S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 16 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

When four escaped prisoners take control of a courthouse with Hondo and Deacon inside but unarmed, the two race to save the lives of innocent civilians while trying to avoid detection themselves. Also, Street visits his mother, Ka...

Previously on SWAT...
I have been working

so hard to do good. I tell
the people in this community

that police can do better,
that we will do better,

and I'm not getting anywhere.

I know you're busy,
but I called the prison

- to check on your mom.
- You did what?

I talked to a doctor. It's
something with her liver.

You know you still have
time to fix things with her.

- I'm Nora Fowler, tactical medic.
- I handpicked you

for this team. I read what
happened to you overseas.

Someone you knew?
Your KIA bracelet.

Yeah, he was.

Next time we have a night
off, I'll take you through

the SWAT training course.

I'll get the best out of you.

One of my guys, he uncovered

a group of racist cops
in the department.

When I give this to I.A.,

an official
investigation will open.

Are you sure you
want to do this?

No, but I can't do nothing.

Sorry it took me a while to
figure out the right thing to do.

We good?

We're good.

Hey, man, you know what's up!

Yo, where my lawyer
at, man? Come on!

Nothing to be curious about.
Just another courthouse.

- Hermano.
- Keep walking, Diaz.

That's my brother in there, man.

Put me in with my boys.

Stop here.

Come on. Why I got to be alone?

Warden says you four
don't play nice.

Mostly you.

Now step inside.

Public defender thought
you might want to wear it,

show the jury what an
outstanding citizen you are.

- We good, Deputy?
- All set.

- Holler when you're done. I'll.
- Have your stuff ready to go. - All right.

So Legal Affairs confirmed
that the defense attorney

only needs us as
rebuttal witnesses.

- Should be out of here.
- In no time. Yeah, okay, Deac.

When was the last time you
got out of court in no time?

Today would be the first.


You know, I got
to be honest, man,

a civilian gets
injured in a raid,

and the officer who broke down
the door admits he was at fault?

I'm just not sure how I
feel about being called in

to testify on
behalf of the city.

It's not anything we haven't
done dozens of times before.

SWAT was just there for support.

That the only thing
that's bugging you?

Real talk?

It's been a week since
Durham got suspended,

yet he and his pals
are still LAPD.

I don't know, I just keep
asking myself questions

about the union and
the city bureaucracy.

Takes a while to get an
officer off the street.

You know that.

Doesn't feel like justice, Deac.

Just a lot of red
tape and delays.

The city expects a
lot from us cops.

Maybe I expect more from them.


Tony Jacobs, assistant
city attorney.

Thanks for coming in
early. I know it's a pain.

Eh, it's not a problem. Beats
dealing with the morning rush.

Hey, listen, you seem to have
a good amount of testimony

for this case already.

Why do you need us?

Cut right to the chase, huh?

Well, frankly, what this woman

is asking for in
damages is excessive.

Testimony from
two SWAT sergeants

could go a long
way in the court.

Just follow my
lead on the stand.

We'll have you out
of here in a jiff.

Our courtroom's on
the third floor.

- Jimmy.
- Hi, Mom.

What are you doing here?

Oh, my gosh, I must
be a complete mess.

I wish I'd known
that you were coming.

How did you know
where to find me?

Uh, I called the prison and
they said they transferred you.

The doctor said there's a
real problem with your liver?

Oh, sweetie, you don't
have to worry about that.

I told them not to tell you.

I mean, I specifically asked
them not to contact you.

Really? 'Cause if that's
true, they violated

some pretty major privacy laws.

Maybe I should go talk to them.

No, no, no, Jimmy, Jimmy,
don't-don't bother.

Uh, look, maybe I
did sign something.

They were putting so many
things in front of me

and I'm on all these
medications, and...

I mean, maybe-maybe one of them

was a-a privacy waiver, I...


You know, I've been
here less than a minute,

and I already feel
like I'm being played.

Sweetie, don't do this.

You're here.

Who knows how many moments
like this we have left?


Okay, you want to
know the truth?


I'm dying, okay?

My liver's shot,
and with my history

of addiction, I
don't stand a hope

of getting on the waiting
list for a new one.


