S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Just give your brother a hug.

I'm looking to moonlight
for some extra cash.

Being a good Catholic sounds
expensive, man. DEACON Tell me about it.

Thinking about doing that
good neighbor house program.

You see the neighborhood
this is in?

I could fix this place up.

I got this new house
in East Hollywood.

So are we gonna bunk
together again or what?

I'm just the guy she's using

to get from you to the guy

that she's eventually gonna end up with.
And we're both good with it.

Just tell him you're a cop.
You and I both know

exactly what's going on here.

That fool had the nerve to act
like I was the one

making it about race.

I wanted to beat his ass.

That anger I saw in Tucson

was not just about that ass
of a traffic cop.

There's no way that one guy
got you wound up like that.

There has to be more.

Hey, Cinderella.

You looking for this?

What I love about hotels is
if you leave something behind,

you just call the front desk.

No awkward conversation.

I know that game.

Like you're just looking
for an excuse to call

after a night
of sinful activity.

No, I would never assume that
about you.

I know you better than that.

Kiss of death.

Mystery's all gone for us.

Only from the neck down.

Drop off the key
on your way out?

Roger that.

Brie? What's up? It's late. BRIANNA Hondo.

I need help. What's wrong?

Where are you?

I'm, I'm at a club.

I think this guy
put something in my drink.

I... I don't feel good, Hondo.

Brianna, you listen to me.
Find someplace safe.

A bathroom. Somewhere
where you can lock the door.

I was with my friend
but she already went home.

Hondo, he's coming.

Tell me where you are.


Tech. This is Rubina.

This is Sergeant Harrelson.
I need a phone pinged right now.


Ladies. Sorry, I'm LAPD.

Brie? Brie, are you in here?

Brie. All right.

My bad.



No. No, no.

Brie, Brie.

Wake up, Brie.

Brie, can you hear me?

Wake up.

At this point, we don't know.

Hold on a second.

Brie, you're okay.

They're gonna take you in
and get you checked out.

I'll be right behind.


Do you remember
serving her tonight?

I serve a lot of people.

Does this place have
security cameras?

Not inside.

You know her drink?

I remember drinks, not faces.

Yeah. Yeah, um,
rum and ginger ale.

Yeah, squeeze of lime.

Yeah, guy she was with
ordered a Harvey Wallbanger.

Anything else about him?

Kind of average, white.

He pay with a card or cash?


He tipped me a quarter.

Hipsters, man.

Annie okay you're
working on your day off,

so close to her due date?

We could use the extra cash.

I was supposed to spend
the day with Bonnie.

She planned this whole
anniversary picnic thing.

Did you ask the captain?

I'm sure she could get
someone else to fill in.

I dodged the first round of
demotions, but bosses tell me

to jump right now,
I say "how high?"

Got to prove my worth
in case they decide

to bump even more officers
back down to patrol.

Hey. Look who got called up
to the big leagues.

Hope they can keep up. We'll do our best.

Okay, with the flu going around,
we're down ten officers.

Deacon, Tan, thanks for
filling in on short notice.

Happy to be here, Cap.
Well, I appreciate it.

Let's hope for a quiet day.

Wow, I had no clue this place
needed so much work.

I thought it'd take a couple
hours, and I'd be done in time

to hike Solstice Canyon.

Well, look on the bright side.
At least we saved you

from getting eaten
by a mountain lion.

Hey, I figure we
start right here,

and get this ready for
the flat-screen TV.

You're not-you're not
just gonna paint

over those holes, are you?

No, I know that.
I bought spackling paste for it.

Spackle, for that? Yeah.

No, man, you need a new drywall
to patch that.

Then you have to sand and prime

before you even think
about painting.

And you can't do any of that

until you fix
all these roof leaks.

How do you both
not know this stuff?

'Cause I rented
all my life. If something

needed to get fixed,
I just called the super.

What about you? No good excuse, really.

Okay, so you can field-strip
and clean an HK blindfolded

but you guys don't know
how to paint a wall?

- Yeah.
- No.

I'm gonna see
if my uncle can spare

a couple of guys
from his construction crew.

