S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Previously on S.W.A.T....

It's my mom, isn't it?

Your mother passed away.

There were no signs
of force or trauma.

But drugs.

Paraphernalia and residue.

I donated a piece of my liver
in a risky surgery,

and she O.D.'s.
I loved her,

but at least now
I know she's at peace.

I couldn't live with myself

if I hadn't given her
every chance.

I really admired you
for doing that for her.

been reinstated.

Who's team leader?


How are you?

There's no way

a guy like Sanchez

comes back here
without an agenda.

I know about your orders
with the commission.

He's trying to
get me to quit

as payback
for being a whistleblower.

If it wasn't me,

they would just send
somebody else.

Second-guessing me
in front of the team.

Textbook insubordination.

Strike two. One more
and you're looking

at a mandatory
disciplinary hearing.

Sticking around SWAT will be
death by a thousand pinpricks,

but that's your choice.

And I'm just fine
with my choices.

What about you, Sanchez?

I take it you
filled them in?

You've done
so much for all of us.

It's time for us
to return the favor.

You don't need to face this
on your own.

So we're in agreement, then:

we solve this problem
once and for all.



Baby, I wish we could
stay here all day.

Mm, it's nice having the place
to ourselves.


I got to say, though,
it's a little too quiet.

No Pops singing
in the shower,

Darryl walking around
banging doors.

When are your mom
and dad back?

I have no idea.

I mean, it's weird enough that
they went on vacation together

35 years after getting
a divorce, but...

now they make
it sound like

they're gonna live out their
retirement on a cruise ship.

I can think of worse ways
to spend my golden years.

Hmm. Yeah.

How are you feeling

about them rekindling
their relationship?

As long as my pops
is good to my mom...

I'm okay with it.

I guess we got to
get the day started.


Let's go.

How's Darryl doing?

He's doing great.

Kid moves into his own place,
and he magically learns

the art of
washing dishes.

It's called "adulting,"

and it's good for him
to be independent.


He still comes over
when he runs out of milk.

Corner store's a little closer,
but, you know...


I'm proud of him.

The garage is doing okay,

he's acing his college classes,
and he paid back

most of the money that
he borrowed from me

to start the business.

That's great.

I told you his plan was solid.
I'm glad you listened to me.

I'm glad I did, too.

And I'll be doing a whole lot
more of that in the future.

That a promise?

Yes, honey.

Something else the matter
besides empty-nest syndrome?

Damn, woman.

I forgot how hard it is
to hide anything from you.

When I got back from Mexico,

I had a real clear idea
of what I wanted.


♪ ♪

And I also had
a sense of purpose.

I knew I wanted to be a bridge
between the LAPD

and the community. I just...

I didn't realize
how hard it was gonna be.

No one at LAPD
is real interested

in hearing what I have to say
at the moment.

Mm, that's got to be



I'll figure it out.

In the meantime,

I got to figure out breakfast.


Sounds good.

Coming right up.

Some nutjob

sent the mayor anthrax
through the mail.

I-I spotted the envelope.

The address
looked like some toddler

had written it with his hands
tied behind his back.

Anyway, the FBI said that
the mayor would've died

if it wasn't for me.


Yo, I had this super cool
date last night.

You want to hear
the juicy deets?

I just ate breakfast.

I took this woman Angie out
for sushi.

Angie used to be
a pro surfer

but who now happens to work
for the mayor.

Took me three rounds of sake,

but I got her to spill the 411
on Sanchez.

Lay it on me.

She said this guy

on the police commission,
Miles Kosas,

offered to pull strings at CHP

and get Sanchez a job

on the governor's
protection detail

if he can get Hondo
to quit SWAT.

Sanchez couldn't keep his mouth
shut about it, apparently.

Governor's detail?
That's a prime gig.

Yeah, which is why Sanchez

is on such a mission
to get Hondo out the door.

Always chasing the prize.

So what are we gonna do?

Well, we make him realize
that it's mission impossible.

If we can
convince Sanchez

that Hondo's
not going anywhere...

maybe he throws in the towel.


