S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

As the team works to stop a violent attack on the city, they're forced to confront the group responsible for the death of team member, Erika Rogers. Luca tries to recruit new TEMS officer Nora Fowler for an annual inter-squad comp...

Previously onSWAT...
What's this business idea?

Auto repair shop. Nichelle's
not giving us the money no more,

and no bank in the world's

gonna give us a
loan. But I will.

What? I mean, what exactly

are we talking about here?

You giving us a loan?

I was thinking I'd be more
of a partner in the business.

Durham, why are
you here so late?

I was hoping our kid'd be
asleep by the time I got there.

Annie's kind of an
expert on toddlers.

Why don't you and the family

come over for
dinner Friday night?

She's here

as a tactical emergency
medical support.

[gun firing]A TEMS officer?

Nora Fowler, right? Why'd
you sign up for this?

I've seen combat
as an Army medic.

I was an EMT for LAFD,

finished first in my class

in mountain rescue,
in deep water...

So this is another notch
on your résumé, then? No.

I'm looking to save lives.
Stay back until we've cleared.

I'm trained to go into
hostile situations.

What are you doing? I know
you run the show around here,

but need to trust me,
or she won't survive.

HONDO: The white nationalists
who killed Erika,

the Imperial Dukes.

Now, we've already
taken down four of them,

but I can't shake the feeling

that there's more out there.

I did some thinking
after you left.

Vodka wears off,

and Erika's still
dead, and I feel worse.

There's a community
center near here

that has a grief
group this evening.

Could you maybe come with
me? Your wheels or mine?

[indistinct shouting]


Out of my way!

We're LAPD. Get out
of the area. Move.

Out that way. Out that way.

DEACON: Hondo, we've got

two armed robbery
suspects in custody.

It's up to you guys to
bring in the runner.

HONDO: Use your eyes, Chris.

Getting in position.

I see movement. Guy's passing

the red tent.

It's too cluttered.
I don't have a shot.

HONDO: What do we got, Chris?

CHRIS: He posted up.

Blue and white RV,
second from the end.

Street, go left. Go left.

This is Sergeant Harrelson,

LAPD! What's your name?

Let me through! I
can do this all day!

And we still got people around.
HONDO: This guy's reckless.

If we push him, he's gonna keep

spraying bullets.
Hondo, I have something.

Not much. Just his
weapon. Take it, Chris.

Down on the ground.

On the ground. Turn
around. STREET: Don't move!

HONDO: Keep your hands up.

Final suspect in custody.

STREET: Not bad, Chris.

Maybe next time, try
using your sights?

Nice job to you, too.

Hey. Heard you guys
brought in those fugitives.

DEACON: Wanted to
make sure you had

an easy shift, Durham.[chuckles]

Hey, it was nice to see you
and your wife last weekend.

Annie and I appreciated
the grown-up company.

Yeah, I know the
feeling. Actually,

that's a "thank you."
The wine's for Annie,

and the book's for you.

Goes over the policing tactics

we were talking about.

Helped me learn to
walk with dignity.

Thank you.

Yeah, I'm always
looking for a good read.

Yeah. All right.

[chuckles]: Okay, okay.

This place is cleaning up nice.

Starting to look more
like an auto shop

and less like a trash pile.

Some of us are willing to
put in the elbow grease.

We found some cabinets
the last owners left.

Free tool storage.Nice.

Well, I'm here to
be of use.[chuckles]

Wait a minute.
What's going on here?

I don't recall
seeing any of that

before we signed the lease.

Not hard to miss a cracked
window when the place

is full of junk.

Paint's fresh, Leroy.

It's nothing, man.

I-It was 'cause of me.

Look, I was here yesterday,

and these two guys came
by. LEROY: They, uh,

told him the block

was dangerous and the shop
needed their protection.

An extortion racket.

They want to be paid

to not cause trouble.

Nah, nah, nah, nah. I'm gonna
talk to the property manager,

see if we can back
out of this place.

No way. LEROY: What,
you want to split

at the first hard thing?
HONDO: We picked this spot

because this neighborhood
has a good rep

and it wouldn't associate
ex-con mechanics

with current gang activity.
Now, if that's changed...

MAN: No, it's not a gang.

I'm James. I own the
market next door.

Wanted to come by
and say welcome.

HONDO: How you doing? I'm Hondo.

That's Leroy and Darryl.

Listen, uh, this
isn't a rough area.

Just some guys making mischief.

Leader's named Alex.

They showed up a
couple months ago.