Yeah. You owe me, though.

Uncle Sarzo.

Okay, okay, don't shoot.

Do what I tell you, then!

We want the good stuff.
Open the safe.

Move, man! I'm warning you.

Come on! We're not gonna
wait all day.

Put all the drugs in there.

Hurry up!


Where you think you're going?

Get down! Down! Down!

Go. Go.

You two, stay right there.


Witness says they're barricaded
inside with three hostages.

We need to get eyes
on the suspects ASAP.

Baby, baby, baby.

Try this, try this.
Come on, come on.

Shut up!

I can't think straight.

I can't think straight.

Okay. Thanks.

Got visual inside.

Pharmacist doesn't look good.

Suspects are treating
the drugstore

like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Well, I was hoping to make
the bean counters happy,

save some money, but scratch
that, we're going in.

Back door's obstructed
from the inside.

We'll cite them
after we save them.

So, what are you thinking?

Front entry? Breach and bang?

Breach and bang, yes;
Front entry, no.

Tan, you're with me. Deac,

you take Rocker and Steven,
stay frontside

until you get my signal.

What's the worst music
you have on your phone?

LAPD SWAT, don't move!

Put it down! Okay.

50-David, Code 4 inside.

Clear for paramedics to enter.
One victim with gunshot wound

to the leg. All right, let's go.

One suspect with gunshot wound
to the arm.

Hey. There's blood.
Are you hurt?

It's not mine.

I'm fine.

We've got some medical attention

waiting for you outside.

Mumford ever gonna retire?

Three ex-wives on alimony
and a new bride?

Yeah, I think he's gonna be able
to afford it in about 20 years.

That male hostage look
familiar to you?

I don't think so. Why?

I know him from somewhere.

Wanted poster, maybe?

Screw me. That's Charlie Moss.

Who? Charlie Moss,
he-he killed three people

at a tech company
in San Francisco last year.

He's been on
the Most Wanted list.

This is one of the hostages?

That's him. Detective.

Where's that hostage
you were talking to?

I think he went
to make a phone call.

Around the corner,
by the ambulance.

Paramedic wagon's gone.

Grab an EMT.

50-David, we have a triple 187.

Suspect carjacked an ambulance
and stabbed an EMT.

Believe suspect is wanted felon
Charlie Moss.

We thought he was
just an innocent hostage.

The fugitive is Charlie Moss.

Wanted on three counts
of murder, plus one attempted.

Statewide manhunt last year,
then he vanished. Until today.

The ambulance was abandoned
ten blocks from the pharmacy.

No witnesses,
no sign of Charlie.

The original victims
were three senior veeps

from Arcura Technology,
plus the CEO, who survived.

Charlie claimed they stole
his idea for an app.

He sued, he lost.

He thought he would
make millions.

Ended up bankrupt instead.

So he murdered them for revenge.

Why didn't I know about him?

Check the fugitive bulletins
once in a while, okay?

His nickname was
the Silicon Slasher.

He used to wait down
in the parking garage,

till they came down for their
cars and slashed their throats.

Lucky Mumford recognized him

at the pharmacy today.

What's he doing in L.A.?

Arcura moved headquarters

from San Francisco
to Playa Vista.

The CEO is based down here now.

His name is Martin Dunst.

Yeah. He's the only
one that Charlie

didn't finish off
the first time.

You think Charlie's
taking another run at him?

Somebody that angry

doesn't suddenly
go all Zen Buddha.

Get your team
over to their offices. All right.

Is she okay? Yes.

But she's gonna have
a monster hangover,

side effects of Rohypnol.

She's lucky.

Most times I'm ordering
a rape kit.

Is she awake? Can I talk to her?

Yeah, yeah.

Thank you, Doc.Yeah.


What happened?

You fell in the bathroom at
the club and you hit your head,

but that's all.

The guy who was after you

never made it through that door.

Thank you. Come on now,

what are big brothers for?

Don't tell Dad, please.

He worries about me even more
than I worry about him.

I don't know why I put
my drink down. I know the rules.

No, come on, Brie,
don't do that.