What's up?

My mom's funeral is
this afternoon, and...

doesn't look
like anyone's gonna be there.

No one?

Except for me and the chaplain.

And one of us is getting paid.

It's just depressing.

Imagine dying and
no one showing up

to say goodbye.

A hundred people showed up
to my mom's funeral.

Most of them
just for the open bar after.

It's not about
how many people turn up.

The funeral's for you,
no one else.

It's your chance to say goodbye.

At my mom's funeral,
my, uh... my Uncle Sarzo gave me

a white rose to lay
on the coffin.

I was so angry at her for
getting behind the wheel drunk,

for... for dying...

I didn't even make it
halfway up the aisle.

I ran out of the church,
and I...

I walked all the way home
in the rain.

I threw the rose in the trash
the moment I got there.

It's one of the biggest regrets
of my life,

not saying goodbye properly.

Don't make that mistake, okay?

The United States is

the only country in the world
where you see gunmen

routinely slaughtering large
groups of people at random.

Dial it up.

Come on.

She's running circles
around you.

A lot of people claim

many of these so-called
terrorist attacks

and mass shootings
are false flag events

sanctioned by the deep state,

so they can take away
our freedoms.

Show me the proof.

You're talking

about ripping up
the Constitution.

The Second Amendment's
a constitutional relic.

It was never meant
to be interpreted

the way your side
is choosing to.

The framers
were talking

about a regulated militia
with muskets,

not arming everyday idiots

with assault rifles.

People have a right
to defend themselves.

The best way to stop
a bad guy with a gun

is a good guy with a gun.

That's great.
Keep stirring the pot.

You can think all day long that
something won't happen to you,

but if it does,
you're not gonna be prepared.

You'll be a sitting duck.

Andrea makes a great point.

More guns in the world
is not the answer.

Go, go, go, go!

Nobody move!

What's going on?

Stay where you are.

Don't you move.

Keep the cameras on.

Hi. Yes, we need help.

There are three gunmen
in our news studio.

INL News.

Please hurry.

Don't you dare take us off air.

This is my son,


Jackson was six years old

when a man walked into
his kindergarten classroom

and shot him dead...

along with 16 other children.

They were not crisis actors.

They were real kids!


Come on!

Back off or I'll shoot!

Sit down!

Nobody move!

♪ ♪

All right,
we got three hostages,

one with a gunshot wound
to the chest.

Reportedly, the gunman
is the father of a kid killed

in a school shooting,
possibly suicidal.


Cable News.
They got that host,

Tripp Hirsch,
pushes conspiracies

about the Shaker
Elementary School shooting.

That's pretty twisted.

Been calling it a hoax.

The situation right now
is no hoax.

We got to get in there

and deal with this before
a mass shooting airs on live TV.

Let's roll.

Is she okay?

No, she
needs help. Please!

Put the gun down.

Shut up!

Shut up.
This is all your fault.

Get this off air now!

Deacon, Tan, let me know when
you've cleared the building.


I didn't want
to hurt anyone.

I just wanted you to stop
telling lies about my child.

You know what
you've done to my family?

The pain?

Sounds like he might
turn the gun on himself.

He might decide to kill
someone else first.

This is the LAPD.

Stop it right there.
Don't even think

about going for that gun.

Leave the hero
stuff to us, man.

22-David in position.

Got a shot lined up.
Gun's by his side.

He's not aiming at anyone
right now.

Yeah, then hold fire.

Lies have consequences.

I can talk him down.

Chris, you try.

She can play
the empathy card.

But be quick, before this guy
loses it completely.

Go, Chris, go.

Hi, Robert.
My name is Chris.

I'm an LAPD SWAT officer.

I understand why you're upset.

I would be, too,
in your situation.

Will you tell me about your son?


Will you tell me about Jackson?


he, um, he wanted to be a...

a pilot when he grew up.

He loved pillow fights
and, uh...

and Lego...

...and, uh, he was
obsessed with sharks.

He has a twin sister.


I can't do this anymore!


Phoebe needs her dad.

