S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 22 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

When control of a university chemistry lab is seized, the SWAT team races to thwart a devastating terror attack.

Previously on

That's a key to this house.

I want us
to live together.

What do you say?

You just came around to
the idea of being a father.

I don't want you
to stick around with someone

who can't
make that happen.

Okay, stop it.
The only reason
I thought being a father

and having kids made
any kind of sense to me

is 'cause I get
to do it with you.

There is no family
without you first.

Mama Pina provides
more than shelter.

She provides
these women with hope.

You trying
to tell me something?

Taking over the safe house
feels like maybe the change
I've been looking for.

I've been terrified
of losing myself

to the person
I'm terrified of losing.

But if we can please
try this again,

I'd really like that,
because I love you.

I love you.

You don't stop,
do you?


I just woke up
next to my dream girl.

What more could anyone want?

Mm, clothes.

Clearly optional.

I have to go
home and change.

I'm not doing the
walk of shame into HQ.

I hope it's okay
if we can just...

...keep this between us
for now.

Man, I hope that's not
the sound of regret already.

No. Not at all.

It's just...

It's my last day
on S.W.A.T., and...

I just don't want it to be
all about this, you know?

Yeah. Of course.

Okay, I have to go
before Luca sees me.

You know, I think
you should be good.

He and Tan were gonna
surf Zuma this morning.

Heard him leave
before the sun came up.


Can't believe
it's your last day.

I know.

I mean,
I'm not complaining,

since it means
we get to be together,


20-Squad is gonna
be weird without you.

Oh, yes!

It finally happened?

what are you doing
home already?

Waves were blown
out, it sucked,

which is totally awesome,

'cause now I am here
to witness this.

You got to
rein it in, Luca.

I... Don't even think
about any high fives.

Okay, I can still be happy
for you both, though, right?

Yes, you can be
happy for us,

but you got to keep
your mouth shut.

At least for today.

Once I'm gone
from S.W.A.T.,
you can go nuts.



This is really happening.

isn't there some kind rule
that says if your proctor

is more than 15 minutes late,

you don't have
to take the test?

If you didn't study,
just say so.

My apologies. I know
you're stressed enough

with finals,
you don't need

any added drama.

Obviously, I'll
add more time

at the end of the test
to compensate.

Uh, Dr. Winter,

I thought Joseph was supposed
to proctor the final.

I'm not at liberty
to discuss the details,

but I'm afraid
Joseph's been dropped

from the university's
doctoral program.

Wait, why?

I can't disclose that.

There was a disciplinary hearing
this week,

and a decision
was made.

We really should get started.

Put your phones away, please.

Joseph, you can't be here.

How about now?

Change in plans
for the final, everybody.

We're going to do something
a little more hands-on.

After all,
it's a chemistry test.

Let's do some chemistry.

No, Joseph. Do you know
how dangerous that is?

What are you waiting for?
This is your final.

Get to work.

Hey, Nichelle,
I got most of my boxes packed,

but I could use a hand
carrying them out.

All right,
I'll just need a minute.

You know,
I'm starting to think

this place is never
gonna look the same.

Your father is moving out,
your girlfriend is moving in.

Did you really expect it
to be the same?

No, baby. I'm all
about the change.

What you looking for?

Oh, I'm taking
some of the high schoolers

to the Queen Mary today.

They have an exhibit
on immigration.

Somewhere around here
I have these little bracelets.

They put pressure
on your wrist,

supposed to prevent

Nichelle, you ain't
going out to sea.

That boat
is permanently docked.
You won't need them.

Just want to be safe.

Chaperoning these kids
is hard enough
when I'm at my best.

Don't want to imagine
if I'm feeling queasy.

Well, I got some Dramamine from
that cruise that Charice and I took.

Got to be around
here someplace.

Uh, no. That's all right.

Baby, I got to go.

Oh. Hey.

Keep this weekend free.
I made some plans.

Oh, yeah?
What's the occasion?

