S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Gang violence hits close to home for Hondo and his imprisoned friend asks him to shield his son from the aftermath. Luca struggles with his his grief when his grandfather, a S.W.A.T. legend but flawed individual, passes away.

Let's roll out.

What's happenin', man?

What's good?

Bad day for the block, huh?

What's up, Jo-Jo?

Nothing changes nothing.

Here we go again, man.

You stay safe.

How we supposed to do that, Hondo?

Like, we got to start putting

our babies to sleep in a bathtub again?

We're not gonna let anything
pop off, Brey.

You say that.

You hear anything about the shooters?

Your baby girl's getting big.

And bossy.

Just like her mama.

You know it.

Hey, Hondo.

Didn't call for SWAT.

You know I still live
a few blocks from here.

I heard it on the scanner.

How can I help?

What a mess, huh?

Not your usual banger drive-by.

Three dead bodies,
all of them 20th Street Hammers.

Precision dropped.

Beautiful work if you like
that kind of thing; it's slick.

You already beef up patrol?

To protect the Forty-Twos
from retaliation?

Sure we did.

That'll keep a couple bodies warm

about a minute longer.

But you know what's coming.

The neighborhood's been
peaceful for a while.

There's no such thing as peace, just...

Temporary cease-fires?

I call that progress, Norah.

Always the optimist.

You still single?

Nobody's been able to lock you down?

What about you? You happy?


- Oh, wait a minute.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Oh, you went and caught one, huh?

He's a lucky dude. Do I know him?

Nope. He's blissfully ignorant
of crap like this.

Hey. Good to see you.

Sorry it had to be
in your own neighborhood.

Yo. You Hondo?

Yeah, I am, little man. What up?

Leroy needs a sit-down.




Thanks for coming, man.


- Been a minute.
- Yeah.

What, five years?

More like eight.

Must just feel like five.

Still get the books

every Christmas... appreciate that.

I know you didn't put out
an S.O.S. 'cause you miss me.

Word is...

my son Darryl might have been
present at that drive-by today.

Up on the corner, know what I'm saying?

He ain't even in high school yet.

That didn't stop us
from running around, did it?

Been trying to keep him all the way out,

but I'm here, I ain't there.

He don't want my wisdom.

Won't take my calls, won't come see me.

And the losers his mama brings home...

waste of oxygen, each one
worse than the last one.

She got no learning curve.

Me neither, I know.

So if you're already hearing

that Darryl might have seen something...

There you go.
You're afraid he's a target.

That, but not only that.

Hammers don't even know who hit us today.

And I ain't heard nothing new
about the Forty-Twos.

Darryl's a hothead, though,
like we used to be,

so what's to stop him and his crew

from going after payback anyhow?

Now, whether they're right
or wrong about the shooters,

either way, he's in trouble, and
I can't get through to the boy.

Okay, hold up, hold up.
What, you think I can?

Hell, just... try and talk
some sense to him, Hondo,

before he ends up dead.

Or makes some other fool dead
for no reason at all.

I know this is a big ask.


No such thing.

Not with our history.


...keep him alive.

- It's personal, Jess.
- No, I get it.

This jumped off in my own neighborhood,

four blocks from the park.

- You know the park.
- I know the park.

- What do you want?
- Lend me and Deacon

to Gang-and-Narcotics for the day.

We'll still be on stand-by
for any SWAT call that comes in.

Hicks doesn't like sharing talent.

But he's in Palm Springs
until Monday, so...

Hey. It doesn't have to be official.

But we can get ahead of this thing,

or we wait for a turf war

that we have to clean up after anyway.


Did you hear about Luca's grandfather?

You didn't need to come in today.

Yeah, well, my gramps would've
kicked me around the block

if I stayed home just 'cause he died.

SWAT always came first.

- I'm very sorry for your loss, Luca.
- Thanks.

I mean, he had a long life, you know?

Still always too soon, man.

I'm sorry.

The department's putting together

a video for the memorial.

To honor one of our first

- team leaders.
- O.S.

Original SWAT.

Three generations of Lucas.

Which one is he again?

Always out in front.

I know you were close.

Yeah, we were close.

Hey, Tan.

Deacon and I got to run on something.

Lot of guys are gonna want
to offer their condolences.

We'll take care of him.