You know, throw 'em a few bucks,

they leave you alone.

That's not an option for us.

He's a cop.

SWAT, actually.

Whoa. Well...[sighs]

They're getting a fee

from everyone around here,

so if there is
anything you can do...

Consider it done.

Yo, Fowler.

Hey. Hey, Luca.

You get here early?

Yeah. Figured I'd make sure

that Tan's treating
my girl right.

[chuckles] I didn't
know you lived close by.

Sort of. About six miles.


Pre-shift workout, nice.

It wakes me up.

Plus, it gives me a chance
to enjoy my favorite

terrible music judgment-free.

Yeah, I hear that.

All right. I'll
see you in there.


Better get comfy in here, Luca,

'cause 50-Squad is not handling
the full armory inventory again.

Hey, Hicks's rules. Loser of
the Spring Relay has to do it.

How many years in a row losing
has it been for you guys?

Two? Three?

Look, 20-Squad only edged
us out by a hair last year.

But face it: You're
on the downswing,

and I don't see a winning
three-man combo in your ranks.

Oh, I got some ideas
about our lineup.

Like what? Strapping
on jet packs?

Guess you'll have
to wait and see.

Tabitha Lewis turned up
in the ER this morning

with a broken arm.

Who's Tabitha Lewis?

Wife of Jared Lewis.

Habitual domestic
abuser, white nationalist

and most certainly a member

of the Imperial Duke cell
that we brought down.

Group that killed Erika Rogers.

FBI suspects

he was in the
recruiting process then.

He wasn't a full soldier.

But LAPD's on alert

for anything involving
the Imperial Dukes.

So the 911 call from Lewis's
home address got flagged.

Lewis was gone when
the ambulance arrived,

but Tabitha's not claiming
it was an accident this time.

Well, it sounds like maybe she's
done protecting her husband.

I volunteered SWAT to
go in and question her.

Agent Carr knows this
is personal for us.

FBI is working a paper
trail to find Lewis.

This is an opportunity
for SWAT to be proactive.

To avenge the death
of one of our own.

Well, if Tabitha confirms
Lewis was being recruited,

tells us where he's hiding,

we can grab him up for more
than just domestic violence.

But we only got one shot at it.

If we spook her,
Tabitha's liable

to clam up, or worse,
go running to Lewis

and tell him that we've
been asking questions.

These two been
married for ten years.

Even if he's been harming
her, she likely holds

the same racial views as him.

What if we lean
into her prejudices?

You want to put on a show?

We could use Luca.

And you, if you're down?

To use a racist's
beliefs against them?

Yeah. All day, every day.

Who are you?

Get out of my room.

I don't think so.
Victor Tan, LAPD.

I need some answers.

LUCA: Excuse us, Mrs. Lewis.

I was hoping to chat with
you about your husband?

I already told the
nurses and the doctors

all about what Jared did.

Well, you still got
to talk to us, so...


Okay, how about I take
it from here, pal?

Sorry about him. He's
a real pain in the ass.

[laughs softly] It's
all right, Officer.

I read your statement. You know
we'll bring your husband in

for domestic abuse.Good.

I'm over his nonsense.

I think, if you help me with
some other questions we have,

we could keep you safe from
Lewis for a really long time.

I'll answer whatever I
can. Have you ever heard

Lewis mention the
Imperial Dukes?

[scoffs] Sure, he talks
about all the "good things"

they're doing for America.

Recently? Is he still with them?

Come on. You're done
with him, right?

Lewis must have
been meeting them

in a different part
of town, though,

'cause he's been
staying out later.

Did he say what the
Dukes are planning?

Kept talking about
their "victory."

Killing that Black cop
was just the beginning.

He said they're gonna
show the whole city

what they're capable of.

HONDO: If Lewis is still active,

that means we're looking at
a second Imperial Duke cell.

And they're planning an attack
they call the "Reckoning."

The Reckoning? What the
hell does that mean?

LUCA: Tabitha didn't know,

but she says it's supposed
to be worse than anything

they've done before. And, Hondo?

Whatever it is, she said

it's going down today.

FBI's research hasn't
turned up anything about

an Imperial Duke attack
called the Reckoning.

Patrol's on high alert
for Lewis and the Dukes.

Luca's back with Tabitha, seeing
if he can get more out of her.

L.A.'s a diverse city with a lot

of places and events
they could attack,

try and kick off their race war.

Last time they hit businesses
and cultural centers.

Might share a goal,

but we can't assume these

are the same Dukes as before.

