S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Previously on S.W.A.T...

Be good for my son.

Show him
what he ain't seen.

We both want you
to stay here.

They ain't never
gonna let me see my son.

I might not get
my visitation rights

because of
my criminal record.

I'm not that type
of kid anymore.

You got to find
some way to show them.

I'm looking
at early parole, man.

You want me to speak
on your behalf?

I'd have to stake
my entire reputation

that you'd stay clean.
I will.

I heard you got out.

Yeah, no thanks to you.

Don't know if he could
cut it out there yet.

By "out there," I really hope
you're talking about college
and not the streets.

Well, like you said,

I'm his father.

chapter 3 verse 19:

"Those whom
I love, I reprove

"and discipline.

"So be zealous
and repent."

I'm God's servant
for your good.

So stop crying.

Thanks. Anything helps.

No! Stop it!

Hey! Hey!

Police. Let her go.

I'm trying to help.
Take your hands
off of her.

No, you're not.
You'll just get us
both in trouble.

Zoey, please...

She's my girlfriend, okay?
Not anymore.

Back off right now,
or I arrest you for assault.

Like I'm the problem?
Looks like, yeah.

So skip the excuses
and walk away.

Stay away.

Captain in charge
says zip contact
with the shooter yet.

No shots heard
in the last ten minutes.

Maybe he decided to
pull his own plug.

Or maybe he's setting up
for an ambush.

Let's stick to the facts:
we got at least
two gunshot victims,

condition unknown...

A manager
and a shift leader
who called 911.

She got hit
while the line was open.

Patrol's already deactivated
all alarms and doors.

ID on the shooter yet?

Walter Bolton. 53.
Forklift operator.

Eighteen years
on the job.

Late in life
for a freak-out.

It's never too late
for the crazy to take hold.

No next of kin
listed in his file.

So no leverage for us.

According to personnel,
this guy was getting
laid off today.

Seems like
it wasn't news to him.

Do we know what weapons
he has, how much ammo?

Shootings happened in
and next to
the conference room.

Floor plans are
on your Juggernauts.

Rooms are highlighted.

Any other calls
from inside?
Company rule is:

nothing but the clothes
on your back.

Employees keep their phones
in the lockers.

How many still at risk?

Fifty workers
punched the clock.

made it out the door.

You got Rocker's team
behind you
to evacuate who's left.

Your objective is:

find the shooter,
end the threat.

Yes, sir. On me.

you guys clear hostages.



Hands up! Hands in the air!

Walk towards my voice.

Walk towards
my voice.

Where's the shooter?

Where's the shooter?
I don't know!

Body temp's
still dropping.


No other heat signature
in there.

This one, too.

20-David to Command.

We've got two DBs
in and near
the conference room.

Not the suspect.

Negotiator needs
to place a call again.

Roger that.


the mercy of God,
rest in peace.

Might be the locker room.

Which could be
anybody's phone.

It's his.


Hey, Walter,
can you hear me?

I've been waiting.

Twenty-two feet
from the door. Solo.

Street, get us
an entry shield.


You ready to
come out, Walter?

No point.

Just take me out,
quick and painless.

Get it over with.

Headshot. Boom.

come on, man.

If you wanted to die,
you'd already be
laying on the floor

next to your boss.

I just brought the gun
to scare him.

I was never gonna use it.

But he was so smug
and righteous.

It's supposed
to be your fault
when you get fired.

I didn't do nothin'.

Except get old.

Walter, you know,

me and you are
almost the same age.

We went to high school
around the same time.

The only way anybody's really
gonna know what happened

is if you tell
your side of the story,

on the record, in court.

Nobody cares.

I'm "redundant."

I didn't even
know that word.

My manager
had to explain it to me.

It was the first time
he ever spoke to me.

To tell me
I was no longer needed.

That's cold, man.
That's real cold.

He shook my hand.

His hand was...

Soft, l-like a woman's.

And his...
And his clean shirt cuffs.

I showed him the gun.

Then the shift boss saw it,
and she went for the phone.

I mean,
I wasn't gonna shoot anybody.