It's a secret.

Keep the weekend free
and maybe you'll find out.

Ooh. Well, then, I better
get my butt to work

and earn myself
some time off.

Later, Pop.

All right, son.

Don't work too hard,
'cause I'm-a need you

to help me with these boxes
when you get back.


I-I'm sorry, I thought
this was one of my boxes.

You can't tell Hondo.

I'm not gonna lie,

the thought of
doing this job

without you
from now on...

...makes me
a little upset.

Gonna miss you.

I know we haven't
always seen eye to eye,

but, man, I respect
your passion,

and your commitment.

The women at that safe house,
they're lucky to get you.

I just hope I can
deliver for them.

You will.

And, hey,
if you're ever looking
for some extra cash

or miss the action,

I'll always have a gig for you
at my security company.

Actually, Deac,
uh, hold up.

I want to
give you something.

I been carrying it
for a while.

Saint Jude Thaddeus.

Patron saint
of hopeless causes.

Since when did you
become religious?

I'm not, but, uh,
seeing your faith,

and what it means to you,
I don't know, it's, uh...

It's been an inspiration.

Guess I've been
carrying it as a kind of, uh,

"What Would
Deacon Do?" token.

You've always
been there for me,

you never gave up on me.

And, uh,

I just want you to know
how grateful I am for that.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Here's what we got.

Someone called 911
from one of the labs.

They didn't speak,
but they left the line open.

911 operator
heard yelling

and the mention
of a gun.

Barricaded suspect,

College campus,
finals week,
people snap.

- Could be anything.
- Yeah.

Campus cops already cleared
the rest of the building.

They couldn't see
inside the labs.

Doors are locked,
the windows are papered over.

So pretty much,
we're going in blind.

Nothing new about that.
I got the IR ready.

All right. Let's move.


What are we looking at?

Picking up eight forms.

Temperature range
says they're all alive,
but there's no movement.

Looks like they're all
prone on the ground.

I smell gas.

Yeah, it's strong.
Coming from inside.

Okay, they're not moving
'cause they're unconscious.

We got to get them
out of there.

Wait, wait, wait.
Hey, hold on.

It's an electronic lock.
If you pop that open,

we'll risk a spark.

Whole place could go up.

That'd be game over.
Chris, lock.

I'm already on it.

They're running out
of air in there.

I'm getting it.

Come on, Chris.

Almost there.


We need ventilation.
Chris, Street, open the doors.

Tan, kill the gas.

We got to get them outside.

We need medics
with O2 right away,

our location.

No, get it off me.
Get it off.

Hey, hey, relax.
Keep your mask on.
You need it.

No, I need to tell you,

h-he's dangerous.

Okay, okay. Just slow down,
take it easy. We're listening.

One of my post grads,

he had the students make
a chemical called diflouro.

It's deadly.

As he left, he said,

"All of them
would die today."

"All of them"?
All of them who?

I don't know.
But you got to stop him.

With what
Joseph took,

he could kill thousands.

This is our guy,
Joseph Reid.

British citizen.
Four years into his
doctorate in chemistry.

Assume we've already
got a BOLO out?

The moment the university
gave us his photo and file.

60-Squad hit his apartment,
Becker should be back

any minute with a report.

What about this chemical
he had the students make?

On paper,
it's tightly controlled,
illegal to possess.

The ER released
Professor Winter,
he's on his way in.

He'll obviously know more.

That man looked spooked,
like this stuff is no joke.

Yeah, and with what happened
to those students,

Joseph's already proven
he's willing to kill.

He already has killed.

No sign of Joseph Reid
at his apartment,

but we found
his roommate dead, gunshot.

Looked like maybe it
happened this morning.

The deceased is the one
on the left, Robert Li.

The one on the right
is the other roommate,
Mark Rodgers.

He's missing.

He probably got the hell
out of Dodge.

Our suspect, Joseph
Reid, was working

four years plus
hoping to get a PhD.

