S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - S.W.A.T. - full transcript

Hondo puts aside his misgivings about Jim Street's recklessness and allows the newbie to go undercover as a broker in a luxury car theft ring to bust a ruthless trafficker. Also, Hondo ...

Let's go

Push it to the limit
if you wanna win it

Harbor no room for the weak,
nor the timid

Bit too long, you got
accustomed to the gimmicks

It's like they don't care
that the real is at the finish

No blemish, no honor

Let the flutes go,
the snake charmer, God

The kingpin of
every street corner

You can't say I didn't
ever warn ya, yeah...

Push it.

Out. Now.

Move! Okay, okay.

On your knees.

One, two, three. Eyes on me.


Why the hell did you kill him?

I didn't like how he
looked at her.

You told me I was
gonna race the winner.

Not watch you cap some trucker.

And you told us you
wanted to do business.

Now we got blood ties.


GPS systems are offline,

just killing the cell interfaces
and we're good to go.

You're a genius, Whip.

If I warned you, you
wouldn't have come.

You want us to trust you? We
needed to know that you legit.

I'm just here to cut
a deal, okay?

I didn't sign up for murder.
Our broker

isn't a man eager
to meet new people.

And like I said, he's already
got a buyer for China.

Then why the hell am I here? We're
sticking our necks our for you on this.

Try to appreciate it.
You make the deal happen,

I'll make sure
everybody gets paid.

Wait for a call from Juergen.

Be ready to go
where he tells you.

Juergen Richter?

That's your broker? I told you.

We ain't messing around.

What's up, youngster?

Looking good, Raymont.

How are you healing up?

I'm all right.

My mom call you or something?

She did.

Is that all right? Yeah.

I guess so.


How's school? Getting any love
for that scar?

Nah. Just questions.

All right, wait till
you get to college.

Story like that, you're gonna be
big man on campus. Trust me.

If I still decide to go.


Thanks for coming by.

Raymont, get your books
for school.

You are gonna miss home room.

Little rough lately?

When your boy gets shot by SWAT,
you don't expect it to be easy,

but Raymont is sliding.

I mean, physically,
he's doing great.

Mentally, it takes time.

Raymont doesn't have time.

He's got college
applications, exams.

The way I see it?

Your people did the
damage inside and out.

Your job to make it right.

100%. I'm not gonna
let him slide off track.

He barely eats.


And yesterday I found this.

Under his bed.

He know you found it?

It's loaded.

The numbers are scratched off,
which means he bought it

on the street from people he
shouldn't be associating with.

The son I knew
before he was shot

would never bring home a gun.

Okay, okay. I understand.

But listen to me.

I'm gonna hold on to this.

And I know he's got
to get off to school,

but you bring him by SWAT
afterwards and I'll talk to him.

Thank you.

He likes you.

Not just because
you saved his life.

He thinks you're good people.

Yeah. What's up, Street?

If I'd gotten there ten seconds
sooner, I could've stopped it.

What were you doing there
in the first place?

It's an old undercover gig
from Long Beach.

He told me about it
a half hour ago.

I was working
these street racers.

The ones jacking luxury cars?

I read about it in your file.

I thought that case went cold.
It did.

I'd sold myself as a buyer

looking to ship
the rides to China.

Then they told me their broker
had another guy.

I didn't hear from them
for a couple months.

I thought it was dead.

And then last night, they
spot me at this bar I like.

It's a miracle my cover
held, and they tell me

they got a deal
that I can't pass up.

So, Street decides
that leaping in

without notifying anyone
was a smart plan.

I didn't have time.

What was I gonna do?
Call with them watching?

And now you've witnessed
a murder.

So, why isn't this crew
in custody?

Because of who they're
in business with.

Juergen Richter.

The Juergen Richter.
If I'd known he was tied in,

I would've never
let the case go cold.

Guy is top dog in highend
stolen goods.

Cars, art, diamonds.

- Moves more volume than Amazon.
- I know him.

SIS has been trying to build
a case for years.

