S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

A Jamaican gang highjacks a truck full of assault weapons destined for destruction, intending on selling them to multiple gangs in Long Beach; Luca's Guatemalan food truck plan starts to gain momentum; Hondo's Dad gets a diagnosis

Previously on SWAT...David.

Lieutenant Detective
Piper Lynch.

You worked with her
in Hollywood.

How much political
juice does she have?

The mayor's placing me here
as a consultant outside
the chain of command,

to reorient your thinking
about what SWAT can do.

Be safe.

Interesting lady.

Imagine these culinary treats
could come to you.

Like a delivery service?Better.

Food truck.
This could be a team investment.

I can't invest in the food truck
right now.

I can't swing it either, Luca.

I know Tan and Street
are in the same boat.

You can put me down for $5K.

Pop, you are sick. I know I'm sick!

I don't deserve your help.

You know what?
Maybe you don't.

But you damn sure
gonna get it.

So that's what's up?

That's what's up.

Okay, then.

You see them?

Can't see anything yet.

But we know that truck's coming.

I'm taking fire!

Breaking off!

L.A. police convoy.
We're taking shots.

Send all available units.


Official convoy!
Drop the weapon!

No, Don Dada.

Come on, Pop.

Let's get the damn thing
over with.

It could be good news.

I want to thank you
for coming in.

I know it wasn't easy.

Yeah, well, my boy
wouldn't let it go.

Even more stubborn
than his mama.

So, Doc, what's the word?

Uh, the word
is not good.

The X-rays we did
on your lungs

show an abnormal mass
right here.

And we took a look at the sputum
that you've been coughing up.

Found cancer cells.

So, lung cancer.

Listen, the
cancer can take

different forms, some more
dangerous than others.

There are things
we can do to fight it,

but I want to do a
biopsy immediately

so we can learn more
about what we're facing.

Thanks, Doc.
I'll think about it.


Why don't I leave you
to discuss.

Hey, hey.
Hold up. Hold up.

What do you mean
you got to think about it?

What the hell is there
to think about?

You forced me
to get an X-ray,

so I got the X-ray.

We already knew
something was wrong.

I ain't doing no operation.

Look at that.

You got no choice.All I got to do

is stay black and die.

Young buck,
go around there

and get my car
and bring it around front.


Pop, I thought
we agreed

we're gonna fight
this together.

Everybody says you got to fight.

That's a bunch of bull.

A lot of strong people
fight and they die.

Survival is about luck.

And mine
ain't been the greatest.

Didn't smoke one day in my life,
and I got lung cancer.

Well, if you ain't
gonna get my car,

I'll get it my damn self.

I got his keys.

He's not going anywhere.

Get my pops home.
I got to go.

A police officer's been shot.

Check it.

Artist friend of mine
offered to design

the logo for
my food truck.

Nice. These
images are fresh.

Right? That's badass
right there.

Hey, uh, Luca.Yo.

I heard Hondo
kicked in $5,000

to buy a share
of your food truck.

Yeah, he's the first backer
on record.

Yeah. I-I know
I said I was out, but I checked

with some friends,
and Guatemalan cuisine
is getting hot.

They think I should be
all over it.

They even gave me
suggestions of locations

that could bring in
a lot of business.

So I started thinking.

I want in, too.

You sure?I just had

to check the prospects.
Wanted to make sure.

Okay. But, um,

there's some guys from 50-Squad
that I promised I'd hold spots.

So, before I accept, let me
just, uh, check some things.

I'll get back to you, okay?

Sure. No problem.

What's up, man?

How are Annie and the kids
doing, Deac?

Good, I think.

They took a quick trip
down to San Diego

with my sister-in-law.

The, uh, kids still insist

on sleeping in the same room
as Annie.

Can't be easy, with your house
getting shot up, man.

No, but, uh, you know,
we're-we're managing.

Thanks for getting me out of
the house for a couple hours.