But she didn't
give me a choice.

Walter, you're
the victim here, man.

Don't make them
the heroes.

Just come on out.

I don't think so.

No, sir.

Drop the gun!
Drop the gun!

Do it now.

Flat on your stomach! Now!
Flat on your stomach!

Hands behind
your back.

You're younger
than you said.

We say
what we have to.

Why did you let me live?

Because that's my job.

Code 4.

Suspect in custody.

Hey, what's up, Darryl?

My lawyer called.

Said that I have an open file
that's gonna look bad
in family court.

Stop me from getting
joint custody of my son...
Okay, slow down.

She used those words,
"open file"?

Is there something
I should know, D?

You sound just like
a cop right now.

Hondo, I've done the work.

I've been making
good choices,

but that doesn't change
who I used to be.

You even had to
ask me that right now.

It's got to be a glitch.

I'll get it fixed.

All right?

All right.


This is public property.
I'm allowed to be here.

Let's start over.
I ran the plate
on the car

she rode off in

It's registered
to Scott Miller.

Yeah, he calls himself
"Bishop Miller."

And he's got Zoey locked up
so she can't get away,

and she's not the only one.

There are a whole lot
of other kids just like her

who are panhandling for him
so that they could keep
their beds in his shelter...

It is such a scam.

Okay, slow down.
Where is the shelter?

It's part of the compound
behind that phony church
of his,

the Kingdom
of the Blessed.

What a lie.

You know who said
that the biggest lie
is the most believable?


Here's comes
the enforcer.

They're gone.

Now do you believe me?

Or do I have to try
to break Zoey out of there
to put the cops in play?

Bad plan.
The side of every police car
says: "To Protect and Serve."

What happened
to "protect"?

This is slave labor
for a cult.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Don't go big, okay?

You know, Zoey
doesn't even have cancer.

Miller shaved her head
to punish her for dating
on the outside.

Meaning you.
Isn't that assault?

Or a hairstyle.
How old is she?


Then Zoey's an adult.

Sounds like the guy has
a personal interest in her.

That's what I said,
but she couldn't see it.

You know, the only way

this guy is the Second Coming

is if Christ is a con man.

He's put ATMs
inside the church

so you can buy blessings
by debit card.

You're not gonna do
anything, are you?

It's my day off. I'll...
I'll make a visit.

But if Zoey wants
to stay where she is,

she has the right.

Except she doesn't
have a choice.

What's the address
of this church?

Come in, but I don't have
good news about Darryl.

Sir, Darryl is not
a gang associate.

Take a look.

That's his father.
I know who he is.

Gang and Narcotics
are keeping tabs

on your old pal Leroy
in case he slips again.

If the boy wants to spend time
with his own father,

that shouldn't jam him up.

Well, I can't
change the facts.

Darryl's a convicted felon

associating with
a felon on parole.

I mean, that alone is enough

to open up a new file on him.

Look, I'm sorry he's
collateral damage. I am.

You could vouch for him,

You know him personally.

There's just so many favors
I can squeeze out of GND.

If Darryl keeps spending
time in public with Leroy,

he's gonna get
flagged again.


You're welcome.

Thank you, sir.


Amen, my friends.

Praise the Lord
and pass the plate.

Give until it hurts.

Because we sacrifice
for God

to prove our faith
in Him.

Our love for Him.

And we will be blessed
with great rewards

now and forever after.

Amen, brother.

Second Corinthians 9:7 says

"God loves a cheerful giver."

So don't skimp on
the Lord, my friends.

Put some legs
on all your faith,

all your prayers
and all your worship.



Did you enjoy
the service?

I haven't been
to church in a while.

Welcome back
to God's house.

How long have you guys
been, uh, coming here?

Um, three years
now, Henry?

Church keeps
getting bigger.
And better.

Services seven days a week,
morning, afternoon, evening.

The bishop is here
for the Blessed.

You were generous today,
with the collection.

The ATMs make it easy
to get cash.

Most of us just tithe directly
from our bank accounts,
to avoid the fees.

And the cash limits.

