S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 13 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The team has to work together to apprehend a band of mercenaries hired by a wealthy CEO trying to flee the country before being arrested for running a Ponzi scheme.

Previously onSWAT...Trouble's back in town.

I'm sorry for all the calls.That's what family's for.

TAN: Loss is a process.CHRIS: I'm dealing with it.

One shot at a time?
Bar fights?

I start feeling bad
about a month or so ago.

What'd the doctor say?She said

we need to run some tests.

What about those test results?

Maybe it's good news.

And if it isn't?

Then we will know
what we're facing together.

Darryl and me,
we starting a business together.

Little father
and son thing.

You giving us a loan?

I was thinking
I'd be more of a partner

in the business.Our customers

ain't necessarily too fond
of the boys in blue.

You want the money or not?Yes, we want the money.

Right, Dad?

Yeah. Yeah, son.

HICKS: Meet John Afton.HONDO: Why?

Ten years ago,
he founded a hedge fund,

Afton Assets, LLC.

Manages $50 billion in assets.

Billion? With a B?

People will sign over
their entire life savings

if you guarantee them
a 15% annual return.

15% sounds way
too good to be true.

Proving you're not
his kind of sucker.

Couple years back,
Agent Valdez

and her team at
the FBI got a tip

that Afton was running a grift.

Two days ago, we finally flipped

a source in Afton's back office.

Passed us documents showing
Afton Assets is a Ponzi scheme

about to hit the end
of the track.Which means

his clients are gonna lose
their entire investment.

The warrant's coming down
tomorrow morning,

and we'd like SWAT
to handle the arrest.

Seems like a lot of firepower

for a paper tiger.

Afton owns a mansion in
the Los Feliz Hills.

He's got a couple
of armed guards

that work
security for him.

Maybe he surrenders
when he sees the LAPD

and the FBI on his doorstep.

But we're there in case his
muscle gets a little zealous.


My team will set up surveillance
overnight and we'll have eyes

360 on his property before dawn.

All right, I'll pull
the blueprints for the
house and brief my team.

[horns honking in distance]


Hello? Anybody here?


Street? Hey.

Okay, um,

this is a little embarrassing.

What happened?

Just don't judge me.

I may mock, but I never judge.

I'm at a motel
in Hollywood and, um,

I don't remember how I got here
or, um, where my car is.

[blender whirring]

You there?I'm on my way.


Where you headed?

Oh, I'll see you at HQ, man.

Damn. Good morning, kid.

Hey. Didn't hear you
coming in last night.

You was working late?Yeah.

Planning to serve
a big warrant today.

Then I had to check in
with Pops.

Yeah, old man
still can't believe

he's officially cancer-free.

Me, neither.

Nobody gets ready
for good news.

You know what I'm saying?[laughs softly]

What you doing up so early?

My dad, he has a lead
on a garage for the auto shop.

The landlord
already has an offer,

but if we give him a little
extra, he says it's ours.

So we're gonna
go check it out real quick.

So you're gonna spend
the morning with Leroy?

You gonna make it
to school on time?

Yeah, might be
a little late to first period,

but when was
the last time a mechanic

really needed chemistry, right?

I don't know,
I kind of liked chem.

Yeah, that's 'cause
you like to cook.Yes, I do.

You know, speaking of that,

how about some dinner
at home tonight?

It's been a minute since
the two of us just kicked it.

I'll grill up
some quality burgers.

There got to be fries
on the plate, then.

Done deal.
All right.

[door opens]

[rhythmic knocking on door]

[exhales]You look terrible.

Mm.Not that I'm judging.

I wouldn't have bothered you
if I had a better choice.

So what's the plan?

Uh, we're gonna drive
around the nearest bars,

widen the perimeter
until we find my car

and then we just
show up to work.

You're not
coming in today, Chris.

You're not a hundred percent.

Until I finish this cup.

