S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

- Previously on SWAT...
- Almost every SWAT op

would be the scariest day

of most people's lives.

We're not most people.

You and me, we already
experienced our worst day.

When we were kids.

Can't argue that.

That kiss...

The mutual moment that we had?

We're teammates.
That's all.

Is Jim Street single?

I-I think you guys
would be great together.

I'm not gonna be able
to make it tonight.

This is important, Hondo.

Your friends are gonna be there
and-and your folks.

I understand.

Nichelle, I am so sorry

about the way I handled things
the last time I saw you.

I'm not upset, Hondo.

It just clarified things.

Masks now?
From the virus?

Recommendations and protocols
keep changing.

We're still getting info
for it.

It's coronavirus. Mayor's been
on the phone with the CDC

and the governor; She may
have to shut the city down.

What does that mean for SWAT?

It means the world's
about to change.

14 minutes,
this guy's still going strong.

Almost hit a car and
a pedestrian a half mile back.

CHP's all set
at the park entrance.

Any word on what
this guy jacked? They didn't say.

Hope whatever he stole
was worth it.

Go, go! Move, move!

Spike strip is in position.

Whoa! He hung a right
into the theme park!

Headed north
towards the dirt lot.

Oh, come on!

I'm losing him in the dust.

Get down on the ground!

Hands out in front
where I can see 'em!

On the ground!

Roll an R/A.

Driver appears disoriented,

possibly concussed.

We also got a totaled van

and a bunch
of stolen merchandise...

Disinfectant wipes,
latex gloves, hospital masks...

and toilet paper.

Seriously, dude?

This virus has people
losing their damn minds.

Hey, Sybil, it's Hondo,
dropping off our contribution.


Nichelle. Hey. I...

I didn't know...

When'd you get
back to L.A.?

Day before last.

With the pandemic,
we had to cut the trip short.

Plenty to do back here,
though, as you can see.

The place is looking
really great.

Listen, I've been out there
working, doing my thing.

Otherwise, I'd come over there
and give you a big old squeeze.

Bad idea. I just
got off a plane. Oh.

Still getting used
to all the new guidelines.

Not sure my hands can take
much more sanitizer.

Coming from the woman
whose lotion budget's

already through the roof.

Sybil said you've been
stopping by,

helping get things done. Thanks.

Well, it's the
least I can do.

Everything this place
does for folks

stuck at home
with no groceries...

I mean, people are really
scared out there right now.

Yeah. Everyone around here has
been calling it "the Rona."

Hmm. Maybe a nickname
makes it less scary.

Hmm. I imagine

you guys are as busy as ever. Oh, yeah.

Lot of us have been taking extra
shifts, helping out in patrol.

You mean criminals didn't get
the shutdown memo?

Nah. Nobody told 'em.

Stay safe, Hondo.

It's good to see you again.

It's really good
to see you, too.

Hey, listen, I-I know it's been
a while since we spoke,

but, um, you know,
once you get all settled in,

I'd love a chance to
speak to you for real.

I mean, do you think
we could do that? Listen, Hondo...

I never felt right
about how we left things.

It's okay. You don't have
to say anything about that.

Nichelle, you deserve
an explanation.

Hondo, I met someone.

It's probably too early
to say anything,

but I just wanted to be
up front.

Sure. Sure, I appreciate that.

I'm sorry if
I'm being presumptuous,

but you should know,
you don't owe me an explanation.

You don't owe me anything.

You're a great person.

So are you.

All right, I, uh,
got to get going.


listen, if you ever
need anything, just...

know that I'm around.



Here are the new rules.

Employees receive temperature
checks at the gate.

All common areas are
to be sterilized hourly...

Officers are to wear gloves
when detaining suspects.

We're doing all those things

It's the same list as last week.

Tests were supposed

to be here five days ago.

City hall is pulling out
all the stops

against Sacramento
to help out the cops.

When do you ever get to hear
that from a union lawyer?

I'm-I'm sorry.

Listen, COVID's
got us all scrambling.

We're-we're down ten percent
of SWAT officers

to quarantine, not
to mention the handful

of officers that went to Germany

before this whole thing started.

How's Luca doing over there?

Ah, he's as good
as he can be.

