S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The SWAT team races to stop a gunman targeting rehab centers and those he considers responsible for his brother's death. Deacon is startled when his wife makes a parenting decision that has unexpected consequences for their daughter

Previously on SWAT...

Officer Luca?


I'm your sister.

It's not news to me, man.

I've known about her
for three years.

I don't know
if she was there

for an apology,

or that she
wanted money...

Okay, this was a mistake.

Sorry I ever reached out.

Wait. Durant. Eva.

Bye. Thanks.

My partner Gabe

was still up there

when the whole
cliff face gave way.

Climber died, Gabe
might as well have.

Spinal cord injury.
Lives in a hospital now.

Hondo, if I can't be objective,

I'm not gonna
be able to do the job.

I disagree.

I've seen the line you walk.

It's not easy,

and I know
the toll it takes on you.

Trust yourself...
like I trust you.

Ginger tea, couple drops
of honey, just how you like it.

Thanks to this one,
I'm gonna have to

struggle through without
a helping hand from caffeine.

Baby, you got up with the sun.

Doesn't the inspector
general know that my baby

needs some
beauty sleep?

I just want to make sure
I'm not missing anything.

Today is my first
use of force investigation.

You seem a little anxious
about all this.

Nichelle, I told you,

OIG investigates
officer-related shootings

all the time.

The majority
are open and shut.

I know,

it's just a couple
members on the panel

still see me
as a cop's girlfriend.

I'm afraid they'll
think I'm biased

if I rule in the
officer's favor.

All you got to do
is look at the facts.

You make your decision
based on those.

Then all they can
accuse you of

is doing your job.

And if I rule
against the officer,

would you be upset?

No, of course not.

Whatever call
you make...

I know you're gonna
make the right one.


I appreciate that.

I'll be in your
neighborhood today.

If I get
a chance

I'll stop by HQ and say hi.

Mmm, something
to look forward to.


Hey, my name is Rich,
and I'm an addict.

Hi, Rich.

Uh, started out with pills
here and there,

but once I stuck that needle in,
it was game over.

My life was
in free-fall.

It just felt
too good, you know?

It got so bad,
at one time

I needed a hit,
couldn't wait,

so I pull over,
shoot up, pass out.

My three-year-old
daughter's in the backseat.

Next thing I know,
cops are banging on the windows.

She's been screaming
her head off

the last couple hours.

Still, all I can think
about is my next high.

But that's not where
your story ends,

is it?

No. I came back
down to Earth,

I realized I needed help.
Decided to go to rehab.

(man panting)

Lila, come on.

We're gonna
be late.

Your brothers are
already in the car.

Come on.

All right.

Where's your cleats?
You got soccer today.

I don't need them.
I quit the team.

I didn't say you could quit.

Mom did.

Hey. I might be
a little late tonight.

Got to stop by my professor's
office after class, okay?

(clears throat)

Um, yeah, did you tell
Lila she could quit soccer?

Yeah, she didn't want to play.

You didn't want to
discuss it with me?

I didn't think
it was a big deal.

It's not like she's gonna play

for the U.S. Women's
Team, David.

That's not the point.
She has games coming up.

She's gonna leave
her team hanging.

What about
the other kids?

Well, I imagine the other kids

want to play soccer.
Lila doesn't.

Okay, I love you, sweetheart.
Have a great day at school.

I'm sorry, I can't deal
with this right now.

Uh, have a great
day at work, okay?




(door opens, closes)

Go grab your cleats.

You're not letting
the other kids down.

But Mom said...

No buts. Kays don't
break commitments.

You know better.

It might not work
the first time.

Don't get discouraged.

Two, three,
even more stints in rehab

is not uncommon,

but hard work,

and the right
rehab center,

uh, it can pay off.

You're looking at
an example of...

What a load of crap!

Please, you'll get your
turn, sir. Why don't...

You make me sick.

Sitting there,
lying to everybody,

pretending that you care.

These aren't people to you.

They're dollar signs.

Hey, man...

I don't know who you are but
I can tell you're in a lot of...

(people gasping)

You might not know me,

but you knew my brother.

He's dead now.

They found him
lying in a gutter,

needle still
in his arm.

But I don't blame the drugs.

I blame you.

Among others.

And I'm gonna make you all pay.

Please, I got... I got kids.

My brother was just a kid.

(shouting, screaming)


Call an ambulance!

(indistinct radio chatter)

She gonna be okay?

Paramedics say
she'll make it.