Thank you.You call in sick,

it's not even a lie,
I'll back you up with Hondo.


What happened to you, anyway?

I don't know.

What's the last thing
you remember?

Putting on my party shoes
at home.

So y-you don't know
who was with you?

I know it was
a guy, I know

we had sex, I know

I used a credit
card for the room,

I know he left.

There's nothing else
I need to know,

except where the hell
did I park my car?

I hate this.Hey, hey.

We're gonna find
your ride. Okay?

[phone beeps]Bars near me.


Figuring he didn't
drive that far.

I mean, look at this place.
It's not exactly a...

a resort destination.

I've been in worse.


Thanks for coming to the rescue.


Just a reminder,
I'm out tomorrow morning.

The class show-and-tell
for Matthew, right?

Actually, it's, uh,
Career Day now.

Oh, that's right.

What are you showing off
this year?

Best toy we got:
bomb disposal robot.

Pulling out all the stops.
I thought it was just Lila's

private school that brought
out your competitive side.

Except now I'm trying to impress
the kids, not the grown-ups.

Same show,
different audience.

Go ahead and get
your team suited up.

Hondo's on standby
for the warrant.

You know, you're
down one today.

Who?Alonso. She called in sick.

Warrant just came through,

Earlier than expected.
Any visual of Afton yet?

My spotter just saw him
through one of the windows

in the camera feed
having breakfast.

Run the plan one
last time, Sergeant.

All right, we got two entrances.

20-David will approach
on the main drive

on the one-side
with the SWAT A.V.

Tell Afton's security
to open the gate

and surrender their weapons.

On the off chance
that they don't,

that's why we got Black Betty.

GRAYSON: Valdez,
check the front gate feed.

Looks like Afton has a visitor.

Copy that, Grayson.

Any idea who it is?

Negative. Working on it.

Here to deliver your speakers.

Delivery guys.

Sounds like Afton ordered
a new speaker system.

Too bad he won't get
to enjoy it.

7:30 a.m.?

That's early
for a delivery.

Have Agent Grayson radio
as soon as they're gone.

Last thing we need is civilians
on-site as potential hostages.

[brakes squeak]

[radio beeps]

Come on in.

Patrol will lock off all traffic
on the streets around

Afton's mansion. Now, once
we've cleared the property,

FBI has the scene.

Wait, hold up.

It takes one guy

to lift a box of speakers
out of the truck

but two guys to put an
empty box back inside.

That's because
it ain't empty.

Like they're moving evidence.Like they're moving him.

What if Afton
got tipped off?

No way.
Afton's a high-priority target.

We did not have a leak.Understood,

but something in that box
might be useful to your case.

Grayson, do not lose sight
of that truck.

You and Deacon catch up
with Grayson. I'll have the team

follow in Black Betty.
If the truck's clear,

reroute to the mansion

and proceed with the arrest
as planned.


Vehicle just stopped
at an underpass,

headed south on Holly.

Afton's in the back of the truck with two suspects.

Gonna get a better look.

Grayson, hang back.

I'm being careful.

Fellas, we got us a tail.

My three o'clock.

I spotted that van earlier.

Command to 20-David, sending
unis to Grayson's location.

Roger that, Commander.

Grayson, do not engage until
backup has arrived on scene.

There's a second vehicle.

Can't make out the plates
from here.

Grayson, keep your distance!



Grayson![starts engine]

[starts engine][engine revving]

[tires screeching]

Grayson, you there?[sirens wailing]



All right. Copy that, Deacon.
I'll let him know.

40-David Squad
raided the mansion.

Confirmed Afton's in the wind.

Any news
about Grayson?

Deacon says it's touch and go.

I mean, Hondo gave him first aid
until the EMTs arrived but...

the guy already lost a lot of
blood. Deac's on his way back.

Hondo's gonna stay at the
hospital to wait for Valdez.

It's never easy when one
of your own gets injured.

