S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 15 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Deacon's second job places the SWAT team in the middle of a kidnapping case when a prize fighter's wife is abducted. Also, Hondo's young charge, Darryl, becomes frustrated with his lack of ...

Previously onSWAT... Leroy,
I know he's your son,

and I am not his father,

but me and my moms are gonna be

looking after him now. I
shook the manager's hand,

I told him how bad
I really wanted the job.

And he just kept on
bringing up my arrest record.

If you really want to provide
for this baby

that you got coming,
you keep knocking on doors

until somebody takes a chance
on you just like we did.

Hey, son, you seen
my wallet?

It's on the table, Pop.

You take your medicine
this morning?

Is the sky blue? Hmm.

The doctor said
she ain't never seen

nobody respond
to treatment as well.

I am kicking cancer in the ass
and taking names, son.

I guess I shouldn't
be surprised, Pop.

Uh, that's your mom.

She's dropping me off
at my doctor's appointment.

Ah, geez.

Hey. What's going on, D?

Heema's parents.

They ain't never gonna
let me see my son.

They told Heema
that I'm a bad influence

and that she should
just forget about me.

I've been texting and calling
for almost a year.

They don't listen! Okay, you listen to me.

You know I got your
back on all things,

but you got to take a look
at this from their side.

You got their 15-year-old
daughter pregnant,

and then you landed
your little ass in juvie

for being involved
in an armed robbery.

Taking Heema to San Diego
to start over is them

just trying to protect
her and the baby.

Protect them from me?

But I-I'm not that type
of kid anymore.

But... I'm back in school.
I got a job.

I cleaned up my life.

Okay, and I get that.

I get it.
But her parents don't.

You got to find some
way to show them.

Look, I know you and your pops
get into it sometimes.

I just don't want me and Deon

to have that lifelong beef
like that.

No offense.

Listen, me and my pop still deal
with a lot of stuff, Darryl.

I don't want Deon
growing up thinking

that I don't want
to be a part of his life.

Can Heema's parents really
keep me from seeing my own son?

D, you're a minor with a record.

Look, I know a lawyer,
she works in family court.

Maybe she can
let us know the score.

All right?

Lee and Alfaro,

you'll take the green room.

Zach, you are concourse B.

I'll be floating,
keeping an eye on each section.

Guys, we're not here
to watch a fight.

There will be pop stars,
congressmen, other celebs.

It'll be a rowdy crowd.

We oversee every security
layer, from guests

with personal protection details
down to event safety guards.

Everyone clear
on their assignments?

All right, good. Finish your
walk-throughs and then meet Buck

at the ticket office for
your Fight Night credentials.

Thank you, gentlemen.

I told you my guy was thorough.

You can stop
selling me on him, Buck.

Having Deac in the room
helped us land the gig.

Gonna put us
on the map.

Let's not uncork the champagne
until we've got everybody

out here safe, okay? BUCK:
Okay, fine.

But bottoms up
after Torres wins.

Speak of the devil.

Hey, champ. This is
my business partner David Kay.

He's managing our security team.

Meet Gio Torres,

reigning welterweight champion
of the world,

his wife Esther.

Excuse me.
I have to take this.

It's very nice
to meet you.

And please, call me Deacon.

¿Diácono? Like padre, priest?

No, no, it's just a nickname.
No, I'm married, with four kids.

It's your first?


You know, this place is so...


We had nothing like it
in Havana.

One day we will.

Sí. Well, best of luck tonight.

And congratulations.

Gracias, Padre.

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Had to hit the bank
while I had the time off.

You look nice.
Interviewing for new job?

Eh, come on, Mom,
please don't start with that.

You know I love SWAT.

Start with what?

Uh, criticizing me,
my life, my job.

Kind of your biggest hobby
since Dad died.

I don't criticize,
I give advice.

So, what brings you here?

You said it was important.Yeah.

Do you remember the girl
that I told you about?

The same girl you've been seeing
the past couple months?

Yeah, Bonnie.

We've actually been together
for longer than that.

We moved in together,

and I think I'm ready

for the gold bracelets
that Grandpa left me.

My father set aside
those bracelets

for you boys to give
to your brides.

I know. I'm gonna ask
Bonnie to marry me.

If this relationship
is-is so serious,

why haven't I met Bonnie?