Are you kidding me, man?
Thanks for coming.

Food is ridiculous,
as always.Right?

I heard Hondo bought
into the food truck.


Listen, Annie and
I were talking.

And, uh...

you were there for us in a
major way when we needed money.

And we'd like to
return the favor.

Nah, Deac, I'm not looking
for any favors.

I was just offering you
a business opportunity.

Yeah, no, I know. I talked
to a financial advisor.

He's got a client who
invested in a food truck,

and it's doing really well.

And, I mean, if run properly
and hitting the right spots,

it could really work.

And-and like you said,

this food is
gonna sell itself.Yeah.

I'm still a little tight,

paying you back
the money I owe you.

But I was wondering
if you'd be willing

to take $2,500 of what
I'm to pay you back

against a share.

I can get someone from 50-Squad
to put up another 25

and then split that share.

Nice, Deac.

I'll consider it.


Cop's been shot.

What's the word?Hicks is in court today,
so I'm running point.

Officer Ed Hawks.

He's in critical condition
at a hospital in Long Beach.

There's a chance
he won't make it.

So he was shot during
an armed robbery?

What's the stolen cargo? An 18-wheeler

full of long gun
assault rifles.

Every year, when LAPD

property rooms get full of guns
from closed cases,

they ship 'em out
to be melted

and destroyed.The Big Burn

tends to be
need-to-know only.Yeah, most people don't know

any details about it
what time the convoy rolls out,

what route it takes.

But this crew knew
enough to pull off

a well-coordinated
assault.The Jeeps they drove in

match the description
of vehicles stolen

from a dealership in
Mission Viejo a week ago.

They fired shots
to deter the LAPD airship.

Drove into controlled
airspace, evaded pursuit.

Careful planning.

Leading to a cop maybe dying?
There better not be.

We have to consider
all possibilities.

You know, a lot of these guns
were used in cases SWAT closed.

.50-cals, HK416s,
M14s, AUG A2s...

Capable of firing .223 rounds

through SWAT body armor,

over a thousand rounds
per minute.

And now they're in the hands
of a crew

who's willing
to shoot the police.

Since our truck
was found abandoned

in Long Beach,
I've cozied up

with Long Beach PD
to help track down this crew.

This is
Detective Herb Gordon, LBPD.

Sergeant Kay.

Jim Street.

I heard you left Long Beach
and made Metro SWAT.

I just didn't believe
it until now.

We're a long way
from being boots, huh?

Rocking polyester
in the LBC.

How is Long Beach?Well, you are missed.

Our, uh, sympathies
are with your officer

and his family.

We know he was injured
in Long Beach,

so we're here to help.Well, it's our guns

that could be unleashed
in your streets,

so both departments
are highly motivated.

Our mayor's
chatted with yours.

Resources are at each
other's disposal.

And that includes using our
Southeast Division as a hub.

Now, we're not as, um,
high-tech as you guys,

but we're, uh, we're in
the middle of this search.

We'll work with the ATF,
checking local gun shows

and dealers for any signs
of those stolen weapons.

Technically, I'm
here as a consultant,

outside the chain of command,
but may I also suggest

checking with undercover
gang and narco officers.

You think these weapons
could be sold to the hood

or south of the border
to the cartels?


You know, uh,
I grew up in Long Beach.

If these guys are
dealing guns there,

I may know a source that
could help us track 'em down.

All right, great.

I'll go with you.

Hey, Deac. Deac. I got
an idea of who our leak is.

Police convoys
are partly arranged

by property officers, right?

They keep track of, uh,
booked evidence, including guns.

And they're civilians. They're
not sworn officers of the law.Right.

So I looked up property
officers. I found this guy.

Dennis Upton.

He was scheduled
to work today.

Called in sick
at the last second.

Well, isn't that convenient?Yeah.

All right, tell you what.

You take Tan and Chris.