No, man, the whole
team takes a blow.Yeah.

Any clue how Afton knew
about the warrant?

FBI's investigating

We're taking over
Afton's arrest.

Metro's surveilling
his personal jet at Burbank.

Okay, what about family?

Any family
he might ask for help?

Patrol's tracking them down.

We got BOLOs for Afton

at every major airport
and marinas,

but leaves a lot
of public airstrips and docks

he could use
to slip our grip.

with his fat bank accounts,

man, he'll find a way.

Okay, what about
the extraction team he hired?

Forensics pulled a clean print
from the gate intercom.

RHD's running it now.

Maybe it gives us
the bastards.

Yeah, wasn't an amateur crew.

These guys are pros.Well, bad luck for them.

So are we.

[sighs]WOMAN [over P.A.]:
X-ray tech to room 208.

X-ray tech to room 208.

Ms. Grayson. I'm
Sergeant Harrelson.

I'm the officer
who found your son.

The doctor said that Bobby
would've bled to death

before the EMTs
ever even reached him

if it weren't for you.

[voice breaking]:
You gave him a chance.

Thank you.

I'm really sorry that you
have to go through this.

Do you have kids,

[chuckles softly]:
I'm raising a teenage boy.

So you know.

You can't protect your kids
once they're grown.

They don't hear you anymore.

Mind of their own.

You got to let them make
their own choices at some point.

We just hope that
they choose right.

I never wanted Bobby
to join the Bureau,

but I couldn't
tell him that.

Every time I saw a call
from an unknown number,

I-I stop breathing.


"Is this the call?"

Today was the call.

If you need anything from me

or the LAPD,
will you let me know?

Nothing more to do now
except wait.

[punches landing]


First day tomorrow, huh?

Joining 60-Squad.
Becker's team.

Yes, sir.Well, they'll
make you feel welcome.

We all remember
our first day,

and, uh, well,
I'm not gonna lie to you.

It's always terrible.Still can't believe
I'm on SWAT.

Best of the best. I mean,
my wife is crazy proud.Let me guess.

Feels a little fake, huh?

I was so nervous, I backed
Black Betty into a utility pole.

[chuckles]At speed.

Knocked power
out of 1,500 homes.

That a true story?

Wish it weren't.[chuckles]

So, how long you
been married?

A while now. After high school,
we started dating,

and when it's right,
it's right, you know?

You've got a little boy,
if I remember.

Yeah. Uh, yeah.

He's, uh, two,
going on two and a half.Oh.

So...You're almost through
the worst of it.

Got four kids,
including a toddler.

The first of anything's
always the hardest.

But then you're a vet.

You already know
how to do the job.

Tomorrow, just do the job.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Hey, I'm giving
a demonstration

at my son's school tomorrow,
so I won't be here

to watch you roll out.Oh.

Let me be the first to
say welcome to SWAT.

Patrol send an update?

Yep. They got officers

staking out Afton's friends,
his three ex-wives.

Three? Not a
Catholic, I take it.

He had enough kids
to qualify. No offense.

Look, there's only one
that they haven't found.

It's his oldest, Jonah.

He's a USC undergrad,
19 years old.

Not at his apartment.
His phone goes to voice mail.

You think he's
with his father?I doubt it.

His mom,
ex-wife number one,

told Street that Afton
hardly ever sees the kid.

Well, this guy's an
all-around prince.

More I hear about him,
the worse he sounds.

Well, Street put out a BOLO
for Jonah just in case.

RHD got a hit on the print

from the gate intercom.

Otto Brady. Former Navy SEAL.
Owns and operates

a private security company
called Capstone.

Capstone?Yeah, you heard of them?

These guys
work internationally.

Everything from running security

for high-profile assets

to protecting merchant vessels
from pirates.

A few of them even got caught
delivering guns

to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

So mercenaries. I wonder how big
of a payday Afton's promised

for them to be willing
to shoot an FBI agent.