He's in lockdown
like everybody else

in Europe,
so it's not exactly

the sightseeing trip
he had planned.

All right,
just give him my best.

I promise we're doing
everything we can on behalf

of the office
to get you guys tested.

Just hang in there.
How's the family?

Well, I've only seen them on
video these past six days.

Annie's brain surgery
a couple years back...

Her immune system is...

I don't want to bring
this thing home.

So I took up residence

at the extended stay
the LAPD set up.

Accommodations okay?

A motel is a motel.

I just miss my family.

Fingers crossed,
we hear something soon.

I'll keep you posted.

In Chechnya, we say,
a man is only as strong

as the house he builds.

Your organization
gets paid to abduct, torture,

and murder people.

You've destroyed
hundreds of lives.

That makes you strong?

It makes me good at my job.

Why are you smiling?

I take pride in my work.

Don't you feel
any respons...?

Enough of that. Hondo, this
is Agent Tori Prebble,

Central Intelligence,
case officer

on their Salman Radek file.

It's good to meet you, Agent.

Been meeting a lot of people
virtually since L.A. shut down.

Same. It's already been
a very long two weeks.

And I'm actingcase officer,

My boss is stuck in Prague.

The man on the screen is
Salman Radek.

He's a crime lord
turned fugitive.

His hit squad
singlehandedly made

kidnapping Chechnya's
most lucrative export.

Yeah, I'm familiar.

He forced his men to compete
to earn the highest ransom.

This is the only interview
Radek ever gave.

Sat for it in 2012.

That's the same year
he blew up

that apartment building
in Moscow, right? Same month.

Authorities thought
they had him cornered,

but nyet. He hopped
a flight to Istanbul.

We can place him
in Budapest in 2016,

and then Montreal
two years later,

but he's been underground
ever since.

Our theory is

that he has someone set up
P.O. boxes wherever he is.

Helps him collect cash,

keeps control of his operations
via correspondence.

Now this... was once rumored
to be that someone...

Radek's former courier.

He's never been identified,

but we refer to him
as "The Mailman."

Photo looks pretty dated.

It's nine years old.
It's the only thing we had

until a couple hours ago
when a tip came in.

Mailman's allegedly been spotted
two days in a row

at a newspaper stand downtown.

Radek's courier's in L.A.?

That's why I'm talking to you.
With the pandemic

messing up travel, my bosses
can't find a team in time.

We need SWAT to run surveillance
on the news stand.

Well, say we do find him.

Are we even sure that
he's still in touch

with Salman Radek anymore?

When it comes to Radek,
we're not sure about anything,

but it's our first shot at him
in at least five years.

And maybe your last.

Check out beanie
guy. He's got the right build.

Street, grab another magazine
if he's got potential.

Flip a page if not.

Wrong eyes.

Is that The Mailman?

I'm not sure.
I can't see his face.

Novaya Times.
Russian newspaper.

Hopscotch. You got it?
Keep it loose.

We don't want him
suspecting anything.

Sorry, man. Sorry. My

Tan, you get it?


Looks like a clean shot.

Facial software's
doing its thing.


That's the third
time they called.

Either you answer it,
or I will.

What's he doing?

He's got himself a rideshare,

but he's taking his time,

being careful.

85%. It's got to be him.

This guy's The Mailman.

Cut him off.

Relax. I'm walking here.

You could have hit me!

I'm not moving.

Be there as soon as I can.

It was a success.

Tracker's on the car.
We're on his tail.

Everything okay?

I just spoke
to an Officer Schmidt.

My mom was involved
in an altercation.

She's hurt.

Go, get out of here.

Well, looks like your guy's
keeping his distance.

Well, it's hard to be covert
without cars on the road.

Deacon's a pro.

Good, because what we know
about The Mailman,

he's always on edge.

What are the odds this guy's
still in Radek's orbit?

We're not even sure
that Radek has an orbit.

Half the division
at Langley thinks he's dead.

You agree with your colleagues?

Well, I came up
in surveillance tech.

Not as an ops officer.

There's a reason
they're there and I'm here.

I think Radek's alive.

And I want to find his ass.

Give me a sec.

What's the latest, Deac?

The Mailman was just dropped off
at a gated residence.

