?!

There was
nothing fair about it!

More than 50 families forced
out of their own homes.

And you think calling it
"eminent domain" somehow

cleanses you? It
was illegal seizure!

Common theft!

And we won't stand for it!

Dispatch, this is 2-7
Patrol responding.

We have armed intruders at the
Crescenta Amphitheatre site.

I see hostages, at
least two gunmen...

Patrol, come in.

Security guard radio'd in.
Cops'll be coming soon.

What are we gonna do?

We're not
leaving until we

shut this place down,
just like we planned.

What's going on, Cabrera?

A little tired?

Didn't get much sleep, huh?

Oh, that's right. Had
the big date last night.

This one a keeper?

Guess not.

Couldn't've been worse
than the last guy. Come on.

The one who forgot to mention
he was on house arrest?

Or what about the
one that ate all the toppings

off your pizza... then
left you with the check.

Let's just say, I'm fast
turning into a cynic

when it comes to love.

Lucky for me I'm married,
don't have to deal

with the dating world. What
I hear from you and Luca,

it sounds like the
Wild West out there.


Sure you'll find
"the one," though.

Just got to keep swiping right.

Come on. Couldn't
have been that bad.

I'm sure my date
would say it was.

I couldn't focus on him,
I was too distracted

the whole time.

What do you mean? Why?

Tan's wife was at
the restaurant.

With a guy who
definitely wasn't Tan.

She's a sports agent.

She has to wine and dine
clients all the time.

Do you play footsie under
the table with clients?

Or make out with them
at the valet stand?

They were all over
each other, Street.

And y-you're positive
that it was Bonnie?

I've never met her in person,

but Tan's forever posting her
picture on his social media.

It was definitely her.

So, what do I do?

If I don't tell him,

I'm keeping a secret
from my teammate.

We're keeping a secret.

A hostage situation.
We got to roll.

They're coming. Cops are here.

We need to buy a
little more time.

Let's go.

Hey, they're taking fire!

Patrol, get out of
there. Back out!

Damn it!

The entrance is blocked!


We got no eyes here, boss.

The two gunmen are retreating.

I can't see beyond
the containers

to know what's going on, though.

Street, get
the drone in the air.

They've got hostages.

We need to know what we're
dealing with in there.

Luca, can you get us in there?

Hell yeah.

Betty's pushed through worse.

All right, do it now.

Looks like they've circled
the shipping containers.

Fortified their position.

who called it in.

They shot the poor guy.

20-David to Command,

one casualty on-site.

Roll an R/A on our call.

This is Sergeant
Harrelson, LAPD SWAT!

We know you've got
hostages in there.

Let's talk about what you
need so we can end all this.

Nothing you can give us!

Don't be so sure.

No need for more
people to get hurt.

Talk to me!

What are they doing in there?

Street. Anything?

Just a
few more seconds.

They've got a drone.
We're running out of time.

Come on, man, hurry up!

You're not gonna
get away with this.

- You know that, right?
- Come on!

This is stupid. You
can't stop progress.

Hondo, they've
got explosives.

At least three
hostages wired to blow.

We can't wait. We got to move.

20-David to Command.

Explosives on-site.

We need a bomb unit

at our location ASAP.

There, I got
it. We're good.

All right.

Set the timer.

Let's go.

Let's go! Come on, come on!


D-Team, fall in on me.

I've got eyes on the hostages.

They're strapped
with explosives.

- I don't see any gunmen.
- Over there.

On an ATV.

Hondo, we go in pursuit?

No, we can't. We got
to free these hostages.

Street, Cabrera, get those
other people out of here.

Luca, Tan, you're with
me on these three.

Move in.

All right, everybody,
out this way.

- Out this way!
- Got to hurry.

30 seconds on the timer, boss.

Come on! Get up!

Go, go, go.

All right, he's alive

I don't see any tripwires.

I think we're clear
to cut him free

and get him out of here.

You're good. Go, go, go.

Come on, you're
free. Let's go.

Come on, we got to go.


Don't wait on me!
I got this guy!


Hey. Grab me.
Grab ahold of me.

Come on, come on.

He's not gonna make it.

Hondo, come on! Get down!

Mouth open, cover your ears!

Hondo, Luca, I
want a debrief now,

before you hit the
showers. Yes, sir.