Enough to retire in luxury
someplace without extradition.

So, I got something.

Last year, Owen hired
one of his Army Ranger buddies

to do security with us,
guy named Don Harrow.

He had just quit
working for Capstone.

Said it was a bad experience.

He say why?Not at the time, but, uh,

he's on his way in.
Let's ask him.

I met Brady
just after he started Capstone.

Dude was a straight arrow.

Smart, focused.

I left the Rangers
six months prior.

Felt a little lost.
Figured why the hell not?

What kind of jobs
did you do?In the beginning?

Celebrities heading to Darfur

for a humanitarian mission,
we'd protect them.

Oil companies negotiating
a deal in Libya,

we'd coordinate transport
on the ground.

Got involved in international
kidnappings a few times.

Rescued some kids.
Those were fun.

So, why'd you quit?

Brady started chasing the money.

Didn't matter who
or where it came from.

My last assignment,
we got hired

to fly some French
politician's squeeze

to Majorca for the weekend.

Easy paycheck
till I saw the girl.

She couldn't have been
more than 13.

So, I told Brady we need
to report the slimeball.

Brady gave me 20 seconds
to get off the plane,

or he was gonna put a bullet
in my skull.

I got off the plane,
never saw him again.

You know anyone
still working for him?

Guys would always
rotate in and out,

few ever staying longer
than six months.

No idea
who Brady's working with now.

What about any old
contacts he might lean on

to get out of the country?Plenty of those.

I can think of a dozen
just in California.

Let's start there.

Hey. Deac said
you could use some help

with Harrow's list
of Capstone contacts?

Yeah. Here you go.
Start with the Js.

Hey, you rolled out early
this morning. Everything okay?

Yeah, good enough.
I made it to work on time.

Look, I'm not trying
to get all up in your business,

but was that Chris
who called this morning?Yeah.

She wasn't feeling great.

And needed you in person?Come on.

Save your
interrogation techniques

for the suspects, okay?

Only because I took
a couple calls from her myself

in Berlin after Erika died.


grief makes for bad decisions,
you know?

I'll stop by her place later.

[tablet chimes]

Oh, we just got a hit

off the list. Omar Khaled.What?

Charter pilot
out of San Francisco.

ATC log at Van Nuys Airport

shows his Cessna landed
there a half hour ago.

Do you believe
in coincidences?Almost never.

Has to be Brady's exit plan
with Afton. Go.

[metal clinks]

LAPD. Show me your hands.

Hands!Whoa, whoa, I'm unarmed!
I'm just a pilot.

On your feet. Slowly.

26-David. Plane's empty.

No sign of them
around the hangar.

Where's Brady?I don't know.

He called me this morning,
asked if I could

fly a client to Beijing ASAP.

He was supposed
to meet me here

for takeoff an hour ago.Call him.

Word gets out I helped
the cops bust a client,

my business goes under.HONDO:
Your client

Brady shot an FBI agent
this morning.

You don't start talking,

that's aiding
and abetting a fugitive.

You want anything else from me,

you need to talk
to my lawyer, sir.

Tan, flex him.

Turn around.

20-David. We got
the pilot in custody,

but no Brady, no Afton.

We'll stay put, be ready

to take them down
when they show up.

What's wrong?

Khaled should've called in
ten minutes ago

for his check-in.

Maybe he lost track of time.

There he is.

That's my son.


I've been calling you for hours.

My phone died.

I spent the night at Mary's.

What are you doing here?

You need to come with me.
You're not safe.

Okay? Let's go. I'll explain
on the way. Come on.

Give him a second.

He'll come.

Hey, we got Afton's kid.

Round up Dante
and get over here.

Khaled hasn't checked in yet,

so we're going
to the safe house.

Uh, correction. Stay put.
We'll come and get you.

A cop just showed.MILNER:
I have visual

on Jonah Afton with
suspect John Afton from BOLOs.


