S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Street is caught between his duty to S.W.A.T. and his foster brother. Also, S.W.A.T. goes after a ruthless gang that employees deadly force against casinos.

Previously on SWAT...

17-year-old Raymont Harris

was accidentally shot
by team leader Buck Spivey.

Now, this morning
I terminated Sergeant Spivey.

Have you heard from him lately?

I think he might be having
some type of financial trouble.

Nate Warren. Street's brother.

I'm in some trouble, man.

Last week after I closed the
bar, two guys bust in.

My boss Nolan, he's into
some shady business.

He says I must have been in on the job.

- Were you in on it?
- What?

- No!
- Well, then what do you want me to do?

Maybe you should talk to him.

Where you headed?
It's your brother, isn't it?

Why is it your job to save your
family every time they screw up?

I said, leave it.

You brought a cop?

You let Nate walk away from all this,

and I don't tell my friends in Narcotics

about your little side business here.

Nobody move!

Get your hands up! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

You set me up again?

- No, I didn't!
- We just came in for a drink.

I will shoot you in the face real...


Go. I'm gonna take care of this.

Go, go! All of you, go!


That's it.

Chris, that's time. You're good.


Hey, Deac.

Any word from Street yet?

- He's not returning my calls.
- No. And I just talked

to Luca... he hasn't heard
anything, either.

He asked me to keep him up to speed

while he's rehabbing up in San Francisco.

It's been three days.
How worried do you think we should be?

I don't know.
Apparently, he left a message for Hicks

saying he's just not coming in.

So at least we know he's okay.

- Physically, yeah.
- I knew something was awry

when I heard his brother was in trouble.

Look, we all know that Street's
got a soft spot for family,

so we just got to trust him.

Whatever he's going through,
he's gonna work it out.


Look at that. Buck Spivey.

Wait a minute. Look at you
all suited and booted.

What, you got a calendar coming out?

You know, the photo shoot
for that is next week.

Ah. I knew I shouldn't have
dressed up for you smart-asses.

You look like you're doing really good.
Yeah, thanks. I, uh,

I finally figured out
that there's life after SWAT.

I hope you two schmucks haven't forgotten

all the lessons I taught you.

There he is, the Buck we know and love.

Well, listen, you haven't, uh,

you haven't heard from Street, have you?

No. Don't tell me our boy's backsliding.

No, the kid's just gone AWOL
for a few days.

I'm sorry to hear that.
I'll, uh, I'll give him a call.

But in the meantime,
Deac, you got a minute?

I want to... I want to bend
your ear about something.

Okay, there's my cue.

I know when I'm not wanted.

Buck, it's good to see you, man.

Good to see you.

Come on.

I got a business proposal
that I want to tell you about.

If you're looking for investors, Buck,

- I'm the last guy to talk to.
- No, no.

We, uh, we got investors,
we got plenty of them.

What, uh, what we need is you.

So, I'm, um, I'm hooked up
with a guy named Owen Bennett.

He's an ex-Army Ranger,
solid as they come.

And, uh, we're looking to launch

a private security firm.

You know, real high-end.
And like I said, the investors,

they're-they're already in place.

But what would really put things
over the top

would be to have you on board.

Active SWAT sergeant.
Police Star recipient.

Buck, I don't think I'm ready
to give up SWAT just yet.

Who said anything about giving up SWAT?

I'm talking about a side gig.

You know, hardly more than consulting.

Fully within regs.

When you sit down with Owen,

he'll explain the whole thing to you.

Look, I don't want to
waste the guy's time.

I... I'm picking up plenty of overtime...

Deac, listen, I need you
to hear me out on this,

because it's, uh...

it's not just about money.

You were my number two
for how many years?

Now you're Hondo's number two.

Right? I mean, this is
a real leadership opportunity.

This is something that SWAT
hasn't given you.

I'm not here to sell you.
I'll-I'll let Owen do that.

But just sit down with him and talk.

That's... that's all I ask.



This is gonna be great...

for both of us.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Nobody move!
Stay the hell right where you are!

Open the cage! Now!

You want me to kill him? Open it!

- Okay, okay, okay!
- Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Get out! Get out!

Come on! Move!

Hurry up!

Get out of there! Move!

Hurry up! Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Load it up, load it up, load it up!

We got company! Let's move! Move!

Move, move, move!
Come on, come on, come on!

Robbery happening in Card Room One.