Yeah? What kind of a dad am I?

A dad who loves his kids
more than anything.

Who'd do anything for them.

I miss him so much.

I know you do.

I also lost someone
to gun violence.

I still wonder what I...

what I could have done
to save her.

I still have moments
where I get so angry.

But you know what?

You die, who is gonna
keep fighting for the truth?

Who is gonna fight
to keep Jackson's memory alive?

Keep going, Chris. You're
getting through to him.

Will you put down the gun?

Let us help you
get the truth out.

We're coming in now, okay?

Get us back on air right now.

Don't move.

Put your hands
behind your back, Robert.

Poor guy.

He shot someone.

EMTs said she's critical,
she might not make it.

He shouldn't have shot her,
but can you imagine

if someone killed Lila
or-or Matthew,

and then you had to watch
some guy tell millions of people

that it never happened,
that you were making it up?

No. I can't imagine.

But for someone to have lost
a child to gun violence,

seems a pretty strange
way to make a point.

The other two gunmen got
away before we showed up.

Shot a security guard
on their way out.

Luckily, they were nice enough

to show us their faces.
RHD's working on ID'ing them

as we speak.

One of them got shot in the arm.

Yeah, I already put an alert out

to the hospitals in the area.

My guess is
they'll go to ground.

What if the other
two are also parents

of kids killed in shootings?
There's plenty

of other talking heads out there

spewing the same crap
as this guy.

Could be they're planning
on hitting more targets.

Liaise with RHD.
You can put together a list,

and they can warn them.

All right, I'll get on it.

They're gonna need
police protection, too--

at least until we
catch these guys.

I told you a hundred times

not to run that story.

We called it a hoax
when we knew it wasn't!

We called it an "alleged hoax."

We knew

it was an actual
school shooting.

We knew children died!

We reaped what we sowed today!

Get off your soapbox, Tripp.

You knew what this job was
when I gave it to you.

You practically bit
my arm off to get it.

And, good news--

I've had three advertisers
call me

in the last five minutes,

including the CEO
of Tile Universe.

Our drama this morning
probably saved your job,

and the station
from going under.

Wait, wait, wait.

You... you let it air live?

Of course. That SWAT
rescue was TV gold.

I have everyone from CNN

to the BBC clamoring
for the footage.

We're gonna make a killing.

I guess that's
one word for it.

Robert West,

the guy you arrested,
still in surgery.

The other two
are still unaccounted for,

but we managed to ID them
using facial recognition.

Sam Dolnick.
Arnold Boseman.

Once RHD finds them, they've
asked SWAT to bring them in.

We warned a dozen
other potential targets--

all news outlets, media
personalities in the L.A. area--

Well, Tripp Hirsch

and we offered them
police protection.

and his boss Jeffrey turned us
down-- said they handle

their security in-house.

Well, hopefully not with
the same security guards

who let three gunmen
breeze their way onto live TV.

What do we know about them?

Dolnick's daughter was killed

in the same school shooting
as West's son.

And like West, he
has no police record,

no registered weapons.

He campaigns for gun control,
if you can believe it.

Now, Arnold Boseman's
the real surprise.

He has two kids,
but they're both alive and well.

Army vet-- he did
two tours in Iraq--

and now runs an
IT consultancy.

Who probably supplied
the fake security passes

they used to get in the studio.

His rap sheet's

longer than my ex's list
of complaints

about me.

Identity theft, fraud,

aggravated assault
and criminal threat.

Guy's a conspiracy
theorist nut.

There's nothing he
doesn't believe.

"Plandemic." Elvis lives.

Lizard people are
controlling the world.

His wife left him once he
fell down the rabbit hole

and took the
kids with her.

Up until two
months ago,

Boseman's reposting
all of Tripp's videos online,

the ones calling the
school shooting a fake,

trolling families.
Then, all of a sudden,

he does a total 180,
becomes the voice of reason.

Starts posting videos
calling out Tripp and others

for saying that the
shooting was a hoax.

It's like a flat-earther
suddenly heading up NASA.