Look, I've had a lot of
time to lie here and think.

Jimmy, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry that I screwed
you out of a childhood,

and caused you grief ever since.

I was a lousy mom.

I just want you to
promise me something.

I want you to promise me that
you do not blame yourself

for getting me locked up again.

It was not your fault.

And if I'd listened
to you sooner

and straightened out my life,

then maybe I
wouldn't be here now.

Is there anything you need?

No, nothing. I...

Just, will-will you
come sit with me?

Tell me about your life,

about what's going on with you.



So I overheard the
plaintiff's lawyer out there.

He's been trying to settle for a
fraction of the original claim.

- The city won't agree.
- Why not?

Well, I guess Jacobs finagled
a last-minute reassignment

so the case would be heard

by this judge specifically.

She's notorious for
backing the badge.

The city's playing hardball.

So the city attorney is using
us to sink this lady's case.

There's a decent chance

that she deserves every
dollar that she's asking for.

Mr. Jacobs.

I'd be lying if I didn't say
I was having second thoughts

- about testifying.
- What's the problem?

Feels like you're
using SWAT's reputation

to score points that you
can't get any other way.

I'm not asking you
to lie, Sergeant.

I'm not sure I'm down
to be used like that.

You're kidding.

You spring this on me right now?

You're a public
servant, same as me.

We both have
obligations to the city.

No, we have obligations to
the citizens, not the city.

Sergeant Kay? What about you?

Can you, uh, give
us a minute, please?

You serious about this?

I'm dead-ass serious, Deacon.

I'm just about done with
"business as usual" these days.

Dr. Hale? Hi.

I'm, uh, Jim Street.
My mother Karen

is one of your patients.

- Yeah. Hi.
- This thing with her liver.

How bad is it really? I mean,

she seems pretty
convinced she's dying.

Your mother's
cirrhosis is advanced.

It's not end-stage
yet, but I'm afraid

it's only a matter of time.

- Okay, so what about treatment?
- Short of a transplant,

there's really very
little we can offer.

And she doesn't qualify for
getting on a donor list,

so what, that's just it?

Not necessarily.

I've discussed a living
donor transplant with her.

- Okay, w-what's that?
- If a potential donor,

typically a family
member, tests as a match,

we can harvest
part of their liver

and transplant it
into the patient.

Usually, a donor gives
up about half the organ,

which regenerates
over several months.

We've seen great
success with it.

Your mom didn't
mention any of this?

Must've slipped her mind.

You know the drill,
Diaz. Exit the cell,

keep your eyes straight ahead.

Ya está.

Yo, what's up, man?

What do you got there?

Come on, now!

Hey, hold up, man.

- Move your asses. Go!
- Come on, let's go.


Drop the gun!

Down on your knees!

- Get out of the way!
- Drop your weapon.

10-39. Four inmates on the loose

in the lobby. One is armed!

Drop your weapon!

Out of the way or he's dead!

Those are gunshots.
Sounds like downstairs.

I'll kill him now!
Clear the building!

Get out now!

Everyone, stay where you are.

This is an active shooter alarm.

More cops in front.

Go, find another way out.

It's locked, it won't budge.

Your Honor, open
that door right now.

We have a protocol, Sergeant.

This is my courtroom.

I'm responsible for
the lives in it.

And we're responsible
for the ones out there.


- Open the door.
- The way our system's set up,

I can't, even if I wanted to.

Come on.

I can't get a straight answer
from the Sheriff's Department.

How the hell are
there no deputies left

- inside that courthouse?
- Look, they had to retreat.

We know the prisoners
killed two of them

and threatened to keep killing.

And we got 30 civilians inside?

Yeah, at least, maybe more.

Emotions are running
high here, Commander.

Understandable. They just
lost two of their own.

Rocker and Brenner's
teams are with the Feds

on a raid in Lakewood.

I'm making the call.

This is on 20-David.
Let them know.

Roger. Hang on.
Hondo's clicking in.

Take it.

Hondo, I'm out front

with Street and Tan.
Where are you guys?

Deac and I are locked down in
a courtroom on the third floor.

