S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Commander Hicks agrees to replace a seriously wounded sheriff's deputy in a hostage crisis when a family resisted eviction after having lived four generations on the property.

Previously on SWAT...

Is he okay?

How do I help?

Lady, what are you doing?

Call me if you figure out a way
to get my van back, please.

Thank you.

It's all yours.

Chris, I love and respect you,

but I don't want
my kids being subjected

to a lifestyle
that I don't agree with.

Ty basically accused me
of caring more

for Kira than I do for him.

He's right.

I'm not in
love with him.

Not like I am with you.

I can't cancel the wedding.

What happened to being honest?

So, lung cancer?

I want to do a
biopsy immediately

so we can learn more
about what we're facing.

I get Winnie to sit down
with you after 30 years,

then you get that biopsy.

I'm a little scared
about all this.

We know.

That's why we're all
here for you, Pop.

Hey yourself.


What's all this for?


our inaugural high school
slam poetry night.

I'm putting out 30 chairs,
but I'm probably kidding myself.

Oh, I don't know.

Poetry slams are a big hit
these days.

Eh, not around here.

But the school counselor
at Dorsey put me in touch

with one of the poetry clubs
over there,

"Vixens of Verse,"
who said they'd come.

I'm just hoping that if I get
a few girls to attend, then...

The boys will follow.

Yeah, it's been known to work.

I'm just trying
to give them a place to be

other than up to no good.

Well, Lord knows,
I could've used

a few of these spots myself,
growing up.

Nichelle, I like it.

You're doing good things here.

So I hear you got
a van to return?


I, uh, picked mine up
from the impound last night.

Yours is parked
around the corner.

It was a lifesaver.
Let me know

if I can return the favor.

maybe you can.

You got any books on cars?
Classic cars?


Didn't take you
for a vintage guy.

You know, just don't
seem like the type

to stick around once something's
got a bit of rust on it.

I could surprise you.

Anything's possible.

Anything possible
over dinner this week?

I checked up on you.

Asked around
the neighborhood,

got a report card.

And how'd I do?

C. C-.


Oh, I heard from
a few ladies.

From who?

One said,
and I quote,

A-A few?

"He's like a hot stone massage.

"Amazing for an hour,

but those stones don't stay
hot for you forever."

Nichelle, sometimes a reputation

is just a snapshot into
a man's past, not his present.

Hondo, you seem
like a great guy.

And we'd probably have fun.

I can't say
that it's not tempting.

But all of my time,
all of my energy

goes into running this place,
building this community.

I don't have time
for just a good time.

I respect that.

But if you want,
stop by the slam tonight.

Be nice for the kids

to meet a cop in a more
positive environment.

I may have to take care
of some stuff tonight,

but I'll see if I can swing it.

How much?

On the house.

For the van.

Little early
to be going all out.

How'd your talk with Ty and Kira
go last night?

Not good.

They're still getting
married and they expect me

to work my feelings
around that.

I talked to Ty and Kira's ex,

I asked her why their
relationship went bad.

Yeah? What'd she say?

She said she started falling
for Ty more than Kira,

and then the whole
thing blew up.

Sounded way too familiar.

As much as they
talk about honesty

and balance,
at the end of the day,

they're always gonna
choose each other.

I don't know what to do.


you know what to do.

It's just gonna be
tough, you know?

Never seen that
stop you before.


When you see Hondo, would you
let him know that I'm, uh,

taking a personal day?

My head's all over the place.

Yeah, yeah. Will do.

You need anything,

we're all here for you.

I know.


What the hell
is taking her so long?

Pop, just read your book.

It'll take your mind off things.

I don't need a distraction.
I need a damn miracle.

Mr. Harrelson.

How are you feeling?

I'm not interested
in the bedside manner, Doc.

Just-just cut to the quick.


I'm sorry, we're
just anxious.

That's all right. Um...

