S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 18 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The bombing of a Los Angeles police station puts the city on edge, leading the team to a final showdown with a group of domestic extremists. Also, Hondo faces the fallout from a bold decision that threatens his future, and Tan tak...

Previously on S.W.A.T...
The white nationalists

who killed Erika,
the Imperial Dukes.

Now, we've already
taken down four of them,

that there's more out there.
But I can't shake the feeling.

I went and visited
my mom in hospital today.

Her liver's failing.

She tried to butter me
up to get what she wants.

Which is what? My
liver, apparently.

Or part of it.

What if something goes wrong?

You could lose your
job, or you could die.

When you told me that if you
lost me you'd never recover...

I can't lose you, either.

I mean, a Black
suspect comes at me

with something
looking like a weapon.

Bam! Bam! Just freed
up a prison cot

for someone who can
actually be rehabilitated.

My PBA reps are gonna
tear this case to shreds.

Yeah. They'll put me
back on the street.

You have to watch your back
the rest of your career.

The Board of
Rights reached a decision

regarding Lee
Durham's punishment:

He will not be
fired from the LAPD.

Same for the other
two, Gibson and Ellis.

We just sit here
while a pack of racists

pick and choose who they're
gonna arrest each day?

What you are talking
about is career suicide.

There's gonna be an article in the
L.A. Times coming out tomorrow.

It'll expose Durham
and his cop buddies

for their racist views and
the department's failure

to take appropriate action. They'll
be printing my name as the source.

Mayor's gonna have
your head for this.

I know.

Yesterday marked the fourth
day of protests in Los Angeles.

Black Justice Now has led
this latest protest effort,

sparked by last week's
explosive Times article,

where LAPD SWAT sergeant
Daniel Harrelson Jr.

Outed the department's
flawed disciplinary system,

reigniting tensions between
the police and the community.

You don't have to
do that for me.

Trust me, I'm not.

I don't need to hear
any more of it myself.

You still getting flack at work?

People are careful, but
I hear the whispers,

feel the stares.

Not so much from other SWAT
officers, but rank and file.

You know you did
the right thing.

Racist cops don't deserve
a badge, so yeah, I do.

I also knew that
going to the press

would set off a
firestorm. But this...

The anger in this
community goes deeper

than one or two incidents.

I grew up listening to
my father's rants about

the way police in L.A. were used to
keep Black neighborhoods in check.

That bitterness is
old, and it runs deep.

Exactly. You speaking
out against Durham

and the others, it confirmed what
a lot of folks already believe,

based on their experience
and on history,

not just your words.

Oh, hey. Uh, sorry.

I didn't know you was having
company this early. It's all good.

Nichelle just stopped by to check
on me, and she brought some coffee.

Hey, Darryl, want to
join us for breakfast?

No, I'm good. Thanks.

D... what's up? Everything okay?

My phone's been blowing
up all day, every day

with this Black
Justice Now stuff.

At the garage, all anyone talks
about is the cops doing dirt.

Darryl, you know
it's not that simple.

But why shouldn't it be?

You told the truth.
You should be a hero.

And hopefully, that's how
things turn out, eventually.

My dad said no one ever cares
enough to really change this stuff.

Maybe he was right.

Thanks for
coming in early.

I got a heads-up.

Lee Durham and his buddies are
being terminated, effective today.

What changed between now
and the first investigation?

You mean besides the publicity?

Board of Rights says they uncovered
new evidence of conduct unbecoming.

Some formal language about bringing
disrepute to the department.

Guess I'm about to be even
less popular with a lot of cops now.

You knew some of them would
never agree with your decision.

Of course I did, Commander.

But I got to ask...
if I got caught

talking about Black power,
jamming up white citizens,

do you think anybody would be
this angry to see me pay a price?

I get your point,
but the reality is,

now cops feel like they have
a target on their backs.

Kevin Hilliard.

Back in the day, LAPD
brought southern racists

to our city to
patrol the streets,

and Black and brown people been
suffering for it ever since.

Well, these cops want to bash
our heads in the here and now?

Then be on notice.
We'll defend ourselves,

whatever we got to do.

This thing
could escalate fast.