But can I ask, what're
you still doing here?

I thought you were on
that bridge standoff

with 40-Squad all night.

I was. I was already
home when I got the alert

about the Crescenta

Given our history with
the site, I came back.

Our history, sir?

Yeah, you didn't recognize it?

Well, I'm sure it
looks different now.

Three years ago, all
of us were there.

The Fuentes home. That barricade
where you were held hostage.

Their house was one
of the homes razed

to make room for construction.

Yeah, anyone get close
enough to ID the gunmen?

They were all masked up,
but one of the hostages

got everything on camera.

We had him upload
it to our site.

All right, good.

More than 50 families forced
out of their own homes.

And you think calling
it "eminent domain"

somehow cleanses you?

It was illegal seizure!

Common theft!

And we won't stand for it!

Freeze it.

I know that voice. Those eyes.

That's Miguel Fuentes.

What the hell is
he caught up in?

These guys were out
to make a point.

And whatever it
is, it ain't over.

Yeah, well, Miguel didn't
just lose his home that day,

he watched his father
die at the hands of SWAT.

We need to find him
and put an end to this.

All right, I'll put out a BOLO,

get his photo to every
unit, every agency.

Look, he can't hide.
Someone'll find him.

That's not good enough.

This started with SWAT
and it's got to be SWAT

that brings him in.
You understand me?

Yes, sir.

Fill me in on the last three
years of Miguel Fuentes' life.

Well, from what I can tell,

he's spent most
of it behind bars.

He did a stint in juvie after
the barricade three years ago,

then an arrest for arson,

then he spent some
time in Twin Towers

for an assault
when he turned 18.

He's been off the
grid ever since.

All right, we need to ID
the others in his crew,

find out where they might hide,
and if they'll strike again.

Okay, Street and Cabrera are
working on that as we speak.

Sir, when you were
inside the Fuentes home,

did you talk with Miguel?

Just enough to think he'd
go down a better path,

but obviously I was wrong.

You know, I made a connection

with Miguel's grandfather
Pablo that day.

Maybe if I reach out to him,
he might know who his grandson

has been palling around
with. Might bear a lead.

I'm going to call
Cali Correctional...

Actually, sir, it's too late.

Pablo Fuentes

passed away in
prison last month.

It's probably why the developers

were finally able
to break ground.

He was still fighting a legal
battle against the city.

He died, the battle
died with him.

Well, I guess that explains
why this is all happening now.

They must've pushed
Miguel over the edge.

Commander, look,

you've been on the clock
for what, 24 hours now?

Why don't you head home?

We'll call you if
something breaks.

What about Miguel's
mother, Lupe Fuentes?

I saved her life that day,

I helped her and
her baby escape.

Maybe she could help us.

Why don't you and Hondo pick
her up and bring her in?

Yes, sir. And what about you?

I've got coffee. Don't worry
about me. Go, get moving.

I looked
at all of Miguel's

former cellmates.

None of them popped as
possible accomplices.

Either they're still locked
up, or they alibi out.

Yeah, I'm not having any luck
with Miguel's financials either.

I guess I should've
seen that coming,

given he has no employment
records or bank statements.

Yeah. What're you working on?

Miguel's social media.

You might not be having any
luck tracking him physically,

but I got him virtually.

He can't help but keep
an online persona going,

even if he's trying to
hide his real identity.

We already knew he was
passionate about the cause.

How's this get us to
the rest of the crew?

I'm running a search
through all his photos,

filtering for specific
physical markers

that the witnesses
reported this morning.

Particular scars,
tattoos, pink hair...

Found this.

That's got to be
her. Who is she?

I don't know yet. It's
gonna take some digging.

But if I can find her
in a photo that links

to both their accounts,

we might just have her.

Got to let the search
do its thing...

Sorry to interrupt.

I know you guys are
having a crazy day.

It's all over the news.

Hey, Jim. How are you?

Nice to see you,
Bonnie. You, too.

Hey, what are you doing? Hi.

I just need to swap
cars with you, babe.

I've got a presentation for
the L.A. Galaxy this afternoon.

Yeah, of course. I-I
wouldn't have taken yours,

but I thought you weren't
getting back until later.

Yeah, well, I wrapped
everything up in Atlanta,

decided to grab an earlier
flight this morning.

