S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

The team works with a former member to find a woman and her son who are running from an international drug cartel.

- Previously on SWAT.
- You have any word on Street?

I tried his cell three times,
but he's not picking up.

You probably already
know, but I lied.

You're off SWAT. You report
to patrol duty tomorrow.

We hold each other's
lives out there,

and I need to see that
Street gets that.

- Nia Wells.
- Daniel Harrelson.

They call me Hondo though.

- You're a prosecutor, huh?
- Deputy D.A.

- How long you two been married?
- Actually, getting divorced.

It's funny, you know, when
something like this happens,

it changes how you
look at things.

My son Darryl, he's in trouble,

and I can't get
through to the boy.

Darryl's more like you, man.
He's a thinker.

But he got other
options in life.

Your auntie up north, she'd
be willing to let you

go stay with her for a while.





- You got plates?
- Got it.

Adam 13 to dispatch. Be advised

of a late model blue
sedan heading southbound

from our location on Valencia.

Plates are 3-4-0-


It's okay.

I got a peek inside. Two
guys armed with shotguns.

Adam 13, requesting backup.

I have two suspects
armed with shotguns.

We got to go in.

No. More officers
are on the way.

This girl needs our help.

Right now.

We can breach from the one side,

make a limited
penetration entry,

- get her out of there.
- Limited penetra...

- I don't speak SWAT, man.
- Fine. Just follow me.

Standard procedure.

Hey. Come here.

Come here. Come here, honey.
Come on.

Come with me. Come with me.
It's okay.

That's it.

Come on.

The call came from Adam 13.

That's Street and his partner.

All right, we're almost there.

All right, you know
your assignments.

Luca, Tan, two side.
Beni, Chris, four side.

Metro SWAT!

- You good?
- We're good. We're good.

Gun! Gun! Gun!

Suspects heavily armed!

- Let me help. Let me help.
- No.

- Stay with the girl.
- They got us pinned!

They also got us
on the two side.

Go, go, go, go.

Cover! Cover!

Hey, stay down.

You okay?

Move! Move!

Go, go, go, go!

Get to the alley!

They called in their own backup,

moved in formation, and
tactical shooting.

And they got a bulletproof SUV.

Who the hell are these guys?

The bulletproof SUV was found
abandoned two miles from here.

I got unis searching every inch

of Pico-Union for these guys.

D.A. thinks they know who they are.
Agent Floyd?

We found heroin and
guns inside the house.

It's a stash spot.

The duffel bag they retrieved
probably contained drug proceeds.

From everything you described,

this crew has to be the Omegas.

The rumor is the Omegas
were trained by the DEA

to hunt drug cartels in Turkey
before becoming one themselves.

Unfortunately, the
rumors are true.

The Omegas' military discipline

makes them well-organized
and dangerous.

Yeah, we just got a taste of that, but
I'm looking forward to round two.

They're led by Cano Ozdemir,

who goes by his call
sign, Omega One.

He normally operates
out of Turkey.

If his crew's here in L.A.
looking to stay under the radar,

then he's definitely
up to something.

Witnesses saw a woman and young
boy flee before we arrived.

Patrol's still looking for
the car they were in,

but here's a photo of them.

Probably the mother
and the brother

of the little girl Street found.

Unfortunately, she's not saying much.
Too terrified.

That mother was forced to
leave her daughter behind,

so if she's still out
there with her son,

then they're both
targets right now.

Maybe we should start with
the enemy of our enemy.

The Omegas' main heroin rival
is the Baja Diablo Cartel.

We could talk to them, find out

if this mother and son
are connected to them.

The Baja Diablos aren't
gonna talk to the police,

even if it's about the Omegas,

unless we've got some
type of leverage.

Let's get a search warrant.

Find some dope at one
of their places.

See if we can loosen
their tongues that way.

I'll go to court, find
a friendly judge.

Tan, you roll with Beni.

All right, no way the Omegas
shipped a bulletproof

monster like that across the
Atlantic through customs.

But I know a local guy does
high-end work like this on trucks.

That sounds like a solid lead.