Yeah, along with FBI, DOJ

and every other agency
with initials.

Yeah, but nothing sticks.

He's smart, Street.

He keeps a tight circle.

Anyone he thinks might
flip on him gets got.

Except me.

You haven't met him yet.

The last guy the feds
were working for intel...

Rumor is, Richter gutted him.


Some people think
he's got connections

inside the department.

Tip him off when the heat's on.

Well, then now's our chance.

No one outside SWAT
knows about this,

and any minute he's gonna
call me to set a meet.

I agree to take the cars,
we nail him at the buy.

Richter will pick a spot
that he's already staked out.

That won't give us time
to set up anything,

and we'll be lucky
to keep eyes on Street.

I know I've had a
bumpy start here.

Let me make up for it.

I'm giving you a chance

to bust Juergen Richter.

You're really gonna
say no to that?

Give us a minute.

Richter's major. No doubt.

But there's a lot of variables
in this we can't control,

the biggest one being Street.

You don't think he's up for it?

I think he's come a long way.

I think he's smart,
but he's way overconfident,

and a gig like this

can go sideways real fast.

If it were you going in,

you'd still be against it?

I'll clear it with Long Beach,

but won't mention Richter
to be safe.

You're asking a lot of this kid.

Street is SWAT.

I have to trust my people
in the field.

All right, I'll coach him up.

I'll get him ready.

Nice climb.

Thanks, back there.

You think he's gonna pass us?

Photos were pulled from failed
cases against Richter.

This dude is slippery as hell.

Everybody knows he's dirty, but
no one's been able to prove it.

He's made a career
out of escaping police stings.

Sergeant Harrelson?

Warren, what's up, man?

Warren here was Richter's
parole officer years back.

Only man we've been
able to track down

who had inperson contact.

I work private security now.

Never forgot Juergen Richter,
though. Strange dude.

Warren, what can you tell us about Richter?
Smart as hell.

But he's into this Brazilian
spiritism thing.

- Like a religion?
- More like a cult.

He talked about things

like his spirit crew and
human sacrifice rituals.

Yeah, well, that's not spooky
at all.

You want to get into
business with Richter,

you have to let him think
he knows you.

Okay. How do I do that?

Eye contact.

He likes a lot of it,

like he can read you somehow.

And he'll try and see if he can
make you slip up,

so expect a lot
of awkward pauses.

Kind of like
a typical day for you.

Except, don't drink.

Richter doesn't respect people
who poison their bodies.


I'll be there.

Jake and Ike's in an hour.
The cop joint?

Probably gets off
knowing they can ID him

but don't have the dirt
to arrest him.

And a diner full of police is
the last place

an undercover would want to meet.

It's your first test.

All right, Tan and Luca
will have your tail.

If you get into trouble,
they'll bail you out.

Relax, boss.

I'm bringing my
spirit crew as backup.

You're gonna need
more than a few jokes

to pull one over
on this guy, Street.

I logged a lot of
hours in plain clothes

and I know how easy it is
for things to go sideways.

I worked some covert
in Long Beach.

I've done this before.
Not on my team you haven't,

and not up against
somebody like this.


Any advice? I'm all ears. First,

lay off the humor. A guy who
makes light of everything

usually has something to hide,
and don't go running your mouth.

The more you talk, the
more chances you have

of making mistakes.

You're really
worried about this.

Richter is no joke.

This is as real as it gets.

If you think you're
in trouble, you are.

Don't wait around to be sure,

you get the hell out of there.

I won't let you down.

I know you won't.

Cortez and I
wouldn't be putting you in

if we weren't sure of it.

Not easy

staying behind
while other people head off

into danger, is it?


Mr. Cooper.

Kind of you to join me.

I appreciate
you making the time.


No, thank you.

I'm having one.

No offense,
but I'm here to do business,

not to get buzzed.

Tell me, how is it that life...

brings you to this restaurant?

there were other things

you could have chosen
to do with your life?

Why this?

My mother.

