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Here come the fireworks!

Previously, on

She hate him deep.

She's got her reasons, D.

You ditched Mom, Wendy and me,
and you never came back!

I didn't do right by you.

You might want to think
about mending fences

and owning up
to your mistakes.

And I'm talking about
really owning up to them.

To Mom.

Street's brother.

Foster brother.

- Nate Warren.
- The reason I'm here

is I need your help.

You owe me one.

I had to hit four places

just to find
Mama Joan's favorites.

- Yeah.
- Thanks for coming.

This means a lot.

It means a lot
having you back in my life.

Paying respects
to the woman

who brought us together
only seems right.

The best foster mom
I've ever had.

She'd be so proud of you,



would've thought?

She'd be proud of you, too,

Steady job,
paying your bills.

You're killing it.

Nah, the truth is

work ain't so good
these days.

I'm in some trouble, man.

Last week,
after I closed the bar,

two guys bust in.

Ski masks and guns.

We've been robbed before,
but this was different.

And they weren't
looking for cash.

What were they
looking for?


My boss, Nolan?

He's into some
shady business.

And I guess he uses

the bar for a stash house.

Somehow the guys
knew about it,

and grabbed the drugs
from the back room.

So your boss gets ripped off,
why is that your problem?

Because he blames me
for the lost product.

50 grand.

He says I must've been in
on the job.

- Were you in on it?
- What?!

- No!
- I'm sorry.

Listen, I still got some
cop buddies in Long Beach.

I'll make some calls.
With you as a witness,

- we'll put this Nolan guy away.
- No!

Hell no! Look,
Nolan's connected.

You'll find me in a gutter
before he's even arraigned.

Well, then, what
do you want me to do?

I don't know.

Maybe you should talk to him.

Tell him you know all
about his operation,

and you'll turn a blind
eye if he lets me walk.

Do you have any idea
how illegal that is?

Do you remember the blood oath
that we had as kids, man?

I'm in some serious
trouble, brother.

So, please...
can you help me?

I was too selfish

to deserve you
and the family we had made.

Did you practice
saying all this?

Yes, I did, and a whole lot
of other ways to apologize.

For running off
with some other woman?

For leaving me

and our children behind?

You all deserved so
much better from me.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?!

You're sorry now?

Why makes you think
I believe you now?

I'm not asking you
to forgive me.

I can't go back
and fix the past.

I'm just
asking you to see...

Daniel, stop!

- Daniel, stop!
- Mom, Pop!

Pop, that's enough,

It's all right, baby.

It's okay.

I was just getting
ready to leave.

I left your food
on the stove.

Mama, what's going on?

Baby, I'm really okay.

Okay, real talk...
Why was my mama crying?

You asked me
to mend fences.

- Your words!
- I told you to mend fences,

- not upset her!
- Life is complicated, son.

Well, let me make it
real simple for you.

I ain't about to let you break

my mother's heart
all over again.

Am I ever gonna
be able to do

anything right in your eyes?

Never mind.

Did you get her to sleep?

Yeah, finally.

She's having
the same nightmares again.

All right, I'll, uh,

I'll talk
to her teacher tomorrow.

See if there's something
going on at school.

Oh, come on, David.

We both know
it's not the school.

I'm not blaming you,
I just...

ever since our house
got shot up...

What are we
supposed to do?

I booked a session
tomorrow with Dr. Collins.

For all of us.

I know you don't like
the idea of therapy,

but our kids need
to talk through this.

And we need
to be there for them.

All right.

I'm on call tomorrow,

but hopefully
it'll quiet, so...



We'll get
through this.

- El Monte?
- Yes.


That a Somali name?

Yes, sir.

Oh, righteous.
My, uh,

my wife's
from Somalia.

Charge your phone?

Yeah, thanks.

Yeah, she, um,
she was born there,

but she left
when she was a baby.

Civil war and all that.

Her parents
say it was brutal.

We all have
different lives now.

Amen to that.