Shots fired! Shots fired!

We got to go!Move, kid.


Dad! What the hell?Next shot's the messy one.

What is wrong with you?!

Move. Go, go. Move, move, move.

I'm going. I'm going. I'm going.Move.


[engine starts]

[tires squealing][whimpering]

Help's on the way, ma'am.

Suspects are in a black SUV
heading southbound on Willow.

Any update
from Becker's squad?Still no sign

of Brady or Afton
at the airport.

Their plan must've changed.

What about RHD?

Any leads on Jonah's

Well, so far,
only the description

the girlfriend gave
of the getaway car.

We put out a BOLO, but nada.

They also found
Jonah's phone on a sidewalk

a few blocks
from the scene.

Brady must've figured
we'd track it.

So, a whole lot
of dead ends.Well, at least we blocked

their plan A
when we grabbed the pilot.

They got to be scrambling
for another way out.

Afton could've been
en route to Beijing

with a glass of good champagne

before we even knew
his pilot's name.

Now, why would he slow down to
snatch a son he hardly sees?

You don't think
it was fatherly love?

Excuse me, Commander?

Just got body cam footage
from the officer

that spotted
Afton and Jonah.

You see right there?

That's a Finder tag.
It's a GPS tracker

you can locate
with an app on your phone.

Street gave me one
after we spent two hours

looking for the keys
to my truck.

If we can access
Jonah's phone,

we can use the app
to figure out where he is.

Or at least
where his backpack is.

We'd need his password.

You think his girlfriend
might know it?

Well, she's still in surgery.

Gunfire ruptured her eardrum.

Why don't you two
head over there and talk to her

as soon as they let you.

[knock on door]

Mystery solved.

[chuckles]: Oh. Not
sure I want to know.

[door closes]Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

Remember the bar
where we found my car?

It was the bartender.

So I made a good, safe choice.

No worries.Nothing's a choice

if you can't remember it.

Me and him, we're friends.

Okay. When the bartender's

your buddy,
maybe you're spending

a little too much time
at the bar?

You know what,
I-I liked you better

before you turned into
such a prude.

Why are you even here?

Go save the rest
of the world.

I'm fine.You're not fine.

You're torn up about Erika,
just like the rest of us.

But getting all

is a terrible way
to handle grief.

Thanks for
your personal insight.

You and me,

we're the children
of drunks.

We know what it looks like.

You've been drinking
right now, haven't you?

Little hair of
the dog, yeah?

For the hangover?

It helps.

You didn't plan
on drinking

until you blacked
out last night.

But you did.

You didn't plan on...

ending up in some fleabag motel,
but you did.

I should've
never called you.

Except Tan
already helped me out once.

I've leaned on Luca before.

Deacon can't keep
a secret from Hondo,

and Hondo would have
to tell Hicks.

You were the only one
left standing.

So don't pat yourself
on the back too hard.

I'll check in with you later.Don't bother.

You already made
your point. I get it.

It's no bother at all.

[door closes]

Wait, hold-hold on, hold on.

What does that even mean?

I thought the teacher was
in charge of the class,

not some parent posse.

I am proud of my badge.

Let me ask you something--
does that make me too toxic

to attend the science fair
next month?

Okay. Well, good.
I'll see you then.


Something happen?

Yeah. That was, uh, that
was Matthew's teacher.

I just got fired from
his career day tomorrow.

Come on, now. What?Yeah.


some of the parents think that
a cop is the wrong kind of guest

to have in a class these days.


Sorry, man.

What am I supposed
to tell Matthew?

He's got no context.

We don't let our kids
watch the news.

Some cops just don't look
like heroes on cell phones.

So now I'm some
urban war criminal...

to this smug young teacher

who's-who's hiding
behind these parents.

They don't know
you, Deacon.That's the thing. They do.

I've known most of them since
Matthew was in kindergarten.


I can't believe
it has gotten this bad.