So this is a family business.

But she always had
survival skills,

and I've done my best
to learn from them.

I knew from a young age,
if I was gonna get ahead,

I have to pick what game to play

and figure out how to bend
the rules to my advantage.

And you picked this one?
It picked me.

Always dug cars.

Love the adrenaline.

And how does

your mother feel about that?
Hey, Jimmy.


Hey, man. How long's it been?

Interesting meetup spot.

I feel safer

surrounded by L.A.'s finest.
Don't you?

Depends on the circumstances.

I suppose it does.

You were just about to tell me

if you and your mother
are still close.

She died when I was 12.

My father
finally got the better of her.

But I still turn
to her for advice.

She's still part of
every decision I make.

So, in that sense,
yeah, we're close.

If I provide transportation

to the harbor,

do you have a ship ready

to receive your purchase?


Well, damn.

You bite that thing any harder,
it might just bite you back.

I read your
Climbing Cadre evaluation.

Nothing new, I just...

just have to push myself

harder next time.


Says she alternated between

indecision and recklessness.

Took unnecessary risks. Come on.

We've seen her climb.
She's good.


You know this instructor
out of Metro,

Tom Cole? Sure.

Yeah, he's tried out for SWAT
a couple times.

He never made it.

But he's always been cool to me.

Feel him out, will you?
See if you can find out

what happened on that wall.




What's up, kid?

I'm glad you guys could make it.
Why don't I leave

you two to catch up a bit?
All right, sounds good.

I'll bring him home
when he gets sick of me.



You hungry?
Want something to eat?


I'm Deacon.

It's an honor to meet you.

If you ever need anything,
you got every officer

in this department
at your service.

You know you're lucky, right?

I don't share my lunch
with just anybody.

All right, so what's this

about you maybe not
going to college?

Just haven't decided yet.

You know you want that.

Raymont, you got the grades.

Wasn't college always the plan?

I get it,
you've been through a lot,

and it takes time to adjust.

But you can't let life's punches
knock you off track.

They're not.

You want to tell me
about the gun, then?

She found it?

Look, I know my mom
thinks you can help,

but I don't need it. I'm good.

You're a 17yearold kid
sleeping with a loaded gun

under your bed.

It's all right to admit

you're scared after being shot.

That's got nothing to do
with it.

So, what do you plan
on doing with the gun?

Somebody giving you problems?

Street's back. The buy's
going down in two hours.

Go ahead.

I need to start my homework,

To be continued.

This is a scenario Richter's
played out a thousand times.

The vehicles will arrive

in a shipping container,

so we shouldn't have rabbits
in race cars.

We need more time to plan this.

Two hours is all I could get us.

But Richter's in.

This is our shot at him.

All right, we cover the ins

and outs.

Chris, you're Sierra One here.

Tan, Sierra Two here.

You set up sniper positions,

wait for my command.

Deac, Luca.

You're in the Charger here.

I'll be on the ground
right here.

We set up a code five
for the area.

Mumford, you and your team
maintain a perimeter.

Could use some unis to
tighten the net. No.

We can't take the chance
Richter spots them. We hold

until Street makes the exchange.

We go on my signal.
Any questions?

- How big a crew are we expecting?
- Minimal.

Richter keeps things tight.

Three, maybe four guys.
That said,

it's risk management time.

They are not gonna be
happy when they see us.

Job one is getting.

Street out safe. Chris and Tan.

You see any weapons

swing his way, you take down

whoever's got 'em.

Understood. Let's do this.

Weapons, phones.

Anything with a chip, a blade

or a trigger.

Sweet ride. Customized

to make 840horsepower.

Not exactly street legal,

so don't tell anyone.
I always dreamt

of taking a car like that
out for a spin.

You know, some things in life
are simply out of reach.

Everything exactly as promised.

And the payments?

On my go.

Luca, roll in! Get in the car.

Who the hell are these guys?

Some other crew's
shooting up the place.

Richter's getting away
with Street.

Luca, you on Street?

