S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

A high-stakes domestic disturbance involving a father and his two young daughters leads the team to race against the clock to save a group of international activists.

Previously ON SWAT...Hey, how's Germany, big man?

Sweet. Gonna be
advising the best

Germany, France and Italy have.

See if there's any secrets
they can teach us.

The X-rays we did on your lungs

show an abnormal mass

This illness
has burned the hustle

out of your daddy.
I see his gentle side again.

We're all here for you, Pop.HICKS:
Commander Hicks

has absolutely no problem
with you dating Molly.

Great.But as her father,

just made sure that Bob Hicks

never has cause
to have a problem with you.

I was on my home to Molly
when I came here instead.

'Cause all I think about
is being with you.

This pipe dream about us

is never happening. I don't
want to be in the middle

of this anymore.MOLLY:
You're breaking up with me?

Can you at least tell me why?

I don't love you
the way you deserve to be loved.

by Ziggy Marley playing]

911. Where is your emergency?

All right, bye.

Damn, that's a face.

It's nothing.

Why don't we try that again.

I got that meeting
this afternoon with my lawyer

to prep
for my next custody hearing.

Something go wrong?

Your pops
was supposed to drive me,

but now he's saying

that something came up
and now he can't.

And I called and asked my dad
to take me, and...

I'm guessing
he couldn't step in.

He's got a thing
with his parole officer.

But I'm gonna go
check the bus schedules.

'Cause that's my job
as a father, right?

To come through
when it's clutch?


What aren't you
telling me, D?

This is, like,
the third time this week

that your pops has bagged on me.Look,

with Winnie moving back here
and all his doctor business,

Pop's just got a lot going on.

Maybe some wires got crossed up.

I got to bounce.

Come on, Cody.
Move your feet, buddy.

Nice shot. Get him.Hey.

What happened

to sleeping in late
and easing back in?

What can I say, man?
Good night's rest in my own bed

is all it took to knock
that jet lag right off of me.

Oh, no. There he is.

Trouble's back in town.Luca!

Germany wouldn't keep him.


What's up?Hey.

Hey, you bring us a gift?Ah, you're looking at it.

We were worried some swank
European squad stole you away.

Are you kidding me? Ain't nobody
better than 20-Squad.

Well, word is you're not gonna
be rolling with us right away.

Hicks mentioned
some special detail?LUCA: Yeah.

And putting together
new crowd control

and de-escalation techniques
I learned overseas.

That's a big job.LUCA:
Yeah, just a lot

of time, paperwork,
meetings with the brass.

So, I'll be stationed

in HQ
till I head back to Germany

with our T.L.I. winner here.

But I'll pitch in where I can

with you guys,
though. No worries.DEACON: All right.

Good to have you back.Yeah, man. So good.

Hey, see you, man.

Hey. Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Wrong number.


Just wanted to check in.Yeah.

that's what family's for.

And the hit

you took with Erika,
that was no small thing.

How are you holding up?I'm hanging in there.

Yeah?Thanks for looking out.

Yeah, of course.

Patrol cleared the
neighboring homes,

but at least two gunshots
have been fired

since they arrived
on the scene.

Homeowner Ramiro Vasquez has
four registered firearms.

LAPD's talked to him
in some extortion

and assault cases,
but no arrests.

Maybe this guy strong-armed
the wrong person,

and they came
looking for payback.

All right,
let's get eyes inside.

Deacon and I got the one-side.

Chris, Street,
you cover the three.

Tan, you're on the four.
Let's move.

24-David and 26-David

set on the three-side.

Two minor females
in the living room.

The older one's armed; she can't
be more than 11 or 12 years old.

Stay away!

You see anything?

The younger girl looks
like she's been abused.

Interior door's shot to hell;
that's where she's aiming.

No visual on Ramiro.

She must have him
pinned down in one of the rooms.

We'll attempt contact.

The rest of you
hold your position.

We don't want to
surround a scared child.


I'm a police officer.
My name is Sergeant Harrelson.

I'm gonna need you
to put that gun down for me.

My dad will kill us.Listen to me.

We're gonna have
to come in there.

I'm coming through the front
just to talk.

We're not gonna let
anyone hurt you, okay?


Take it easy.
What's your name?

Eme. That's my sister Nimla.

She tried to kill me. Take her
to jail, where she belongs.

Don't listen to him.
Just listen to me.