Go see how sick
this guy really is.

I just got a call
from the hospital.

Officer Hawks
is between surgeries.

He's conscious now.

How well do you know him?

Keen observer,
aren't you, Sergeant?

Hawks was my partner

when we were detectives
in Hollywood Division.

Well, I was thinking
we should go talk to him,

see what he knows that might
help us identify these guys.

Uh, may not be the best
time for us to chat.

He stepped down from
detective last year.

I helped him get the
convoy assignment.

I told him it'd
be an easy gig.

Guess I was wrong.

Luca, you're the ranking

How do you want
to play this?

Well, as my dad used to say,

always start
by knocking on the door.

Sound like they're coming
from the backyard.

Chris, Tan, two side.
I got the four.

LAPD! Put your
weapon down!

I said put your gun down!Okay, okay.

Dennis Upton? Thought you
were under the weather.

We were gonna bring soup, but it
doesn't look like you need it.

Is that a tommy gun?

LAPD convoy got
ripped off this morning.

You got over a thousand assault
rifles in your storage shed.

It's not a good look.

You think
I ripped off the police?

Come on, I'm not that crazy.

You're also not that sick.

Yeah, I stayed home to do
target practice for my podcast.

It's called Two Tickets to the Gun Show.

That's original.

Firing assault weapons
in California is illegal.

I'm just a collector.

I mean, that tommy gun
belonged to Mickey Cohen.

This piece right here,

Pablo Escobar.

And that,
that was used

in the North Hollywood

Oh, so you buy guns
from real-life crimes?

Yes, but not
today's real-life crime.

You sure about that?

This is a special edition Uzi

with Gilly Gembetta's name
engraved on it.

I know, because I booked it
into evidence last year.

It has 11 bodies on it.

The serial number's
been filed off,

but it was definitely inside
that hijacked truck.

Did you hear a cop got shot
during that hijacking?


Okay, okay, all right,
I'm in real trouble.

I get it.
Yeah, yeah, you are.

I didn't want anybody getting
shot, especially a cop.

It's just I bought guns
from these guys before.

They gave me a great deal.
If I gave them intel

on the convoy,
they'd let me pick

any piece I wanted
from the truck.

I mean, do you know
what the LAPD was gonna do

with this work of art?
Melt it.

Who'd you deal with?I don't know her name.

Some lady with an accent.

Sounds Jamaican.Jamaicans
with big guns?

Could be the Chaos Posse.

Jamaican gunrunners?They got no problem

targeting cops work
mainly on the East Coast,

but this definitely
fits their M.O.

Okay, everything that you
got on these Jamaicans.

I mean everything,
no more games.


Thanks, Luca.

Chaos Posse operates
in Miami and New York.

What are they
doing in L.A.?

Basic corporate economics
you're either getting bigger

or you're getting smaller.Well, finding out who
they're selling to

won't be easy Chaos Posse
doesn't leave loose ends.

Hey, Ed.

It's me.

Look, you know I
can't stay long.

The people who did this,

anything you remember
about them?

Don Dada.

No, no. Piper Lynch,

if you don't get out
of this room...

I'm sorry. I'm done.
I'm-I'm leaving.

Miss, miss, miss, miss.

I'm Sergeant Harrelson,

Pamela Hawks.
Ed's wife.

You're a piece of
work coming here.

I'm just trying to help find
who did this to him.

Well, help somewhere else.

Mrs. Hawks, it's been
an emotional day.

We just needed to ask
a few questions of your husband.

I'm sure he's happy
to see you.


Thanks, Asafa. You, too.

You want to tell me
what that was?

Not especially. Hawks
gave me something, though.

The guy who shot him
was called Don Dada.

It's a term of respect,
probably a street moniker.

Maybe it'll get
us a real I.D.

So this source that we're
looking for is an arms dealer?

Mm, he grew up in a
family of gunrunners.

He's not a criminal.