What's up, Darryl?

Yo, y'all here for me?
Look, I ain't do nothing.

You ain't got no cause,
which makes this harassment.

Why? Because I know your name?

I know yours, too.

Everybody know you around here.

Your pops is worried about you.
He'd like you to get

off the street until things cool down.

So he called the cops on me?

Old man trippin'. He thinks I
can't handle myself like he did.

He wants you to know that
it might not have been

the Forty-Twos that you saw this morning.

I ain't see nothing.

- Anybody who says I was there is lying.
- Where were you?

- Nowhere.
- You were somewhere.

That's physics.

Look, I can't be standing here
with you like this.

Folks seeing us.

Well, then you better hurry up
and tell us something, then.

Hey, am I under arrest?

- Am I being detained?
- Hey!

Do right by your set.

What kind of car?

What color? How many guys?

Do you have probable cause
to detain me, sir?!

Or am I free to go?!

- Hondo.
- Am I free to go, sir?!

Your pops is trying to help you.

Don't disappoint him.

I'm always disappointing him.

Nothing new about that.

Am I free to go? Or are you
violating my rights, sir?

Yeah, yeah, we see you.

You about to go viral...

I'm not detaining you, Darryl.

Glad you don't have kids?

I'm gonna have GND keep eyes on him.

Come up with a reason
to get that boy off the street.

We lost all our forward gears.

And his grandfather

360s in reverse and floors it

down the fast lane
of the Hollywood Freeway

with nothing, nothing but taillights

and a rearview mirror.

And he cut that sucker off
before the Vermont exit.

I thought I was gonna die
before I cleared

my first month in SWAT.

Yeah, we finally had to

take the car keys from him
a few months ago.

Best damn driver in the department.

If he said so himself, and he did.

Let me get you another cup of coffee.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You okay?
- Hmm? Yeah.


Civilian out in the hall,

she's making the video

for the memorial.

She just wants to talk to you for a sec.

Gets you away from the crowd for a bit.

Jilly Clark.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Your team's been telling me
what a fine officer you are,

and third generation and all
that, and I'd love to just

sit you down, take ten minutes of your...

No, I'm not interested.

Look, I'm sure there are plenty of people

who'd be happy to talk to you about him.

You don't need me, okay?
It was nice meeting you.

He's a private guy.


This is, uh, hard for him.

No, I don't blame him.

How about I get
the three of you on camera?

You know, current team members,
changing of the guard.

Jack Luca lived to see

this unit's 50th anniversary,

starting from day one.

Sure. Where do you want us?

Beating the war drums?

Looks like.

No, hey, Deac.

Just me.

Doesn't take two of us.

- Until it does.
- Nah, it's cool.

I'm just gonna pay my respects
and make my point.

What's up, man?

Tell me.

O-Dog here?

We got a warrant?

I ain't looking to take nobody in today.

What do you want?

Offer my condolences.

For your losses this morning.

Nobody should die like that, man.

But right this minute,
I ain't got no idea

who laid your boys down,
and neither do you.

You might be taking it

back to the wrong block. Then what?

Ain't gonna be wrong.

Even Leroy hasn't heard
the Forty-Twos were involved.

All respect to Leroy, he's a hood legend,

but he's been out of the game
for a while.

I got to call this
how I see it on the ground.

Your way only guarantees more bodies.

Theirs, yours, folks in the middle.

Let us handle it.

And how long that gonna take?

- Nah, we can't look weak.
- How about smart?

Come on, man.

War hurts every set, every block.

You know that.

You should probably get back in the car

with your partner and drive off.

All right, I'm gone.

I just got a personal request.

I'm asking you

to keep Leroy's son off-limits.

So, so that's why

you're standing on my grass.

It's up to Darryl what he wants to do.

He's 13, man.

You know what I was doing at 13?

Boy needs to put in the work,
like his pops.

But out of respect for you,
we'll keep Darryl out of it.

Don't need him to make things right.

We're the future old-timers
for the 100th anniversary.

Assuming we're lucky enough
to live as long as Jack Luca.

His generation broke trail for us,

and it's an honor to serve on
the same team as his grandson.

Sorry, th-that came out so phony.

But I really, I really meant it.

Don't worry.
I'll make sure you look good.

Easy to do, right?