Chris and I will go with you.

What do you want to
do about the girl?

I've already called
Social Services,

but they're shorthanded
at the moment.

I got an idea.


Heard the Omegas might
be behind this.

They might be going after
that girl's family.

She seems to have a
connection with you.

You want me to talk to her?

See if she can give us anything?

Sure. I'll let you know.

You see that car at one o'clock?

Driver's been watching
us the whole time.

- Omega lookout?
- I wouldn't put it past 'em.

I'm contact, you're cover.

Excuse me.

Commander Bob Hicks, LAPD.

Could I see some I.D., please?

Gun! Let me see hands.

Let me see hands!

With your right hand,
unlock the door

and exit the vehicle.

Hands on top of the car.

Jessica Cortez.

Kamile Erkan.

Please tell these
people who I am.

Kamile is an Interpol
officer from Turkey.

Consulted on a few cases
I worked in Hollenbeck.

Interpol doesn't have
jurisdiction in the States.

They also can't carry
service weapons here.

So we'll hang onto this for now.

What are you doing in L.A.?

Same thing as you.
Hunting Omegas.

The mother on the run,
her name is Jubilee.

Her son is Rudi.

If you want to find them
before the Omegas do,

you should listen to
what I have to say.

You want to tell us your name?

I'll be back.

How's it going with the girl?

Well, she's not showing any
signs of physical abuse,

but she's still not
saying anything.

Have you tried speaking
to her in Turkish?

- I will.
- Mm-hmm.

As soon as I learn Turkish.

Well, you should get creative
and use your dictionary

or your translator
on your phone.

You're good with kids.

There's a real-life translator
showing up any minute.

She obviously sees something
in you she trusts.

You got to speak her language.

- Maybe literally.
- Yeah.

Oh, one more thing. I, um...

I talked to Hondo.


Because you won't
do it yourself,

and I know you want
to be back on SWAT.

If I'm wrong, then tell me.

The door's still open for now.

But you got to show him
how far you've come.


Try something.

Jim Street.

She won't tell us what she knows

until she gets a guarantee
from the D.A.'s office

she won't be facing gun charges.

I made some calls to Interpol,

and according to
Kamile's superiors,

she's been M.I.A. for
the past seven weeks.

When I worked with
Kamile in Hollenbeck,

she was dedicated to her job.

- Sometimes too much so.
- Well, apparently,

they had to get her counseling.

She was on the verge
of washing out.

She could be an asset,
but can we trust her?

You know her.

I'm not sure we can trust her,

but I've seen Kamile work.

And if she's got information
that can help us,

maybe we can save
Jubilee and her son.

It's your call, Cortez.

Every second I'm here,
the Omegas get closer

to finding Jubilee and
her son before you do.

You're free to go.

The D.A. won't charge
you for the gun.

- Tell us where to find him.
- Let me speak with Ela first.

I can't do that. Ela's
in our custody.

We are all police here.

Are we?

You're M.I.A. from Interpol.

Feels like you're doing
this on your own.

In Turkey,

some police still belong
to the drug crews.

I have to make moves.

And when you're a woman,

they call you crazy for that.

I'm sure you understand.

You don't trust me.

But why should I trust you?

It was U.S. law enforcement
that created the Omegas.

If we can't fight
them together...

then I will just keep
doing it on my own.

How's your life?

You still close
with your sister?


I had a relationship that
was very special to me.

Didn't last.

I've also been meaning to spend
more time with my niece.

We used to talk about this.

To do this job well,

you must put everything into it.

But to put everything into it,

how much of yourself
do you lose?

My sister, Oba, said I was
too obsessed with work.

She was right.

That's how I lost her.

The sacrifices we make,

let's make them count.

I followed the Omegas
from Istanbul.

Most of the time,
they're efficient,


But that changed recently.

Their failure and exposure at
the stash spot shows that.

It's also the reason their
boss, Omega One, himself,

has come to Los Angeles.

For Omega One to come here

and risk a fight
with the LAPD means

the situation is
personal for him.

He is not leaving

until he finds Jubilee
and his children.

