S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The SWAT team searches for thieves who are on the run with a high-tech thermal lance that can cut through almost anything. To find the thieves, SWAT works to identify their target. Also, ...

Previously on SWAT... I figure I'd pop out,

help Molly Hicks with
something at her job.

Kissing up to the boss's
daughter now, Street?

Come on, man.

Is Jim Street single?

Aren't you worried it could get
a little messy with your dad?

So, what's up with Molly?
Oh, I'm just meeting her later.

Oh, like a date? No, no, her friends
are gonna be there.

The two of you,
you guys are getting married.

And we've been looking for
a new woman to complete us.

You will be

an equal part in
that new relationship.

How's Ty and Kira doing?

Three people in a relationship
turns out to be geometry.

But, um, I'm trying
to figure it out.

You, uh, new here?

Haven't seen you around before.

Actually, I'm here quite often.

Really? It's weird,

because, uh, I just feel
like I would've seen you around.

I am a cop, so...

Not much of a
detective though, huh?

Okay, I lied.

I do know you, and, uh,

I've heard all about you, too.

Yeah? Yeah.

What'd you hear?

Just that, um,

you might be free tonight.

That sounds awfully forward.

You see, um,
I scored reservations

to this restaurant, Redbird,

and you just look
so lonely, so...



I heard that place is amazing.

Oh. Now suddenly
not so forward, huh?

Um, does 8:00 work?

8:00's perfect.

See you tonight.



hand me my drink, will you?

Yeah, of course.

Of course.

Everything good here?

Yeah. Peachy.


When Hondo gets in,
send him to see me.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

I'll, uh, let him know.

You did such
a good job picking this out.

It looks
like a Palm Springs hotel.

Yeah, it really does pop,

doesn't it?

Oh. You got a little
paint on your face.

Aw, that was your fault.

No. No, no, no, no, Chris. I...

No, I can't. No, I don't have
time to wash my hair. Fair is fair.

I'll be late for work. Stop.



See? Ty gets it. He's an artist.

Gets what?

Creativity's, um...


Nothing wrong
with getting a little dirty.

I got to take a shower.

I'll clean up.

I'll help.

Actually, I, uh...

I wanted to talk to you
about something,

but I do not want you
to take it the wrong way.

What, you don't... you don't like
the-the paint color?

No, it's great.

Everything's great.

It's just you, me and Kira.

You haven't noticed
some imbalance lately?


How, exactly?

Well, little things.


Yeah. Like the painting.

I mean, you and Kira completely
cut me out of the process.

Yeah, but since when do you
care about decorating?

I don't.

Look, I'm so happy to see

how close you've
gotten with Kira.

But when you put so much
attention on one side

of the triangle, you can
throw things out of whack.

I'm throwing things
out of whack?


do you want things to work
between the three of us or not?

Yeah. I-I mean,
I'm-I'm confused about...

I mean, are you...

asking me to hold back
my feelings for Kira?

Wasn't honesty
and transparency your pitch

for this relationship? No. No.

I... I'm just asking you

to put as much effort into us
as you do with you and Kira.

That's the only way
this beautiful thing

is gonna survive.

Everything okay?

Yeah. Everything's great, babe.

Two Adam 61
and any available unit,

respond Code 3 to a 211
in progress near Plum and Tenth.

Stand by for further info.

Roger that.
We're 60 seconds out.

Police coming.

One minute.

Yo, where are they?!

Relax. They're coming.

Let's go, let's go,

let's go!

Get it in the truck!


Hey, let's go!

We have a man down.

Shots fired at 221 Kester.

Security guard down.

Requesting all units.

Suspect's in a red pickup,

eastbound on Raymer,
nearing the 405.

This is 20-David, in the area,


Air 17 has a visual
on suspect vehicle.

Still eastbound on Raymer.

This is 20-David.
I got eyes on the red pickup.

Heading west toward the freeway.

This is 20-David.

MVA. Multiple vehicles.

I need an R/A now.

Air 17, you still got eyes
on that red pickup?

Roger. 17 has eyes
on suspect vehicle.

Maintaining aerial pursuit.

Don't lose 'em.


Sir, can you hear me?
Are you all right?


Sir. Sir, can you hear me?

Is he okay? Lady, what are you doing?

