S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The SWAT team tries to determine the next diamond dealer to be robbed by a group of highly organized thieves executing heists across downtown Los Angeles. When Hondo is emotionally affected...

Previously on S.W.A.T.

Street came to see me today.

He wants to help out in the armory.
Strictly volunteer.

Think he's trying
to make amends.

You'd-You'd give me a chance
at getting back on SWAT?

I'm saying that I will
get you in SWAT academy.

How bad do you want it?

Devlin one, Street two.

I just want to say thanks, for
making SWAT a possibility.

You've always had my back.

Gracias, Tío.

Chrissy. I know you didn't
get all dolled up for us.

You got a hot date tonight?

Yeah, sorry. I
gotta eat and run.

Hey, Aunt Chrissy. Who's
your date, boy or girl?


Thank God you're a part
of this family, Chrissy.

Otherwise, we'd never
have to explain

things to our kids.

Didn't mean to say
something bad.

No, you didn't, poquito.

My date this time
is with a girl.

Her name is Kira;
she's super cool

and she likes collecting
vinyl records like me.

Have you kissed her yet?

Not yet. But maybe tonight.

And where did you
meet this Kira?

Uh, dating app.

Does anybody make connections
in real life anymore?

Like at work or church?

It's a brave new
world, Uncle Sarzo.

That's what I'm afraid of.

Mm. I gotta go. Bye.



- Bye sweetie, be safe.
- Mm.


We have two silent alarms.

The police will be
here any second.

That's my wife... my girls.

2-11 in progress.

Suspect's vehicle heading
northbound on Olive.

All units please respond.

This is SWAT 20-David.

I'm off-duty, but I'm in the area.
Responding now.

Hey! Hey.

I'm Metro SWAT.

Are you all right?

- My ribs.
- All right. I got you, I got you.

Let's get you out of here.
Come on.

I got you.

- Oh, God.
- Oh, yeah.

Your head. Here.

Here, take my shirt.

Keep pressure on your head.

This is 20-David to Command.

2-11 suspects headed
westbound on Mateo.

Armed with an automatic weapon
and high round capacity.

Hey, is a deal.

You don't have enough bad guys
to chase when you're on duty?

Just happened to be five blocks
away when the call went out.

I understand the suspects
used a machine gun.

Almost chopped a
patrol car in half.

Yeah. It messed up a
uni, but, fortunately,

his car got the worst of it.

A city-wide alert went out
on the getaway vehicle,

- but so far, nothing.
- It's got to be the same crew

that hit the other diamond
dealers last week.

M.O. matches. A four-man team.

They shut off the
alarms, blow the doors,

and only steal uncut,
untraceable diamonds.

- What's the haul on this one?
- $4 million.

Robbery-Homicide puts their
total haul at over 11.


These guys used C-4
shaped charges.

Sport body armor and
carry a SAW machine gun.

There's no doubt this crew
has military training.

SWAT's taking over
from Robbery-Homicide,

and when this crew makes
their next move...

We need to be ahead of them.




Oh, wow. You look so good.


Nothing, you just
look really pretty.

I dig those earrings, too.

Hm. Gift to myself.

Moscow Mule, right?

That's my drink,

but I'm actually on call,

so tonight I'm
sticking with water.

Any crazy stories
from this week?

Uh, I kicked in a few doors,

served some warrants, um,
nothing too exciting.

Maybe not to you..

Here. Here is to
date number three.

Okay, look.

Everything about you is amazing,

but we are at the point...

at least I think we are...
where there's something

that I need to be
honest with you about.

Uh-oh. Are you really a
bank robber on the run

that I'm gonna have
to end up busting?

No. Nothing illegal...

but I do have a fiancé.

His name is Ty, we live together

and we're very much in love.

- Does he even know you're here?
- Of course.

We're honest with each
other about everything.

It's been a while since a couple

tried recruiting me
for a threesome,

but I'm not into being a prop
for other people's fantasies.

It's not like that. I
mean, at least not

the one night fling
kind of thing.

We're polyamorous.

Me and Ty. And
we've been looking

for a new woman, a new third,

- to complete us.
- A new third?

What happened to the last one?

She was great,

but she took a job in D.C.
too good to pass up.

That was six months ago.
We're extremely picky.

You should take this
as a compliment.

I'm sorry. I-I-I didn't post
anything on my profile saying

that I was looking for
this kind of stuff.