And this last week, university
dropped him from the program.

So we think this
is part of a plan
to get back at them?

Look, he wouldn't
be the first academic to go postal.

I already
alerted the FBI.

They're working on
a threat assessment

focused on the campus.
Now, with finals week

in progress,
graduation days away,

I want to put an end
to this ASAP.

I would have never before
labeled Joseph as dangerous.

A Cambridge grad,

impeccable academic record.

And he was as smart and
focused as advertised.

When did you start to notice
a change in his behavior?

About six months ago.

He stopped
completing his work,

shut himself off
from his students,

it was all very strange,
very disappointing.

Did he ever say anything

that might shed light
on what happened?

No. I reached out to him,

hoping that
he would let me in
on whatever it was,

whether it was-was burnout
or breakdown from stress,

but he just became
more detached.

Ultimately, we had
no choice but to drop him
from the program.

Tell us more about

this chemical compound
he created this morning.

Methylphosphonyl difluoride,

more simply known as DF.

It is one of
two ingredients

in the binary
nerve agent soman.

Wait, wait,
h-hold on.

You really think
he's making nerve gas?

DF has little use
outside of chemical warfare.

That's why
it's so strictly controlled.

You said that there
were two ingredients.

Yes, but unfortunately,

DF is the more
difficult one
to acquire.

The other one is
a more common alcohol

used in certain
hospital applications.

So Joseph may already have
the ingredients he needs.

I can't stress enough how
dangerous this nerve agent is.

Any contact with the liquid
or its vapors, whether

it's ingested, inhaled

or simply on the skin,
it is almost certain death.

And if Joseph is able

to aerosolize it?

Well, like
I told you earlier...

...the death toll
could be in the thousands.

I just got confirmation
that Joseph Reid
has the ability

to make
the nerve agent soman.

A single drop can be deadly.

There's a chance
he has what he needs
to make gallons of it.

Then we need
to find him,

or at least figure out
what his target is.

Any sign of the missing
roommate, Mark Rodgers?

If he's still alive,
he might know something.

Rodgers is still MIA,

but his father
lives in Reseda.

Alonso, you and Hondo
pay him a visit.

Check the campus
hospital, too.

The only other ingredient
he needs is common alcohol.
They should have it there.

- I'll grab Street and go.
- All right, do it.

In the meantime,
I want to dig deeper

into what we know
about Joseph.

What, you think we're
missing something?

I'm not sure,
but I want to find out.

I don't know how you knew,

but I cross-checked
intake logs

with our inventory
like you asked,

and there's a discrepancy
in the alcohol stores

by several gallons.

Do you recognize this man?

We think he may be
the one responsible.

No, never seen him, sorry.

What about the area where
you store the chemicals?

You must have video
surveillance, right?

We're gonna need
to see the tapes.

Right this way.

You got any vacation plans

before taking over
Mama Pina's safe house?

I wish.

But with the state Mama Pina's
in, there's no time.

Those women need help now.

I'm proud of you,
Chris. You know that.

I wouldn't normally celebrate
one of my best leaving,

but I know you're gonna
be an even bigger asset

to this city with
what you're doing.

I hope so.

Weird to think I'm just gonna
be a civilian, though.

Mr. Rodgers, L.A.P.D.

We need to have a word
with you about your son.

Cops are out front.
Mark, go to the door.

Do whatever you have to
to get rid of them while we load up.

Come on. Hurry, hurry.


This guy, he's dressed
like a hospital worker,

but I've never seen him
on this floor before.

Can't see his face.

You have other cameras.
Can you track him?


Isolate the elevator.

That's the missing roommate,
Mark Rodgers.

He's in on it.

It's Street.

Hey, sorry I took so long.

I was,
I was in the back.

Um, what can I
help you with?

Mark Rodgers,
we've been looking for you.

Hondo, he's part of it!

Drop... drop it!

Drop it right now!

It got on me.

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no.

Chris, stay away
from him.

Help me.