Wait a minute.

Rudi and Ela are his kids?

This is a custody battle.

Hey, Luca, you said your
apartment was red-tagged

from the earthquake
damage, right?

Yeah, got a lot of
broken gas pipes,

cracks in my walls.

Just when I found
a place I like,

poor Duke and I got to move.

Well, Annie and I were
looking at this place,

but it might be better suited for you.
It's a dollar house.

A dollar house in L.A.?

It doesn't actually
cost a dollar, but it's

available for about a quarter
of what it's really worth.

This that thing where, uh, Housing
and Urban Development offer homes

in at-risk neighborhoods to
police officers on the cheap?

Oh, yeah, it's supposed
to build bonds

between the cops and the
neighborhoods, right?

Right, yeah. Didn't exactly
catch on in my dad's day.

Yeah, but Captain Cortez's
proposals have brought it back.

Always thought I'd wait till
I got married to buy a home.

But... moving from
apartment to apartment...

might be time to
get my own place.

All right, just send me the listing.
I'll take a look later.

Place is right here.

This guy will modify anything
you want in bulletproof glass.

His name is Casino Gangster.

Hey, don't look at me like that.

It's the actual name on
his birth certificate.

That's a Desert Eagle.

It doesn't even penetrate
the first layer.

My bulletproof glass is
guaranteed for two years

or one shooting...
whichever comes first.

Any of this legal, Mr. Gangster?

The business is fully licensed.

Yeah, some of your
clients, not so much.

All right, Chastity,

- you're up.
- Hey, hey.

Seriously? You test
bulletproof glass

by shooting at women in bikinis?

Well, they're perfectly safe.
That's the point.

- And they get paid per round.
- Well, maybe

you should sit your butt
behind that glass in a Speedo.

If the price is
right, sweetheart.

Excuse me?

All right, everyone out!

Let's go, you guys.

Take a hike.

Thank you.

Bulletproof SUVs driven by Omegas.
What do you know

- about 'em?
- Not a damn thing.

Look, you want us

to shut you down, look
into your customers,

see what kind of dirt
you do business with?

There's a woman named
Jubilee and her son Rudi.

What do you know about them?

I don't know anything
about a lady and her kid.

Omegas... are great
for business though.

Orders skyrocketed,
'cause every dealer

from Pico-Union to K-Town
is scared of whatever

they're planning in L.A.

A few weeks ago,

they ordered two cars customized
but only large-sized SUVs.

Omegas... never make
transactions in person.

They wouldn't even
allow me to be present

when they picked up
the finished trucks.

Give us the specs you
used on those trucks.

I want to know what kind
of gun defeats your glass.

Yo, Tan, Judge Kumi's
fast-tracking our search warrant.

Narcotics I.D.'d a Baja
Diablo drug house,

and they got a few
buys over there.

Once the warrant's ready,
I'm gonna send it to you

and I'll meet you there.

Yeah, good.

That's all we could ask for.

- See you in five.
- Mm-hmm.



- Hey.
- Pickin' up a warrant?

- Yeah.
- Thanks again for your texts.

I appreciate you
checking up on me.

I see not even an
earthquake or a concussion

can stop you from doing
your thing, huh?

Fully recovered.

They put me in that new
hotel up on Olympic.

Now it's back to business
on my bribery case.

Just taking a five while the
court reporter stretches

her fingers after my key witness
just testified for two hours.

Brave lady.

She killed it up on that stand.

Defendant is so screwed.

You know, it's amazing...
nothing makes a D.A. happier

than sending people to jail.

People who deserve it?
Hell yeah.

Don't tell me it's not an
aphrodisiac sometimes.

Listen, you should stop
by court sometime,

check out the trial
when you get a chance.

Look, uh,

I never said anything before.

But I came to the
hospital to check on you

when you were still unconscious.

Your husband was there.

Ah, did you see his
girlfriend there, too?

Blonde Amy?

Eric likes to act protective.

He's sentimental that way.

Divorce papers get
signed this month.

All right, let's move it.
This way.

Somebody you put away?

No, no.