Your profile said
you were bisexual.

- So?
- What if you didn't have to choose?

What if you could have a life

with a woman and a man?

This is way too complicated.

It's work.

They've got a situation.
I have to go in.


There's a connection between us.
We both feel it.

Why don't you just meet Ty

and let us answer any
questions you may have?

I have to go.

Chris. Just think about it.

What you're talking about...

It's not me.

I'm sorry.


- Hey.
- You know what that is?

Oh, yeah, it's an LRAD.

- Yeah.
- What happened to it?

Uh, it was a hostage situation.

Some, uh, rookie backed
over it with his squad car.

Well, we got zero
money to fix it.

Yeah, these budget
cuts are bogus,

but what separates SWAT
from all other LAPD,

we find ways to improvise.

- Luca.
- Yeah.

The training exercise
this morning.

What happened out there?
With my score, I mean.

You fired a door-buster
grenade at a suspect,

- so I docked you five points.
- Yes.

But in that scenario, he had
a gun to an infant's head.

I mean, even if they are
just Cabbage Patch Dolls,

I used what I had available to
take him out to save the infant.

- It was necessary.
- Look, the LAPD SWAT manual

clearly states

that a rifle-breaching grenade
is only to be used on doors,

tempered glass and other
inanimate objects.

- Never on a person's body.
- Luca, come on.

- I mean, I already had it loaded.
- Look, I don't care

what they taught you down
in Long Beach, Street.

This is LAPD SWAT.

I seem to recall you pulling the
same stunt on a barricade call.

Just get that fixed and back
into the Black Betty ASAP.

Those tech guys send over
those cell monitors yet?

- Yeah.

Right here. I checked them out,
made sure they all worked,

- put fresh batteries.
- Appreciate it.

- Yeah.
- Listen, I've been meaning to tell you.

You're doing good work in here.

I'm just trying to do my part.

And I... I wanted
to thank you again.

For giving me a second chance.

Do me a favor and get that box
into Black Betty, all right?

Hey, Hondo?

Why doesn't Luca want
me back on the team?

Street, you got to remember,
Luca's third generation SWAT.

He's got a family
legacy to protect.

He's always had a rep for
being a tough evaluator.

Yeah, I mean, I've heard
the horror stories

from Chris and Tan about
how tough he was on them

through training, but, I mean,

he's just making it
his mission to find

the smallest excuses
to make sure I fail.

Okay, so what are you thinking?

What? Because Luca is your buddy

and you let him crash on
your couch for a few months,

he's gonna let you cruise
through the academy?

- All I want is a fair shot.
- Street, listen.

Me, Deacon, Chris, Tan,
we see both sides.

Luca will never understand
why you're willing

to risk getting
kicked off the team.

Luca's worldview

has been beaten into him since
he learned how to crawl.

Now, I'll talk to him,
but in the meantime,

you show up, you play hard.

Kick some ass.

I will.

L.A.'s diamond district. Over
a hundred licensed jewelers

moving tens of millions of
dollars of rock every day.

This crew has only struck
within these borders.

They've been careful to keep
their exposure time limited

to under four minutes.

Typical response time
for an LAPD chopper

to get on top of
someone is five.

Right, so they choose parking
garages close to their targets.

They ditch the getaway vehicles,

switch them out for
ones in clean plates.

And then, it's two
minutes in any direction

to three major freeways
that run through downtown.

Every truck they steal, they
reinforce the front and back

by welding on steel plates.

So these guys are awesome
at getting away,

but how are they getting in?

Most diamond dealers
use three alarms,

alerting the police if
any one of them fail.

But nowadays 99% of alarms
run on cell networks.

And during all three robberies,
employees and guards

reported a complete
loss of cell service

right before they got
hit by this crew,

which means they're using
military-grade cell jammers.

If no alarms reach LAPD
dispatch, how are we gonna know

which diamond brokers
are being jacked?

I had the tech boys send
us some cellular monitors.

These things read
how weak or strong

a cell signal is in a building.

We install one of those in
every broker in the district.

That way there if the
cell service goes dark

- in any one of them...
- That's the one the crew's hitting.

- Like a cellular trip wire.
- Exactly.

All right, let's roll
out and set some traps.

You got some new
intel on this crew?

All three brokers
that were targeted

have financial ties to Farbrek.

L.A.'s Israeli Mafia?

The one that supposedly
doesn't exist?