How do I help? No, no.

I need you to get out
and back away.

He's bleeding.

He needs help. You need help.

All right, give me your hands.
Give me your hands.

Right here. Right here.

Keep the pressure.
I got to get his leg out of there.

It's all right.

Can you hear me?
What's your name?

Keep him awake.
He's probably concussed.

He's losing a lot of blood. This van

is leaking gas. We
don't have a lot of time.

I got to get him out of here.
Help me with that door. Move.

Come on. Up.

Help me as much
as you can. Go, go.

It's all right. Just lean on me.

Just lean on me.

Come on.

I got you.

Just keep leaning on me.

Lean on me.

There you go.

There you go.

Right here. Lay down.

Lay down.

You're gonna be all right,
my man.

Help's on its way.

Is that your van?

Are you hurt?

Do you need
medical attention? No, I'm all right.

What's your name? Nichelle.


I'm Hondo.

Thanks for the help.

We all need to...

look out for each other, right?

Suspect vehicle has disappeared

into a Valley Mall
parking garage.

Need immediate backup.

Tan and Becker are
right behind us.

Hondo's stuck in an accident.
DEACON: I heard.

We're gonna go without him.
Launch from here.

So, what are
we dealing with again?

Suspects entered
the mall parking garage

two blocks away
about ten minutes ago.

Air 17's had eyes
the whole time.

Truck never left. Containment?

Rocker's team
is set to surround.

We're the entry team.


Corner Shot rifles?

They got approved?

Hell yeah.
Hicks just signed off.

All right. So, listen up.

We're gonna enter
from the north side.

Becker, you roll
Black Betty for cover.

Chris, Street and Tan, we'll go
two to two, clear our way

from bottom to top until we find
that red pickup. Any questions?

No.Good. Let's saddle up.

Sergeant Kay, it's no use.

What's no use?
We're about to initiate.

Suspect vehicle's gone. CHRIS:
That's not possible.

Air 17's been maintaining
constant surveillance.

Don't know what to tell you.
We cleared each floor multiple times.

There's no red pickup
truck in there. What about witnesses?

Somebody must've seen
the truck exit. Every witness

we talked to saw
the truck enter.

Not one saw it leave.

So what are you saying,
it just vanished?

Play that again. What
the hell did we miss?

From the time the
red pickup drives in

until patrol locks down the
scene, the truck never moves.

How is that possible?
Even if the suspects grabbed

another ride, their truck
didn't just disappear.

Wait, hold up, hold up.

Take that back.

Take it back to the blue truck.

Check out the damage
on the fender.

That's the same make and model,

just a different color
with an added bed cover.

You're saying they swapped out
the color somehow?

Well, either that or we
got to put out a warrant

for Penn and Teller.

That's a pretty elaborate plan
just to steal

some construction equipment.

It wasn't just any equipment.

We got something.

Leon Bournes is a trained expert

with the type of welding
equipment that was stolen.

Nice to meet you.

What can you tell us?

Everything there is.

Called a thermal lance.

Industrial grade cutting tool.

Can cut through anything:

Concrete, steel, you name it.

Can they use it
as a weapon? Could,

but I couldn't imagine
why you'd want to.

Why the hell would someone

want to steal it? Profit.

This thing costs a pretty penny.

Nah, nah. It's more than that.

This crew is professional.

They're gonna use it
to access something

more valuable that can't be got
some other way.

Get a BOLO out
on that blue truck.

Have police units check
back at the crash scene,

search every inch.

That truck caused the accident.

They must've left
evidence behind.

Thanks, Leon.


What's up, man?

- Hey, Rocker.
- Man, how you doing?: Hey.

Good. You? I'm good.

Nice. So what have
you been up to,

besides wrecking
the shocks on Black Betty?

Not that I minded. Meant
a lot of overtime for me,

fixing your mistakes.

You didn't hear?

I got my own team now. 50 Squad.

Nice.Yeah. That means someone else
is doing the driving now.

And I'm sure the current
SWAT mechanic is grateful.

Doesn't mean
we haven't missed you

here at SWAT.Thanks.
You working something?

Was on standby.
Got called in. What's the emergency?

A crew stole some
construction equipment,

shot a security guard
in the process.

Geez. Any leads?

Well, so far, sounds like
they covered their tracks.