So what happened two months ago
that changed his mind?


Shaker Elementary
was not a fake shooting.

It was real, people.

How do I know this?

Because I've been
to Shaker Hill.

I've been to the school,
and the graveyard

where those kids are buried.

I've met the parents,
as well as the grandparents,

the brothers and sisters.

I've seen
the pictures and videos.

You're being lied to--
not by them,

but by people like Tripp Hirsch,

who want you to believe
that it's all made up.

And why are they lying to you?

So they can make money
off of you.

Must have met
West and Dolnick.

So this guy

lost his kids,
but not in the same way.

Not from a shooting,
but because he believed the lies

that Tripp Hirsch
and the others were selling.

That's why he's just as angry

at Tripp as the others.

Enough to shoot him

on live TV?

We need

to bring Tripp Hirsch in

and insist that he gets
real police protection.

I'll try talking to him again.

Definitely. There he is.

Hey, Sanchez.

What's up, fellas?
What's going on?

We heard some gossip.

Share. Cone of silence.


Okay, we heard that
you're planning

to jump from SWAT
to the governor's detail.

Where'd you hear that?

Cone of silence.

But we're here
to tell you

that job will never be yours.

Why not?

Because to win

that promotion,

you need to get Hondo
to leave SWAT, right?

And Hondo's not going anywhere.

So says you.

All right, look,
this is a commission thing.

I'm just a guy with a job
to do-- no hard feelings.

Hondo's not a quitter.

And if he doesn't quit,

we're betting that
your pal Kosas

won't put in that recommendation
call to the governor.

You're good friends.
Hondo's lucky.

But good friends would be trying
to convince him to leave,

not encourage
him to stay.

How do you figure that?

Because it's in
his best interest.

Why stick around?

What, he's gonna play
the rest of his days

on SWAT taking orders
from younger guys?

Come on, why sign up
for that humiliation?

I sure wouldn't.

Well, not everyone
thinks like you.

Yeah, Hondo doesn't care

whether he's
a team leader or not.

Oh, well, that's lucky.
'Cause the higher-ups

are never gonna reinstate him.

Excuse me.

Okay, what now?

We're gonna need

a bigger carrot to tempt him.

Something better
than the governor's detail.

How are we gonna
manage that?

This guy's obsessed
with rubbing shoulders

with the rich and powerful.

I might have an idea.

Hospital just rang.

Our gunman, Robert West,
just got out of surgery.

Deacon, take Chris
and go talk to him

before he gets booked
into county.

See if he can tell us where his
partners might be holing up

and what they're planning next.

Are you taking
me to jail?


But I'm... I'm
going to jail.

I didn't mean
to shoot her.

Do you-do you know
if she's okay?

The doctors
won't tell me anything.

She's out of surgery.

Doctors just told us
she's gonna pull through.

The gun wasn't supposed
to be loaded.

I swear, I had no idea.
We were only there

so we could speak
directly to the viewers,

have a chance to tell
our side of the story.

And yeah,

okay, if I'm being honest,

I wanted Tripp to feel

a fraction of the fear
my kid must have felt

seconds before he died.

But I wasn't
gonna hurt anyone.

I hate guns.

I didn't even want to use them,

but, uh, Arnold said
they were just props,

and-and they were the only way
to keep the cameras rolling.

Do you think Arnold loaded
the guns without telling you?

He must have.

Sam and I-- neither one of us

even held a gun
before this morning.

You think he planned
to kill Tripp on live TV?

What? Wait, wait,

is that what you think
we were planning?

No, no, no, no, no.
I wasn't gonna kill anyone.

I just wanted them to know
that my son's death was real.

What do you think Arnold
is planning next?

He ever mention targeting
anyone besides Tripp?

He was always ranting
about different people.

I mean, he-he called Tripp a...

mouthpiece for the larger
conspiracy theory machine.

Oh... my God.

I can't go to prison.

I have a kid.

My wife, she's not
well enough to work.

I need to take care of them.

Maybe a judge will
take into consideration

how much stress
you were under.

