S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 20 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

SWAT pursues a couple of murderous criminal lovers in pursuit of stolen loot, but the manhunt is complicated by bounty hunters also after them.

Previously on "SWAT..."

Sir, stay where you are.
I'm a police officer.

Are you serious?

Have you been drinking tonight?

I can't get into trouble, okay?

My dad'll kill me.

Turn around and put your hands
behind your back.

- What happened to him?
- I brought him in.

Everything was by the book.

Then this guy shows up.

It was the kid's dad, Logan Carter.

The deputy mayor Logan Carter?

- Christina.
- Have we met?

I know who you are, Officer Alonso.

You work for the deputy mayor.

We just want to know how
we can agree on things.

You already
know you failed the PFQ.

Well, I'd like to sign up
for the next qualifier.

You fail a second PFQ,

department regulations
has you riding the bench.

- What's going on, D?
- Heema's parents.

They ain't never gonna let me see my son.

Taking Heema to San Diego to
start over is them just trying

to protect her and the baby.

- Did Kelly do something wrong again?
- No,

but I think she might have dyslexia.

I'm gonna help you with
that reading thing, all right?


Hey, why don't you sit down for
a while, have a drink with us?

You need to let go of my arm.

Come on, don't be like that.
I'm not gonna ask nice again.

You didn't ask nice the first time.


Mitch, table five is yours.

Either that, or they can
die of thirst. I don't care.

You know, Harper,
maybe if you were a little nicer

to those guys,
you wouldn't always be bitching

about your crappy tips.

And what the hell is he doing here?

I thought he was locked up.




I made bail, baby.

Came through an hour ago.


- You want a drink?
- No.

I want to beat it to L.A. and
get what's ours... tonight.

Hey, Mitch?

- I'm out of here.
- You still got four hours

left on your shift.

Well, I guess she quits, Mitch.

And I'm collecting her severance pay.

Hey. Get the hell out of there, Beau!

Yeah, or what?

- I missed you.
- I missed you, too, baby.

Deputy Mayor Carter.

This is stooping pretty
low, don't you think?

I'm sorry. Do I know you?

Officer Christina Alonso.

Oh, the officer who pulled over my son.

Unfortunate misunderstanding.

What misunderstanding?
Your son was driving drunk.

And now you go after my family?

Is that supposed to intimidate me?

What are you talking about?

This. A citation to my uncle
for some unpermitted

construction of his garage.

It orders him to tear it down

and also pay a $3,200 fine.

And you think I had
something to do with that?

Oh, please. Come on. The garage
was converted ten years ago.

Are you telling me it's
a coincidence this shows up

just after your aide warned me

not to pursue a case against your son?

And you want what?
For me to make this go away?

- Is that what you're asking?
- Yes, for starters.

Your uncle's garage conversion
was unpermitted.

- It's illegal.
- That's not the point.

No, you're right. The point is,
is you come down here,

trying to use your influence
as a SWAT officer

to make his problem go away.

Sounds like abuse of power to me.

- Are you kidding me?
- Not at all.

And, frankly, I'd expect
better from SWAT.

Hey, good morning, Pop.

Good morning.

Hey, D, you watching the clock?
You don't want to be late, man.

Hey, you ain't got to be hollering.

Boy's 17 years old.

If he ain't figured out
how to get himself

to where he needs to be
by now, he never will.

Oh, so, what, he don't need
nobody looking after him now?

Is that it?

- Hey, what about you?
- Hmm?

That bottle's almost empty.
You forget to get your refill?

It's almost empty 'cause I'm
almost done with my treatment.

In a few weeks, I'm hoping to have

a cancer-free bill of health, son.

I really hope you're right
about that one, Pop.

- Hey, you get that for me?
- Yeah.

Hey, you cutting it pretty
close. What's up with you?

Come on. You know I've never
been late to school yet.

- You know this.
- Darryl, somebody here to see you.

Hey, Darryl.

- Heema?
- You just gonna stand there,

or are you gonna come meet your son?

come on. What are you waiting on?

I figured it was about time
Deon got to meet his daddy.

Look at him.

That's my boy.

I ain't gonna lie, D.
I do see a resemblance.

But I think Deon here might be
a little better looking.

Good thing, too.


Hey, kid.

Let me talk to you for just a second.


Hey, I am so happy for you.

I know you've been
wanting this for a long time.

But I'm worried that this could
really mess up your custody case.