Cells can operate
very differently.

What do we know about this one?

Tabitha gave us Lewis's

last few public usernames.

FBI plugged them into
our ongoing research.

Showed who he
interacts with and how.

"This video proves a
Black celebrity's company

"is secretly
trafficking children.

It's time to wake up."

This is crazy
conspiracy theory stuff.

Makes people click. They think
that they're helping kids,

really, they're getting
fed disinformation.

Now, all of these accounts

are Dukes? It's likely some are.

Lewis's activity suggests this
cell is a propaganda machine.

Well, he's good at it. Guessing
that's why this second cell

risked recruiting him after
we shut down the first.

So they're building a
legion of followers to help

spread their ideas
across the Internet.

They want attention. This
attack will likely give

the Dukes some message
to push on social media.

But these accounts switch topics

every other minute,
looking to trend.

What's their real focus?

FBI believes they discuss
real plans face-to-face

or in an encrypted
forum. But we haven't

been able to crack where they're
meeting in person or digitally.

Too many blank spaces.

We don't know the when,
where or how of this attack.

Just that it's somehow
worse than Erika.

HICKS: Well, we know
Lewis is involved.

So we find him, we
find the rest of 'em

and answers will follow.

Deac. There you are, man.

Listen, I got to skip
out of here for a second.

What's going on with you?

Sorry... nothing.

Well, maybe something.

Annie and the kids?

No, no. They're good.
Everything's fine.

Um... [sighs]

I'm probably just
overthinking something.

So lay it on me. I'll
overthink it with you.

You know Lee Durham, the new kid

that just joined 60-Squad? Sure.

He's taken a shine to you.

Can't fault his taste.

Yeah, right.

He gave me this book,

Principled Policing
in a Modern Era.

Never heard of it.
No, me neither.

But I wanted to be polite,
so I read a few chapters.

It's self-published. It, uh

it promotes some pretty
aggressive predictive tactics:

Surveilling citizens
with no criminal ties,

weaponizing programs like
See Something/Say Something.

Deacon, in my life,
I've had to learn to not

cry wolf just because
something smelled a bit funky.

I mean, the kid
could've just picked up

the first book with the
word "police" on it.

He ever given you a
weird vibe before?

A little.

When he gave me the book,

he used the words,
"walk with dignity."

At first I thought it
was just odd phrasing,

but I remembered that

that list of white
nationalist code phrases.

I went back and looked at it.

Yeah, how'd it go? "I aim to
walk the path with dignity"

"pure of body and spirit."

It's not one of the
most common ones,

and he didn't use
the exact same quote.

I mean, Durham had
to have been vetted

to be a SWAT recruit, right?

He's been in LAPD a long time.

I'm sure he's clean
and buckled up.

We can pull his file,
take a look for ourselves.

Did your husband ever
talk about weapons?

Like, maybe a new gun
he'd bought or something

a friend had? He always wanted
one of those James Bond guns.

LAPD. Can I help you?



I got some questions for you.

Hey, you got him? Yeah.

So the Imperial Dukes
really are active again?

That's frightening.Yeah.
Hopefully this guy

spits out some answers,
keeps us ahead of 'em.

Listen, I got to get into
Interrogation, but real quick:

Have you heard about
Hicks's three-man

relay race happens every year?

Winner gets showered with
honor and glory, loser has

to spend a couple days taking
inventory of the armory?

I wanted to ask
if you'd consider

joining 20-Squad's
team. We'd have.

Tan, Street and you.
That's a winning combo.

I don't think I'm right for it.

Are you kidding? You're perfect!

I looked you up.
You're a high school

cross-country All-American?

That was before I had a kid.

You run six miles to work
multiple times a week.

I know I'm a good runner, Luca.

That's not the problem.

So what is it?

I don't just work with you guys.

I mean, I ride with all
the squads here and...

Picking favorites just sounds

like making more
enemies than friends.


It's a no. Okay, then.

No sweat.

[breathing heavily]

Yo, Alex.


You don't mind if my boy
here makes sure our rights

aren't infringed on, do
you? As long as y'all don't

mind me asking you to
stop squeezing businesses

for protection money.

The market, salon,
auto shop, everything.

Don't hit 'em up again.

Don't know what you're
talking about, sir.

HONDO: Y'all need cash?

Then make the money
the right way.

Come by the auto shop,

and we'll hook you up with
a gig. Working for you?

A cop?

No way.

Real recognize real.

HONDO: Ain't nothing
about you real, man.