Negative. I don't know
what he's got under that hood,

but I lost him out of the lot.
Never had a chance.

Mumford, anything?

Negative, Hondo.

Didn't come our way.

The gunmen were Rosemead Mafia,

part of the Chinese
crime syndicate.

Best guess is Richter
was selling wheels to them

before Street showed up
and squeezed them out.

Mumford, coordinate
with Gang Task Force.

Get me the Rosemead leader.
I'm also gonna find out

who tipped them off
and if they know

where Richter's hiding.

Whatever it takes
to get our man back.

Come on.

We've also sent unis
to look for the crew.

Street was with when
they killed the trucker,

see how they tie in.

He launders money
through legit businesses,

so we try and track him
through those.

He moves a lot of stolen cars.

If he held on to any,

we might find him that way. SIS
is making a list of vehicles

they think he's
had his hands on.

So, why aren't we wide
with this?

Every cop in the city
looking for him.

Far as we know,
his cover's holding.

We go wide, it only takes one
cop in Richter's back pocket

to expose Street.

There are plenty of whispers

about his connections
to the police.

They say we're the best.

Time to prove it.

Just let me

contact my people. I can prove
I had nothing to do with this.

I have my own ways
of determining

who's responsible, Mr. Cooper.

Is he the reason we're here?

If Cooper screwed this up...

Shut up.

Ten years,

not one incident.

And now Rosemead and cops
show up

on the same deal?

Until I connect the dots,
no one leaves.

That mother you turn
to for guidance...

what's her name?


Your mother's name
is Alice Cooper?

She was born before
the singer got famous.

What do you care?
Maybe she can be of assistance.

Say hello for me.


If I had something,
I would've told you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. We just keep
running into walls.

Richter owns two shipment
companies, but the offices

are in Miami and São Paulo.

He's got no car registration,

no local addresses... Hey.

Guy doesn't even file taxes
in California.

No good news on my end, either.

Metro can't locate
a single one of the crew

that was with Street
when the trucker got killed.

Richter's probably got 'em,

trying to find the rat
who blew up his sale.

At least that means
he doesn't suspect Street yet.

And I am the one who's sorry.

I sent him in against your advice.
You trusted an officer

to do his job. I'm the one
who lost him in the field.

You walked into an ambush.

It's my job to expect surprises.

How are you holding up?

I'm not too good at the sitting
and waiting thing.

I saw a kid in the kitchen

who's been lost in his homework
for the past few hours.

He could use your help.

I'm working through the proof

to V = 4/3 pi r squared.

Volume of a sphere.

I always loved math.

English, I mean,
that class drove me crazy,

but math was always...


I like it, too.

That's the same kind
as the one you took in the back.

It's amazing
how something so tiny

can cause so much damage.

But carrying a gun doesn't
always make you safer, Raymont.

In fact, the opposite is true.

You carry one.

And I get shot at a lot, too.

You want to tell me
what's going on with you?

It's not your job
to fix me, okay?

Just let me do my homework.

Tommy Cole.

How you been?

Hey, Deac.

Just congratulating Baker here

on his climbing certification.
Well done, Baker.

I hear Cole's tough
on you guys out there.

Yeah, he puts us
through our paces.

I got to run.

Good kid.

Could lead his own team one day.

If they ever get back to giving
20Davids to guys like him.

Well, time will tell. You know,

a lot of us don't think
what they did to you was right.

should have been yours.

I appreciate that,
but, I'm doing okay.

For what it's worth,
I feel your pain.

Most of the officers

that were promoted to SWAT
over me?

Let's just say
they check all the right boxes

in the mayor's office.

So, what happened

to my girl out there?
Saw you dinged her.

She had a shot.

She took too many chances
on the wall

trying to make up
for physical limitations.

They want me to grade everybody

on the same scale, so...

But she passed Explosive Breach

and Sniper Cadres just fine.

Pulling triggers

and setting bombs doesn't call

for the same physicality.

You know what I mean?