Hey! Hey!

You under the table,
you stay right there, you hear me?

You stay right there. You don't move.

You move, you die.

Yo. We can't wait.
We gotta go, we gotta go.

Five-man crew just hit

the Mandeville Card Casino.

At least two dead. One of the gunmen

- still holed up inside.
- What about the other four?

- They got away.
- And left their boy behind?

- That's cold.
- That's what separates them from us.

The remaining guy's
locked in a cash cage,

and he's got the drop
on multiple hostages.

That's gonna make him a tough get.

The cash cage at that place is wrapped

in thick Lucite...
It's bulletproof for sure.

Sound like an expert on the Mandeville
Casino. What are you, a regular?

Hardly. But weekends draw
the college kids

and bachelor parties,
and they're better at drinking

than playing poker...
Helps my odds a little.

- We're about 30 seconds away.
- All right, listen up,

with Luca injured and now Street AWOL,

we're out of our normal rhythm.

That's when things can get
sloppy and people get hurt.

Let's get our heads on straight
and stay liquid.

Deacon, hunt down the head of security

or whoever's in charge,
see what intel you can get. Go.

Chris, Tan, Becker, you're with me.

Let's get a look at what
we're dealing with.

This is LAPD! Everybody stay down

- and keep calm!
- Back the hell up!

You hear me? Hey, back the hell up!

Anybody comes anywhere near this
cage, I start wasting people!

Listen to me, man.
We just want to talk to you.

We want to resolve this without
anyone else getting hurt.

- Think we can do that?
- That really depends on you, doesn't it?

Hondo, Tan was right.

Glass is bulletproof.
Rear wall is steel-reinforced.

Thing's a fortress.

He's got eyes on every approach.

Whatever we go at him with,
he's gonna see it coming.

Which means he'll have time

to take those hostages down with him.

We got to get creative.

Tan, we still got those
hopper guns, right?

- Yup.
- We got any paint rounds

left over from that training
exercise we did with LASD?

- Yeah, we got a ton of 'em.
- All right, go.

Go get 'em. I got you covered. Move.

Yo, man, it don't make no sense

us yelling back and forth like this!

We're gonna get you a phone, all right?

Nobody's coming near you!

We're gonna let the robot drop
off the phone so we can talk!

All right, that's as far
as the robot can reach.

You're gonna have to grab the phone.

Tan, now.

Go, go, go,

go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Going with the pepper spray.

This is done, man!

You hear me? It's over!

Let's go! Come out slowly!

Throw your gun out first!

Don't be stupid!

Move in, Tan.

Move in.

We're closed.

You better step back off me.

You got a heck of a sack
coming back in here.

Both of you.

Yeah, I figured we had
unfinished business.

Yeah, the 50 grand in heroin
Nate's on the hook for.

No. The way I see it,

Nate's debt is paid.

Consider it the cost

of me cleaning up your mess.

My mess?

You're the one who killed those two.

Yeah, I shot them,

stopped them from ripping you off, so...

that pays for Nate.

Now he walks away.

I walk away.

You and I never have to see each other

or speak of this again.

And if you get pinched by
the cops on something else

and think that you can flip this on me,

I will kill you, too.

Is that clear?

Clear enough.


before you go,

there's something I want you to see.

Keep watching.

Nate, what the hell
are you doing here, man?

I told you to go. This is my fault.

- Let me help!
- Listen, I don't want you in this

any deeper. Now get out of here.

Come on, man, go! Go!

This isn't happening.

What do you want?

You can't guess?

You're working for me now.

Never had a cop on the payroll before.

It's not gonna happen.

Couple of weeks.

I have a new business partner
that I'm trying to impress.

It's gonna do big things for me.

It's gonna take preparations,


and you are just the man
to smooth the waters.

Un-Unless, of course,
you want to explain this

to your bosses at the LAPD.

Two weeks.

Two weeks... I help you

but Nate leaves here right now
and never comes back.

He's off the hook.

He's free and clear.
You guarantee me that...

...I'll do what you want.

Welcome aboard, Officer Street.

Nice work.

Heard it could've been worse
in a lot of ways.

No hostages lost.

Team made it back safe and sound.

But two guards were killed
before we got there.

What's all this?

LAPD Cadets program.

They're giving 'em
a tour of SWAT, chance to see

what's really possible
if you put the work in.