Hey, you haven't met
Cabrera yet. Come on.

Cabrera, this is my wife Bonnie.

Bonnie, this is Cabrera.

Alexis. Nice to
finally meet you.

Hey, did I, uh, did I hear
you say you just flew in?

Yeah, just in time
for a big meeting.

And then another flight
out tomorrow morning.

Bonnie's become one of her
firm's top sports agents.

Keeps her pretty busy.

I'm sure it does.

Look, I don't want
to keep you guys.

Uh, your keys are in my locker.

I'll grab them and
walk you out. Okay.

Bye, Jim. Nice meeting
you, Alexis. Bye.

Are you absolutely positive

that it was Bonnie you
saw last night? Yes.

100%. It was her.

Tan needs to know the truth.

Well, knowing how
much he loves her,

not sure I want to be the
one to blow up his marriage.

How about you?


I heard a rumor you were out

with 40-Squad all night.

I didn't expect
to find you here.

I got a lot going on, Doc.

I thought that we agreed
that you were going to

take better care of yourself,

find a way to
separate from the job,

so that at least
it could afford you

some time to get some rest.

Well, in a perfect world, sure.

But 40-Squad had a situation.
I needed to be there.

And now we got
another situation.

If by situation, you mean
Miguel Fuentes? That's right.

How many times in the past
three years have I tried

to get you to talk
about that day?

And every time, you
seem to avoid it.

Because there's nothing to
talk about. Come on, Robert.

That must've been a
traumatic experience for you.

You were held prisoner.

A man was killed.

And now Miguel is caught up

in this mess today?

It's got to bring up
some tough memories.

It has to be personal.

A family was destroyed and I
was right in the middle of it.

So, yeah, of course
it's personal.

Do you feel that
you are responsible

for Miguel being in trouble?

never know what Miguel

could've or might've
done with his life

if that day had
gone differently.

that a yes or a no?

I'm afraid our time's up.

Miguel's mother's here, I
need to have a word with her.

You're avoiding the topic again.

Well, I got a lot going on.

It's not the right
day for a head-shrink.

Well, if you reconsider,
I'll be in my office.

Well, with any luck, I won't be.

Mrs. Fuentes.

Thank you for coming down here.

Come on.

Like I had a choice.

I hope your
daughter's doing well.

She's got to be, what,
four years old now?

My daughter's fine.

But this obviously
isn't about her.

It's about Miguel, so...

Look, we need your
help to find him

before he gets into
any more trouble.

After what you did
three years ago,

now you expect my cooperation?

Commander Hicks

helped you that day.

I mean, he got you and
your baby out safely.

Only so that his men
could attack the house

and kill my husband.

Mrs. Fuentes, I feel bad
about what happened that day,

but a deputy had been shot.

And I did what I had to do
to save that man's life.

At what cost?

Have you ever thought about

how that day
destroyed our lives?


And that was a horrible day.

You lost your
husband, your home...

I lost everything.

I was a happy wife and mother,

surrounded by family
in the home I loved.

Now, I'm a widow,

raising my daughter alone
in a one-bedroom apartment

that I can barely afford,

all our money spent on

funerals and lawyers.

How is that fair?

It's not. I'm, uh...

I'm truly sorry
for what you lost.

Mrs. Fuentes.

We really need to find Miguel.

Do you have any idea
where he might be?

Miguel and I...

He carries so much rage,

I finally had to ask him
to stay away from us,

for my daughter's sake.

When did you speak to him last?

About a month ago.

He came by just to tell me
his grandfather had died.

He was with three
others this morning.

Do you have any idea
who they might be?

If I were to guess,

maybe other kids from
our old neighborhood.

Lot of families
lost their homes.

Let's pull up a roster of
everyone who lived in that area

before the
neighborhood was razed.

Thank you, Mrs. Fuentes.


I understand that what
Miguel did is wrong,

and that he has to be stopped.

But I already buried my husband.

Please don't make
me bury my son, too.

Heard we got a positive ID

on one of Miguel's crew.

Yes, sir. Just landed it.
Her name's Roxana Pineda.

We're pretty sure she's
Miguel's girlfriend,

but definitely not from
the same neighborhood.

Private schools in Brentwood.
Dropped out of Princeton.

Poor little rich girl.

Don't know if it's
daddy issues or what,

but anti-establishment
seems to be her thing.