Like the bishop preaches,
it takes money to make money.

On Earth
as it is in heaven.

Mm, praise the Lord.
There's money in heaven?

You don't believe
the Bible, sister?

Welcome to the Kingdom
of the Blessed.

What's your
name, sister?

Well, I know how Juanita
and Henry came to be
God's servants,

but how'd the Lord
choose you, Christina?

You'd have to ask Her.

You're not a believer.

Well, that's how
I used to think,

and then I met Zoey,
and she told me
about the Kingdom

and all the good work
that you do.

Your mission.

I thought Zoey
would be here today.

She's here.
She's in the girls' dorm.

Part of our
youth outreach.

We have an early-morning
prayer meeting
for the residents.

They have
a different taste
in music.

Is it okay
if I say hi to her?

I'll walk you over.

Girls on this side
of the compound,

boys on that side,
as far away
as we can put them.

And we still have
to lock the doors.

Like your mom
did, right?

You don't know
my family.

I know you, Christina.

Visitor for you, Zoey.

It was a beautiful service,
like you said.

Lot of good people
under one roof.

Christina wants to learn more
about our youth program,

which depends
entirely upon

the generosity of individual
donors such as yourself.

Stay as long
as you like.

We have no secrets here.

My mom liked to say

"No secret
is the biggest secret of all."

God rest her soul.

Or you wouldn't have
used the past tense.

Come back soon.

What do you want?

Are you here by choice?

I was living on a sidewalk
before this.

Here is better
than wherever
there used to be,

for all of us.

Do you understand?

Dylan thinks
you're in trouble.

So he told a cop?

Look, I'm fine, okay?
I made a mistake with him.

And I knew better.
Every family has rules.

And punishments?
Like your hair?

The bishop
gives us a home.

He brings us
closer to God.

I don't want something
to happen to Dylan
because I was stupid.

You think he's in danger?

You're gonna
make it worse.

Zoey, who would hurt him?

You can talk to me.

I'm not getting sent
to the Yellow House.

What does that mean?

Can you just go away? Please?

Dylan gave me your number.
I'm texting you mine.

I'll delete it.

Up to you.

Something's so wrong there.

It's like they've all
been hypnotized.

This couple I met,
turns out they got
a second trust deed

on their little house
and gave Miller
all the money.

It was their nest egg.

Church donations
aren't illegal.

I'm not willing
to wait for God
to judge, all right?

What about slave labor,
domestic violence,

unlawful restraint,
financial abuse?

We have a duty,
don't we? As cops?

Who have you already
talked to about this?

You, Deacon.

Well, you got
to follow protocol.

Take it to Vice
or Human Trafficking.

Without evidence
or eyewitnesses

or a verified crime?
Nothing happens.

We're not detectives,

We're out of uniform,
we're off duty,

so I'm gonna tell you
that's some BS.

What have you both done
on your own time

because it was
the right thing?

I know a sergeant in North
Hollywood Division, Bob Garza.

I'll check in
with him tomorrow,
get the lowdown.

What about right now?
you are tough, aren't you?

That's why you love me.

All right, Deac, go on.

Chris obviously ain't
giving this up.

I'll clear it with Hicks.

Hey, what's going on, Tan?

The wedding's off.

You're kidding.
What'd you do?

The hotel canceled on us.

Can't even guarantee
a new date.

There's always
Deacon's backyard.

Not with 300-plus guests.
I've stopped counting heads.

There's so much family
to offend on both sides
of the aisle.

And now there's no aisle.

The beach is big.
And cheap.

Yeah, neither one
of our moms

is gonna walk across
sand for this.

Not barefoot
and definitely
not in heels.

You could always elope.

I'm not about to let Bonnie
miss out on her dream
wedding by eloping.

No way.
We just got to wait.

How's she doing with that?

We're philosophical.

Both of you?

Bonnie's fine.

You saw her.

You get it.
She's-she's brainwashed.

Zoey's worried about you.

Her real name is Abby.

From A to Z, right?

As far away
as she could get
from her father,

who used to like to crawl
in bed with her at night.