You think that dressing
in civvies is...

gonna help us
with this informant?

He's not exactly
an informant.

He's a...

...my brother.



It's good to see you.
Back in the LBC.

Yeah, man.You're Street's brother?

Foster brother.
Nate Warren.

David Kay. After everything
went down with my parents,

I moved to a group home
I used to get my ass beat

on the regular
till Nate taught me

how to fight.You had a decent
knuckle game to start.

It's been a minute.I know.

Lot of memories.


Listen, uh, the reason I'm here
is I need your help.

So you're here to ask a favor?


Nate and I used to be
really close.

He's older, so he left
the group home first.

But he was always
checking on me.

When I got old enough,
I left, too, but I kind of

never looked back.So you ghosted him.

Not exactly, but...

I needed a clean slate.

I don't think
he sees it that way.


You never visited.I checked in a few times,

to see where we stood.

But you didn't care to find out.

Street. Hondo got a hit
on our shooter.

ATF database identified
Don Dada as Isaac Irie.

Now, he was charged in Queens
for shooting an ATF officer,

but everyone set to testify
against him disappeared

before the trial
even started.

This guy ties up loose ends
and he's dangerous.

You getting anywhere
with your brother?

Don't worry. This is
just how we say hello

in the LBC.

You remember when we
took that blood oath?

You really pulling
that card, bruh?

We were stupid teenagers.

You told me if I
ever needed anything,

I could ask three favors,
and no matter what,

you would have my back.

The first favor was
when you borrowed my chopper

to impress Meg Ullman, right?

You crashed it on the PCH.

And the second favor was
for you to forgive me.

But I never cashed in
the third one, not until now.

The Chaos Posse is
in Long Beach.

They shot a cop.

And now they got
a truckload of guns.

When the Chaos Posse
gets cornered,

they'd rather be buried
by six than judged by 12.

People are
scared of them.

But this bar's like a big TV
set with huge antennas, man.

Lot of roughnecks
roll through here.

Things get said,

and I hear a lot
of those things.

But I'll get into it.

Thank you.

Let me know.

Thank you.

You know, Lynch,
in my experience,

when a cop's wife is pissed off
at a former female partner,

it tends to be
for one reason.

I thought you were SWAT,
not a detective.

You came in looking
at all our files.

You hit me up about my one SWAT
reprimand from a decade ago.

You seem to know
a lot about us,

but you don't want us to know
anything about you.

You and Hawks?

First rule you learn
as a lady cop

Don't get involved
with other cops.

And yet?

And yet.

Yeah, go ahead, Street.

Roger that.
Street's source came through.

We got an address
on the Chaos Posse's hideout.

Nate says the woman
who owns the strip club

is Isaac Irie's
West Coast sidepiece.

All right, listen up.
We got eyes on the location.

Visual on the one and two sides.

All's quiet
on the Western Front.

Right now,
we're watching air move.

22-David in position.
I have a visual

on the four side;
Long Beach patrol
has the three side.

This is Detective Gordon.
I authored a search warrant.

Got it signed.
Ready to roll.

Deac, I'm still
five minutes out.

Don't wait on me.Roger that.

Chris, initiate.

LAPD! Search warrant!

Get down!

Down, down, down, down!


Take cover!

Shots fired! Shots fired!

24-David has eyes on shooter!

In pursuit!


Switching to beanbag.

We've got movement
on the two side

black Jeep matching description
from the hijacking.

Don't move! Hands!Out of the car!

Get out of the car!Hands, now!


Street! Luca!
You hold down the fort!

Let's see if we can get
a better shot!Roger that.

Hey! Time to go!

Searched the Chaos Posse's
hideout, top to bottom.

Found fake passports,
but no sign of long guns.

Recovered two AUG A2s
off the dead posse members.But the majority

of the stolen guns are still
in the wind with Isaac.

Welcome to Long Beach
Southeast Division.