She's got a number of arrests,

most of them
misdemeanor vandalism

and trespassing, all of
them tied to protests.

Well, she's gone way
beyond protests this time.

We have an address? CABRERA:
None. Unless an apartment

in Paris counts.

We do have financials, though.

Our warrant gives us
pretty broad access.

We're following credit
cards, bank statements

and cash apps, anything
registered in her name.

Anything on the other two members of
his crew? - Still working on it.

We're hoping links to Roxana
and Miguel give them up.

All right, Luca's
putting together a list

of all the families
that lost homes

to make way for the
Crescenta Amphitheatre.

You make sure you
cross-reference with those.

Hold on. Just got a
hit from a ChargePoint.

Roxana just plugged
her electric car

into a charging
station in Encino.

You want us to roll out?
80-Squad's already in the area.

Get them on it. I want
this crew in custody now.

Commander, 80-Squad grabbed
the girl. What about the others?

Well, she was alone. But
while her car was charging,

she went to the bank
across the street,

withdrew $10,000 in cash.

identifying herself

for a full battery and ten G's.

Doesn't seem worth it.

But then again, she's not
exactly driven by logic.

Well, it doesn't matter.
It's over for her.

No. It's not even close to over.

Roxana. You've done it.

You want to be a
rebel, a disrupter.

Showing up to every
protest and attaching

yourself to every cause.

You know, a little
rich girl like you,

I would've labeled
you a poser. But no.

You're all in on this one.

Commission of a murder
during an act of terror.

Okay? That's almost certain
life. Hope it was worth it.

Would've been more worth it if
this morning went as planned.

But there'll be
more. You'll see.

Are you really okay
with spending the rest

of your life in prison
for Miguel's cause?

Someone has to fight
for the innocent people

whose lives are destroyed in
the name of so-called progress.

What about the innocent people

that you tried to
blow up this morning?

Those developers
aren't innocent.

Gentrification is just
genocide in slow motion.

All right.

Your father earned his
fortune in real estate.

You grew up in Brentwood.

You really gonna try
to pretend that this

is about anything more
than getting back at Daddy?

I don't speak to
my father anymore.

I don't want anything from him.

Except for the $10,000
that you withdrew

from an account that he funds.

My mother is Chicana.
I am Chicana.

And I hold my head up knowing
at least I stand for something.

What about you?

You protect and serve
your oppressors.

What do you stand for?

Look, the only chance that you
have of ever walking free again

is if you help us find
the rest of your crew.

Okay? We can tell the
D.A. you cooperated,

maybe get your
sentenced reduced.

You really don't get it, do you?

I would never betray
my brothers-in-arms.

Well, thanks to you, we
already know who they are.

We found their
fingerprints in your car.

Ivan Rojas,

Nestor Garcia and your
boyfriend, Miguel Fuentes.

Roxana, you don't
owe them anything.

And I'm guessing you
were already planning

to cut and run, right?

Just take your daddy's cash
and go find some other cause

to add to your wokeness r sum.

You're wrong again.

I would never go
anywhere without Miguel.

That money was for the two of us

so we can leave
when this is over.

Well, I got bad news.

It's already over for you.

And it will be for
them too, soon enough.

You'll never stop our plan!

The thieves who have

fleeced our people of
their land for generations,

they will pay.

The girl gave up nothing,

except to say Miguel and
his crew aren't done yet.

So we need to find them
before they attack again.

What do we know about these two?

Well, Ivan Rojas
is Miguel's cousin.

Lived in the same neighborhood
as the Fuentes family.

Dad died young. Single mom

took an early
eminent domain payout

and moved the
family to East L.A.

Car repo. Apartment eviction.

Looks like they've been
struggling ever since.

Ivan's racked up a jacket

for aggravated assault
and grand larceny.

He's been in and out of jail

on some pretty serious
charges. He's out on parole.

All right, let's reach out to
his mom and his parole officer.

See if they can
give us any insight

on his whereabouts or patterns.

What about the other guy?

Nestor Garcia. Childhood
friends with Miguel.

Same neighborhood.
Similar story.

Got evicted around the
same time, three years ago.

He's a few years
older than Miguel.

After high school,
he joined the Army.

Worked bomb disposal
unit until he was

dishonorably discharged
for assaulting his C.O.

