S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Previously on SWAT...
20-Squad's been reinstated.

Who's team leader?

I'm your new 20-David.

Rodrigo Sanchez.

I'm SWAT OG from
before your time,

and I worked with
Hondo, Deacon, Luca.

They were all my brothers.

I look forward to
making you family, too.

You good with this?
It is what it is.

There's no way
a guy like Sanchez

comes back here
without an agenda.

Let's just wait
and see what happens.

Rodrigo Sanchez.

They sent him
to get you to quit.

It's his one and only job there.

Sanchez is in on this?

I overheard
him telling my boss

that it wouldn't
take him long to get rid of you.

I know about your orders
with the commission.

I'm glad this is
all out in the open now.

What the hell is going on here?
All it's gonna take

is one minor screwup
to give the commission

what it wants
to send you packing.

So have some dignity

and just walk away first.

Please state
the nature of your emergency.
We need help.

Some guy broke into our house
with a gun.

He's shooting.

5814 La Goleta.

Police are on the way, sir.

Is anyone in the home injured?

My parents. I heard screams.

Then gunfire.

Oh, God.
Is the man

still inside the house?

I think he's high on something.
Oh! Oh, no. Oh, no.

He's coming. He's coming!


Sir, are you there?

This place
is freaky quiet.

Maybe the suspect
already bolted.


He's inside.

We're being watched. Sanchez,

I think the suspect
might be expecting us.

Roger that.

Remember, everyone, we got
three possible victims.

Tan, take point.

Stay sharp
and don't give up positions.

Shots fired from inside.

Deacon, emergency entry.

Tan, moving.

20-David. There's blood
in the kitchen.

No sign of the victim.

27-David. Repeat.

There was a struggle
in the kitchen.

Suspect may have a gun
and a knife.




Looks like they

just moved in.
Some kind of remodel.

LAPD! Drop that weapon!
Hands up now!

Drop it!

What the hell?

That's a cardboard cutout.



26-David. Suspect is using

a 12-gauge.
Let's move.

Hondo. Any sign of the residents?
Not yet.

Suspect may be forcing
them to hunker down.

House like this, it
might have a safe room.

The gunman could be in there
with them.
What a nightmare.

20-Squad, be advised. We got
a possible hostage situation

inside a fortified safe room.
Roger that.

Nothing in here.

It's clear.

20-David in.

Safe room's got to have
its own power source.

Bet it's in here.

Thing's reinforced.

It's high-tech.

There is a safe room
in the master suite.

Someone inside
could be bleeding out.

We got to find a way
to override the system.

We're looking, Hondo.

You try coming in here,

I'll rain down holy hell on you!

Drop your weapon!
LAPD! Open the door!

Who's in there with you?
I got

enough bullets in here
to kill everybody!

Get the hell out!


If we don't get
this door open ASAP,

we're looking
at a triple homicide.

Look, he found the power.
Keep him talking.

Hey, man, what do you want?

Is that a brother?

Man, how you gonna do me
like this?

You're the one
who shot at me.

Next time, I won't miss.

Don't be stupid!

What's your name?

You know my damn name.

Are you Derrick Nichols,
the quarterback?

Luca, try this.

This door opens,
you're a dead man!

Okay, hey, hey.

Listen to me.

I'm Sergeant Harrelson
with the LAPD.

Someone called to report

an armed intruder
at this residence.

Did you make that call?

We didn't call the police.

All right, Derrick,
we're gonna open the door.

Don't be stupid.
Put the gun on the ground.

We don't want to hurt you.

All right. Three.
Here we come!

Two. One.

Need you to step out.

Is there anyone else
in there with you?

Don't. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Show me your hands!

Whoa, whoa!
Show me your hands!
Come out very slowly.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot.
Carolyn, it's okay.

Come on out. They're cops.
I'm his wife.

It's okay.
I'm his wife.

Is there anyone
else in the house?

All right, come on out.

Come on out. Keep
your hands up.

That's it.

27-David. We're speaking
with the residents upstairs.