How? I had nothing to do
with Heema coming here.

- I didn't even know.
- I know. I know, and I get that.

But what about her parents?

If it looks like the two of you
plotted this together

behind their back...

Do her parents even know she's here?

I need you to call them
right away. You let them know.

- Okay, I will.
- Darryl.

Okay, I will, Hondo.

Just give me a minute.

- What are you doing?
- Pop, I need you to make sure

Darryl calls Heema's parents

and alert them to the situation here.

- That's his boy, son.
- I know.

I know, and I couldn't be
happier for him.

But if Darryl wants
to stay in that baby's life

on a regular basis,
he's got to play by the rules.

You make sure he calls.

Cassandra, you can't leave us.

Don't be afraid, Roy.

You and the others have
everything you need.

And, besides, I'll be back,
maybe not soon but someday.

How was that?

How was that? That was awesome!

- You sounded great, honey.
- Come on.

- Give me some. Yeah.
- We really appreciate this, Luca.

Kelly has been wanting to be in
the school play all year long.

If she nails it this afternoon
like she did just now,

there's no way she won't get that part.

If I try out.

- I'm not sure yet.
- What are you talking about?

You want to be in the play, don't you?

That means you got to try out.

Yeah, but what if I forget my lines?

Or with my dyslexia, I sometimes
get the words confused.

Whoa, whoa, I'm calling
boloney on that one.

You got these lines down.
You've had 'em for days now.

Luca's right, sweetie.
What's this really about?

I just told you.

Nah, I know what this is.

This is... just plain old fear.

You're just nervous about
putting yourself out there.

Kelly, there are a lot of things in life

that might stop you
from getting what you want,

but you can't let fear be one of them.

What about you? You're letting fear

- get in the way of going back to SWAT.
- Kelly.

- That's not exactly right, no.
- You told me

you're nervous about some
fitness test you need to take.

So what's stopping you?

I'll tell you what.

You go conquer that audition,

and I'll do what I need to
with my fitness test. Deal?


Yo, who are all these
people who have nowhere

to be on a Wednesday morning?

Does nobody work?

Says the guy drinking
his second Bloody Mary.

You know what I mean.

When are we supposed to hear
from this guy, anyway?

I mean, how do we know
he's not screwing us over?

When he finds a buyer, he'll call.

In the meantime, just relax.

When we get our money

and we're out of the country, I'll relax.

Until then, I think I'll worry.

I'm gonna go grab another one of these.

Where you going, Bobby? Thought
we wouldn't come after you?

14-Adam-22. Shots fired,
600 block of Fiji Way.

Requesting backup and airship.

Police! Drop your weapons!

14-Adam-22. We're taking rounds!

Roll SWAT.

As many as three armed
suspects holed up inside.

You're not sure? We saw three enter.

It was a couple minutes before
the first backup arrived,

- and we got it locked down.
- What about civilians?

Lady who runs the place
says everyone got out.

I got eyes on the front room.

Front room looks clear.

Scanning the back room.

I don't see any... Whoa, whoa, hold on.

I got a possible suspect
hiding behind a curtain

on the west wall.

You behind the curtain,
drop your weapon, come out

- with your hands up!
- Drop your gun.

Come out now!

Any idea what went on here?

Witnesses say it
went down with no words.

Our dead guy was down
the boardwalk at a café.

A couple approached. As soon
as they saw each other,

guns came out, they both started firing.

Some sort of pre-standing beef? How bad?

Four civilians shot.

No word yet whether they're
gonna pull through or not.

Come to spend a day at the beach,
end up fighting for your life.

What do we know about our dead guy?

Well, he's not local.
He's from the Bay Area.

He was staying at a hotel nearby.

Word is he wasn't alone at the café.

He was with another guy,
but he ducked out right

- before the shooting started.
- Check this out.

Dead suspect was taking selfies.

Must've been right before

things popped off. This is
the last image on his phone.

All right.

I don't care what Bonnie
and Clyde here were after.

I want 'em found and stopped before

anyone else gets hurt, understood?

Loud and clear.

Hey, I got an ID on your marina shooters.

Turns out there's a bulletin
out for them in the Bay Area.

Beau Walker, Harper Kerris.

Beau jumped bail last night in San Jose

right after he and Harper shot
up the bar where she worked.

Killed the bar owner, wounded a customer.

All for about $180 in the till.

Jumped bail? What was he being held for?

Felony burglary.