No one's gonna hurt you
or Nimla. We promise.

Your sister's gonna
need a doctor, Eme.

You want us to get her
some help, don't you?

You'll take her somewhere safe?

Yes, we will.
Both of you.

But I need you to put that
gun down on the floor for me.

It's okay. Put it down.

Tan, get the girls.

Girls, go, go, go.

Go, go, move, move.
Come on.

You get those little bitches
under control yet?

Why the hell are you holding me?

Eme stole my gun, shot at me.

That got anything to do with
the bruises on little Nimla?

Eme's loco.

And you didn't answer
my question.

Time to let me go.

Just need you to stick around
until we're done

talking to your daughters.

Sit tight.

How's our guest?Guy's a piece of work.

Cares more about getting sprung
than he does his own children.With good reason.

Ballistics came back on that gun
that little girl fired.

It's registered to Ramiro,

and it was used
in a murder last night.

Hey! What are you doing?

Give me that.

"Finish it"? Finish what?

What the hell does that mean?

Last night, Ramiro's gun
was used to kill Angela Roberts.

She wrote features
for In Depthmagazine.

Was nominated for
a Pulitzer last year.

I read her piece on the
epidemic of violence

against Native American women.

Definitely an eye-opener.

RHD's running point
on this.

The working theory is that
it was a home invasion.

Well, her place in
Highland Park was cleaned out.

Electronics, jewelry,
they even emptied her safe.

Yeah, my biggest concern
with that report is that

the footprints at the crime
scene indicate four suspects.

So, even with Ramiro
locked up, that leaves

three suspects on the loose.

State Department says Ramiro is
ex-Guatemalan military.

Now, they suspect
he's a stateside fixer

for his cronies back home,
but Feds have never had

anything solid to pin on him.

Well, L.A.'s got the largest
Guatemalan community in the U.S.

That means lots of political
enemies to squeeze,

undocumented workers
to extort.

But if your M.O. is
to target your own people,

why the hell would you kill
an American reporter?

And what about the text?
"Finish it."

I mean, if that went to
his three killer buddies...

If this is more
than a robbery,

Ramiro killed Angela
for some reason.

Best way to
figure out the why

could be where it happened.

RHD report called it.

The killers used blind spots
to avoid the security cams,

cut the cable line,

disabled the entire system,
then made entry.

It sure seems like she made
the most of the years she had.

Lot of people are gonna
miss her.

RHD said that Angela's
phone was smashed

over here by the desk.

They must have swarmed her.

Never even got a call
off to 911.

"Thank you for
telling the world we matter.

You didn't forget us.
We'll never forget you."

Everything in here
screams a robbery.

But Ramiro's an abuser.

He wouldn't need a crew
to take down just one woman.

You're right, it's overkill.

Feels like Angela
knew something

or-or had something
that Ramiro wanted.

The question is what.

Maybe his daughters
know something.


I'll be right back.

Thanks for your patience.

It took me a while to calm
them down, Eme especially.

Glad they're doing better.

Once I got them talking,
we made some good progress.

Did you get a chance
to ask our questions?I did.

Eme said there were
some men at her house yesterday

talking with Ramiro,
but she didn't know them.

Did she say how many?

Three, all of them Guatemalan.

Eme said they were looking
at pictures on their phones.

Of a place or people?

People, but she didn't
recognize any of them.

And that's it for now.

I don't want
to push them too much,

the way they've already
been traumatized.


were they able to tell you
anything about their mom at all?

Eme was five the last time
she saw her mother,

has no idea
what happened to her.

Nimla was too young
to remember anything.

We're searching for relatives,
but they're probably looking

at a foster placement
in the short term.

I just hope I can
keep them together.

My gut says

those three guys helped
Ramiro murder that reporter.

And "finish it" means maybe they
have more people to go after.


Um, can you get the info
on the photos to the team

so we can get a warrant
on Ramiro's phone?

What are you gonna do?

I want to talk
to Eme and Nimla.

I know DCFS will do
everything they can,

but talking to someone

who's actually lived through
the same thing might help.

Maybe stir up some memories

about her mom
and how to find her.

There he is-- "Special Tactics
and Training Liaison."

Yeah, right.
If there's a pool going

on how many times someone
can say that today,

my money's on Street.

You know it's all love.Always, man.

So, you got
something for us?

Yeah, those little girls
put us on the right track.

A warrant from Ramiro's
phone got us faces.