No hope for the other
victim, though.

We got an ID on
the shooter yet?

No. These meetings
are anonymous.


the gunman's description
matches a suspect

from a shooting
earlier this morning.

Driver for a van service

was shot in his vehicle

while he was stopped
at a stoplight.

You got two murders
in the span of a few hours.

Any connection
between the victims?

Nothing obvious,

but we're just now
starting to look into it.

What do we know about
the victim here?

Rich Carter.

He was in recovery himself.

Showed up to the morning meeting
that helps everyone

get through the day.

Apparently, the shooter
was ranting

about a brother
who died recently.

He blamed Rich for his brother's
death, "among others."

Said he was gonna
make them all pay.

You think our shooter
could be on a rampage.

Yeah, that's why I called SWAT.

Worried he was just
getting started.

Thanks for
your help, man.

Hey, building owner's
sending over

his security footage
from the parking lot.

I just talked
to the meeting leader.

He said he's seen a lot of
drug-fueled outbursts before,

but this gunman

didn't seem like
he was high when he was yelling.

It was like he knew
what he was saying.

So we got a clear-headed
killer out there, potentially

going after anyone he thinks had
a hand in his brother's death.

All right, we got
to ID this guy

and figure out who else
could be on his hit list

before this turns into
an even bigger massacre.

♪ ♪

Any luck ID'ing the gunman
from the security footage?

Yeah, he wasn't
exactly camera shy.

Facial recognition ID'd
him as Tim Spragg, 27.

Address on his
license is out of date,

but his dad lives
in Glendale.

Younger brother
he mentioned

is Adrian Spragg.

Overdosed on
heroin a month ago.

His body was found
in an alley.

From his social media,
it seems Tim

took Adrian's death pretty hard.
Heartbreaking to read.

DEACON: Well, it confirms it was
the catalyst for this morning.

We figure out how the slain
van driver ties in to all this?

Haven't found the link
between the victims yet.

All right, keep looking.
We find a connection,

we might get a lock on
Tim Spragg's next target.

We should get ahold of
both victims' financials,

see if there's
anything in common.

Already working on it.

DEACON: I'll have their dad
brought in to HQ.

He might be able to give us

some intel on the shooter.

Hey, Hondo.

Hey, I got a favor to ask.

Sure. What's up?

I worked with this patrol cop
recently, Eva Durant.

Right? She's awesome.
In my opinion,

she's way above pounding
the streets as a beat cop.

Well, we all got to
start somewhere, Luca.

And being a patrol cop

has its own
set of challenges.

Yeah, I know, but, look,

she's been in
the field 16 years.

I looked up
her record.

She gets stellar
performance reviews,

but she's still working patrol.
It doesn't make sense.

There's got to be
someone standing in her way.

You know
how that is.

(chuckles) Yeah, I sure do.

What's the favor you need?

I was hoping that you could
talk to her captain,

find out what the
deal is, you know?

Maybe put in
a good word.

Whatever obstacles
are in her way,

maybe they get
out of her way.

I trust your judgment, Luca.

If you say someone deserves it,

then they must.


So you'll make the call?

Listen, I'm not sure
I got the sway to magic her

out of her patrol car
and off the streets,

but I'll see what I can do.

All right.

No promises though.

Appreciate it, man.


I still can't believe
any of this.

Are you sure it was Tim?

He was caught on
security footage,

and eyewitnesses

he was this
morning's shooter.

But why would he do this?

We think Adrian's death

is what set
Tim off.

Seems he's
targeting people

that he feels
are responsible.


Now, we are
worried that Tim

intends to hurt
more people.

Is there
anyone else

you think
he might target?

Any idea where he
could be hiding out?

a bar he likes?

No, nowhere.
The last time I saw Tim

was at Adrian's

Adrian was so skinny,
swimming in that suit

we had picked out.

Tim got angry.

Wanted to find one that fit him.

He punched me in the face

right there over the casket.

And you haven't heard
anything from him since?

No. You should look
for a 2009 Toyota Corolla.

It was Adrian's,
and he gave it to Tim

when he lost
his license.

We'll put out a BOLO on it.

Can you tell us about Adrian,

his life, his addiction?

It might help us figure out

who else Tim blames.

Well, I can tell you three words
that I hold responsible:

"Take as needed."

Adrian got hooked on painkillers

after he blew his knee
playing basketball.

And when the doctors
cut him off,

he found his way to heroin.

Do you remember
which doctor

first prescribed him
the painkillers?