Active shooter protocol.
The security system's

turned this place
into a panic room,

and we are stuck
without firearms.

What'd you find out
about the shooter?

It's not just one,
there are four of them.

They already killed
a couple deputies.

We got four armed
inmates downstairs.

Sounds like a
barricade situation.

They make any demands?

- There hasn't been contact yet.
- I got their IDs.

Sergio Diaz, his brother
Adrian, Beni Rios,

Nico Guzman.
Members of Los Mags.

Ran their hit squad. They
executed nine people.

Due to be sentenced
today. Capital murder.

Expected to get
life without parole.

Yeah, Commander said
this is on us, boss.

The team's all here now,
so what's the game plan?

We're flying blind here, Luca.

Listen, you're
senior man on-site.

You are in charge now.
The team is in your hands.


- Hondo, someone's coming outside.
- All right, go.

You got this, man. Any cop
comes near this building,

people gonna die!

Eyes on Sergio Diaz. Stay back.

- You can't get out of this, Diaz!
- What the hell you just say?

Deputy, put that thing down!

I said this won't
end well for you!

You think I'm scared
to drop bodies?

Move in!

No, stay back! Hang back.

- Who's in charge out there?
- I am.

Officer Dominique

What do you want, Mr. Diaz?

I want you to stay away from
the building. If you don't,

the blood's on your hands.

Hey, he hit that woman
hard. She's got to be hurt.

You think Diaz is testing us?

What if he's luring us there to
get a better shot at one of us?

What if she needs immediate
medical attention?

Either way, we need to
figure out a way to get her

and everyone else out soon.

I need to talk to Diaz,

find out what it's
gonna take to end this.

You think Luca's okay?

Being in charge, I mean.

Yeah, he's got it.

Try it.

You got it, Deac, it's open.

Don't go out there unarmed.

We are not doing anybody
any good locked in here.

I know you're SWAT, but there's
safety protocols for a reason.

- It's best if we all stay put.
- Listen.

The two of us are gonna go
get the lay of the land.

We'll be back.

We will be back.

That crap ain't gonna
help. We need firepower.

We need leverage.

Find everyone up in here.

Beat down doors if you have to.

Put 'em in Courtroom 1.

!¡Andale! Go!

Get down!

Get down. Move!

Sounds like they're
headed our way,

taking hostages.

They're desperate.

That means they're dangerous.

No one's safe. We
got to evacuate.

There's got to be a fire
escape or some way out of here.

Deac, check the windows.

A building covered in windows,

and none of these
damn things open.


I just commandeered every
phone line on the ground floor,

but if Diaz doesn't
want to pick up...

No, he'll pick up.
Keep them ringing.

This is Officer Luca.

Am I speaking with Sergio Diaz?

What do you want?

Look, I want to know that no
one else is gonna get hurt,

including you.

Don't worry too much
about that lady.

Just a bump on the head. I
can do a whole lot worse.

Listen, there's no way
out of here for you.

You know that. If
you give up now,

you won't be harmed,
okay? You have my word.

You know what that means
to me, Officer Luca?

Nada. Now you listen.

Me and my boys
want a helicopter.

Look, a helicopter's
not realistic.

Maybe I can get you an SUV.

But you've got to promise
that everyone will be safe.

I decide what's realistic, ese.

Tell the pilot to
keep it running.

Find someone that don't mind
having a gun to his head.

There are other
ways out of this.

I almost forgot... Bulletproof
vests, four of them.

You got 40 minutes, or lots of
people gonna die one at a time.


I just got a text from Deacon.

They think they found a way out.

They need our help.

We've got an exit plan.

- We found a set of windows on.
- The other side of the floor. - No way.

We'll be sitting ducks out
there; We're better off here.

Listen to me, all of you.

The gunmen are breaking into
rooms and taking hostages.

They're gonna be
up here very soon.

We cannot stay. You've
got to trust us.

Go ahead. I'm not
going anywhere.

You're making a mistake.
Come on, let's go. Come on.

Come on, we don't
have time. Let's go.

Come on.

Follow me.

Keep it up, as fast
as you can move.

Let's go.