And if you help us find
Sam and Arnold,

we'll talk to the court,
tell 'em you cooperated.

I just don't know
where they are.

We're from out of state.

I stayed with my sister
in Pasadena.

Sam and Arnold,
they-they stayed in a motel.

Do you know the name?

They... they said
it was, uh, by the 101.

He was complaining about
the-the traffic noise.

And Arnold...
Arnold said that,

uh, he could
see the Hollywood sign.

Now, we got two motels
that fit the bill.

Going through the guest
registers now.

Okay, nothing in either
of their names.

Assume they used
a fake ID.

Hold up, go back.
Right there: Max Bane.

That's a character from
The Dragons of Teledo.

It's a series
of graphic novels.

I was really
into 'em as a kid.

Arnold was wearing
a Dragons of Teledor T-shirt

in that video he posted.

Yeah, I'm not sure I understood
any of that, but get going.

It's Sam Dolnick.

He's alive.



we've got one suspect
unconscious, breathing.

Need and R/A. And one suspect
gone on arrival.

Hey. Second suspect's
still unconscious,

so he can't tell us
where Arnold was headed.

I got Tan and Street
working with RHD

trying to find him.
As soon as they do

Copy that.

we're rolling out.

Tripp and his
producer Jeffrey

turned down police
protection again.

They seem to think the stunt
this morning was a one-off.

Yeah, well, saves
the taxpayers, I guess.

Hey, hold up, hold up.


Given any thought
to life beyond SWAT?

No, can't say that I have.

All right, straight up.

I'm trying real hard
to do you a favor here.

Is that what we're
calling it now?

There are ways to
get ahead in this game.

Shake the right hands,
you pat the right back.

You get to keep rolling the dice

and moving on up the ladder.

You played by your own rules.

You know,
you broke the blue code

by going public
with family business,

and you lost.

The Commission's gonna
make your life miserable.

I'm just the start.

So take early retirement.

Get a nice little security gig.

You know, as much as I'd love
to stay here and listen

to your career advice,

I got somewhere to be.


People have a right
to defend themselves.

The best way to stop
a bad guy with a gun

is a good guy with a gun.

Annie says it's playing
on every channel.

The whole "good guy with a gun"
argument makes me mad.

I mean, look what happened
to that woman Andrea.

She tried to take on
a bad guy with a gun,

and got a bullet
through her chest.

She'll probably be eating
through a tube

for the rest of her life.

Yeah, and if she
hadn't been armed

and taken that shot,

Arnold might have killed
everyone in that studio.

What are you doing here?

Well, you didn't respond
to my messages.

I'm busy hunting down
two active shooters.

Well, I came
all the way down here

just to speak to you.
Uh, do you mind?

You good?

I wanted to know
if you'd be interested

in coming on the show
this afternoon.

Our viewers are big, big fans,

and you got yourself quite
a following already.

And a hashtag: #HotSwatCop.

You know, people want
to know more

about the officer
who saved our butts.

I didn't do it alone.

Yeah, but you're a woman.

People like that.
It's different.

You look great
in that uniform, too.

You should really move

these five minutes of fame
into something.

I mean, these opportunities
don't come around too often.

No, thanks.

You sure?

I think you'd make a perfect
spokesperson for gun rights.

People want to hear
from law enforcement.

Most cops believe
in the second amendment,

but they also believe in
sensible gun control laws.

You want to know why?


'Cause a lot of the times
those guns are aimed at us.

Well, come on the show
and talk about that, then.

You've got a point of view.
People want to hear it.

All you're doing is
stirring things up,

selling fake outrage
to make a quick buck.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

A lot of people
think differently.

You know, they want to see us
challenge the status quo and...

And what--

shoot each other on live TV?

You're lucky no one died today.

I can see that you're
a little emotional right now,

so here's my card...

in case you change your mind.

I think that...

Oh, excuse me.


I got your message.

Sorry to pull you away
from work.

No, you didn't.

I'm on call.
What's going on?

I wanted you to meet
some folks.

Okay. Who?

Some community activists.

Come on, they won't bite.