I don't remember.

He saw so many
between the injury,

physical therapy, the addiction.

They just all
blend together.

What about rehab.
Did Adrian ever give that a try?

There was a place,
uh, a recovery center

that he went to
a few times.

Thought he was making progress.

That's before
I knew that hope was pointless.

Do you remember the name
of the rehab place?

I don't remember,
but it was in Malibu.


Not... not Sunset Vista.

Vista, vista...

Ocean Vista.

That was it.

Sounds like you did
everything you could

to try and help Adrian.

He was my boy.

And I loved him more

than anything in the world,

and I still
let him down.

I get what that feels like,

thinking you've
let someone down.

The guilt just eats at you.

Maybe that's what
turned Tim into a killer.

Blaming others
for Adrian's death

is easier than
dealing with his own guilt.

Hey, everything okay?
Thought you had class?

Yeah, I did,

but Lila's school called.
She sprained her ankle.

Nurse thought
it might've been

a break, so I rushed over.

Wait, what happened?
Is she okay?

No, she's fine.

They sent her
to class on crutches,

but she twisted her
ankle playing soccer.

That's strange because I thought
she quit playing soccer.

I told her that
she had to stay on the team.

So you just overruled me?

Well, how is that different
than you telling her

she could quit
without consulting me?

Annie, Lila made a
commitment to the team.

She needs to learn
that that's important.

Her word needs to
mean something.

David, she's nine.
She's not on the SWAT team.

Soccer's just an
excuse for kids

to run around with each other
before eating orange slices.

I mean, you didn't seem to care

when she
quit volleyball last year.

That was different.


Look, it's just...
It's just a sprained ankle.

Okay, we're supposed to
go to Pismo Beach this weekend.

She was looking forward to it,

and now she's gonna be
on crutches in the sand.

That's right.

Well, I'll make it up to her.

We'll do something else
fun this weekend.

Yeah, we'll see.

Um, I got to get back

and I got to take care of

all this classwork
I've been missing.



Hey, Powell, hold up a sec.

What was that
just now

with Tim's dad, about you...

you feeling like
you've let someone down?

Remember Gabe, my old partner,

the guy who
was paralyzed?

During that botched
rescue, yeah.

What Tim's dad said in there

about not doing enough,

it reminds me of Gabe.

I wasn't there
for him when he needed me.

I mean, you said
it was an accident.

There's nothing
you could have done.

I don't feel guilty
about the accident,

but afterwards,
when he was in a dark place,

I didn't show up for him.

The one time
I went to visit him,

I stood there looking at
the guy that I used to

run half
marathons with.

It was just too hard
to see him like that.

I walked out.

I never went back.

If you two were
as close as you say,

I think Gabe
would want to see you,

no matter how long it's been.

What would I even say?

Rub it in his face

that I made SWAT
while he's lying there

for the rest of his life,
unable to feed himself?

Be ashamed to show my face.

Street, you talk to
the suspect's father?


Any leads on

where Tim could
be headed next?

We put a BOLO
out on his car,

but nothing concrete.

The father mentioned
Adrian attended rehab,

a place called Ocean
Vista out in Malibu.

I figure someone there's
got to have insight

on Adrian's
back story.

All right, well,
we got no other leads,

and RHD's coming up empty too.

We'll keep up
the search here.

You grab Tan,

pay a visit
to Ocean Vista,

find out
what you can.


♪ ♪

When I think rehab center,

I pictured dingy hallways
and padded rooms.

This place is beautiful.

No better place to get clean
than in paradise.

I called around to recovery
groups across the city.

More than a few of them
knew the victim, Rich Carter.

Seems like he went to
a different meeting every day,

sometimes more than one.

Guy wasn't just
picking up

recovery chips
at those meetings,

he was there to
recruit new patients.

What do you mean?
For who?

Look at this.

Finally found
what links our two victims.

Rich Carter and
the slain van driver

both received payments
from this place.

Blue Ridge Industries.

Has stakes in a bunch
of rehab centers.

I'm running a search now
to find the full list.

So Carter was going to
all these meetings

pretending to be
in recovery,

when, really,
he was just there

to recruit
rehab patients?

And I'm guessing
Tim's brother

was one of the people
that Rich recruited.

Explains how
they connect.

Okay, and the van driver,

he was probably
delivering the people

that Rich recruited.
That's how

he made the
hit list.

Now, hold up.

Ocean Vista
Recovery Center.

What, you know it?