He called it their-their
"Rock-a-bye Baby time."

Now she ends up
with another version
of the same thing.

Except this one's
hiding behind God.

They were never
gonna hunt us down.

There's always another
kid for the corner.

She just
had to walk away.

Miller would've moved on
to somebody else.

I get the impression
he doesn't let go easy.

Yeah, but we would've been
in San Francisco by now.

Way out of reach.

Did she ever mention
the Yellow House?

The monster
under the bed? Yeah.

The hellmouth. Th...

That's how Miller
keeps them all in check.

Is that an actual place?
With an address
this side of eternity?

I don't, I don't know.

If Zoey calls you...
So you're done?

So that, that's it?
She doesn't want to leave.

I-I can't force her.

Why'd I ever bother
talking to you?

Get in. Now.

Let's go.

Hondo, I think
Zoey's boyfriend
just got snatched.

They're still talking.

Courtesy takes
a minute, Chris.
Settle down.

This is Garza's division.
We're just guests
at the party.

We got onto this
phony pastor pretty quick
after he set up shop.

Lot of red flags,
nothing ever sticks.

How about kidnapping
witnessed by a team member?

Unless the boy
went voluntarily.

Your officer
couldn't see it.

Miller's got these kids
panhandling all day

to stay in the shelter.
It-it's forced labor.

Volunteers for the Lord,
with a business license
from the city.

You don't get a license
for false imprisonment
and abuse.

No evidence,
no probable cause.
He's slick as slime.

Feel free to nail his ass.
I've tried.

Miller invited me back.
It's not trespass,
I'm a guest.

I'll keep my phone mic hot
so you have audio.
Am I good to go?

You're only here
to gather information,

see if there's
any real danger.
This is not a mission.

I understand
the difference, Hondo.

Don't make me sorry.

Hell, I'm already sorry.

I'm looking for Zoey.

I'm a friend of hers.


Do you need a meal, Christina?

No thanks, Bishop.

I just came to see Zoey.

Is she around?
It's after visiting hours.

I'll walk you out.

You think he's onto her?

He's smart.

Even peace officers need God.

And usually a warrant.


I'm here
as Zoey's friend.

If you were her friend,
you'd know that she left

the Kingdom
without telling us.

And I hope she brings that man
of hers back to the Lord
and they find their way home,

but God lets us
make our own choices.

Good and bad. Free will.

Why do you keep
the kids locked up?

They're not kids,
they're adults, all of them.

We enforce an early curfew
for their safety,

and each building
has an emergency exit
with an alarm.

Zero risk to the residents.

I appreciate
how much you care.

I'm being real with you.

They're locked in,
but not locked out?

So everybody
can come home, yes.

Miller's not even worried.

Well, that's his weakness.

He doesn't think
we can't touch him.

So far he's right.

You're not here all
by yourself, Christina.

You have backup listening.

Peace be with you, Officers.

I hate this man.

I'm gonna pray for Zoey.

And you, too, Christina.
Don't bother.

Even hopeless sinners
need prayer.

So Dylan gets grabbed
and Zoey goes missing

and the guy plays like
he's God's best friend.

We'll put out a BOLO
for both of them.

A bishop? What?
He's no real
kind of bishop.

He just likes the way
the word sounds.

To make himself legit.

Well, you're not a deacon,
either, are you?

It doesn't matter.

He's a felon
without a jacket,
he's a predator

hiding behind his twisted
readings of the Bible.

Dial your heat down, Alonso.

We got two missing victims,

That no one has
officially reported.

I'm reporting it.

Okay, fine.

But you stay
on call tomorrow,
like every day off.

S.W.A.T. takes
priority, copy?

Copy that.

And don't go thinking
you're some kind of
damn task force.

All the good people
sure this place is holy,

getting hustled out
of their paycheck

so Miller can dress sharp
and live big and ride around
in flashy cars.

God's pimp.

At least a pimp
on the corner's honest
about his services.

Well, Miller's proof
that prayer works.

He's showing off
his direct connection
to God.