It's good to see you.
What are you doing here?

Well, I'm actually,
uh, looking for Luca.

Oh, he's on medical leave.

He injured himself
over the summer

in a fall, reaggravated
it last week.

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that.

Uh, what do you need him for?
Well, you remember my '69 GTO?

Sure. It's a beauty. Well, I'm thinking
of selling it,

and I thought maybe Luca
could help me find a buyer.

You love that car. Why sell? Well,

since starting
my own garage, I just...

don't have time to drive it.
It just collects dust.

Just the idea of selling to some
punk millennial just kills me.

Mm.Maybe you could put
the word out to the boys here,

help me find a buyer
that cares about it

as much as you and me? For sure.

We'll find someone worthy. Thanks, brother.

I appreciate you.
All right, buddy.

You be safe. You, too.

Come by more often.
We all miss you.

Unis found this
at the accident site.

Magnetic sheeting
fit for a truck.

So they just peel it away,
and the truck turns blue.

We found four companies who
sell this particular brand.

Two in the South Bay, one
in Hollywood, one in the Valley.

Shouldn't take long
to vet each one. Already have.

Kendrick Moore.

Owner of Tinseltown Tuning
and Wraps in Panorama City.

This guy's got a history

of B and Es, armed robbery.

Still got two years
left on his parole.

Could be one of today's crew.

Our thoughts exactly. HICKS:
All right.

Bring him in.

So, she was in the
middle of the road.Right.

She looks at me and asks,

"Do you know the best
way to the hospital?"

I said, "Yeah, just stand
right there, lady."

Hey. I got work
you're keeping me from.


Big man. Hey, you got
to do me a solid.

I need you to help squash a bet
I got going with my partner.

See, my money says
that you're gonna ask

for a lawyer, and you ain't
gonna tell us a damn thing.

And I'm betting that since
you got a legit business now,

you're gonna see the light.

You're gonna be
helpful right away. HONDO: Ah.

Come on, don't keep us
in suspense, homeboy.

Which one of us is
getting that $50?

What are you even talking about?

Oh, he doesn't know.

You don't know.

A crew shot a security guard
during a robbery today.

Yeah, they used
custom truck wrapping to escape.

Purchased from your shop.

I don't know, Deac.

You getting that $50 or am I?

Now, hold on.
Maybe he didn't know

what this crew was up to
when he sold it to them.

Whatever you're looking for,

I don't know nothing. Ha! Boom!

Nothing. I told you.
Give me my money.

Damn. Accessory
to attempted murder.

You know, I thought
at least he'd pretend

not to know what
these guys were up to.

At least then you'd
have a chance.

Well, that is
kind of what happened.

We know what
their target is? No.

But Hondo's still working
on Kendrick.

He claims to only know
the buyer's name.

Chester Longwood. Now, Longwood

paid Kendrick earlier this week

for a rush job
on the truck wrap.

Last known associates?

Yeah. These guys.
Seth and Cyrus, they been

in the system since they could
walk. Wasn't until their leader,

Raines, took over
that this crew stepped up

to hitting banks,
companies all over the country.

Yeah, and each time
ending violently,

with multiple casualties.

Now they're armed
with a thermal lance.

They're just waiting
for the next score.

Contact RHD Bank Squad.
Have 'em circulate the flyers.

Touch base with
Robbery Task Force.

Maybe we can get a step
ahead of these guys.

We can do you one better.

Kendrick said that the crew
ordered another wrap.

Hondo's waiting
on the delivery right now.

All right.

Why don't you ask
Deacon what he thinks?

What now?

Okay, so I'm about to go out
on a third date with Molly...

Wait a second. Third date?

I thought you said last week
wasn't even a first date.

Well, apparently, it was.

And then we went on another,

and I'm taking her out again
tonight for dinner. What?

Yeah, Luca's been joking
about Street being dumb enough

to date the boss's daughter.
Now he's actually doing it.

Told him he better not
let Hicks find out.

I'm thinking
I should just tell him.

Well, that's an interesting
form of career sabotage.

Last year, I almost lost this
job because of keeping secrets.

Now I want to be honest
and that's the wrong move, too?

The relationship is still new.

What if it flames out in a week?

Why risk telling
Hicks? Right, Deac?