Since then,

one count of theft,
another for destroying

public property, and so on.

So they each lost their home to
make way for the amphitheater.

So they got an axe to grind.

We need to figure out who
with and that can tell us

where they're headed next.
We sent protective details

to the land developers'
office and notified

the sheriff's deputies
who enforced the evictions

to be on alert.

As for where Miguel and his crew

are going next, we're
working it, sir.

We need to work it harder.
There's too much at stake here.

I need these guys

found yesterday. Yes, sir.

Ah, I see you're
still here, Commander.

Yeah, I still got a
lot going on, Doc.

Can you get a five-minute break?

Because I have an espresso
machine in my office.

And I can make you a latte.

Yeah, I'm not falling for
that. I'm all right, thanks.

You know, you're
not responsible for

how Miguel Fuentes turned
out. You know that, right?

You know...

99 days out of 100,

I go home knowing that I made
a difference in this city.

But that day, three years ago?

There was no winning that day.

Even though I didn't
pull the trigger,

I gave the order to put
down Miguel's father

right in front of him.


if I'm not responsible,
then who is?

Why do you get all the blame?

Surely Ricardo Fuentes,

the man who shot
a sheriff's deputy

and held you at gunpoint,

he bears some responsibility
for what happened.

Good or bad, we
live with our calls.

That's the burden
we bear as cops.

Look, I...

I own my part of what
happened that day.

It's... It's just what happened
afterward that I question.

What do you mean? Well,
I keep asking myself:

does any of this happen if
I would've checked on Miguel

after that day?

If I would've made
more of an effort

to see how he was doing?

Robert, there is no way to know

if Miguel would've
been better off

if you had done anything

I saw that boy lose his father.

That sort of trauma, sadly,
I've witnessed too many times.

Certainly enough that
I should've known

where this was going.

Maybe I could've
helped him through it.

Well... at least
I could've tried.

Robert, um, come on,
let's go sit for a moment.

Come on. We can talk. No.

This was good.

Thanks, Doc.

Oh, damn it.

I thought I had an
angle on Nestor,

but his financials
are a dead end.

Patrol checked his
last known address.

New tenants said he got
evicted a couple months back.

You having any better
luck with Ivan?

Nothing. Even his mother hasn't
seen him in over a month.

It's like these guys, all being
uprooted three years ago...

They just never
really landed again.

Yeah. Hey, good news.

We got expedited warrants

for the entire crew's
mobile carriers.

Phone data should be
coming through soon.

I'll keep you posted.

We have to.

Yeah. Actually, Tan,

uh, hold up a sec.

There's, uh...

There's something
we got to tell you.

What's up?

You the one who's been stealing

my protein drinks
from the fridge?


Tan, last night, I was at
Del Fresco's for dinner,

and I saw Bonnie.

Bonnie was in Atlanta.

Must've been someone who
looked just like her.

It was Bonnie.

And she was there with a guy.

Seemed like they were on a date.

You messing with me?

He put you up to this?

- Because it's not very funny.
- It's not a joke.

Dude, we are so sorry.

We just figured
you'd want to know.

That you think my wife
is cheating on me?

Like I said, we're sorry.

If you don't
believe me, ask her.

Ask Bonnie where
she was last night.

I will. And she'll tell me

that she was in
Atlanta, on business.

Okay, then she'd be lying.

Tan, we're just trying
to look out for you.

I know it's complicated.

What? You get with Chris,

all of a sudden you're
a relationship expert?

And you, Cabrera.

Why don't you figure
out your own disaster

of a love life before you
start interfering in mine.


Roxana's phone.

Sir, are you sure
this is a good idea?

Miguel's got to be
wondering where Roxana is.

He might figure she's
been scooped up by now.

And maybe he won't pick
up, but it's worth a try.

We need to know
where these guys are.

Now, is Cabrera ready to
triangulate his location?

She is. But all due respect,

Commander, I think you're
too close to this one.


That was the safe word

I used to take the kill shot

that set this whole
thing in motion.

So, you're damn right I'm
too close to this one.

That's why I have
to make this call.

Roxy, where you been?

We're almost ready.



This is Commander
Robert Hicks, LAPD SWAT.

Do you remember me?

Yeah. How can I forget?

What do you want, Commander?