I also heard from the chief.

So there's some kind of
discipline coming your way soon

for going outside
chain of command.

Was it worth it?

Hey. Hey.

You do your final
check-in with the doctors?

I'm getting admitted to
the hospital tomorrow.

Transplant surgery's
the next day.


Wow. Really?

If that shoulder was any
colder, we'd all be freezing.

Eh, just ignore it. People need
some time to let it all go.

You taped Durham and his
pals because they deserve it.

We don't need their racist
views patrolling the streets.

And if Hondo going to
the press means bad cops

get the boot, I'm good with it.

But the attitude you
and Hondo are catching,

it's not cool.

You guys did the
right thing, Deac.

Well, I appreciate that.

Everyone's just wound up.

I got a buddy at Hollywood
station, and he said that

the threats made by
Black Justice Now

has the officers over
there all on edge.

Yeah, everyone's
got an opinion on this.

See you later. Bye.

Oh, what's up with the suit?

Ooh, you're busted.

Better tell 'em.
Hold on.

Nice suit, happy fiancee...

You wouldn't by any chance be about
to elope now, would you, lover boy?

That explains the last-minute,
uh, vacation request.

Okay, okay, enough
with the interrogation.

I was gonna tell you guys.

Tell us what? That you were
gonna get married without us?

It's just a civil ceremony down
at the courthouse after shift.

You're all still
invited to the big bash

when we can nail down a venue.

Hey, we get it. You and Bonnie have had
to postpone your wedding how many times?

You guys have waited long
enough for your big day.

And we finally decided that
being married is more important

than how we get married.

And we wanted to fly off to Bali
tomorrow as an official couple.

So it's not just a vacation
but a bona fide honeymoon.

Well, that sounds
perfect, actually.

It's about time we had
some good news around here.

Is that what I think it is?

Memorial plaque for Erika.

It's gonna be unveiled
at a ceremony next week.

You and I will be in Germany
doing T.L.I. training.

I tried to push our flight to
next week, but the schedule...

It's all good. I've
already said my good-byes.

It's nice no one's
forgotten her.

Yeah, no one ever will.

Hey, buddy, take that outside.

Are you serious?

Is this yours? That ain't mine.

Somebody else left it.

Bomb! Get out,
now! Everyone out!

If not for some sharp
eyes and quick thinking,

this could've been
a whole lot worse.

We're lucky nobody died.

Sergeant Plumb's
in serious condition,

but yeah, we caught
a break this time.

You think there's more to come?

Chief's concerned it's
only the beginning.

Patrol's being deployed to set
up a perimeter at every station.

Bomb squad's in the process of
clearing all LAPD buildings.

The Mayor's speed dial finger's
gonna need a splint after this.

I'm not surprised.
LAPD's under attack.

Whole world's watching
to see what we do.

What we're gonna do is find our
bomber and anyone else responsible.

I expedited the security
footage download from inside.

We may have something.

This is time-stamped shortly
before the explosion.

Wait, I know that
jacket. I bet you do.

It's Kevin Hilliard's trademark.

Kevin's been all over the TV
talking big about retaliation.

I didn't think he'd
take the next step.

Hondo, this isn't on you.

I lit a fuse by
going to the press,

and Kevin is the result.

You can't control
people's worst impulses.

Nobody could've predicted
Kevin and his group

were gonna declare
war on the LAPD.

Probably thought the bomb would
take out security cameras,

help cover his tracks better.

Tech pulled traffic cam
images of cars in the area

right before and
after the bombing.

There. Top right corner.
Late model Explorer.

I drove past one
of Kevin's events

a few days ago, and I saw him hop in
an Explorer that looked just like that.

Well, sounds like
probable cause.

Let's get a warrant and
bring him in. No, hold up.

We don't have a clear
image of Kevin on video.

If we're gonna haul
him in, we got to be

real smart about how we do it.

Well, I'm not sure we
have time for niceties.

Commander, this city
is on a razor's edge.

Kevin may be a
radical to the LAPD,

but in his hood, he is a leader.

If we roll in showing force,
and we are not 100% sure,

it could make things worse
for the community and for us.