Have we crossed paths
at a barbeque or something?

I feel like I've seen your face.

I doubt it.

I don't get out much.

Uh, you know what?

Change of plans.
You can, uh,

you can actually just
let me out right here.

Get some bad news
on your phone?

Yeah, just a text.

But, seriously,
anywhere here is good.

Hey, what're you doing?


Looking at a barricade situation
in a corner deli.

Two men, one of 'em armed,
holding the other hostage.

Let's get 'em both out alive.

Man, Luca makes driving this
thing look easier than it is.

Yeah, well,
Black Betty's a load.

You put a dent in her, Tan,

- Luca's gonna have your ass.
- Yeah, yeah.

What's the latest
with Luca, anyway?

Anything new from
his doctors?

Street! You with us?

Yeah, sorry.
He's basically going stir crazy,

but the doctor says he's got
to stay off the hip

for a few more weeks while
they try this new therapy.

We'll get him back
to beast mode.

But for today,
we're one man down,

so stay sharp.

Hey. What's going on?

I'm just thinking
about some family stuff.

This is the LAPD!

Come out
with your hands up!

Drop the gun!
Do it now!

No, no, no, no. It's okay.
I'm the good guy.

I said drop the gun now!
I got a shot, boss.

- He's a crazy man!
- This guy's a monster!

What are you waiting for?
Shoot him!

He's the one you want!

Drop the gun or we will shoot!


All right.

Move! Move!

Hands behind your head.
Behind your head.

This is 20-David to command.

Code 4.
Suspects in custody.

He's crazy. He attacked
me in my own car.

You pulled the gun.
It's his. Th-This is Aden Syed.

Aden Syed, okay?
He's a monster.

We're gonna take you both in
and sort this out.

Photo's pretty old.

Could be the guy
we brought in.

I don't know, maybe.

A lot more than maybe.
Fingerprints came back.

That warlord on the screen?

Same man sitting
in holding, Aden Syed.

There's an Interpol
Red Notice out on him.

Red Notice?
Issued by who?

International Criminal Court.

- This guy's wanted by the Hague?
- Mm-hmm.

So he's pretty
straight-up evil.

Hondo, you served in
Somalia back then.

- What do you know about him?
- Syed was responsible

for murdering thousands
during the civil war,

and enslaving
children as soldiers.

They called him
the "Saw Man"

for the way
he would cut body parts off

anyone who resisted him.

Oh, you've been gone
for a minute.

Thought maybe we'd seen
the last of you.

Oh, sorry to disappoint.

I was working a special project
for the mayor.

This is Fabrice Vachel from the
International Criminal Court.

And Agents Lufkin and Sampath.

ICC's been going after Syed
for a while.

We almost had Syed 25 years ago,
but he slipped away in Somalia.

We're not taking
any chances this time.

They'll be assuming custody of
Mr. Syed until his extradition.

Well, happy to get him off
our hands, trust me.

The news is already out
about his arrest,

so sooner's better
for both of us.

You ever cross paths with Syed
when you were in Somalia?

Not face-to-face.

But I saw plenty
of his handiwork.

- What the hell was that?
- Shots. We're taking fire.

This is Agent Lufkin. Mayday!
We're taking fire out here!

Back up, back up, back up!

Get to the gate!

Cover left!

*S.W.A.T.(2017) *

*S.W.A.T.(2017) *
Season 03 Episode 10

*S.W.A.T. (2017)*
Episode Title : "Monster"

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Vandelli's team did a sweep
of the area,

but there's no sign
of the shooters.

We've got an air unit
up and searching,

but my guess is
they're long gone.

But not necessarily
for good.

Syed left behind widows

and orphans
that moved to the U.S.

Most of the Somali community
would love to see him dead.

Since he's
such a hot target,

what do you say we let SWAT
handle the transport

and provide security
at your safe house?

We've got the gear and the know-how
to keep him alive

until you can
transport him.

When is that?

Happy to accept your offer.

Officer, where
are you taking me?