Deac, this ain't
nothing new.

It's just loud now.

And public.

You know, I think about

officers like
Grayson, Erika,

shot in the line of duty.And you don't like

being stereotyped as a thug.

Well, you know what?
Nobody does.

You became a police officer
for the same reason I did:

We protect the city.
We are not the problem.

So who is the problem?

People who break the law.

And what about when
cops break the law?

Then they
should be prosecuted.

It doesn't make
the rest of us criminals.

Same's true on both
sides of the line.

[pats arm]

Not so much

as a dead squirrel inside.

We're good.

Put my son in a safe place.

Make sure he can't run off.

Don't worry, Mr. Afton.

We're off the grid.

No neighbors.

Perfect safe house.

Yeah, well,
we shouldn't need a safe house.

Whole thing's been a disaster
from start to finish.

And that FBI agent
this morning,

you didn't have to shoot him.Well, he was
radioing for backup.

He was a threat
to both of us.

And my son's girlfriend?

She wasn't a threat.

You made her a victim
and a witness.

Due respect,

we'd have made international
airspace two hours ago

if you hadn't
slowed us down

with this side trip
to grab your boy--

which wasn't
on the agenda.

As if I'd take two
for the price of one?

You want the rest
of your payment?

Take care of business
and get us out of here,

without adding
to the body count.

I'll add a bonus for Jonah.

Come find me when you have
an exit strategy

that'll actually work.

Guys, go make sure

he doesn't set off
one of the booby traps

and kill himself
before we can collect.

I found a way out, boss.

Want me to round up
the crew?


One bay,
and the front office looks

like the size of my bathroom.

It's such a rip-off.HONDO:
I'm sorry

it didn't work out, kid.But we found another garage

down the block
with a "For rent" sign.

We're about to go peep
the inside.

You sounded like Leroy just now.[chuckles]

He said I sound like you.

We're still on
for burgers tonight, right?

One second.

Uh, it's my dad.

He's probably trying
to find me. Later.

It locked me out
for one minute.

Too many attempts.

What have you tried so far?

His birthday.
His mom's. His dog's.

Even mine. And then I tried

Okay, uh, it's time
to get creative.

Luca, what's
your password?


Well, what's yours?

My anniversary with Bonnie,
so I don't forget.

Did you and Jonah have
an anniversary, Mary?

We haven't been together
a whole year yet,

but our first date was
in September.

Not that he'd remember.

He's kind of bad with dates.

It's worth a try.

The whole thing
was so...

surreal. I...

I'd never even seen a real gun
before today.

You're safe now, Mary.

Jonah isn't.

It makes no sense.
He and his dad

barely talk.

The man only cares
about himself.

I keep telling him
to cut his losses, but...

my guy's an optimist.

I love that about him.

Oh, wow.

It isour anniversary.

Just please let me know
as soon as you've found him.

We will.

Here we go.

His backpack is way up
by Angeles National Forest.

If he has his
pack with him,

we got him.


Car's gone.

Where's Brady?

Where's Collins?Probably out

grabbing fresh wheels.


This will all make sense
soon enough.

I'm very sorry
for what I've put you through.

I'm sorry for a lot
of the things I've done.

But we're family.

I love you.

Please talk to me.


Are you okay?

Help me move this.

Where the hell
is my son?

Call Brady!

Straight to voice mail.

I'll take a look around.

Keep him here.


One suspect leaving
the house.

He's armed.HONDO:
We'll handle him.

You and Stevens
cover the one-side.Roger that.

HONDO: Street, cover the
perimeter with 50-David.Roger.

Tan, let's move.

Two suspects inside.

It's... not here!

[wood creaks]



Call out!

Whoever's there,
you're on private property.

I have the right
to use deadly force against you.

[loud bang]Aah!

LAPD! Stop
right there!


Tan! Cover!

[gun clicks empty]

Tan! Get down!




Tan! Are you all right?