The biopsy confirmed

you have non-small-cell
lung cancer.

The good news is,
as far as cancers go,

this one is
highly treatable.

We'd use immunotherapy, which
means no chemo, no surgery.

What's the prognosis?

We'll know more
in a few months

after we see how he responds
to treatment,

but we have a real
shot at beating this.

Hey. What's going on, man?

That's better
than we expected.

Yeah, I heard.

Pop, I know it's scary, but
you got me, Darryl, Brie.

Even Winnie, every
step of the way.

You know, I think
I want to walk home.

No, no. I-I got time.
I can drop you off.

I'm fine with the walk.


I'm telling you, second
date and she's already

asking me about my pension.

Romance in this city's
just not worth the trouble.

You find the right
girl, it is.

Who we moving out today?

Uh, the Fuentes family.

The Fuentes family?
With all the lawsuits?

I guess so, yeah.

Pablo Fuentes,
this is Deputy Dixon

with the Los Angeles
Sheriff's Department.

Get off my land.

Sir, this property
legally belongs

to the city of Los Angeles.

We have a court order
to evict you.

Bulldoze me down with
the house if you want.

I'm not leaving.

We'll give you time to
collect your belongings,

but I need you to open up.

This is your last warning.

Officer down! Officer down!

Shots fired! Officer down!

What did you do?

Get him inside.



this is Captain Evans, Sheriff's
Station, Crescenta Valley.

Captain, Sergeant Harrelson.

How are your officers doing?

Rushed Deputy Raleigh
to the hospital. He'll be okay.

A-As far as Dixon,
I wish I knew.

Anything on our suspects?

Yeah. Pablo and
Ricardo Fuentes.

Father and son,
orange growers.

Past few years, they've been in
a messy eminent domain battle.

City's been forcefully buying
all the properties in the area.

They want to build
a concert venue.

A few months back,
the Fuentes family

and several other local families
lost their lawsuit

against the city to stop the
development from going forward.

Since then, the city's
been sending in our deputies

to evict the families
one at a time.

Any issues with those evictions?

A couple arguments,
but nothing like this.

Dixon's a good man.

Wife, two kids.
I don't know how to tell them

if we can't get him
out of this alive.

Well, that's why we're here.

All right, Deacon,

get the Rook up and running
while Hicks and I

come up with a game plan.

We working with Sheriff's
Enforcement Bureau on this one?

SEB's handling
a situation in Palmdale.

We're running point on this.

But we're here to provide
support in any way possible.

Is there anybody else
in the house

besides the two suspects
and Dixon?

Well, they've barricaded
the windows, but possibly

Ricardo's second wife, Lupe
and his teenage son, Miguel.

Now, our priority
is Deputy Dixon.

Rocker and Stevens are already
working with utilities

to shut off water,
power and cell service

to their phones.

All right, good.
Once that's done,

we got to get our phone inside
to set up negotiations

with the suspect
and get an update on Dixon.

Depending on his status, we may
have to make an emergency entry.

Evans, get your guys
to form a perimeter.

Roger that.

Nobody comes in or out.

This wasn't how it was supposed

to happen, Ricardo.

We were just gonna
scare them off.

Get some attention.

You saw what happened
to the other homes.

We had to take matters
into our own hands.

We didn't have a choice.

...authorities will make
an official state...


What's that?

Fuentes family!

We want to resolve this

We are delivering a phone to you
so we can start a conversation.

Please stay inside
until we've cleared the area.

We are moving away now.

You may pick up the phone
at this time.


Help me.

Hey, oh, oh, oh.
What are you doing?

I'm getting the phone.

We aren't negotiating with them.

You have a better idea
how to get out of this?


Hey. I-I-I didn't know
you'd be home.

I forgot my laptop.

Why are you here?
I thought you were working.

I was feeling off,
so I took a sick day.


I wish you would've told us.
Ty and I both have meetings,

but we could've found a way
to be home, take care of you.