That's where Adrian Spragg

attended rehab
before he overdosed.

Luca, get Street
and Tan on the phone.

They're on their way.

Tim could be
rolling up any minute.


(line ringing)

What's up, Luca?

Hold up, hold up. Tan.

Both victims from this morning
lead back to this place.

Luca says Tim might
be targeting employees.

All right, we'll be
on the lookout.

That's Tim's car.

Luca, Tim
beat us here.

Send cover units.


You see a man
come through here?

Six feet, white, brown hair?

Go on. Go, go, go.

(hushed chatter)


(people screaming)

We have an active shooter.

Ocean Vista
Recovery Center.

Out this way, out this way.


LAPD! Drop the weapon!

Go, go, go!

Out that way! Out the front!

Out the front!

Help! (groans)

I'll try to stop the bleeding.
You go after Tim.


(man groans)

All right, hang on.

You're gonna be all right.
Gonna be all right.

Okay. All right.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

You, come here.

I need your help.
Give me your hands.

All right, keep
pressure on him.

I'll call for
an ambulance.

Don't move!


(horn honks)

(tires screech)

Stay in the car!

Get out!

Hey, stop!

26-David. Suspect
carjacked a red Chrysler.

Headed towards PCH.

Okay, thank you.

Street, unis found
the car Tim jacked

a few miles from here.
He must've fled on foot.

Air units are searching,
but no sign yet.

I've been talking
to patients.

Guy over there cycled
through here four times.

As soon as his
insurance is used up,

they find a way
to boot him out

until his next relapse
resets his benefits.

This whole thing's a racket,

with off-the-books employees
feeding the conveyor belt.

Turns out our dead van driver
had a record.

Busted four times
for possession.

Want to guess how guys like
Adrian continued to relapse?

Yeah, it
makes sense

Tim would blame
Ocean Vista.

With so many
off-the-books employees,

how do we know
who he'll go after next?

Medics got the owner
of this place patched up.

We can talk to him now.

Who was that guy?

Did you catch him?

His name is Tim Spragg.
His brother was a patient here.

You remember him?

No. No, I don't,
but we help so many.

He came through here a few times

before he died last
month of an overdose.

Well, I really wish
I could tell you

that was
a unique story,

but people just don't understand

how much of a killer
addiction truly is.

Yeah, well, right now
we're trying to stop

even more people from dying.

Adrian's brother Tim
has already killed two people

connected to this center,

so I'm gonna need a list

of all your employees,

including the under-the-table
people you pay

to hook addicts
and bring them here.

I-I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Ocean Vista is 100% above board,

dedicated to helping
those battling addiction.

Only thing you're dedicated to
is making money.

You cycle people
in and out of here,

getting them addicted
all over again,

all in the name of making bank.

No, that's just not true.
Our mission is to save people.

Is that so?

Because we ran the numbers.

Your relapse rates are higher

than any other
center in the city,

your number of fatalities,
almost double.

Well, that's because
we don't cherry-pick

the easy cases, Sergeant.

The patients
that we have here

are on the brink.

These are people that other
centers turn away.

Now, look,

I-I know this might
look like a spa to you,

but this is really an ER,
and the people

that come here
are in

real life-or-death

We do the very best that we can,
but we cannot save everyone,

and unfortunately, that is
the nature of this business.

People die.

You gonna give me a list
of all your employees,

or do you want their
deaths on your hands too?

Tim was carrying
some papers

when he ran out of here.
What did he take?

Uh, his brother's
patient files.

He made me
hand them over.

You didn't think
to tell us that?

Oh. I'm sorry, Officer,
I had just been shot.

Forgive me if I don't
remember every little detail.

What was in them?

Mostly just
therapists' notes,

I don't know, I'm not 100% sure.

Privacy laws
prevent me from reading them.

Then who is Adrian's therapist?

They could be targeted.
Same for anyone else

mentioned on that file.

Tim could be going after them
right now. Now, who was he?

He worked primarily
with a therapist

named Christine Thomson,

but, unfortunately,
she no longer works with us.

Where is she?

I have no idea.

We didn't keep in touch,
but I imagine

she's in
private practice somewhere.

Tan, let's go.

Tim might be
the one

out there shooting people,

but this all falls back
on you and this center.

Don't think we don't know that.


You looking
for Hondo?

Hey. Yeah, I can't
seem to find him, though.

Last I heard, he was
heading back from Malibu.

Should be back soon.

Ah, it's not important.
I was just dropping by

before an OIG meeting.