You're all pretty damn photogenic.

You're gonna all make me look good.


Whenever you show up with company,

I know it ain't social, Hondo.

What you need?

Something I don't know already.


Let's start with the drive-by.

What's the why of it?

You been in that uniform too long

if you think there's got to be
a why with any of these Y.G.s.

Dorsey, you're plugged in
to all the sets.

That wasn't just
target practice this morning.

If you say so.

You know, I think I might
need to use the head.

- Is that cool?
- Sorry, it's out of order.

So, if I was to

walk back there through the
door that says "restroom,"

I wouldn't find a mini Vegas
or nothing, would I?

You know, dominoes, dice, spades.

I know you've been running
the house for over a year, man.

The only reason I left you in business

is because I figured there might be a day

when I'd need some information.

And today's that day.

Sing or sting.

Your choice.


I think Mr. Dorsey here might
have heard a little something.

Well, anything helps.

Now, I don't know this for a true fact,

but there's been a bit of noise
about some new crew

in the ZIP Code trying to take
things to the next level.

That's why the drive-by
was so quiet and pro.

They ain't looking to spray up
blocks like fools used to do.

It ain't personal.

It's business.

My business model is to deliver

risk-free, worry-free, cost-efficient,

guaranteed results, Mr. Volkov.

I've been able to take care of
business just fine in-house.

Why should I spend more money?

You heard about the three gangbangers

that were killed this morning?

They like to kill each other.

Actually, that was a commission.

Three targets.

- You?
- My associates and I.

Zero blowback on the client.

Outsourcing insulates you.

That's why the New York mobs...

the Italians and Jews... they
shared an enforcement service

back in the golden years
before World War II.

Are you kidding me?

How long ago?

You never heard of Murder Incorporated?

They did over a thousand
contract killings.

I call my company Murder LLC
in their honor.

I'm gonna pass.

How about a free introductory offer?

Free is good.

I'll hit anyone in the city for you.

You're satisfied with the work,

you give me your future business.

Just tell me who.

How about Kershner?

Yes, please.

There's this D.A. made my
brother's life miserable.

Rick Kershner.

He's why Ivan talks like he does.

Got stabbed in the neck at Chino.

On a crap charge.

Should've been probation, but Kershner,

- he likes to go heavy.
- I know the type.

I'll take care of him today.

My pleasure.

Don't overpromise.

Can you even find him that fast?

Part of the package.

I got to ask.

What made you pick this line of work?

I read a lot of biographies
about successful people.

You know the one thing
that they all have in common?


They do what they love.

I figured I should, too.

My guy in the neighborhood
says this new crew

is straight-up murder for hire.

They get it done, they
get out. They're pros.

So how do we find out who they are?

Our baby witness who wasn't
there, Darryl Henderson...

just got word he's been
beating the pavement.

Trying to score a gun.

Uh, h-how much for that one?

Well, you can't go wrong
with the classics.

They're reliable,

easy to conceal. Come here.

Check out that smooth action.

Smooth rotation, no damage
to the frame, no rust.

It's a good first piece.

How much for this?

Minus the trade,

I can give you this one for 100.

I got 50.

- Show me.
- Uh...


What... Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no.

No, no, no, no.

Oh, yeah, Darryl, now we
do have probable cause.

So you are being detained.

What are you doing, Dom?

Hey, Dad.

That's not a pew.

You see him yet?


Funeral home showed him to me.

Looks damn good for being,
you know, dead.


For a change.

Look, we're trying to celebrate
a man's life here.

You need to shake a few hands,
smile at the stories.

Say something nice for the memorial.

The girl's still waiting
to put you on camera.

Either find the strength
or fake it, but do it.

Let's go.

Get up.

What is this?


No, I'm not gonna lie about him, Dad.

He wasn't perfect.

No kidding.

Neither are we.

I know.

But I can't do that video.

You're in a world of trouble, Darryl.

I screwed up, okay?

I always screw up.

My mom's gonna beat my ass,

then she's gonna have
Clarence beat it again.

That her boyfriend? He live with you?

I call all her guys Clarence.
Just to piss her off.

I was the second biggest mistake

my dad ever made.

She was the first.

Not even close, kid.

I was there for his biggest
mistake; I caused it.

Your pops ever tell you

how you got the name Darryl?