Don't blame yourself
for any of this, you hear me?

Just tell me what happened.

This guy, he was hitting on me.


He wanted to buy me a drink.
I wasn't interested, but, um...

I think he did it.

Did you get his name?

Everything is so fuzzy. Um...


I think he said
his name was Liam.

Three rapes,

same neighborhood,
all in the last month.

Victims got roofied,
assaulted, and left in alleys.

And no leads?

No DNA match yet, no witnesses,

no victim with a clear memory
of what happened to them.

Well, there's no such thing
as a perfect crime.

I get this is important to you,

and I'm busting my ass
trying to catch this guy,

but I've also got 20 other cases
assigned to me.

I understand.

Would you mind if I talk
to the other victims myself?

Share whatever I find.

One woman's gone back to France,

one's fallen off the radar,

and the third one's
done talking to us.

Nothing more we can do
except wait

for this guy to make a mistake.

Well, he already did.
He went after my sister.

Luca, Street,

you remember my Uncle Sarzo
and my cousin Tomas, right?

Hey, what's up?
Thanks for coming, man.

Hey, good to see you. How are you, bro?

How are you?

So what do you think?

Maybe you can still
cancel the sale.

Hell no, man,
this is a great deal.

This is part of
the city program for cops.

You pay a quarter of the
listing price. Yeah.

Unless you paid a dollar,
they overcharged you, dude.

We've handled worse.

Remember that house
in Boyle Heights?

Yeah, we-we solved that
with a bulldozer.

Dude... Can we get
started, please?

Yeah, thank you.
I appreciate it.

You can thank Chris.

We're just paying her
back a favor.


First, we're gonna need to,
get some new drywall,

then we need to sand and prime

before we can paint.

Yeah, she already told us that.

You pick out a color at least?

I always recommend Navajo White.

Thanks for giving up
your lunch break.

Of course. How's your sister?

Doctor says she was lucky,

but I can't stop thinking about
what almost happened to her.

She is lucky. She has
you for a brother.

I'm her half-brother.

She grew up in Oakland,
so I wasn't able to be there

for her the way I'd like
when she was growing up,

so I'm doing my best
for her now.

So how can I help?

If this other woman was
a victim of the same guy,

she might be able
to help us ID him,

but I figured it might be easier
for her to talk to you,

as another woman.

Maybe, but even if you manage
to track him down,

what are you gonna do?

Short of this guy
rolling over and confessing,

there's no proof.

You know how many rapists
out of 1,000 even get arrested?

Around 60.

You know how many actually
get convicted? Seven.

Well, I'm gonna make sure
he's one of those seven.

Did you know this place
even existed?

Yeah, Silicon Beach.

Over 500 tech start-ups
based around here.

I got a couple friends from
high school working nearby.

Sold their first start-up
for $20 mil.

Heads up, buddy.

Just think, if you
hadn't blown off

your MIT scholarship
for a badge,

that could've been you.

Think I made the right choice.

You sure? Those scooters go
at least eight miles an hour.

Dani Westham, Chief of Security.

We've done a full sweep of the
buildings, Sergeant. All clear.

Well, your CEO's gonna
need police protection

until we find this guy.

Martin just left
for a conference

in Tokyo.
He's gone until Monday.

Charlie Moss may not know that.

He can't get past our security.
We have the latest

in facial recognition software,
triple-steel reinforced doors,

and biometric
fingerprint access.

We're more secure
than the White House.

That's good to hear. We're
gonna run the check anyway.

Okay. Right this way.

Thanks so much
for meeting us here.

Everything's in
the statement I already gave,

which went exactly nowhere.

I understand your
frustration, Sasha,

but the man who assaulted you
is still out there,

attacking other women.

He went after
my sister last night.

If it's the same guy,
we want to stop him.

Even if you catch him,
he's not going to jail.

I know how it works.

Women aren't believed.

Victims get shamed in court
or called sluts and liars.

Rapists walk.
That's the real truth.

You know what I'm talking about.

I hate it, too,
but we can't just give up.

Is there anything
that you do remember?