We're a Code 4.

There is no intruder.

The 911 call was a hoax.

This was a swatting?

Yeah, looks like it.

But we're gonna try
and get some answers.

Like why the hell

a shotgun was discharged
on the police.

Roger that.

I got friends

who kill for a living, Nichols.
And guess what?

They're outside your house
right now.

Say hi for me if you see them

before they put a bullet
in your head.

Got that message
30 seconds before you rolled up.

So when I saw movement
in the yard, I just fired.

He's telling the truth. He had
no idea you were the police.

How'd you cut your hand?

I was in the kitchen.

Didn't think
I'd make it to my gun,

so I went for a knife.

Fumbled it, I guess.

You have any idea who would've
left you a message like that?

No clue. Who would want

to do something
like this to us?

It's all so sick.

A sick prank.
This is no prank.

This is attempted murder.

With us as the weapon.

Imagine retiring in your mid-30s

with a spread like this.

After a decade
as a franchise QB.

Word is Nichols and his wife

have already flipped quite
a few old spreads like this.

We should give the media
a few sound bites,

get ahold of any bad press.

You know how they love
to start in on cops

when there's a swatting.
I, uh,

I need to know that, uh,
you have 20-Squad buttoned down.

Being team leader's hard enough

without any,
you know, bad blood.

No bad blood, Commander.

You admitted in my office
that the police commission

sent you to SWAT
to push Hondo out.

Office politics
doesn't affect how I lead

in the field.
I like Hondo.

Everyone will be better off
when he realizes

it's time to move on.

The news made it here
in record time.

Yeah, I can already
see the headline.

"SWAT team terrorizes quarterback."
I had

a call with the chief
on the way over here.

He's treating it as the
assassination attempt it was.

Now, SWAT didn't start it,
but he wants us to finish it.

Doing what he loves best.

Soaking up the attention.

Anyone else on the team know the
truth about Sanchez's agenda?

No. Hondo wanted us
to keep quiet

so we don't poison
the locker room.
Yeah, he wants

to wait it out. He figures
Sanchez will get bored

and move on eventually.

Days like this, I wonder
why I even bother answering.

Same old vultures with
the same old questions.

Oh. I should take this.
Excuse me.

This is Hicks.

I don't know how else

to say it. I have no idea
who did this do us.

If I did,
I wouldn't be talking to you.

I'd be handling it.
I don't doubt that.

That's exactly what the
culprit was counting on,

that you'd take things
into your own hands.

You really can't think of anyone
who might want to hurt you?

I can think of thousands.

I'd see them every Sunday,

screaming how they want
to tear me apart.

He still gets
heckled sometimes

for that interception
in Seattle.

Six damn years ago.

Think back.

Has either one of you ever
been harassed by a stalker?


Anyone you owe any money to?

Does it look
like we're in debt?

I've been watching you play
since your Dorsey days.

I went to Crenshaw.
Decade ahead of you.

Crenshaw. Aw, man.

You clowns were the worst.

You remember
that playoff game in Dallas?

Season on the line,
fourth and goal.

You were rolling to
your right, looking

for your open man, but
Davis was right there

waiting to destroy you.

He had about a hundred
pounds on you.

Ended up flat on his back
in the end zone.

See, I knew you were gonna run
that ball even before the snap.

I didn't know before the snap.

Sure, you did.

You were eying the back right
corner of that end zone.

It's subtle, but you have a tell

when you're
holding something back.

You were doing it
way back in high school,

and you did it just now.

What aren't you saying?

You went to Crenshaw,

so you know
how the old neighborhood works.

You rise up out of there,

everybody you ever knew
has got their hand out,

thinks you owe them

I never bit.

You give into one,
next day a dozen show up.

It's like feeding cats.

Think one of them's
jealous or angry enough

to want to take you out?
I didn't.

But now, who knows?

They were my biggest fans.

Now most of my hate mail
comes from my old zip code.

You save any of
these letters?

How about you, Carolyn?