- Maybe you can say a word.
- Be happy to, once we get changed.

Street, man.

It's good to see you.

Where you been?

Why don't you, me and Hondo
go somewhere private

and figure out what the hell's
been going on with you.

I can't really get into it right now.

I'm sorry?

You've been MIA for three days.

You left your team a man down.

That's the best you can do?

"I can't get into it right now"?

Son, you better make an
attitude adjustment quick.

Street, what's going on?

I need the next few weeks off.

There's a process to requesting time off.

You know that.

You fill out a request form.

But I'm gonna save you the time.

Request denied.

- Commander, let's just hear him out.
- No.

He's tested my patience long enough.

You're not up to active duty,

you serve your penance in the armory.

One month cage duty.
Maybe then I'll think

about assigning you active.

I can't do that.

I'm not giving you a choice.

Now move your ass.

Street, you be smart about this
and get moving.

- You know what?
- What?

I quit.

Street, no.

What are you doing?

Come on, Street. You
don't mean this, man.


Street, talk to me!

Let him go, Chris! That's an order!

This is crazy.

He can't really mean it, can he?

Even if he doesn't,
I don't see a way back.

Hicks and Hondo, they gave him a do-over.

He's not gonna get another one.

I feel like it's my fault.
I should've stopped him

from going down to Long Beach
alone that night.

Hey, Chris, don't go there.

We all thought that Street
had his head on straight.

Nobody saw this coming.

I did. But he just wouldn't listen.

Hey. Come on, Chris.

- It's not on you.
- Listen up.

I'm not any happier

about what just went down than you are,

and we're gonna deal with that later.

Right now, we got a crew out there

that killed two innocent
people this morning.

So let's focus on work

and get the job done.

Hondo, Tan, get a look at this.

- That's our crew from this morning.
- Yeah.

Wait a sec,
that doesn't look like anywhere

in the Mandeville Casino.

That's somewhere else.

So they've hit before?

Almost a dozen times.

Today's their first strike in SoCal,

but they've been hitting card clubs

and Indian casinos all across the West.

Always the same M.O.

Five guys. Fast in, fast out.

And they got no qualms
about shooting people either.

They got at least ten bodies
in their wake.

This is the guy we took out today?

Carl Rollins.

His rap sheet's pretty hard-core.

This definitely wasn't his first dance.

RHD's looking into known associates.

Could lead us to the rest of the crew.

Just got off the phone
with the Mandeville Casino.

So, it looks like, this
morning, these guys got away

with a little over 200 grand in cash,

- another $20,000 in chips.
- Wow.

They took chips?

- What denomination?
- $100. Why?

High value chips can be tracked.

They have an RFID tag embedded in 'em.

But a crew like this has to
be smart enough to know that.

Maybe they got grabbed
up by accident, swept into a bag

- while they were raking up cash.
- One thing's for sure.

If today wasn't their first heist,

it damn sure ain't gonna be their last.


You got plans after shift tonight?

No. Bonnie's got a work thing.

I was just gonna order in.
I dug up an address

on Street's old foster brother, Nate.

I was thinking of heading down there.

You want to ride shotgun?

Yeah. For sure, I'm in.


This isn't right, man.

I can't do this to you,

leave you hanging in there with Nolan.

You didn't do this to me.

You were in trouble.

You came to me for help.

The rest is my doing.

Nolan's dangerous, man.

I saw him take a baseball
bat to a couple drunks

in the alley one night out.

He beat their heads into a pulp.

I saw him enjoy it.

Guess it's a good thing
I got you away from him then.

Jimmy, I'm serious.

Look, I don't want
you hanging out with him.

I make a living
dealing with guys like this.

For the next two weeks, this is
just another mission for me.

That's it. I just need you
to stay clear of it.

All right?

I was the big brother.

I looked out for you.

- Do you remember that?
- I remember.

And I am grateful.

I would've never made it
through the foster system

without you.

But we are not kids anymore.

I made a choice, and I'm
gonna have to live with it.

So you're gonna have
to live with it, too.

Must be the food.


Whoa. What are you guys doing here?

Looking for you.
Just trying to understand

what's going on.

Is this Nate?

What have you gotten him
messed up in, huh?

Chris, please don't. He's my brother.

Foster brother.

That means he's family.

And we're not?

You worked so hard to get back
on SWAT the last time.

We both did!

- I know.
- Then why are you

throwing it all away, again?