He was arraigned two days
ago, awaiting prelim.

Guy makes bail, immediately
goes on a killing spree.

There's more going on here.

Just talked to a detective up
in San Jose and got details

on the burglary
Beau Walker was involved in.

Looks like he
and two accomplices hit the home

of some rich tech guy,
got away with four chess pieces.

Chess pieces?

They're Tenth Century.

Valued at over a million dollars each.

I thought my kids'
checkers set was expensive.

Where are the pieces now?

They disappeared after the burglary

along with Beau's two accomplices.

Can't be a coincidence that our
dead guy's also from the Bay Area.

You got to think that he's
one of the other two burglars.

Beau gets arrested, his two buddies

get away with the goods.

Maybe they decide to cut him out,

split the spoils two ways
instead of three.

So they come to L.A. to
unload the chess pieces.

They obviously don't count
on Beau jumping bail

and showing up to the
boardwalk armed and angry.

Beau Walker's at large,
Bobby Reese is dead.

Still leaves one player
from the original burglary.

RHD is running leads to ID
who he was drinking with.

All right, keep an open line with RHD

so we can move as soon as
they ID his drinking buddy.

Bobby Reese had
a hotel key in his pocket.

- Check that out.
- Hey, Commander,

- you got a second?
- Yeah. What's up?

I decided that I want to finish my PFQ,

get reinstated full duty.

It's just my three-mile run
I still have to do

before I get signed off on.

You sure you're ready?

I'm not trying to sway you,

but you know what'll happen
if you fail the qualification

a second time.

Your SWAT career will
effectively be over.

Yeah, I know.

But I've been putting it off
way too long.

It's time to get my ass back out
in the streets with my team.

It hurts every time I see them

- walk out the door without me.
- All right.

If that's what you want, I'll set it up.

Look, I feel horrible.

I don't know what to do
about the demo order,

but I'll pay the fine.

No, Uncle Sarzo, you shouldn't
have to pay for any of it.

This is all on me.

I love you, too.

Hey, you good? Your, uh, uncle all right?

Yeah, it's the stupid DUI bust.

What, the deputy mayor's kid?

What's that got to do with Sarzo?

The deputy mayor's trying
to get me to back down,

so he had my uncle slapped
with a building violation

on his house for work he didn't even do.

I'm sorry.

You ever think maybe,

you know, you should
just let this one go?

That kid was driving drunk,
and he'll keep driving drunk

until he either kills somebody
or someone stops him.

No, I-I get it. I get it.

But I just mean, what
can you do at this point?

I don't know, I guess,
next time make sure I'm there.

Even if it means I have
to stalk his ass 24/7,

- I don't care.
- Chris, come on.

Y-You know that's crossing the line.

His father crossed the line

when he went after my family.

Street, you and me got orders from Hondo.

Got to roll.

I couldn't help but overhear.

Don't worry, I'm not
doing anything illegal.

No, but what you're planning

is only gonna escalate things
with a very powerful man.

You got a better idea?


Your passion, my political acumen.

What if we combined forces?


This guy was staying here
last night... which room?

Police! We're coming in!


Come here. Have you seen

either of these two
around the hotel today?

Yeah, they were
hanging around this morning.

Early. Tongues down each other's throats.

- You let 'em into this room?
- No.

Why? Did they do this?

They had to have been
looking for the chess pieces.

- When they didn't find them...
- They went to the marina.

You're not the first ones
to ask about them, you know.

- Ask about what, the chess pieces?
- No, that couple.

What are you talking about?

About an hour ago, two guys came in,

showed me a picture of the two,
just like you did.

Asked me if I'd seen 'em.

Wh-What guys? Who were they?

I don't know. They flashed
badges of some sort.

Figured they were cops.

I called around.

San Jose PD doesn't have
anyone down in L.A.,

and I can't find any other
agency hot for Beau and Harper.

So, then who were the two guys
nosing around Bobby Reese's hotel?

I'm afraid that remains a mystery.

Hey, I was digging around
about the burglary.

I found something
that may be interesting.

That's the legit owner of
the chess pieces, Shane Brynx.

He's a big deal tech guy
up in San Francisco.

- I'm guessing there's more.
- Yeah, I did a deeper dive.

Stumbled on some paparazzi fluff shots.

That's our suspect, Harper Kerris.

Boy, she cleans up nice.

She has to be playing him, right?

I mean, she gets close to the tech wiz,

gets access to his apartment
so her boyfriend

and buddies can rip the guy off.