Do you hang on to any
of this hate mail?

I just stuff them in a box.

I don't want any of these people
to get in trouble.

I'm sure most of them
were just letting off

some steam,
but some of it's...

It's awful.

How so?

They say Derrick's
a sellout.

Say how they're gonna hurt him.
Hurt me.

Burn our house down.

I thought it would
stop when he retired,

but some people just want
to tear down achievers.

Would you mind turning
over this mail to us?

That's my girl.

Asked her out
sophomore year of college

and never looked back.

We about done here, guys?

I got some commitments
I need to get to.

Actually, we were gonna ask
both of you to come with us

to enter protective custody
until things cool down.

Sorry. I don't think so.

Are you opposed to
a security detail?

Free bodyguards? Sure.

Just have them
meet me out front.

Thanks for
everything, guys.

All right,
I'm gonna talk to Sanchez

and see if you and Luca
can hang back.

Do not let Nichols
get out of your sight.
Roger that.

Deacon. What's up?

May be

none of my business, but...

that call you answered earlier.

You seemed pretty shook.
Does it have anything to do

with the commission
coming after Hondo?

that's a whole separate problem.

No, it's got nothing

to do with that.
Okay. Just checking.

The call...

It was, um...

about an old Jane Doe case

I never really quite cracked.

Is it one I know?
No, it was my pre-SWAT days.

I was still working Homicide.
Come here.

It's been 20 years now,
believe it or not.

We found her body
in the brush off Route 27.

Poor girl was barely more

than a kid.

Newspapers dubbed her
Highway Jane.

It says she died
of strangulation?

I caught her killer
a month later.

Interviewed him
more times than I care to count,

but he never told us
who she was.

To be honest,
I don't even believe he knew.

So, I waited for someone
to show up and claim her body,

but no one ever did.

We buried her
in an unmarked grave.

Can't imagine the pain.

Yeah, it's kept me up

for nights for 20 years,

not being able to help out
whoever her family was.

I reach out to the coroner's
office a few times a year,

check the status
on the case.

Is that the call you got?
The coroner?
Yeah. Apparently,

they ran her DNA through
one of those ancestry databases

everyone's using.

Think they've identified
a first cousin.

They track down this cousin yet?

I've been trying, but the phone
just keeps ringing,

so who knows
how old the contact info is.

Well, if only we knew somebody
that had the equipment

or resources to pull an address.

Any luck sourcing the 911 call?

But we know it was
placed from a burner,

just like the one
that sent Nichols

a death threat.
Same phone?


Whoever swatted Nichols,

they covered their tracks,
but I'm not sure

they're the most sophisticated.

Neither are some of these fans,
judging by the grammar

in these letters.
Get this.

I ran both calls

through our voice ID software.

I got friends
who kill for a living.

Suspect was just using
a voice-changing app.

Simple, huh?
Word I'd use

is "creepy," but yeah.

All right,
bring the letters to Forensics.

Have Officer Gibbs take a look.
Tell him I sent you.

He owes me one.
Can we help you?

Hi. Justin Wolf.
Derrick Nichols' manager.

I'd like to speak
to whoever's in charge here.

That'd be me.

What can I do for you, Mr. Wolf?

The, uh, people after my client.

How close are you
to catching them?

Mr. Nichols send you here?

No, not explicitly,

but Derrick
pays me three percent.

He knows that means
I keep an eye on things for him.

For three percent of his pay,
you better do more than that.

Believe me, I do.

Derrick pays me three percent
to make sure he stays rich

off the other 97%.
Having a marquee quarterback
for a client,

that's got to open
some doors, too, right?

Doesn't hurt,
but I'm the one that pushed him

to license his name
ten years back.

And between that
and the real estate,

everything is paying off.

You really come here
to talk shop?

'Cause I have a feeling
you came here

'cause you want to tell us
who might be trying to kill

your client.
Just thinking
there might be some way

I could leave
some sort of anonymous tip?

We can keep a secret.
Not gonna write my name down

in some report?