So why don't you
check that attitude,

and be a part of keeping
this neighborhood nice?

Because I can
promise you this...

I will be.

You got nothing on us,

or you would've brought
out the cuffs already.

Yeah. So, uh

bounce, my brother.

Be seeing you around then.

Guy from the hospital
is Kyle Falley.

He's not talking, but
Tabitha ID'd him as one

of Lewis's friends. He's
probably an Imperial Duke

tasked with keeping
eyes on Lewis's wife.

I pulled his
records... Unmarried,

lives in the Valley,
teaches third grade.


He's also been
posting on Twitter

about needing to defend
against illegals,

"using force if necessary."

I can't imagine being a kid in
his class, soaking up that hate.

And did you know

Lewis works as a headhunter?

What kind of applicant
is he fighting for?

Or against?

Anyway, Falley's,
uh, financials...

Hey, Chris? You're
putting up a good front.

But this is the Imperial Dukes.

Lewis was involved with
the cell that killed Erika.

It's-it's okay if
today's a tough day.

I'm not worried I'm gonna choke

in the field or
anything, but, um...

I just started to get my head
straight again, you know?

And suddenly the Dukes are
back. I need to stay busy

and, uh, try not
to dwell on Erika.

That's what's gonna stop

this Reckoning and bring
this new cell down.

Makes sense.


Falley owns a shell corporation.

Leases a warehouse
in North Hollywood.

Contract started six weeks ago.

That's when Tabitha said
Lewis started staying

out later.

Lewis's cell phone pinged
towers near the warehouse,

starting right after
Falley rented the space.

If they met up there,

other Imperial Dukes
probably did, too.

Sounds like they've
been planning

these attacks for a while.

Could be their
base of operations.

DEACON: Got the warrant.

Last loading dock is Falley's.

7,800 square feet.

Owner hasn't had
a reason to go in

since the Dukes
started renting it.

Means we've got no idea
what the setup looks like.

Used to manufacture
aerospace parts there,

so the walls are insulated.

The thermal drone scan
gave us nothing real.

All right, eyes on me.

Yes, we're going
blind into the layout,

and we don't know how
many Imperial Dukes

might be in there or what
kind of weaponry they got.

This isn't the most
unknowns we've faced.

And even if it was,

we know how to handle it.

Street, go.


[devices beeping]

Ready, Hondo.

25-David, set.
HONDO: On my count.

Three, two, one.

[power tool whirring]

DEACON: Drop it!

30-David. One suspect down.


Got some weaponry... semiautos.

Someone else is here.

HONDO: We got movement.
STREET: Shots fired!

One in the back. Move.

Street, go right.

CHRIS: All clear.

Better to not leave
here in a body bag.


Guns to the side...
push 'em out.

Okay. Drop the
weapon, on the ground.

Get on the ground,
hands behind your head!


This is 20-David, we're Code 4.

Search the space.
We need details

on what this Reckoning is.

Stacks of ammo, but I haven't
seen planning materials

or schematics that
indicate a how or where.

White supremacist literature
and a lot of empty beer cans.

Looks like an Imperial
Duke social club.

DEACON: Hondo, got something.

All this junk piled up?

Looks like someone was
trying to hide this.

It's methyl isocyanate.

Useful as a liquid but
deadly if it vaporizes.

Inhale it, it'll
burn your lungs out.

Kills within minutes.

Toxic gas.

Well, that answers one
question... the what...

But it doesn't answer the
where. Well, it gets worse.

The tank is empty. Looks
like someone transferred it

to another container and got
it off-site before we arrived.

They still have their weapon.

Our friends from the warehouse,

Franklin Russo and Cormac Hill.

Pulled security cam footage,

found three more cell members.

I.D.s still pending.

My question is, how'd these guys

get their hands on
methyl isocyanate?

Tank of MIC was stolen
from a factory a month ago.

We couldn't find any connection
to the Imperial Dukes.

Facility manager says they have

inventory flux all the time.

Plant assumed it was
a computer error.

Translation: They
didn't investigate.

Dukes pump this
stuff into the air,

we're looking at
mass casualties.

Plus, it's strong...
You don't need

an enclosed space
to kill by exposure.

So they could hit a
building, park, anything.

Even though they're
targeting people of color,

it's too wide a net.
I mean, it'd be hard

to walk right up some
place with a bunch of gas.

They must have some
kind of delivery plan.

It could help us zero in
on their target. Find it.

I'll see what Luca and Deacon

are getting out of
Hill in interrogation.