How are you?
How are Annie and the kids?


Mostly good.

Mostly? What's going on?

It's nothing much. It's...

silly, really, but, um,

Lila's been playing soccer

and she wanted to quit the team,

but I made her keep playing,

and now she sprained her ankle.

So it's a whole situation.

Oh, no. I hope she's okay.

No, she's fine,
she's a tough kid.

All I wanted

was for her to
learn the same lessons

I did as a kid playing sports.

And some of the
things I learned

being on a team,

I still apply today.

And on weekends,

we'd kick the ball around,
you know.

She seemed really into it,
and we had...

we had fun.

You know, my dad used to love

watching my
spelling bee competitions.

Spelling bee?


You're looking at the California
State sixth grade champion.

Oh, wow.

He had a front row seat to
every competition,

spent hours poring over
word lists with me.

I loved it. Until, one day,

I tried a dance class,
and from then on,

it was goodbye, dictionary,
hello, pointe shoes.

My dad would still

come to my recitals,

but I think he missed
the hours we spent

learning how to spell
eight-syllable words.


Ah, my meeting
is about to start.

It was good seeing you.

I'll catch you later, Deacon.
Give my love to Annie.

Will do.


(door opens, closes)

What the hell, Luca?

I told you I didn't
want anything to do with you

or your family.

Whoa, whoa, hold up.
What's the problem?

Your team leader
called my captain

and asked why I hadn't
been promoted

from patrol duty, and I know
you put him up to it.

Yeah, I did.
I was just trying to help.

Look, I read your file.

I figured something was standing
in your way of moving up,

and I thought
Hondo could maybe

make something
happen for you.

All right, well, next time,
keep your nose

out of things you
know nothing about.

I don't need
your help.

You know,
and I don't know

what kind of
opportunistic jerk

you think I am,

but I didn't reach out to you

so I could
get ahead in the LAPD.

Okay? I just wanted
to get to know

my brother.

And now I wish to God I hadn't.


I just hear her
say "brother"?

Something going on
I should know about?

Eva's my half sister.

I just found out recently.
It's a whole story.

Yeah, one you should've told me

before I put in
a good word for her, Luca.

I know, I'm sorry.

It's just, the whole thing
is complicated as hell.

My dad doesn't even
know about her.

And with three generations
of Lucas on SWAT,

if this got out,
it'd be a whole big deal.

I was just
trying to keep it quiet.

I can't imagine what kind of
a surprise that was for you.

What's going on?
She didn't seem

too happy with you.

Yeah, well, you know, Eva and I

didn't get off to a great start,
so I thought

if I could help her
move up in the LAPD,

it would maybe
patch things up between us.

I'm sorry

I got you wrapped up
in it, Hondo.

Well, listen,
for what it's worth,

when I spoke to
her commander, he said that

she is a star in
their department,

and there is nobody
standing in her way.

So I'm guessing
she's working patrol

because that's the way
she wants it.

Just trying to look out for her,

that's all.

Hey, I get it, man.

Listen, when we were younger,

my sister Winnie
had a waitressing job.

She comes home
dead tired one night.

Says the owner made her stay
late to work in the kitchen.

Now, that didn't sit
right with me at all.

Oh, no, I show up
to set this dude straight.

I got all up in his face
in front of his entire staff.

But it turns out Winnie
asked for the extra work.

She wanted to be in the kitchen

because she was
trying to learn the ropes.

And, boy, did she read me

the riot act.

But she forgave you, right?

After I apologized to this dude.

But from then on, trust me,

I made damn sure never to make

any assumptions
about Winnie's business

ever again.

So you think I should
back off with Eva?

I know it's hard, Luca,

but, yeah, give her some space.

You ain't gonna make up
for the last 40 years

in just
a few months.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

Thank you.


Thanks for
coming in, Ms. Thomson.

You were Adrian
Spragg's therapist

at Ocean Vista,

I was.

His overdose is actually
the reason I quit working there.

I thought I could
do some good,

but it got demoralizing
to see the same faces

over and over,
never getting any better.

His death

was the last straw.

Not just for you,
it seems.

Adrian's brother Tim
is killing people

he holds responsible
for Adrian dying.

Oh, my God. That's horrible.

Did you know Tim Spragg?

Only from what
Adrian told me.

Adrian felt a lot of guilt
that his addiction

was letting the family down

after they did so
much to help him.

Tim was actually the topic
of Adrian's affirmation video.


What's an affirmation video?