Okay, but we've been playing this like

she's just some naive girl tagging along

with her gangster boyfriend.

But judging by this,
she might be the brains

- behind the whole thing.
- Yep.

All right, RHD just got a hit
from the fingerprints

pulled from the café patio.

They might have an ID
on thief number three.

Guy's name is Richie Gorham.

What's the chance he's still in town?

It looks like he bailed on his Airbnb,

but his rent-a-car was just spotted

outside a warehouse in Canoga Park.

Hiding out?

Why don't we go and ask.

24-David. Car's clear. No sign of Gorham.

Looks like the
suspect made entry here.

Street, hold.

Poor man's alarm system.

Guy's paranoid.

Only makes him more dangerous.

Hold. Hold.


There's a
light on in the southeast corner.

May be a kitchen.

The rest is quiet.

All right, Deacon, Street, hug the wall.

Chris, Tan and I will
get to the middle aisle,

flank the kitchen from the other side.


We got company.

Deacon, Street, stay on Gorham.

Let's go.

Beau, man, I know you're here.

Let's talk, all right?


Hondo, we got eyes on Gorham.

Maintain eyes,
but wait for my signal.

We have to assess the second
threat before you move.

Come on, Beau, talk to me.

Hold. Hold.

Lights. Lights.

We got a third bogey.

Deac, we're in position.

- You still on Gorham?
- Affirmative.

On three, two, one.


LAPD! On the ground right now!

- Drop the gun!
- Drop the gun!

- Get down on the ground now!
- Drop your weapon!

- Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
- Bail enforcement agents.

Drop your guns now!

Hondo, we're Code 4 on Gorham.

- You got Beau and Harper?
- That's a negative. They're not here.

Who the hell are you?

Beau Walker jumped bail. We
have every right to pursue him.

Your rights
ain't gonna stop a bullet.

You're lucky we didn't shoot your asses.

Bounty hunters are
supposed to notify local agencies

when they're working in the area.

- There's no law that says we have to.
- It's not a requirement,

but it is a standard practice,
and for good reason.

Saves lives.

You're right, Commander,
we should've done it.

But we were moving fast,
chasing a hot lead.

And now you know we're here, so...

Obviously, we need some sort

of arrangement going forward
to avoid any more near misses.

If you're asking us to back off,

I'm afraid the answer is no.

This ain't about burglary anymore.

Beau's a wanted murderer.
You guys are in over your heads.

It's time for you to let
law enforcement handle it.

We are law enforcement.

U.S. Supreme Court said so.

- Taylor v. Taintor.
- Taylor v. Taintor?

That... it's 150 years old.
It's from the Old West.

- It's still precedent.
- We train for this every day.

We will bring him in.

You bring him in, we don't get paid.

I'm a single parent.

Husband walked out when I was on
my second tour in Afghanistan,

got two kids looking at college.

50 grand? It's a big deal.

We can't walk away from it.

Now, if we can get
our weapons back, please?

Come on.

Best stay out of our way.

Best stay out of ours.

Yeah, Pop?

Hey, listen, I've been
trying to reach Darryl,

but he ain't returning
my texts or phone calls.

Well, you can guess why, can't you?

Heema and Deon are still there?

Has he reached out to her parents yet?

Well, what do you think?

Hondo, he having such a great time.

Why ruin it?

I mean, courts move so slow these days.

This may be the only chance he gets

to spend with his son for a long while.

Pop, if he doesn't
play this right, it might be

- the only chance he ever gets.
- I'm just saying,

I'm not gonna be the one
to break up this pretty picture.

That's gonna have to be on you, son.

All right, look... just have
him call me as soon as he can.

Everything all right?

It's Darryl.

He's 17, but he's navigating
adult territory now,

going into this custody suit.

So you're stuck
between treating him like a boy

and treating him like a man.

Look, he's got to learn
from his mistakes,

but if he's about to drive off a cliff...

I got to step in.

Yeah, I know.

What are you doing here, Richie?


I don't know what kind of aspirations

you had for yourself,
but it couldn't have involved

sitting in an interrogation room,

fearing for your life
because your best buddy

and his girlfriend want to kill you.

They got Bobby. You know that,

He's dead.

Guess maybe now you're regretting

how you tried to screw 'em over.

Hold on. They're the ones
who tried to screw us over.

I miss something?