I-I wanted you to, Ma, but,
you know, with work and all,

there was never a good time.

I'm your mother.

It's very hurtful.

When Jacob got engaged,
he did things properly.

Well, maybe I put it off 'cause
I didn't want you comparing me

to Jacob in front of Bonnie.

Telling the woman I love
that I'm the disappointment,

while he's the perfect one.

What are you talking about?

Can I get the bracelets or not?

Those bracelets are not
for some woman I've never met.

Come forward.

Go ahead, all clear.


Thanks for filling in

You really helped us
out of a jam.

No need to thank me. That's what
the money's for, right?

Aren't these fights

usually in Vegas? Yeah.

But Maxwell wanted to fight
in his own hometown.

Why does the former champion
get to call the shots?

That's why.

Jackie Shaw?

Biggest promoter out there.

Jackie Shaw will
never let you down.

He convinced Maxwell
to unretire.

One last fight
on his own home turf.

More like one last
payday for Shaw. Yeah.

All right,
I'm gonna make the rounds.


Oi, Padre.

You have four kids, right?

One for each.: Ah.
That's the last thing

you should be thinking about,
but thank you. That's very kind.

Where's the rest
of the delegation?

Hotel. I said
I needed time alone.

But now I need distraction.

People say
I'm gonna beat Maxwell,

but he was a champion, too.
A great one.

And once we are in the ring,
anything can happen.

But I must win. I get it.

You got a whole country
pulling for you.

You don't want to
let anybody down. No.

I have no choice but to win.

For my people, yes.

But for my family.

Oi, can I sign for your team?

¿Sí? Yeah.

Yeah, I'm sure they'd appreciate

an autograph from
the world champ.

Yeah. We will see what I am
after tonight, Padre.

We'll see.

A-Another person is with me.

U-Uh, go back, please.


Don't do that.


My nephews are gonna go nuts.
Thank you.

De nada.

Esther. ¿No está aquí?

What's wrong?

His wife disappeared
from the hotel.

His trainer's
out looking for her.

Hey, not now.
You can get a selfie later.

Hey, Torres, I'm supposed
to deliver this to you.

Let me see that.


Stand right here. Don't move.

There's a voice mail.

We have your wife.

Lose this fight or she dies.

No cops.

With us today, daughter
of Muhammad Ali

and four-time world champion
in her own right, Laila Ali.

Two years ago,
Maxwell's retirement

shocked the boxing world.

Tonight, he aims for a comeback.

What should we be looking for
in the ring?

Sit back

and get ready
to watch Torres work

the fastest pair of hands
in the sport.

This kid...

All right, thanks. Talk soon.

Press hasn't gotten
a whiff of anything.

How's Torres holding up?

Deac and Chris are with him
right now

trying to keep him from

The kidnappers, how much
are they asking for?

They don't want his money.

They want him to throw
the fight.

Hey, Deac had me drive
by Torres's hotel.

Security cams out front
were tampered with.

We got nothing.

No one sees a woman
seven months pregnant

snatched in broad daylight?

This operation
was well-planned.

They used an online delivery
service and burner phone,

all untraceable.

And their demands
are clear: No cops.

They can't find out
that we're onto them.

Who knows so far? Just
the Cuban delegation.

They've agreed to keep it
on the down low.

Other than that,
Deac only told us.

Well, the fight's already
a national story.

The news leaks out
about this kidnapping,

these punks could panic
and execute this woman.

Yeah, the circle can't get
any bigger than it is.

I'll keep a small group
at the FBI in the loop,

but 20-David will have
to handle this.

We need to find Esther
before the bell.


Once you get the feds on
the line, see if they can flag

any big-money wagers on Maxwell

placed on gambling websites,
casino sports books...

I'm on it.

Maxwell grew up in South L.A.

There's a lots of locals
who want to see Torres lose.

We need ears on the street.

It's risky.

We don't want to tip off
whoever's holding this woman.

we're short on options

and even shorter on time.

Whoever's forcing Torres
to take a dive

is putting a whole lot
of stock on Maxwell.

So maybe we start with
his fan base, work our way out.

All right.
Get it done.

What's good, Red?

Hey, man, you know.
Another day, another taco.

Mm. Good to see you, man. Yes, sir.

Hey, you went to Fremont High
around the same time

as Marlon Maxwell, right?