You think think this crew

is only stealing diamonds
that belong to Farbrek?

All three brokers hired guards
from the same security company.

Owned by Aviv Cohen.

He's supposedly
Farbrek's top enforcer.

I know. We crossed paths when
I worked organized crime.

We were building a case
against the Russian mob,

- and Cohen gave us a lot of help.
- Yeah.

He fed you intel on the Russians
to get rid of his competition.

Nobody makes a move in the
district without Cohen knowing.

By now, he's searching for
the same suspects we are.

If he finds them...

Judge, jury and executioner.

Who knows what kind
of collateral damage.

What do you want to do?

Talk to him. But
Cohen's dangerous,

so I wanted at least one person
here to know where I was going.

- Jessica.
- Aviv.

- Coffee?
- No, I have a rule.

No caffeine after dark,
or I would never sleep.

Of course.

The diamond brokers
who were robbed.

I know your bosses control them.

I also know that you're
responsible for their protection.

That's why I always liked you.

You don't waste time, do you?

My firm has started its
own investigation.

We, uh, we filed claims with
the insurance companies...

I know. I requested copies.

All three brokers had only
the minimum coverage.

Total value of the stones
stolen so far, 11 million.

Total payout from all three
policies, three million.

Leaving eight million reasons

why you want your
hands on this crew.

I'm only doing what's
within our legal rights

to get back what was
taken from our client.

Here's a deal. If you find
the suspects before we do,

you call me and SWAT
takes them into custody.

So you get to hang another
plaque on your wall

while our diamonds get stuck

in the probate court for
God knows how long, right?

Aviv. If you help me get
this crew off the street

without any more bloodshed,

I will hand-deliver those
stones to you myself.

These thieves killed and
injured some of my men.

All the more reason to let
me put them behind bars.

How do I know you're
gonna keep your word?

I kept my word to you last
time, and I will this time.

In both our jobs,

having a friend is much
smarter than making an enemy.

Here we go.

- What you got?
- Black Dodge Ram. Engine's running.

License number 2-6-1-P-C-E.

No, doesn't come up stolen.

It's registered to
Eddie Alvarez, 71.

Yeah, the only target

Eddie's after is the
half-chicken combo.

Hondo, I ran every pickup

in the area, no red flags.

You and Deac, uh, spot
anything where you're perched?

Negative. Just keep
your eyes open.

If this crew makes a move,

- we need to be on top of them quick.
- Roger that.

That PR girl you've been after,
you have date number three yet?

We did. And, uh, she's not in PR.
She's in marketing.

What's her name? Like, K-Kiva?

- Kira.
- Kira. That name just sounds sexy.

She's that one with the vintage
record collection, right?

You notice I haven't said
anything about her today?

I thought you said she might be
serious girlfriend material.

Yeah, I thought so, too, but...

Sounds like Kira's
lost her sizzle.

Hey, we've got a
complete signal loss

at Durant Diamonds.

Hondo, the crew's
moving on a broker.

Seventh and Broadway.

This is 20-David to Command.

We are trading fire

with four heavily
armed suspects.

30-David to Command.

Suspect vehicle
feeling the scene.

A gray crew cab pickup
heading east on Broadway.

Suspect sporting heavy armor!

Cover me.

If we can't

pierce that armor,
he's not going down.

Did Hondo just skip a bullet?

To get a different
angle on the armor?

Guys talk about doing it,
but I've never seen it.

This is 20-David to Command.

One suspect down.

White female.

Is hard to believe this suspect

to came out with a machine gun.

Adina Bagdalov.

22-year-old Israeli national
here on a student visa.

I thought Jews weren't
supposed to get tattoos?

I knew this Jewish cop in Vice

who got full sleeve tats.
He was killed,

and his parents couldn't
bury him in the family plot.

Well, she didn't think twice
about mixing it up with us.

I doubt she cared what
her parents thought.

She handled that SAW like a pro.

Well, in Israel, it's mandatory
for all men and women

to join the military
when they turn 18,

so she had plenty of training.

She was a college student?

That's what it says on her visa.

She came here to study
biology at Northridge.

Then a month ago, she dropped
out, then disappeared.

- She have any other family here?
- No, not stateside.

I called the Israeli consulate.

They're trying to track
down next of kin.

The three suspects who got
away, they're also women?

Dr. Hughes is sending

the postincident psych
review for your file.