- Right this way.
- No!

No, there's been a mistake.

Please, I just
need to see him.

- Ma'am, I'm sorry, but...
- Officer.

What's the problem?

Ma'am, I'm Sergeant Harrelson.
How can I help you?

'M Verna Taifa.

I'm looking
for my husband, Bashir.

We got this.

You're Bashir Taifa's wife?

He called me, terrified.

Said some maniac attacked him
in his car.

Now I'm seeing
this nonsense on TV.

- They think he's a terrorist?
- Hey, uh,

you must be Bashir's son.
What's your name, bud?

but everybody calls me Max.

Oh. Okay, Max.

Tell you what,
why don't we go see

if we can find you
a snack in the kitchen?

All right.
Come on.


Why don't you come with me?

It's not him.

There's a resemblance,
but I've known the man 12 years.

He's not some
warlord killer.

He's my husband.

I know this is a lot
for you to take in,

and I can't imagine
how you must feel...

How I feel is outraged,

I'm staring
at a black policeman

who's profiled
my husband because he looks like

some other African man.

I wish I was wrong.
I do.

But we took his fingerprints,
and they match.

My husband is a kind man,

- a good father.
- I'm not gonna argue that.

And he may be those things now,

but back then...

your husband
slaughtered families

and enslaved their
children as his soldiers.

I don't believe you.

Have you ever met
your husband's family?

They died in the war...
That's why he came here.

How about his friends?

Anyone who knew him
before you met?

No.So you don't know

anyone who knew him
20 years ago.

I see what you're doing.

I'm getting a lawyer.

My husband's innocent.

So did you manage
to dig up anything

on that bar I asked about?

Owner's a guy named
Teague Nolan.

Got his fingers
in all kinds of naughty stuff.

- Anything you can bring him in on?
- It's all whispers.

Nothing concrete.
The word is,

he's not a guy
you want to tangle with.

- What put him on your radar?
- My brother works in his bar.

I'm just trying to keep
him out of trouble.

Then tell him to quit.

Okay. Thanks, man.

Thanks for the intel.



Is that the family stuff
you mentioned earlier?

Yeah, yeah, my foster brother
is just in a bit of a jam.

Wrong place, wrong time
type of thing.

I hope you're not
doing anything stupid

to get him out of it.

What's that supposed to mean?
Come on.

Misplaced family loyalties

is what got you
in trouble last time.

I'm only saying this
because I care, and because...

maybe you need to hear it.

Thanks. I'm not gonna
do anything stupid.

I'll figure it out.

What happened?
How is Syed still alive?

You and Musa were
supposed to kill him. We tried.

Outside the police station.
But I guess we missed.

On the news, they say

they're sending him to Europe
to stand trial.

Where he'll get
hot meals, a soft bed

and an army of lawyers.

- Is that justice?
- No.

This is why we can't
let that happen.

We must get to Syed
before he leaves the country.

Yes, but how?

We don't even know
where he is now.

I have a friend.
A dispatcher for the police.

She hears everything
on her radio.

Maybe she knows.

Good. See what you
can find out.

But in case
that doesn't work,

I know another way
we can get to Syed.

How long am I gonna be here?

Till the ICC's ready
for extradition.

Can you at least uncuff me?

Sit down and shut up.

How is it I have offended you?

Cuff his ass to the table.


I'm gonna go get us
some food.

Deacon, Chris,

this is Zara.

She's a dispatcher
over at Central,

and she just heard
from a fellow Somali

with an interesting request.

We're a small community.
Many of us know each other.

A man called me named Abdi.

He wanted to know
if I heard anything

about where the police
were keeping Aden Syed.

Offered to pay me

if I told him.

One of the shooters, maybe?

Or someone connected to them.

What did you say? The truth.

Said I hadn't heard anything.

He told me to see
if I could find out.

Okay, good. That gives us
something to work with.

Whether this guy Abdi is
one of the shooters or not,

we gotta get our hands on him.