Look, I don't get to wear

the SWAT uniform like you do,

but that doesn't mean
I don't do what I can

to protect what it stands for.


Bad news.

It appears one of you
is not who you claim to be.

The spirits sensed it

and I confirmed it.

Dennis "Double Clutch" Collins.

San Dimas High School

class of '08.

And Katrina Fisk,

the 2009 Miss Teen San Gabriel.

What a lovely couple.

Luke Denning.

Expelled from Berkeley
for hacking the school server

and changing grades.

He had a full ride, too.

Mr. Cooper.

Our newcomer.

According to the records

of Mercer High School
in Trenton, New Jersey,

you dropped out

in tenth grade.

You never told me
you were a dropout.

I couldn't find
your mother, though.

She liked living off the grid.

Which leaves...

Mr. Huntley.

You know, there are
15 Ben Huntleys in the country,

and not one of them is you.

I knifed a guy
in a bar fight when I was 19.

II was facing more time
than I could handle,

so I jumped bail.

II've been Ben Huntley
ever since.

I swear I had nothing to
do with any of this.

But who am I actually looking at

right now?

Kevin Barnes. From Phoenix.

I sure wish

you hadn't lied to me...

Kevin Barnes

from Phoenix. Please.

I swear I had nothing...

A liar is a liar...


Anyone else have a secret

they would like to share?

'Cause I still have a lot

of unanswered questions.

It's the list of cars
SIS thinks Richter stole.

But they all went dark
the day they were heisted

and never came back on. OnStar,

LoJack, all that on alert?

- Yep.
- Anything?

Nothing but crickets.

So, I ran into our friend Cole.

He's, pretty oldschool.

I don't think he's a fan
of women in SWAT.

He said that?
Well, he let it be known

in his own way. He's
still in the building?

What are you guys talking about?

I asked Deacon

to look into your climbing eval.

Look, I don't think Cole
gave you a very fair shake

out on that wall. No way.

Next you'll tell me
there's no Santa Claus?

Don't worry about it.

I'm gonna have a little chat with him.
You mean, like,

mantoman? Tell him to stop
picking on little girls, right?

He misevaluated
a member of my team,

and I'm not having that.
How do you know?

You weren't there.

You think I'm not used
to this game?

I don't need him to tell me

what I'm capable of,
and the last thing I want

is him thinking that
I came crying to you about it.

She's right.
Confidence is silent.

Insecurity is loud.

See? The shrink gets it.
All right,

I hear you, I do.

In my hood, we used to say
"real Gs move in silence."

I'm just not sure this is the
right time for all that, Wendy.

I got your message
about the boy.

Trauma like he went through
affects brain chemistry.

It reduces cortisol levels,
hippocampal volumes.

He's wrestling with a lot.

Are you saying he
needs medication?

Not necessarily.

If he can recognize the symptoms
and face them headon,

his brain should recover
back to baseline on its own.

He's pretty closed up about it.

Do you mind if I introduce you,
let you feel him out a bit?

Well, I got no cops
with daddy issues

until tomorrow morning, so sure.

Come on.


I want to introduce you

to an old friend of mine.
Hi, I'm Wendy.

Listen, I'm gonna be
caught up for a while,

but Wendy here
has PS4 in her office.

Says you can use it.
I play a pretty mean

NBA 2K if you're interested.

You like a therapist or something?
Guys around here

need someone to talk to
every now and then.

I mostly just listen.

I don't need a head doctor.

I ain't saying you do.

Wendy's the only one
with 2K, so...

take it or leave it.


Got you a present.

Leader of the Rosemead Mafia.


I got ten bucks says
you can't beat her.

I found this punk
at his sister's.

Wasn't exactly hiding, either.

Was arming his crew for battle.

Getting ready
for when Richter comes?

No idea what you're
talking about.

Look, man, you can play stupid

if you want to,
but you better understand

that Richter's
not gonna come at you headon.

You sent shooters
to try and kill him.

You pissed him off.

He's gonna want
to make you hurt.

He'll go after your family.