I'm fine. It's just...

These guys keep slipping
through our fingers,

and I'm sick of it.

How about you help me

do this research and
we use it to nail 'em?


who are the Imperial Dukes
planning to use it on?

One day, your eyes
will be opened.

The inferior races,

the crisis actors

and deep state politicians
will be rounded up.

It is our duty to keep
justice alive until then.

Look, justice doesn't
involve attacking people

for having different beliefs
or a different skin color.

Well, they come for us,

for our whiteness,

and you do nothing.

How will they come for us?

You say my eyes will be opened
eventually, why not now?

They teach our children
to hate themselves.

They're trying to replace

white culture. They
tear down our monuments.

Tell us what monument.

Maybe we can help protect it.

The Imperial Dukes will be the
first soldiers in a great war.

Great war?

You can't stop
what's already here.

I don't agree with the
destruction of statues,

but Hill shouldn't need
one to remember history.

He's not gonna give us
anything real about their plan.

He doesn't have to.

Was going through the stuff
we found at the warehouse.

Hill, Falley and Russo all have

authenticator apps
on their phones.

This is Hill's.Constantly
shifting password.

Well, Agent Carr said the
Dukes have an encrypted forum.

I'm thinking maybe
this unlocks it.


Listen, Darryl, Alex and his
guys are just punks, man,

but they ain't
gonna back down easy

from messin' with the auto shop.

So they're just gonna
ruin our business?

Not true.

I already talked to Patrol

and they're gonna keep extra
eyes on the whole block.

LEROY: So your cop
solution didn't work,

and now you're
gonna double down?

I thought you were supposed
to be a silent partner.

Also picked up some
security cameras,

so if they come back,
we got something

to bring 'em in
on. But how long's

that gonna take? Too long.

Or until the
building burns down.

Whichever comes first. It's
not gonna come to that.

Doing things right takes time.

We just need a little patience.

I'll come by tonight
and install the cameras.

Hey, what's up?

So, I pulled everything the
department has on Lee Durham.

I'm not seeing anything.

Also made some calls; No one's
got a bad word to say about him.

Well, if there was something

really damning in his history,

it would show up in
his SWAT interview.

Well, wait a minute.

Look at that.

He worked Patrol
in Granada Hills.

Black residents make up five
percent of that population,

30 percent of Durham's arrests.


Cop who sees Black
people as criminals

finds a reason to
book them more often.

Could just be bad training.

[sighs] Geez, I don't know.

I mean, this is all
just so circumstantial.


that phrase he used.

That was odd.

Deacon, to bring a complaint
to Internal Affairs

saying Durham is a
racist on the job

you better be damn sure.

Are you?

No.When Durham said
those words to you,

it might've been an
attempt to feel you out.

You can use it the same way.

Reply with the other half...

"Pure of body and spirit"...

See what he does.

[sighs] God, I hope this
is all just nothing.

ROCKER: And if you join our
relay team, we have a gift card

to that Japanese place on
Third with your name on it.

FOWLER: Thank you, but...

Look, I don't know what
Luca offered you...

Well, I didn't try to bribe her.

It's not a bribe.

A bonus offer.

And you're only mad
'cause I figured out

your plan to bring in a ringer.

This is low, Rocker,
even for you.

It's not my problem if 20-Squad

isn't willing to do
what it takes to win.

FOWLER: All right,
this is pointless,

'cause I'm gonna be cheering

from the sidelines.
ROCKER: No way.

The whole place knows
that you're the real deal.

Every squad wants you.

You can't let the people down.

You just have to pick who
you're partnering up with.

Damned if I do,
damned if I don't.

Might as well get
something out of it for me.

So, here's the deal:

Gift cards, hook-ups, swag...

Best offer wins.[phone vibrates]

Oh, I gotta go.

Uh, tell everyone to
get their pitches in.

I'll commit to a team
by the end of the day.


So this is the Imperial
Dukes' private forum.

You really gotta
know their lingo...

Most of this is
in-jokes and memes.

It's the motherlode.

FBI's downloading
everything we can,

prioritizing the search

for mentions of the
Reckoning attack,

toxic gas...

What is this?

TAN: That's new. Looks
like a private message.

"LAPD raided
warehouse. Is the other

behind the veil?"HICKS: We're
logged in as a member of the cell.

He thinks we're Hill.

This is a Bible reference.

The Dukes twist a lot
of religious imagery.

He's asking if Russo's dead.

Isaiah 25:7.