According to Zara, he's waiting
on her to call him back.

Good. That's perfect.

Let's have her make that call.

Tell him that she does not want
to discuss it over the phone.

She will meet with him
in person on her lunch break.

- Somewhere we can control.
- Exactly.

Use Luca's food truck.

Pull Abdi's photo
off of DMV records,

and then we snatch him up
as soon as we get eyes on him.

All over it. Stay sharp, man.

We don't know if
he's working alone.

- Understood.
- Deacon,

the Somali community's
full of good people.

I got to know a lot of them

while I was deployed over there.

But what Syed did
could bring out the worst in anyone.

All right, I'll keep you posted.

Why do you act like
I've done something to you?

Like you know me.

I do know you.

I don't think so.

Maybe you know the lies
that you see on TV.

The fake news
America creates

to justify their wars.

But that's not me.

Eat your sandwich.
Other than that,

keep your mouth shut.

Anybody got eyes
on the suspect?

All clear on the one-side.

All clear on the two.

These pupusas are
the bomb, though.

Deac, hold up.

Your 12 o'clock.
Other side of the truck.

Got him.

- Rabbit!
- LAPD. Hold it right there!

Let's go!

30-David to Command.

We're Code 4.

- Nice work nabbing Abdi.
- Thanks.

But we've got a new problem.
A bigger one.

This just went up
on YouTube.

This message is
for Aden Syed,

the famous Saw Man.

Time has come for you
to confess your crimes.

No longer will you
escape justice.

We have prepared a list
of the atrocities

we personally know
you are guilty of.

You will videotape
your confession,

and post it within four hours

to all the major news
sites for the world to see.

If you do not comply,
we will do to your family

what you did to ours.

You will watch your child
kill his own mother.

That's Verna. And Max.

Here is your statement.

Syed, we just received word

that your wife and son
were kidnapped.

The kidnappers are demanding
you read a confession

in exchange for their freedom.

Is this correct?

- It is.
- I'm not speaking to you.

I'm speaking to your
commanding officer.

The one who refuses
to speak to me.

We can record
your confession from here

and send it out
before the deadline

in a little less
than four hours.

That'll buy us time to
locate your wife and your son,

and rescue them.

You were a soldier once,
weren't you?

A Marine.

Were you in Somalia?

Did you fight there?

Is that why you think
you know me?

I was stationed in
Merca and Kismayo.

You must have seen
terrible things.

You also must have heard
terrible things about me.

What if I told you
those stories were

invented by my enemies?

That I let people
believe those lies

because it served a purpose.

In Somalia, to be feared
was to stay alive.

We are not talking
about Somalia!

We are talking about saving the
life of your wife and your son

right here, right now.

Now, are you willing to read
that confession or not?

First, you break bread with me

and tell me the things
that you saw in Somalia.

It will be good to talk
of my homeland again.

Feiruz Hussein Abdi.

No priors.

Married, with
three kids.

Got a nice job

at a Somali restaurant
on Fairfax.

Do you know where
Syed's wife and son are?

Who's holding them?

So, what turns
a law-abiding citizen

into a vigilante?

That burn mark on your arm.

Syed's men give that to you?

Judging from your age,

you must have been a kid
during the Somali Civil War.

Were you a child
soldier in Syed's army?

I was young

when Syed forced me to fight.

I have not had
a full night's sleep

since I was ten years old.

What do you know about the
kidnapping of Syed's family?

Syed will pay.

He is a great evil

that needs to be eliminated
from this world.

Even at the cost of a mother
and a child dying horribly?

Think about
your own mother.

Do not ever speak

of my mother again.

Imagine the stuff he saw.

Or did.

Child goes through
something that traumatic,

how do you even begin to work
your way back from that?

I only know my own story.

For me, going through trauma
bonded me to my brother, Nate.

As a kid,
I was willing to fight,

even die for him
if necessary.

Yeah, but these kidnappers,
they're not kids anymore.

That doesn't mean
the scars have healed.