Just what the doctors told me.

That's the worst part, is...

not even remembering
what he did to me.

I'm sorry. No, don't apologize.

None of this is on you.

I just want to move on
with my life.

I shouldn't have come here.

Please don't call me again.

There's nothing else
I can tell you.

Look, I know you want
to forget it all happened,

but it doesn't always
work like that.

I hope you're talking to someone

who can help you
get through this.


If you do remember
anything at all,

would you please contact me?

I do remember something.

It probably won't matter, but...

his smell.

I couldn't wash it off.

Can you describe it?

Like rotten eggs.

Grass is always greener.

You secretly wishing
you were one of them

instead of one of us? What? No.

I'm talking about relationships,
about Bonnie.

You guys hit a rough patch?

No, everything's great. She
just started dropping all these

not-so-subtle hints
about getting married.

Like what?

Wait a second.

The female hostage
at the pharmacy,

wasn't she wearing
a shirt just like that?


Female, around 30.

If she works here,
she's on the wall.

You said she's a witness
to something?

Yeah, a possible witness.
Deac, what do you think?

Well, it looks like her, but
that's not the name she gave us.

Is "Deborah" working today?

No, she's new, part-time.

Do you have her contact info? Sure.
Let me get it for you.

There's no way that
the hostage from the pharmacy

just happens to work
at the same company

that Charlie's going after.

They had to have
been there together.

We just didn't know it. We find Deborah,

we should find Charlie.

Should be good. Thanks, my man.


Hey, you gonna play some ball?

You live around here?

Is this your mom?

Is it true you're police? STREET Yeah,
we're LAPD SWAT.

We do all the cool stuff.
What's your name?

Timo. I'm Jim,

but everybody calls me Street. I'm Luca.

Why you move here?

I've been getting that all day.


Hey, you want to shoot
some baskets later?

My mom don't let me play there.

Where is it?

Ain't a court anyway.


Deborah Freeman
moved into a house

off Topanga six weeks ago.

Good place for Charlie
and Deborah to hide out.

Don't move! Or what, you'll shoot?

This is ricin.

I drop this, it goes airborne,

we're all dead.

Okay, let's talk this out. Back up!

Okay, we're not after you.
We're looking for Charlie.

Back up. Tell them to back off.

Back off, back off.


They're going.

How do you see this working out
for you, Deborah?

Are you sure you want
to do this?

How you feeling now?

Like I've been
run over by a semi.

Still can't believe
this happened.

Brie, I talked to another
woman who was attacked.

It might be the same guy.

She said all she can remember
is the smell of rotten eggs.

Did you notice
anything like that?

No idea what it could be?

I mean, when I was
in art school,

I took this, sculpting class.

Sometimes we used epoxy resin.

The cheap stuff
smelled a lot like that.

The club was in
the Art District.

You think he might be
a sculptor?

You know what, now I remember,

he had all these weird scars
on his hand.

Those could've been
chemical burns.

From the resin.

Rubina, did you get anything
from that info I sent over?

I sure did.

Based on the locations
of the clubs and bars he's hit,

the suspect probably lives
or works in this quadrant.

I cross-referenced against
a couple of art websites

and online galleries. No Liams.

But I did find two Williams.

William Marsh makes
custom sculptures of pets,

and William Tanner makes...

I'm not even sure
what you'd call it.

Found him on a chat site
bitching about a general lack

of appreciation for his talent.

Rubina, I owe you.

Send me both of those, will you?

You got it.

You find something? Yeah.

Deborah's phone.
They're definitely a couple.

You get anything from her? She won't talk.

Well, he's changed his MO.

He knows he can't get up close
with all the security.

Well, he's counting on his
girlfriend to get around that.

CDC cleared the property.
Found evidence they cooked up

twice what we grabbed.

There's still ricin out there.

Probably with Charlie. So if Deborah

got a job at the cafeteria,

what if the plan all along
was to put it in the food?

He's not just going
after the boss,

he's targeting
the whole company this time.

That's him.

You sure? That is him.

Can you arrest him?

Brie, all we have right now is
a driver's license photo.