It's a tool
I use with my patients.

I have them talk about things
that matter to them.

And then, when they
feel like relapsing,

they watch the video
as a reminder

of things worth
living for.

Adrian mostly talked about Tim,

how grateful he was,
how much he loved him.

Tim stole Adrian's therapy files

from Ocean Vista.

Would that video
have been included?

No, no. I keep those
on my phone.

If a patient needs one,
they can text me,

and I send it right over.

What would Tim find
in the files he stole?

Is there...
Is there anyone

Adrian blamed
that's mentioned?

It could help us

narrow down who Tim
might go after next.

Adrian mostly directed
the blame towards himself,

but more than once,

he mentioned his college
basketball coach.

When Adrian was
first injured,

it was his coach
who pushed him

to keep using painkillers

so he could play in the finals.

Adrian saw that as
the root of his addiction.

Do you remember
the coach's name?

I don't, just that he coached

Adrian in

Thank you.


Once Tim reads
that file,

his brother's coach has
to be his next target.

Adrian attended
North Hills University

around 2015.

Who was coaching then?

(computer beeps)

Ron Harley was
the men's basketball coach.

He transferred to

Desert Springs College
in Northridge.

We need to get there
before Tim does.

Obviously, Dean.

I understand
the importance of academics,

but I really need Barnes
on the court tonight.

Do you want to win
a championship or not?

Tim's got to be
after Coach Harley.

Anyone who gets in the way
could be collateral damage.

All right, thanks.

Campus security is spread thin

across the satellite campuses.

They'll try to get a lockdown,
but with 2,000 students,

it's gonna
take time.

Coach still
isn't picking up.

Two minutes out.

Get us there in one, Luca.

(engine revs)

Because without Barnes,

we don't have a shot.

(gun clicks)

(people gasping)

Whoa. My wallet's in my pocket.
Take whatever you want.

TIM: You don't
remember me?

I'm Adrian's brother.

You remember him, at least?

If not for you,
he'd still be alive.

Look, I'm sorry, man.

If I'd known Adrian was gonna
spin out like he did, I never

would've pushed him
so hard. Please.

He looked up to you,

respected you!

And all you cared about
was winning that stupid game.

Not the players.


(sirens chirping)

Get on the bus.


Hurry! Go!


Shut the door.

Get to the back,
all of you.


Hey, not you.
You stay up here with me.

Start it up.
Get us out of here.


Pin the bus in.

You take the front,
we've got the six.

We're blocked!

Luca, set up a sniper position.

Deac and Tan,
you shut down that engine.

Street, we need eyes.

Powell, you stay with me.

He's probably got
a dozen hostages in there.

We got to get a grip
on this thing fast. Move.

(rifle cocks)

Pull the window shades down now.

They're dropping
the shades, Hondo.

Side windows are tinted.

I can't get a visual
on the suspect.

(engine idling)

Seems a little more complicated

than turning a key
in the ignition.

Nah, just need to find
the kill switch.

(engine stops)

Did you do that?

No, it wasn't me. I swear.

(phone rings)

Answer the call, Tim!

Let's talk.

(phone ringing)

You don't want to mess with me.

I only came here for the coach.

Don't force me
to hurt anybody else.

Okay, hey, hey, ease up,
all right?

Best if we just start
by talking.

My name is
Sergeant Harrelson, LAPD.

Enough people
have already died today, Tim.

So how about

you put that gun down
and step out of the bus?

Not a chance. I can't do that.

Sure, you can,
we just got to figure out

how to make that happen.

Just got to work with me, Tim.

I think I found an entry point
for the snake cam.

You think I don't know what
you're trying to do?

I'm not coming out,

not till I do
what I came here to do.

This guy's on the verge
of murder-suicide.

If we don't get in there fast,
who knows how many more

he's gonna take
down with him.

Let me talk to him.

I have an idea
what he's feeling.

Maybe I can get through to him.

Powell, we don't
have time for therapy.

There're too many
lives at stake.

Let me try.

Look, as long as he's talking,
he's not killing.

All right.

Powell, you
keep him talking.

Deac, you and I got to
figure out a breach

to end all of this.

Let's go.

Tim, my name's Zoe.
I'm a cop, too.

I was hoping we could talk.

I don't want to talk.
Just let me finish this.

We can't do that, Tim.

I know about Adrian, though.

I know he was
taken advantage of,

but this isn't
the way to fix it.

No matter who you kill,
it won't change anything.

No one cared
about him except me.