You see a pen?


There's this guy Dips
from the old neighborhood.

Derrick's handler
since before he was drafted.

Now, over time,
Dips got greedy,

and eventually,
Derrick cut him out,

and it ended very badly.

He ever threaten
Nichols' life?

The death threats
were the least of it.

I mean, it got ugly in the end.

Smashed windshields,
stolen jewelry.

Punches were thrown.
You know where

this Dips guy is now?
Okay, last I heard,

selling stolen car parts

somewhere downtown.

Seems like Hondo's had

an extra eye on you lately.
You mean since my mom died?

I guess old habits
die hard.

So, you guys are good now?

I mean, I'm not thrilled
that he ghosted us all

when he went to Mexico,
but, uh...

he had a lot going on.

We worked it out.

Which one you
think is Dips?

Guessing the guy
ignoring the cops.


You Dips?

Name is Michael. The only ones

call me Dips
run with Derrick Nichols.

You here
'cause he got swatted?

We're here
cause someone almost killed him.

Don't you mean the cops?

Heard you just about
did the deed, too.

Damn shame.
You remember

threatening to kill Mr. Nichols?
Kill his family?

That's what he told you?

Me and him had words, yeah.

Didn't know it was a crime.

Ever place a phony call to 911?

Hell, no. I don't need
to hide behind the police.

I'll meet Nichols face-to-face.
Anytime, anyplace.

I ain't the only one
he's screwed over.

I read what
they say online.

Lots of people
say a lot of things

about celebrities online.
They do.

There's this one forum
of, uh,

I don't know, haters.

Maybe you should check them out.
What'll we see if we do?

The dark side
to L.A.'s golden boy.

Waitresses he didn't tip.

Caddies who saw him
cheatin' at golf.

I read about it
at night sometimes.

Relaxes me.

If someone wants
to kill Nichols,

they're on that site, trust me.

Tell him I said good luck.

Hey, Hondo.

When you spoke to
Nichols, you get a sense

he rubs people
the wrong way?

He's rich and famous.
That does it for some folks.

I mean the people he knows.
Think he's the type

that'd have someone
in his own circle targeting him?

You tell me.

What type is that?

You know, I gave you time
to make the right call.

Sticking around SWAT will be
death by a thousand pinpricks,

but that's your choice.

And I'm just fine
with my choices.

What about you, Sanchez?

Whatever deal you cut
with the commission,

you're only using it
to climb the ladder.

You're determined
to make me the bad guy, huh?

That's what you need, Hondo,
that's what I'll be.

You do what you got to do,
but ask yourself this.

How happy are they gonna be
with you in six months

when I'm still here?

Our suspect's back.

Just posted a death threat

on the Nichols forum.

Think I gave up?

Think again.
You're dead, Nichols.

No one around you is safe.
No one.

Where's Nichols right now?

♪ When I wake up in the morning,
I'm-a do it my way ♪

♪ Let me do it, watch me do it

♪ That's what we do, how we do

♪ That's what we do...

Hondo, what's up?

There's been a new threat
on Nichols' life.

He can't be seen in public.
You got

to pull him. Now.


I'm coming for you!

You son of a bitch!

LAPD! Stop right there!

I'm gonna kill you!

Hey, hey, guys, guys,

guys. Mr. Nichols.

Down, everyone!


Let me go! I'm gonna kill him!
I said down!

Let me go!

Do not move.

Hands behind your back.

Let me go!

You're dead, Nichols!

I'm gonna kill you!

Nichols is the criminal.
Look, assault

is a felony, Mr. Wagner.

And what's the punishment for
destroying a marriage, huh?

Son of a bitch
screwed my wife.

The way I see it, Nichols
assaulted me first.

I was on his O-line
for five years.

I spent

half my career protecting
his ass, and this

is how he repays me?
By sleeping with my wife?

That's why you want him dead?

Who says I want him dead?
You did.

About eight times.
Tried to bash his head in, too.

Or easier just to get him shot
up by police, right? At least

this time, you weren't using us
to cover your tracks.