"The veil that is spread
over all nations."

The reading at my
father's funeral.

Yeah, but if Hill got
out, how would he know

what happened to Russo?

Let's keep it biblical:

"I am not Lot's wife."

"Do you have the van?"

The van?

I don't know this code.
It might not be code.

There was a van
at the warehouse.

It's sitting in the motor pool,
waiting to be swept for prints.

What would they need it for?

Part of the Reckoning plan?

Or maybe just a way to
prove it's really Hill?

Yeah, we'll look into the van.
Right now, we need to answer.

"Meet at the Alameda Tavern

parking lot at 4:00 p.m."

Restaurant's white-owned
in a mostly white suburb,

not a likely target.

You already found their HQ...

Could it be a staging area

or a meet point? Or a trap.

Lure SWAT in, instead
of killing one officer,

take out a whole team.

Website says the
restaurant's closed today.

DEACON: Infrared scan
turned up nothing.

Building's empty and secure.

CHRIS: Couple civilians around,

but no unusual loitering.

It's past 4:00.

FOWLER: Where are
these guys hiding?

They want to see the van
before showing themselves.

If it's a trap, they want
us all the way in it.

Street, you're a go.
All right. Coming in.

Van's in position.

Two men approaching on foot.

HONDO: Got eyes on 'em.

At least one's
carrying. Move in.

LAPD! Show your hands!
Show your hands, now!

HONDO: Hands in the air.

Fowler. Stay by the car.

Keep your hands up. Don't move.

Tell us your target.

Hey, we didn't do
anything illegal.

I got a permit for that gun.

We're not the rioters.


What's he talking about?

MAN: We came to
defend this place.

Wait, hold up. You're here
to protect the restaurant?

Yeah, isn't that
why you're here?

Protect it from what?
The anti-fascists

planning on burning it down.

Look, this guy sounds twisted,
but not like an Imperial Duke.

Where'd you hear about this?
It's all over social media.

Pics of their Molotov cocktail
assembly line and everything.

Okay, searching now.

CHRIS: Another group
of four incoming.

They don't seem like
the Dukes either.

FOWLER: They've
got protest signs.

Street, go with
Fowler... Intercept.

HICKS: We see the pictures
he's talking about,

but a reverse image search

shows the actual original post.

Look, these pictures are really
from four years ago in Indiana.

HICKS: They're photoshopped
to include today's date

and this restaurant.

The Dukes are using

their Internet
followers against us.

It wasn't a trap.

This whole thing's a distraction

to keep us running
around the city.

All right, get the
hell out of here.

Everybody back to HQ until
we find the real target.

[indistinct chatter]


All right, I'll see you then.

Heard the Imperial Dukes
called off the meet,

wiped the whole
secret forum clean.

Fake images of the restaurant

were posted before we
even got in position.

And now they're
just in the wind.

Knowing the Dukes are out
there walking around free

after killing Rogers...

I hope SWAT can stop
'em for good this time.

Well, their kind of hate,
it's hard to swallow.

Yeah. That's for sure.

Hey, listen, me and some buddies

are grilling tonight
after all this is over.

Maybe you stop by, have a beer?

If I'm free, I'm there.


[chuckles]: All right.


HICKS: Need some good news.

CHRIS: Been exploring
how the Dukes plan

to get their toxic
gas to their target.

We found a decal in the van
for Castanera Party Rentals.

What if they're planning

to pass themselves off
as event deliverymen?

Hide toxic gas canisters
with chairs and tables.

The company also has heat lamps.

The kind that run off
small propane tanks.

Fill the tanks
with MIC instead...

You could walk
right in anywhere.

Temperature drops below 70,

you got heat lamps at
every party in Los Angeles.

And nobody thinks twice
if there's a stack

of backup tanks lying around.

There was welding equipment
at their warehouse.

They rigged the tanks
so all they have to do

is set 'em up and walk away.

Valves open, MIC vaporizes,

injuring or killing anyone
in the immediate area.

They get to claim "victory"
online, get publicity...

Spread their racist
message further.

Maybe even start the
war they want so badly.

Let's hope it doesn't
inspire copycats.

STREET: The van and the decal

help sell the charade,

but the Imperial Dukes
don't need any of this

to carry out their attack. No.

They're doing this
one way or another.

I'm gonna call the
party rental company,

get a list of
their events today.

Be ready to roll out.

Milk helps with eye
irritation after exposure.

I'm gonna grab some
portable respirators, too.