I don't know.
It seems dicey either way.

Look, there are, what,
eight million people

in the Greater Los Angeles area.

At least half of them are women.

Why don't you just date
one of them?

Yeah, but most of 'em
probably have taste.

You guys are a big help.

Everything good with you today?

You're a little quieter
than normal.

Just had a weird morning.

Not gonna talk about it.

I know you and Annie don't
approve of my home life.

Come on.

You know that wasn't
a judgment of you.

Annie's issue

was you talking to Lila about it
and in a way that made it hard

for Annie to explain it
to her. That's all.

I know. And to her credit,

I'm still trying to
figure it all out.

Yeah. Well...

I'm a pretty good
sounding board.

You want to try me?

Ty basically accused me

of caring more for Kira
than I do for him,

saying that I'm throwing
this relationship triangle

out of balance.

Is he right?


Kira and I, it just works.

With Ty, it's good, but...

it's not the same. Have you talked

to either of them
about any of this?

How can I?
Th-They're getting married.

I'm supposed to be there equally
for the both of 'em.

You want my advice?

Tell her how you feel.

People, they go
into marriages thinking

that it's gonna make
everything better.

A-And in reality,

all it does is shine a light

on all the issues you had
before the wedding.

Annie and I, before we got
married, we took this...

marriage prep course
through the church.

It's like a boot camp
for engaged couples.

On the first day,

we realized how much
we didn't know about each other

because there were things
that we didn't think to share.

You want to make
this relationship work...

make it work.



Thanks for not saying
"I told you so."



This thing's got power!


Hey, it's Kendrick
from Tinseltown Tuning.

The wrap you ordered
came in a day early.

I can get one of my guys
to drop it off now

if you're available, but I'm-a
need someone to sign for it.

I'll text you the address.

We're only gonna be here
for the next two hours.

Can you make it by then?

My guys'll be there in an hour.


Text just came through
with an address

to a warehouse in Claremont
off the 10.

Address matches to where
we traced the call.

We got 'em.

Wally. Long time no see.

What's up? Well, I brought this photo.

Thought it might help
with a prospective buyer,

unless you've found one already.

Not yet.

Sorry, been busy on this case.

Didn't know it was a rush.

Well, do you... do you got
somewhere I can pin this up?

You know, with a lot of
foot traffic or something?

Wally, man, what's going on?

Why the full-court press
to sell right now?

Okay, I-I didn't want
to say, but, um...

truth is, my-my auto
shop's not doing so hot

and I need cash or I'm
gonna lose the business.


Yeah. Look, I'll talk

to Luca.

And between the two of us,

I promise
we'll find you a buyer.

Give us a few days, okay?

Rocker, the warrant came
through. We're heading

to a warehouse in Claremont.

Watch our backs
from the situation room?


20-David to Command.
Initiating entry.

Roger. Watch your six.

Tan, move.


two, one.

Left side clear.


No one's home.

Where are they? They said
they'd be here

for the next two hours.

Just the door.

Where's the rest of the vault?
TAN: Check it out.

Something was used to
cut right through it.

That's the thermal lance.

They must've been practicing
for the real job,

whatever that is. Hey, boss.

Still hot.

They bailed before we got here.

20-David to Command.
The warehouse is empty.

Looks like they left in a hurry,

almost like they knew
we were coming.

I trusted you.

What are you mixed up in, Wally?

Why did you warn this crew that
they were about to be raided?

I never wanted this.

And I'm sorry I used you.

They made me do it,

told me I'd be off the hook.

For what?

This guy, Raines.

Mostly runs a bookie business,

but word is he makes his
real money hiring heist crews

to pull off jobs.

And you're involved with him?


I was doing real well
for a while, I swear.

You know, I had a girlfriend.

Business was booming.

I was a hot hand
at picking the ponies.

Then I started losing.


I thought I could get out
from under it. By betraying

a friend instead of asking
for help from any of us?

You don't know these people.

When they found out
I worked at the police garage

and still had friends at SWAT...

You had other options, Wally,

besides spying on us.

What do I got now?

My business is gone.

I'm gonna go to jail forever.

Hey. This crew
has already hurt people.

And their next job could be
a bank, somewhere public,

where innocent
civilians are at risk.

You know how dangerous
these guys are.