Well, I was
hoping we could talk.

Yeah, like you talked to
my dad? I don't think so.

I don't want anyone else
to get hurt, Miguel,

and that includes you.

Now, you weren't responsible

for any of what happened
three years ago.

But this, what you're doing now?

It's wrong. And
it's got to stop.

Nah. There's no stopping it.

I'm trying to
help you here, Miguel.

No. I ain't the same kid
I was back then, okay?

You can't trick me again.

All right, okay.

Okay, all right. Fine.

Then here it is, man to man.

Nothing you do can bring back
what you lost three years ago.

But you still have
a little sister

and a mother who love you.

Turn yourself in.

Stop this now,

before you lose them, too.

You're right.

I can never change what
happened to my family.

But I can make the people
who ruined our lives

pay for what they did.

I lost him.

Hey! Hurry up!

Cabrera, tell me you got him.

Call pinged off a cell
tower in Hollywood.

Didn't last long enough
to pin an exact spot.

Intel just came
in from Ivan Rojas's

mobile carrier. Got
all of his metadata,

including location history.

This guy gets around.

But there are a couple
areas he kept going back to

over the last two
weeks, spending time,

including the Crescenta
Amphitheatre construction site.

So you're thinking these
are locations he was casing.

Anything up around Hollywood?

Just one. Up off
Laurel Canyon.

Get me property details on
homes near that location.

Wait a minute. Whoa,
whoa, whoa. That one.

Chip Jenkins. He's
a city councilman.

I was reading up on the
Fuentes case earlier.

Jenkins was there
talking down protesters

at the Fuentes standoff
three years ago.

It goes deeper than
that. Jenkins is the one

who proposed the
eminent domain plan

to clear out the residents

and build a concert venue.

He signed off on
the whole thing.

He's got to be
their next target.

All right, get over there now.

I'll call ahead.

Madeline, we don't have
money in the budget

for road improvements

in your district. We could...

issue a series
of obligation bonds,

uh, in the interim...

Hey, get out! What
are you guys doing?!

What do you want?

What do you want from me?

Shut up!

I-I have money.

Shut your mouth!

Could be the ride Miguel
and his crew took.

And it looks like
Jenkins is home.

We got to get inside. Let's go.

Just tell me what you
want. I can help you.

I've got like 20 grand
in my safe, plus watches.

The combination is, is 4412.

In the bedroom.

You can take 'em,
take 'em and go.

Oh, we'll take 'em.

But there's no buying
your way out of this one.

Not after you stole our land

and destroyed our families.

Wait, you guys are the
ones that killed the guard

at the construction
site this morning.

Construction site?

Hey, that was our neighborhood.

We lost everything because
of you. Everything!

Now it's time you feel

that same pain.
Look, I'm sorry.

I was just doing my job.

Everything I did was legal.

Just 'cause it's legal
doesn't make it right.

To the safe, man. Go.

You all smelling that?

It's gasoline.

They must be dousing the place.

The Fuentes standoff ended with
the house on fire, didn't it?

They're gonna do the same to
this place, with Jenkins inside.

Tan, Stevens, take
the three side,

cover the back for egress.

We got no time to negotiate.
Got to get in there.

Get the door-cracker.

Covert entry.

Shallow to deep, on me.

We got you covered, Luca.

Three. Two. One. Breach.

Please don't.

Please don't. Please...

You're right!

Okay? I screwed your
neighborhood over!

I'm sorry, but
please don't do this!

I can fix this if you let me go!

It's too late for apologies.



Over, on your side.

Give me your hand.

Give me your other hand.


Hands in the air!

Bathroom only, clear.

bedroom, clear.

25-David. One suspect
down on the three side.

It's Nestor Garcia.

Okay, I got Ivan
Rojas here with me.


House is clear. We
checked everywhere.

Tan, Stevens, any
sign of Miguel?

on the perimeter.

He's not here.

Maybe he never was.

Where's Miguel?

Hey! Where's Miguel?

22-David to Command.

One suspect down, one
suspect in custody.

Councilman Jenkins is safe.

Show us Code 4.

Any sign of him?

No. Looks like Miguel's
gone to ground.

His mother Lupe received a text

from a burner phone
about a half an hour ago.

"Leaving town. This
is all for our family.

I hope you understand."