Man, you guys are scraping
the bottom of the barrel

for hookups on tickets, fellas.

I mean, I barely
knew Max.

He showed up to class even less
than me, and I never showed up.

We ain't looking
for tickets, man.

Folks around here are
pulling for him to win.

Now, we want to know if you know
anyone who's pulling

a little too hard,
you know what I'm saying?

Talking crazy about
needing him to win?

Why? He got some stalkers
or something?

No, it's nothing like that.

Then why you asking?

Someone out there took something

they shouldn't have.

So what'd they steal?

I can't tell you that.

Who's it belong to?

Can't tell you that, either.

What's his name?

I can't tell you that.

Look, we think someone
bet heavy on Maxwell

and we want to know who.

Now, rumor on the street
is he used to run

with a rough crowd back
in the day.

Rough crowd, man? His
boys were straight-up killers.

Still are.

You know any of their names?

Like I said.

Wasn't my set. HONDO: Red,
do you think

you can find out
who in Maxwell's old crew

kept up with him?

I ain't got nothing
to offer you except an IOU,

but you know I'm
good for it. True that.

Hit me back if you get anything.Sure.

Is there something I should know
about this fight?

Should I call my bookie?

With your luck, you'll still
pick the wrong guy.

Just get me some names.

You seem to be moving
a lot better, Luca.

Rehab doing the trick?

I'm hanging in there.

Past few months
haven't been easy on you, man.

I mean, some
days are good,

others, my mind and body
have different agendas,

but look, whatever I can
do to help the team;

If that means from HQ,
so be it, I'm in.

we appreciate it.

Can't wait to get you back out
in the field, though. Thanks, boss.

I'm trying, man.

I'm sorry, I really wish
I had better news.

Hondo, I was just leaving.

My deposition got moved up. HONDO: Okay,
no worries.

Thank you for coming.Anytime.

Good luck, Darryl.

Yo, I'm never gonna
see Deon, man.

I might as well not even try.

calm down, D.

Look, you can't have
that kind of attitude

before you even start
to fight.

Pop, what happened?
What'd she say?

Without his name on
the birth certificate,

no declaration of paternity,

he's got no real legal rights
in the State of California.

Even with the DNA proof
that I'm the father?

I might not get
my visitation rights

because of my
criminal record.

That's gonna be left up
to a judge in family court

if they hold it
against him or not.

And I got to take a
legal paternity test.

I checked. All this
costs, like, $300.

And I got to
get a lawyer.

- Where am I gonna get that type of money, huh?
- Darryl, Darryl,

listen to me.
You can save $300.

Plenty of lawyers
take payment plans.

The question isn't how
you're gonna pay for it.

It's how much
do you really want it?

Uh, look, I'm sorry,
I got to take this call.

I'll meet y'all
at home later.

All right.

Hey, Red. Tell me you got
the names of Maxwell's old crew.

Yeah, Ruben Parker,
Andre Jones and Eddie Meeks.

Maxwell's looked after them
over the years.

Got them jobs at Jackie Shaw's
training facility.

The boxing gym on Adams?

Yeah, the Mat.
But get this.

My bookie said that Andre
put 200K up on Maxwell.

Thinks Maxwell's
fronting the cash himself.

What can I do to help?

Your weigh-in's about to
start. If you don't show up,

people will know
something's wrong.

It might alert
the kidnappers.

I know this is hard.

But you have to go out there
and pretend

that everything is normal.

Tonight, we determine
the baddest

welterweight on Earth.

shake hands.

You in my house now.

You want to fight,

you fight me.

Not my family.
Not my wife.

I'll fight whoever
I damn well please.

And I'll tell you what...
after I knock your ass out,

that wife of yours, she gonna
be crashing at my place.

Hey, hey,
save it for the ring!

Save it
for the fight!

What did I tell you, guys?
It's gonna be amazing!

Keep eyes on Torres.

I'm gonna see where
that guy's headed.

Maxwell's buddies
don't say much.

Guess he's the mouth
of the group.

You'd think there'd be some
mention of Esther by now.

You okay?

Seem, uh, on edge.
And that's usually my job.

Kind of got into it with my mom
this morning.

Over Bonnie.

Your mom doesn't like Bonnie?

Uh, she's never met her.

They never met?

What are you waiting for?

Nothing. It's just...

well, my mom's always favored
my brother Jacob.