How many kids you got?

Or did God do everyone a favor

and make you sterile?

Tell you what.

You help me find Richter,

I'll take him out for you.

Or we can just wait

till he slaughters you
and all your loved ones.

Either way, I get to sleep
in my own bed tonight.

We know you and your boys
crashed his buy.

Now, how'd you find out
about it?

Off the record?

This ebonyivory couple

comes to me this morning

saying they source for Richter

but they'd rather do
business with me.

I tell 'em to get lost,

but then they say Richter's
planning to cut me out.

Say he's dealing
with some new guy.

Okay, so, what's the deal?

You take Richter
and the newbie out,

and they start
sourcing cars for you?

I thought they were full of it,

but the details tracked, so...

Tracked how?

Same MO and same part of town

as the deals I made
with Richter.

Santa Fe Springs, Pico Rivera.

Richter got a place out there?

He's got a spot he calls
the Templo,

but no one's seen it.

Or, if they do,

they never make it back
to talk about it.

I'm guessing none of this
is what you signed up for?

Is he gonna do that to us, too?
Want the truth,

or you want a bedtime story?

Unless we find a way
out of here,

we're all gonna die.

Okay, what do we do?

Start by calming down.

You should tell me
how you got the name "Whip."

My brother.

He used to make me
do his homework.

He'd say, "Come on",

"you're smart as a whip.

Whip it out.
Whip out that homework, Whip."

He sounds annoying. Yeah.

He is.

But he looks out for me.

Even told me hooking up
with this bunch was a bad idea.

I never had a big brother,

but I got this guy I work with,

likes to act like one.

I get the feeling
he's not too crazy

about me getting into
this whole mess, either.

You know what he'd say
if he was here?

That you should have
finished high school?

That I should trust my gut.

And right now my gut tells me

that you're the only one
who can get us out of here.

See that car
at the end of the building?

There's a GPS unit, yeah?

Any way to hack it?
Get a message out?

Not like an email.

But there should be
a builtin distress signal.

You get the car back on line,
activate the signal.

But someone
has to be looking for it.

Someone's looking.
How long would it take?

You serious about trying this?

I'm gonna tell you something
that could get me killed.

But if you trust me,
I can get us

both out of here in one piece.

It was you?

You tipped off
the Rosemead Mafia?

I'm pretty sure it was them.
They had the most to gain,

and they've been acting guilty
this whole time.

How do you know that?
'Cause I'm a cop.

Those police
that were there today,

they were with me.


Now, you can blow my cover

and watch me die,

or you can help me
get us out of here.


Be ready to move.

You know I'm gonna have your ass
for getting me into this, right?

What did you say?

You're the one who sicced

those Rosemead punks onto us.

You wanted Richter's business
all to yourself.

You better shut your mouth, son.

Tell me it isn't true.
I'm not dying here

for a couple of doublecrossers.


I want to see Richter.

These two are the rats.

Say that again
and I'll kill you.

Sit down and shut up.

Where's the kid?

We can thank Mumford

for our first good lead
on finding Street.

Just want the kid back.
Miss giving him crap.

These dots are where
Richter made the deals

with the Rosemead Mafia.

His Temp ought to be
somewhere around here.

Any of that paperwork link
to buildings in this area?

Don't think it has to.
One of, Richter's cars

just came back on line,
and it's right here.

Right in the middle
of the hot zone.

Let's go get him.

All right, we got three loading
docks flanked by service doors

along the front wall.
One dock with a ramp.

No points of entry on the other sides.
Means we got to go in hot.

- And blind.
- I could scale it,

drop in through one of the
skylights, get eyes in there.

It's a 30foot wall. No
gear, no harness. And?

Unless you agree
with Officer Cole.

I found him hiding
behind your car.

So much deceit.

It's impossible
to separate the lies.

And so,

I've made my decision.

Equal punishment...

for all.

You were just gonna

drive off in my car?!

I made him do it.

Told him the car
was bulletproof,

if he got it started,
we could bust out of here.