Do something. Please!
No, Chris.

Stay back.

Stay with him.

Don't let anybody touch him.


20-David to Command.
We got it all wrong.

Joseph isn't some lone nut
after his professors.

He's got accomplices.

This is something much bigger
than we bargained for.

Two people from different parts
of the world

conspiring to commit
the same crime.

What the hell's
the connection?

All indications
point to Afghanistan.

Now, as far as I can tell,
the two men met

when they were both arrested
by campus police

during a student protest when
the U.S. pulled their forces

out of Afghanistan
last August.

That's about the time Joseph's
PhD work started to falter.

University never
pressed charges,

so there was nothing
in Joseph's file.

Joseph's a British citizen.

He is. His father's British,
but his mother's Afghan.

He spent most of his life
going back and forth
between London and Kabul.

Okay, so I-I get
Joseph's connection,

but how does this
Mark Rodgers kid fit in?

Well, Mark's brother,

he served in U.S.
Army in Afghanistan.

He was killed in action.

20-year war, no victory,
local allies left behind.

More than enough bad
feelings to go around.

My best guess
is that Mark is angry

about his brother's death,
he meets Joseph,

who shares similar rage.

Well, either way,
Hondo was right.

This is much bigger
than just a student

pissed off at the university.

Evidence recovered from
their makeshift lab

suggests they may have as
many as six of these devices.

And we still don't know what
they plan to do with them,
or who they'll target.

Uh, FBI's already widening
their threat assessment
to include the whole city.

This much nerve agent
on the loose,

we need to prepare
for the worst.

Feeling all right?

Just thinking about how close
I came to being one of those

sad stories of a cop
killed on the last day.

That was never gonna happen.

Yeah, because you
didn't let it happen.

Your call saved my life.

Well, I will start thinking
of ways you can make it
up to me.

Chem suits?

Hate those things.
I sweat like a pig.

After what I saw today,
I might wear mine right now.

Yeah, Hicks wants them
loaded in Black Betty.

Oh, and check these out.

Some kind of antidote?

If it's injected
fast enough.

That's the idea, anyway.

Street, do you mind
if I have a quick word with Tan?



I know you're not looking
to spar right now.

No, they're a
"going away" present.

My idea was, they're
more than just gloves,

they're a symbol of
how you looked after me

when I was drinking too much
after Erica died.

You encouraged me to
get back in the ring

and punch out that anger,

and, uh...

When I look back
at all our times together,
that's what I remember most.

Well, I'm really
gonna miss having

my favorite sparring
partner around.

All right,
that's enough.

This is getting way sappier
than I wanted it to be.


Techs pulled a print
from the lab

Hondo and Chris uncovered
at the Rodgers house.

It doesn't belong
to Rodgers or Joseph Reid.

So we got an ID
on a third suspect?

Name's Mateen Rozi.
He's had a couple

of minor arrests, no LKA.

Employment history says he does
delivery for an Afghan cafe

down on Olympic.

All right,
we'll go check it out.

Friends and family of our
community who've gone missing

back home since the Taliban
assumed full control.

But that's not
why you're here.

I'm Sergeant Harrelson,
this is Sergeant Kay.

We're looking for one of
your delivery drivers.

Mateen Rozi.

I haven't seen
Mateen in weeks.

But it's not unusual.

It's important that we talk to him.
Do you have an address?

No address,
but, uh, he was

in a fender bender
recently, right out front.

I had to get all his car info
for the insurance claim.

Sir, would you say
that Mateen is political?

More I would say, uh,
conflicted, angry.

Like so many others
whose country has seen
decades of war.

Thank you.

I'm gonna put out a BOLO.

Did you ever see Mateen
hanging around with either
of these men?

Sure, that's Joseph
on the right.

He used to
come in here a lot

to send money
back to his family.

I'm sorry,
why-why here?

When the U.S. left
and the Taliban took over,

traditional banking
and money-wiring services
were corrupted.