You're clear for duty.

The suspect,

she was a young woman.

Yeah. Surprised the
hell out of me, too.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine, Jess. You know me.

Not as much as I used to.

- How are things with your new guy?
- David?


I met his family the other
night for the first time.

I couldn't really tell
if they liked me.

Oh, come on. Stop it. I'm
sure they loved you.

I mean, he's got no
chance of treating you

like the last guy, but, uh...

- maybe he'll come close.
- What about you?

Is there any lucky
girl in your life?

No one serious.

Okay, now that we've ID'd
one of the suspects,

let's start making connections
to the other three.

We're already doing it.
And I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for getting
me cleared for duty.


- What's this?
- Request for a new LRAD sonic rifle.

Somebody trashed ours.

We're facing massive
budget cuts.

I cannot put this
request through.

- I'm sorry.
- I mean, just explain

to the city controller it's a
nonlethal acoustic device...

A sound gun.

Believe me, she'll see
it as a waste of money.

She's already on me about
the 500 Tac Lights

- I got ordered by accident.
- I can return them.

Refund might cover the
cost of a new LRAD.

The vendor won't take them back.

What if I knew someone that
could take those off our hands?

You know someone who wants
to buy 500 Tac Lights?


Someone legal?

Of course.

Why does everyone always
assume the worst about me?

Just make sure no one sees
you haul them out of here.

You know, in all the years
we've worked together,

I don't think I've ever
seen you use a microwave.

Usually the beeping means
your food is done.

You ever kill a woman?

No, I have not.

Neither have I. Till today.

We engaged an armed suspect.

Makes no difference
what gender they are.

So why do I feel bad about it?

Because, if you're like me,

you probably hold on to
some notion of chivalry.

Handed down to us
by the old-timers

who taught us the
codes of the street.

My mama always told me

that you protect the
women and the kids.

Unfortunately, that's not
the world we live in today.

We got kids shooting
up movie theaters.

Moms pulling pieces
on each other

because someone stole a
parking spot at yoga class.

I mean, maybe there was
a nonlethal scenario

- that I should've thought about.
- Like what?

There was no other scenario.


Look, laying out on
that coroner's slab,

she looked like the
girl next door.

But you didn't shoot a woman.

You shot a killer.

Thanks, Deac.

And when exactly did

- Adina move out of your dorm?
- About a month ago.

I came home from class, and
all her stuff was gone.

I figured she got homesick
and went back to Israel.

You didn't get any calls or
texts from her after that?

No. We weren't very close.

I mean, she was always either
in class or at the gym.

She basically lived there.

She ever talk about her family?

They were aid workers
who got killed

crossing the border in Israel.

Adina say how they died?

No. I figured it was terrorism.

I mean, you know how messed
up it is over there.

Did she have a boyfriend or
any other friends on campus?

No, but she mentioned
she had a few friends

from back home who were
also here on visas.

- In L.A.?
- No idea.

Just heard her talking on the
phone with them a few times.

Real discreet.

Hey, you're the one who wanted
to do this in broad daylight.

All right.

Like I said,

ten grand worth of Tac Lights,

brand-new, in the box.

Sweet. Still got guys in
narcotics duct-taping Maglites

to the end of their shotguns.

- Sure your captain okayed this?
- Of course.

Hey man, we're just two friendly
law enforcement agencies

- filling gaps in our inventories.
- Translation...

let's make this quick before
someone notices they're gone.


What happened to this LRAD?

Sarge got drunk at
Novak's bachelor party

and dropped it in a hot tub.

Pretty sure the
components still work.

This is not a fair trade.

So, you working the Armory.

That mean you're
not SWAT anymore?

Temporary budget thing.


you pissed off the wrong people.

That's the Jim Street
I know and love.

Let's just say it's a, uh...

to-be-continued situation.

I had Customs search
their database

for all Israeli females

who entered the country
on student visas.

Three women were flagged
for extending their visas

and then disappearing, so
we dug a little deeper.

These three women
served in the same unit

in the Israeli Defense Force.

Shoshonah Peretz. She
arrived four months ago,

enrolled at Otis
School of Design,

and then, six weeks ago, she
dropped out and vanished.

Dania Ganz. Accepted
to Loyola Marymount

for political science, and then,
a month ago, she was gone.

Tori Kavev. She got
into Pepperdine.

Three weeks ago, she ghosted.