Short on manpower today,

due to training exercises
in Carlsbad.


As I said, it's a little
different flavor here.


Hey. You guys LAPD?

Has my bail
been paid yet?

Can you tell me why
I'm still here?

Is this how it is in the LBC?

Now you're getting it.

Ah. Sorry, sir.
Not in our purview.

That's two of our bad boys
and one bad girl accounted for,

leaving five at large,
including Isaac Irie.

The ATF has wires up
on usual suspects.

There was chatter
about potential gun sales

earlier in the day,
but it stopped in the last hour.

Our gunrunner stopped
trying to sell guns?

The Chaos Posse changed
their plan. Why?

We may be
disrupting business.

We may be short on manpower,
but we have every available unit

in the field, searching.Splendid.

In the meantime, I'd love to
have a chat with our bad girl.Sounds good.


did you get my message?

I got it, Hondo.
Just processing.

Dad actually having cancer...

Every time I think
I'm making progress,

he starts talking crazy
about not getting that biopsy.

Have you forgotten
who your father is?Oh, here we go.

Every time he's a pain
in the ass, he's my father.

Come on, Brie. I need your help.

What do you expect me to do?

Maybe we gang up on him.

Already tried talking
to my mother and Winnie,

but I haven't heard back
from Winnie.

What else is new?

Don't do that.
You know it's complicated.

The charming dad
that you grew up with

is the same guy who abandoned us
for another woman in Oakland.

Look, he's scared. I get it.

He seems to be okay
with dying, Brie.

I just don't understand
where that's coming from.

He's probably
never gonna tell you.

Once he's made up his mind,
he can't be pushed.

Look, in a few days,
he'll change his mind,

decide to have the surgery.

And what if he doesn't?

Yo, Luca. I heard, uh,
Hondo, Deacon and Chris

went in on the food
truck? Is that true?

Yeah. They asked
to buy shares,

but I'm still evaluating
the offers.

Uh, well, look,
I can't offer any money.

I'm saving for an
engagement ring.

With Bonnie? Dude!Yeah.

Congrats.Yeah, thanks, man.

Awesome, man.Um...

But, hey, what I can offer
is, uh, cooking equipment.

A poker buddy of mine

manages this restaurant
supply warehouse downtown,

and he owes me,
so I can probably

cash in chips for
a Viking oven.

Nice, bro. Those are, like,

what, seven grand a pop?Uh-huh.

All right, I'll let you know if
I decide to take you up on it.

Oh. All right.

Mrs. Hawks.

How's your husband?

Doctors took him in for what
they say is his final surgery.

Ed suggested
I get out of the hospital,

get some fresh air.

But the only place I could
think of coming was here.

Seeing you all at work
helps me know that Ed

is going to be okay.Hmm.

Hey, Tan.

Let's go talk...

Sergeant Harrelson,

I also came here to apologize

for the way I behaved
at the hospital.

No, there's no
need for that.

I'm just sorry that you have
to go through any of this.

You seem like a decent man.

I assume
you're also a good cop.

Because of that,
I thought you might want to know

what type of person you're
working with in Piper Lynch.

We searched your hideout

and found a passport
that said your name is Tamika.

I don't know if that's real,

but we're gonna
call you that anyway.

Where's Isaac?
He planning to sell those guns

or use them for something else?

Officer Tan and I have
worked together a long time.

He's pushier than me.

When I started as a detective,

my partner and I
worked murder books together.

Me no understand.
Speak plain truth.

Oh, I'm getting to it.

My partner and I dealt
with a lot of hard cases,

so we became
hard cases ourselves.

Didn't matter
if a person was a sinner

or a saint;
we worked every case

like it was the most important
case we ever had.

Except I don't
feel that way

about this one.
This one actually is personal.

You and your friends
shot my former partner,

and you left him to die.

And right before
we walked in here,

Officer Ed Hawks passed away
in his hospital bed,

which means that you are guilty
of murdering a police officer.