All right. I'll
trust your judgment,

but one way or another,
we're bringing his ass in.

According to social media,
Kevin's starting up a livestream

near his block in about 30
minutes. HONDO: All right, good.

That gives us an opportunity
with him out in the open.

I'll game-plan with the
team and get it done.

I know. I'll keep
you posted on my end.

I love you, too.

So, how did Bonnie take it?

She gets it. With
everything going on,

courthouses canceled all
nonessential business.

I'd say your wedding is
pretty essential to Bonnie.

Yeah, well, the
city doesn't agree.

I'm gonna buzz my mom with the bad
news, tell her the wedding's off.

It sucks, for both of them.

See? Relationships
are never easy,

even when people are
perfect for each other.

Is that you, admitting we're
perfect for each other?

You mean except for the whole "no
fraternizing between team members" thing?

Which is why we need...
to talk about us,

preferably before
you get on a plane

and fly away for the summer.

You got to give it up. Our
situation's impossible.

I'm not ready to concede
that point. Not yet.

We have a bombing
suspect to catch.

You're dodging the issue.

Yes, I am. So move. Now.


We're all in position, Hondo.

All right. Backup
is around the block,

ready to roll if needed.
Tell me what you see.

We've got eyes on Kevin.

He started his livestream.

The LAPD has proven

that they do not care about
the sanctity of our lives!

Lots of strong words
about the police.

He's got followers eating
out of the palm of his hand.

Dude may have tried to murder
a station full of cops.

Hate thinking his followers
might cheer that on, too.

His sidekick has gang ink.

20th Street Hammers.

This isn't their spot.

But if Kevin has
them for muscle,

he must be prepping
for a bigger fight.

Let's wait 'till
he's on the move,

make the approach before
Kevin gets back to his block.

When your immediate reaction
to racist cops is to transfer...

You guys seeing this?

Yeah. The vehicle matches
the one seen leaving the bombing.

Clear. So here's ours.

Black Justice Now.

Black... Justice... Now!

We're on.

Kevin Hilliard, step out
of the vehicle! LAPD!

Step out of the vehicle now!

Hands above your head!

Walk backwards towards me.

Looky, looky here.

Another day, another
bogus LAPD stop.

Walk backwards towards me.


Passenger, step
out of the vehicle,

hands in the air and walk
backwards towards me.

Y'all, we put
this on the Internet.

Yeah, right. So these
pigs just pulled us over

for leaving out of a park.

So y'all help me
keep an eye on 'em.

What you're gonna lie
and say I did this time?

That's far enough.

We have a warrant
for your arrest.

Put your hands behind your back.

Yeah. I got it.

Hey, everyone! Look here!

I am going peacefully
with these officers.

No resistance. You see?

If I end up with a bullet
in the back of my head,

you'll know why and
who. Get in the car.

Let's you and me talk straight.

Sergeant Harrelson,

the dude who dialed 911
on his own department.

Props to you!

So why you sweating me?

We're fighting the
same damn fight.

I do my thing by trying
to keep people safe,

not by targeting innocents
and taking lives.

A few bad cops doesn't give you the
green light to bomb a police station.

Is that what
you got me in here for?

I did not blow up
no police station.

Kevin, now is when you tell us

if you and your group
are targeting more cops.

Because if the next
bomb kills someone...

I told you, I don't know
anything about no damn bomb.

You want to rethink that answer?

It's not me.

I get why you think that's
me, but I'm not dumb enough

to wear my regular jacket
and drive my own car

to blow up a police station.

Only bombs I use is truth bombs.

Besides, you should
know where I was.

Cops been following
me for weeks.

What are you talking about?

You weren't a person of
interest to us until today.

You sure... brother?

You just exposed a bad
apple in your own house.

Cops love to throw
their weight around.

Intimidation, frame-ups.

Hell, y'all probably
framing me right now.

No one's framing you
here, Kevin. Well,

the police are following me.

Been tailing me for weeks
in a metallic blue sedan.

You're wrong. It's not us.

Then who the hell is it?

You see this?

The boys in blue just
snatched up our Black messiah.

It's time they burn.

So y'all show up for
war, you hear me?

What the hell is that?