They really want to meet you.

Babe, I'm in uniform.

They know the LAPD's
dropping by?

They read about you
in the paper.

What you did--
speaking truth to power--

That counts for something
in their book.

You've earned their trust
and you have their ear.

Now give them yours.


How are we gonna
get Sanchez out?

I talked to Street. We couldn't
come up with anything.

No, we got it handled,
don't worry.

Deacon here has come up
with the perfect solution.

Oh, yeah?

Well, let's keep
the champagne on ice.

All right?
It's not exactly a done deal.

What's not a done deal?

See ya.

Deacon here was
telling me about

this sweet gig that
just came to him

through his
security company.

Yeah. A high-profile client

needs a new head
of security.

Cool. You tell Hondo?

This sounds perfect for him.

Look, we know the governor's
detail sounds good,

but working as head
of security for Arthur Meeks

is way frigging cooler.

Who's he?
I've never heard of him.

Oh, he's he head of the biggest
studio in Hollywood.

He's richer than God.

They guy lives in a mansion
in the Pacific Palisades.

Throws these insane parties

with all the A-listers.

I mean, it's so exclusive,

even Brad Pitt has to
beg for an invite.

Hosts a ton
of fundraisers, too.

All the major players show up:


current presidents,

tech moguls.

I'm not sure it's for me.

It's great pay, too.

And the benefits?
They're insane.

If you're interested,
you just let me know.

Job's yours.

Nah, see, my ex-wife just moved
to Sacramento with the kids.

The governor's based there,
so I can be close to them.

But thanks for thinking of me.

No problem.

Been through it twice already.

There's no car rentals under
Arnold Boseman or Max Bane.

All right, give me a minute.

Maybe he's just
taking Ubers?

I'm running a search using
all the character names

from The Dragons of Teledor.
You never know.

Hey, I heard about
your mom's funeral.

You got all the
arrangements sorted?

I don't know.

I wrote a eulogy,
but what's the point

of reading it to
a bunch of empty chairs?

She wasn't exactly religious,
so prayers are out.

I guess I'll just play
"Summer of '69".

She loved Bryan Adams,

and let's just leave it at that.

My dad's funeral was this
huge Chinese affair.

The wake lasted three days.
The whole community showed up.

And I remember wishing that
everyone would just leave.

It was too many people,
too public.

And there was no room
for my brother and my mom

and me to grieve.

I guess there's just
no good stories

when it comes to saying

Yeah. There were some
pretty cool traditions, though.

You burn all these
different things.

Uh, incense and candles,
but also fake paper money,

fake paper cars, houses.

Even fake paper sushi.


So the person who died

has everything they need to
be happy in the afterlife.

They make fake paper pills
and bottles of whiskey?

My mom would dig that.

Not really kidding.


Vigo White.

That's the slayer character
from The Dragons of Teledor.

Booked an economy sedan
two days ago

from an Enterprise downtown.

They'll have a
tracker in the car.

Thank you.
It was nice talking to you.

Take care.

You too.

Can't believe you did this.

Can't believe good,

or "can't believe you threw me
to the wolves like that" bad?

I wouldn't call them wolves.

More like pussycats.

So it was helpful?


There were some good ideas.

Sha'Ron was telling me
about a pretty cool project

where volunteers respond
to minor trouble

in the neighborhood
so that the police

don't become the first call.

Reduces tensions between
locals and the cops.

I heard of a group in Oregon

doing something similar
with mental health call-outs,

using volunteers to
de-escalate situations

police are usually called to.

Yeah, I heard that, too.

Maybe you can set up
something like that in L.A.,

trial it.

I don't have the pull in the
department like I used to.

It's kind of the opposite,

So? Partner with some of
the people you met today.

I'm sure they can
make it happen.

Maybe I can't push the LAPD
to change right now,

but it doesn't mean I can't
push for change outside of it.

There you go.

Wait. You hear that?


Sounds like you finding
some purpose.

I think I do hear
a little something.

You know, you might just find

You can do more outside
of SWAT than in it.

I love you.