Somebody I tried to keep out.

What up, Darryl?

The sheriff told me

you just got charged
with armed robbery.

That you and two of
your boys jacked

a convenience store at gunpoint
and I told them, "Nah, nah.

There has to be some
type of mistake."

Boy, you better look at me.

New tat, new scars.

When'd you get back into town?

Six months ago.

I thought we had a deal.

Darryl, you were
gonna live right

if I sent you up north to
live with your Aunt Tanya.

Aunt Tanya got sick.

So I came to visit my
girl Heema for a week.

But then she got pregnant, so
I had to come back full-time

to take care of
the baby and her.

And what type of job
you got that's gonna

take care of all
of that, Darryl?

Why didn't you just
ask me for help?!

I appreciate everything
you've done for me.

I do.

But it ain't your place
to take care of me.

Got to be my own man now.

Darryl, you are 15.

Same age my pops was
when he first went away.

Does your pops even
know about this?

I'm gonna keep
checking in on you.

But this ain't got
to be your life.

Don't it?

What up, Leroy?

- How you feel, homie?
- I'm good.

Thanks for meeting me.

I figured you might be
able to give me some intel

on the Omegas, help
me out with my case.

I got no connection to
the Omegas and no skin

in the heroin game, but
I stay up on things.

What do you want to know?

We both know what happens
out there gets watched

by people in here. So
I just wanted to see

if your eyes and ears
picked up on anything

that can help us.

Food chain remains the same.

Another day, same old beefs.

But, uh, that ain't the only
reason you came here, is it?

I know Darryl got
himself arrested.

- Don't make me a proud father.
- You talk to him yet?

Boy thinks he can handle
things on his own.

Sounds like I used to sound.

But I plan on talking
to him soon.

Leroy, he's still got a chance
to avoid doing serious time.

If he plays it right.

He can still turn
his life around.

You think there's hope for him?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.

But only if he's got
hope for himself.

And you know you're the
only one who can reach him.

I hear that.

I haven't been around
most of Darryl's life.

I hate everything about that.

I always hoped there'd
be a day when

my influence held sway.

Like a real father.

That boy needs you
now more than ever.

Jubilee and her children
were not kidnapped.

They were running from her
estranged husband, Omega One.

This guy forced her to marry
him after burning her village

down to the ground. Then
came two kids, Rudi and Ela.

Social Services was

on their way here to get Ela.
I sent them back.

We're gonna keep her in the
building under our protection.

That's a good idea, although
Omega One cares primarily

- about getting his son back.
- Yeah, the male heir

to his drug business.
The wife and daughter

obviously don't matter as much.

I'm loving this sexist
ass more and more.

Jubilee's desperate. Her plan
must have been to come to L.A.,

hit up an Omega stash spot
and then use the cash

to disappear with the kids.

Except the Omegas found
her, nearly killed her,

and then forced her
to leave without Ela.

Our search warrant paid off.
We leveraged the Baja Diablos

into pointing us to an
industrial warehouse

the Omegas were
operating out of.

Unis found two gasoline
drums, no witnesses.

I know what that is.

Each has a body inside so badly
burnt they're unrecognizable.

Yeah, except for the
shirts found with them.

Those are the shooters
from the stash spot.

Omega One's cleaning
up loose ends.

You've seen this before.

The Omegas torture people,

then dispose of their
bodies in gas drums.

It's what Omega One will do

to Jubilee for trying
to take his son.

All right, well, Jubilee didn't

get any cash from
the stash spot,

so she's got to be looking to
get money in other places.

These are suspected stash spots

where Omega One might
keep his money.

Too many to send
unis to each one.

So let's narrow down the choices...
I mean, just like

the DEA keeps tabs
on the Omegas,

the Omegas know exactly
how the DEA moves.

So we need to think
like Jubilee.

If I'm traveling with my young
son, I want to avoid places

where I can easily be trapped.

Look for larger venues where she
can use a crowd to blend into.

A few high-traffic
casinos, hotels.

A horse track, a downtown bank.

All right, we're getting closer,

but we're not there yet.