Now, all three of
these women grew up

in the same settlement
here, in Rimon.

It's a stone's throw from
the Palestinian border.

Okay, I'm a believer.

According to Israeli
border police,

each of the girls had at
least one parent murdered

who worked for a group by the
name of the Segol Foundation.

The Jewish charity here in L.A.?

Yeah, the foundation funds
the entire settlement

and employs everyone in it.

And the border police suspect

that these girls' parents
were murdered for something

they were trying to
smuggle over the border.

- Uncut diamonds.
- I called a friend in Financial Crimes.

He suspects that the Segol
Foundation is linked

to Farbrek somehow, who uses the
charity to launder dirty money,

but no one's ever been
able to prove it.

This is about diamonds, but
it's also about revenge.

Customs have any idea where
to find these girls?

No, but even armed robbers
like to post to social media.

These are the last
pics that she posted

before scrubbing the account,

about a month before
the robberies started.

And that is Nicholas Darby.

He and Shoshonah were
enrolled in the same class.

Deac, get the team
ready to roll.

Did Cohen tell you

about Farbrek's connection
to all of this?

Nope, he left that part out.


Shouldn't make a habit of
being seen together, Jessica.

Why are you showing me this?

She and her army buddies are
the ones ripping you off.

But you already knew that.

Your bosses trick settlers into
smuggling diamonds into Israel,

telling them the profits
support the homelands.

It's not illegal to support
a worthy cause, or is it?

Once those diamonds
arrived in L.A.,

your bosses cover their tracks
by killing those girls' parents.

Do you have anything
to do with that?

Okay, here's the truth.

I've never even been
to Israel, okay?

I'm a horrible Jew.

But your bosses did order you
to kill these young women

if you find them
first, didn't they?

If I find them, I'll call you.

Hate to lose a friend.

If they turn up dead,

you'll lose more
than just a friend.

Bye, Jessica.

Shosh, wh-what are you doing?
What are you doing with a gun?

Metro SWAT! Get down!

- Deacon, Luca, cover the roof.
- Down, down!

Go! Tan, you're with me!
Move! Move!

- Down! Go!
- Yeah, yeah.

- Hands behind your back.
- I don't think...

- Hands behind your back!
- Go!

Drop your weapon!

Suspect's coming your way!

Drop the weapon!

Hondo, suspect's going
for the one-side!

Shoshonah, don't move.

Don't do it.

The glass!

You took quite a spill.

You're lucky you didn't
slice an artery.

You're the one that
killed my friend?

You got one hell of a crew.

You know, most of the
men that we chase...

they aren't half as tough
as you and your friends.

But it's over, Shoshonah.
Unless your pals

are on a suicide mission,
there's only one play here.

All four of you got
the same tats?

Part of our pact.

"Never again"...
what does that mean?

We refuse to be victims twice.

That's your parents.

We know Farbrek's

- responsible for their deaths.
- We also know that through

the charity they control that
they forced your parents

to smuggle blood
diamonds into Israel,

promised them that the profits
would go to new settlements,

and then repaid them with
bullets to the head.

I don't want any more of
your friends to end up

in the morgue like Adina.
Now, is that what you want?

Family and friends
is important to you.

But Shoshonah, your silence...

it's actually putting
your friends in danger.

They're safe from
you, aren't they?

The LAPD is not who you
need to be worried about.

If Cohen and his men
get to them first,

you know the torture
he'll put them through.

If you truly love your friends,

you'll help us save them.

And I promise you, we will
bring them in unharmed,

and your story will be heard.

You're fixing it, huh?


I can't believe
Luca ran over it.


He told me that...


By the way, if you're, uh,

here to beg me to rejoin
the team, you're too late.

I've realized that
my true calling is

drying out circuit boards and

watching everybody else get
to do all the cool stuff.

Actually, I'm-I'm...

I'm here for advice.

Not sure why,

considering the disaster
you call your love life.

Well, you've been
my sounding board

for all of my romantic

I'd be honored to
return the favor.

Okay, but when I tell you this,
can you please promise me

you're not gonna spiral into
some juvenile sex fantasy?

- Sure.
- It's about Kira.

The marketing girl with
the rad vinyl collection?

It turns out she has a
fiancé, a guy, and they...

they want to recruit
me into being a part

of their relationship.

Let me get this straight.

So, you're into Kira, but
she's engaged to a dude,

- and they-they both want to date you?
- I know.