It's a viral video. Kevin's
supporters are all over

social media, calling for a mass
protest downtown later today.

From the sound of it,
they're not showing up

just to shout slogans.

And now they're working with
the Hammers, there's a chance

that armed gang members
will be mixed in

with the regular protesters.

I'll alert the chief.

Wait a second.

That car, metallic blue sedan.

Kevin claims he's had a tail
lately, described exactly that.

You think he's
telling the truth?

I think there's more going
on here than we're seeing.

Luca... I'll work the partial,

see if I can narrow
down a list of owners.

City feels heavy today.

Lot of people looking
over their shoulders,

not sure who to trust.

Does that include you?

This morning, Chris
told me that she,

she doesn't think the system's
designed to get real justice.

I always believed it was.

And now, with everything, it's
just... it's got me thinking twice.

We see something wrong,
we say something,

that should be enough.

Should get fixed.

And then it doesn't.

Deacon, you did
everything right.

Durham got a slap on the wrist.

Until you went to the press,
and now we're both pariahs.

Listen, man, I don't expect you
to agree with me going public,

and I truly am sorry that
there's blowback on you now.

I just felt like I
had no other choice.

No, I know. I know.

You know, according to Hicks,

the chief has disciplinary
action coming my way.

Are you worried?

I'm on my own, man.

The board's pissed at
me, the union, too, so...

Whatever happens,
I'll deal with it.

You know that training thing
that we talked about? Mm-hmm.

Well, I want you to
know that I've signed up

to mentor the new
class of LAPD recruits.

Hopefully, get 'em on the
right track from day one.

Well, they couldn't have
a better role model.


I struck paydirt. DMV search
found 43 partial matches

in L.A. County, but only one
was on a metallic blue sedan.

Registered owner...
John Bridger.

Any connections to
Kevin? Nothing directly.

But he's racked up a few
assault charges, and get this.

Disturbing the peace

for counter protesting
Black Justice Now events.

Counter protesting? Yeah.

So he's not Kevin's biggest fan.

Maybe Bridger's stalking him.

Everything we've looked
at so far has told a story

of Kevin and his
group versus the LAPD.

It just feels like
a piece is missing.

Maybe Bridger is the
key to fill in the gaps.

All right, texting you
his last known address.

Take cover.

Street, Tan,
take the three-side.

Chris, you're on the
one-side with me.

LAPD! Drop the weapon!

Going hands on.

30-David. Suspect down.

He was headed
towards that garage.

Let's clear it.

This is a red Explorer.

Check it out.

Got a dead Kevin
Hilliard look-alike.

Looks like fresh gunshot wounds.

He's dressed
just like Kevin.

This ride is just like Kevin's.

Bridger must have used him
as a double for the bombing,

and then killed him.

Hey, come see this.

This stuff matches the materials
for the bomb at the 27th.

Isn't that the park where
Kevin holds his events?

He's got a list
of beat assignments.

Bridger must have been tracking
patrol routes of the area.

Photos of the
Academy, Snicks Diner.

Every cop in town eats there.

That igloo... I've
seen that before.

It was on the shooting gallery in
the compound where Erika was killed.

It's one of the
Imperial Dukes' crazy symbols.

If Bridger's one of them...

Surveillance on
police, the bomb,

framing Kevin.

This is all the Imperial Dukes.

They're back.

The chief's sending out word
that Kevin's no longer a suspect

for the 27th Division bombing.

It might be too late, sir.

That false flag by
the Imperial Dukes,

it's already got people looking at
Kevin and his group as terrorists.

At the same time, the Dukes have
put cops everywhere on edge,

and we don't know how many more
attacks they have in the works.

Chief ordered the
Academy to evacuate

until Bomb Squad
finishes a sweep.

And we're sending alerts
to every cop on patrol

to be extra vigilant
with safety protocols.

This group
is methodical.

By bombing the 27th, they...
they redirected patrol routes,

the allocation of manpower.

They could be targeting
cops anywhere in the city.

The Imperial Dukes went from
attacks on individuals to crowds.

After they killed Erika, we know
dead cops don't bother them.

They're chaos agents trying
to tear down the system,

starting with us, and if they open racial
wounds, too, all the better for them.