303 Coralberry Road... could be
where Radek's laying low.

Got the property record.

It's owned by an LLC in Bermuda.

Looks like they paid
for a landline, too.

Tell him I'll meet him there.
I can help us get tapped in.

Deac, stay put

until he makes a move.

Reinforcements are on the way. Roger that.

Hey, Mom.

You okay? Hold up, sir.

I told the officer
not to call you.

I thought she would
let me go home

if she knew my son was
a police officer.

She said there was
an altercation.

Who did this to you?

I don't want to talk about it.

Hey, I'm Officer Tan.

We spoke earlier.

Who the hell hit her? We don't know.

Suspect was gone
by the time we got here.

Building picked it up
on their security camera.

Video and audio.

What are you trying to buy
in here?

Answer me, lady. Food for dinner.


You making bat soup tonight?

Please, just go away.

Me go away?
How about you go away?!

How about you go back to China

and take all your filthy
diseases with you?!

Video didn't
show what vehicle he left in.

Who's out chasing this guy down?

Nobody, not right now. Why the hell not?

Your mom won't press charges.
Even if she did,

we don't have
anything else to go on.

Awful as this is, there's not
much we can do. You're a cop.

You know all this, right? Fine.

I'll take things from here.

Hey, come on, Mom.

We're gonna go home, okay?

This place is a compound.

The Mailman guy's blasting
the local news at full volume.

He's either trying
to drown out his voice

or he's running
an unlicensed nursing home.


Maybe we can lift
prints from this?

You really think he's hiding
Radek inside somewhere?

I don't know. He's got to be
hiding something; Otherwise,

why burn all your trash
bin-Laden style?

Hey, Deac, I'm not even getting
one cell signal from the house.

That's strange.

We're tapping
into the landline in a minute.


Still no heat signature.

We know The Mailman's in there.

We should be getting something.

Maybe the machine's

No, it's working.

Maybe they got some kind
of coding on the walls

or something that blocks
heat signatures.

I've never heard of that. Yeah, me, either.

Street, look.

There's a boy in the yard.

A boy? How old?

Uh, maybe nine, ten?

He's got some serious bruises.

Someone in there is
roughing this kid up.

Mischa, where'd you go?

Get back in here!

It's a landline.

Are y'all picking this up? CHRIS: Roger.

It's an outbound call.

Can you see the number
that's being dialed?

Yeah. He's calling
a restaurant... Fetterman's Deli.

It's a restaurant in the Valley.

Just found the menu online.

Deacon, get her on that line.

Connect 24-David to the call.


Come on. Come on,
come on, come on.


Come on, come on.

You're patched.

Hello? Anyone there? Fetterman's.

May I take your order? I want takeout.

Three number sixes,
two number sevens.

How many kabobs come
in your deluxe combo platter?


I want two combo platters.

Awful lot of food
for no heat signals.

He's got a whole crew in there.

Is that everything?

We've got a free
delivery special today.

No. I said "takeout."
I'll come pick it up.

Okay. Uh, can I get a name?

John. I'll be there
in 20 minutes.

Chris, go.

Tan's on his way back.
I'll have him meet you there.

Mic fit inside the container?

Yup. Can't even tell it's there.

There's another man in the car.

It's not Radek.
He looks too young.

Just point

the camera at their faces.

Hi. You John?

There you go.

Oh, I'm sorry. I don't have
change for a hundred on me.

Do you mind waiting? Keep the change.

Are you sure?
It'll only take a second.

Forget it. Thank you.

She's got his eyes,
but that might not be enough.

If we can't identify
someone in that house,

the only thing we got tying
these people to Radek

is secondhand intel
and a nine-year-old photo.

Wait a minute.
Commander, check it out.

We just got the name
of the passenger.

Timur Basarov.

Well, it looks like.

Timur's a wanted man
in Saint Petersburg.

Sir, you see that stamp?
That's his regimental insignia.

He's a Chechen soldier.

In the Second
Chechen War,

a unit of rebels branded
themselves "The Lone Wolf."

And they were led
by Salman Radek.

Anything since they got back,

They're talking really quietly.

But at least we can hear
their conversations now.

Two male voices,
possibly three.