- It's, uh... different.
- Mm.

I don't even know if
I want to meet him.

- Well, I do.

I mean, any guy who's planning
a wedding with his bride-to-be

while also lining up a second
hottie for a roll in the hay

- with his fiancée's blessing...
- Street!

- Spiraling.
- Sorry.

So, what about Kira?

- Do you really like her?
- Yeah.

She's funny, she's smart.

Chemistry is crazy.

I honestly thought
I found someone

I wanted to get serious with,

but I can't do this...
polyamorous thing.

Okay, I'll bite. Why not?

Okay, one... that's not
what I'm looking for.

Two... you've met my family.

And as much as they love me,
it took them a long time

to even accept that
I was bisexual.

I can't imagine how they'd react

if I brought a man and a
woman home for Christmas.


You know what I've loved about
you since the first day we met?

You don't give a damn
what anyone thinks.

You're just you.

Yeah, but being a third
wheel in a "throuple?"

I mean, you wouldn't
be standing here

talking to me if you
weren't at least

tempted to be in a...
"throuple?" Is that...?

That's what we're calling it?

- Yeah. Whatever.
- I mean, who knows?

They could be the
loves of your life.

You should just do
what you want to do.

Don't worry about what
anyone else thinks.


And I'm... I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to, um, call your
relationships "disasters."

Well, they are, so...

Maybe I just haven't met
the right couple yet.


This belongs in Black Betty.

Gollen Precious Metals.

Shoshonah told us this was the
next broker they're hitting.

Only two of them now.
You think they'll still

- go through with it?
- They made a pact to steal back

every single stone their
parents died for,

bringing at least some restitution
to their families back home.

Yeah, and from what
we've seen so far,

even just two of these women,
lethal enough to pull it off.

We know they'll shoot it
out before just giving up.

Let's go. They're
hitting it at 4:00.

We'll be there at 2:00.

Any second now.

Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

They're here.

Hondo, I have eyes on Cohen.

Moving heavy with back-up
to the real target.

Shoshonah fed us a diversion.

Captain, what's your 20?

Sixth and Broadway.
L.C.J. Metals.

Roger that. We're
headed to you now.

Stop and lay down your weapons.

I said lay down your weapons.

- Where's our diamonds?
- They came last night.

- Put them in the floor.
- Show us.

Lay down your weapons.

Your suspects,

they're, uh, they're inside.

I don't give third warnings
and I don't shoot to wound.

- Jessica.
- Aviv.

Okay. Okay.

Start walking.

Captain, you good?


Cover! Cover!

Luca. Smokes, strobes, noise...
whatever barricade gear we got.

I don't have the combination.

LAPD! Drop your weapons!

LAPD has the place surrounded.
You got nowhere else to run.

Move, move!

Sir, come with me.

Anyone clock how
much ammo they had?

They've gone through
a mag each already.

- They can't have much more.
- Yeah, well, it only takes one.

Dania! Tori! Look, we
know why you're here,

and we know what happened
to your parents.

Enough people have
died over these rocks!

Let's end this right now.

Is that thing charged?

All the way.


Luca, move, move.

Got it cranked to ten.

- Suspects down!
- Move, move, move!

Go, go!

Hands up! Don't move!

What happened to my phone call?

To working with me?

I have bosses,
Jessica, same as you.

I don't question their orders,
I just carry them out.

We recovered the diamonds.
Every stone.

If you kept your word, I would be
handing them over to you right now.

Okay, so let's try and
salvage our deal.

You got a deal when I let you
walk away the first time.

You should be sitting
in prison right now.

But I'm not. Because one day you
know you're gonna need me again.

I sent a copy over
to Organized Crime.

They've been circling
Farbrek for years.

Looks like a list
of names of people

of people who like
donating to charity.

Yeah, but I'm sure it won't
take long for them to match

the names on that list to the
blood diamonds they belong to.

Jessica, you don't
have to do this.

Aviv, I told you.
In our line of work

you need every
friend you can get.

- And you just lost your best one.
- Jessica...

Man, my ears are still ringing.

What'd you say?

You know, we all...
obsess over our losses,

but we never celebrate the wins.

Two months ago. A hostage
barricade on the 101.

Meth-head from Carson,
kidnapped his ex-girlfriend,

he tried to get her to jump into the river.
You remember?

Oh, yeah, we had to shut down
the freeway for over two hours.