- Over here!
- Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Shh, shh, shh.

Keep going.

Come on. Let's go. Move.

Let's go.

All right, let's go.
Move, move, move.


It's locked.

Kick it down.

They're coming. We
got to move. Let's go.

Let's go. Quickly, quickly.

There's Hondo. Get ready.

There's gonna be six of them.

All right, come on, step
out. Let's go. Come on.

Everybody. Let's go.

Follow me. Follow me.

You're fine. Let's go.

Keep moving. Keep moving.

You're okay. You're
okay, come on.

All right, everybody
stop right here.

Okay, I want you to sit
down. Just sit down.

Put your feet over the ledge.

Okay, just focus on me.

Trust me, this is nothing.

It's just like
when you were a kid

jumping off a high dive.

Stay loose.

I'm gonna give you a
little push on three.

Here we go. One

two... three.

Hey, come towards my voice.

Come on, who's next? Let's go.
Come on, we don't have time.

We got you.

Come on.

- Nice and easy.
- Okay, okay.

You all right? Okay.

You're gonna be just fine.
Don't think about it.

On three. One, two, three.

All right, keep coming,
keep coming. Come on.


Feet over the ledge. Okay.

Hey, look at me. You got this.

Don't worry about
it. On three. One

two, three.

Come on, over here, over here.

All right, Judge.
Come on, Judge.

It's okay, it's okay.

Feet over the ledge,
just look at me.

My team's got you. Here we go.

On three. One

two, three.

They're closing in.
What do you think?

Deac, if we jump, we're out.

- There'll be nobody.
- Left here to help. - I know.

Give me an update, Luca.

- Hondo and Deacon stayed?
- Yeah.

- Did they find their weapons?
- No.

But we're working on a plan
to help them with that.

Right now we have 32 minutes

before Diaz said
he'll start killing.

Getting a chopper for these guys
isn't a real possibility, is it?

No, we can't let
it come to that.

Maybe we can offer it as
bait to lure them out.

22-David, where'd
those shots come from?

Who has eyes? 26-David.

Eyes on Adrian Diaz at
the third floor window.

He shot and deflated
the rescue bag.


We got to go back.

Tan's texting.

- Hey, Luca.
- Yeah?

I got Deac. Hey, you guys okay?

Yeah, we're good.

We heard gunshots. They
firing at you guys?

No, not at us, just
at the rescue bag.

They're rounding
people up in here.

It looks like all four of
these guys are armed now.

Listen, Tan might
have found a way

for you guys to even
the playing field.

We're listening.

We got Deputy Ross with us.

She says there's a spare key to
the gun locker room in her office.

Room B. It's a red
key chain, number six.

If you can get to that key,
you can get your firearms back.

- That's two floors down.
- Won't be easy with them patrolling.

Okay, we'll try to come up with a
way to keep these guys occupied.

We just need time to
get our guns, Luca.

Okay, good luck.

Let's get Diaz on the line.

Diaz, can you hear me?

You're more worried
about getting people out

than giving me what I want.

Where's my damn helicopter?

It's tough for me to help you

when guys are shooting
out of windows.

Stop stalling,

or your problems
will get much worse.

You know what, you're right.

I am stalling. I have to.

Okay, it takes time to
get a helicopter ready.

But this is what I
can do right now.

I can get you those
bulletproof vests,

- but I need something in return.
- What?

You have to turn
over four hostages,

including that
woman that you hurt.

No deal. I don't trust you.

I don't trust you either, yet.

But this is how you
and me build trust,

by making a small deal
that we both live up to.


Four vests for four hostages.

Okay, give us some time.

We'll have the vests
brought to the front door.

I want you to bring
'em. Just you.

You got five minutes.

Hey, look at me.

You don't have to do this.

If it gives us
hostages, I'm going.

You keep looking at that thing.

Oh, it's nothing.

Actually, it's something.

I went and visited my mom
today in the hospital.

Her liver's failing.

So it's life-threatening.

Even legitimately dying, she
still wasn't straight with me.

Just tried to butter me
up to get what she wants.

Which is what?

My liver, apparently.

Or part of it.