If one's The
Mailman, and one's this soldier,

you think
the third could be Radek? I'm not sure.

Prebble's translating now.

Uh, one of the men
is getting angry.

He says he's gonna leave.
He's walking out.

Street, you get that?

Roger. Staying low.

Timur's behind the wheel.
The soldier.

He turned the other way earlier.

Heads up for a drive-by, Deac.

All right, let's pack it up.

Wonder where he's headed.
Just keep your head down.

Be cool. Let's go.Yeah.

Damn it! It's all right.
It's all right. Listen.

We're just a couple of power
workers who dropped some stuff.

It's no biggie.
Just pick it up.Okay. I got it.

Hey, hold on. Hold on.

He knows.

If he gets back to the house,
we're done.

It's only

a matter of time before they
realize he hasn't come back.

We got to fix this.
We got to get him out of here.

Yeah, Deac.
You got anything?

Yeah, we got something.

We got a Chechen soldier.

Bring his ass down here.

How many people
are in that house?

You ordered a hell of a lot
of food for only two guys.

Being hungry a crime?

Is Radek in L.A.?

What if he is? Tell me

if Radek is in that house.

Why don't you ring
the doorbell and find out?

Answering every question
with a question. Well,

he's running out the clock. He
knows if he stalls long enough,

his buddies will wonder
where he is,

figure something's up
and bolt.

It won't be long
before they realize we have him.

Sir, there may be a way
to explain his absence

so the people in that house
don't start asking questions

in the first place.

Hey. Luca's brother really
came through for us.

Yeah. Terry's got real
connections in the news world.

He had two stations in a bidding
war for this accident footage.

Just hope the guys
in that house buy it.

Forensics is gonna
send a report to us

as soon as they get it.

They combed through the SUV
before we had it towed.

I just got it.
Item eight...

Electronic key fob
with handwritten letters.

"RUS." Yeah. Detective found it
under the driver's seat.

Thinks it's at least
20 years old.

He figures it's Russian.
The number "28" is on the back.

All right, Deac, why don't you
grab this key fob out of evidence?

Head over
to Rob Ulmer Storage.

Place is ancient.
"R-U-S." You never know.

All right, sure thing.

Hey, thanks for calling me back.

Yeah, of course.

What's going on?

A lady I worked with

last week in New Orleans
is sick now.

Fever, deep cough.

She's waiting
on COVID test results.

Thought I should tell you

since we were
in the same room together.

Oh, wow.

Thank you for that.
I appreciate it.

They're keeping a pretty
close eye on us over here.

Trust me.
But I'll stay careful.

Are you okay? You're not
feeling sick, are you?

No, not at all.

But I'm gonna quarantine
for a while just to be safe.

I'm sorry to hear that.

What are you gonna do
about tonight?

Who's gonna drop off the food
for the folks stuck inside?

Well, everyone's gonna get
their meals.

Just might not be tonight.

Why don't you let me
handle that?

You already have so much
going on with work.

If I have to work,

I'll just get somebody else

to deliver the food for me.

I know Darryl would love
to help out.

Girl, will you let me be useful?

Yeah, okay.

That's, uh, so kind of you.

Thank you so much, Hondo.

Any time.

Just take care of yourself.


I heard something happened
to your mom.

She okay?

She got attacked
by some racists

at a market blaming
her for coronavirus.

Knocked her down so hard,
she needs stitches.

It's all on tape.

Wow. I'm so sorry.

I mean, they should be able
to catch the guy.

They got it on video, right?

No, she won't
press charges,

so they're not even
looking for him.

I called in a favor with
a buddy in video forensics.

I'll find him, make sure
he knows what's what.

Hey, I get it, I do,
but just try

to stay in control
on this, all right?

That's easy for you to say.
It wasn't your mom.

This where he was headed
before you stopped him?

It's the operating theory.

Here we go...
Storage unit 28.

Let's see if that
key fob works.

Major firepower.

Yeah, but not
enough left to warrant

a return trip.

Look at that.
The sandwich is still fresh.

Someone's been staying
here. Who? The Mailman?

We've had eyes on him all day.
That doesn't add up.

Unless Radek's never been to
that house in the first place.

You think Radek's
been staying here?