But I still have ways
to send money back home.

You're part of a hawala.

Exactly. You're familiar.

Yeah. But you said
that he used to send money.

Yes, until his family were
all killed a few months ago.

Was inevitable,

Joseph's uncle
was an interpreter

for a unit of Marines.

Despite many promises
that they would be
brought to the U.S.,

they were
ultimately left behind.

Joseph blames the U.S.,

but it was the Taliban
who showed them no mercy.

Thank you for your time.

You know, looking at this
from Joseph's eyes,

the U.S. is responsible
for the death of his family.

Yeah, when they get
left behind by the pullout,
he starts to spiral.

His university
studies suffer...

And when they're killed,
he snaps.


The BOLO on
Mateen Rozi's car just paid off.

That fast?
How's that possible?

License plates
are automatically scanned

when you enter the
Federal Building parking lot.

It flagged the system
less than a minute ago.

I already got
20- and 60-Squads rolling.

Roger that.
We'll meet them there.

What do we got?
We found Mateen's car.

Still hot. No sign
of him or Joseph.
Maybe he's still inside.

How many people
in the building?
Close to a thousand.

Evac's underway,
but construction has

the whole north elevator
bank shut down.

Stairwells jammed
like the 405.

Look, I'm not normally spooked,
but I got a bad,

bad feeling about this one.

Becker's team
is already making entry.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

All right, we go
three and three,

leapfrog our way
up the floors.

Mattis, Lopez, O'Neil,
start on one.

Dizzy, you, me and J.T.
will start on two.

Let's go! Out of the way!
Out of the way!

A million places to hide a
nerve agent, none of them good.

- Come on, let's go!
- Help!

Somebody help!
Over here!

Help! Something's wrong.

It's jammed.
It won't open.

We got you.
Back up away from the door.

Back up.

Three, two, one.

All right, come on, let's go,
let's go, let's go!
Let's go! Move, move!

Move, move, move.
Away from the building. Go.

Keep going.
Hurry. Quickly.
Go, go.

Keep going.

- Hey, you, brown jacket, hold up.
- Let's go.

25-David. Suspect heading
up the north stairs.

Brown jacket.
Move, move, move!

Hands in the air, now!

Turn around.

Mateen Rozi.


It's not on him.

What did you do
with the nerve gas?

Timer on his
phone's running.

It's got less
than four minutes.

What happens
in four minutes?

Stick around, find out.

Hondo, there're still
hundreds of people in there.

We don't have time
to get them all out.

Then I guess
we're going in.

Let go of me.

There're hundreds of innocent
people in this building.

If they die, you die.
It's that simple.

You can't do this.

Your clock's
ticking, Mateen.

You got under a minute
unless you tell me

where you planted
the nerve gas.

I saw what this stuff
did to your buddy Mark.

It's a bad way to go, man.
Tell me where it is.

All right, all right.
It's on the fourth floor.

There's a planter box
by the elevators.

Where else?
What about the others?

T-That's... That's it.
I just brought the one.

20-David to 60-David.

You're looking
for a planter box

near the fourth floor

Copy that, Hondo.

I found it.
I got it here.

There's a timer.

How do we stop it?
How do we shut it down?

There's a yellow valve.

You hear that, Becker?
It's the yellow valve.

The valve's shut.

Device is secured.

Security footage confirms it.

He came alone with
just the one device.

Means this was little
more than a distraction.

There are still
five devices out there.

The suspect's phone
is a burner.

There's only one phone number
in the call log.

Well, it's probably

He'd be expecting
a confirmation call about now.

Could be our chance
to chase down
the other devices.

I already gave
Hicks the number.

He's standing by
to run a trap

and trace if we can
get Joseph to pick up.
It's worth a shot.

Mateen, you're late.

I'm afraid
your buddy Mateen's

in federal custody, Joseph.

This is Sergeant Harrelson,
L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T.

I thought we could
talk about how

we could put an end
to all of this.

No. Words are meaningless.