Like, some uncle or something?

Wasn't no uncle.

Me and Leroy...

and Darryl... the original Darryl...

we was boys together.

Little bit older than you then.

Hey, you couldn't tell us nothing.

We just knew we had it all going on.

But D, he just, he had this big mouth.

I mean, not to everybody,
you know, but...

You know, we was young,
so, you know, we messed around.

We did a little bit of this,

little bit of that,
you know what I'm saying?

I mean, nothing too crazy, but...

D just never knew when to shut up.

Until somebody shut him up for good.

Just some ignorant-ass dude on the corner

with a temper and a gun.

Did he get caught?

Your pops caught him behind a Laundromat

before I could, and, man,
I wanted vengeance bad,

but Leroy talked me down.

He told me that I was meant for something

better than the streets, Darryl.

And then he went around the corner,

took care of business himself.

Your daddy went to juvie.

But I went to high school.

And when he got out, he was who he is.

But he wants a different life for you.

He thinks I'm weak.

No, no. He knows you're smart.

Smarter than he was.

It's a heavy name, I get it.

It weighed on me, too, for a bit.

But then you get better
at making better choices.

Darryl, that's got to start
right here, right now.

Real talk.

What'd you see on that corner?

I was supposed to be watching.

I-I should've seen it sooner.

I should've said something, warned 'em.


maybe four dudes.

Okay, let's do this.

You better keep talking, Darryl,
because I don't understand.

If you didn't see who was

in that car, then what were you gonna do

with the gun that you were trying to buy?

- To go talk to Curtis.
- Who's Curtis?

This guy who likes to buy
stuff that's been jacked.

So he's a fence?

Yeah. My pops told you
it wasn't the Forty-Twos,

so it only left him after the shootings.


Because he got his safe
jacked. Stash and cash.

Hey, were you there for that, too?

No, but I knew it happened.
I knew who did it.

- The three dead dudes.
- Yeah.

Curtis ain't no G. He's soft.

So then why go talk to him with a gun?

Because I wanted to see
who he put in the car.

All right.

Where can we find Curtis?


Give me your hands!
Give me your hands! Get up!

Up! Up!

- Left side clear!
- Right side clear!

- Chris out!
- Tan out!

All clear.

You want to tell us
what the hell this is?

I didn't know Trick was gonna
lay 'em down like that.

I thought he was just yapping!

Who is Trick?!

I want a lawyer.

- I want a lawyer!
- Shut up.

- I want a lawyer! I want a...
- Shut up! Shut your mouth!

Body on the cement.

A D.A., dead by drive-by an hour ago.

What the hell?

Cortez says it looks like
same caliber, same M.O.

No witnesses.

Smooth as butter.

Who is Trick?

Tell me Darryl's alive.

We got him at headquarters.

He thinks he's got a gun
charge hanging over his head,

but... it was borderline entrapment.

I'll let him go when the time is right.


That's, uh...

That's a whole new kind of tough love.

You asked me to keep him alive.

You know Trick Carter?

Yeah, yeah, he's an independent
paroled a few weeks ago. Why?

He got paid to hit the
young Gs this morning.

Well, a D.A. just got killed
in the same kind of drive-by.

Ah, and all of a sudden,
the city starts to care,

right like that.

Leroy, we need to know
who else might have hired him

before the body count goes up.

What, you can't find him?

We can't protect the targets if
we don't know who they are, man.

But Trick made connections in here.

You want me to be your inside source?

I mean something in here.

And out there.

I got respect, influence.

There's been a truce on the
streets 'cause I called for it.

This ain't your set. It's nobody's set.

You know I can't snitch, Hondo.

You know, everything I've done
since what happened back then

was me trying to be as worthy
as you thought I was.

You helped make me who I am.

But I made you who you are, too,

and I've been sorry
about that ever since.

Man, come on. Get over yourself.

I'd be right here even if we never met.

We all got our own paths. This was mine.

You just happened to
jaywalk across it back then.

You hear what I'm saying?

This is not your fault.

But Darryl...

oh, he ain't like me, man.

He won't survive this life.

He's just trying to earn
your respect the wrong way.

Darryl's more like you, man.

He's a thinker, but he got
other options in life.

I didn't.

Or maybe I just didn't want 'em.