Kid sure likes
playing Combat Town.

You can hear the TV.


Unidentified driver

is undergoing surgery

at L.A. County Hospital.

Think they buy it.

There'd be a lot more commotion
in there if they didn't.

How's it going
with you and Molly

locking down in separate
place? Actually, uh,

since she's working from home,
we're locking down together

from her place for now.

It felt like the next step.

We're just doing it
a little sooner, you know?

If I ask you something,

promise not to take
it the wrong way?


What is it about
Molly for you?

Like, what made it the
right connection for you?

Uh, you know,
she's selfless. Thoughtful.

Smart as hell. Good heart. Sure,

but you didn't know any of that
when you first met.

She's beautiful, obviously,

but at the beginning...

what did you see in her?

Well, I guess I've always
just been a risk-taker,

and Molly Hicks seemed like
a risk worth taking.


Those bruises.
You see the handprints?

An adult did
that, and they're fresh.

I always hated going to school
after my dad hit me.

Especially in the
places you can't hide.


Where are you?

We got to get him out of there. Street,

we got different orders.

Screw orders.
This is a hurt kid.Hey.

I know it sucks,
but we can't move in

until we're sure Radek's inside,
all right?

Aren't there rumors
that he's diabetic?

What's the word from the CIA?

Prebble thinks it's promising.

Unis are chasing down the
owner of the storage facility

for the security footage.
Yeah, good luck with that.

Sir, Rob Ulmer died in '88.

Junior's in Orlando,

and their security system's
like a six iron.

Well, other than that,
it's a hell of a plan.

Come on, Commander.
You think Salman Radek

is really hanging out
in storage lockers?

I guess his travel plans
could have changed

when flights shut down,
left him in between hideouts.

We don't even know yet
why he'd be in L.A.

Commander, a guy that big,

I just can't see him crashing on
the floor of a storage locker.

Plus, the guys in that
house are way too quiet.

I'm betting that
Radek is in there.

- Yeah, Street, what's up?
- The kid in the house

is getting the crap beat out
of him. We got to pull him.

Hey, lower your voice,
Street. Do not blow this op.

Someone in that house
is using insulin.

If Radek's diabetic,
it's got to be him.

That is not proof, kid.
No. Not yet.

My first day of kindergarten,
you know what I remember?

My mom putting makeup on my chin

to cover up my dad's
crappy weekend.

We can help this boy, Hondo.

We are not authorized to raid

until we know for a fact
that Radek's in that house.

That means actual photographic

or DNA proof, Street.
This conversation is over.

Just let me slip through the gate. I can
signal him. Okay, you know what? That's it.

Your shift is done.
You get your ass

back here to HQ right now.
I'm taking your spot.

Radek ever come out
for some fresh air?

He's lived
on the run a long time.

Yeah, still,

they got a huge yard.

You'd think
he'd want some sunshine.

As high as the FAA allows, Tan.

Going all the way up.

Extended Stays
ain't the Taj Mahal, huh?

Deac, it's got to be tough
not being able to go home

and see Annie and the kids.Yeah.

It's been pretty rough.

Slim chance I'll
be getting tested

on a regular basis
anytime soon,

so makes it even
harder on my family.

Hey, I meant to tell you,

it's really great stuff you're
doing at the community center.

Lot of people
struggling right now.

Yeah. I'm guessing you, uh,

you got back together with
the woman that runs the place?

No, Deac. She, uh...

Apparently, she's seeing
some other dude now.

Before she left, uh...

I just keep replaying
our last conversation

over and over in my head, and...

I got to admit,
I screwed that all up.

Well, if it's eating at you,

maybe you still got
something to say.

I don't know,
Deac. I just...

I care about her too much
to confuse things for her.

It's never too late to tell
someone you care about

that you messed up.

What's that on the roof?

It's an industrial-size AC unit.

That is overkill for
a house that size.

Do you think that if that unit

is consistently pumping cold
air within the exterior walls,

that's what's blocking
our thermal reader?

Acting as a shield?

That'd be some advanced

It's like they got
somebody to hide.

How familiar are you
with industrial units like that?

Well, not enough to repair one.

But I bet I could break it.

Hey, Commander.

What's up?

Hondo wanted me back here
to check on something.