He's got them
convinced that

he's their last chance
for rewards on Earth.

That he can save them,
for a price.

That's beyond ugly.

And protected
by the First Amendment.

You're gonna pray
for the sinner?

I think I'll pray
for more saints.

That's the girl
who had something
to tell me.

Let's try
to get her alone.

What's up, Leroy?

Why you here?

Gang and Narcotics
opened a new file on Darryl
as a gang associate.

You play like
you got pull.

There's surveillance photos
of him hanging

with a known gang member,
which is you.

I'm being watched?

Come on, now.
Waste of taxpayer money.

I'm too old to matter
to the young Gs, man.

I'm out of the game.
I'm shut out of the game.
Come on, man.

Blood in, blood out.
You're still a Hammer.

A triple OG.

All by yourself, you made
Darryl a gang associate.

Look, all I'm saying

is maybe you should hang back
for a bit to protect Darryl.

Yeah, you keep
finding reasons

to keep me away from
my boy, don't you?

Just until GND
loses interest in you, man.

You're still
a hot subject.

Yeah, and how long
is that gonna take?

Sometime between
now and never?

You asked me to
do right by Darryl
because you couldn't.

I'm just trying to honor
my promise to you.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
Big man. Big talk.

Leroy, you are welcome
to visit Darryl at home

as often as you want
for as long as you like.

Just not in public
where y'all can get seen.

Oh, man,
this country been

breaking up Black families
for centuries.

So, that's a problem with
the system, not with me.

Oh, so you're
Malcolm X now?

Yo, I've done my time.
All right?

I'm gonna enjoy my freedom,
no thanks to you,
and I won't forget.

You ain't gonna put me

under some kind
of house arrest
to see my boy.

Are you done
listening to yourself?

Hey, why don't
I come by later?

We let Darryl
make up his own damn mind.

I mean, you and me,
we was grown-ass men
at 17.

Okay, but he ain't.

Whose fault is that?

I'm doing my best, Leroy.

Same here.

So, where's home?

You're a cop, aren't you?
What do you want?

Just talk to us
about Zoey.

You wanted to tell me
something last night.

If the bishop finds out,
he'll send me
to the Yellow House.

Then you better
talk fast.

Second time I've heard
about the Yellow House.
What is it?

It's the self-improvement
center for hopeless sinners.

I think that's
where he put Zoey.

No one comes
back the same.

Where is this place?

I don't know.

I don't ever
want to know.

This girl,
this young woman...

She's never been to what
they call the Yellow House.

If it's even real.
The fear is real.

And you both believed her?

All right.

We could access the
automatic plate reader

and see where this "BLESSED"
car's been riding around.

If they're careless
and we get lucky,

we might be able
to find the block.

And if
we can narrow
it to an address

that matches
the description,

Garza could
take a couple unis,
do a welfare check.

That's a lot
of ifs and maybes.

While Zoey and Dylan
and how many other kids

are going through
who knows
what kind of hell.

Chris, do you
have a better plan that
you want to share?

No, sir.

Hey. Any more
wedding news?

Yeah. We decided to
hit pause on the whole thing
for a minute.

I'm never gonna tell Bonnie,
but I'm kind of relieved.

I can breathe again.

That doesn't sound good.

All the planning,

family drama
around every single choice.

Color of the cocktail napkins.
Nobody notices. Who cares?

I'm guessing the mothers.

And the sisters.

You know, I've never
seen two people

better together
than you and Bonnie.

Who are you, Dear Abby?

Pretty sure she's dead.
Lucky her.

No more worries.

What do you
have to worry about?

You get paid

to do a job
with a purpose.

Your family's healthy.

You're living
in a safe zone

with the lady you love.
Your life's beautiful.

I don't know.
Starting to feel
like high-stakes poker.

You bet big, you lose big.

So now you're afraid
of happiness?

That's some
existential crap.

What if something
happens to me?

What if something
happens to her?

Till death do us part?

What if it does?

Okay, that'd be tragic,

but loneliness
is lousy insurance.

You gonna spend
the rest of your life
flying solo?

Maybe it's just
wedding jitters.