Well, hopefully, we
contain the gas tanks

before it ever gets to that.

Hey, Luca, we got a destination?

Yeah, just got a list
of today's events

from the rental company.
Five spots, all over town.

All right, target's
got to be something

the Dukes can promote online.

Yeah. Wedding seems
too low-profile.

Silent auction... Wait, wait.

Camden College is re-dedicating

their Physical Sciences Lab.

Yeah, read about
that. They're removing

the name of some donor who
supported racist policies.

It says here they're
renaming the building

in honor of the Mendez
family, who fought

to end segregated schooling
in Southern California.

Yeah, Hill was really worked up

about the "erasure of white
culture" and "losing monuments."

To the Dukes,

replacing a name on the
wall is worth killing over.

These are exactly the
type of victims they want.

The keynote speaker is the
college's diversity chair,

and the event's co-sponsored
by three different.

BIPOC-focused clubs.

Okay, ceremony
starts in an hour.

Dukes might be there already.

[indistinct chatter]

Don't stop, let's go!


Rocker, officers are evacuating

the speakers and early arrivals.

They'll keep civilians
out of the danger zone.

50-Squad's gonna take
a perimeter position.

Don't want any of these guys
slipping through a crack.


Event coordinator confirmed
that the rental company's

deliverymen are
working on the quad.

[valve squeaking]

30-David, it's the
Imperial Dukes.

STREET: Hey, Hondo, looks
like Lewis and the other Dukes

are arming the tanks. HONDO
[over comm]: Roger that.

Everybody mask up.

Watch the tanks.

This stuff is
flammable and deadly.

Deacon, on your count.

Three, two, one.


STREET: Hands where
we can see them!

DEACON: Suspect one down.

Everybody, take cover!

CHRIS: Put your weapons down.


LAPD! Show your hands!
Nowhere to go! Give it up!

They're aiming for the tanks!

Suspect two down.

[people shouting]

Move in, now!

[woman screams]

I got Lewis.

Chris, I got your six.

HONDO: Check the tanks.

No release mechanism,
just propane.

Lewis is rabbiting,
headed north!

ROCKER: Moving to intercept.

26-David, with you.

Got to stay on him!



Lewis turned
southeast. Following.

He wants us to move in
close, leave an exit open

so he can double back
and slip the net.

ROCKER: Just tell
me where to be.

I got leaking MIC!
HONDO: Fowler!

We need a containment
chamber now!

There's toxic gas in the air.

[gas hissing]

Tank's secured. I'm
checking the others.

[gasping, coughing]

HONDO: Can't use that gun, man.

The gas in the air is flammable.

You're breathing

TAN: These all look secure.

HONDO: On your stomach.

Three down. Fowler,
we need oxygen.

FOWLER: Roger, incoming.


[grunts, groans]

Way to corral him.

Final suspect down.

You catch him, you clean him.

With pleasure.

Last of the tanks disabled.

20-David. Code 4.

Multiple members in custody,
propaganda machine's gone quiet.

SWAT dealt the Imperial
Dukes a real blow today.

FBI was able to download the
bulk of the encrypted forum

before it was erased.

I am putting together a
team to go through it.

Lot of insight to be had on
cell organization, activities.

I thought the Dukes totally
abandoned this forum. Commander.

It's a new private message.

"LAPD still has a chance to be
on the right side of history.

War is coming."

It's time-stamped
30 seconds ago.

Cross-checking our records.

This user communicated
with the first cell.

Looks like he gave
orders to both.

Brains of the operation.

The leader,

connection between
all the L.A. cells.

And he's still out
there, planning for war.

LUCA: Yo, Fowler.

Hey. Hey.

Decided to put in

a "join my relay"
team offer after all?

I already got some deals that
are gonna be tough to beat.

No, my first one
still stands: Nothing.

Okay? No gift cards,
no all-expenses paid.

Just join 20-Squad's team.

Hmm, that's definitely
not gonna top

the spa day from 50-Squad.

You know, I've been
thinking about it.

This highest bidder
stuff is noise.

You turning me down this
morning was real. Oh, yeah?

You think you don't
fit in here at SWAT.

You were trying
not to make waves,

keep your head down until
Rocker upped the ante.

You were in Germany
when I first started.

People still aren't sure if I
even belong in this building.

Don't even know why

a TEMS officer is
important. No, I get you.

So here's my real offer. Next
time that we have a night off,

I'll run you through the
SWAT training course.

Okay, whether you
join my team or not.

I'll show you how we train,
and get the best out of you.