College, career,
even his wife.

I don't want Bonnie
exposed to that criticism.

So now your mom
feels disrespected,

and she's angry at
you andBonnie.

Well done.

Hey, I love my mom.

And I get why she's offended.

But she kind of forced
this decision on me.

I'm not sure I'm qualified
to give this advice,

considering I sent
my own mom to prison,

but my take...

you want your mom and Bonnie
to have a relationship,

you got to separate
your own baggage.

Good or bad, just
let themsort it out.

We got any sign
of Esther yet?

How about
Maxwell's buddies? Nothing yet.

Hey, hold up,
I got chatter.

Can't make out
what they're saying.

Someone in there's
speaking Spanish.

It's got to be coming from
that SUV that just pulled up.

Go. Move. Move.

the hell out of here!

You dead!

Hands! Drop the weapon!

Drop it!
Drop the weapon!

On the ground! On the ground!

Give me your hands! Now!

I said drop it!

On your knees,
hands behind your head!

Stay still! STREET: 26-David,

I got two suspects
and three others

detained in the gym on Adams.

Who are you?

You're a Cuban national.
Evelio Gomez.

Are you Torres's trainer?

Do something.
Find my sister!

Esther is your sister? Sí.

We're just trying
to get her back.

Yeah, Deac, talk to me.
What's going on?

There was a suspicious guy
hanging around the weigh-in.

White, six foot, 25 to 30.

It's probably nothing,
but I want to check it out.

He walked into an old factory

six blocks from the arena.


You got an address?

Twelfth and Maple.
Northwest alley.

Deacon's at
Twelfth and Maple,

- northwest alley. Call for backup.
- I'll keep you posted.

Esther? You okay?

I'm here to help.

You okay?

Ay, thank you.

Hey, Hondo.
I found Esther.

She's tied up, but she's okay. Roger that.

We're coming, man. MAN: Stand up.

Deacon. What's going on?
Someone there with you?

I probably shouldn't
be here, huh?

I followed him
from the weigh-in.

I was in the room

when Torres heard the message,

and-and he begged me
not to do anything, but I-I,

I thought if I found
his wife, you know,

maybe he'd give me a reward
or something.


the name is Schupatz.

I'm just a security guard.

I don't want any trouble.

Turn around.

I don't want
to cause any problems.

I got his badge.

This is the place, all right.

Deacon ditched anything
that ID'd him as a cop

before they could search him.

They'll keep Esther alive
for leverage

until after the fight,
but Deacon?

His phone.
Looks like it got stomped.

This is bad. Listen up.

First off, they don't know
Deacon's a cop.

Second, he doesn't
need our concern.

He needs our A game.

Deacon and Esther got taken
to another location.

Yeah, they are in trouble,
but they are still breathing.

You are okay?


Are you?

They made me take medicine.
Knocked me out.

You feel okay?

I'm okay. I...

Do you know the
men who took us?

No, but help is on the way.

There are people
looking for you.

They'll come
for me, too.

I'm a police officer.

All right, we got to get
out of here.

They need you alive
as leverage

until your husband
loses the fight.

But they'll get rid of me
soon enough.

Unless we get out of here first.

What can I do?

Best thing you can do?
Try to stay calm.

I'm gonna get us out of here.

How big of a crew
we dealing with here?

I couldn't make out
what they were saying,

but I know I heard two
distinct voices confront Deacon

before it cut off. Deacon
mention anything else

about this guy that
he was tracking from the arena?

Just that he was white,
six foot, about 25 or 30.

Well, that narrows it down
to half of Venice Beach.

Okay, but here's
what's weird:

He gave them a
fake name. Schupatz.

Does that
mean anything to you?

There's a
Mike Schupatz.

Small-time smuggler. He was
one of my first arrests.

He cut a deal for
a reduced sentence,

worked as a CI
after he was released.

That's how Deacon
knew who he was,

but I'm just trying to figure
out why that was

the first name
that popped into his head.

Could Schupatz be
involved in this?

I don't see how.
He's been back in prison

for the last year.

Hey, I sent Street to the arena
to link up with Chris.

I told him to say that Deac's
handling a family emergency,

that he was called
in to cover.

It's only a
matter of time

before Owen and Buck
notice he's gone.

We can't let them
raise any flags, man.