Look, what's done is done.

- I am out at SWAT. That's it.
- Hey, come on, man.

At least tell us what's going
on. What kind of trouble you in?

I'm not in any kind of trouble.

- We're trying to help you.
- Why is it

so hard to understand?!

I don't want your help, okay?

All I want is for you guys to go.

Just leave.

Let's go, Chris.


I got a text from Chris. She said you two

went down to Long Beach
to see Street last night.

- Yeah, it wasn't worth the drive.
- What do you mean?

Well, he shut us down, almost
as soon as we got there.

Maybe 'cause his brother
was there. I don't know.

Did you at least find out
what's going on with him?

Don't know, but something's messed up.

It's like he just
doesn't want to be saved.

You were right about the RFID tags

embedded into the casino chips,

but you were wrong thinking

these guys were smart enough to know it.

They cashed 'em in?

One of 'em did.

Tried to, anyway.

What's this?

Someone want to tell me why I'm here?

You're here because you're stupid,

which, in and of itself, is not a crime.

But it led you to think
that you could cash in 20 grand

of stolen poker chips
and no one would notice.

Stolen chips?

I won these.

You won 20 grand?

Must be hell of a poker player.

Okay, let's say you open from the hi-jack

with pocket tens to 20 bucks.

Button three-bets you to 70 bucks.

It folds back around to you.
What's your play?

Come on, a shark like you ought to know.

You won 20 grand, right?

Guess I just got lucky.

All right.

See that?

That's an RFID tag.

Means these chips can be tracked.

That means that we know, without
a doubt, you didn't win 'em.

You stole 'em yesterday,
along with your buddies,

and you killed two people in the process.

We got you, Vincent.

You're done.

D.A.'s gonna look at you.

They're gonna see a dozen heists,

ten dead bodies.

You're going away forever.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. A dozen heists?

Y-Yesterday was a one-off job for me.

I-I don't know anything
about any other robberies.

You trying to tell us you're
not a regular part of this crew?

Swear to God.

Guy I know hooked me in.
Supposed to be one-and-done.

That's why I stole the chips.

I-I saw how small the cut
they were gonna give me,

and-and so I...
thought I'd give myself a bonus.

The guy who hooked you in,

what's his name? Where do we find him?

You know what he would do to me
if I told you that?

Nothing. Because he'd be spending

a lot more time in prison than you.

You have one way to
help yourself, Vincent.

Please tell me you're not gonna
be stupid again.

Yo, where's my damn food? I'm hungry.

LAPD SWAT! Two, two, two!

- You're under arrest! LAPD!

Tan, your way!

Coveralls, masks, weapons.

Some cash in this one.

Looks like their winning streak
just came to an end.

Casino crew just hit again
ten minutes ago.

Charlemagne Card Club in Downey.

Ten minutes ago?

No way. How? That is them right there.

Tell that to the pit boss
that just got shot.

This is the heist that just went
down. Charlemagne Casino.

Five guys, coveralls,
masks, assault rifles.

Looks like the same crew.

Looks like it, but look closer.

Check the guy out on the right,

- how he's carrying.
- He's left-handed,

and all of yesterday's
crew was right-handed.

And that guy's got a Glock on his hip.

None of the Mandeville
crew strapped a Glock.

So, two different crews
with the exact same M.O.?

Oh, it gets weirder.
I pulled surveillance photos

from a casino that was hit
five weeks ago in Oakland.

Same deal... Coveralls, masks.

The body types don't match at all.
That's another crew.

It's almost like a burger chain.

Everybody wears the same
uniform, does the same job,

but they're separate businesses.

The crimes have been franchised.

Which means there has
to be somebody higher up

- running all these ops.
- Yeah.

I think it's time we find the CEO.

According to your
homeys, you're the leader.

Congratulations on that, my man.

So, you're the one who put
together yesterday's crew?

I can't stop people from talking.

You ain't the brains of
the operation, that we know.

There's somebody higher up
who did the heavy lifting,

and planned that job,
so why don't we talk about

who's really giving the orders?

Gonna be a real one-sided conversation.

'Cause I'm not giving you anything.

Oh, you're afraid of them, is that it?


Never been afraid of anything.

I just prefer loyalty.

You believe this guy?

Yesterday he helps
murder two innocent people.

Now he's in there acting like his loyalty

is some kind of virtue.