I need to do this for him.

Shooter's between
rows three and five,

just pacing back and forth.

Last three rows
are full of players.

All right,
so a middle entry puts us

between the shooter
and the players.

What about the coach
and the driver?

They're still up front.

I still think
it's our best option.

Adrian was used by people
who were more concerned

about making money or winning
trophies than his wellbeing.

I-I get that you feel like

you didn't step up.
I know that feeling.

Makes you want to crawl
out of your skin, right?

I should've protected him.

I'm his older brother.

You did all you could.

But if you're trying
to make amends,

Tim, this is not the way
to go about it.

I have a younger sister.

Her name's Grace.

Don't know what
I'd do if I lost her.

She's my best friend.

Adrian was my best friend.

Before he died,
he was staying with me.

It was almost like
we were kids again.

You know, staying up late,

sharing a room.

And then he disappeared.

Maybe if I'd gone
looking for him...

Powell, keep him talking.
We're almost in place.

You'll drive yourself crazy

if you keep going over
what you could've done.

You need to
let go of your guilt,

and forgive yourself, Tim.

You're not to blame.

I didn't step up then.

So I need to do this now.

Now's your chance, Hondo.
Shooter's moving

to the front of the bus.

Listen to yourself, Tim.

You can't ease your guilt
by killing people.

What're you looking at?

Abort, abort, he's headed back
your way. Get out of there.

Don't come any closer

or everyone on this bus
is gonna die thanks to you.

You liar!
You were just playing me,

trying to distract me.

Wait, Tim. Please...

There's nothing you can say
that I want to hear.

Would you
listen to Adrian, then?

If he had something to tell you,
would you listen to him?

What are you talking about?

I have a video of your brother.

On it, it proves

he didn't
blame you for his struggles.

You don't need to do this.

You're lying again.

I'm not lying. I can show you.

Just give me a minute to get it.

Promise me
you won't do anything.

What video are you
talking about?

I got it
from Adrian's therapist.

On it, Adrian talks about Tim.

I think there's
still something inside Tim

that wants to do
the right thing.

If I can't get through to Tim,

maybe Adrian can.

All right,
you put it on a tablet.

We'll get him back to
the front of the bus,

away from the players,
maybe calm him down some.


We got to find another way
inside this damn bus

or we're gonna need
a dozen body bags.

We've already
got an idea.

Side approach is out,

but since we cut the power,
the cameras are down,

so the bus is blind to the rear.

What're you thinking?

Get up on the roof, drop down
through the emergency panel.

He'll never see us coming.

Nice and easy now, Tim.

We're just
gonna creep up,

drop the tablet
on the steps,

and then
back away, okay?

Driver's got
to open the door, Tim.

Hey, it's Adrian.
I'm two weeks clean,

thinking about everything worth

staying clean for.

First, easy stuff. Um, you got

ice cream
and Family Feud reruns.

(chuckles) Concurrently.

He's in the third row,
left side.

Just sat down.

Nah, but seriously,
I've been thinking about family.

Especially Tim.

He cares more about me
getting clean than I do.

He's the reason I'm trying.

Seeing Tim happy again

is as good of a reason
as any to stay clean.

On your call, Street.

It's what I owe to him,

for all he's done to help me.


Now, now. Go.

LAPD! Drop it!

TAN: Do it, Tim!

Going hands-on.

(handcuffs clink)

(indistinct radio chatter)

♪ ♪



That was nice work.

He was really on the ledge
there for a while,

and you talked
him back down.

Listen, if you ever wanted,

I would recommend you
for crisis negotiator school.

Oh, uh,

think I got enough
of a taste of it today.

I'd be fine
if I never did that again.

I understand.

Good job.



Are you Zoe?


Thank you for the video.

I thought you should see it.

I think he forgave himself.

Question is, can you?

What're you doing here?

I thought I made myself clear.

I don't want anything
to do with you.

I know. I need
to apologize,

and then I'll go.
I won't bother you again.


I'm sorry

for having Hondo
intervene earlier.

It wasn't right. Okay?

I've only just met you.

I shouldn't have meddled
in your career.

Thing is,
I've been

Terry's big brother
my whole life.

It's maybe why I went
a little overboard with you.

But seeing you out there today,
doing your job,

I understand
why you want

to stay
a patrol cop.

I mean, you're great
at what you do.

The department's
lucky to have you.



Working with kids
fresh out of the Academy,

being their T.O.,
that'd disappear

if I took a promotion
and I moved up.