I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

Okay, well,

there's some leftover risotto
in the fridge,

or I can order you some soup,
have it delivered.

I said I'm fine.

I can take care of myself,
all right?

Okay, look, Chris,
I know I hurt you.

Okay, it's complicated,
this thing between you and me,

but just give it time, okay?
We'll make it work.



You, me, and Ty,
the three of us,

we're so good together.
We'll figure it out, okay?

I promise.

I love you.

All right,
I got to go.

Feel better, okay?

Sir, we got the blueprints
for the house.

There's a crawl space that runs
underneath the entire house.

We could use it
to get eyes inside.

How would we approach?

There's an entrance
by the one-four corner.

We could use the arbor
for cover.

We stay tight,
they won't see us coming.

Okay. Tan, Street, you two
get the cameras up and running.

I'll put the airship
in the sky

to cover the sound
of the drills.

Rocker, if Dixon's
in rough shape,

I want your team ready
for emergency entrance.

All right, we got movement.

This is 20-David to Command.

The package has been picked up.

We'll keep eyes
on the one-side,

direct the airship.

Copy that.

Let's get started.



Hello. Is this Pablo Fuentes?


Hey, Pablo.

You can call me Bob.


you a cop?


I work with cops on occasion.

Pablo, can you tell me
how the deputy's doing?

Is he okay?

He's fine.

That's good to hear.

Can I speak with him?

No, sir.

Not until this circus
clears off my property.

Well, I'm gonna try to get that
sorted out. Now, I've heard

the police version of events.
I want to hear yours, Pablo.

What happened this morning?

They were banging
on the door,

and wanted to evict us.

My family's been here
since before I was born.

We ain't leaving just 'cause
some corrupt judge orders us to.

I understand, Pablo.
Tell me more.

Tell me about your family.
When did they move here?

My, uh, parents built this home

Family records.

in 1947, after the war.

Grew that orange grove outside

when there was
nothing but dead grass.

They started their family here.

My wife and I
started ours.

My son started his.

That's four generations
of Fuentes men

have lived in this home,

and they want to raze it
to the ground.

This city don't care
about tradition.

They want to erase me,

erase my family.

They just care about money.

I get it, Pablo.

No, you don't.

You can't.

No, I do.

I understand that you lost
someone very important to you.

You and your wife
made a life here,

made a home where you two
brought your newborn.

Every memory you ever had
with her, good and bad,

it's written all over
those four walls.

City can't pay you enough
to let go of that, am I right?


I understand, Pablo.

I also lost someone
a few years ago.

I know how it can be.

Pablo, that man
with you inside

he has a wife, two daughters,

a home like yours.

He's just trying to get on
with life, same as you.

Tan, Street, how we doing?


Copy that.

Airship 1, move in.

What are they doing?

What're you doing up there?
You trying to get on my roof?

Is this Ricardo?

Answer me.

It's just a media helicopter.
We're trying to get it away.

Just bear with me,

I need a little time to
communicate with them.

You tell them
to get out of here,

or I'm gonna kill your deputy.

Now, there's no need

for that, Ricardo.

I just need a little bit
of time.

Still don't see Dixon.

He's not in any
of these rooms.

What are you doing?
What are you doing?


Mijo, stay here

with your mom.

You have ten seconds
to get them away from here.


I'm trying, Ricardo.
Bear with me.


eight, seven,

six, five, four,

We're good.


Airship 1, get out of there.

It's gone.


We need to make emergency entry.
Rocker, get ready.

Street, Tan,
prep the flashbangs.



Back door is rigged
with explosive charges,

All right, on my call.

armed and ready.

I repeat, abort.

Hey, check on her.

Damn helicopter
probably woke her up.

Everyone return back to Command.

How did we miss the baby?

There was no birth certificate.

Maybe a home birth,


Not sure if Dixon's
still breathing.