Tan get it done? Yeah, he's on
his way back.

We had him scoop up Maxwell's
biggest fan... Jackie Shaw.

Come on, Jackie,
there's hundreds of millions

in bets riding
on this.

You haven't put any
cash money on your guy?

Not one red cent.

Okay, what about Maxwell's
One-Niner pals?

They place any bets
on your behalf?

So that's what
this is about?

A brother works his ass
off to make it big,

gives a few of his
childhood friends a leg up,

and now he gets attacked
with baseless allegations?

What is the world
coming to?

Can't we allow folks
the chance to start fresh?

Okay, come on, man.
Jump off your soap box.

Them boys ain't reformed.

They're on your payroll,
betting big on Maxwell.

I ain't my brother's keeper.

Now, have I taken liberties
over the years,

to move some money around,
to keep my fighters happy?

We all do that.

But talent is my brand.

And Maxwell ain't
my only star.

I got a dozen fighters
just like him in the stable.

One goes, the next
one slides into place.

Just like a Pez dispenser.

I don't play odds,
gentlemen. I print money.

Well, it seems to me
you prefer the sure thing.

So is that why
you got your people

trying to throw this fight?

Are you kidding me?

Now Jackie Shaw might not be
your flavor of ice cream,

but he doesn't throw fights.

Why would I get myself
banned from the sport?

That's the one thing
you can't come back from.

I got four houses, a yacht,
and maybe 20 years in me.

You think I'm giving
all that up?

Well, somebody out there
is working harder than you

to make sure that
Maxwell wins this fight.

Maybe so.

I may not partake,

but I did hear a few
seven-figure bets

come across the
international wire today.

Now, these ain't the gamblers
you find in a casino.

I think it's because
my guy's gonna win.

But maybe somebody knows
something I don't.

I think you guys should be
looking over there.

The medicine they made me drink,

do you think it will hurt him?

You know it's a boy?

Nah. He'll be fine.

This far along,
they're pretty resilient.

You must be what,
seven months now?

Eight and a half.

Surprised they let you travel.

We lied on my visa.


We want our son
to be born in America.

Cuban government can't be
too happy about that.

Havana's golden boy
planting roots in the States.

If our baby is born in Cuba,

they have us for 18 years.

Tonight was our chance.

I was going to take a train
to San Francisco

during the fight.

We found a lawyer there.

Tomorrow, my husband...

will sneak away and meet us.


we can stay in America...
as a family.

I am not scared of risk.

It's why Gio fell in love
with me.

Our baby can't die in here.


It's just water.

It's okay.

I think we just found
their soft spot.

Hour till the bell.
No Deacon or Esther.

Tell me we're closer.

We're checking all bets
north of a million.

A few were placed on Maxwell
from foreign accounts.

Did you figure out
who's in town

from this black market
jet set?

Every new arrival
is credibly linked

to an illegal wager.

Lars Van Dyke,
suspected backer

of a Belgian
human trafficking ring.

The squad he flew in with
on his G5.

Taj Diaz, MDMA king of Ibiza.

Interpol's looking into
a series of nightclub fires

after he lost a $6 million
bet at the World Cup.

We've got all the names
on his flight manifest.

Vlad Barkov, owner of a dying
Moscow casino franchise.

Lost millions after getting
on the wrong side

of the Federal Assembly.

Wait, hold up, hold up.

Tan, zoom in on this guy.

You see that birthmark
on his forehead?

The name that Deacon gave
the kidnappers

when he knew I was listening. Schupatz?

There's what Schupatz
looks like.

It's the first thing
you notice on both of them.

Deacon said Schupatz,
hoping it'd help you

ID his captor as a guy
with a birthmark.

It's gotta be. Do we know where
this crew is staying?

Hotels, friends in town,

Barkov and company didn't fly
halfway around the world

to watch the fight
from his hotel.

There's a good chance
they're in the arena.

When I close my eyes, all I see
is what they're doing to her.

You know, I should have
kept her by my side.

If anything happens...

Don't do that.

This isn't your fault.
Think of your wife.

Think about how good it
would be to have her back.

You want to help Esther? Sí.

Then stay focused.

Do your job, and we'll do ours.

Okay. Okay.

I saw the guy
behind this, Barkov.

Where is he sitting? Luxury box.