Hey, look, we know
about your uncle.

Your family
in Afghanistan.

They promised him.

My uncle
helped them for years.

He lived with them,
mourned their losses,

welcomed them
into his home.

Then they all left.

They're home now
with their families,

while my uncle

and his family
were left behind to die.

I'm sorry,
but they have to pay.

No, Joseph,
listen to me, man.

He hung up.

This isn't political.
It's straight revenge.

He wants payback
on the guys his uncle
interpreted for.

The cafe owner
said that his uncle

was embedded
with a Marine unit.

There's a Marine
recruiting office on the
fourth floor of this building.

Well, maybe that's why
he sent Mateen here,

but Joseph's
going after the unit that
his uncle worked for.

It's got to be stateside,
somewhere local.

Command to D-team.

Go for D-team.

Joseph turned off his phone
once the call ended,

but we had it long enough
to know he's on the 710,

headed towards Long Beach.

Uh, Commander,
we think that Joseph

is going after
the Marine unit

that his uncle worked with
in Afghanistan.

Copy that, Deac.
Get 20- and 60-Squads
heading south.

I'll try to get you
the information on the fly.

Roger that.Move.

Come on...Everything all right?

Nichelle's chaperoning
a group of high school kids

in Long Beach,
an exhibit on the
Queen Mary.

I can't reach her.

No cell signal
if she's below decks.

From Hicks.

"Joseph's uncle worked
with 5th Battalion,

"22nd Division.
The unit's taking part

"in a celebration today,

"watching Navy ships
come in for Fleet Week.

"From the deck
of the Queen Mary."

Hey, Pop, Pop, listen to me.

Is there any chance

Nichelle stayed home today?

No, she was taking those kids,
remember? Why?

I can't explain right now.

No, son, wait a minute.

I hear something
in your voice.
Is Nichelle in trouble?

Pop, I don't know.
I got to go.

No, no, listen, damn it.

There's something
you need to know.

It's the reason she wants
to take you away this weekend.

She wants to tell you.

Tell me what, Pop?

She's pregnant, son.

Sh-She's pregnant?

I accidentally found a test
in one of her boxes.

Now, she made me promise
not to tell you, but...

You got to find her, son.

All right, Chris, Tan,
we're gonna need eyes up high.

- Move.
- On it.

Hey, how do you
want to work it?

Let's get on that ship
and stage nearby.

You guys lay low.
If we find a device,

your squad will
handle containment.


Listen, once we get up there,
if you need to take off

and find Nichelle,
we understand.

We got you covered.

Let's just find Joseph.

We put an end to this,
Nichelle will be fine.

Imagine what it would've
been like to pack up

everything you own
and set off across the ocean.

Maybe with nobody waiting
for you on the other side.

I don't know.
Doesn't sound so bad.

Come here
on a seven-day cruise?

I don't think it was quite as
luxurious as you're picturing.

I think it was
a long, tough voyage

until they arrived
at Ellis Island.

Which we'll hear
about next.

That's a lot of people.

Evacuation routes
are really limited.

Means it'll be bad news if
one of those canisters go off.

Then we know what
we need to do.

All right, Becker,
y'all stand by.

If we find anything...

Give me the signal,
we'll come running.

Let's move.

Tan, 11 o'clock,
by the red pop-up.

The guy dressed
as a maintenance worker.

Suspects sighted near the stage.

Green maintenance jackets,
baseball caps.

They just put a device
in a trash can.

That's got be how
they're hiding them.

20-David to 60-David.

They are targeting trash cans.

I need your team
to handle containment.

Hondo, your ten,
near the rails.

Joseph! Stop right there!

L.A.P.D.! Out of the way!

L.A.P.D.! Deacon,
you and Street go left.

We've got Joseph.

Out of the way.

One device deactivated.

Spread out and search.
Check every trash can.

L.A.P.D.! Drop the weapon!

You good?

Go. I'll double back.

Joseph is headed
to the port side.