Luca's dialed in with the feds
running everything on Bridger.

Which means we may
finally be able

to bring down the last
Imperial Dukes cell in L.A.

That's not our only worry.
Deac and I were talking.

We got to do something to lower
the temperature in this city.

Commander, tensions are so high,

even the best cop might see a peaceful protest
as an attack, even if that's not the intent.

If there's something
we can do...

I get it. Go.

Don't need no damn
police protection.

Kevin, I'm trying to make you
understand the stakes here.

My whole life is about stakes.

You can't explain
anything to me.

All right, then,
can I make an ask?

And I know how this
is gonna sound.

I need you to tell your followers to
stay home and not go to the protest.

After they framed me?

Those white power dudes
are trying to take us down,

and you're telling us to
take our ball and stay home?

We don't protest, they win.

Neither one of us wants a bunch of
white nationalists to get a win today.

Look, I know it's hard
for you to trust us.

It wouldn't be if the LAPD were
occasionally on our side, man.

Kevin, a lot of us are-are...
are working to make changes.

And I know you're fighting
for what you think is right,

but doing the right thing, that
can put a target on your back.

Sergeant Harrelson
still stood up. He did.

He wasn't alone.

But everything that we're
doing to make things better,

that gets blown to hell if
this city goes up in flames.


Hey. Hey.

I need to talk with
you about something.

Sure. What's going
on? That protest

going on downtown, we got
to stop people from going.

We've already put
out an alert, but...

People won't listen
to the police.

That's what the problem
is, ain't it? After all,

it's the same LAPD that
jammed Kevin Hilliard up.

Kevin got framed because
the Imperial Dukes

want to blame a Black
activist for their crime.

The Imperial Dukes were behind
the bombing earlier today? Yeah.

But even though
we can prove that,

it won't take more than one
bad moment between a protester

and a cop feeling targeted
for things to pop off.

Now, we've asked Kevin to warn
folks away from the protest,

help keep things from
getting out of hand,

but we could still
use some more help.

I'll make some calls.

I see you looking at me.

Leroy, Kevin hired the
Hammers for protection.

Them being at that protest is gonna
make it harder to keep everyone safe.

You mean them being there might
piss off trigger-happy cops?

All you've ever done
is criticize my past.

But now when it's
convenient, here you come.

No one you or I care about
needs to get hurt, Leroy.

I thought you was gonna
fix all these problems

between Black and
blue. Remember that?

Yeah, I guess not.

Nah, you got to clean
up your own mess, bro.

Look, I've heard everybody
crap on cops the past few days.

And I'm not gonna lie.

The reasons make sense.

But a cop also did
help save my life.

Hondo chose to help you, Darryl.

We don't owe him a damn thing.
Okay, but it's not about that.

Look, I get you guys are not
tight like brothers anymore,

but he's out here trying
to help other people.

Why can't we?

New units are sweet.

A lot less bulky.

You know, we don't have to
just talk about new equipment.

It's not breaking any rules
to talk about our situation.

But we both agree the
rules matter. Which is why

I could transfer to another
department. We'd be golden.

I can't let you do that.
For me, it's worth doing.

Losing SWAT?

This team?

If it means I get
to be with you.

We can't start a relationship
under that kind of pressure.

That's crazy. We'd probably
break up in a month.

Then where would you be?

So you're open to at
least giving it a shot.

I wish this was all as easy
as you want to make it.

Look, we've tried
ignoring our feelings.

We've tried moving on.

This thing is real.

Always has been.

That's as simple as it gets.

Except it isn't, because.

I have to think about my
career in a way that you don't.

That's real, too.

Luca, I got your text.
What do you got for me?

Look, I looked at the stuff
from Bridger's garage.

Guy was a fan of
headbanger music festivals.

White nationalists use
them to recruit new talent.

Bridger was sent a ticket off
a group-sharing app last month.

Tickets are sent digitally
via cell numbers.

Yeah, and I got three of 'em.

Ran their numbers against
local ISP accounts

and found their user profiles.

These two are Don Fairburn
and Tripp Rathman,

and, according to
the remote log-ins

they used to communicate,
this is Marc Stargher.