You and Bobby took
the stolen chess pieces,

- came to L.A. to cash in.
- Yeah, sounds a lot like

you two were the screwers,
not the screwees.

That's only because they planned
to rip us off first.

That bitch Harper, she lied to us,

told us that the chess pieces
were only worth a hundred grand.

Acted like it was generous,
cutting us in for $25K each.

Only later, when
the whole thing hit the news,

did me and Bobby realize
they were worth millions.

So you flipped the tables on 'em.

Where are the chess pieces now?

I hate to break it to you, Richie,

but you're not in the game anymore.

So either you tell us and we get them,

or Beau and Harper are gonna get them.

Which would you rather? Huh?

They're with a guy.

His name's Arthur.

He got some shop where
he resells rich people stuff.

You know, handles estate sales,
that kind of crap.

He was finding us a buyer.

And where'd you and Bobby
find this guy, Arthur?

We just asked around, you know,
put the word on the street.

- If word's on the street...
- There's nothing to stop

Beau and Harper from finding Arthur, too.

You two looking for
anything in particular?

I'm happy to point you
in the right direction.

Uh, actually, we're looking for Arthur.

Oh, I'm sorry. Arthur's out at an estate

doing an appraisal right now.
It usually takes a few hours.

Yeah, that's not gonna work.
Uh, why don't you tell us

where the estate is,
and we'll go to Arthur.

I'm afraid I can't do that.

- It's really important.
- I understand,

but we have policies about
client confidentiality.

You have policies.

What's your policy on, uh,

getting your whole damn shop destroyed?

- Where's Arthur?!
- Hey!

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Somebody needs to tell me where Arthur is

right now, or someone can die!

Man, I don't know, I swear.

All units. 211 in progress.

Shots fired. 7310 Medeira Boulevard.

7310, that's where we're headed.

It's just around the corner.

Bonnie and Clyde beat us to it.

Hondo, that was them!

Dispatch, 20 and 30-David in pursuit

of blue Dodge Challenger,

license plate 2-Alpha-Bravo-Mike-6-4-3,

heading eastbound
in the 7000 block of Medeira.

Gun, passenger side.

I see it.

What the hell are they doing?

It's the bounty hunters.

Are you kidding me?

30-David to Dispatch,
we're discontinuing pursuit

for a solo MVA, possible injuries.

Roll an R/A to the Regency block, 2200.

- You good?
- I'm fine.

- Help's coming.
- Hey.

Hey, hey, hey. Don't move.

- Help's coming.
- Hey, come on. Wake up, man.

- Wake up.
- Is he okay?

He's alive.

You got to keep pressure on his wound

until the paramedics arrive. Right here.

I'm sorry.

We're on the same side. You know that.

That was our chance to get those
two before anyone else gets hurt.

It's too late for that.

They just left another dead body
at the resale shop.

The house belongs to our
high-end fence Arthur Tenney.

If he still has the chess pieces,

Beau and Harper will come for him.

If they haven't already.

We sure he's here?

He was doing an appraisal in
Beverly Hills and then disappeared.

He's not answering his phone.

All right, let's do a welfare check.

Deacon, Chris, take the three side.

Street, Tan,
we're going through the front.

Digital dead bolt.
You bring your master key?

Never leave home without it.

Arthur Tenney! LAPD!

Are you here?

Tan. Go.

Arthur Tenney!

Coffee's fresh. Someone's close by.

Give me two.

Two, two, two. Right side clear.

Give me two.

No sign of Arthur or the chess pieces.


Something ain't right.
What are you thinking?

The floor plan and the architecture.

There's a dead space back here.

He's got a panic room.

LAPD! Arthur Tenney!

I need you to open the door and come out!

Come on, now, Mr. Tenney.

If you don't open up, we're
gonna have to blow the door.

All right.

We're rigging the door.


These aren't small explosives!

I hope you can stand far enough back!

Wait! I'll open.

Where's the chess pieces?

This is what it's all about? Ridiculous.

Can't believe these things
are over a thousand years old.

Chess pieces recovered.

Arthur Tenney's in protective custody.

Doesn't mean the city's safe.

Wilshire Division
just responded to a carjacking.

Mother of two shot in the leg
for her Lexus.

Suspects' descriptions
match Beau and Harper.

They don't know we have the pieces,

- so they're not gonna stop.
- We could go public.

We do and they'll just vanish.

We have what they're after right here.

So, how do we lure 'em in?

I may have an idea.