Vest saved your life, man.

We got to move.

20-David. We need backup.

Let me get you out of here.

Behind you!


[yelling, grunting]

On your stomach!

Stay down!

Don't even think about it.

Don't die for a paycheck, man.

It's not your war anymore.

Well, at least you're vertical.
You all right?

Second hit this year.Let's make it your last, man.

How'd you spot the trap?I saw the metal in the bushes.

remote trigger, right?

I have the right
to remain silent.

Yes, you do.
This is 20-David.

Suspect in custody.
Any sign of Jonah

or Brady?Negative.

Just his backpack.

Roger that.

All right,
thanks for letting me know.

But please tell his mom
how sorry I am.


That was Valdez.

Agent Grayson died
during surgery.

How's Valdez holding up?


Hardest day of my whole career
was losing Erika,

and having to notify her sister.

SWAT trains you for a lot,
but... never that.


[inhales sharply]

Already one mother's
lost her son today.

Let's make sure Jonah's mother
has a different ending.

Yes, sir.


[door closes]The FBI agent

shot this morning?

He just died.

Which means your son is
being held by a murderer.

Do you have any idea where
Brady could be taking your boy?

Anything he said,
anything you saw?

No. We were all
at the cabin together.

I needed some air.

When I came back in,
they were both gone.

They were just... gone.

I would tell you if I knew.

I may be a terrible father, but
I would never intentionally...

It doesn't mean
you don't love your son.

You could be partway to China

if you had just left Jonah
out of it.

Why did you grab him?

He was my exit plan.

Help me out here.

Hoffenberg, Madoff--

I'm smarter than they were.

When I started my account,
I knew I could crash and burn,

and so I planned in advance.

I opened up a Swiss bank account

in Jonah's name
when he turned 12,

and loaded it up
year after year-- $130 million.

An escape hatch.

Jonah never knew about it?

I couldn't count
on cooperation.

I had full control over
the account until he was 18.

I was going to transfer
the funds into a new account.

Then the Feds started
poking around.

You couldn't move the money

without raising
any red flags, right?

Jonah turned 18,

I needed him
to access the funds.

That's... that's why
I couldn't leave him behind.

Did you tell Brady about this?No, of course not.

But I had the statements
for the account inside my bag,

along with all
of the other information

for Jonah to zero out
his own account, and, uh,

I saw
the statements were missing

just before
you broke down the door.

So Brady figured out
that Jonah was a bigger asset

than you were,
and easier to handle.

I should have never
put Jonah into this.

Do you really think
you could save my son?

We're gonna try.

How you feeling?


I'm very glad for that.

Were you able
to squeeze any info

out of the two mercs
from the cabin?

Roger Irving,
ex-Delta Force.

And Jeffrey Dante,
ex-Green Beret.

Both of them very willing
to cooperate now.

Zero honor among thieves.

Either of them know
where Brady took Jonah?No.

But they gave up the fourth man
on Brady's team--

Michael Collins,
ex-Marine Raider.

Special Ops has

a lot to answer for
with these guys.

We checked his contacts
in the L.A. area.

Well, it turns out
Collins has a cousin,

Scott Young,
operates an offshore

supply ship that docked
at the Port of L.A.

two days ago
to refuel and reload.

Mm-hmm.It's scheduled
to depart tomorrow.

Interesting.[tablet chimes]

It's an update
from Vessel Traffic Control.

Young moved up his departure.

Scheduled to leave
in 20 minutes.

Smart money says
Jonah's on that boat.

20 minutes to get
to San Pedro?I'll tell Air Support

to prep the bird. Go.

[bird squawking]


We are casting off
in two minutes.

So, we'll, uh...

Are you hungry?

Yeah, he's...

I got to keep my...
my golden goose fed.

Oh, uh, not even a squeak,

or else I call my guys

and have 'em cut
your daddy's throat.