Trauma's still real.

And now they're using the skills
they learned in Syed's army

- to get revenge against him.
- Chris and I

could head down to
the restaurant where Abdi works,

- see if anyone knows anything.
- All right.

I'll go through
his social media,

- see if I can find anything.
- Okay.

Excuse me.
Are you Idil Barni?

I am.
How may I help you?

I'm Officer Alonso.
This is Officer Street. LAPD SWAT.

- Do you have a second?
- Yes.

We have some questions about
one of your employees, Abdi.

He was arrested trying
to bribe an LAPD employee

for information
about Aden Syed.

We saw on TV
that Syed is alive.

Abdi was upset.

That explains why
he missed his shift.

Well, Abdi may be
in more trouble

than you realize.

He might be involved

in the kidnapping
of Syed's family.

Now, do you know anyone else
he could be working with?

Anyone who might
want revenge on Syed?

There are fathers, mothers,
schoolteachers and mechanics

who eat at my restaurant,

and every one of them
would want to see Syed dead.

Syed is in police custody.

He'll stand trial
for his crimes at the Hague.

Wasn't he supposed to
stand trial 25 years ago?

I'm sorry.

I respect the police,

the job you do,

but I have no sympathy

- for butchers.
- I get it.

But we need the names
of all your employees,

especially anybody
close to Abdi.

Nate, I can't talk right now.
I'm working a case.

Nolan decided how
I have to work off my debt.

He said I got to drive
five kilos of heroin

to Phoenix tonight.

He's coming back with the car
and drugs at closing time.

Can you stall him?

I tried, but he's not having it.

He said it's either this
or else.

Look, you know the family
I come from.

I avoided doing time,
and I'm proud of that.

Now I'm supposed to drive
while black

with 25 years to life
of drugs in my trunk, man?

That's not gonna happen,
all right?

I'll be there tonight
after closing.

Okay? I'm gonna get
you out of this.

Just trust me. Bye.

- Is that your brother?
- Yeah.

Problem solved. Yeah.

the fact that the Somali community

is so tight-knit
is working in our favor.

I pulled up
Abdi's social media pages.

I found eight men that have the same scar
on their arm that he has.

That means they were probably

all former child soldiers,

some of them likely
to be our kidnappers.

Employee records from
Abdi's restaurant.

Six more suspects
to consider.

Six? No.
We have to narrow down that list.

These kidnappers are organized.
They came together fast.

I'm betting they are all local.

All right. Eliminate anyone
living outside the area.


That gives us eight, Hondo.
But there's

no way of identifying our
kidnappers without getting eyes

from someone
who knows them.

Copy that.

Send me and Tan the photos.

You were right.
I don't want to talk to you.

But if it means saving

your wife and your son,
then let's chat.

We have reason to believe

that some of these men
kidnapped your family.

Do you recognize any of them?

First, answer my question.

What did you see in Somalia?

First time I heard
the name "the Saw Man"

was when my unit
ran across a village ransacked.

I found a woman

who was barely alive.

She had been carrying
her baby on her back.

There was blood running
down her dress,

dripping from behind her,
leaving a trail.

Her last breath was blaming you
for what happened.

And you believed her?

That is war, isn't it?

There's war,
and then there's evil.

In that same village,
we found a ten-year-old boy,

still alive.

Too terrified to even
mention your name.

But he told us
what happened there.

Your soldiers burned down
every home,

and they killed every man.

And the women and children were
dragged out into the desert,

and they were given a choice.

They would be raped and killed
in front of their children,

or the children could kill
their own mothers instead.

He said that day,

his mother apologized for
bringing him into the world,

and then begged him
to pull the trigger

so your soldiers would not
dishonor her.

The children who
couldn't do it

followed their mothers
into a grave.

And the ones who did it...

became child soldiers
for your army.

So no matter what lies
you tell... that's who you are.

The world has never been
ruled by weak men.

Don't look at me like that.

You're a monster, too, Sergeant.