Yeah, burner last pinged

towers around Torrance

and then it went dead.

Could be fleeing to
a distant hideout.

Even south to the border.

I guess it's easy to have ideals

when you're willing to let your
comrades take the fall for you.

Well, a BOLO's out on Miguel.

We're all hands on the manhunt.

And U.S. Customs
has been notified

in case he tries to
cross into Mexico.

All right.


You've been working for
almost 36 hours straight.

I know you want to
see this one through,

but we can take it from here.

I was just hoping we could
wrap this one up today.

You know, get some closure.

We saved lives today, Commander.

Miguel will turn up eventually.

And when he does,
I'm your first call.


You got something?

No, sir. Just calling to
let you know that we tagged out

with 50-Squad. They're
gonna take it from here

until 20-Squad's back
on duty tomorrow.


I know we haven't
talked since last July,

but I'm gonna have
to call you back.



This is 20-David to Dispatch.

I'm responding to
a home invasion.

The hostage is
Commander Robert Hicks.

Send backup now.

You didn't think I'd leave

without finishing
the job, did you?

All day... people have
been trying to convince me

that none of this was my fault.

I guess you and I are the
only ones on the same page.

Hey, man, don't
flatter yourself.

You're just part of
a bigger problem.

There's no cameras here, Miguel.

There's no...

There's no audience
to preach to.

Just you and me.

So let me do the one thing

that I should've
done three years ago.

And what's that?

Apologize to you.

I'm sorry, kid.

I'm sorry for what happened
to your family's land.

I'm sorry for the violence
that you witnessed that day.

I'm sorry that no one
was there for you after.

Especially me.


I don't want your
damn apologies!

I want my family back!

It's gonna take a lot
more than that, old man!

You can't hide forever!



Commander! Call out!

Out here!

No. Give it up,
Miguel. It's over.

I lost everything!

Not everything. Not yet, son.

I got him, Commander.

On your stomach, hands
behind your head.

Put 'em behind
your head, come on.

No. Come on, come on.

All right. All right.

Take him.

Stand up.

Sweep the rest of the house.

There's no one else.

It's clear.

Looks like you still
got it, Commander.


I thought
you left a while ago.

You want to get in on this?

Assuming, of course, you
throw your punches at the pads

and not at us.

I think I'm afraid to go home.

Truth is, uh...

something's been off between

Bonnie and me for a while.

I've been ignoring it,

pretending everything's okay.

That's why I snapped
at you guys earlier.

You didn't deserve that.

No, man, we understand.

We're just...

We're sorry.

If I ask Bonnie where she
was last night, either...

she lies or... Or...

the truth is even worse.

It feels like I lose either way.

But, uh...

I guess there's
no putting it off.

We're here for you.

Whatever happens. Yeah.


This is Dr. Hughes.

Oh, hey, Doc.

Oh, hi, Commander.

I didn't think you'd
still be there.

I figured I'd be
leaving a message.

I got a lot

going on, Commander.


Well, I just wanted
to call to tell you

that the Miguel Fuentes
situation has been resolved.


You want to talk about it?

Uh, well...

I mean, Molly's on her way
over to check on me and...

I got a little time

before she gets here, so, yeah.

Sure. Why not?


There you are.

I got you chicken
vindaloo, extra spicy,

and a side of naan.
Want me to warm it up?

What's wrong? Did
you already eat?

Where were you last night?


Were you in Atlanta?

Or were you here in L.A.?

Victor, I don't understand.

Be straight with me, Bonnie.

You owe me that much.

Where were you?

I was here, in L.A.

Who were you with?

Does he have a name?

How long has it been going on?


How long?

Six months.

Who is he?

Do I know him?

No. I met him through work.

You in love with him?

No. I don't...

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to...

Were you ever gonna tell me?

I was waiting for
the right time.

We've been growing apart.

Living in-in different cities.

You're so busy with
SWAT all the time...

No, do-do not make this
about me or my job.

I've shown up for you.

I've been there for you,
every step of the way.

I've supported you
in your career.

And you pay me back
by-by cheating on me?

Making me look like a fool?

You do not get to blame me.

Or make me into the bad guy.

I'm sorry.

Get out. Just
get the hell out.

Where am I supposed to go?

I don't care. Just leave.

Better yet, go to him.

Victor... Bonnie.

Get out now.