Using you?
The hell are you talking about?

The swatting
you put into motion.

I had nothing to do
with any swatting.
Look, Nichols

had an affair
with your wife, all right?

Motives don't get stronger.

but I only heard about him
and Amanda an hour ago.

You heard from who?

The radio.

DJs reported

breaking news
about him and Amanda.

They read the texts,

talked about the pics.

Look, I was on my way home

from the gym
when I flipped a U-turn,

decided to come crash
Derrick's book signing instead.

I had nothing to do with
whatever happened before that.

Someone hacked
Nichols' email,

leaked the affair
to Bad Behavior.

Whoever's behind this was
trying to goad an angry husband

into finishing
the job for them.

Just about got
Nichols killed, too.

Now the press is blaming this
lineman for swatting Nichols,

acting like the whole
thing's case closed.

All right, they can report
whatever they want,

but this isn't over.

Nichols and his manager
are on their way here.

All right, get in touch
with someone in that newsroom.

Whoever leaked them this stuff's

involved in the plot
to kill Nichols.

Get a name.

Gail Morgan?

Robert Hicks, LAPD.

This is my colleague,
Sergeant Kay.

I was wondering if
we could get a word?

Yeah, sure. What about?

Well, 20 years ago,

a young woman was murdered,
and she was never identified.

Recently, they put her DNA
into a family tree database

and matched
to just one relative.


You're her first cousin.

I'm sorry,
I'm not sure I understand.

Do you have any cousins who
may have dropped off the grid,

say, 20 years ago?

She might've
looked like this.

I don't know what to say.
I mean, I...

I didn't even know
I had any cousins.

Mom was an only child,
and I never knew my dad.

I guess this girl
must be from his side?

Yeah, she, uh,
she'd be his niece.

Ma'am, we're
eager to track down

this girl's parents,
and you're the closest

we've come to in two decades.

I mean,
if you could tell us anything

about your father's side
of the family?

Where they're from?
How many siblings?

No clue.

Mom never talked about him.

I tried to get her to open up
before she died,

but she wasn't
much of a fan.

The only thing

I got from that side
was a few birthday cards.

Those stopped

when I was a kid.
Did you happen

to hang on to those cards?

Why would I?

I'm sorry.

I-I've got to get ready
for my shift.

You want this thing back?

thanks for your time, ma'am.

Sorry for the intrusion.

Hey, the cops

ever catch her killer?

A long time ago.

He's dead now.

When I asked you

about enemies, husbands of women
that you're sleeping with

are exactly the people
that I meant.

And I'm guessing
there's other women?

And other husbands?
I should've said something
to you.

I'm sorry.

It's Carolyn.

She must've seen the news.
Go ahead and answer it.

We'll give you some space.

I don't have
football anymore.

If I don't have Carolyn,
I don't know who I am.

What do I even say?

Call her back
and tell her the truth.

That you're sorry.

But then I'd recommend
you do more listening

than you do talking.

My life's a lie.

Sure, I had talent,

but once it started paying off,
the money, the women...

I'm a weak man.

Maybe all this

is just the chickens
coming home to roost.

You can't change the past, man.

But you can't fix things
with Carolyn

if you ain't alive
to do it.

30 years

on the force, you'd think I'd
know to not get my hopes up.

keeps getting better.

Unidentified victims
get their names back every day.

You just got
to give it time.

If time were the answer,
she'd have her name.

Her parents would know
what happened to her.

They could at least visit
her grave.

When you were
working Homicide,

I'm guessing Highway Jane
wasn't the only Doe file

that you couldn't close.

What is it about this case?

You know, I always said that
Barb and the kids were my life,

but I'm, I'm not sure that
was true early in my career.

I wanted Detective so bad,
I'd bring every case home;

I hardly saw JP or Molly.

Finding a-a young girl,
that must've really hit home.

Always does.

But that's not why
this stuck in my craw.

Late one night, Molly came
across the case file on my desk.