We can't initiate entry

as long as that baby's in there,

and God knows who else,
for that matter.


Ricardo, I need to speak
with the deputy,

make sure he's okay.
Can I talk with him?

No way.

His wife and his daughters
are asking about him.

They're worried.

Please, Ricardo,
I'm begging you...

as a father.

Hey, wake up.

Your buddy
wants to talk.

Wake up.

He's... he's not waking up.

He's-he's barely there.

We need to get him

Like hell you do.

medical attention immediately.

You're not stepping a foot
inside this house.

If he dies...

this becomes a very different
situation, Ricardo.

Think of your future, man,
your family's.

He's our only ticket
out of this.

We're not letting go of him.

Then take me.

I'm a commander with the LAPD.
You won't lose any leverage.

No way.

I thought you said you only

worked with the cops.

Let me come in, unarmed.

I'll take his place, and you
let me get him to a hospital

so no one in there
faces murder charges.

All right, deal.

You try and pull a fast one,
and a bunch of people die.

Commander. Commander, no way,
no how you're doing this.

Dixon's barely hanging on, and
I'm not willing to put his life

or that baby's life
in danger.

Press is already camped out
on our doorstep.

Last thing we need
is another Ruby Ridge.

Well, let one of us
go instead. I'll go.

With a wife and four kids
for me to answer to?

Thanks, but no thanks.

Look, I was making progress
with Pablo

until his son
took the phone from him.

I can work him in person.

What do you need
from us?

Hondo, you take over Command.
After we get Dixon to safety,

our next priority
is to get that baby out.

Once we do that,

you make entry and put
an end to this thing.

All right,

we'll see and hear everything
from the camera feeds.

What's your safe word?



Commander, are you sure
you're ready to do this?

As ready as
I'll ever be.

Deac, give me
your wedding ring.

Don't worry, you'll get it back,
one way or another.


Can I check on him?

All right, fast.

Don't worry, pal, we're gonna
get you out of here.

All right, back.


You try anything,

my dad's got a gun
to your boss's head. Understood?


Go, go, go.
Come on, get inside.


Move, move.

He gonna be okay?

Well, he's lost a lot of blood.

Get him in.

Who's the hotshot?

That's Councilman Jenkins.
He's been the cheerleader behind

this whole
development project.

Thinks it'll bring in a lot
of money to the area.




Can you tell him it's okay
to let me through?


Hey, she's good.

I saw on the news
that a SWAT officer

swapped places with a hostage.

You weren't picking up
your phone.

I thought maybe
it was you.

What is it?

It's your dad.

He gave himself up

so a wounded hostage
could get released.

What are you talking about?
My dad wears a suit.

He doesn't do
the dangerous stuff anymore.

Not usually.

I genuinely believe that
we'll look back on this,

five, ten years from now,

and we'll see
the wealth and opportunities

that we've created for the
residents of this district

and we'll all
be grateful.

You're a thief!


Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, knock it off!

All right, break it up!

Just wait here, okay?

How much are the developers
paying you?

Hey, break it up.

Did you throw that egg?

Officer, don't.

There's already too much anger.

I don't want to press charges.

All right, move out,

move out. Let's go or
we're gonna book you

for disturbing
the peace. Come on.

How long were you together?


Just missed, um,

45 years by three days.


Yeah, I took that
just a few months

before she passed.

It's the last picture
I have of her.

How about you?

Would've been 36 years
this summer.

Alzheimer's, early-onset.

At the end, I, uh...

I was a stranger to her.

What do you
miss the most?

Well, she liked to sing.

Not professional or anything,

but, you know,
when she'd be working.

She had a sweet,
beautiful voice.

What about you?

You know what I miss?

The snoring.



Oh, it used to drive me crazy
when we were first married.

I had to wake up
in the middle of the night,

I'd have to push her onto her
side just to get her to stop.

Even pushed her off the bed
by accident one night.