Well, I'm guessing
no names

since you didn't lead with that.Nada.

But I got RHD's download
of Angela's phone

and cloud files.
One thing jumped out.

All of her work files
are missing.

Well, if her murder's
connected to her work,

then maybe our mystery men

and woman were part
of a story of hers.

One that got
Angela killed

and turned those four
into additional targets.

Okay, I'll call Angela's editor.

Maybe he can tell us
what she was working on.

All right. Get on it.

Going off Ramiro's history,
crimes against his own people,

I think it's
pretty likely

that our unknown
subjects are Guatemalan.

That's probably
a safe bet.

Angela wrote stories
to put out hard truths,

and Guatemala's
a volatile country

with a lot of bad
recent history.

the four people in those photos
know they're in danger?

If so, they're probably
already hiding underground.

I might know somebody
that can help us find them.

Sir? I, uh,

just wanted
to get your okay on something.

I was asking the social worker

if we could keep Eme
and Nimla here a little longer.

I'm just, uh... I'm trying
to get some intel on their mom.

See if we can keep 'em together
and out of the system.

And I know it's not my job.

I just... wanted to try.

Those girls got the short end
of the stick in the dad lottery.

It's a father's job
to look after his daughter.

Protect her from anyone
looking to do her harm.

The girls can stay here
the rest of the day,

but that's as much time
as I can give you.

Thank you, sir. I'll, uh,
let you get back to, uh...

Thank you.

I was gonna try and take Darryl
myself, but I'm caught up here.

Well, I'm very impressed
by how hard Darryl's fighting

to be part of his son's life,
and I'm happy to pitch in.

Thanks, Winnie.
I owe you one.

Hey, listen, have you seen
or heard from Pop today?

I haven't talked
to him in a few days.Wait a minute.

I thought he'd been over there,
helping you unpack

from your move down from Vegas.

Yeah, he was pretty helpful
the first few days,

but the last couple...Don't tell me.

Y'all got into it?No.

We've been pleasant.
Surprised me, actually.

But... Hondo...

Dad hasn't been at Mom's
all week, either.

We thought he was with you.

No, something must be going on
with him.

Look, I'm probably not supposed
to say anything,

but Darryl isn't the only one
Dad canceled on.

Yeah, he blew off some plans
with Mama, too.

After everything he did

to get that woman
to trust him again.

That doesn't make any sense.

Hondo, I don't know
if you remember--

we were just teenagers then--

but those last few weeks
before he left us...

I remember.

And then he just left town
with another woman.

I'm not saying

that's what's happening here,

but, um,
I've seen this pattern before.

Pop's playboy days
are long behind him.

He hasn't had
eyes for no one

but Mama since
he came back here.

Well, we thought he only had
eyes for her back then, too.

I believe he's changed, Winnie.

Change doesn't always last.

Hey. You making any headway

on finding their mom?Nope.

Hopefully, I'll keep my job
long enough to find some leads.

That sounds like a story.

I think Hicks knows
I broke up with Molly.

He was so chilly with me
just now in his office.

I'm lucky
I didn't get frostbite.Yeah, well,

I'm gonna be a good friend
and not say

I told you not to date
the boss's daughter, but...

You're very kind.

Tan said the same thing.

And Hicks was fine.


He's probably just plotting
some future torture for me.

I should say something,
though, right? I...

Not wait for him to bring it up?

Oh, you're gonna start
taking my advice

about Hicks and Molly now?

Look, you having
any second thoughts?

About the breakup? No.

No, Molly deserves someone
who is 100% in.

And once I realized
that wasn't me,

it wasn't fair
to drag things out.All right.

You're gonna say something
to Hicks, say that.

It might keep you out
of the boss's penalty box.

You get wise over there
in Germany?

Nah, you just got wise enough

to finally notice my brilliance.

That must be it.

How'd you hear about this place?

There was a debate in my
church group about the legality

of these humanitarian

They set up these waystations
for undocumented immigrants,

provide food, water,
medical supplies.

Well, you got to figure
they're pretty well-known

in the local
Latin American community.

Sounds like a place I'd go
for help if I needed to hide.

who works here is legal.

I have their paperwork.We're not here
to hassle anyone.

We just have a
few questions.

You Oscar DeLeon?

I am.

The last time the cops said
they weren't here

to hassle me,
I got shut down for a full day.

Well, we wouldn't be on your
doorstep if it wasn't important.