Okay, I didn't want anyone
to get hurt.

That's fine.

But it doesn't help us.

Okay, it's not gonna be a bank.

Bank's response time
is too quick for whatever

they're using
the thermal lance for. Okay,

so what's their next job
gonna be? Any detail helps.

I heard 'em talking about some
kind of cash prize or something.

Okay, that's all I know.

I'm telling you the truth.

Officer Hondo?

Hey. Um... Mich... No.

Uh, uh, Nichelle.
I get it right?

You did. Okay. Whew.

How is the driver doing?

He's gonna be just fine,

in large part, because of you.

I can't thank you enough
for your help.

Getting my van back

would be a good way
to return the favor.

Did you check with the
primary detective on the case?

He said because the truck hit me

it's evidence and
needs to hold it,

but I need my van.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

It's just, it's still
an ongoing case.

Look, I helped you
with the victim,

and I just now helped

those detectives
identify the driver.

The way I look at it,

that's twice the LAPD owes me.

Okay, I can't really argue
with that.

Look, no promises,
we could loan you a car.

I don't need a car.
I need my van.

I run a shuttle service
for kids from Dorsey.

Dorsey? I went to Crenshaw.

I won't hold that against you.

I take it that's where you went.

No, I went to Crestridge,
Baldwin Hills.

That's a private school.
You're shuttling kids

in my neighborhood? It's a long story.

Look, I know that our standard
operating procedures around here

are less than ideal, so I'll
try to speed things along.

Do you have a card? I can reach
out if I make something happen.

A card? This the '90s?

Just give me your phone.
I'll put my number in.

I work at Gye Nyame.

The book shop
in Leimert Park? Oh, it's not just

a book shop anymore;
It's a community center.

You obviously haven't been.
No, I haven't.

Not since it changed names.

When did that happen? When I took over.

"Gye Nyame" is an Ashanti term.

It means "except for God."

It's a... a place of hope.

You should stop by sometime.

Seriously, call me if you figure
out a way to get my van back.



Hey. Thanks for coming.

I just didn't feel
like this could wait.

Yeah, of course.
What's going on?

Um... I know I'm violating

one of the "we" rules by
just coming to you, but...

I feel like I need
to really talk to you

about what Ty said
to me this morning.

Okay. What did he say?

He said that I'm more
into you than him,

and that I'm jeopardizing
everything we have.

I was mad at first.

And then I realized...

he's right.

Chris... Wait.

I got into this relationship
because of you.

And I know you love Ty,
so I've tried to.


I'm not in love with him.

Not like I am with you.

And I know the timing's awful

with you guys getting
married in a month.


can you ever see
yourself with just me?

Oh, my God, I completely
ruined things, didn't I?

No. No, no, no, no.
No, I did. I know. I did.

Not at all. Chris,

I'm in love with you, too.

I've been having
some doubts about the wedding.

Maybe that's why.

Maybe I felt this coming.

I-I need some time to
think about this, Yeah.

And talk to Ty, obviously.

We-we-we can, we can talk
to him tonight, together.

The vault door found
at the warehouse

is off a Jefferson 590.

Embassies, banks, armories
all around Los Angeles use it.

It's one of the
strongest on the market.

There's over 40 locations
in Los Angeles County alone.

There's no way we have the
personnel to protect each one.

Wally said the crew mentioned
something about a cash prize.

All right, that's got to be it.

The L.A. Speedway.

They have a huge
cash prize race every year.

I took my son to it last year.

A $4 million "Dash for Cash,"

winner-takes-all race
happening tonight.

There'll be thousands
of spectators. Go.

On our way.

Welcome to Los Angeles Speedway,

the "Dash for Cash"
qualifying round!

Qualifying continues
all afternoon,

leading up to the big race

The time trials have already
started. Where you guys headed?

All right, you're good.

You know where
you're setting up?

We do.

Let's move.

Here we go!
Qualifying is underway

at California's
greatest speedway.

Yup, what you're
watching, folks,

is Mason Miller hitting the gas,

spinning his tires,
in hopes of qualifying

for tonight's main event,
winner-take-all "Dash for Cash"

$4 million cash prize!

What's up, Big Rob?
Hey, how you doing, man?


How's the track?
It running slick?

Do I know you?