What'd she see?

Crime scene photo...
or enough of one.

I used to look out my window

and record myself,

then I'd play back
every fact, every detail.

That's how I worked
my way through a case back then.

But one night,

I turned around,

and Molly was there.

Curled up in a corner.

She couldn't have been there
more than ten seconds

when I realized...

she saw the photo on my desk.

So I threw this thing down
and I ran over to her.

And I, uh...

I had to explain
to my little girl

that the world can be
a dangerous place.

You seem to remember it
all pretty clearly.

I can't forget it.

And then when
she calmed down,

you know, the questions
started-- who's...

out looking for the girl?

Where are her parents, you know?

She asked me to promise that I
would find Jane Doe's real name.

And promise I'd bring her back
to her mom and dad, so...

...I promised.

I swore it.

You did what was best
for your kid at the time.

It's all you can do.

Yeah, months went by,

and eventually Molly stopped
asking about the case, but...

she never looked
at me the same way again.

At least that's how it felt.

I've seen you two together.

Molly adores you.

No... I-I know.

I-I know she loves me.

It's not that.

I think it made her sad
to find out her dad was

a guy who made promises
that he couldn't keep.

So from then on,
every case I got,

it was a reminder of that piece
of our relationship

my job took away.

When someone puts time and
money into attempted murder,

they're what we call
a persistent threat.

Whoever's after Derrick,
you sure they'll try again?

Well, you sure they won't?

I spoke to the newsroom manager
at Bad Behavior.

She won't give up the source
of the Nichols affair.

Did you tell her
someone's life is at stake?I did.

I pushed as hard as I could.

Call her back.
Ask her if she wants to report

the news
or she wants to be the news.

Here's what you asked for,

Nichols' latest statement.

All right, I want to go
over this with Nichols.

Where is he?
I saw him

in that corner on the phone,
but that was a while ago.

Carolyn left him a voice mail.
He was calling her back.

He wouldn't have left
without me.

This is Derrick,
leave a message.

Straight to voice mail.

Maybe he wanted to speak
to Carolyn face to face.

You think he took off?
I really hope not.

His guard's down, and somebody
out there is after him.

I wonder what Carolyn said
in the message?

What are you doing?

A few of my clients
gave me access

to their passcodes just in case

they get locked out
of their accounts.


I'm in his voice mail.

We have Carolyn. If you
want her to live, call back

in five minutes
for instructions.

If you're not alone when you do,
your wife is dead.

God, I hope Derrick knows
what he's doing.

He doesn't.

Cops posted at the Nichols house
haven't seen Carolyn in an hour.

Don't know when,
but she was taken.

Well, we pinged Nichols' cell.

He ditched it in a trash can
a few blocks away.

We're pinging Carolyn's phone,

Trying to see when it went dark.

Whoever kidnapped her
is using her as bait

trying to lure Nichols out.

He should've said
something to us.

He's desperate-- he'll
do whatever they say,

meet wherever they want.

All right, bring up
his enemies list.

This is who we're looking at.

Tony Hill mailed
nine death threats

to Nichols
during his final season.

Blake West is
an active user

on the Nichols-bashing site.
Nichols' golf buddy, Ed, is

the only one in his circle with
so much as a speeding ticket.

We've had eyes on these three
the past few hours?

Then there's no way
any of them are the kidnappers.

We know who hacked
into Nichols' emails

and leaked the affair
to the press.

This guy Ollie Jones.

Who is he to Nichols?

Are you sure you don't know him?

I've never seen
that guy in my life.

Why do I get the feeling
you don't believe me?

What about Ollie's
old boss?

Ever lay eyes
on this guy?

Yeah, that's Sam Greer.

Personal trainer
to elite athletes,

turned his business into
a coaching empire-- you know,

Derrick almost cut
a deal with him last month,

but it, uh, fizzled out
at the last minute.

Why? You think Greer had
something to do with this?

Don't know. How big
a deal we talking?

60 million, give or take.

You didn't think
to mention this?