Those were Hammers that died
this morning, your set, Leroy.

That gives you every right
to find out why and who.

But the only way to save the truce,

to save Darryl, is to get us
to the real shooters.

You just got to decide

how far you're willing to go
for your son.

Proof of concept.

Are you free tonight?

I'm no longer free. But I'm available.

There's a real estate developer
who thinks he's too good

to use my construction
companies for his projects.

He was rude about it.

I don't need to know why, just who.

His name is Nate Wilson.

Blowhard, thinks he's something.




Him and his wife... $35,000
for the pair of them.

Do her first.

Make him see it.

Then him.

Get his face on camera
when she goes down.

The optional video package
will be an extra five.

Got to say, the video's a great touch.



Heard you were one badass gun dealer.

The kid was a soft target.

Can I buy you a beer tonight?


You don't quit, do you?

Sometimes a beer's just a beer, Chris.

You know we're just playing, right?

You're not careful,
you're gonna hurt my feelings.

Well, it's nothing personal.

I just have a hard policy
against dating cops,

any cops, anywhere,
let alone on the same team.

So, to be clear,

what you're saying is, minus the badge,

you'd go out with me.

I didn't say that.

How about just one date?

Although I got to tell you,
in all modesty,

I've never had anyone stop at just one,

but you could try.

For real now, come on.

You need to ease off a little.

I've worked too hard, too long

to risk my rep for pheromones,
and I'm not gonna be the cop

that every other cop thinks
they could sleep with.

Yeah. Okay.


I know when to take no
for an answer, so...

I get it. I do.


Yeah, sorry.

Just try being Chris for
a minute, a woman in SWAT.

Jokes, comments...

accidental grabby hands.

It's not like that, dude.
I do respect her.

She doesn't need a teammate
hitting on her, too.

Honor her journey, dude.

Look, I'm hearing you.

Doesn't mean she doesn't like me.

You're not gonna find out
while you're both on the team.

Besides, what's wrong
with the easy option?

What do you mean?

Jilly, man. Been trying
to get your attention all day.

Yeah, I got that vibe, too.

It's not too late.

Or is available not your type?

Come on.


Food. You want some?

No, I'm good.

Stick with my coffee.

You're checking up on me.


I feel like I'm in a petting zoo.

All I want to do is bite people.

Yeah, don't do that, Luca.

You want to talk about it?

You know, I'm done hearing
all the stories about

how brave my grandfather was,
you know? He wasn't.

I mean, I wasn't even
speaking to him at the end.

Since when?

I was waiting for an apology.

And then the clock stopped.

So that's that, you know?

He can't apologize and I can't forgive.

What happened, man?

He didn't want me on your team.

He said SWAT leaders look like him, me,

not like you.


those were the facts
of life when he was in SWAT.

It was a white man's club.

You know what? History is a lousy excuse.

Oh, I'm not excusing him,
make no mistake.

He tried to juice

a move for me to Mumford's team
to save my career.

I never even told my dad

because I was afraid
whose side he'd take.

We can still love people
despite their mistakes, man.

They're still family.

You're a better person than me.

I doubt that.

Back when that day care center
got torched

and your granddaddy was carrying
kids out four at a time,

I don't remember hearing that
he was picking 'em by color.


I know you got it in you
to respect what he did

and try to forget what he said.

Yeah, I don't know how to separate that.

I don't.

I feel you. I do.

But maybe you can let
your granddaddy rest in peace

along with his old ideas.

Luca, look at this team.

Look at us.

We are the change that counts.


Yeah, I'll accept the charges.


Hey, did you have any of that cake?

I ate the whole piece.

All wedding cake should be chocolate.

Think we might have missed them?

No, we did not.

I'm just saying.

Shut up, man.

That's them.

Let's go.

Slow down. I got to shoot her first.

- Who's calling you now?
- I don't know.

Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.

I don't have a shot.


Mr. Wilson, this is the LAPD.

What? Your office said
you're at a wedding.

Are you still there?

We're just walking to the car. Why?

Go back inside now.

I need you to stay inside the building,

away from the entrance.
Do you understand me?

You and your wife

are in danger. We're almost there.

Don't let 'em go! Don't let
'em go! Don't let 'em go!

Go, let's go.

- God. Oh, my...
- I got to get her first.

Go, go!