Nah, no, I got my rig
right over there.

We're timing after you.

Yeah, well, keep away
from Jimmy's car.

He don't like people too close.

Oh, yeah, yeah, sure,
no problem. You got it.

Hey, hey, hey.

How'd you get down here? We were called.

No, no, no,
we didn't get any call.

They need this right away.
No, stop right...

Whoa. Keep moving.

We'll be gone by the
time they wake up.

Sergeant Harrelson, LAPD SWAT.

Are you Pam? Yes, general manager,

and this is my head of security,
John Custer.

Commander Hicks briefed us
on the situation.

I looped the block. No sign
of the blue pickup he described.

All right, show me
where the money's kept,

and the routes in and out.

Guards are in the money room
protecting the cash here.

And the best ways
to get there are either

through the driving school
garage or service elevator.

How many guards? Two,

but the cash is safe
inside that vault.

No one can get in there.

I need you to make sure
your men remember these faces.

Hey, I saw that guy.

He just drove his hauler
right there in the pit.

That wasn't an accident.
No, that's a distraction.

They're robbing the vault now.

What's the quickest way?!

Service elevator to the right!

All emergency and security
personnel to the track,


Get your faces down, now!

It ain't your money.

Don't move.

Nobody else'll get hurt.

You, watch the door.

I suggest you keep your
eyes glued to the table.

No one's answering
in the cash room.

Are there security monitors inside?
Yes. Why?

They'll see us coming
once we're on that floor.

Pam, finish the evacuations.
Move. Okay!

Chris, Corner Shot rifle? Right here.

Take out the security cameras.

Street, Tan, you're with me.

We got to take out
the other escape route.

Two bodies on the ground.

They're alive.

24-David, we got two down,

Get an R/A rolling.

You stay here with them.

Make sure no civilians
in or out of this hallway.

You'll need my badge to
get into the vault room.

Chris, you're up.

Hey, what was that?

Seth, check outside.

LAPD! LAPD SWAT! Drop your weapon!


Get up! There.

This door is the only exit.
They're trapped.

There's no way out.

That's what they think.

Not gonna say it again!

There's nowhere for you to go.
Come out now.

On my count. Three, two...


They blew a hole
through the far wall.

We're taking heavy fire!

That wall opens into the stairs.

That leads to the
driving school garage.

Hondo, suspects are heading for
the driving school garage.

Roger that. We'll head them off.
Let's move!

Give it up!
You've got nowhere to go.

Chris, he's on the three side.

Suspect down!


Don't move. Anyone else in here? No.

Drop the weapon!

Put it on the ground! STREET: Do it!

Drop the weapon now! STREET: Do it!

Drop it now! Do it now!

Put the gun down!

Down on your knees!

Down on your knees!

26-David. Two suspects still
on the loose with the cash.

Back up! Back up!

20-David to command.
One suspect down.

Out of the way! Out of the way!


Move! Move!

Move away! Move away!

Street, go, go, go.
Go right. Go right.

Street, you take the guy

on the right,
I'll go left. Move.

Out that way! Out that way!

I got eyes on the suspect.

Out this way. Out this way.
Get inside.

Get inside.
Out this way. Out this way.

Stay down!

Or I will shoot.

26-David. Suspect in custody.

Out of my way!

Drop the weapon!

This is 20-David.

Suspect three down.


Just wanted to say nice
work at the racetrack.

I'm sorry I almost
screwed up everything.

Hey, don't beat yourself up. TAN: Yeah.

Who would've guessed
that about Wally? DEACON: Besides,

you gave us a chance to clean up
50 squad's mess. Again.

I deserve that.

Okay, Street.
Yeah, looking dapper.

Sure that new shirt's not gonna
give you away to Hicks?

I saw Molly waiting
outside for you.

I'm not giving anything away.

I'm just gonna be
straight up with him.

Been waiting for the right time.

Which feels like now.

Well, it was nice
knowing you, playboy.

Hey, Street,
don't listen to him.

Just take it from a father.

You talking to Hicks...
That's the right move.

He'll respect you.

Thanks. Yeah, he'll respect him,

and then he'll demote him.

What's with the outfit?

Don't ask.

You figure out what you're
gonna do with Ty and Kira?