Commander, what if we don't need him

to tell us who his higher-ups are?

He was only recently paroled, right?

He got out of prison two weeks ago.

Okay, and you got to figure that
the Mandeville Casino heist

took some planning.

So chances are they put
the whole thing together

while he was still in lockup.

We take a close look at any visitors

he might've had in prison.

His cellmate, texts, e-mails.

And we find whoever's behind this.

Sergeant Kay.

Owen Bennett. It's good to meet you.

Fair warning, I'm on call,

so I might get pulled away at any second.

Then I won't waste any time.

I put together an info packet...

The business plan, my bio, etcetera.

But while I have you, while we're here,

I want to get right to the straight shot.

Looking to build a
high-end, high-prestige,

private security firm.

I've had a good amount
of experience working

with professional athletes, celebrities,

high-profile security functions.

I see this as a chance to build off that,

and really get it right.

One question right off the bat.

Why me?

You mean besides the fact that Buck

recommended the hell out of you?

Honestly, part of it is marquee value.

You're an active SWAT sergeant,
decorated with the Police Star.

That'll go a long way with our
investors, potential clients.

I also need your know-how.

You're trained in personal protection,

versed in every type of weapon.

And, frankly...
you've got the right look.

And what's that?

People trust you.

Tell me I'm wrong.

That's why I'm offering you

a partnership share.

No doubt, the workload during
start-up will be heavy,

but we can shape your schedule
around your SWAT shifts.

Once we're established,
you could pull back,

assume a strictly planning
and supervisory role.

You make money

while the people you've trained
do all the work.

Where does Buck fit in all of this?

I love Buck.

He'll be a great addition.

But you google his name,
the first thing you find

is the Raymont Harris shooting.

He can't be the name
or face of this company.

You can.

There are income and salary
projections in there.

They're just estimates, but...

I think they're accurate.


I am.

I want some time to look things over,

- discuss it with my wife.
- Of course.

This isn't something I'd have
you enter into lightly.

First day on the job,
and you're already late.

What kind of an impression
is that to make?

Get your breath out of my face.

Officer Street.

Drink, or are you

still technically on duty?

I quit my job.

So I heard.

What? Did you think we
wouldn't check up on you?

How about you just tell me
what you want from me?

First, Barber's gonna
pat you down for a wire.

All right, all right.

What do you need?

You used to work for Long Beach PD,

so you know their patrol patterns,

blind spots, vulnerabilities.

Same, I'm sure, for the LAPD.

So, if I got to move a shipment,

you're gonna tell me
the best routes and times.

You're gonna tap your sources,
and find out if there's

any raids that would snag
any of my dealers.

Is that all?

That and any other damn thing

I decide I want from you.

That means that you have
to listen to everything

that I say, too, smart-ass.

Okay, keep your hands off me.

Hey, maybe, maybe not.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Knock it off!

Guys! Hey, that is enough!

What the hell did you do?

- Broke my damn arm.
- You get to the hospital.

You get that looked at, and you,

you cancel any plans that you have,

because you are working late tonight.

You got something?

We're thinking we found our Mr. Big.

A woman.

Wait a minute, I think
I've seen her before.

I ordered a deep dive of
Harden's prison records,

looking for any outside
contact he might have had.

Turns out he had a pen pal romance

while in lockup,
e-mailing with this woman...

Calls herself Rachel.

E-mails contain plenty
of the usual X-rated stuff,

but they get emotionally intense as well.

Looks like she really hooked him in.

So this is who Harden's been protecting.

There's no actual
instructions for a heist,

but she did tell Harden he was
gonna have to prove his love

after his release before she'd marry him.

So she basically seduced him
into pulling off

yesterday's casino job.

Is there any ridiculous thing
a guy wouldn't do to get laid?

Yeah, well, in Harden's case,
he thought he found true love.

And he's not the only one.

Once we found Rachel's e-mails to Harden,

we checked the prison
database for other e-mails

originating from her same IP address.

Saying she was two-timing Harden
isn't the half of it.

She had similar e-mail romances going

with at least 16 other inmates.

E-mails every bit as hot and steamy

as the ones she had with Harden.

Romances intensify right before
the inmate's release.

She leads them all on,

grooms each one to pull off a heist

as proof of their devotion.


I knew I'd seen her before when
I was going through the footage

of the Mandeville robbery.

Check out the brunette
with the rose gold watch.

That's her.