Anything to do with this?

"Syringe contained
no DNA sufficient for testing."

Without Radek's DNA,
there's no proof he's inside.

Guess that's why
they burn their trash.

Well, there's no proof
he's not inside, either.

His DNA didn't show up
on that storage locker.

Iryna Melnik, 17.

Flew over here from Belarus
before the flights shut down.

Said she was here for
an arranged marriage.

That's who was sleeping
in the storage locker?

Cops picked her up a mile
from Rob Ulmer Storage.

Apparently, she was
told to wait there,

but she must have
panicked and fled.

The CIA thinks
she came to L.A.

to be Radek's next wife.

Keep at it.

It's a new guy.

It's gonna take him a minute
to burn everything.

Let me know
when he comes back this way.

Deacon, freeze.
The Mailman's right below you.



He forgot his lighter.
Deac, he's coming back now.

Made it.

All right, Mr. Fix-it Man,
go to town.

Yeah, it's just what I thought.
42 degrees.

You did it, Deac.
They're lighting up.

All right, we got six bodies
on my count.

Four in the front of the house,
two in the back.

You see that movement
on the back side?

Yeah. What's
going on in there?

Someone's serving the man
in the back room.

Yeah, what's up, Street?

The kid in the house
is probably playing

his video game right
now. Hey, that's enough.

Talking about the kid
ain't gonna help him, Street.

No, I mean, I might have a way
to prove Radek's in that house.

Tan, how's it coming?

Give me a sec.

Okay. I just lost.

Kid replied. Keep him talking, Tan.

All right, I sent it. All right,
let's get the drone in position.

Roger that.

All right, he's in the room.

The man still appears
to be sleeping. Are you ready?

Good to go.

Photo should be processing now,

We got him.


Before we go in, I'm
sorry for losing my cool.

Okay, but you keep
your focus, Street.

The real work
hasn't started yet.

Chris, you good?

Ready when you are. All right, listen up.

We got five armed adult males
and one child at risk inside.

We think Radek's
in the back room, east side.

Now we're taking them by
surprise, so I need

every access point covered.

Everyone clear on their orders? Clear.

I'm clear.

I know.

Let's go.

20-David to all perimeter units.
Let me know when you're set.

24-David and 26-David set. On my command.

Three, two,



We got the house surrounded!

Armed suspect just ran
out of the house.

Three-side, heading south.

I'm on it.

Police! Put the weapon down!

Out in the hallway!
Step out slowly!

Hands where I can see
them. On your knees!

Get on your knees!

Hands behind your head.

Where's Radek?

Mischa, wait.

Hey. I'm a

Run outside to the yard.
Come on. You'll be safe there.

Mischa. Hey.

Hey. Come. Come here.

Daddy wants to
talk to you.

These men want to hurt us.

Come on.

Down on the ground!

Drop the weapon! Do not move!

Show me your hands!

Get outside, kid. Go!

LAPD. Hands
above your head.

Turn around.

On your knees.

Hands behind your head.

Chris, I got two guys zip-tied
in the south hall.

We've got our target.
It's Radek.

Good job, Deac. Well done.

Great work.

Well, I told you
they were the best.

Photo's uploading, Commander.

That's a look-alike.

That's not Salman Radek.

Radek's got to be somewhere
on this side of the house.

Tan, switch the eyes in the sky
back into thermal.

Roger that.

There's someone moving your way
from inside the house, Hondo.

He's just on the other side
of your wall. Is he headed east?

No, he's moving exactly parallel
to you and he's got a gun.

Well, one man down,
it must be Radek.

How close is he to the door?

Five seconds.

Three, two, one.

Stay down.

Stay down! Target

Radek in custody.

Looks like Radek's
wedding is off.

According to one of his men,
they were supposed

to leave together a few days
ago, but he got spooked

when travel was shut down and
figured he'd try to wait it out.

That's the social worker
assigned to help the kid.

She said he came here
from Chechnya

three years ago
after his mom died.

Molly said she'll try
to pull some strings.

We know some great homes
that'll help keep him on track.

That's-that's cool of her.

Hey, uh, Molly and
I were talking,

and the news is saying
as long as your friends follow

the guidelines,
people can still hang out.