We had a lot of pissed
off commuters that day.

The ex-girlfriend,
you remember her?

Yeah, yeah.

Nina. Nina Dorin.

33. Worked the deli
counter at Von's,

trying to take care of two
kids on minimum wage.

All while being stalked
by her tweaker ex.

He tried to kill her and
you saved her life.


You know...

I-I get why we hold on

to the bad things that
we have to do, but...

but hold on to the
good things, too.

Moscow Mule, right?

- You're not on call or anything?
- Nope.

She did tell you everything.

Kira couldn't stop
talking about you,

even after you told her off.

Maybe because you
did tell her off.

Not a fan of our
vetting process.

Right. Sorry.

We've just found that easing
into that conversation

is sometimes easier after
you know one of us.

Yeah, I'm, uh, still trying

- to wrap my head around all of this.
- Right.

What exactly would I
be to the two of you?

Well, there's a physical
aspect, of course.

We can have a lot of fun.

But, uh, ultimately,

it's about so much
more than sex for us.

We're interested
in a real partner,

the whole package.

And if I decide to do this...
what are the rules?


Okay, uh, well.

In the beginning,
if we plan dates

it's never between
just two of us.

Initially, it's all
about the trio.

Over time, we're gonna develop

different dynamics
with each other.

We're not the same person,
so we're not all gonna have

the same relationship.

Another rule is
don't keep score.

- Mm.
- Like, "I slept with him twice,

she needs to sleep
with me twice."

Just let things
be what they are.

Don't over-think it.

And if you ever feel left out,
you just ask for what you need.

We don't read minds.

And if anyone is feeling
jealous, just say so,

and we'll figure out
a way to rebalance.

This only works if we all
feel secure and valued.

Open and honest communication,
it's key, our Golden Rule.

So what else do
you want to know?

Talked to Hondo.

Never pegged you as the
"run to teacher" type.

Luca, come on.

Don't tell me you haven't seen
me giving 110% out there,

but all you do is you dress me
down, you dock me points...

Look, I'm taking my job as

a SWAT candidate
evaluator seriously.

Be honest with me.

Me going through the academy,

am I just wasting my time?

- You want honest?
- Yeah.

If it were up to me, you
would not be in the academy.

Okay? You had your
spot, you had a spot

that a hundred guys
would kill for

and you threw it away.

You're right.

But I'm not like
you, Luca, okay?

I didn't have a
family to teach me

what it means to be a part
of something special.

I had to figure that out myself.

And I only did when I lost it.

Look, you've got more natural
talent and intuition for this

than guys with
decades on the job.

But this is more than
a job, it's a life.

And you can't take shortcuts.

I'm trying.

Seriously, I am trying.

All right, small arms
training tomorrow, 0500.

If I was you, I'd finish
up here, hit the sack.

- All right.
- That LRAD came in handy today.

I never thought you'd actually
find the part to fix it.

Try not to run over it again.

♪ Don't wanna get ahead

♪ Of myself

♪ Feeling things
I've never felt... ♪

Boom. Chicken-rice casserole.

Ah, I hope those corners
are extra crispy.

Come on, now. Believe me, I
know just how you like it.

Is this my recipe?

- Why would I use anything but the best?
- So, Daniel,

when are you gonna tell me
why you're really making me

a home-cooked dinner, you
know, out of the blue?

What you mean? What? A man can't
do something nice for his momma?

Come on, now.

All right, you got me.

Look, it's just, uh...

Momma, sometimes it's hard carrying
out certain aspects of my job,

and still being the man
that you raised me to be.

In today's world, it's
not easy being a man.


Only requires you
to do one thing.

Oh, come on, Momma, don't say it.
Don't say it.

Well, make me a damn
grandmother, already!

- Ah, don't start with that right now.
- Don't you "don't start me."

I'm not gonna live forever.

I want my grandkid... boy
or girl, it don't matter.

Why don't you talk to Winnie
about some grandkids?

I'm not talking to your
sister, I'm talking to you.

Daniel, whatever
is bothering you,

it's nothing that
some good casserole

and your momma can't
help you solve.

I know that's right.

Then come on and sit
down, and let's eat.

Yes, ma'am. Yes ma'am.

♪ Oh, me, oh, my,
I can't explain ♪

♪ She might just
be my everything ♪

♪ Oh, my, oh, my, I
can't explain... ♪