I don't know about one
time through the course.

Maybe if you offer to train
me up until I kick ass,

however long it
takes. Yeah, okay,

and I thought us SWAT guys
were the competitive ones.

Hey, I can go see
if Rocker's team

will offer me the same terms.

No, no. We got a deal.


I wanted to thank you for
keeping me busy today,

taking my mind
off of everything.


you need help, I'm
always here for you.

But you're stronger
than you know, Chris.

Think I realized it
as I booked Lewis,

no piece of trash is
gonna threaten my sanity.

I'm glad you got some closure.

No. There are more
Imperial Dukes out there,

believing in the cause
that killed Erika,

planning more violence.

When they're gone, that's
when I'll have closure.

DURHAM: "I didn't like
her in the first place."

[laughter]I'm like, "Why
wouldn't you tell me that?"

It was nine years ago.

Figured you guys
could use more ice.

Hey, always.

Deacon, nice to see you, man.

Gibson and Ellis.

Man, I haven't seen
you clowns in ages.

You got to catch up.Thanks.

Here's to walking the
path with dignity.

Pure of body and spirit.

[laughs softly] Told you guys.

Figured you didn't want to
talk about this stuff at work,

but just know, you're
among friends here.

Who's ready to eat? [Chuckles]

GIBSON: [laughs] Let's go.


DARRYL: I ain't playing,
I ain't playing.

Oh, man. Quite a party
going on in here.

You two seem to be
in better spirits.

Uh, got nothing for you
to worry about anymore.

Yeah, my pops ran
all those guys off.

JAMES: Got them to leave

the whole block alone.

And how exactly did
you manage that, Leroy?

Stop clutching your
pearls, all right?

I didn't do nothing criminal.

I know you had more
than a civil chat

and a handshake deal
with those guys.

Those wannabes were happy to
wrap up their little scheme

the second they heard my name.

A Hammer O.G.

What'd you do?

Did you threaten to put in work
if they cross your territory?

Oh, that so different than
promising to bring down

the thunder of the
LAPD on their asses?

Oh, I guess it is, because at
least they respected me enough

to run along.

Leroy. Didn't need
your permission, Hondo.

Damn sure don't need
it to do whatever else

might be necessary.

Darryl got dreams
for this place,

and I'm-a see them through.

DARRYL: Is everything okay?

Yeah, sure is.

So tell me about

this neighborhood
business council.


Help me with these cameras, kid.

We still need those?

Darryl, I know it looks like
your pops took care of things,

but running those guys
off was not a smart thing.

I thought that's what we wanted,
for them to leave us alone.

Think about it, kid.

Okay, so they left us,
but where'd they go?

Probably to some other
block. And you think

they learned that extorting
money from people is wrong?

You think they're
just gonna stop?

Probably not.

Best-case scenario,

they start picking
on someone else.

Worst-case, they
get all worked up

and decide to come and hit
back on your father, hard.

Now, look, your pops,

he knows what's up, and
I'm sure he's got a plan

or five if it comes to that.

That also worries me.

But the thing is, D,

sometimes a short-term
solution just creates

a long-term problem.

[sighs] I feel you.

But I don't know if the rest
of the neighborhood does.

[speaking indistinctly]

Some things take more
time than others.

ELLIS: My son went
to a march. [Scoffs]

Doesn't understand
why it broke my heart.

GIBSON: A couple cops

making split-second
bad decisions

does not mean the whole
damn system is broken.

It's Monday-morning

I mean, a Black suspect

comes at me with something
looking like a weapon,

you think I'm spending time
worrying what color he is?

[chuckles]: No. And saying
so doesn't make me a racist.

All right? It
makes me a realist.

DURHAM: No, man, they
loop us all together

like we're some Imperial
Dukes. It's just ridiculous.

GIBSON: Their type of violence?

I-It makes the whole movement
look bad. And it takes away

the focus of the
politically correct BS

that's gone too
far. ELLIS: One day

we're gonna look up and find
the inmates running the asylum.

[Durham chuckles]

More like animals
running the zoo.

I can't even imagine what it's
like for you every day, Deac.

I'm not sure how you mean.

DURHAM: Harrelson.

I mean... Hondo's a
good guy, I guess,

but everyone knows
that his promotion

was affirmative action nonsense,

all about capitulating

to the social
justice warrior crowd

over at the city hall.

He has no business being the
SWAT team leader over you.

I see it in your eyes.

It eats you up to have
to take orders from him.

I feel you.

World's gone mad.