She watched the whole thing go down.

Got some bad news for you, lover boy.

We figured out where
your orders came from.

Hmm. And I ain't gonna lie.

Ooh, there's some juicy stuff
in those e-mails right there.

Yeah, go ahead and take a read.

Those bring back some good
old memories, don't it?

But you better take a closer look,

because none of those e-mails
are addressed to you.

You know her as Rachel...

but she was "Laura"
to a con at Pelican Bay,

"Sadie" to another at Atascadero.

"Ayla" and "Christine" to a
couple inmates at San Quentin.

- No way.
- I mean, damn, that's game right there.

She must have used a phone book

to come up with some of those names.

And she's got over 20 of 'em.

Yeah, that's right.

And 20 inmates just like you

who believed that
they were her one and only.

Looks like the player got played.

She said she was gonna marry me.

But only after you robbed
a casino for her.


What's your take on loyalty now?

Tell us where we can find her.

- I'll check with the front desk.
- Okay.

- Hey.
- Hey.

She look familiar to you?

- Yeah. Super sweet.
- She staying here?

She was. She checked out
a couple hours ago.

You sure about that?

Yeah. I was right here
and watched her go.

She's checked out, gone.
Probably cleared out of town.

24-David to backup units.

Suspect's a ghost. We missed our shot.

Still one more casino in town.

Maybe she'll be dumb enough to hit it.

No way. After the other two heists,

that place is on lockdown.

Extra security and LAPD patrols... Hey!

Hold on a sec.

- Have a good day.
- Excuse me.

Did you get this woman her car?

Uh, yeah. Silver Lexus.

A rental. Don't remember what company.

She ask for any directions,
say where she was going?

No. We didn't talk; she was
on her phone the whole time.

Did you hear what she was saying?

Anything about a casino or a card club?

How'd you know that?

I mean, she didn't say
anything about a casino,

but she was talking about poker.

What about it? Did she say where?

I just heard her say something
about a private game.

- Nothing but high rollers.
- Okay, thanks.

She's changing up her M.O.

Knows we're onto the casino heists.

Private game could be anywhere.

I'll reach out to some cops in Vice.

Maybe they've heard something.

Where we headed tonight?

You'll know when we get there.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- I've been thinking.

If you're here, I've got to be here.

Are you kidding me? Get lost.

I'm sorry, but I've got to
look out for you, too.

I don't need your sorry,

and I don't need you
looking out for me, okay?

I just need you gone. Go!

I want back in.

I want my old job back.

That is not happening.
That was part of our deal.

Nate is out, free and clear.

You keep talking about our deal

like you have some kind
of leverage; you don't.

It's my bar.

I have the video, I call the shots.

Sure thing, Nate. You want back in,

I can always use a couple extra hands.

Go start the car.
I'll be out when I'm ready.

We got any word on that private game

that's supposed to be going down?

Not yet. And there's no guarantee
we'll hear about it in time.

Hey, uh, can I talk
to you about something?

Has to do with Buck's visit yesterday.

- Yeah. What's up?
- He put me in touch with a guy

who's starting a private security firm,

and he wants me as partner.

- Is the guy aboveboard?
- Yeah, 100%.

He's got a pristine military record.

He's run security for
a couple of movie studios.

So what's the hitch?

Well, to be honest,

the only reason he came to me is because

I was awarded the Police Star.

I guess he presold
some of the investors on it.

And that's a red flag for you?

I'm not sure how I feel
about monetizing the Star.

I would have never received it

if it wasn't for the whole team,

and now I use that to cash in?

I'm just not sure how I feel about that.

Deacon, nobody around
here would fault you

for striking when the iron is hot,

getting a little something
better for your family.

Especially after everything
they've been through this year.

What's Annie think?

Well, she's got her concerns.

Mostly about the time
spent away from family.

But she'd welcome any
extra money coming in.

So what are you gonna do?

Just heard back from
an old partner in Vice.

Some heavy hitters are
having a card game tonight...

A mansion up in Benedict Canyon.

No way to know
if that's the right target.

Yeah, well, I can think of one way.

Ladies and gentlemen,

there are still two players
who haven't bought in.

Come on, now. Who are my stragglers?

You guys almost got left out.

As you know, buy-in's $100,000,

and, as always, cash only, please.


All right.

Let's do this.

Hey, we got some bogeys approaching.

Don't move.