Say, Hondo.

Yo, what's up, Deac?

You remember that friend
that you mentioned

that was looking to hire someone
to do security some nights?

Yeah, my boy Dee Fletch, owns
an R&B joint in Inglewood.

- Why, you know someone?
- Yeah, me.

I'm looking to moonlight
for some extra cash.

Doesn't pay much.

Ah, it's better than
nothing, right?

Everything good with you?

Yeah. It's just,
Matthew's doing karate

and-and Lila wants to
start this dance thing

which costs way more
than I expected.

And that's before we
get to the little one

and the new baby room.

Being a good Catholic
sounds expensive, man.

- Tell me about it.
- But, yeah, yeah.

I'll call him, check, see
if he's still got a spot.

- Okay. Thanks. Appreciate it.
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, we still on for family
dinner this week? Annie's hoping

to meet at least some of your
family one of these days.

I don't know if you guys are
really ready for all that, man.

Trust me.

But, uh, you tell
Annie I'll be there.

All right. Thanks again.


Excuse me, sir. Hey,
you got a second?

Yeah, what do you need?

Well, you know I'm looking
for a new place to live.

Isn't this a monthly
thing with you?

But I'm thinking
about planting roots

and I might put in a bid for a
place that Deacon recommended.

The HUD advisory
board is looking

for the best officer
candidate to move in.

I'm a single guy with a good rep

who might start a family
some day, you know,

engage in the neighborhood,
figure I got a shot.

But, if you could put
in a good word for me,

that would go a long way.

- You see the neighborhood this is in?
- Yeah, no, I know.

Normally, I'm really picky
about where I live,

but they say it's got
a lot of character.

Well, that's one word for it.

What do you mean?

When you grew up with your father,
were you in the city limits?

No. Always in Simi Valley.

You know the reason for that.

Right. The last thing you
want is for people you police

to know where you
live 'cause as a cop,

- that can make you a target.
- Exactly.

I mean, do you want
to be driving home,

looking over both
shoulders every night?

No, I get it, but there's got to
be a way to change that, right?

Hey, look, I don't
want to be a hard-ass.

I'll endorse this if you want,
but give it some thought.

You know, there's
a, there's a saying

that your grandfather taught me

and you'd be wise
to remember it.

"Just because you
work at the dump,

it doesn't mean you
have to live there."


Peppermint Crunch and
Banana Surprise and Peachy.

I suck at this.

I think she's saying
that her mom is gonna

take her to see food.

Peppermint Crunch and
Banana Surprise.

Wait a second.

Ask her about, um,

Swirly Whirly and
Cherries Jubilee.


See, your language
skills are fine.

You just have to learn how to
speak seven-year-old girl.

Those are My Little
Pony characters.

Well, she said that
her mom was gonna

take her and her
brother to see them.

Jubilee's going to a stash
spot at some toy store?

Or she's going to a place
where there are horses,

like a racetrack.

Hello, Jubilee.

We got to clear this location.

We got to find
Jubilee and her son.

Move, move!


Put your weapons down!

They have another one
of those monsters!

We've got to stop them before
they get Jubilee inside.

I got this.

Concentrate 20 rounds
in the same spot.

Light 'em up!

Forward! Move forward!

Hands on the ground
or you're dead!

Get on the ground!

- Deacon! Deacon!
- I'm with you!

- Stay down! Stay down! Don't move!
- Don't move!

- Do not move! Stay down!
- Nobody move!

- Hey. You okay?
- Yeah, it's okay.

We can't let him get away, Deac.

Can't shoot him here, either;
watch the background.

That all of them?


No sign of Omega One.

But we got Jubilee
and Rudi back alive.

Yo, Hondo, you mind
if I pick your brain?

Anything you need,
man, what's up?

Thinking about doing that
good neighbor house program.

- Ha. Congrats, man.
- Thanks, man.

Which neighborhood?

- East Hollywood.
- Okay. That's cool.

Only I'm not so sure about it.

I mean, you've lived in the
city your whole life. Right?

Most cops don't do that.
So, why do you?