Sir, there are lives at stake.

Yeah, whose lives?

Four Guatemalan immigrants.

We think they were working with
a magazine reporter on a story.

That reporter, she was
murdered yesterday.

And we think that
the men that did it

are coming after
those four next.

You think they came
through one of our waystations?

People come to you for help,

so, yeah,
we think maybe they did.

Well, if you're right...

they made a choice
to hide on their own

instead of coming to the police.

You know why?

Because authority in Guatemala
represents danger?

We get that.

Oh, do you?

Yeah, I'm from Guatemala.

Faced off with their so-called
government myself

before I had to run for my life.

Look, my family
immigrated here, too.

My mom's still got
relatives in Hong Kong.

They tell us stories about
what's happening there.

Rights stripped away,
protests quashed.

I know things in your country
aren't much different.

They're not always much
different here, Officer.

The men that killed
that reporter,

we think that they're muscle

for some heavy hitters
down in Guatemala.

They had no problem
taking one life already.

Everything you do here's
about saving lives.

Help us do the same.

I don't know them.

But I hope someone
can help them.

Okay. Thank you for your time.

I don't think he's sold on us
yet, but he's thinking about it.

Better than nothing.

Shooting in Little Guatemala.

30-David on site.

Making entry.

Move, move, move, move.

Where are the shooters?

There's only one.
I don't know where he went.

How many other employees?

Two, including the owner.

active shooter, gunfire!

Deep interior, at least
two civilians on site.

Only one shooter seen.20-David on scene.

Street and I are three out.

He's still chasing someone.

All right, let's move.

Move, move. Come on.

Ma'am. I'm LAPD.
Are you all right?

My leg. My leg.

This is 20-David.
Female gunshot victim,

right calf wound,
conscious, breathing.

We got you.

Help's on the way.Okay.

There's another person
hiding behind the stacks.

Tan, F.B. on tap.

LAPD SWAT! Drop your weapon!


Hands behind your head!
Don't move!

You okay?

This is 20-David, we're Code 4.
Shooter in custody.


We got a match?Saved one.

That's a start.

Luca, got a call from RHD.

The guy we arrested at
the warehouse, he's not talking,

but his boot print matches one
we found at Angela's house.

And I assume he lawyered up?

He won't speak to ask for one.

He wouldn't even give his name.

Man, Ramiro focused on getting
that text off before his arrest.

Now this guy won't spill

Makes you wonder
what's behind all this.

Your friends were
no longer at the motel.

We sent units to check, Ricky,
but there was no sign of them.

We split up
when we found out about Angela.

The owner of the warehouse,
he knows my family.

He was going to give me
a ride out of town.

What do you know about
the men that are hunting
you and your friends?

Nothing. I swear.

Someone sent
your photos to them.

Okay, they were hired
to kill all of you.

We made some enemies.

Back home.DEACON:
What do you mean?


Edwin and Marta are training
to be doctors.

They came to help
with all the sickness

going on in the backcountry.

Carlos and I,
we grew up together,

working the farms.

Well, those don't seem like
life choices that make enemies.

Carlos's brother led
a human rights group,

and there was a mine that was
poisoning our farms.

The corrupt politicians
who run our country

just let them keep destroying
our crops.

So we blocked the mine,
shut it down.

Soldiers came...

fired tear gas.


Beat people.

But we recorded everything.

We were trying to get it
to the media.

Did the government get
in your way?

The reporters who agreed
to broadcast the video

were arrested.

Then Carlos's brother
was murdered.

We were afraid
we would be next.

So you came to L.A.
and you thought that

coverage in the U.S. media
might get someone

to help your people.

How did you team up
with Angela?

Carlos staked out
the magazine office.

He wanted his brother's death
to matter.

Angela bought us a phone,
said to only call using it.

Who has the phone now?Carlos.

When Angela did not answer
his calls, he went to her house.

Saw the police cars.

We didn't know who killed her,

but Carlos said
we had to hide again.

I'll look at her financials to
track the burner phone purchase.

Maybe get a location
on Carlos from that.

Angela, she-she was just
trying to help us.

W-We never meant for anything
to happen to...

Hey-hey-hey, it's not on
you... or your friends.

It's on the people
who killed her.

And it's on us to find 'em.

Everything all right?

Joan just talked Eme and Nimla
through Ramiro's arrest,

what it means.