Without any physical
evidence against him,

a judge won't issue a warrant.

So that's it?

He just gets away with it

so he can do that to more women?

Hey, let me know if you
need anything, okay?

Yeah, sure.

Browsing or shopping, my man?


Where were you last night,
Mr. Tanner?

I was here working late.

What's that ink on your hand?

That stamp doesn't prove that

you were at the Astral Club
last night?

Well, I took a break,
went out for a quick drink.

Then I came back here,
worked late.

You know, a woman got roofied
at that club last night,

and she ID'd you as the man
who drugged her.

Look, I don't know
a lot about roofies,

but doesn't it affect
your memory?

Because if she's saying
that I slipped her something,

she's lying.

You calling my sister a liar?

Your sister? That's right.

Man, I don't know
what you're talking about.

I never met your sister.


There was a black lady.
That was your sister?

She tried to pick meup.

She was so wasted
that she could barely

stay on her feet.

That's-that's not really
my thing.

She had enough Rohypnol
in her system to take out six

grown-ass men.

Would you consent to me
searching the premises

to make sure
you ain't got nothing

lying around here like that?

You know, I don't think so.

What's the problem
if you're innocent?

Look, I don't like how
you're trying to intimidate me.

I didn't have anything to do
with what happened

to your sister;
I hope she's okay, though.

Yeah, she's fine
because she got away.

Unlike the other women
that you drugged and raped.

You got the wrong guy.

Look, no offense,
but what little

that I remember
about your sister,

she's, not really my type.

Did you try the club?
They got cameras, don't they?

That's smooth.
You know they don't.

So, let me get this straight.

You come into my place
with some personal beef

on your own time,
you scare away my customers...

Ain't nobody buying this trash.

And you accuse me
of being a rapist,

with no evidence.

Which you can't ever get

because nothing happened.

I don't have to talk to you.

I'm asking you to respect
my rights and leave.

All right.

What are you doing?

Well, I mean, if you're
telling the truth, your DNA

is not gonna match up to any
rape kits in the system, so...

no worries, right?

Well, what does DNA prove?

That I had sex with some women?

That doesn't mean
it wasn't consensual.

Let me tell you something.

If you ever drug or hurt
another woman,

I will bypass this little

security system of yours,

and I will wait right here,
inside, until you get home.

You'll go reach
in the fridge for a beer,

maybe you'll try to pull
your clothes out of the dryer,

and when you turn around,

this will be the last face
that you ever see.

Do you understand me?

You ain't the only one who can
get away with things, Liam.

I could report you
for threatening me.

Please, please,
go ahead and make that call

because I will wait.

Let's let 'em look
into all of if.

Yeah, what's going on, Captain?

All right, where do you need me?

I'm on my way.

Hey, what's up, guys?

So, my buddy and I, we just,

we just moved in over there.
Yeah, we ain't blind.

You're Shorty, right?

You're Marcos Guzman's
little brother.

What's it to you?

Why are you harassing us?

No, we're not harassing you,
we just want to talk to you.

Man to man. Yeah, look, it's all good

that you guys hang out
here and everything,

but this is a public
space for everybody

in the neighborhood, you know?

Well, we ain't stopping nobody.

Hey, Shorty,

tell your brother I can get
that warrant off his head,

but him and is crew
got to meet us here tonight

for a little conversation.

Whatcha doing?

Just making friends.
Starting at the top.

Captain called.
There's a developing situation.

She needs a few extra bodies.
Let's roll!

The suspect is
in possession of ricin.

Evacuate the buildings.

You said he was targeting
the cafeteria food.

This stuff is lethal
if it gets airborne.

Evacuate the entire campus.

Do it. Get everyone out.


Iris, Iris.

Do you recognize this man?

No. Who is he?

It's-it's Deborah's boyfriend.

That's not her boyfriend.

She's dating Joe,
the facilities manager.

That's how she got the job here.
Wait a minute, wait a second,

how much access does
he have to this campus?

All of it.

Okay. Go, go.

So Deborah hooks up with Joe,
steals his codes or his pass,

gives Charlie access
to the building.