Like, in a pod.

Sounds more like coffee
than a real plan.

Yeah, I know, but, uh,
if you're ever down,

I'd love to
have you over. Maybe next time.

See you tomorrow.

See you then.

You Oliver Davis?

I got a question
for you.

If you think you'll get COVID
from an Asian American

who's lived
in the U.S. for 30 years,

why not leave her alone?

Who are you?

The son of the woman
you attacked outside the market.

What woman?

Her name's Fei.

She was born in China,

but she loves this country
and she's given it everything,

A doctor and a cop.

What have you done, huh?
Besides taunt people

who don't look
like you?

Give an old woman stitches?

We got video
of what you did.

Even worse for you, I'm the cop.

I didn't do anything.

She tripped.

Yeah, there you go.
Now you remember.

Hey, stay right there,
ma'am. LAPD.

What'd my brother do?

Doesn't concern you.

He's sick, you know.

Don't play the virus card.

I didn't mean for her to fall.

You can't arrest me.

Oliver, whatever you did,
I don't have cash

until next week
to bail you out.

So you might have to be
in jail over the weekend.

He was in a motorcycle accident
18 years ago

and he's never been...

He's mentally ill.

Hey, look, I know
about mental illness.

I also know
what your brother said

to my mom didn't
come out of nowhere.

He may not have the mental
capacity to know better,

but you do.


So what kind of crap
are you saying around him?

Hey, Commander,
what are you doing here?

Well, you seemed pretty
upset when you left.

Deacon filled me in
on what happened with your mom.

Think I was gonna
do something stupid?

Never crossed my mind.

But I thought maybe

if you did do something stupid,
I'd come by and stop you.

I told her it
wasn't easy for Matthew to concentrate

with 15 other kids
on the screen, and...

you know, I can't look after him
the whole time.


I'm waiting! Hey, honey?

I told you we need
some Mom and Dad time, okay?

Annie, it's okay.

If you got to go handle it,
we'll talk later.

You sure? I'm...

I'm sorry. No, no. No problem.

Just give me a call at bedtime,
all right?

I promised Lila we'd get to
chapter nine of Charlotte's Web.

Okay. We all miss you so much.

Miss you, too.

Love you guys.

Love you, too.

Hey, Nichelle.

Oh, you're already there.

I was hoping to catch you
before you...

Is everything all right?
My friend in New Orleans,

her test came back negative,

so I don't have to quarantine
after all.

I can cover tonight, so please
go, enjoy your time off.

And thank you so much.

Nichelle, that's great news.

Sorry you went all the way
over there.

No, come on, don't be.

I actually got
a lot done already,

so I'll lock up
before you get here.

Um, hey, uh,
do you have a minute?

Um, there's something
I really need to say to you,

and I'm just glad
that I can see your face.

Sure. You okay?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.

Yeah, I'm okay, I just, um...
I wasn't.

Um, before you left, you said me
and you want different things.

And... I get why you said that.

I do.

It's just, you know,
it-it ain't easy

when someone holds a mirror up
to your face and...

you don't see the man
that you want to be.

Look, Nichelle,
when I was a kid, you know,

I'd see married couples
holding hands,

you know,
laughing together and...

But I was always just like,
"Damn," you know, "My parents...

"...they just,
they got it wrong."

And I think fear of repeating
their mistakes,

it messed me and my sister's
head up for 30 years.

You know?

But for me, all that time,
I mean,

I guess I just felt that the
rest of my life was moving along

well enough that I didn't
really see it as a problem.

Until I lost you.

Listen, Hondo...

No, no, no. Seriously.

You don't have to say anything.

I know it's too late, and...

...and you've met someone else.

I ain't gonna lie,
I really wish you hadn't,

but... you did.

I just want to tell you
I'm sorry.

I'm-I'm sorry for being so
afraid when we were together,

and letting you down
with your parents,

because I know
I hurt you and I am sorry.

The time that I had
with you, it...

it changed how I look at life.

It... It changed
what I want for myself.

What I'm trying to say to you is

because of you
holding me accountable,

I'm actually at a better place
in my life than I was,

and... I just want
to thank you for that.


Good night, Nichelle.

Good night, Hondo.

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