Go, go, go!

- Get us the hell out of here!
- Go!

Right there in the park!
The park! The park!

Chris, Tan, Street,
we need a front side perimeter.

Go wide, make sure the park is clear.

Air 17 to D Team, we're overhead.

30-David to Air 17, stay close.

Suspects are still in the SUV.

- Active shooters.
- Roger that.

What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do? What
are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna...?

Now I can think.

Don't shoot!

- Don't shoot!
- Get down!

Stay down, face down!

20-David to D Team.

Rabbit is running your direction.


- Stop moving!
- Don't shoot! Please!

- I want hands on.
- Go! Go!

Get up.

Trick, game over, man.

It's up to you how you come out of this.

Ain't none of you gonna die
of old age in there.

Let's get this over and done.

We can stay here all night,
Trick. Same result.

So, what's the plan now, Trick?

You think you're ready for me?

It ain't got to go down
like this, man. Deacon?

Get the spotlight on him.

30-David to Air 17. Hit the lights.

Come out slowly, Trick!


Lose the gun, Trick.

Let me see the gun.

Step away from the car.

Do it!

Deac, Luca, go in. Go!

20-David to all D Team.

Code Four.

Good work, everybody.

- How are the Wilsons?
- They're tough. They thanked

everybody and drove themselves home.

- Huh.
- Okay, I'm impressed.

Both of the Volkov
brothers are in custody.

Lawyered up already.

Man, these guys even
give Russians a bad name.

Murder-for-hire, killing a prosecutor...

how many life sentences
does that get you?

Not enough.

It's been a long day.

Your grandfather would have been
very proud of you.

Still here?

Yeah, just, you know, packing up.

Yeah. You hungry?

You want to get something to eat?

You could tell me, uh,
how you started your business.

I've just never met
a videographer before.

Not counting Instagram wannabes.

Right. Uh, that's so sweet
of you, but... Hey!

- Hey. You ready?
- Yeah.

Where are you guys going?

- Um, I don't think we've decided yet.
- You know, we could

go to that, uh, Casa Vieja.

They-they do, like, organic margaritas

if-if you're into that kind of thing.

- It's... it's just me and Jilly tonight.
- Yeah.

I'll go load up my car.

Sounds like a date.

Yeah. It is.

I... I thought you liked men.

I love men, and I also love women.

Why does a girl have to choose?

Best part? She's not a cop.

- What am I missing?
- Good night, guys.

Chris and Jilly have a date, so...

Guess we were reading the wrong vibe.

It makes sense.

Wow, you lost both girls.

To each other. Impressive work, playboy.

You knew.

Oh, about Chris?

Oh, yeah. Interesting lady.

Many levels.

- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.

Thanks for your help.

Any time.

I reached your mom.

She's in Vegas.

With whichever Clarence drove.

- Well, she's on her way back now.
- Doesn't even matter.

You guys are just gonna put me
in juvie anyways.

Darryl, I talked to your pops.

Your auntie up north, his sister Tanya...

- you like her?
- She's nice.

Well, I asked your mom
if she'd be willing

to let you go stay with her for a while.

Away from all the noise.

She said okay.

- My auntie would take me?
- Yeah.

She would.


that's a new school.

New friends... and no more Clarences.

But that's a choice you got to make.

I want to see my pops first.

All right.

My dad wasn't a vain man,

except about his waist size.

He could still button the pants
on his old uniform.

He was proud of that.

He was proud of being one of
SWAT's first-ever team leaders.

The day I made SWAT,

my dad cried.

The next time I saw him cry was
when my son took the oath.

The third generation of Lucas

to wear the uniform and the SWAT patch.

Proudest day of my life, too.

Um, my dad wasn't the most patient man.

I can hear him yelling out,

"Zip it, already!"


why don't we watch the video the
department made in his honor?

Jack Luca, 1933 to 2017.

A life of service to his city
with the integrity,

commitment and reverence for the law

that the LAPD honors as its mission.

My grandfather

was a stubborn man.

He was strict and opinionated

and slow to change.

He defined his era.

And I learned to be
a better cop because of him.

I loved him.

I mean, I wish we could
keep talking to each other.

I still had things to say to him.

Jack's courage and dedication

set a standard of excellence

that continues to inspire

the men and women of the department.