Her doctor wants me to
test to see if I'm a match.

I guess they can do
partial transplants

with living donors now.

You're not seriously
considering it?

I mean, it's still
a major surgery,

but if I'm a match...

Won't that jeopardize your
life and your SWAT career?

What am I supposed
to do? Say no?

That's basically a
death sentence for her.

I don't know if I
can live with that.

Look, I'm just getting
tested. Maybe I'm not a match.

Shut up and keep moving.

Armed suspect's taking
a woman to the lobby.

Deac, let's go.

All right, we got
the right office.

Look for a red key chain.

Hey, that's our
courtroom upstairs.

There's Jacobs.

Deacon. Oh, my God.

We should've tried harder
to get him to come with us.

Hey, we didn't have time.

And listen,

you deciding not to testify,

that wasn't exactly fair to him.

What, that wasn't
fair to Jacobs?

What about the plaintiff?

A city attorney shouldn't
be allowed to take a case

- and reassign it to bend justice.
- All right, do some

of these guys care more about
winning than justice? Yeah.

But we got to work
within the system.

We can't do that anymore, Deac.

That's how we end up with
racist cops who don't get fired.

Jacobs? He's just doing his job.

Just like us.

Found it.

All right, move, move.

Anything happens to me,

my brother kills them.



No one should die here.

We'll see.

One for one. Just like we said.

What are you planning to do
once you get a helicopter?

- First hostage is safe.
- You better worry

about what I'll do if I
don't get a helicopter.

There are two ways
out of this for you.

Give up and I'll make sure
you're treated with respect.

Or you hurt anyone
else in there,

I won't be able to stop this
army from coming in hard.

If that's my fate,

a lot of dead hostages
will be on your hands.

I'm here to make sure
you take the first option

to keep you and
everyone inside safe.

Funny you should mention

"everyone inside."

'Cause I got that
list right here.


Two LAPD officers
signed in today.

Sergeant Harrelson
and Sergeant Kay.

Amigos of yours, no?

- No, I don't know.
- Who you're talking about. - You sure?

They were on the same floor
the people escaped from.

You're not

a very good liar.

Look, it's the last one.
Make the trade, Diaz.

You don't want to answer

'cause you do know them.

I don't have to tell
you what happens

if we find them before
the helicopter gets here.

Let's talk about the
other innocent people

- that you're holding hostage.
- We're done here.


Warn Hondo and Deacon.
Diaz knows they're inside.

Door's busted.
They beat us here.

Be careful, they might
still be in there.

They have our guns.

Tan says Diaz knows we're here.

Harrelson, Kay!

We know you fools are down
here. If you give up now,

we won't kill you.

Deac, give me your phone.

Give it to me.

Don't shoot.

I'm unarmed.

Where's the other cop?

He jumped with the hostages.

I stayed behind to help.

I don't believe you.

Nothing. All right.


Get in.

Everybody get back down on the
floor like I told you, now!

Anyone standing gets shot.

You get the same treatment
as everyone else, cop.

Get down.

That guy has a serious head
wound. Let me help him.

There's a first aid kit
right there behind the desk.

Not my problem.

You don't want a dead
hostage on your hands, man.

You'll lose all the
leverage that you built up.

Think about it.

Let me help him.

I should've listened to you,
got out when I had the chance.

One thing at a time.

Here, let me take
a look at that.


Hey, it's Deacon.
Hondo's been taken.

What do you mean "taken"?

Well, I managed to hide.
Hondo gave himself up

so we both wouldn't get caught.

We made it to the gun
locker, but it was empty.

They beat us to it.

They were calling
for us by name.

Not sure how they
knew we were here.

Diaz saw your names
on the sign-in sheet.

He knew you were inside.

Where did they take Hondo?

Courtroom 1, first floor
with the other hostages.

Listen, I know Diaz
set up a deadline.

How much time we got?

20 minutes.

Tell me you guys have a plan.

We're working on a covert entry.

If we're gonna stop these
guys without losing hostages,

we need the element of surprise.

Now, you said they had
both stairwells covered?

Wait a second, I remember
three stairwells.