VIP section. He's got half
a dozen bodyguards around him.

He keeps making phone calls.

Checking in with the kidnappers.

We gotta find out where Deacon
and Esther are being held

without Barkov knowing.

Where's Hondo now? He's on his way.

He said he's got a plan.

Hey, she's going into labor.
Somebody help her!

She's losing circulation.
All right? She needs help.

Por favor, call doctor.

Look, I'm a trained medic.
All right? Let me out of here.

Let me deliver her baby.

Unlock him.

Do it. Help her.

Her husband's gonna
lose the fight.

He's gonna do whatever you want,
but she needs a doctor.

Let her go.

You're gonna
need this to get in.


Now, remember, this device
needs to be within

three feet of Barkov's phone
to upload its contents.

I know, for anywhere
between two to ten minutes.

And if his phone moves away
mid-transfer, it won't clone.

You're gonna have to abort. Got it.

Chris, listen to me.

Barkov's bodyguards
are well-trained.

If they suspect
you're up to anything,

they're gonna move fast.

Now, Street's gonna be in
position right outside the box.

I'm good.
All right.

Eyes on Barkov.
Far end of the bar.

Okay, standing by.

Phone's in his front
right pocket.

Three feet, no farther.

Excuse me.

Can I pleas have a
gin and tonic? Yeah.

It's a go.

Roger that.
Upload is underway.

Call me when this is finished.

How we doing, Chris?

Should I make a move?

Chris, should I tango?

I'm gonna buy you more time.

Sir, sir...
Hey, man.

Hey, hey, get off me, man, get
off me. All right, relax.

Come on, my buddies
are in there, bro.

All right, all right,
okay. I'm leaving. Okay.

I'm leaving, all right?

It's done. Move.

Hey, unhand me.
Don't touch me, man.

You touch me,
I touch you, like that.

Relax. Fine, fine, fine.

I'm leaving. You win.

You win.
Place is dead anyway.

Whatever's on his
phone, we got.

Ladies and gentlemen,

and boxing fans
around the world...

How much time
do you think we have?

I don't know.

What are we going to do?


They're escorting Torres
into the ring as we speak.

How we looking, Commander?
Barkov's been dialing one number all day.

I'm guessing he's the kidnapper.

Whoever he's been calling
is using a Skype number.

Can't ping the GPS 'cause
there's no phone to track.

Okay, but the Internet would
still leave a trail.

Luca, call up any router
in the city

that logged that Skype number.

Okay, grays are inactive,
reds have connectivity,

active bandwidth.

Can we ID those three locations?

The one on
Commerce is a sports bar.

The one on Jackson is
a public library.

And the one on Walnut?

East Town Theater.

That's been closed
for years.

The place is huge.

It'd be a good hideout. All right,
listen up.

I need one of you to hang back.

When there's news to deliver,

I want someone here with Torres.

I'll do it. All right, let's move.

With a record of 68-2,

the Crenshaw Cobra,

the Mouth of South Central,

I.A.'s own...

Marlon Maxwell!

Undefeated at 31-0,

the Man from Havana,

the Caribbean King,




All right. Come here.

Can you move?

I can do it. Okay, come on.

Nico! You can make it out of here. Go.

No, listen.
Go in there.

I'm gonna lock you in here.
You'll be safe.

Trust me, they're gonna
think you escaped.

You just stay
as quiet as possible.

This is 20-David.
Moving onto the premises.

Structure's got three levels.
We got the theater

and balcony
above street level,

- storage and boiler room below.
- Roger that.

Quiet on entry and move quick.
Let's go get 'em.

Torres is losing badly.

No one predicted this, and
whoever says they did is lying.

Maxwell is on fire.

Torres just doesn't
look like himself.

This is 20-David.
One suspect down.

Theater, basement level. ESTHER: Help!

Esther, are you in there?

Help me, please.
I'm alone.

Esther, it's okay. I'm a cop.
I'm a cop. You're safe.

I'm in labor.

Put your arm around
me. I got you.

Let's get you
out of here.

Get her to the medic.
She's in labor.


There he is.

Esther, she's still hiding.

No, she's outside
with the EMTs.

Looks like she just
went into labor.

We got all
of Barkov's crew.

Man, it is good
to see you, Schupatz.

It's good to see you, too.

All of you.


Torres! Two...

Hey. We got her.