The district attorney
is on her way down here

to formally charge you.
She'll be here in ten minutes.

Look, I didn't pull
the gully trigger.

Doesn't matter. You still
get sentenced like you did.

Unless you decide to talk.

Piper was my husband's
partner for seven years.

It wasn't just that she
had an affair with him.

After he tried to end it,
she wouldn't let it go.

Do you know how devastating
a broken family can be?

I have an idea.

She actively tried to
break up my marriage.

I don't tell you
this to gossip.

I tell you because it says
a lot about her ethics,

for whatever that's worth.

Them questions you asking

is not really questions
you want an answer to.

It's not what you think it is.

What do you mean by that?Doesn't matter.

I don't want to hear any more
unless you're gonna

tell us where those guns are.

Right now!


I'll tell you what
you want to hear.

Tamika gave us Isaac's
plan. The chatter

about gun sales stopped
because the Chaos Posse

decided who to sell to.

They're unloading
guns to the Vandals,

Forty-Twos and Baja Diablos.

Three of the most dangerous
crews in Long Beach,

and they all
hate each other.

With guns like that,

they'll start shooting
anything that moves.

And civilians caught
in the middle.

The buys go down within the hour

in three separate locations.
Those locations

are spread across Long Beach.

The only way we're gonna make it
is if we split up.

I'll hop on the horn,
help mobilize the few units

we have available.
Lynch and I

will coordinate with you.Got it. Hey!

We're gonna need most
of you for this op.Hey, Tan.

How'd you get Tamika to talk?You mean, how did Lynch

get her to talk? You may
want to ask me that later.


to Command. We've got eyes
on location number one.

Visual on three tweakers.

From the looks of it, probably
members of the Vandals gang,

looking to make a buy
from the Chaos Posse.

Roger that, 30-David.

Watch your six.
From what Tamika said,

these gun buys are going down
in the next five minutes.

Luca, what's your 20?

22-David in position
at location number two.

Chris and Tan?

24-David has reached
location three.

All right.

We got visual on a van.

All right, looks like

we got something. Let's move.

On the ground!

Let me see the hands!
Hands, now!On your knees!

Show me your hands!On the ground now!

On your knees now! LAPD!Hands!

Hey, we found guns,

but not any
from the hijacked truck.

Luca, what do you see
at location number two?

Same thing.
We found guns, but small-time.

No sign of Jamaicans.Same thing

at location three, boss.

This isn't the Chaos Posse.

Tamika lied.

She told me
what I wanted to hear.I don't think

it's that simple.They tried

to use us to eliminate
their competition.

It still doesn't explain
what the Chaos Posse

plans on doing
with those guns.

Two visits in one day?

Nate, you already
did me a solid,

and I appreciate that,
and I thank you.Do you know

what the people in
here would do to me

if they knew I did
favors for a cop, man?

Already bad enough, you coming
in here dressed like one.

We are still having no luck

tracking down these guns.Why is that my business?

Because this bar
is a way station

for everything going on
in Long Beach.

If there is anything

that you know that I'm missing,

I could just really use it
right now.

Thought I already
fulfilled our blood oath.

You did.

But I know
that you're a good dude,

so just be a good citizen.

Look, man.

You can't just turn
your back on family

and keep asking for stuff.

When you came in here earlier,
I thought for one second

that maybe you were here just
to say "what's up" to me.

Ask me how I'm doing.

How are you doing, Nate?How's it look?

I'm working in a
bar I don't own,

hanging with the
same low-rent crowd

I've always known.I can help
get you out of here.

That offer always stands, man.

Nah. I'm good.

There is one key on that ring
that I can't use for anything,

but I carry it with me
because it belongs to the bike

that I wrecked
that you let me borrow.

I carry it to remind myself
that you had my back.

You know my dad
was a drinker.

Gave me

my first shot when I was eight.