He spearheaded the meetups.

Stargher was a VP at
a local think tank.

Fired three years
ago after he stole

and manipulated
company data on crime,

lying that it
proved his theories

on minority group behavior
and white supremacy.

I think we finally
found our shot caller

behind all the Imperial
Dukes. Nice work, Luca.

Background in tech. He could
have easily facilitated

the Imperial Dukes'
covert online activity.

Yep. And his specialty at work?

Public crisis
response and planning.

So Stargher's familiar
with LAPD procedure.

He knows our moves. Which means

he knew after the
27th Division bombing

we'd go on tactical alert,

placing every available
cop on the street,

making them all potential

Bam. Got their
last known addresses.

I'll update the chief. Tell Hondo
to tell the team to gear up.

I want 'em moving ASAP!

Laser sentry disabled.

Dropping in.

Give me two.

Whoa, whoa, hold up.
Another booby trap.

Pretty sure this
is the power lead.


We good? Yeah.

20-David to Command. Stargher's
place is clear. No sign of him.

50- and 80-Squads hit the
other two last known addresses.

No Imperial Dukes were home.

Which means they're probably already
on their way to their next target.

Hey. This is some sort of 3D map

of 1st and Broadway.

1st and Broadway's the site of
the Black Justice Now protest.

Hey, I got receipts here
from Tanner Tactical.

That's the uniform
wholesaler LAPD uses.

If they're dressed as cops,

they can walk right
up to their targets.

They're not gonna attack cops.
They're gonna impersonate

police officers and
attack the protesters.

What do we want?

When do we want

If someone in that crowd
fires back at police,

the Imperial Dukes can finally
trigger their race war.

Protest starts in 20 minutes.

Protesters are already
showing up. Cops on the ground

say hundreds more are inbound.

What do you got?
Okay, Chief's orders

were to keep snipers away
from that intersection.

We think Stargher may
have counted on that.

I noticed there were
small, random hash marks

on the butcher paper
of Stargher's map.

Looks like they mapped
out shooting trajectories.

The Dukes might have sniper
perches in these buildings.

We've sent these images to
all units in the intersection.

The protest starts
in ten minutes.

If we use a stealth
approach, maybe 20-Squad

can get to the Dukes before
they launch their plan.


When do we want it?


What do we want?

When do we want it?

20-David to all D-Team, work
your way up floor by floor.

Clear the perches
overlooking the street.

30-David to Command,

20-David and I are making entry
to the northwest building.

71-David, we've made entry.

Working our way to the outer
corner on the northeast building.

Roger. 24-David's on the
move on the southeast.



That's right!

Don't move!

Going hands on. On your stomach!

Hands behind your
back! 26-David,

one Duke in custody on
the southwest corner.

It's getting rowdy in the
street. We better get down there.


When do we want


LAPD! On the ground!
Do it now!

On your stomach.

Hands behind your back.

25-David, another Duke in
custody at the northeast.

Flashbang hit the crowd.

It's getting tense down there.
I see the Hammers moving in.


Rocker's team cleared the
fourth building. It's empty.

No sign of the last
suspect, Stargher, there.

Then he's ours.


20-David to all
units. Be advised,

our suspect is on the ground,
impersonating a police officer.

No visual, Hondo.
Crowd's too big.

Hammers. Young bloods.

Leroy, what you
doing out here, man?

Trying to save your asses.
You're being played.

Only ones getting played is these
cops we about to bust up on.

Those cops, they
may not be friends,

but today, they
ain't your enemies.

A bunch of racists framed Kevin

to set this city
on fire. Set a trap

for you to walk into.

And you being out here,

that's gonna give them
exactly what they want:


Our people are getting
attacked, man. Trust me,

this ain't the place
for you to be today.

Man, you tripping or what?

You want to find out?

Deac. Wait a minute.

Hey, everyone, I appreciate
you coming out to show your support.

Kevin! Get down! You're-you're
too exposed up there.

I got this. Go!

Everyone, please
just listen to me.

Please, just go
home. Just go home.

Get out of here! Go... home!

Stargher hasn't gotten the
protesters to attack the cops.