Well, it's a little different for me, man.
That's where I'm from.

I mean, if I was moving to a
new area for the first time,

maybe that might
make it different.

But would you still do it?

Look, I get there's
risk involved.

I mean, if I had a wife
and a family, I mean,

that might change my thinking.

But you want to
make a difference

- in people's lives, right?
- Mm-hmm.

And sometimes you
get to wondering

if good intentions are enough.

But, that being said, I
believe in good intentions

and that's why I do this.

And a lot of the time, I
can't do that with a gun.

We have Ela safe. We're
taking you to her now.

I went back for her.

By the time I went back,
she was already with you.

I would never leave
my baby all alone.

I would never, ever do that.

We know. A-And she's okay.

Do you think she
will forgive me?

I think she'll be happy
to see that you're alive.

I'm so sorry this happened.

Hey! And I'm sorry
for this, too.

- Kamile, stop!
- No! No!

What are you doing?
I'm taking the boy.

What? No, please, please!

Not another word

or I will shoot him.

Jessica, your car keys.

Don't do this.

You're working for him now?

No. That's the
last thing I'd do.

I've been trying to find Omega
One for a year and a half.

Nobody can get to him.

With his son, now I can.

Rudi! No!

- Why?
- My sister. Oba.

When I got too close
to the Omegas,

they put her in a gasoline drum.

And I'm sorry. But don't ruin
your life by doing this.

The sacrifices we make, right?

At least I can stop a monster
before he hurts anyone else.

- Rudi, no! No, Rudi, no!
- Kamile!



Rudi, no!

- Kamile!
- Rudi!


Should be able to track
the GPS in your car.

Kamile won't get far.

She's not trying to get away.

It's a suicide mission
to kill Omega One.

She's planning this as she goes,

probably using an Omega
burner phone to contact him.

Take Jubilee back to HQ.

GPS from your car shows
it's a few miles away.

- Where?
- Industrial area.

Any refineries nearby?
Or truck stops?

You're thinking someplace
with a gasoline drum.


Where's Omega One?

- Where's the boy?
- We agreed on the phone.

I want $5 million in
exchange for his son.

$5 million inside.

I told you.

Omega One hands the money
to me, personally.

Not happening. Where is the boy?

Rudi is inside this
gasoline drum.

Don't shoot. He's still alive.

Omega One tortures people
before putting them in drums.

I didn't do that,

but if he doesn't come now...

he'll see what I'm willing to
do to his flesh and blood.


Please. Don't hurt my boy.

This is what you do
to everyone else.

Let him go.

You shoot me, they
shoot you dead.

I'm okay with that.


Let me see your hands!

We have guns on you right now!

♪ I hold my head up just
enough to see the sky ♪

♪ And when we go

♪ We won't go slow, we'll
put up such a fight ♪

♪ When they fade into the dust

♪ And into ash

♪ But all the children know

♪ For sure this pain
will surely pass ♪

♪ Strong and wise

♪ And you are love

♪ And when the tide it come,
you will float above ♪

♪ And you will be one day

♪ Exactly what you are...


♪ And touch the sky

♪ Too late to keep the world

♪ From dying this time...

So what now?

Hondo spoke with the DEA.

They're working on relocating
Jubilee and her family.

Give them new identities,
new place to live.

- New start.
- Right.

- Nice job.
- Not really.

You guys brought in the bad guys.
What did I do?

You really don't see it?

Treat people like family.

What you did with Ela
was just as important

as what we did out there.

You did what you
were asked to do.

People notice that.

I'm gonna take off.

Sir, I wanted you to know
I'm sorry about Kamile.

I should've done better.

We wouldn't have found the mom
and the kid without her help.

It was a tough call, plus, you
knew how to bring her in,

and that's what matters.
You did your job.


It's not easy finding the
balance between life and work.

Kamile obviously
struggled with that.

The sacrifices we make.

I raised a family
while doing this job.

I don't think I ever
really figured it out.

Might be different for a man.

Well, probably is,

but the sacrifices are
there no matter what.

- Hmm.
- You know,

the past few years without Barb,

I've had to do things on my own.