Roger. We're on Bedar,
heading starboard.

Going hands-on.


One suspect down.


In pursuit along
the outer deck,

headed toward the stern.

Roger, Luca.
Headed that way.

Give it up, Joseph!

It's over, man!

Get on your knees!
Drop your gun! On your knees!

- Down on the ground!
- Drop the gun!

Down on the ground!
On your knees!

Give me your hands.

Canister's gone.

He had it
a second ago.

Where is it?

He must have ditched it.

Where'd you put the device?

Hondo! Damn it,
he dropped it in.

Can you reach it?

No, it fell down
into the ship.

How long till it goes?

How long?

Hey, it's got to be 30
feet down from the markings

on the shaft,
maybe three levels?

I can't see the timer.

Hondo, if the gas
releases in there...

- Whole ship becomes a death chamber.
- Okay.

There's light coming in
close by. Must be a vent.

All right, maybe that's good.
It might give us a chance

to get to it before
it's too late.

Get him out of here.
Start evac'ing the ship now.

And send Becker's team in.

Luca, we don't have
time to wait. Go.

Listen up, I need
everyone to get outside.

Clear the area,
right now. Let's go.

Look, we need to go
down another level.
Hondo, what's going on?

Baby, you might be in danger.
I need you to get outside,

off the ship,
right away.

I can't without my kids.
What's happening?


Get them and go.
As fast as you can.

Over there,
over there.

Yeah, I see it. That one.

There it is.

All right,
the timer's armed.

Under a minute. I think
I can get to it if I climb in,

but this vent's too narrow
all tac'd up.

I got to get this gear off.

Luca, what're you doing?
I'm going in after it.

No, stand down. I'll do it.

No way. You just found out
you're gonna be a dad.
Has to be me.

There's no time
to argue about it.

It's getting narrow in here.

I can't quite reach it.

Ah...We don't have
a lot of time, Luca.

Look, the shutoff valve's
just out of reach.

You got the antidote pen
on you?

No, h-hold up, Luca.
What are you thinking?

I can maybe grab
the release pin,

but it's probably gonna get me.
No! No, no way, Luca.

That is a bad plan.
Look, it's the only plan.

There's not enough time
left for anything else.

Luca, don't do it.


It's closed, but it got me.
Get me out of here.


All right, I got you,
man, I got you.

I got you.

Luca. Luca.

Hang in there, man, hang in
there. Come on, man. Luca.

Luca, come on.
Fight, fight, fight.

Come on,
come on, come on.

Come back to me.

Hang in there, man.
Come on.

Yeah, t-there he is.
There he is.

Luca. Luca.
Luca, Luca.

We did it.

No. No, you did it, man.

You did it.


Hondo, I got to get
these kids home.

Their parents
are freaking out.

All right. We'll talk
when I get home.

I love you.


It's a hell
of a last day.

Tell me you're not gonna
miss this all this.

A day like today?
Not one bit.

If it's all right,
I, uh...

I'd rather just get this
over with. Not, uh...

Not make a big deal out of it,
you know what I mean?

I know.

You know, if I thought
there was any way
to get you to stay,

I'd do it.

But you're
a legacy at S.W.A.T.,

and that's
not going anywhere.

That said...

...I'm gonna miss you.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

Ah, I was
getting worried.

You're the only one
who didn't come check on me.

I was waiting
to get you alone.

Just gave Hicks

my gun and badge.

I got something for you.

I've been dreading
this moment all day.

If I start crying,
it's just the aftereffects

of the nerve gas,
that's all.

My very first day
on S.W.A.T., ten years ago,

I was heading out
after one of our shifts,

feeling like an outsider,

like I would never be
part of the team.

And you asked me
if I wanted to grab a bite.

Remember that day?
I remember that.

We went to that funny
little Chinese place
down on Spring Street.

You could tell,
you were feeling

a little unsure of yourself.

I was freaking out,

wondering if
I made a mistake leaving K-9.