Street, Tan,

get everybody out of here now.
Everybody else with me.

Okay, it's this way.

Hey, everybody. Let's go.

Out! Come on, let's go.
Okay, we gotta move. Move.

Everybody out this way, come on.


Looks like Charlie beat us.

God, that's Joe. DEACON How'd he get
past security?

I thought there was
facial-recognition software.

The system recognizes
faces or fingerprints.

Um, hey, hey.

Can you locate him? Well,
if he's using Joe's...

Wait, it's not working.

I'm locked out. Wait, there.

Where's he going? What's
on the third floor?

The CEO's suite
and the boardroom.

That's the AC.

He's targeting
the central air system.

Come on, let's move!

That'll spread
the ricin everywhere.

Let's go. Come on,
come on, guys, come on!

Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go!

Hey, hold up, hold up.

The system sealed all the doors.

Break it down.

That's three layers of steel.

It's gonna need a charge.

Gonna take more than one.

He must have forced Joe to
undo everyone's permissions.

I can't get online.

What's that mean? He's in control
of the building.

He's sealed all the doors
so no one can get out.

Make a hole, make a hole.
Back it up. Let me through! Let me through!

Get it open.

Let's go, get it open.

Can you cut the AC?

Chris, you set? Clear.

- Look out.
- Breach,

three, two, one.

Go, go, go.

Rocker, cut the power
to all the buildings.

Where's the circuit breaker?

Electrical room, outside,
northwest corner.

Back up! Back up! Back up, back up!

It's not budging. It's bulletproof.

Where's my team?


Hondo, we can't get
the doors open.

Luca, you're with me
on the two-three side.

Chris, you're with me! On your ten!

50-David to Command,

we have ricin
in the central air system.

You've got 60 seconds max
to clear the building.

Get everybody back.

Everybody down.
Get low, get low, get low.

Everyone down,
turn around, take cover.

Cover your eyes.
Cover your face.

I got to find the electrical
shut-off point.

This way, this way. STREET
All right, everyone, let's go.

Come on, let's go! Come on, come on!

Move! Move! Move! Come on.


I'm out of charges. You?

I'm out, too. Me, too.

Show me your knife.

30-David to Command,

suspect's in the adjacent

50-David's in foot pursuit.

He's in the atrium.
We're locked out.

Move! Move! Come on, let's go!


Mumford has the suspect.
He's fighting

on the fourth floor
at the two-three corner.

We can't get to him.


Took you long enough.

It happened so fast.'Cause he's a beast.

Hondo. Thanks for coming
in on your day off.

If I had known what
happened to your sister,

I wouldn't have called you in.

I'm happy to be here.

Hey, what happened
to your sister?

She's fine now.

I heard the fight got nasty.

Go see the medic.

Get yourself checked out.

The EMTs fixed me up. I'm good.

The FBI swept
Charlie's computer.

He and Deborah have been
planning this for months.

When you made him
at the drugstore,

they figured it was
now or never.

If Mumford
hadn't recognized him?

The body count? We stopped him.

Hell of a day out there.

End of shift.

Go enjoy.

All right, party at mine!

We're gonna fire up the grills,
ice some beers.

Who's coming? You might want to say no.

It's still your anniversary. Unless
you want to end up on the couch.

No joke, that.
Sorry man, I can't.

Yeah, I got a security gig.
I'm out.

When do you find time to sleep?
With a new baby on the way?

Might as well get used to it.

Mumford, how about you?

I can't. Nikki's waiting
for me at home.

You two lovebirds. The
honeymoon still ain't over?

Never. Good man.

All right, just us, then.
Three makes it a party, right?

Yeah. Hell, yeah.

So Bonnie wants to
seal the deal?

Seems like.

Are there bridal magazines
popping up in unexpected places?

That's how Annie let me know.

No, she wants me
to meet her parents.

That's a major move.

Or she just wants you
to meet her parents.

How do you ever know

who you want to spend
the rest of your life with?

I have no clue who I'll be five
years from now, let alone 50.

Well, you hope you get
50 years together.

That's terrifying.