Why would I?
The deal fell through.

Well, if Greer thinks Nichols
screwed him out of money

like that, killing Nichols could
be retribution.

Coaching empire, my ass.

The IRS has been levying
Greer's accounts,

garnishing 80%
of his income.

Sports Commission's
after him, too.

There are doping allegations
involving ten student-athletes.

Hearing's set
for next week.

He gets banned
from contact with athletes,

he's financially ruined.

Somebody's been
keeping his head above water,

depositing five grand a week
cash into his account.

This isn't
a one-man job.

Greer has help from
someone well-off.


No, no, no. No, no, no.

I never lied to you.
You're the one who put Nichols

in bed with this con man
in the first place.

Exactly how well do
you know Sam Greer?

Not well at all, okay?

I didn't bring Nichols
the Greer deal, I swear to you.

The voice mail
from the kidnappers.

We got a location
on the cell phone.

Do you know where they are?

No, but I know where they were
when they left the message.

Two pings surfaced
on Highway 14

like they were headed
to Mission Valley.
Wait, Mission Valley?

That's where Greer's
training facility is.

That was
part of his pitch.

A flagship football facility
for up-and-coming athletes.

Remember where it is exactly?

Yeah, you don't forget
a pitch like that.

Place is right here.

It's huge, you can't miss it.



Anyone there?

I came alone!

You get recognized on the way?


I laid low, like you said.

Better hand over that little
hooker pistol you got there.

You want to
see your wife?

We got business first.

Locker rooms, offices.

Plenty of spots Greer
could be holding them.

Well, that's why this is
a covert entry.

We got to come up
with a rescue plan

before they know we're here.

Who knows what he'll do

if he gets spooked first?

No need to find out.
We'll stay out of sight

until we locate
Nichols and Carolyn.

I want visual confirmation
before we move in.

Luca, Chris,
we need heat signatures

from everyone in there.

Deac and Tan will
breach the side door.

Hondo and Street,
meet you inside.

Let's roll.

You got it.
Roger that.

Tan, go.

We're in.
All right.

Three, two, one.

Hit the wall--
someone's coming!

There's 42 million
in that account.

Make the transfer.

I told you,
not until I see my wife.

Bring her over!

I'm sorry for
everything, baby!

Did they hurt you?

I'm so sorry.

Whatever he wants,
just give it to him.

If I give it to him,
he'll kill us!


Just listen
to your wife.

Or maybe

I'll just shoot her

No! No, no, no, don't!


Where'd that come from?

Anyone got ears?

Sounded like
the southwest corner

of the field house.

Hang tight,
we're getting a read.

I'm counting
six heat signatures.

Hey, fellas.

I can't make out
who's down there.
We got to get closer.

Let's move.

30 yards out.

I see Carolyn.
Both hostages

are in view.
We good to move in?

We have eyes on all suspects?
That's a negative.

Only a partial view of Greer.

No angle
on the other gunmen yet.

Stay put until we have eyes.

Wait a minute,
something ain't right.

I think the wife's in on it.

What the hell
are you talking about?

Carolyn and Greer
are working together.

She's not a hostage?

No, she's faking it.

Nichols is being set up.
We got to move.

No one move. This is my call.

Sanchez, you're not hearing me.

Things are about
to get real bad.

Stand down, Sergeant.

Do it or she dies!

Move in!

Drop the weapons right now!LAPD!

Drop the gun!
Turn around, drop your gun!
Drop it! Get on your knees!

I am not going down for this!

Just let her go. Please.

Step aside, Nichols!

You want a hostage, take me!

Get out of the way!
What are you doing?!

Derrick, your wife's
in on it, man!

The two of them
have been working

together to take you out.

That's insane!
Derrick, look at me!

Baby, please tell me
it's not true!

It's not.

Of course it isn't!

You believe some
random cop over me?

Derrick, ask her to explain why
she's been holding Greer's hand.


You want real, Derrick?

You ended this marriage
a long time ago.

I've stood by you
since I was 19.