They're confused, terrified
of being separated.

They've had a rough
road, for sure.

Thanks to their father,
it might stay that way.What do you mean?

He's been altering their
official records for years.

It's making it very difficult
to track their real history.

But if he went to all that
trouble, hopefully it means

their mom's out
there somewhere.

I'm doing a good thing.

Yes, you are,
and I hope it works out.

Those are sweet kids.

They deserve a shot
at a real life.Then why the look?

Who's in the hospital?

I saw someone trying
to call your phone.

I told you
that it's nothing.

If it's nothing,
then answer me.

My mom has been sick
for a while, apparently.

Um, they transferred her
from the prison infirmary

to Pleasant Green Hospital.

I'm really sorry to hear that.

You talk to her, see her?

No. I told you, I'm done
trying to save her.

So instead you're trying
to save these girls,

looking for a mother they
haven't seen in seven years.

That's a little simplistic,
don't you think?

Sometimes life is simple.

Sometimes our choices
are simple.

Karen has never come through
for you, and it's good

you don't want to get
sucked back in.

But burying your feelings
in someone else's problems

doesn't make them go away.

You mean, like pretending your
feelings for me don't exist

doesn't make them
go away, either?

Don't go there.

Just saying.

Mr. Garrett.Yeah.

Sorry it took so long
to get down here.

You, uh, you can imagine, things
at the magazine have been crazy.

No, I appreciate you
coming down.

I was hoping that you could
tell me about the article

that Angela was writing.

Maybe help us build
a suspect list.

I wish I could,
but, uh, you know,

Angela was always
secretive about her work.

You know, she never
sent us an article

until it was ready for legal.

But human rights violations--
now, that's Angela's turf.

Said it was the right
work to be doing.

She sounds like
someone special.

Were you able to find
those records I asked for?

My secretary pulled her
expense report receipts.

What are you trying
to track down?

A cell phone purchase.

Angela may have been talking
to her sources on it.

This will help us run it down.
I appreciate it. Thank you.

Hey, um...

for what it's worth, I, uh...

I might know why someone is
willing to kill

over this article.

All right. Lay it on me.

Well, there's an aid package

that's pending U.S.
congressional approval.

Aid for Guatemala?

Now, if Angela's sources
had video of the army

quashing humanitarian
protests violently...

That might make a senator
or two think twice about

sending that money.

Enough to give someone
a reason to get violent.

Hey, what's good, D?
You and Winnie on the move?

Not exactly.

Your pops is here.

Oh, good, I've been
trying to track him down.

Well, he's here,
and him and your sister

have been really getting
into it.

I don't have to report
my comings and goings

to my own kids.

I'm a grown man.What's going on?

It looks like he's packing
all his stuff,

like he's never gonna come back.

You are acting like a fool.Hold on a second.

You can't just
up and leave folks.

Get Winnie for me.

Except I forgot,

I forgot who I'm talking to.
That's your go-to move.

Hey, you didn't want me
back here in the first place,

so what do you care if I leave?

You know what, old man,
I shouldn't care.

But you ain't breaking
my mama's heart or mine again

Can I talk to you for a second?

Hey, wait, wait, wait,
what you doing?

You calling to rat me out?

Hey, well, go ahead.

You can tell my son I don't need

his two cents either.

Hondo, I don't know what to do.

He won't talk about anything.
He won't listen to a word I say.

He's really just gonna take off?Yeah.

He says he's got things to do,
won't say more than that.

I'll get into it.
You just make sure Darryl gets

to that appointment, okay?

You want me to just
leave Dad here?

I'm at work, I can't
get there right away.

But you give him
a message for me.

You tell him if he leaves

without talking to me

he's burned that bridge
for good.

What do you got?

Tucson. I think that's where
Eme and Nimla's mother is.

Run it down for me.

Eme remembers her
mother's first name, Ana.

She remembers they lived
in a desert,

and she's pretty sure her
grandmother's name was Rosalie.

You check Arizona
state records?

I found an Emeline Vazquez,
born in 2009.

Mother's name is Ana Sanchez.

No father's name listed, but
Ana's mother's name, Rosalie.

It's not 100% match, but...

I assume Tucson PD is rolling
on their last known address.

Already put in
the request.

I asked them to call
through your office

in case we're
out in the field.

I'll let you know as soon
as I hear from 'em.

Uh, sir, could we, uh,
could we talk for a minute

about something personal?