You don't want to marry
the wrong one,

but you don't want
to be so scared

that you don't marry
the right one, either.

I mean, look at Hondo
and Luca. God love 'em,

but I bet they weren't
planning on dying single.

I hear you.

Hey, hey. You did pretty good
in the major leagues.

Little more practice,
you might get drafted.

So what happened?

I had a talk with the guy.


I got his DNA.

But you know
it'll take months to process.

And even if there's a hit,
he's already claiming consent.

And no proof,
just like you tried to tell me.

Maybe you scared him
enough with the DNA

that he won't do it again.

I threatened to
kill him if he did.


It felt righteous.

It wasn't.

Why are you even telling me?

Because you asked.

A cop threatening a civilian?

I definitely did
not just hear that.

He ain't a civilian,
he's a rapist.

A suspected rapist.


I know you want to punish
this guy, and I get it.

You don't think I'm angry?

That women everywhere
aren't angry right now?

There's a part of me that wishes
you would've done more

than just threaten him,
but that is a slippery slope.

I know that. We both worked too hard

to get where we are.

And you know
we don't get second chances.

You got to get a handle on this

before it takes you somewhere
that you can't come back from.

I just dragged myself
out of a messy marriage.


This was supposed
to be easy, light.

A fun time.

Maybe I bring out
the worst in you.

This is not about you. I know.

It's just something you say
at a time like this.

I'm not what you signed up for.

We both knew this wasn't
gonna be long-term.

I want to see you deal
with this, whatever this is...

but I'm not the one to help you.

Maybe we should...

Take a break?



Take care of yourself.

I mean that.

You, too.

All right. Nice job
on the courts, man.

Thanks for coming through
when I called an audible.

We can get working
on the house tomorrow.

Gonna take some time.

Roger that. I'm in it
for the long haul.

Street and I, we can rough it
for a while, you know?

Thanks for the help, man.

Cheers, brother. Hey, um,

so what did Chris do
for Uncle Sarzo

that he owes her this big favor?

Make, like, a dozen
parking tickets disappear,

or what? Yeah, right, man.

She doesn't break the rules.
Not even for family.

When I was 12,

I caught a leukemia diagnosis.

And, um, Chris was a match.

She donated bone marrow,
saved my life.

Did you just tell him?

And she hates people
knowing she's a hero.

All I did was lie on a gurney.
It's not a big deal.

Sure it is. So you wait all this time

to call in this favor
and you use it on me and Luca?

Don't flatter yourself.
I call it in all the time.

Yeah, like, every other day.

Hey, Timo. You want to play?

Can I play?

Five minutes,
then straight home.

Yeah! Okay, we got a game going!

Let's go, Timo!

Yeah! All right!

Timo! In the bucket, yeah.

Hey, you guys want to play, too?


Okay, foul.

Call the cops. Wait.

Get it in, get it in, get it in.

Yeah! Yeah!

What? Timo!

Give me a high-five.

Here we go, Chris.

Hang on.

Hear you want to talk. I figured

we could set some ground rules.

What you even doing here?

No place left to gentrify?

I mean, if he wanted
to gentrify the neighborhood,

he would've turned it
into a dog park.

Look, we live here now,
so all we want to do after work

is come home, hang out with
our buddies and play some ball.

We're not looking to hassle
anybody on our off-time.

You think you can
fix up the court,

change a few light bulbs
and now we all good?

It don't work like that.

Look, I'm just telling you
we're not looking for trouble.

But we also can't ignore
what we see on the corner.

You know what I mean?

There's nothing to see.

So we all understand
each other, then?

Yeah, we understand.
You want us out of here.

But you see, we were here first.

This is our neighborhood.
You hear me?

My family's been on this block
since 1969, and we roll deep.

We belong here. You don't.

You'll figure that out
soon enough.

Let's roll.

Well, that went well.

How you holding up?

You okay?


You found that guy?

Yeah. I had a talk with him.

And I don't think he's
gonna hurt anyone else.

And you, for sure, don't
have to worry about him.

Come on. Let's get you home.

I love you, Brie.

I know.

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