A lot of stress, a
lot of mistakes,

a lot of compromises.

But trying to find that balance,
that's what keeps me sane.

You good?

I'm good.

All right.

- You talk to Darryl?
- Yeah.

Good. All right, look, I've
been doing some research.

I got a friend who's a D.A.

- Hondo.
- No, listen, listen.

State props give discretion to
courts as to whether or not

to charge a juvenile
as an adult.


I talked to my son.

He's no Einstein. He
ain't going to college.

Hell, he ain't gonna
finish high school.

Okay, but as long as he can
avoid doing a serious stint,

I might still have a chance

to get him into the
Marines when he's 18.

Maybe this is his best path.

What path?

Look, I thought about it.

I thought about when you, me,
and big Darryl used to hang.

Now, you realize,
of the three of us,

one is dead, one is in prison,
and the other is you.

I think about that all the time.

Odds ain't never
been great, dawg.

Not everybody can be Hondo.


I tried to keep my
son out of the life,

but he just keeps
looking for it.

Maybe it's for a reason.

It's not, Leroy.

He got a baby on the way now.
He got bills.

Okay, what does that mean?

So what, you're just, you're
gonna give up on your son?

Don't ever say that.

If this is the life
he's gonna choose,

I should prepare him,

hook him up with
the right people,

help him survive
it, thrive in it.

How do you measure
success in this life?

Stay alive?

Earn respect? Come on, man.

Watch your tone.

This is the same ghetto rap

you've been spitting
since day one.

I've known you my
entire life, Leroy.

Your granddaddy did time.

Your pops did time.

Darryl's supposed to be the
one to break that cycle.

Yeah, but it's my cycle because
he's my son, not yours.


Darryl might be guilty,

but there are still plea
deals to be made, man.

Ways of making sure that his
future isn't completely ruined.

I ain't giving up.

I'm never gonna quit on him.

I know.

But nobody's asking for
your help here anymore.

Sometimes things don't work out.

Sometimes it just be that way.

Appreciate you checking
in, though, dawg.

Ah, here we go.

Come on.


This redefines "do it yourself."

- Hmm.
- I tried to warn you, Luca.

Hey. This neighborhood
got a graffiti problem?

- It does.
- Well, what's the point of doing that?

Well, every day,
there's graffiti.

Every night, I'm here
to paint it over.


You're a cop, right?
How'd you know?

Look like one.

Are you moving here?

Uh... I'm thinking on it.

All right, thanks.

- You ever own a house?
- First one.

- You got a mortgage guy?
- Nah.

I'm just gonna pay cash.

I mean, it's a
good price, right?

Plus, I've been saving
money up for years.

Used to call it "screw you
money" that I could live on

if anyone ever tried to
get me to do something

I didn't believe in.

Money to quit your job?

Maybe you shouldn't
tell me that.

Now, I'm thinking, I'm thinking
I could fix this place up.

I could put a pool table
in the living room,

big screen for the PlayStation.

Oh, yeah.

Hell yeah.

I got a feeling we're
gonna be responding

to a lot of noise
complaints here.

Duke! Look what we got.



Everything okay?

Honestly, no.

- Can I come in?
- Of course.

You know, Nia,

when I was training
to be a cop...

my goal...

was to help people,

like my friend's son Darryl.

From what I know about you,

I'm sure you did help him.

Did I really? I mean, really?

I mean, you're a D.A.

You know the way it goes.

No matter the
intentions we may have,

even when we put
ourselves out there...

it doesn't matter.

Just more holes in
the dam to plug.

So? Then we just keep
plugging them, right?

I hear what you're saying.

You want to be the change.

But, ultimately,

you don't know if you'll
ever really be able to.

There's a quote my
father used to say:

"I can't be a pessimist
because I'm alive.

"I'm forced to believe
that we can survive

whatever we must survive."

James Baldwin.

My mother used to read
the same thing to me.

We don't have a choice

but to be optimists.

But being an optimist
is a burden.

It means

a lot of disappointment,

and sometimes,

a little anger.