I didn't mean
to spring that on you.

I've been thinking that
for a while.

I just thought maybe
I'd finally try and say it.

I love you, too.

Perfect timing.

Are you kidding?

Duty calls.

See you tonight.



Be careful.

Always am.

Excuse me. Hi.

Uh, it's members only.
Can I see your ID, please?

I'm not a member.

I'm trying to find someone.
It's urgent.

Okay. If you let me
know their name,

I can page them for you.

Just give me a minute
to deal with this client.

Sorry about that,
Mr. Underhill.

I will make a note and...

♪ ♪

What are you doing here?

The security guard
let me in.

I wanted to hand this
to you in person.

Tried to do it earlier,
but you've been avoiding me.

I quit, effective immediately.

You have a contract.

I don't care.


Didn't you just buy a house
on the west side?

And what about those
child support payments

you're always bitching about?

People almost died today,

and you're here,
working on your backhand?

Do I look like the type of guy
who plays tennis?

I'm here to cut a deal
with the CEO of Tile Universe.

They want to buy
$600,000 worth of advertising

on your show.

Too bad.

This is the only place
their CEO does business.

Tell him there isn't gonna
be a show to advertise on.

What are you gonna do?

Anchor the evening news?

Hate to break it to you,
but that ship has sailed.

The future isn't news.

Jeffrey Aimsbury
went to a meeting

at the Toluca Country Club.

Just got a report
of a possible shooter there.

We got to get this
place evacuated.

That's his car back there.

20-David to Command.
Affirmative on the car.

There's someone with a gun!

Go. Go!
Hondo, call for backup,

then stay here and get
everyone evacuated safely.

This is 27-David
requesting backup.

We've got an armed suspect
at the Toluca Country Club.

Doing evacs now.

Let's go. Move, move.
Off the property. Go!

Go. Go!

There's someone in the building
with a gun.

Move! Get out! Move. Go.

Okay, move. Get out of here.

Let's go, let's go, move.

Get off the property.
Get to the exits.

Go! Go!

Keep moving. Go!

Help me, please help me!

We have an active shooter.
Move! Go! Let's go!

LAPD! Stop!


Out this way! Out that way!
Come on!

♪ ♪

You really think you can hide?

Think I'd give up that easy?



There you are.

You okay?

Not really.

You did your job.

Oh, please tell me
he's not coming over here.

He's coming

over here.

Twice in one day
you saved my life.

I was wondering if
you'd given any thought

to what we talked about earlier.

She didn't happen to
give you my card, did she?

You'd look great on TV.

Read the room.

Oh, and by the way,
next time someone

offers you police protection--

and I'm betting there
will be a next time-- take it.

Excuse me, can I talk to you
just for one minute?

I'm sorry.

I handed in my resignation.
I'm-I'm done.

Right. So the arsonist
lights a fire,

and the fire almost kills him,

and then he realizes
maybe playing with matches

was a stupid idea.

I'm gonna do what I can
to-to make things right.

Starting with-with...

telling the truth.

You know it's too late
for that, right?

No one's putting
this fire out.

We just wait now,
for the next spark,

the next fire.

The difference is you have to
live with that now, too.

Same way we do.

Hey, Sanchez.

What's up?

What's this I keep hearing
about some anthrax threat

at the mayor's office?

It's nothing, man.

It was just lucky I was there
and spotted something off.

The envelope had about a dozen
stamps on it,

address looked like it had
been written by a toddler.

If I have to hear that
anthrax story one more time...

What anthrax story?

You really haven't heard it?


He's like one of
those talking dolls

people keep pulling the string.

He won't shut up about how
he saved the mayor's life.

Hold up a sec.
He's saying he's the one

who found that envelope
and stopped the mayor

from opening it?

Yeah, like he deserves a medal.

No, if there's a medal,
it should be going

to the mayor's secretary.

It was Angie
who found that envelope

and warned security.

Hold on.

You're telling me that
Sanchez is taking credit

for something
he didn't really do?


Just the man.

I got a proposal for you.

Deac was telling me about
this high-profile job

that you would be perfect for.