But you're not gonna like it.

- How's your partner?
- He's in surgery

to remove the bullet,
but he's gonna make it.

But you're not here
to check on him, are you?

No. I'm here because I need your help

to get Harper and Beau off the street

before they hurt somebody else.

Thing is,

there's nothing in it for you.

What's your play?

We recovered the chess pieces,

only Beau and Harper don't know that.

So we pretend that you recovered them.

Post photos to Harper's social media,

see if she's willing to make a trade.

"The chess pieces
for your fugitive Beau."

You think she'd really
give up her boyfriend?

I don't know, but I'm
betting that she'll agree to the meet.

Whether it's to hand over Beau
or to ambush you.

And we end up with what, nothing?

No way. I'm out.

Look, I wish that I had
something better to offer.

But these two, they shot your partner.

And I don't know a
better way to stop them

before they hurt or kill somebody else.

I'm not a mercenary, you know?

Being a bounty hunter feeds my
family, but it's more than that.

I see myself as one of the good guys.

So you'll do it?


Obviously there are risks involved.

You forget I was a Marine?

Gemma posted almost an hour ago.

20-David and 40-David teams are ready

as soon as we get a response.

I always hate the calm before the storm.

- Yeah.
- All right. Keep me posted.

Dude, what's that about?

Oh, nothing, man.

You know you got
a crap poker face, right?

What's up?

I've been helping Kelly with her lines

- so she could try out for a play.
- Mm-hmm.

She didn't get the part.

Okay. I mean, she's 12.

- She'll bounce back.
- It's not that, not exactly.

Look, she was having second thoughts

about auditioning,

so I kind of pushed her
into facing her fears.

Only the deal was,
I had to face mine, too.

So I set up the three-mile run.
It's tonight.

That's great. Dude!

You know we've been
dying to have you back.

Yeah, but wh-what if
I strike out like she did?

You won't, man. Hey,

you have already run it on your own

and beat the time.
You've done all the prep.

- You are ready.
- I thought Kelly was ready, too.

Are you really comparing this

to a little kid auditioning
for a school play?

Look, all it would take is for
one little thing to go wrong.

If I twist an ankle?
What if my hip acts up again?

It's not a lock.

Nothing's ever a lock.

I know.

But the day I fail my three-mile run

is my last day on SWAT.

It's not gonna be today.

I'm gonna tell Hicks to hold off.

If you're gonna tell him,
you'd better tell him quick.

Gemma just set a meet.

Suspect One is headed for the meet.

How's this gonna work?


You give up Beau so I can
haul him back to San Jose

for the 50 grand recovery fee.

In return, you get what you want.

There's only one piece in here.

- Where are the others?
- Where's Beau?

He's sitting in our hotel room.

You get me the other pieces,
I'll tell you the room number.

Hell, I'll even give you the key.

Think she's really burning him?

- Not sure.
- Which means he could be close.

Keep your eyes open.


Possible eyes on Suspect Two,

parking lot, northwest corner.

Next to a gray truck.

Positive ID on Suspect Two.

40-Squad, you handle Suspect One.

20-Squad, we got Beau.

Tan, cover me from the back.

Bail enforcement agent.

Keep your hands where I can see 'em.


Forget it, Beau,
you ain't going nowhere.

Put the gun down now.

No way, I'm never going down like this.

Back off, you hear me? Back off
or I'll put a bullet

- in this guy.
- You shoot him, I shoot you.

Sounds like a sweet deal.

I don't have a shot, Hondo.


Come on, now,
Beau. The romance is over.

Whatever you think you feel for her,

it ain't worth dying over.

Stop! Out of the car!

Out of the car now!

- Okay, okay, okay, okay!
- Out!



Stop the car!

This is 20-David.

Code 4. Suspect down.

Hey, I didn't know that
Keith followed me. I swear.

- I believe you.
- I don't suppose I can keep that.

I'm afraid the only reward

on this one is our gratitude.

- Thank you.
- Sure thing.

Officer Alonso, do you have a minute?

I asked the deputy mayor
to come down so we could discuss

some sort of resolution.

You know what? Let's just...
let's go in here, it'll be quieter.

Admittedly, Officer Alonso
may have acted rashly,

confronting you at City Hall.

But she has a genuine concern.

Unless someone intervenes,

your son's gonna kill
himself or someone else.

My son has a problem.

And we're dealing with it.

But you're not dealing with it.

You're just enabling him.