They're not paying you enough to die,

so radio your buddy

and tell him it's all clear.

Do it.

Never mind.

It's all clear.

You two, grab her.
Anyone else on this floor,

- you keep them quiet.
- Get back in the kitchen! Go!

Move it! Move it right now!

Move it!

Move it! Get in there!

Sit your asses down
right now on the carpet!

Empty. Must already be inside.

Truck, clear.


Check him out.

There's five of them.

All armed. On the inside.

My man, get out of here now.

Let's go.


Hey, don't do anything stupid!

Nobody has to get hurt!

All right, everybody,

hands on the table.

Let's go. Get them on the felt!


Tan, Chris, take the floor.
Find a way in.

Deac and Becker, you're with me. Move.

It'll all be over in a minute.

Don't do anything stupid.

We can all go home tonight.

Hands behind your back. Come on!

Got two suspects

in custody in the dining room.

All right, everybody, watches!


Let's go!

Take them off!

It's not worth dying for! Let's go!

All right, let's go! Let's go.

Come on!


Move, move, move.

Deacon, I've got the rabbit.



Let go of me!

- Let me go! Let go!
- Get over here!


- Let her go.
- Back the hell up.

You get out of my way now,
or I swear to God, I kill her.

I'm not letting you take her out of here.

Then we have
a real problem here, don't we?

Listen to me, man. There's
no way out of here for you.

Well, then, you need to make a way.

I want a clear path to the door
and a car.

Those rich idiots in the other room,

you get a key off any one of them.
I don't care.

That's not gonna happen.

Your only chance to get out of here?

Drop that weapon.

I swear to God, I am not playing.

I'm gonna give you guys five seconds,

and then I'm gonna waste her.

I don't think so. I'm gonna kill her!

Go ahead. Go ahead, do it.

- What?
- You're not gonna hurt her, man.

She's the reason you're here.

This was all her idea, wasn't it?

Although, he might kill you
if he knew the truth about you.

Isn't that right, Rachel?

Or whatever you're
calling yourself this time.

This is your last chance.

Drop the weapon now.

Who the hell is Rachel?

What is he talking about?

Nothing, baby.

Don't listen to him.

Freeze! Drop it! Drop it!

Get up. Get up.

You shot me.

Just played the hand you dealt me.

Catch you all tomorrow.

Yeah. Take care.

You plan on spending the night?

Nah. Just not in a hurry to get anywhere.

All right.

Hey, Buck.

- It's kind of late.
- Yeah, I just talked to an old-timer

in Patrol. Uh, Street quit?

I mean, you guys said he was AWOL.

Yeah, things took a turn for the worse.

Some trouble
with his foster brother, Nate.


Did you know him?

Yeah. Even back in his Patrol
days down in Long Beach,

there wasn't anything Street
wouldn't do for his brother.

That's too bad.

Yeah. All right, I got to get home.

- You good?
- Yeah.

Hey, can I, uh, can I walk with you?


- Night, Chris.
- Night.

See ya around.

So, I talked to Owen.
He said the two of you sat down.

Yeah. Yeah, I told him I needed
some time to think about it.


And I'm still thinking about it.

Well, what's there to think about?

I mean, it's a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

- A no-brainer, Deac.
- Yeah, you're probably right.

It's just, you know,
I'm not sure yet if the time is right.

Hey, hey, hey.

Look, you owe me.

You remember Koreatown

when those jacked up 'Niners
had you dead to rights?

Is that what this is about? Me owing you?

'Cause, Buck,

it seems to me that goes both ways.

Yeah, I know.

I'm-I'm sorry.

All right? It's just, uh...

I mean, I struggled a bit
since leaving SWAT.

I mean, you-you know that.
This-this thing,

this thing that I have
with Owen, I mean, this...

this could be big for me.

I mean, come on, Deac.
I mean, you heard him.

This could be... this could be
big for both of us.

I'm not asking you for a favor here.

I'm asking you to say yes
to an incredible opportunity.

All right.

Call Owen. Tell him I'm in.

For-for real? Um, definite?

Yeah, for real.

- Let's do this.
- That's great.

This is... It's great news.

You-you won't regret it.


Now what?

Now we stop asking questions.

Stay here.

Where's Barber?

Barber had an accident.

What kind of an accident?

The "messing with me" kind.

So you're the cop.


What are you waiting for?


Nolan bought it.

I'm in. All the way.