Uh, maybe later.

Oscar at Respirar called.

Heard that we saved Ricky,
so he decided he can trust us.

He gave me a few addresses

where the activists might
be hiding out.

How many locations
we got to check?

Three. Team's getting ready now.

All right, check 'em all.
Off you go.

We know how many people
may be inside?

Oscar said these houses are
crash pads with an open-door

policy for immigrants who
want to lay low for a while.

No way to tell
who might be here.


Deac, I got a hit on that burner

that Angela bought Carlos.

It pinged off towers
near the house you're at.Roger that.

Chris. Got movement
in the alley.

LAPD! Stop.

24-David, we're in
foot pursuit, west side alley.

Two subjects in hoodies.


Show me your hands.

Turn around.

Put your hoodie down.

It's them, from the photos.

30-David, we're Code 4.

Two of our activists

You can put your hands down.

Edwin, Marta, we're LAPD SWAT.

Your friend Ricky is back
at our station,

and we're here
to get you to safety.

There's three of you, right?

Where's your other friend?

You mean Carlos? He...

He figured out who
betrayed Angela.

He left to get revenge.

Hondo, we got a problem.

Garrett's not answering
his phone.

Maybe he realized
they're on to him.

Nobody's picking up
at the magazine, either.

Dude lied to my face.

Said he didn't know what
Angela was working on.

According to Edwin and Marta,
Angela submitted her story

two days ago.

Instead of publishing it,
Garrett must've called someone

in the Guatemalan government
and tipped them off.

I don't get it. I mean, Angela
was one of his best journalists.

Why dime her out?For the money, most likely.

According to the magazine owner,
Garrett was

suspended a few years back.

Gambling problem forced
an intervention.

They think he relapsed?Possible.

Magazine recently had to pull
three stories before publication

'cause the subjects involved
got a heads-up,

threatened to sue.

Someone on the inside
had to tip 'em off.

Sounds like a straight-up
blackmail scheme.

Pay, I kill the story.
Don't pay, we publish.

It's one way
to cover your debts.

Except whoever Garrett
called this time didn't just

want the story killed;
they wanted all the witnesses

erased as well.

We'll worry
about who that is later.

Right now, we need to find
Carlos and Garrett.

Yes, sir.

I don't care
how much you paid me.

The police are all over this.

No, I need to get
out of the country now, okay?

You need to help me.

Security guard at the office
said that Garrett left

a few minutes ago.
Doesn't think he pulled out yet.

Luca, you got a layout for us?

Stairwell by the elevator has

open sight lines
from the landing

on every level.Copy. We're on the move.

Hit level six. Garrett's space
is number 630.Got it.

You're one of them?

One of the people you sold out,
you mean? Yes, I am.

No one was supposed
to get hurt. I-I swear.

No. Angela trusted you
with everything.

Don't look at me.

All she wanted was
to tell the world our story.

And, for that,
you got her killed.

I-I had no idea
that they were gonna hurt her.

Please believe me.


This is the LAPD.

Put that gun down now.

I'm not gonna let you shoot him.
Put it down.

Come on, man.

We've got
your friends.

They're all safe.
It's over.

Garrett called backup.

Deac, let's throw some smoke

so you can get to Carlos
and Garrett.

I'll edge around
and get a better angle

on the second shooter.Roger that.

I'll cover you. Go.

Don't do it, Carlos!


Garrett and Carlos are secure.

This is 20-David.

We're Code 4.
Suspects in custody.

I need two R/As at my location.

Copy that, 20-David.

And we just confirmed
that Garrett's last call

was to a legal office
that works

with several
Guatemalan officials.

But they're denying
any knowledge of Garrett

or about Angela's murder.

So we can't I.D. the person who
hired Ramiro and his cronies?

No, not unless someone talks.

For now, Garrett, Ramiro,
the others

are staying pretty tight-lipped.

I guess they're more afraid
of whoever ordered the hits

than the American
justice system.

At some point,
Garrett's gonna realize

that those shooters
were firing at him, too.

Maybe he's gonna
rethink his loyalties.

By the way,
Oscar at Respirar,

he came through again.

He lined up a great
immigration lawyer

to help our activist friends
file for political asylum.

I'll take that as a win.

Hey. We celebrating?
'Cause I have good news.

Let me guess. You're
the "Most Special"

Special Tactics and
Training Liaison now?