Doing this,
I get to help

mold rookies
into the type of cops

that this city needs more of.

It's funny, that's why I haven't
moved up in SWAT either.

'Cause I-I can't
drive Black Betty

from behind a desk.

I came on too strong.

It's only 'cause
I care about you,

and I really hope

that, one day, we can
have a relationship.

Whenever you're ready.

I mean, however long it takes.

I never had a big brother.

Or any brother.

I'm not sure I need one.

You probably don't.

I mean, you've done just fine

on your own.

But if you ever
change your mind...

...you come find me.

I'll be around.

(door closes)

Hey, good news.

D.A.'s office
is launching

an investigation into
Ocean Vista Recovery.

That's good to hear.

Talking to those patients today,

I can't imagine how
many other families

there are
like the Spraggs.

Hopefully it'll break some
people out of the cycle.

Yeah, hopefully.
Of course a guy like Jasper,

he'll probably just
open a new facility,

or come up with
some new scam.

Then we'll shut his ass
down all over again.



Feel like a beer?

Thanks, but I'll have
to take a rain check.

Headed over to Burbank.

Visiting Gabe?


Need company?

You speak so
highly of him,

I'd love
to meet him.

Maybe another time.
I should go alone.

Want to catch him
up on my life,

and, uh, I owe
him an apology

that's long overdue.

Well, I'm sure
he'll forgive you.

Either way,
I'll have tried.

That's all
that matters.

What if we
head down

to the aquarium this weekend?

The kids love it,

and we'll hit the beach
when Lila's all healed up.

Yeah, that's a start.

It doesn't fix
the main issue, though.

I know.

Look, being part of a team

at her age is valuable.

But that's not the real reason
I didn't want her to quit.

It's just, soccer was
kind of our thing, you know?

Kicking the ball
around on weekends,

getting up at 4:00 a.m.

to watch the U.S. Women's Team

play in Singapore.
I don't know,

kind of felt like it was...

getting ripped away, and I...

I just like
spending time with her.

I'm sorry that I had her quit
before I talked to you.

I mean, we're a team.

I left you out.

I just feel like any day,

she's gonna be
too cool for old dad,

and... I don't know,

I'm just, like, grasping at...
at something

that we still
have in common.

Yeah, I feel the same.

I stopped trying to suggest

clothes for her to buy

when we're shopping
because I'm met

with nothing but eye rolls.


Well, I, for one,

think that you have
excellent fashion taste.

Oh, wow,
that means a lot

coming from
a guy who wears

a basic black
T-shirt every day.

Hey, don't knock the classics.


So, what do you say
about the aquarium?


Yeah, that's a plan.

And then maybe we
can talk to Lila

about joining
a team sport.

Have you seen
Lila play sports?


(both laugh)

Hey, there's always
the spelling bee,

I guess, right?



Hey, baby.

Listen, I'm gonna wash up.

Can we order in?
Because I am starv...

Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey.

Nichelle, what's going on?
What's wrong?

Oh... (laughs)

I just don't know how you do it.

How do you deal
with this every day?


Does this have to do with
the use of force investigation?

Did you have to
suspend an officer?

No, the shooting was justified.

It was cut and dried,

just like you
said it would be.

So, then what's
upsetting you?


Just, I don't know,
the utter devastation

of it all.

I mean, the officer,
he did what he had to do.

But he looked

And the boy who was shot,
we-we heard from his family.

The shooting left him

with a brain injury.

He can barely talk,

won't ever be able to work

or support himself
after his release.

His parents, his whole family,

their lives are just
destroyed. (sniffs)

And you must see situations
like this all the time.

I do, baby.

Which is why,
every time I draw my weapon,

that split second
before I pull the trigger,

I weigh the consequences
of what could happen,

praying that I'm
making the right call.

The officer was so relieved

when he learned
we'd ruled in his favor.

He cried.

And the family of
the suspect cried.

And now here I am, crying too.

I just don't know how you do it.

How do you

something like this?

I've been doing it so long,

I guess it's habit.

Or maybe it's just something
I learned how to do to survive.

But when it gets tough,

and it does...

when I really need

to distance myself
from this job,

I focus on you and our baby.

Whatever's bothering me,
it just seems to go away

a little bit

because I'm thinking about
what we have coming up.

I think about her.


What do you think
she'll be like?


Well, if she's
anything like her mama,

she'll be smart,


She'll be one of
the strongest women I know.

Yeah, I think so, too.