And I was lucky.

I threw it up. I hated it.

My mom was even worse.

And out of a dozen
foster homes, you are

the only friend
that I have ever had.

But when Buck gave me
a second chance,

he made me promise
not to have any connection

to any temptations
from my past life.

I didn't just ghost you, man.
I ghosted everything.

I was just trying to survive

by moving on, and I am sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Okay, Streeter.

Look, I told you
everything I knew before.

But after you left,
there was this Jamaican

who came in here
and ordered a beer.

I'm not sure if he was
Chaos Posse or not,

but he wasn't
talking guns, man.

He was talking about
some dude named Cyfort.

Does the name Chris Cyfort
sound familiar?


Chaos Posse wants him dead.

This guy's name is Chris Cyfort.

He was brought in on a DUI
just a few hours ago.

And that's around the same time

the Chaos Posse
stopped shopping guns.

Cyfort has priors

for making fake passports.

He's also been suspected

of being a bookkeeper
for criminal enterprises,

though it's never
been confirmed.

He must work

for the Chaos Posse.

If he's got knowledge of how

they travel and do business,
he's a walking RICO case.

And a potential informant.

And they don't leave loose ends.

Cyfort's why they
changed their plans.

The Chaos Posse stopped
trying to sell guns

to use them to come and kill
Cyfort and anyone else here.

Get your cops back now.

We're heading
straight over there.

Whoa, whoa!
Whoa! Hey!Watch that, boy.

Rest easy. Grab up
their gun now.

Hold on.

This is 20-David.
I need everyone

back at Southeast
Division immediately.

The Chaos Posse's
on their way here.

Hondo, I'm checking the armory.

I put out a call
to every patrol unit.

Should only be minutes
before they're here.

Yeah, well, old SWAT saying
when seconds count,

backup's only minutes away.

Roger that.

Did you reach the armory?


Unfortunately, most
of our assault weapons

are out in the field

with officers trying
to hunt these guys down.

Let's go.

Where the hell's Cyfort?Hmm?

Where is he?!

Isaac!Hey, hey, hey.
Get her in there.

Show your face,
or me murder a cop for fun!

Deac, you there?

We're three minutes out.

No, man, that's too much time;
they got hostages.

What do you need, boss?
Call the maintenance division.

General services.
On my cue, you cut the lights.

Roger that.

Deac, now.

Get him out of here.
Go. Get him out of here.



Let me see your hands.

I admired
your work today.


Ed's surgeries went well.
He's gonna make it just fine.

I, uh, saw you talking
to his wife.

Yeah. She, uh...

she's got a strong opinion
about you.

She tell you about me and Ed?

It's not my business.

But since you know,

you might as well know
the whole truth.

I'm not superstitious,

but I find myself
double tapping on surfaces

anytime I want
the best for people.

It means "be safe."

When Ed and I were partners,

we would wish each other well
before every shift.

Of course,
the one time I forgot,

we almost got killed,
so now I don't forget.

As much as I loved Ed,

I knew the best thing for him
was to be with his wife.

So I ended it,
and I told him

to tell her
that he broke up with me.

He was choosing her.

You protected him.

I have no problem
playing the bad guy.

Even my own mother says
I have a rhino hide

and a concrete soul.

Sometimes you need it.

Long Beach PD's doing
an itemized check,

but it looks like every
assault weapon's accounted for.

And on the way
to the Big Burn?



Hey, uh, Luca.
We got to talk, man.

I feel like I'm the only one

who's not investing
in your food truck now.

Uh, because you are.

And if I'm being honest,
I still think it's a crazy idea.

But, man, there's no way
I'm gonna be left

holding the short straw,
watching you guys jet off

to Acapulco when this thing
hits big, so count me in.

So you're gonna buy
a share?

Yeah, what do you say, Luca?

I've been thinking.

I didn't know how to
say this to any of you,

but my food truck idea's
getting serious buzz.