And if she ever fell asleep
before me, forget it.

It was game over.

And then, one night,
I just finally managed

to sleep the whole night.

Just adapted, I guess.

Now it's the silence
that keeps me up.

Still haven't gotten
used to that.

I, um, tried dating
a couple of times once,

but that didn't feel right,
so I stopped.

Strained the relationship
with my son even more, so...

I've spent so much time
wishing for the past

that I screwed up
my present and...

probably even my future.

You don't need to make
that mistake, Pablo.


well, it feels
like I already have.


There's still a way out of this.

It's entirely up to you.


Been looking
all over for you.

Molly, you can't
be in here.

Yeah, I'm on it. Sorry, Hondo.


Think about your family.

Think about what's best
for your grandkids.

It doesn't have to end

like this.

I never meant
for this to happen.

Miguel needs help
with the bedroom window.

You go.
I'll watch him.

You know, it's strange

hearing him talk about Mom.

It's almost impossible to get
him to open up about her.

Let's go.

You a Dodgers fan?


Played for their Low A team,
in fact. Two years.


How about that?

They got a nice
stadium, don't they?

Built in 1959.

You know what was there before?

Chavez Ravine.

A whole neighborhood
of Latinos

living peacefully until the city
told them they had to get out.

The sheriff came.

Dragged the women out
of their homes by their hair.

Beat the men.

I'm not gonna let
that happen again.

And neither
is my dad.

So stop poisoning his head
with your crap.

You talk again,

I'll break
your mouth.

Lupe! What's
wrong with her?

She's hungry.

So feed her.

I can't. The water's off.

I'll take care of it.

Watch him.


Look at her.


You want to get your baby
out of here?

Keep her safe?


I'll figure something
out, Ricardo.

You just give me some
time to get it arranged.

What's he want?

He wants formula for the baby.

All right, Deacon, we'll use the
drop as a diversion to get Lupe,

the baby and Hicks out
through that kitchen window.

Command to 50-David.
Are you ready?


Deacon, let's get you
into position.

Roger that.

In position.

All right, Deacon,
they're alone.

He heard you.

Took long enough.
Where's the formula?

We're delivering it to you
right now, Ricardo.

Just make it quick.
Miguel, go watch him.

Take this.

Rocker, deliver the package,
but take it as slow as possible

without raising any suspicion.

Okay, Ricardo, we're
gonna approach

nice and slow.

No surprises.


Go back to
your father.

I'll keep an eye on him.

Dad said...

I know what he said,

but I don't want that door open
any longer than it needs to be.

As soon as we get the formula,
I want it locked up.

Go help him.


Come on, come on, go, go.

All right.
Come on, come on, come on.

Close the door.
Get me out of these.

Come on. Get me out.

Oh, come on.
Hurry up.

We've delivered the formula.

Just give us a moment
to back away.

All right, come on.

Okay, Deacon. Let's go.
Get them out of there.

This was a mistake.

Rocker, call them out.

You can grab the formula now.

Okay, move, move.



Give me the baby.

Got her.

Come on. Come on.


Take it.

I thought you were watching him.

Lupe told me to help you.

All right, come on,
come on, come on.



I'm okay.




Deacon, center of the window.
Take the shot!

Suspect down.

What did you do?

I'm sorry, Pablo.

That's my boy.

I'm sorry.

You said nobody would get hurt!

Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.

Miguel, don't.

Miguel's got a gun
pointed at Hicks.

Find some way
to get in there now.

Drop the platform from the Rook
and attach the battering ram.


Miguel, don't.


Deacon, Tan, are you in?

We're working on it.

I thought we were doing
the right thing.

Look what it cost us.

Mijo, look at me.

Look at me.


Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on. Come on.


Come on.


We have to go!

I won't leave him.

Mijo, he's gon!

I don't want to lose you, too.

Come on, Miguel.



Come on.

Come on, let's go,
come on.