[tires squealing]

[engines revving]

[engines revving,
tires squealing]


Drop your weapon!

Drop it!

Hands on your head! Don't move!

30-David. One suspect down,

one in custody.

No sign of Jonah or Brady.

Copy that.


Hondo, on your six.

There's an open hatch maybe 15
feet behind him. Keep him busy.

Stay right there!

Not another step!Mr. Brady,

we just want to end this
peacefully. So do you.

Nobody needs to get hurt.BRADY:
Come any closer,

Jonah here gets a bullet.

[Jonah groans]Which would be sad

for the kid,

but he's gonna die
before I do.

You hearing me?!

Yeah. Let's figure
out a better plan.

How about a chopper,
fully fueled?

You can be in Tijuana by
happy hour. Just give us Jonah.

I want you to back away
in five seconds, or I empty

half my mag into the kid.

Five, four.

Come on, Hondo.Three!


Stay down!

You got him, Tan?Yeah.

Hands behind your back now!

Jonah, you're okay.
We got you.

Mary's okay.
She's in the hospital.

What about my dad?

Is he okay?

He's been arrested,
but he's safe.

This is 20-David,
we're Code 4.

Hostage unharmed.
Suspects in custody.

After-action's done.
Just missing your signature.

I'll get to it in a bit.
How's Jonah?

First question he asked--
was his dad okay.

After everything
his father did to him.

My son and I put each other
through hell,

but when it's all said and done,
we're still father and son.

That's a tough
bond to break.

Or to fake.

How's Darryl?

Still staying out of trouble?

Yeah... for now.

See you tomorrow,


Hey, good night, Sergeant.
Hope the kids enjoy your demo.

Turns out I won't
be doing the demo.

Some other parents don't want
a cop in the classroom.

We used to be the good guys.

Yeah, before cancel
culture took over.

How do you cancel the police?

I know these parents.
Shadow in the driveway,

they are speed-dialing 911
for help.


Why are you here so late?

I was hoping our kid'll be
asleep by the time I got there.

Well, that's honest.

I had no idea
how hard this was gonna be.

Annie's kind of
an expert on toddlers.

Why don't you
and the family come over

for dinner Friday night?

She can share some
of her sleep management tips,

and, uh, we can celebrate
your first week on SWAT.

Check with your wife,
let me know.

Uh, I'm saying "yes" for
both of us right now.

Jenna would just be happy
to talk to survivors.

What's up?


So, um, I did some thinking
after you left.

Like, real thinking.

How I'm always the tough
chick who helps other people.

Helped, uh, Erika get dead.

Chris, you got to stop this.
What does Dr. Wendy call it?

Negative rumination?I know.

I'm a mess.

Vodka wears off, and Erika's
still dead, and I feel worse.

But I, um...
I checked around.

And there's a community
center near here

that has a grief group
this evening.

Could you maybe come with me?

Your wheels or mine?


I'll go slow.

Is that a threat or a promise?

[engine revving]

[Hondo sighs]


Hey, D, it's Hondo.
What's your ETA?

I'm heating up that grill pan,
and I got your favorite fries.

[door opens, closes]

Hey, kid.

That's me on your voice mail.

Hope you're hungry.Oh, nah, man.

I just ate Mexican
with my dad.

Oh, I completely forgot.

Um, c-can we do it tomorrow?


What are you gonna eat?

I got a whole enchilada in here
I haven't touched.

No, it's all good.

There's room in the fridge.
Give me that.

So, how'd the second garage go?

It was right.

We're gonna take it.

Oh, yeah? Nice.

Can't wait to see it.

So I'm sure you got
some homework to do, right?

Oh, yeah.
I'm-a sit with you.

Nah, nah, no need.

You go handle your business.

You're not gonna slack
on my account.

Keep hustling,

keep grinding,
putting in the work.

My pops tell you that?

Nah, my dad always says it.

Kept him alive in prison.

Solid words, right?

No doubt.



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