It's inside you.

Like most, you try
to deny it, keep it down.

But it's there.

The monster never
completely leaves.

He only waits for the right
opportunity to come out.

Now that you answer
my question...

I know his face.


He was 13 years old
when he joined me.

Yusef Ahmed.
I'm on it.

You can still save your family.

Read this confession,

and I will make sure that
it gets on the air in time.

There's no point
in confessing.

If Yusef has Verna and Max,

he will kill them
no matter what I say.

Because that is how
I trained him.

No tears, Max.

You are a soldier now.

Soldiers do not cry.

They do as they are told.

Less than an hour to go.

If Syed does not
properly confess,

you know what we have to do.

we're not really going to make
the boy do this?

Syed made these rules,
not me.

Have our lives
taught us nothing?

- They are innocent.
- They are not innocent.

They are the love and blood
of the Saw Man.

It is just, and it is
poetic that he suffers.

Kidnapping them,
threatening Syed, yes.

But killing these two...

Don't tell me
you're weak, Hamid.

You know how the weak end up.

- LAPD! Show me your hands!
- Police! Hands in the air.

Don't move!


Two, two, two.

Just keep your hands
where I can see them.

- Right side clear.
- Left side clear.

- House clear.
- Sit down.

What is this?
What do you want?

He's not here,

but there's a closet full
of men's clothing back there.

And this.

Employee ID,
Numark Grand hotel.

- Where's Yusef?
- I don't have to say anything.

Your boyfriend kidnapped an
innocent woman and her young son.

And if we don't find him
soon, he's gonna kill 'em.

- So where is he?
- Arrest me or go.

- I know where Yusef is.
- Astur!

He's with my husband, Hamid,
and another man named Musa

at my house.

Hamid told me
to stay away.

He told me not to come
until he called me.

- Where do you live?
- 321 Magnolia Drive.

That's 20 minutes away.

We're running out of time.

Your wife and your son.

Can you really just sit there

knowing that you are
letting them die?

You were a fighter.

You know, just as I do,
there are costs in every war.

What war?!

Syed, your battle is over.

It's in the past,
and you lost!

You have been living here
peacefully for 20 years.

You have someone
who cares about you.

You have a family.
You have a son.

That has to matter to you!

Please. At least
try to save them.

Call the department P.I.O.

Have 'em alert
the local news networks.

On it.

Go ahead.

My name is Aden Syed.

I hold in my hand
a statement,

a confession I'm being
pressured to read.

I've been told there are
lives depending on it.


And I'm speaking directly
to you now...

Do you not know me?

Do you really
think I would put

a woman and child
above my values and principles?


They are not for me.

So... You son of a bitch!

- You son of a bitch!
- Hondo!

Hey, Hondo!
Hey, get off him!

Come on, get off!
Come on!

There it is.

There's the monster.

It's Deacon.

Deacon, tell me
you found Verna and Max.

- We've got an address. We're on our way.
- Call Command.

You have patrol
clear the streets.

We're still 15 minutes out.
Patrol might

beat us there,
but they can't make entry,

not with
hostages at stake.

Hondo, we might be too late.

don't you say that to me.

You get there
as fast as you can!

Time is up.
He didn't do it.

Syed didn't read the confession.

Yusef, please.

You are no longer a boy.

Now, you become a man,

just as Hamid, Musa
and I did once,

at the orders
of your father.

Street, we need eyes inside.


Don't cry.

You are only doing
what must be done.


Following orders.

Same as I did for your father.

Kill her.

Or I willkill you.

Deac, we're out of time.

- LAPD! Drop your weapon!
- LAPD! On the ground!

- On the ground now! Face down...

- Drop your weapon!
- Stay back, or I'll shoot!

You lower your gun
and let the boy go.

I gave the boy a choice,
the same choice Syed gave us.

His soldiers forced us
to kill our own families.

But you survived.

You created a life for yourself.
Don't become like Syed.

What do you expect me to be?