Stand back!

Fire suppressant incoming!

Come on!

Commander, are you there?

Come on. Come on.

All right.

All right, take 'em.
Take 'em, guys.

All right, come on.

We got you, we got you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on.

Come on, come on.

Watch your foot.
Watch your step.


30-David to Command.

They're alive.
We got 'em.

Copy that.

Told you I'd get it back to you.

Hand felt a bit light
without it.

It's really good
to see you, sir.


I heard back from Captain Evans.

Deputy Dixon's
gonna be all right.

Excellent news.

If they had just
let go of the house,

they could've kept
on as a family.

That's easier said than done.

Sometimes, when the past
grabs ahold of you...

it just doesn't let go.

Dad, what the hell?

I was so worried.

It's okay. I'm fine.

J.P.'s on his way. I didn't want
to tell him until I knew...

I'm fine. I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to put
you through hell.

All right?
I'm okay.

Your wedding ring.


You keep it at work?


Safest place in the city.


I heard what you said
while you were tied up.

About Mom.

It was nice hearing you
talk about her.

It was nice talking
about her again.

You know, at the very end,

your mom couldn't
even recognize me.

I'm not sure I'll ever feel
anything more painful than that.

Wearing Deac's ring
today, the...

...the weight

it was a nice reminder
of the good stuff.

What are you doing?

Something you should've done
a while ago.

Come on...

I like it.


Hey. Hey, turn them
damn lights off.

Pop, how long you been
sitting here?

I don't know.
Couple hours.

With the lights off?

It wasn't dark when I sat down.

Your-your mom came by.

Yeah, she told me
you chased her away.

What's happening, man?

Look, Pop,

I get that it takes time
to process

what's going on
with you, man, but...

It didn't take any time
to process it.

I processed it,
that's the problem.

You know,
last few weeks,

thinking it was the end,

I thought I'd be scared,

but I had you and Brie
right by my side.

I even got
to see Winnie.

It felt right.

I made my peace with it.

And now you got
more time left with us.

More time to screw it up.

I didn't do right by you.
I didn't do right by any of you,

and we all know it.

And I don't
deserve to have

y'all rallying around me
these last few months.

Made me realize
what it could've been

had I been a better person.

Ain't no reason you can't
still have that, Pop.

The only reason

that Winnie even agreed
to be in the same room with me

because I was on my way out.

I'm not afraid of dying, but...

You're afraid of dying alone.


You ain't gonna be alone.

But if you really do want
to make things better,

you might want to think
about mending fences

and owning up to your mistakes,

and I'm talking about
really owning up to them.

To Mom.

To Winnie.

It ain't too late
to make a change.


You turned out good, Hondo.

Despite my
best efforts.

Credit to your mom.

Yeah. She loves
reminding me of that.


Let me help you.

Ah, ah... H-Hey.

Okay, okay.


I ain't dead yet, son.

But you're small.

Where you going, old man?

Try and mend those fences.

Hey, you've reached Jim Street.

Uh... honestly,
you're better off texting me.

I mean, it's, like, almost 2020.



Can I come over?

I really, really
don't want to be alone.




I didn't mean to spook you.
I'm sorry. My bad.

How'd the slam go?

Uh, pretty good.

Okay. That's not bad.

17 kids.

Sorry I wasn't able
to make it tonight,

but I had to handle
some family stuff.

But if you're free now,
maybe we can grab a late drink.

What are you after, Hondo?

I'm just trying
to get to know you.

Tell me something.

When was the last
relationship you had

that went more than a year?

Doesn't mean I don't want one.

Look, my mindset
lately has been...



My sources raise a big red flag

when it comes to you
and commitment.


truth be told, I really thought
you were better than that.

Meaning what, exactly?

Meaning you seem like

the type of woman who can make
up her own mind about things.

There is a bar around the corner

where we can talk.

You coming?

Yes, ma'am.

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