- Third one might be unguarded.
- All right. I'll have Chris and Street

talk to the property manager.

I'll check it out,
I'll call you back.

Understood. Stay safe.


I need some air.

Hey. I thought
you'd want to know,

the injured woman
from the steps?

It's a nasty laceration,
she'll have headaches

for about a week, but
she's gonna be okay.

Well, at least one
thing went right today.

Yeah, I guess your
extra training with me

really paid off.

You doing okay?

Look, Hondo's in
trouble. It's my fault.

Diaz knows Hondo and
Deacon are inside.

I tried to cover, he
saw right through me.

- I blew it.
- That is not your fault.

There are no good options
in these situations.

Maybe the best thing for me to
do is ask Hicks to take over.

Look, if Hondo and
Deacon make it out okay,

no one will remember or care.

Maybe not. But you will.

Listen, when I was
in Afghanistan,

my little brother Neil
was serving Special Forces

at a nearby outpost.

- I didn't know you had a brother.
- Half brother.

We-we grew up close.

Competitive as hell, but


Yeah, I got a brother like that.

After treating casualty
after casualty,

it got to a point where

any time the medevac returned
from outside the wire,

my heart would sink, worried
that it might be Neil.

And one day my worst
fear came true,

when I saw him brought in.

Wounded the way that he
was, I just... froze.

Couldn't do my job.

Someone else had to.

He died later that day.

I'm so sorry.

So the KIA bracelet,

it's for your brother?

I will always regret
not stepping up,

and so will you,

if you don't do everything
you can to help Hondo.

He needs you.

Hey, Jacobs.

With that head injury,
you got to stay with me.

How you feeling?

A little woozy.

Feels like the end of a long
week of football practice.

Oh, yeah.

What position?

Free safety.

Guessing you played?


I'm sorry about how I
handled that earlier.

I sprung that on you
at the last minute

when you were just trying to
do your job. That's on me.

You're not the only one
who second-guesses things.

That woman probably deserves
the money she's asking for.

You know, believe it or not,
I didn't go to law school

to become part of
some city bureaucracy.

I was gonna help
people like her.

If I had known at 22 what I
was gonna face as a cop today,

I'm not sure I would
have become one.

We got to figure out ways to
make all that work together.

Hey. Hang in there.

I might need your help
to get us out of this.

Hey, what do we know?

Spoke with the building's
property manager.

Deac was right... There
is a third stairwell.

It's part of the
new construction.

Seems closed off from
the rest of the building.

It's not ideal, but
maybe we can get there

from the underground garage.

Does the stairwell run
all the way to the roof?

So, you're the cop.

I am.

Let me help you
get what you want.

What we want is a helicopter.

We don't get it,

first one to get a bullet
in the head is you.

That wouldn't be smart.

A lot of cops out there.

That'd be all the
excuse they need.

Scariest thing about me...

I got nothing to lose.

Cop's phone.

Your boys are worried.
They called you a lot.

Call 'em back. See
what they want.

I will call 'em back.

Is this Diaz?

I found something of yours.

You got ten minutes
to get me my chopper

or your boy here dies.

I want to hear his voice.

Ten minutes.

Diaz, listen...

I really hope this plan works.

It has to.

Heads up. 20 seconds out.

Everyone tight?

The team only has three seconds
to jump out onto the roof.

That air must've done you good.

This is a hell of a plan, Luca,

having them hitch a
ride on Diaz's chopper.

It's not over yet.

Got it.

26-David, we're in.

Heading into the
rendezvous point.

We're good. It's Deac.

Hey. You all right?

I'm good.

All right.

Follow my lead. Let's move.

Airship 20 is clear.

Make the call to Diaz.

Your helicopter's here.

All I had to do was
threaten your amigo.

Look, it's fueled
and ready to go.

The four of you can
exit the building now.

Change of plans, homes.

Gonna be eight of us.

It only seats four.

Not today.

We each have a
hostage and a radio.

We come out one at a time.

Anything happens to one of us

before we're on that chopper,

it'll be a bloodbath.

We did it.

My team has a way to end this.

Stick to the plan.

Come on. Come on.

Everyone back. Let 'em approach.