But you, um,

you told me
to give it time.

That if I trusted in it,

I'd grow to love it.

What's that?

It's the fortune I got
in my cookie that night.

You kept it
all these years?


"With trust and faith
in friends...

"...friends become family."


You all right?

I'm just learning now
from the news

how bad things
could've gone today.

Well, baby, I ain't gonna
lie. I was worried sick

knowing that you were
that close to all of it.

But you and S.W.A.T.
saved the day.

That's got to feel
pretty good.

Not as good as this feels.


What's that smile for?

What, I can't smile
at the woman that I love?


You told him.

Well, maybe
I let it slip out.

But you were in danger,

and my concern
got the best of me.

Sorry, baby,
but the cat is out of the bag.

So? Are you excited?

Am I excited?
Look at my face. Yes.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Well, the upside of this
is that now that it's not
a secret anymore,

there's no need
for a weekend getaway,

which was probably
only an excuse

so y'all wouldn't have
to help me move.

Okay, you know what, Pop?
You're tripping.

We are taking
that weekend getaway.

But I promise you,
when we get back,

I'll help you
pack the boxes.

I'll toast to that.

Here's to family.

Here's to our family.

We're serving
this high-risk warrant

on this guy, big guy.

And we go in.

Next thing he knows,
he is face down,

he can't believe it.

And this is the moment
I'm waiting for,

we pick him up,

he turns around
and sees that it's Chris

that has
laid him out flat.

This clown has been taken out
by a woman half his size.

And that might be
my favorite S.W.A.T. memory,

and definitely
my favorite Chris story.

I remember that guy.
He was almost in tears when
we handed him off to patrol.

I think Chris broke him.

All right,
how much I owe you?


Perfect timing.

Well, it's the least
I could do after today.

Still not loving the risk
that you took, though.

Look, it didn't
make sense for it

to be anybody but me.

I mean,
I'm the only member
of this team

without a plus-one,
you know?

I mean,
you've got Nichelle.

Deac's got Annie
and the kids.

Probably not a shocker,

but Chris and Street
have each other now.


I don't have anyone
counting on me, so...

That's not true.

Not if you're gonna be
my baby's godfather.

Are you asking me
for real?

Assuming everything
goes well.

Nichelle's already
signed off.

Luca, we'd be honored
if you said yes.

How about
"hell yeah," man?

Are you kidding me?
Oh, my God.

That's amazing.

I love you, man.
Thank you.

Yeah.I love you, too.
You guys.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.

Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I didn't get the memo
that we were giving gifts.

We're not.

At least, not for me.

I, uh, gave everyone
a little something today,

and this one's for you.

For me?

It's the Queen Mary.

Oh, a mini cruise ship.
Good gift.

You gave me advice

during that cruise ship
hijacking a few years ago,

and you told me

relationships weren't
impossible with this job.

So the ship's supposed
to be a reminder

of that and all the journeys
we've been on since then.

I mean, look how
far we've all come.


Now, wait a second.

I know what you got me,

what you got Luca
and Tan and now Hondo.

What'd you get Street?

Street gets me.

Ah, aww.

Only had to
wait five years.

Hey, guys, listen up.

I know you all have heard
plenty of speeches from me,

but... None ever
as heartfelt as this one.

A lot of people
talk about legacy,

few people live it.

But Chris Alonso,
you're one of those.

You got to be a good
officer to do this job.

But an even better human being
to do it well,

and to do it
with class.

Christina Alonso,

you damn sure
have left your mark

on the L.A.P.D.,

and your mark on S.W.A.T.

And you've left
an even deeper mark

with all of us here.

So wherever you go,

whatever you do...

...we will always
have your back

because we will
always be together.

♪♪ Downtown, downtown...

This ain't goodbye.

It's forever.

♪♪ Downtown, we gonna ride...

To Chris.

To Chris.

♪♪ Downtown, downtown... ♪♪

I love you guys.

We love you, too.
I love you.