Chris did some checking.

She found three other instances

where your son was arrested for DUI,

and you made the charges all disappear.

You're not helping him.

Wait-wait a minute.

What the hell is this?

I came down here because you told me

Officer Alonso wanted to apologize.

How long do you think
you can keep covering up

for your son's drinking and driving?

For as long as I want.

I'm deputy mayor of this city.

And that comes with certain perks

and privileges.

And if you don't like it,
well, that's just too damn bad.

It's funny.

As a city official who
oversees this department,

you don't know much
about police work, do you?

Everything that happens
in an LAPD interrogation room

is recorded from the moment
that door opens.

So... you've recorded me?

Without my consent?

Who's ignorant now?

Nothing I said is admissible.

No, not in court.

But I have some
very close friends in the press,

and I guarantee that won't be
an issue for them.

You and your son have had
all the second chances

you're gonna get.

You need to make this right.


Hey. What are you doing here?

She wanted to thank you.

Yeah. I baked you some cookies.

Thank me? But I thought
you didn't get the part?

I didn't. It went to this other
girl. She's really good, right?

- You're not upset?
- I'm just glad I did it.

I remembered all my words
and I didn't mess up.

Her teacher said she did great.

Kelly's just not ready
for the lead role yet.

She got a smaller part, though.

What? That's amazing, man. Good for you.

So, what about our deal?
Did you do the fitness test yet?

I was going to, but
it didn't work out for today.

Well, you'll do it soon. I know you will.

I might need your help
with that, actually.

Look, Hondo, I was gonna call earlier.

I-I swear I was,

but I can't stand
the thought of Deon leaving.

- That's my boy. Come on.
- I know.

That's why I made the call.

Dad, this wasn't Darryl's idea.

How could you do this?

Take Deon and disappear like that?

Your mother's been terrified.

Put us through all that to
spend time with this low-life?

Okay, now wait a minute, hold on.

You are not gonna come in my home

and start insulting Darryl.

No, it's all right. It's okay.

Look, I understand why you don't like me.

I didn't like me two years ago,
and that's what you know me for.

But I changed. I'm, I'm working more.

I-I'm doing good in school...
I got a future.

I'm really not interested in your story.

Get Deon out to the car right now.

I'm taking you both home.

Sir, you're upset because
Heema wanted little Deon

to meet his father?

That's what you're angry about?

Getting Heema pregnant at 15

does not make Darryl a father.

He's got no place in Deon's life,

as far as my wife and I are concerned.

Darryl is a good kid now.

He deserves a second chance.

And I'm talking to lawyers;

I'm doing everything I can
to be a father in my son's life.

That's not ever gonna happen.

Well, I'm 17 right now,

and that gives you the power over me,

but when I turn 18, my lawyer said

that's when the law turns in my favor!

I'm gonna be in my son's life!

So, what's the word, Street?

Beers at you and Luca's place tonight?

You're not hurrying
home to your new fiancée?

That's not a good sign.

Bonnie's got to work late,
and I got nowhere to be.

So what about it?

Ah, I don't know. I mean,
I got to ask Luca,

but it looks like he ducked out.

Wow. The deputy mayor.

Deputy mayor's texting you?

No, it's from Lynch.

She says the deputy mayor just resigned.

"Stepping down from office

to deal with an addiction issue
in his family."

Hey. You did it.

Not alone I didn't. You guys had my back.

I had Lynch.

Lynch, she might've helped,
but this was you. You know it.

You didn't back down. You got it done.

It's just lucky she talked me
into doing it her way,

- rather than mine.
- Lucky for that drunk kid?

Bet your ass.

Ah, come on,
where is he, where is he?

What's going on?

Waiting on Luca.
He's out on his three-mile run,

trying to finish his PFQ.

How's it looking?

I don't know. He's cutting it close.

- Mom?
- I know, honey.

Oh, he's not gonna make it.

- There he is.
- Come on, Luca!

- Come on, Luca. Come on, Luca!
- Luca!

Let's go, let's go!

What do we got? What do we got?

Two seconds under!

You made it, baby!

You're back, you're back!

I told you! The band is back together!

There you go, there you go.

- Luca, you did it!
- Attaboy, Luca!

About time we had you back with us!

Luca, hey.

You good?

- I just can't believe it.
- Hey, my guy, my guy.

You're back. You're back.

- I'm back!
- Yeah, you're back!



I told you.

Luca, back in the building.