Yeah, maybe.

That's us.

Got a location on the bishop's
Yellow House. Officer down.

the officer doing?

Glad he's only winged
and not dead.

We hadn't even
made it to the porch.

We took fire
through the front door.

We could hear a woman
in distress.

Only reason
to shoot at cops

is you got something
bigger to hide.

Negotiator's not here yet.

We ain't waiting.
Let's move.


We're good, Tan.

Street, you're up.

Get back.


Give me two!
Give me two!
Give me two!

Don't move!
Hands behind your back!

Hands behind your back!
Don't move!

Behind your back!
Right now!
Closet only!

I know you.

He's here?

The bishop's everywhere.

I am not a mortal.

I am the spirit
and the presence
of a living God.

That's the truth.

Know the truth,

and the truth
will set you free.

John 8:32.

"And you will know
the truth..."

Sounds like a TV.
That's not live.
That's taped.

"...and the truth
will set you free."

Make it stop! I'll be good!

...know the truth
because it's crucified in me.

I am not mortal.

Let's get
these things open.

Hey, you're safe.
Don't worry.

What's your name?

All right, Carla.
Turn your face, okay?

All right, I got you.
Come on. I got you.

He's dead.

You injured?

My eyes hurt.

How long you been
in this cage?

I don't know.

Long enough to repent
from offending the Lord.

For what?

I bought a lipstick
with money from donations.

I stole from God.

Don't look. Don't look.

What happened
in here, Carla?

I heard the bishop
judging him, and...

And then the gun
went off.

It was so loud
and-and so close.

And then
the door shut, and...

And the boy
didn't answer me

And then I knew
he transitioned.

Was Zoey here?

The bishop took her back
to the Kingdom.

His love shines on her.


Need you to ID a body.

Please not Zoey.



You okay?


Thanks for asking.

I don't need
to talk about it.


I'll just stand here
quietly hydrating.

If I'd missed a light,
if I'd turned right
instead of left,

if I'd just come
straight to work that day,

Dylan wouldn't be
stretched out naked

in a cold drawer right now.
That's my fault.

You didn't kill him. Okay?

Miller killed him.

And as soon as R/H
gets the warrant,

we're gonna
go pick him up.

He's not sleeping
at home tonight, okay?

I always think I'm right.

Maybe I'm just righteous.


You don't always
have to be honest with me.

Your phone or mine?



Zoey's here
at the church.

It's Jenn.

The bishop said
they're getting married
at the afternoon service.

She doesn't want to.

Did she tell you
she was being forced?

I got to go.
I got to help her dress.

They're going away
right afterwards.

The bishop canceled
the evening service.

Miller still doesn't know
we found the house
and Dylan and the witness.

He's trying to cut his risks.
A spouse can't be compelled
to testify.

It doesn't matter.
The two guys we busted
will flip to save their asses.

First they'll lawyer up.
By then, he's way gone
with his bride.

Friends in this godly

Zoey and I are...


to celebrate
our self-uniting wedding
with you on this blessed day.

The Lord has
poured his love
into our hearts.

Don't cry, dearest.

On your knees! Now!

Police! Show your hands!

Hands behind your back!
Hands behind your back!

Right now! Right now!

Two. Two, two.
Two, two, two.

L.A.P.D. Stay calm.

Where's Zoey?
Where's Miller?

All exits are covered.

Damn sure they didn't just
get raptured out of here.

Chris, Street,
clear the right side.

Deacon, Tan, you're with me.
Tan, go.

Make your way to the exits.


Room clear!

Tac lights.

If they made it to the roof,
that's flat access
to anywhere in the plaza.

They could be outside
the perimeter already.

Or hunkered down somewhere
in that attic.

Let's get a pole cam
up there.

Air 17 to 20-David,

visual of suspect
crossing northwest parking lot
with female hostage.


Zoey, we're almost free.

No angle.
She's in the way.

Chris, Street, we got to get
crosshairs on him.

Drop back.
Get your .308.

See if you can
line up a shot.

We're gonna stall.

Maybe you can talk him down.