I talked to her,
and it turns out,

she feels the same way I do,

so we're gonna talk
to Ty tonight,


It'll gonna be intense, but...

you were right.

Told you so.


You look...


It's the first time I've
ever heard you use that word.

I'll take it as a compliment.

You should. You ready?

Actually, before we go,

I'm gonna talk to your father
about us first.

My father doesn't
decide who I date.

I hear you,
but he's still my boss.

Do you want me to talk to him?
No, it should come from me.

If you talk to him,
he might feel obligated

to go along with it, and then
just find other insidious ways

to take it out on me.

So brave.

Or so stupid.


Go get 'em.


I can hear you breathing.
What is it?

Um... sir,

Commander, uh...

I just wanted to talk
to you about something.


It's about your daughter, sir.

We've, uh, been getting to
know each other recently,

and, uh, it's really
early stages, but I just,

I wanted to let you know,
before things get serious,

um, that I'm taking her
out on a date tonight.

Are you about to
ask me a question?

No. Okay.


Sir? Well, I'm confused.

Are you here because you're
looking for my permission?

N-No, not really.

Unless you think I need...

Just say what you came
to say, damn it.


Molly is fearless
and she's smart,

and she is always
going out of her way

to help other people, which
suggests she's actually

just a really good person.

And I-I know I'm no
crown jewel myself,

but I have nothing
but the utmost respect

for your daughter.

And I just came here to
tell you that, man to man.


Well, as your boss,

Commander Hicks has
absolutely no problem

with you dating Molly. Great.

But as her father...

just make sure that
Bob Hicks never has cause

to have a problem with you.

We clear?

Clear. Crystal.


Thank you, sir. Mm-hmm.


Let's keep the PDA
down to a minimum

when you're on the clock
for now.

Like in the kitchen.

Yes, sir.

Five people. That's, like,
$750 down the drain.

I know, I know.
I-I'll talk to her, okay?

She loves me. Hey. Hey.

You guys, uh, working
on the wedding plans?

Yeah. Uh, working on the
seating chart for the reception.

Yeah. Actually, uh,

we could use your help, Chris.

Uh, let me grab the other list,

and, um, maybe you can help
solve our puzzle.

Yeah. Sure.


Okay, I-I know what
you're gonna say,

but I can't cancel the wedding.

I can't do that to him. How about what
you said earlier?

What happened to being honest?

This is honest, Chris.

I just put too many
years in with Ty.

I do love him.

I can't throw that all away.

Just wait till after
the wedding, okay?

You'll find a way to be
happy with both of us.

Okay, okay, okay.

So, I've worked it out.

Best way to avoid drama:

Don't sit her parents
next to mine.

Mm. I won't.


Morning, Crenshaw.

Hey, Nichelle.

Uh, if you're here
for the community meeting,

you're the first one in line,

because it isn't until tomorrow.

I just thought you might need
a shuttle van before that.

What's this? Let me show you.

Buddy of mine runs
a rental shop, owed me a favor.

And since the LAPD owes you...

It's all yours.

Until you get your van back.

Thank you.

This means a lot
to the kids I help.

Is this standard operating
procedure, though,

to come down here
on your off time?

Got to say it's not my typical
interaction with the police.

I was curious.

I mean, it's not every day
you meet a private school

Baldwin Hills girl
who does what you do.

Meaning what? You think
I have an angle?

No, no, not necessarily.

I just... I care a lot
about this neighborhood,

and I like knowing what
goes on here. Good.

Because I love where
I'm from, up on the hill.

But a lot of my
friends growing up

lived at the bottom
of that hill.

I've always wanted to feel
more a part of that,

do more, give more.

So, here I am.

How about you?

How does a guy from Crenshaw
become a SWAT sergeant?

Okay, that right there
is a long story.

Which I'd love to
tell you sometime.

How are you getting home?

I was kind of hoping
you might give me a ride.

Oh, I see.

Well, that does sound nice,

but, A, I don't get in
cars with strangers.

And, B, I have a rowdy group

of teenagers arriving
in ten minutes, so...

I can call you an Uber. No, it's-it's cool.

I can get my own, thanks.

But maybe we could
arrange something

to try and cure this,
uh, strangers problem?

Come by the meeting tomorrow.

Maybe we can talk then.

I'll check my schedule.

Okay, you do that.

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