Trust me,
you guys will get tired of that

way before I do.

What's your good news?

I just heard from the Times.

Carlos pulled Angela's article

off Garrett's phone.

It showed up in the paper's
inbox. Runs tomorrow.

That's a great tribute
to Angela.

It's her last story,
but maybe it'll do some good

for the people
she was trying to help.

Amen, brother.

Hi, Mom.

You're both so grown up.

I missed you
so much, mamá.

I miss you more.
I dreamed of you every night.

Mamá,how soon are you coming?

I will be there soon, I promise.

It's so good to see you.

I can't wait to hold you.You have a nice evening.

It's really her?

I spoke with the chief
in Tucson.

He said the second Ana heard
that her kids were alive,

she broke down crying.

Did they say how she got
separated from them?

Ramiro grabbed the girls
from day care,

told their mother he'd kill 'em
if she tried to get 'em back.

And after years of Ramiro's
abuse, she believed him.

For a mom who loves her kids,
I can't imagine anything worse.

Yeah. DCFS is taking the girls

to temporary placement.

Ana's on the first flight
to L.A. tomorrow.

And I'm going home.

Actually, Commander, uh,

I felt I should
say something.

About Molly and I.

Are you referring
to the fact

that you broke up
with my daughter?

Yeah, I'm up to speed.

Sir, you have to know I...
I think the world of Molly.

Yeah. She told me.

She did?

Look, my daughter's hurting.

So are you my favorite person
right now? No.

But Molly said
you didn't play games

and you treated her
with some respect.

I do respect her.

Trust me, I was the
problem, not her.

Oh, I have no doubt
that's the case.

I can't
wait to see you.

I'm gonna be there soon,
I promise.

I will never leave
your side again.

Sup, man?

Hello. Yeah, um...

I-I'd like to check up
on a patient, please.

Her name is Street.
Karen Street.

So, you still here?

I got your message.

Is this face-to-face enough
for you?

Thought you might be
long gone by now.

That was the plan.
Plan changed.

You were really
gonna do it, huh?

Just blow out of town
like the last couple years

never happened.

After we fought like hell to put
this family back together.

That's exactly what
I was gonna do.

Pop, I convinced Winnie
and Mama to count on you,

despite my hurt over you
walking out on us back then.

So, what?

What, did it get
too real for you?

What, you get scared
all of a sudden?

You think running off again
is the solution?

I am scared,

but not that I can't carry
the weight of this family.

But that I've become
a weight on this family.

Look, son.

I started feeling bad
about a month or so ago.


no appetite and a back pain
that wouldn't quit.

I thought the radiation
was helping.

I was feeling better
until I wasn't.

What'd the doctor say?

She said we need
to run some tests.

Said it could be nothing.

Could be that the treatment
stopped working

and my cancer's growing back.

Pop, we've been through this.

You holding back
isn't helping anything.

You should've told me.

What am I supposed to do?

Come to you for everything?

You forget, I'm the one
that's supposed to be

looking out for you,
not the other way around.

So I handled my business.

Packing your bags and running
away ain't handling anything.

If the radiation failed, son,
you know what comes next?

Me getting sicker,

your mama becoming
a resentful nursemaid,

and my kids
watching me fade away.

And I don't need none of that.

It ain't just about
what you want anymore.

Don't you think I know that?

Why you think I'm sitting here,
scared to call these doctors?

My test results are back.

And I got a feeling in my heart

I ain't gonna like
what they say.

You brought me back.

You opened my world.

Had your mama back. Winnie.


Having that boy is...

it's like having
a second chance with you.

Then why leave?

Right when we can
help you the most?

Because if I leave,
you can hate me,

instead of me
breaking your hearts again.

You listen here.

Ain't no world
where you disappear

and hearts don't get broken.

You are my father

and you are part
of this family again.

You don't need
to spare us nothing.

I can't see myself
being a burden.

Love is never a burden, Pop.

I need you to hear that
and I need you to trust that.


All this family stuff
would've been so much easier

if it came with a-an instruction
manual from the jump.

What about those test results?

Maybe it's good news.

And if it isn't?

Then we will know what
we're facing together.

Make the call.

Dr. Cunningham's service.

This is Daniel Harrelson Sr.

I'm calling for my test results.

The doctor said I can
call no matter what time.

Hold a moment, Mr. Harrelson.

Let me try and reach the doctor.

I got you, Pop.

I got you.

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