I do love your
faith, Deac.

Bishop Miller!

I'm Sergeant Harrelson!

Would you open
the window, sir,

so we can have
a conversation?

Thank you, sir!

Listen, why don't we try
to figure out a plan here?

There is no plan!

Except God's plan.

Are you a believer, Sergeant?

Always, Bishop, always.

It's how I was raised.

Proverbs 24:26.

"An honest answer
is like a kiss on the lips."

Come on, now.
Why don't you just
let Zoey go home?

It's not her time, Bishop.

I'm sorry about that.

But she'll be fine
on the other side.

No more struggle.

Everlasting peace.

24-David to 20-David,
in position.

20-David, copy.

What happens to your
message then, brother?

You're the only one
who can spread your word.

God will send another prophet!

Maybe a better one!

The world wasn't ready for me.

Peace be with you, brother.


I'll see you soon, dearest.

Take the shot.

Suspect down.

Move in. Move in.

It's okay. Come on.
You're safe.

I got you.

20-David to all "D" team,
code 4.

Didn't have to be this way.

All I want to do
now is get home.

No wedding can be worse
than the one we just stopped.

Makes you appreciate
what you have, right?

You got Molly
waiting for you.

You think about maybe
changing addresses

once Luca finds
his way back from Berlin?

You mean, like, me and Molly
moving in together?

Nah, it's too soon
for that, man.

If it's right, it's right
on the first day.
Hold on.

This morning, you were worried
about too much commitment,

and now you're trying
to push it on me?

I don't need a life coach.

Hey, you can't talk
yourself into love.

But you can't talk
yourself out of it either.

Heart's smarter than the head.

Not always a good thing.

Zoey didn't get hurt?

Not physically, no.

Can I talk to her?
Go ahead.

She'll be glad to see you.

None of us knew
what the bishop was doing
to the young people.

The phony bishop.

Not until the kids
just told us.

Henry and I,
we don't have a big house.

But we can make room
for those two girls.

All the kids who want
homes will have them
in our community.

We don't need a pastor
to look after each other.

Human kindness
is some kind of miracle.

I'm always surprised.

Leroy's gonna try
to put this on you, D.

But there ain't a choice.

Are you
even hearing me?
I hear you.

Darryl, don't let him
pull you off track.

You've worked too hard.
We both have.

Yeah, like I'm the
family project.

'Cause I needed a family
besides the Hammers.

Same for my pops.

That's gonna keep him on
the right side of the block,
for me and my son.

Darryl, I'm just being
100 with you.

Leroy has made bad decisions
his whole long life.

You set me straight,
kept me straight.

I can do that for him.

When'd you get so wise, kid?

I hope you're right.
I truly do.

Y'all used to be
like brothers,
you and him.

If I'm family, so is he.

He's early.


I love seeing
that man-face.

Hey, Leroy.

So, how we gonna handle this?

'Cause I know he's been making
his case to you.

You mean did I explain
the situation?

That's what I said.

My choice, right?

Yeah. That's right.

You eat, Pops?

I was waiting on you.

A'ight, I'll go
get my phone.

All right.

That boy's out
of second chances.

So whatever you're into,
you keep him clean.

If my original homie
won't trust me,

why should anybody else
in the free world?

I'm just another ex-con
headed for the bus back.

Least now I know
I'm being watched.

Thanks for that much, Hondo.

Make me wrong.

Ready to bounce?

Burden of proof's
on your side, Blue,
not mine.

Let's bounce.

All right, we can go through
the drive-through for tacos.

All right.
Y'all can bring it back.

Eat here.

Uh, we're not gonna leave
the car. All right?

Yeah, sounds
safe enough to me.

What if you get
pulled over with him?

What if a tree
falls on us?

I mean, it happens in L.A.
Probably won't, though.

Leroy, I just don't
want to see the kid
in an open file.

There's a lot of ways
to get noticed
by the cops out there.

Huh. Is that so?

But we're not
gonna be late.

I'm gonna keep a low profile,
drive the speed limit.

I'll be up.

All right.
Come on.