Esther's safe.

She's safe.




He's getting up!



¿Está bien?

Vámonos guantes.

Torres is turning the tide.

He's seizing control.

in trouble now.

You know,
here's the fighter

that I expected to see.
Torres taking Maxwell apart.


Three... Four... Five...

Called a few shots today.
Good job.

Thank you, sir.

You know, the more good people
we have here at command,

the better.

Now, if you've taken a shine
to helping oversee things,

I could make
some arrangements.

That would be a different
career track.

To be honest, I don't see myself
in this role much longer.

I mention there'd be
a bump in rank? Salary, too.

I mean, that'd be nice.

I just need to be with my team.

You're still gonna try
to pass the PFQ?

No, I'm not gonna try,
I'm gonna do it.

Sorry, Ma, got held up at work.

Dinner's almost ready.

Mom, this is Bonnie.
Bonnie, this is my mom, Fei.

I'm so happy to finally
meet you, Fei.

You have a lovely home.

It's very inviting.

It's nice to finally
meet you, too.

I brought you these.
I hope you don't mind.

Thank you.
We'll have them for dessert.


I also brought an offering
for the altar.

Victor told me once

these mints were
his dad's favorite.

You're very kind
to honor our traditions.

I'm not sure
how to thank you.



We name him Jorge.


Welcome to the world,
little man.

So I know this
isn't a great time,

but the Cuban delegation
is camped out down the hall.

This might be our
only chance to talk.

They chartered a flight
to Havana for the both of you,

leaving first thing
Monday morning.

So I contacted

your immigration lawyer
in San Francisco,

and he said he'll be here
Sunday night.

Oh, my God.

Thank you so much.

And he was so sweet.
He brought me cold medicine

and chicken noodle soup
at 2:00 in the morning.

After working a full
shift at SWAT.

That's when I knew
he was the one.

Victor has always been
so considerate.

Now, excuse me

while I get dessert.

Amazing. I... I've been worrying
about this problem for months,

and I had the solution in front
of me the whole time. You.

You were the solution.

You won my mom over
by just being you.

Victor, thank you.
That's so sweet.

I'm gonna find the bathroom.
I'll be back.

first door on your left. Okay.

She's nice, respectful,
has good manners.

She's an
amazing woman.

Uh, Mom, I owe you an apology.

You had every right to be angry.

I should've introduced you
to Bonnie a lot sooner.

I owe you an apology, too.

I know it seems like
I favor your brother,

and that's because often I have.

I love both of you.

You're each special
in your own way.

Jacob reminds me of your father.

So quiet,

so studious.

Maybe I was harder on you
because you're like me.


strong, the rebel of the family.

I would like
to get to know Bonnie.

And after tonight,

I know your grandfather
would want Bonnie to have these.


They're-they're beautiful.

Thanks, Mom.

Hey, what're
you doing?

Uh, I was just looking
at some pictures of Deon.

Oh, okay.
I was thinking

maybe life is supposed
to be like this,

you know?

My dad was in jail
most of my life,

and his dad wasn't there
for most of his, either.

That's a tragic legacy...

but it's a legacy that you,
as a black man in 2020,

have the responsibility,
more than most, to break.

I don't know
if it's my place to say this,

but, hell, I'm gonna
say it anyway.

When I became a father, I made a
lot of mistakes, just like you.

I found myself

facing a lot of challenges
because of those mistakes.

I gave up,

got tired of the fight.

But giving up on my kids,
even temporarily,

that was the biggest mistake.

Deon's just a baby. He's not
gonna remember none of this.

You're not fighting to be
the father of the baby,

you're fighting to be the father
for the rest of his life.

And, D,
I can tell you,

if you don't fight now,

you'll lose the best thing
that ever happened to you.

Oh, I'm, uh, I'm sorry,
I-I guess I should...

No, no.

Stay. Please.

Look, truth is, I do want to be
a father to Deon...

but I don't have the money
for a lawyer,

and I'm scared I'm-a make
the wrong decisions.

Being there for him
makes up for a lot of mistakes.

And if you
need help,

you got two generations
of Harrelson men

right here
who have your back.

That's right.

Just don't ask me
to change no diapers.

Hey, kid,
go get your notebook.

We can make a list
of the things

that we might need
to apply for visitations.


I appreciate you for letting me
back in your life.

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