Come on!

Stay back! Stay back!

Come on, come on!

Come on. Up. Up.

First target's in the bird.

We're on the ground
floor with Deacon.

Listen, these guys are in
communication with each other.

We need to take
them all at once.



On the opposite end of the
ground floor with Street.

Stand up, cop.

You're with me.

Second target heading your way.

Roger that.

Here they come.

Ten seconds till we engage.


Eight. Deac, you
guys gonna be ready?

We're ready,

but we don't have visual
on the third suspect.




- Eyes on the target.
- We're good to go.


Drop your weapon.

- Put it down.
- Hands in the air!

Drop it. On the
ground, right now.


Don't move!

Chances are this chopper's not
gonna have a full tank of fuel.

You really think
you're gonna make it

to the border with twice
the passenger load?

Stop right there!

- You good?
- Yeah.

30-David, last suspect down.

We're Code 4 all around.


I think your wife tried
to text you a few times.

She probably wants to
know you're all right.

She knows we look
out for each other.


That feel secure? Yeah.

Hey. Thanks for
your words earlier.

Came right when I needed them.

You did great leading the team.

I'm sure it won't be long
before you have one of your own.

Nah, I'm not sure that's
in the cards for me.

Every day, worrying
about the lives of people

under my command...

- I'm not built that way.
- That's too bad.

A lot of officers would
love to have you for a boss.

I know I would.

Thank you.

Fowler. Sir.

I know you told Luca
about your brother.

You used a tough
memory to inspire.

Kind of surprised myself.

I guess

feels like there's a lot
of trust around here.

Yeah. I told you,

I handpicked you for a reason.

I knew this team would
need you at some point.

I'm glad you were here today.

And I think I can speak
for the whole team,

we all are.

Thank you, sir.

I am so glad you made
it out okay, boss.

You're a big reason
we did, big man.

Glad we had you out here.

Hell of a day today, Luca.

I froze for a minute
there. I'm sorry.

Don't be.

You meeting Diaz on
the courthouse stairs

like that... Showed
a lot of guts, Luca.

You know why you were
chosen to run point

for the LAPD at the Leadership
Institute in Germany?

Ah, you gonna tell me I
got leadership in my blood

because my dad
was a team leader?

I think I'm happier
being a soldier.

Your dad used to say the same

exact thing before
his promotion.

Fought it for years.

- I didn't know that.
- Yeah.

Guess I always thought he
wanted it from the start.

The best leaders
are often the ones

that don't want it at first.

They just grow into it.


Keep an open mind.

I will.


Just think, today was
supposed to be our day off.

Yeah, crazy.

See you tomorrow.

Say your liver's a
match, then what?

Then cross that bridge
when I come to it.

Transplant surgery...

What if something goes wrong?

You could lose your job,

or you could die.

You think I don't know
how screwed up this is?

She only has me.

I just remember
everything I went through

trying to have Ariel.

I don't know if I
have it in me again.

But the child isn't mine.


You told me she was.

What am I supposed to...


I'm, uh, Chris Alonso.

I work with your son.

Oh, of course.

The Chris I heard so much about
when I was living with Jimmy.

He never said how cute you were.

He's told me a lot about you.

I'm sure he did.

Hope he said we had
some good times, too.

Your doctor asked
him to get tested

so he can maybe
donate his liver.


No, I don't want
Jimmy to do that.

I... These damn doctors.

I begged them

to leave my kid out of it.

They don't listen.

No, I think that's
exactly what you want.

You just didn't want
to be the one to ask.

I'm sure that you've heard

plenty of horror
stories about me,

but I would never do
anything to hurt my son.

An operation like this,

you're asking him to throw away

everything he's
built for himself.

I didn't ask him for anything.

I came here to keep it that way.

And who are you to make demands?

I know you're still using.

I can see it on your face,

even if your son
doesn't want to.

Fact is, if you stay
sober for six months,

you can get yourself
back onto the registry.

But you already know that.

You think you found a shortcut.

So this is what you're gonna do.

You're gonna tell him you
don't need anything from him

except his support.

You don't want to
fight me on this.


You must really love my Jimmy.