I don't even have a truck
yet, and I already got

three events lined
up for next month.

So here's the thing. Since
the business is looking

to make revenue,
share prices have gone up.

It's no longer $5,000
to get in anymore.

It's $7,500.

Now, Hondo, he
bought in early,

and Tan might be good with
that Viking oven thing,

but the rest of you,

you all had your chances
to get in early.

You just blew me off, so...

Wait, Luca,
are you serious?

No. I'm not serious.

I just wanted you to get a
taste of what it feels like

to be left hanging in the air.

Thank you, everybody.
As far as I'm concerned,

food truck belongs
to all of us!


That was good, man.

This is a family thing, man.

Well played.

Yo, Hondo.
What's up?

You know, as I try to make
this new business work,

I've been reading
about leadership.

One of the things
they talk about

is setting
a good example.

I know what you did.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You knew if you
invested in the food truck,

everyone else would get
competitive and dive in.

You set a good example
and everybody followed it.

I just think that's a credit
to our team, don't you?

Yeah. No doubt.

But I just want you to know
I appreciate it, man.

Almost done with
your shift, or what?

Almost. Why?

Well, there's that bike rental
place down by the harbor.

I thought we could take out
some Ducatis. Let them eat.

Not a bad idea.

But, as usual, Streeter,
I have a better one.

You see that girl?

That's Chastity. She's been
coming in here for weeks.

She likes your boy.

And today, she's in here
with a friend.

You check her
arrest record?

I'm kind of serious.

We both know your type.
What was the name

of that girl, um, who stole
your eight ball jacket?

Yeah. Kiana Simmons.
This ain't the same, brother.

So, what, y-you want me
to be your wingman?

I'm not sure that's my speed.Why? You got a girlfriend?

No, I'm just... I'm
trying a new approach.

You owe me one.

Or three.

Come on.

So which routine
you want to try?

Rude guy, shy guy?

Lando and Han Solo?

How about no pickup lines?

Just straight up

That's crazy,
but might be genius.

What's up, ladies?

My name is Nate.

And this is my brother Jim.

Your brother?

Hey, Pop.

Son, what a day.

I've been putting
some elbow grease in,

trying to get these
chrome door handles polished.

Toughest fight
you ever want to see.

Yeah, I'm sure it is.

Listen, Darryl fixed dinner.
Some vegan food.

Sounds real,
smells good.

Some in the oven if you want it.
How was your day today?

Better, now that
I'm here with you.

Hey, Pop, listen.

I had some time to think.

I don't cotton to, uh,

talking about cancer
on an empty stomach, son.

Look, I know you got
a lot of pride

and you passed that down to me.

If you don't want
to get that biopsy,

it's your life,
so be it.

But I am asking you
for one thing

if you don't do it,
don't let it be because

you think you deserve this
cancer, 'cause, Pop, you don't.

See, that's where you're wrong.

I know you think
you made mistakes,

and hell yeah, you did.

You made a whole bunch
of them with me,

but here we are.

Bridges can be rebuilt.

It's been 30 years, son.

I got a ex-wife
who barely tolerates me.

She can't even stand to be
in the same room with me.

I got a daughter
who I miss every day,

and she won't even speak to me.

And I don't blame her.

I just don't feel
like fighting anymore.

I got in a fight
today at work.

And I ain't gonna lie,

I was afraid for my life.

But I fought my way back
here tonight. You know why?

Because that's what my father
taught me a man does.

Maybe I can help make
things better for you.

I can reach out to Winnie and
help you reconnect with her.

See, there you go,

trying to fix things
that can't be fixed.

It ain't never
gonna happen, son.

I get Winnie to sit down
with you after 30 years,

then you get that biopsy.
Is that a deal?

How are you gonna
make that happen?You don't worry about it.

It's my problem.
Is it a deal?


We ain't ready
to say goodbye to you yet.


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