Head of security
for Arthur Meeks.

Studio boss.

Sanchez, you still
ain't getting it,

so I'm gonna spell it out
for you.

I'm not quitting.
Not now. Not ever.

So you can keep sidelining me
on missions, and writing me up

for insubordination,
whether it's true or not,


I'm not going anywhere.


What if I pull you
from all the action,

give you substandard

and force you to fetch
and carry like the team mule

for the rest of your days?

Go ahead.

I'll keep doing my job,
no complaints.

If the brass want me out,
they're gonna have to fire me

because I am not resigning.

You know why?

Because climbing that greasy
pole is your sport, not mine.

If I quit, any other cop
out there thinking about

calling out the bosses
will know I got forced out.

Because doing the right thing
is about dignity,

not some payoff.

Wherever I turn,
there you lurk.

We're your

You always got to
watch your six.

Given any more thought
to the head of security job?

Clock's ticking.

I told you I'm not interested.

I hear the clock's ticking on
that governor's detail job, too.

Someone sent anthrax
to the mayor in the mail,

but thanks to
a certain somebody,

the mayor never
opened that envelope.

You want to know
who saved the day?

It was the mayor's secretary.
Believe that?

How many people you been
telling that fake story to?

Enough to get a
reporter interested

in writing it up, maybe.

I don't think
the governor's office

would be too excited
about that.

It's gonna be interesting to
see how this all plays out,

isn't it, Sanchez?

I hope you got a soft landing
a year from now

when Hondo's still here
and the Commission's wondering

why you haven't been able
to get him out.

So, this job for, uh,

Arthur Meeks.

The studio guy.

Yeah. But what about, uh,
Sacramento and the-the kids?

Aw, they'll be off
to college soon anyway.

And they'll probably be
way more impressed with this

than me hanging
with the governor.

Job come with benefits?


That paycheck, plus
early police pension,

it'd be like double dipping.


All right, so what
if I'm interested?

Listen up, everyone.
I've got some news.

Sanchez has informed me that
he's packing up his SWAT bags

and moving on to brighter skies.
I want to thank him

for leading the team
the last couple of months.

He's done a stellar job.

Good job, Sanchez.

I know you'll want to know who's
taking over as team leader,

and usually these things
take some time,

require approvals.

But the decision was easy,
so it's already been made.

Hondo's back in the saddle.

Hey, that's awesome.

Band is back together, yeah!

Now we can pop the champagne.

What just happened?

Come on.


How'd you get the
brass to approve?

You ever heard
the expression

"Don't ask permission,
ask forgiveness"?

Well, I didn't do either.


I'm tired of the brass
interfering with my teams.

Wait, sir.

You sure you're not
gonna get in trouble?

Well, at least their anger
will be directed at me now

instead of you.

You stuck your neck
out for me once.

I'm just sorry I didn't
return the favor sooner.

I cede to the better man.

I got to say, Hondo,
I have never seen anyone

with a more loyal team.

They were always looking
over my shoulder to you.

It was kind of annoying.

Good luck on the next job.

Yeah, I have a feeling
I'm gonna do just fine.

I'm sure you are.

I'd say see you around,
but I'm heading to Shanghai

in a few days for a premiere.

I'd also say

keep your head down
in the future.

But I have a feeling
that advice

would fall on deaf ears.

Hey, Street, wait up.

What's this?

I told my mom
about the funeral.

She went to Chinatown and
picked up a few things for you.

That's really sweet of her.

What is this, like,
a fake gold bar?


Some money, incense,
paper cell phone.

Man, my mom would love all this.

It's perfect, man.
Thank you.

And here.

Thank you.

Is it okay
if we come with you?


I mean, I would have
invited you guys,

I just didn't think
you'd want to come.

Of course we want to come
to be there for you.

Yeah, and now you have
a chance to read that eulogy.

You guys, too?

Are you kidding? Yeah.

Of course.

Can't have you playing
Bryan Adams to an empty room.

We'll ride together.
Come on, kid.

Thanks, you guys.

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