Kid's innocent. He
doesn't belong here.

You disappoint me, Mr. Cooper,

roping in a child
to do your dirty work.

That earns you
special treatment.

You won't believe how much
that hurts in a minute.

He's just a scared kid. He had
nothing to do with any of this.


They did.

In position. On my go.

You have proof?

Hell, no!

I know you're gonna kill us all.

Just don't start with the kid.


As you wish.

Luca, go!

Get down!

Whoa! Police!
Hold it right there!

Get down!

Get down!

SWAT! Get down!

Stay right there.

Owe you one, buddy.
30David to Command.

- Street.
- All secured.



Good job.

Nice to see you back
in one piece.

Yeah, kid tried to
get himself killed.

Couldn't even do that right.
Give him time.

Hey, here's our friend
Officer Cole.

Want me to talk to
him, tell him how

Chris kicked ass today?

Nah, he's a waste of breath.

He's on my list, though.

He'll be seeing me soon enough.


Hey, Richter's highend rides...

When are they getting
transferred to the impound lot?

Tomorrow morning. Why?

I just want to get
a couple pictures.

On a cop's salary, it's probably
as close to one of those

as I'm ever gonna get, you know?

Hey, boot?

You might want to hit the ATM.

You're gonna buy
a few rounds tonight.

Yeah! Get to it!

You got it!

All right.

Get over here.

You got him back.

Thanks for making me look
like a good captain.

Richter wouldn't be in jail
if you hadn't made that call.

Thanks for trusting my team.

How'd you get that shot off?
I always block those.

You're too aggressive on D.

I just Eurostep.
Doubletap X, no turbo.

Come on now, Wendy. Don't tell
me you're letting the kid win.

Didn't warn me he's a hustler.

Sorry I left you
hanging so long.

You owe me ten bucks. Okay.

Grab your stuff.
I got to get you home.

You owe me a rematch.

You know you shouldn't be
beating up on girls.

You learn anything?

He's got a lot going on inside.

Trouble is, he thinks that's
where it's supposed to stay.

You know, he kind of
reminds me of someone.

Real Gs move in silence, right?


I appreciate you
taking the time.

Awfully quiet over there.

You have a good talk with Wendy?

Nah, we just played.

Said you've known each other
a long time, though.

That we have.

She helped me through
a really rough time

when I was new to the force.

What happened?

I didn't start out in SWAT.

Nobody does.

First few years in uniform,
you got to pay a lot of dues.

Spend a lot of hours
in a squad car,

and you write a gang of tickets.

But I was pretty lucky 'cause...

I got to ride around
with one of the funniest cats

this world has ever known...
My partner Robbie.

I mean, this dude...

This dude could make you laugh.

He'd make you laugh
on your worst day.

One day, we were writing
citations on Venice Boulevard.

We had a guy pulled
over for expired tags.

Trust me, that's the type of
thing every cop hates doing.

Robbie was at the
driver's side window.

I was at the passenger rear.

And this black truck...

just came flying into the
right lane and hit Robbie.

Clipped him at 60 miles an hour.

He die?

Right in front of me.

Raymont, you wear
a gun and a badge,

you expect to be
in danger, but...

we were just writing tickets.

So, did you get
the guy in the truck?


He got away?

And that haunted me.

So what did you do?

I suffered...

till it damn near broke me.

But then I did the one thing

that guys like you and me
are taught to never do.

I asked for help.

Wendy's the one
who gave it to me.

I have dreams
where I never make it.

I'm just lying there
on the street, shot.


And I know I'm gonna die.

That's why I got the gun.

It just feels safe
to have it there,

and I don't want to die.

Wendy used to tell me
that the pieces

that were hurting inside
worked like broken bones.

If you treat 'em
right, they'll heal.

If you don't, that pain's
only gonna get worse.

I'm not sure I'm up for
sitting around with a shrink.

How about sitting around
with me from time to time?





go hug your mom.

Nothing's out of reach,
you cocky son of a...