Camps, playoffs,
getting released.

It's always been about you.

Your lies.

Your women.

With me and Sam...

things are different.

I'm warning you!

Get back!
Drop your weapon!

Take it easy, Greer!

Just calm down!

I'll kill him
if you don't stay back!

We're not going anywhere.

Stay back!


We're inside,
staying out of sight.

I'm coming up at eight o'clock,
Luca's at four.

Soon as one of us gets
an angle on Greer,

you want us taking the shot?

Your best bet is
to give up right now.
Shut up!

Just let me, just let me think.

Just do what he says, man.
I said shut the hell up!

Don't do anything stupid!

Nichols is in the way.

If he took one more step

to the right, I'd have the shot.

Move in!

Drop your weapon!

On the ground!
Drop it!

Drop your weapon!
Hands behind your head now!

Suspect down.
Where'd she go?

Where's Carolyn?


Don't move! Don't move.

Get off me, bitch!

I got her.

Deacon, I'm glad you're here.

I want to apologize
for dumping that on you,

the thing with Molly.
No, no, don't mention it.

Um, Commander...

you got to see.

"Father marks five
year anniversary

in search for his
missing daughter."

It's from The Rochester,
Minnesota Chronicle, 2006.

Jane Doe. We found her.

Well, there was something

about the way the cousin
answered your questions

about the birthday cards from
the other side of the family.

So I went back
and talked to her again.

Asked if she'd take
a closer look.

She found one.

She hadn't kept the envelope,
but she let me take the card,

and I brought it to the lab
for the hell of it.

And turns out, there was a faint
imprint from a pen on the back

with the sender's address.

Barely make out the name.

Braun-- do we have contact
information for her family?

There is no family.

Her father died
a few years ago.

Her mother passed away
when she was young.

Kimberly was their only child.

So all those years I obsessed

about what her parents
were going through.

They're gone.

There's no one to tell.


you can stand down.


That's her.

Kimberly Braun.


I respect what you did today.

Before you knew the
truth about Carolyn.

Running into danger.
It wasn't smart,

but it was heroic.

Not football hero.

Real hero.

I hated you guys.

You know... Crenshaw.

Y'all beat us three out
of my four years in high school.

Yeah, we didn't think
much of Dorsey, either.

You play?

College?Thought about it.

Joined the Marines instead.

You ever regret
not going for it?

My daddy's dream was
to watch me play at Grambling.

But I was stubborn.

So you chose to do the opposite.

Something like that.

I was good, though-- maybe not
a five star recruit like you,

and I probably wasn't
gonna go pro.

But you never know.

I ain't gonna lie.

Can't help but wonder sometimes.

You know what I always
wanted to be?


A cop.

I guess nobody told you

what they pay cops.


Good luck with everything, man.

Thank you, man, appreciate it.

All right.
Stay up.

Aw, second-guessing me

in front of the team?


Give me a break, Sanchez.

I was just passing
along what I was seeing.

You're making this easy,

Strike two.

One more, and you're looking

at a mandatory
disciplinary hearing.

Just remember...

you wanted to do this
the hard way.

You're gonna help her, right?

I'm going to do
everything I can.

No, promise me
you'll help her, Dad.

Molly, I swear it,
I'll help her.

What grade was she in?

I... I don't know, sweetie.

But I do know she's in heaven.

I know her friends are there,
maybe her grandparents,

her dog,

and toys to play with.

Okay, honey? Come here.

That's why Sanchez

took this job--
to get Hondo to quit.

That's awful.

We got to do something.

What's in this for Sanchez?

Your guess is as good as ours.

How's Hondo holding up anyway?

He's hanging in there.

I take it you
filled them in?

Sorry. We-we-we had no idea.

What can we do to help?

I don't know what we can do.

Besides wait him out.

I'm done waiting, man.
Yeah, so am I.

You've done so much
for all of us.

It's time for us
to return the favor.

You don't need to face this
on your own.

So we're in agreement then.

We solve this problem...

once and for all.

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