Come here.
Come here, come here. I got you.

I got you.
You're safe.

You're safe.

30-David to
Command, we're Code 4.

Three suspects in custody.
Both hostages secure.

I need an R/A roll
into my location

for a GSW to one
of the suspects.

You know, Syed,
you're right.

There is a monster
in all of us.

But it's our choices
that separate us,

and it's the stronger
man who chooses

to keep the monster down.

If you say so.


She'd like
a final word.

The men who took me
showed me their scars,

told me
their stories.

I will not miss you.

- Max!
- Max doesn't want to speak to you.

He didn't even want
to come here.

You are no longer
his father.


Where you headed?

It's your brother,
isn't it?

I'll come with. Maybe I can help
with whatever the problem is.

I'm good. Honestly,
it's fine. Don't worry.

I know where you're headed.
Down to that shady bar

in Long Beach where your
brother works, all right?

Chris, it's fine. Seriously.

- Just leave it, all right?
- First your mom, then Nate.

Why is it your job to save your
family every time they screw up?


I get your concern
and I appreciate that,

but at some point,
you're gonna have to trust me.

Okay? Don't try to manage
my life. I'm not a kid.

I said leave it.

- What's going on?
- Mr. Grown-Up over here

is about to go
down to Long Beach

and do something really stupid.


I know what I'm doing.

And by the way,

off the job, I don't have
to answer to either of you.

- Daddy.
- Hey, pumpkin.

What are you doing
in our bed?

Mommy was just
reading me a story.

Want to join us?

What do you got?

Oh, that's a good one.

Tell you what, why don't
you go pick a different book

and then you can
read to us, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

So how'd the kids do
with the psychiatrist today?

It was a bit
rocky at first,

for Lila.

She's got her old man's
stoic nature.

Not always a good thing, huh?

Dr. Collins was
great, though.

Once she got
Lila talking,

she gave me and her
some really helpful tools

to help her work
through the anxiety.

It's a start.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there.

I really wanted to be.

I know.

♪ Shining down... ♪

There's my baby.

Hey, Mama.

You look tired.

I am.

Where's Pop?

I asked him to go to Brianna's
so that you and I could talk.

♪ This world was made for you ♪

♪ This world made
for believing ♪

♪ In all the things
you're gonna do... ♪

I don't want him
to hurt you again.

Loneliness hurts, too.

Last night,

when your father
and I were talking

and he started
trying to apologize...

Okay, but Mama,

you deserve better
than what he did to you.

I know.

But with who?

Some other old man
whose mistakes I don't know?

This illness has burned
the hustle out of your daddy.

I see his gentle side again.

What's going on?
What are you doing?

I don't know.

All of this is just...

taking me back to a time
when I was young,

when I had my whole life
ahead of me.

- When I used to be beautiful.
- Stop that.

You always gonna be beautiful.

To you.

That's right.

♪ All the things you're
gonna do now, honey... ♪

Get your ass in here, Nate.

I need this delivery in Phoenix
by the morning.

- You brought a cop?
- Relax.

I'm not here to bust anybody.

I'm just here
to negotiate for Nate.

Yes, he's my brother.

Foster brother.

Here's the deal:

you let Nate walk away
from all this,

and I don't tell
my friends in Narcotics

about your little
side business here.

- What do you say?
- No reason we can't all walk away happy.

Yeah, what would make me happy
is to have my product

in Phoenix before the morning.

Nobody move!

- Get your hands up!
- Whoa, whoa.

- Hands up!
- Drop it, now!

- You set me up again?
- No!

I didn't.
We just came in for a drink, man.

And we just want the drugs.

We're just gonna head out,
all right? No trouble from us.

Shut the hell up
and don't move!

- Hey, take it easy, okay?
- You want to see easy?

I will shoot you in the face,
real easy!


Okay. Just go.

I'm gonna take care of this.
Go! Go! All of you. Go on. Go, go!

Get out of here.
All of you!

Go! Go! Come on!

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