Which means his other option
is get the cops to attack them.

Go home, everyone!

Bomb detonation at
our location. Civilians down.

One suspect still at
large in a police uniform.

Wait a minute. Hold your
fire! Too many civilians!

Suspect on a red
Ducati turning up Broadway!

Hey! Sorry. I need
to borrow your bike.

Yo, you even know how
to ride one of these?

26-David in pursuit.

26-David in pursuit.

All available units respond.

On Fifth,
heading towards Grand.

Stay with him,
Street. We're rolling.

He's headed into
oncoming cars on Fourth.

call your locations.

coming up Second.

25-David's on Fifth

northbound on Olive.

This guy's flying! We
got to get him off the road!

We're headed onto the lower
grid on Fourth Street.

We're almost there.

Right on top of you, Street.
Trying to find my way down.

Hondo, maybe we can
corner him in the tunnels.

Take him down safely.
All right, I'm on it.

Chris, take the Second Street
tunnel. Tan, get Olive.

Deacon, you're on
Hill. Box him in.

Got it. Copy that.

I'm headed down.

I'm almost with you, Street.

Everyone, loop around the park.
Keep him off the freeways.

Oh. Oh!

Oh, my God!

You're done. All this is done.

Go for it.

You should have
the honor, Chris.

Hey, Tan, there you are. You
got to hustle. Your ride's here.

What ride? Look, I got a
family friend who's a judge.

Gave him a buzz. He can
marry you and Bonnie

if you make it to the
Pasadena courthouse by 6:00.

Bonnie's already
on her way there.

You guys, I'm not making it
to Pasadena in 14 minutes.

Yeah, we thought
about that, too.

Are you kidding me?

Guys... thank you.

Seriously. Thank you.

Come on. Time's
a-wasting. Let's go.

What are you doing? Hey, you're
gonna need a witness, right?

Leroy, listen, man.

Hey... Darryl was
worried about you, man.

I can't have my son
worrying, right?

Look, I know you
guys got this beef.

I say something to one of you,

and you think I'm
siding with the other,

but I'm not.

I'm an adult now. You're my son.

I'll always be your son.

And, Hondo, you
helped save my life.

Helped me turn
everything around.

You both got me here,
but I can't live

stuck in the middle of y'all.

I gotta do me.



How about that?

That's a grown-ass man
right there, if you ask me.


Like his old man.

Who you calling old?

We did good.


I ain't too proud
to admit that...

I'm damn thankful for
your help with him.

I never wanted thanks, Leroy.

Because you're

Like me.


We good?

We're good.

I'm going to postpone
leaving for T.L.I.

I don't think I
can go to Germany

until you're out of surgery
and I know you're okay.

Chris, the T.L.I.
dates are firm.

If they're mad I have to come
late, then I don't need to go.

Didn't you just tell me earlier you
have to be careful with your career?

Do you want me to care
what happens to you or not?

I... I'm gonna be fine, okay?

The doctor promises full
recovery, almost definitely.

And you worked for months to
earn that ticket to Germany.

You cannot blow that off now.

Even for something
as great as me.

We still don't have a
solution to our problem.

So we'll just keep talking.

We're two highly
skilled police officers

with extensive training
in negotiations.

We'll figure it out.



Call me after the surgery.

The second I wake up.

I spent my whole life feeling
threatened by those uniforms.

But today, I saw
something different.

It doesn't fix the past,

but maybe... maybe
it's a place to start.

I met with the chief.

When do I go before the board?

Well, they don't want to
give you the satisfaction,

or the platform.

LAPD feels like you pushed
them into a corner, so

they want to return the favor.

You're being demoted
from 20-Squad leader.

They want to force me to quit

so they can keep
their hands clean.


I ain't gonna lie, I did
not see that one coming.


But I
probably should have.

The department made me 20-Squad
leader so they could save face.

I'm gonna lose it now
for the same reason.


Look, um...

Luca, Chris and Tan are all
heading out of the country,

and Street's on medical leave, and Deacon
wants to spend more time with his cadets,

so if you want to take
some time to decide

what you want to do

just know two things.

One, I'm on your side.

And two, you helped
save this city.

Remember that when you choose.